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Price was $6.03. After purchasing many different bath crayons hoping to find a great one for my 2 year old this is the best one i've purchased yet. The shape and size are perfect for her toddler hands, and the colors are bright. . After bath time clean up was also super easy. Unlike other bath crayons we've tried this one wasn't hard to remove. Because the package warns the colors can stain clothing i wet an old rag and simply wiped down the sides of the tub. The crayon came right off with ease, no scrubbing required. Also it did not leave behind any stains as other crayons have done. I'm not sure how it would do with grouted tile as we have a solid tub. . If you're looking for a great bath crayon that is easy to use & cleanup i highly recommend this one. You won't be disappointed! i'll be ordering more to have on hand when this one runs out, but after 3 uses the crayons hardly look used at all. It should last us awhile!

-K. Alba

Rub a dub star alex toys rub a dub star crayon features an assortment of colors and is easy to use, but hard to lose! 6 beautifully colored tub crayons are mounted on one chunky holder designed for -alex toys rub a dub star crayon

  • Extra: 6 Bright Colors.
  • Extra: Great For Little Hands.

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I got these for my toddlers after trying other bathtub crayons. My 2 and 3 year olds love it! they cover the tub in artwork. As other reviewers stated, it can be hard to get the red out but i've found it comes off easily with a magic eraser. It has lasted 2 months worth of baths. (4 baths a week) i didn't think it was too small. Would recommend to others. If you found this review helpful, say so by clicking below! The Best rub a dub star as-of ( Jun 2020 ) | Alex Toys-Toys And Games Review Extra ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Star Crayon Chubby star shaped bathtub crayon. 6 bright colors. Great for little hands. Measures 2. 5 inches in diameter by 1 inch thick. Recommended for children 2 years of age and older .

Alex Toys Rub A Dub Star Crayon Review (639s)

My daughter had gone through several of these. It was smaller then i thought but she thinks it's cool just to color on the tub walls. So it's not like she even cares. It wipes of super easy. Unless u leave it for months on walls and such. Then u might wanna take a magic eraser to it. But even still it's pretty easy. Some people have posted it doesn't last long. My daughter has had the same one for the last 6 month. Because it can be messy i don't let her use it all the time. So she enjoys it even more when she does get to. This is a awesome product! there's not really anything to gripe about. My kid loves this thing. Buying more! -U. Lindsey

Alex Toys Rub Star Crayon

  • Order: Toy
  • Brand: ALEX Toys
  • EAN: 7927805609623
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:7.00 inches
    Length:5.25 inches
    Weight:0.13 pounds
    Width:1.00 inches
  • ItemPart/Serial Number: 639S
  • Manufacturer: ALEX Toys
  • Recommended Max-Age: 120
  • Suggested Min-Age: 24
  • Model: 639S
  • MPN: 639S
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 639S
  • Sub-Type: Toy
  • Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  • SKU: Reikos 0019522742AM 0033261
  • UPC: 787551062908
  • Warranty: 30 Day Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

rub a dub star Toy, Alex toys rub a dub star crayon features an assortment of colors and is easy to use, but hard to lose! 6 beautifully colored tub crayons are mounted on one chunky holder designed for little hands. a highly creative bath toy; kids can safely color on the bathtub, tiles, and even themselves. safe and gentle, these bath crayons wash off of skin easily with soap and water and wipe non-porous surfaces! recommended for children 2 years of age and older. Alex Toys Rub A Dub Star Crayon (639S-Alex Toys).

Alex Toys Rub Star Crayon Toy

rub a dub starALEX Toys Rub a Dub Star Crayon (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This is the best bath crayon/set i have found. I have 3 kids, ages 6, 5, 3 and in the past i bought the typical bath crayon set and they work for a bath or two and then get broken/destroyed. I purchased one of these and it was a huge hit. Not only do you get 6 great colors but you get something that is easy to hold and creates a very nice color on the tub. It lasted several weeks which was very impressive. The marks are easy to wash off. When the crayons get worn all the way down, they can potentially pop out if the child bashes it against the tub causing the crayon holder to separate slightly. I was able to pop the crayons back in place and snap it back together with no difficulty. I don't consider this an issue because i should have tossed it out before the crayons got that worn out to begin with. All in all a great product and i'm back to buy a a few more.

