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Price was $22.01. I'm in my mid 40s. A group of 3 to 6 friends come over after work on a friday once a month and play board/card games with my teenage daughters and i. Sometimes we finish at 2 or 3 or 7 in the morning. We added sheriff of nottingham to our mix (which includes games such as king of tokyo, smash up, one night ultimate werewolf, epic spell wars, ticket to ride, the resistance, dudo dice game, lcr dice game, zombies! , etc). It was another excellent addition to arguably the best night of my life. Which always supercedes the previous game night. . Read other reviews for the mechanics of play. I can only add "if you love games that turn the most honest, upstanding person into a lyin', smugglin' merchant trying to haggle their way to the market while also screwing you over, then you'll love this game". . Replay value: a+. Fun: a+. Ease to learn: a+

-Y. Wade

Sheriff of nottingham (publisher services psi) in sheriff of nottingham, players will take turns stepping into the shoes of the sheriff himself, while others act as merchants attempting to bring their goods into the city for profit! toys and games

  • Attribute: A Social Game Of Bluffing, Bribery And Negotiation.
  • Attribute: A Fun And Engaging Game That Is Sure To Keep Everyone Guessing, Bluffing, And Laughing Out Loud!.

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My husband ordered this game and at first i was skeptical to say the least. I am normally not a fan of board games, but since he was so enthusiastic i decided to give it a chance. We took it over to his parents house to play for family game night and i really enjoyed playing this game! the rules are simple enough to understand, at one point my 8 year old son with autism even joined in the game play. The whole concept of the game is to get contra banned items passed by the sheriff by either lying or bribery. It does not sound like much, but the people you play with definitely make the game more interesting. If you are playing with family it is easier to pick up on when they are lying which adds to the excitement. The artwork on the box and through out the game is very high quality. There is not much to this game just cards, the coins, the characters, and the pouches that contain the contraband. However, i do remember my husband saying something about other "high value" cards that are available for purchase separately. I recommend this game to anyone who is looking for something out of the normal monopoly, and life realm. The Best Sheriff of Nottingham as-of ( May 2021 ) | Publisher Services Psi-Toys And Games Review Attribute Sheriff of Nottingham 1st game in the new, exclusive, dice tower essentials line of games. A social game of bluffing, bribery and negotiation. A fun and engaging game that is sure to keep everyone guessing, bluffing, and laughing out loud!. Experience nottingham like never before, through the eyes of the sheriff!. Open negotiation provides hilarious moments between merchants and the sheriff .

Sheriff of Nottingham Review (DTE01SNAWG)

I'll jump straight in and say that i like this game a lot. With the right group of people this is an incredibly fun experience. It helps if you get into character! however, the thing that knocks a star off for me is that i personally prefer games that aren't solely based on the deception element. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy stabbing people in the back (i love the game of thrones board game, for example), but i found that after a while this game can get a little repetitive. However it's beautifully presented, the artwork and the equipment you get is of a high quality. This is a great game for people who want to move past the traditional board game collection and expand their horizon. -E. Anonymous

Sheriff Of Nottingham

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Toy(053211004121:Toys And Games), Sheriff Of Nottingham (0783327915676:Arcane Wonders), In sheriff of nottingham, players will take turns stepping into the shoes of the sheriff himself, while others act as merchants attempting to bring their goods into the city for profit! beware though, while many may act as honest merchants, there is always the possibility of contraband being smuggled into the city!.

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I have a small board game section in my variety store and when the price of this game dropped below my wholesale price, i ordered it to play with friends. We have experience playing the resistance: avalon so we already loved lying to each other. The lying/bribing/threatening aspect of the game adds humor and replay value to the game. The market bags with snap clasps were a nice touch but i can see that with many uses you may have some heavy handed or unavoidable snap failures. The artwork is quirky and finely executed and all the components seem to be of high quality. My only gripe is that one day there will be an expansion that extends the number of players to 6-7 instead of 3-5.

Sheriff Of Nottingham (Toys And Games) Dte01snawg
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Codenames is a social word game with a simple premise and challenging game play. Two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents. Their teammates know the agents only by their codenames. The teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first. Spymasters give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the table. Their teammates try to guess words of their color while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team. And everyone wants to avoid the assassin. The game works very well with 4 players if you prefer to guess without help. Or you can add more players if you prefer lively discussion. There is also a cooperative variant where a single team tries to achieve the highest score they can by playing against the game itself.


Brand :    czech games
Color :    na
Weight :    1.25 pounds
  • Ages 14 and up
  • 15 minute playing time
  • For 2-8+ players
Model :    00031CGE
Quantity :    1
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Dead of Winter Crossroads Game

A truly excellent game as long as you have a group of friends willing to wade through some of the nuanced rules. The irony was the initial breadth of paper standees and dice and game boards made people nervous about dead of winter, but after the basics were mastered in one session everyone just kept wanting to play it. No two scenarios are entirely the same and it's a fascinating mix of co-operative play and paranoia about who is doing what and for what sinister reason. This is a zombie game in which fighting