Alex Toys Rub A Dub Star Crayon
Click to see NoticeAlex Toys Rub A Dub Star Crayon (639s)"The first set of bathtub crayons i bought for my 2 year old were a disaster. They were regularly shaped crayons inside of a plastic tube with a push up lever. Within the first two minutes, he was popping the crayon out of the holder. Two minutes later all the holders were gone. Gone forever down the drain. Not even the plumber could find them and the apartment below that had a giant flood, well, they didn't find them either. . Nothing to pop out on this one and too big to fit down the drain. Don't order the others. Plumbers are very expensive."

Boon B11088 Building Bath Pipes Toy Set, Set of 5

I have a 17 month old son who loves bath time. With that being said i am always looking for a better toy for him. So far these have been the best one yet! he loves loves loves to pour water into the different pipes and watch it drain through. Two pipes have open bottoms with spinning exposed wheels inside so the water moves through fast but they get to watch the gear spin. The other three pipes have some what clogged bottoms so the water drains slowly but this is also quite fun to watch (apparently). The suction cups are strong, but with enough pulling they can be pulled right off with his little hands. Over all these have been a very good investment.

Sorry about the plumbers crack. And you never thought leaky pipes could be fun. But our version makes bath time a scooping and pouring extravaganza. Pipes come in five shapes that can be used individually or put together to make a chain. They suction to the wall so the water goes back in the tub, not on the floor. Real plumbers, take note.

Boon B11088 Building Bath Pipes Toy Set, Set of 5Boon-B11088-Building-Bath-Pipes

Boon B11088 Building Bath Pipes Toy Set, Set Of 5 (Baby Sale) FAQ.

These are great for use in the tub, my daughter enjoys them, but the blue and white one with the spinners inside do not work very well. -Notice from I. Cathy, Rheinland-Pfalz

Click to Show boon b11088 building bath pipes toy set, set of 5 (baby sale) Details

These are just okay. My toddler loves pouring but was not interested in these for a while. She is starting to warm up to them and like them. There aren't that many toys out there that do anything besides just float or squirt so i was looking forward to some fun with these. There are two pipes with spinning things in them. One of them doesn't work - the piece is slightly too big or tight. She loves the one that turns like a paddle wheel. The other three just have water that comes out of a small holes at the bottom. I like these. I just wish there was a tad bit more variety to them then water just coming out the bottom of them. Overall, i think i'd get these again or as a gift. They are good when kids like to pour and fill and dump little cups of water.

Boon-b11088-building-bath-pipes-toy-set,-set-of-5-(baby-sale) set picture

- D. RuffLove these! i had these in my cart for awhile, waiting a good sale time to purchase. Happy i bit the bullet and got these! my older kids, 5 and 7, enjoy these and also the original intended item playee, the baby. We like to see the results of each tube with how it disposes of the water. The colors are vibrant! you can mix and match different ways for the water to fall and fill up another tube, or just to watch each way the tube disposes of the water. Either a straight empty, spinning a little spinner, two exits, dribbles, multiple holes, etc. It is fun to get creative with different set ups. They have so far stuck to our tile wall very well!

This was an instant hit with my 14 month old. He s attracted to mechanical type toys with features like gears, twists, turns, etc. Which is why these pipes initially caught my eye. So far, these really capture his attention and he likes to investigate the different features. After reading the reviews, i was a little confused about the ability to connect the pipes. The pipes aren t made to physically connect, rather they can be arranged so that the pouring water from one pipe will pour into a different pipe. Of course, this depends on your success at getting the suction cups to stick. I have had mixed success, but getting some water on the suction cup does seem to help it stick. In fact, when i have gotten one to adhere properly, it s actually difficult for my son to remove it. Since we have plenty of fun playing with them individually, i haven't been too concerned with the suction feature. A design detail i appreciate is that water has to filter through smaller openings and doesn t immediately rush through giving us time to watch what happens. (some reviews see this as a flaw, but i m counting this as a positive feature). You can also rotate different parts of the pipes. Overall, i m very pleased with this toy. I think this is a well-made and well-thought-out toy. Functional, fun, and imaginative design. Highly recommend.

J. Bertie, Rhode Island

Brand :    boon
Size :    Pack of 1
Weight :    0.44 pounds
Model :    B11088
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Can be used individually or create a chain to pour water through
  • Pipes suction to wall
  • Includes 5 pipes with unique shapes and functions
  • Recommended age: 12m+
  • Made without bpa and phthalates
Price :    $14.76
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Boon B11088 Building Bath Pipes Toy Set, Set of 5 available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Munchkin 36 Bath Letters Numbers, Pastel

I bought the 36 count of these in primary colors for my daughter who is 9 months old. The colors are bright and happy, and the size is just right. The letters and numbers stick to the side of the tub very well when wet, but my daughter only really cares about chewing on them for now! there is a slight chemical odor when you first open the package, but it is no more than what would be expected from this kind of material. I just let them air out for a little bit and rinsed them before allowing my daughter to play with them. My only complaint is that there is a serial number on the back of each of the letters and numbers. However, it could be helpful to have the back marked so that my daughter knows which way the letters and numbers should be facing when she's at the age to be learning her letters and numbers, so i guess that could be a pro or a con! i just found it odd that there were serial numbers printed on every single piece. Overall, i am very happy with my purchase. I know we will get plenty of use from these for a long time!

Little ones love to learn and bathe - so why not extend teaching to the tub for double the fun. This set of 36 floating letters and numbers comes in six fun colors, clings to bathroom walls when wet, and provides endless opportunity for bath time learning. You can help your child identify the alphabet, learn to count, spell simple words or group by color. An added bonus. The foam is soft, durable and non-toxic. So splish-splash, when they're taking a bath, throw in a little education, too.

Munchkin 36 Bath Letters Numbers, PastelMunchkin-Bath-Letters-Numbers-Pastel

Munchkin 36 Bath Letters Numbers, Pastel (11509) FAQ.

I purchased these for my grandson to play with in the tub and to help him learn his letters and colors while getting all clean. These have endless possibilities when it comes to sorting, stacking, learning numbers letters and colors. When i opened them i was very happy, they were brightly colored and large enough for little hands to manipulate. They did smell a bit funny but i washed them prior to allow my grandson to use them. These are non-toxic and they stick to the walls of the shower and bath tub with little effort and are easily removed. The letters and numbers are about 2 ¼-2 ½ wide and about 3 tall. They are nonabsorbent so they don t grow mold and bacteria, but i would still recommend washing them often. The colors don t fade although i have found some with some teeth marks in them. We also play with them outside the tub which just makes it all the more fun. My grandson loves this so much we have a hard time getting him out of the tub when tub time is over. I would definitely purchase these again, and i would recommend them to anyone in the market for a good quality bath toy that does more than just entertain, it also helps children learn. -Notice from G. Noguera, Idaho

Click to Show munchkin 36 bath letters numbers, pastel (11509) Details

Bought this set for my 2 1/2 year old daughter (8 months pregnant with my son, hope these will last long enough for him to use them too) for play and learning during bathtime. I was hoping it would be a full alphabet set and numbers 0-9, with a few extra vowels and digits thrown in to make more words, but you're limited to what you can do with just 26 letters. Might buy another set or two since the price isn't bad, but then there's the issue of storing them. I've always been satisfied with the munchkin brand and while these had a distinct "rubber foam" smell to them upon opening the package, after washing them, then using them in a bubble bath, the smell quickly diminished. My daughter knows not to chew on toys like this but if she did, i don't think it would seriously harm her. More of a choking hazard than a chemical one. Of course, i supervise every bath so i'm not worried about this being a problem. We had a lot of fun wetting them and smacking them to the tub wall and practicing our letters and numbers. We created a game with a squirt bottle where she has to tell me the name of the letter or number i squirt with water- i think this will be great for her! the primary colors are bright and cheerful and non-gender specific (a quirk of mine now that we're having a boy), the letter and number shapes are easily recognized and a good size and thickness for toddler hands to hold. And they stick to the wall very well, even after bathtime is over. We have 1950's 5x5 glazed tiles so these letters adhere well within the squares; not too bad over grout lines either. And like another reviewer said, my husband and i had fun leaving messages for each other in the shower this morning too! . The only letter we had trouble with was "x" for some reason. Its slightly bowed so it doesn't adhere to the tile even when wet but after some serious pressure, it works for a while. Not a big deal. If i buy another set, i'll just swap it out for the new one. These arrived quickly (with a ton of other bath toys i ordered for my daughter) and in excellent condition. Price was very reasonable and i like the brand so we're happy with these so far.

Munchkin-36-bath-letters-numbers,-pastel-(11509) set picture

- N. ShaynaMy 15 month old doesn't really like these. Yet. I like it because they are easy to clean, and mold free! he's even chewed on a few of these and they have stayed intact. They stick to the walls pretty well as long as the letters or wall is wet. They even stick on his body! hubby likes to stick them on his face haha. Overall a great product!

These are pretty cool and the kids love playing with them in the tub, they stick for an absolutely long time. I know this because sometimes my wife leaves strange messages for me on the tile wall when i come home from work on the graveyard shift 9 hours later.

C. Carolyn, Sachsen-Anhalt

Brand :    munchkin
Color :    Pastel
Size :    36 Count
Model :    11509
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Munchkin 36 Bath Letters Numbers, Pastel available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $4.48
  • Made of soft, durable, non-toxic foam
  • Alphabet bath toys include 26 floating letters (a-z) and 10 floating numbers (0-9)
  • Educational letters and numbers stick to tub walls when wet
  • 3 plus years

Munchkin Bath Crayons Set, 5 Piece

The 5 bath crayons by munchkin encourages bathtime creativity and easily washes off the tub wall. Each set contains yellow, orange, red, green and purple for endless coloring fun. And when bathtime is over, a damp cloth will easily wipe away color. Perfect for little ones 3 plus years.

Munchkin Bath Crayons Set, 5 PieceMunchkin-Bath-Crayons-Set-Piece

Brand :    munchkin
Color :    multi-colored
Size :    1 Pack
Weight :    0.9 pounds
Model :    31286
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 2-3 business days
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Munchkin Bath Crayons Set, 5 Piece available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $6.76
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Easily washes off tub walls
  • Colors included yellow, orange, red, green and blue
  • For kids 3 years and above
  • Perfect for little hands to grasp and hold

Crayola Bathtub Markers 4 Count With Bonus Extra Marker

My three year old loves using these in the tub, if you have tiles walls, it will require some scrubbing to get the color out, not a lot, with smooth walls it wipes off. She used these when she was two just took some practice to not draw withy he marker at an angle but flat because they don't have edges like a crayon or marker. More like a glue stick.

Crayola bathtub markers come in these 5 fun colors: little boy blue, firefly red, inch worm green, copper penny orange, and bonus color purple pizzazz.

Crayola Bathtub Markers 4 Count With Bonus Extra MarkerCrayola-Bathtub-Markers-Count-Marker

Crayola Bathtub Markers 4 Count Bonus Extra Marker (11301fa) FAQ.

We love bath crayons for my son. I thought the markers might be a little easier to keep clean. And they are but the down side is that they do not seem to write well if the surface is already wet- which is why i gave a 4 star review. -Notice from W. Pete, Dudley

Click to Show crayola bathtub markers 4 count bonus extra marker (11301fa) Details

My toddler kept breaking bathtub crayons, making a mess. These solve that problem and wash off super easily (perhaps too easily for some, but works great for our kid who isn't upset when bathtub art quickly washes away).

Crayola-bathtub-markers-4-count-bonus-extra-marker-(11301fa) set picture

- C. AmandaThe markers are the way to go. The washable crayons are to hard to clean up after. These markers wipe right off and even though they are pricey they lasted us for over a year.

Man, these markers really keep my kid entertained. If you don't mind your bathroom looking like tiny vandals broke in and tagged it all night in some kind of competing tag war, then this product might be for you.

J. Alba, Sachsen-Anhalt

Brand :    crayola
Size :    (1 Pack)
Weight :    0.30 pounds
  • 1 piece -
  • Markers wash off easily with soap and water,
  • Bring out your child's creativity,
  • Make your bath colorful,
  • Non-toxic
Price :    $6.29 (was $7.80)
Model :    CRY10049
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Beauty :    Best Toys And Games (crayola product review) for Crayola Bathtub Markers 4 Count With Bonus Extra Marker available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Draw in Tub Crayons

My son, who is nearly 3, loves these. He wants to color all over the walls every night at bath time. The colors are bright, except for the yellow which can't be seen on our cream colored tile. Some people have reported difficulty in removing the writing on the wall. Sponge or towel does not do so well, but a small loofah will take it off quickly with minimal effort. I bought a $1 loofah at the store to use for clean up. Keep in mind that if the tile is wet, the crayons won't work. The tile must be dry!

Alex toys rub a dub draw in the tub crayons comes with 6 bathtub crayons, each in a different vibrant color. These are perfect for little hands, providing a great place to practice their art while getting clean at the same time. Just draw on tile and wash off when done! includes red, yellow, blue, green purple and orange bath crayons in plastic holders. Recommended for children 2 years of age and older.

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Draw in Tub CrayonsALEX-Toys-Rub-Draw-Crayons

Alex Toys Rub A Dub Draw In Tub Crayons (ALX639) FAQ.

These are cool. They feel a little wasteful with all the plastic involved. They kinda get used up very quickly. -Notice from D. Broyles, Ohio

Click to Show alex toys rub a dub draw in tub crayons (alx639) Details

This was bought for my niece. She loves drawing in the bath tub, but she had been using this weird soap crayons, they didnt draw very well, when she started to play with these they actually draw on the wall and comes off with ease. She loves it!

Alex-toys-rub-a-dub-draw-in-tub-crayons-(alx639) set picture

- Z. AlbertaI can't get my son out of the tub when we pull these things out! they wash off really easy too if you are concerned with that.

These are great. We let my daughter use them to draw on the outside of the tub as potty training entertainment. . They wipe off really easy with a baby wipe even after sitting a few days. I have zero complaints. . Some of the crayons arrived damaged in many original order but they were very promptly replaced

V. Judith, Lincolnshire

Price :    $4.57 (was $6.07)
  • Includes red, yellow, blue, green purple and orange bath crayons in plastic holders
  • Draw on tile and wash off when done
  • Clean, bath time fun
  • Recommended for children 2 years of age and older
  • 6 bathtub crayons
Brand :    alex toys
Weight :    0..17 pounds
Model :    639R
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Office Sales (alex toys product review) for ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Draw in Tub Crayons available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Endangered Species Sud Smart Bath Crayons

These colorful triangle, "no roll" bath crayons are thoughtfully designed and are made from soap so you can be sure your kids get clean while they play.

Endangered Species Sud Smart Bath CrayonsEndangered-Species-Sud-Smart-Crayons

Brand :    endangered species by sud smart
Weight :    0.15 pounds
  • Made from soap
  • "no roll" triangle design
  • Contains 6 crayons
  • Helps support defenders of wildlife
  • May be used with endangered species bath coloring sets
Price :    $3.11
Model :    ES-1892-C
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 4-5 business days
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Endangered Species Sud Smart Bath Crayons available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Water Flutes

Alex toys rub a dub water flutes help little ones discover musical notes and sounds while in the tub. The five included flutes can be filled with different amounts of water to create different tones. Little ones can follow along with the instructions to learn simple songs. Tune the water flutes by dunking them underwater and filling until they reach the right level designated for each note. The squares and circles on each flute signify notes that can be followed with the included song sheets. To drain, just push the bottom cap up and twist. Hang the flutes in the holder and let them dry until the next musical bath performance. The alex toys water flutes come with waterproof song sheets that can be stuck to the bath or tub wall. Songs include it s raining it s pouring, mary had a little lamb, ode to joy, old mcdonald had a farm, and the itsy bitsy spider. All song instructions are great for children and easy to follow. Includes 5 flutes, flute holder and waterproof song sheets. Recommended for children 3 years of age and older.

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Water FlutesALEX-Toys-Rub-Water-Flutes

Price :    $5.70 (was $7.46)
  • Parents' magazine best toys of the year
  • Iparenting media award and nappa gold seal award winner
  • Includes 5 flutes, flute holder and waterproof song sheets
  • Recommended for children 3 years of age and older
  • Make music in the tub
Brand :    alex toys
Color :    multicolor
Size :    7.5 x 12.2 x 3 inches ; 8.8 ounces
Weight :    0.55 pounds
Model :    4005
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Water Flutes available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Play Visions Crayola Bathtub Crayons, 9 Count

Bring out your child's creativity and imagination with crayola bathtub crayons! create masterpieces on your bathtub wall! nine colors include: leprechaun green, firefly red, little boy blue, copper penny orange, inch worm green, vivid purple, cotton candy pink, jungle green, laser lemon yellow. Non-toxic. Easy to clean (this product should wash off easily from most newer, non-porous bath surfaces. Test on small area before using product and follow directions). Safety information: bathroom crayons are certified ap. Acmi - arts & creative materials institute certified. Conforms to astm d 4236. Made in china.

Play Visions Crayola Bathtub Crayons, 9 CountPlay-Visions-Crayola-Bathtub-Crayons

Brand :    play visions
Size :    (1 Pack)
Weight :    0.20 pounds
  • Colors include: leprechaun green, firefly red, little boy blue, copper penny orange, inch worm green, vivid purple, cotton candy pink, jungle green, laser lemon yellow.
  • Easy to clean and non-toxic.
  • Create masterpieces on your bathtub wall!
  • Hard plastic cases contain retractable crayola bathtub crayons.
  • Recommended for ages 3 years and up.
Price :    $6.74 (was $9.99)
Model :    CRY10050
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (play visions product review) for Play Visions Crayola Bathtub Crayons, 9 Count available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Crayola Color Bath Dropz 3.59 Ounce 60 Tablets

We love this product! our son is 3 years old and loves to take a bath when he can have "colors! " i always give him 2, we name the colors then we say what color it will be when combined. The color lasts as as long as the bath, and doesn't stain the tub or his skin. It's fun to watch them dissolve. I am going to gift these to a friend whose grandson is a little afraid of water, i think it will make bath time so much more fun.

The crayola bath product line brings the color, fun, creativity and imagination of the crayola brand to bath time. Crayola bath dropz are fizzing water color tablets that turn ordinary bath water into colorful, fizzy water. This jar makes up to 45 baths! mix and match the tints to create all the colors of the rainbow. Color assortment may vary.

Crayola Color Bath Dropz 3.59 Ounce 60 TabletsCrayola-Color-Dropz-Ounce-Tablets

Crayola Color Bath Dropz 3.59 Ounce 60 Tablets (CRY10001) FAQ.

The colors are vibrant and dissolve well. However, the ingredients concern me because i held one tablet in the bath when my son was too interested in grabbing it and i didn't want him to play with it or put it in his mouth. The blue dye stained my hand and was hard to get off. So, this makes me a little concerned about safety. It does not stain my bath tub but i don't feel it needs to be able to stain my hand. -Notice from T. Elizabeth, Midi-Pyrenees

Click to Show crayola color bath dropz 3.59 ounce 60 tablets (cry10001) Details

These work really well. My son loves bath time, and these have made his splash time even more special. 1 tab really does change the colour of the water quite well (as seen in the picture here, 1 blue tab), and mixing tabs makes more colour variants! . He loves making new colours! . No weird residues, no bath stains, no child stains, and no problems with his sensitive skin.

Crayola-color-bath-dropz-3.59-ounce-60-tablets-(cry10001) set picture

- X. AnonymousThe look on my toddler's face when i threw in one of these tablets, the smile was priceless! she just kept staring at it in pure amazement as it put off a show of color while it dissolved. I added two of the purple tablets to her bathwater and got a beautiful shade of purple. She had a blast playing in the tub and came out clean as can be without a trace of purple ! we love using these color tablets and i tell all my friends about them who have kids. Also, the colors don't stain anything so you don't have to worry about your towels or anything like that.

1 tablet it enough to color whole bath and doesn't stain tub. I mixed the tablets together and got amazing results!

L. Erin, Northumberland

Price :    $6.98
  • Contains 60 fragrance-free bathtub tints
  • Tablets dissolve quickly, changing the water to bright crayola colors
  • Tablets come in a reusable container
  • Mix and match the tints to create all the colors of the rainbow.
Brand :    crayola
Size :    3.59 Ounce
Weight :    0.34 pounds
Model :    CRY10001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (crayola product review) for Crayola Color Bath Dropz 3.59 Ounce 60 Tablets available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Play Visions Color Swirl Crayons

Play visions color swirl crayons (pack of 1)

Play Visions Color Swirl CrayonsPlay-Visions-Color-Swirl-Crayons

Brand :    play visions
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    CRY10062
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (play visions product review) for Play Visions Color Swirl Crayons available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $6.29 (was $8.20)
  • Contains 5 colors, 4 inch
  • Easily washes clean
  • 2 colors in 1 crayon
  • Make bath time fun

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My 19 month old son likes to play with this in the tub. It's messy and i have to watch closely bc he's still at the age where everything should go in his mouth. Like other reviewers say it does leave a ring around the tub but all you have to do is wipe the tub down afterward and clean it on a regular basis (which i'm sure you already doing for your babies bathing area). It's fun and it's messy. Best place for a mess is the tub!

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(0) Question: Do they work / wash off of tile?

(1) Question: Can you refill / replace the colors once used up?

(2) Question: Can kids draw on their bodies with these?

(3) Question: Does it work well on paper also?

(note) Question: where/how to get Alex Toys (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Alex Toys's products


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I submitted a pic of the product so that you would get an idea of the size of this item. I guess i'm cheap, er, thrifty, about things, but i honestly thought it might be a bit bigger. To be fair, it only just arrived and we haven't tried it out yet. According to reviewers, it's great, so i gave it 4 stars (i trust online store's customer reviews) but would have given it more had i not been put-off by the size of the thing and the small amount of actual crayon you get for that money. As long as you know that it's very small, and you're ok with that, i say get it. It is very cool and looks ergonomically superior to breakable stick-crayons, which, as one reviewer pointed out, tend to be all over the bottom of the tub.

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Omgoodness! i'm going to have to buy a couple more of these for my 3 year old daughter she is in love with this little star crayon! it's the perfect size for little hands and i love that it's in this shape with the colors around the star ( instead of individual crayons for the bathtub) she received this as a stocking stuffer and now has played with it so much that the crayon colors are almost gone. I gotta get more here asap before she has a meltdown! help. Lol

K. Bethany, Shropshire

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Q. Veronica, South Australia says

My 3 yr old daughter loves this. She uses it in the tub and on my tile shower walls and glass wall. I think she's pretty intrigued by how its an all-in-one crayon and i like not having bath crayons all over my shower floor to slip on. I also like that its pretty baby safe unlike a pointy crayon. The colors show up well; she got frustrated with other crayons that didn't. However, this crayon works so well that it did permanently stain doll hair. I didn't really mind since she only has older dolls and my little ponies in the tub. They didn't have nice hair anymore anyway. This crayon has lasted a while too. It probably gets used a couple times a week, moreso when she first go it. The color comes off of tub and shower walls easily with a loofah (the round fluffy plastic ones) but on the glass you can see traces of markings in the right light. A magic eraser or microfiber window cloth takes that off. I will say from past experience, i wouldn't buy bath crayons if your tile or stone walls are light in color and heavily textured with any nooks and crannies. It's a real pain to clean. Buy bath finger paint instead.

N. Anonymous, Nottinghamshire

My two year old loves this star crayon. Combining two of her favorite things: coloring on the walls and splashing around in the bathtub. I feel like on something such as this, it would be much easier to just list off pros and cons. . Pros:. Vibrant colors that glide on easily. Colors don't "bleed" and draw bold lines. Crayon pieces don't come apart or fall out. Wipes away easily (more on that). Easy grip for small hands. Doesn't dissolve in water right away. . Cons:. Doesn't last more than a couple weeks. Expensive, wish there was a way to purchase "refills". If you don't wipe away soon enough, could "stain" your tub and take some extra elbow grease. . Overall, the pros outweigh the cons for me. My biggest issue is that if you leave the colors on the tub walls for longer than an hour or so, you can still see faint colors left behind. I find the color that tends to have this problem the most is the red. Sometimes i have to go back and scrub with bathroom cleaner which is just too much work after each bath. I highly suggest testing a small patch on your tub before letting your kid have at it.

D. Anderson, Sandwell says

I like the product. I read all the reviews, so i knew to expect something small. I think this is a fun bath crayon and i'm overall glad that i bought it. The reason why i gave 4/5 stars is due to the delivery time. I ordered this item on 11/8 and didn't receive it until 11/21. What's ironic is that with the item i received a piece of paper that states, "wow, that was fast, huh? we've worked really hard to get this order to you quickly and accurately! " and it continues on asking for feedback. I thought the note was quite humorous given that it took so long to be delivered. Overall, it was a good purchase. . *note: in all fairness, there are many reasons why it may have been delivered late, including the fact that it shipped from ny and there were delays due to hurricane sandy.

S. Mathis, Rhone-Alpes

I bought the individual bath crayons before and they were terrible. They fell out of the holder and bled everywhere. Plus once they got wet, i found they didn't work well until they dried. I got this all-in-one crayon and it has worked perfectly. It colors well, washes off easily and there is only one pick up after. That in of its self was worth it to me. Beats having to pick up each non-working soggy crayons from the tub. Only thing i forsee is that after a few baths, i think we'll need to buy another one. Not sure it will last a long time, then again, my daughter colors a lot.

J. Betty, Kent says

We like how easy it is to store this little star rather than several crayons. It provides a better grip than a single crayon too. And it is so much easier to just turn it around and color with different colors. As a product idea, great on all counts. Just don't expect it to last as long a set of regular sized bath-crayons. The amount of crayon per color here is much lesser- it's only the little nub of crayon sticking out of the yellow grip, what you see in the picture.

U. Jacqueline, Hounslow

My son loves this for bath time! it also wipes off easily if you wipe it off right after the bath - it seems a bit harder if you let it sit. I also prefer this to the normal bath crayons, because my son always takes the normal bath crayons out of the holder and gets it all over his hands. The normal bath crayons click up as you use them, but a toddler can easily push too hard and push the crayon back in the holder, but this star crayon does not have that issue.

A. Carol, Ontario says

This item is smaller then pictured. I believe they blew up the picture of this item to make it appear as there was more of it (crayon). I have yet to open it and have my son play with it. Plan on doing this soon. Just two areas of reference: the item is small in that it fits the hand of a toddler & what amount of crayon that's present appears to be minimum. There does not appear to be any way to replace a given color once it's used up. Crayola has a product called window crayons & makers out on the retail market that my kids love. Their crayons are nice because u can replace the used crayon by spinining the top which release more crayon. The crayola window crayons i can tell u are a bit of a chore to clean though windex/paper towels are needed for sure.

F. Marguerite, New Hampshire

This crayon is amazing. It comes right off without leaving a stain on our plastic bath walls. We haven't yet tried it in our tile walls because i fear it would get stuck in the grout, but on the plastic, it washes right off. You don't really need to use soap, but i've used dr bronners castile soap and it was off in no time. My son really loved it and it bought me some time to get ready in the morning in the bathroom he was distracted by the crayon. I was really surprised by how small it was however. It was smaller than the palm of my hand. I have medium sized hands. Not sure of the diameter in inches. Maybe 2"? my son did need help realizing he could turn the crayon to get the other colors and he did try to taste it a couple tines but he was only 20 months old when we first got it so its understandable. He's a pro now. The colors of the crayon are extremely vibrant. Except the yellow which is so close in color to white.

H. Sherry, Southwark says

My son absolutely loves this crayon and downs want to do bath time without it. This is our 2nd one as the first one shaved off already after rigorous use. We draw together on the tiles and on the tub itself, and it's fun! easy to clean too

X. Marguerite, Delaware

We had some great crayons which we loved and washed easily but i could never find them again as they were a gift. So i have been on the hunt. We have white tile and grout in our bathroom so i always get concerned when i read reviews about staining. Since there were a lot of positive reviews about washing off these crayons, i took a chance. Our boys love them and i love that they are all contained. And everything washes off easily with water and a quick wipe with your hand. All except for purple! i freaked out when i went to wash off the purple. The stain of my sons masterpiece on our white tile. Well after they were settled in bed i went with my cleaner and sponge and am happy to announce we are purple free! so while the purple does leave a stain it needs extra elbow grease and cleaner to remove it completely.

I. Elanor, Wisconsin says

Pros: the marks are really bright and show up super well. It's great for alphabet, numbers, spelling, and just plain ol' making art in the tub. Cons: the marks and really bright and show up super well, and don't come off with a simple rinse of water. . If you're a parent who doesn't mind leaving your tub dirty after kids take a bath, this might be perfect for you. I'm a type a mom with a bit of cleaning ocd, so i am not keen on it. At the end of the bath, when our tub/shower combo is covered in bright scribbles, we had to do some relatively major elbow grease to get the marks off. Combination of a rinse plus a washcloth. The water turned a dingy pink/brown color, which was kind of gross for a bath, but the kids didn't seem to mind. The hardest part is keeping the "crayon" off the kids' bodies. We would get the kids all clean and take them out of the tub only to find a hidden streak of pink crayon or blue scribbled on their bodies, and they'd have to go back into the tub for more scrubbing. We got to where we'd let them play with the crayon (we bought one for each kid after the first one became fodder for tub fights) until they were shampooed and clean, then we'd take them away so they didn't continue marking on themselves. . In short, i like this, and it's a great gift to give a kid that isn't yours. Niece, nephew, grandkid - perfect. So long as you're not the one cleaning up the marks, it's a great toy. :) i probably won't buy any more for my kids though. I guess that's me being a bit ocd though. :-)

W. Mary, Croydon

Oh my goodness my grandson loves rub a dub star bath crayon soap. He uses them for every bath with such enthusiasm. He colors all over himself, making pictures letters numbers. They don't stain the tub. They are easy to use just like a bar of soap. He didn't want to stop playing for bath time untill i got these. Now he's asking me when is bathtime! a perfect bath soap toy .

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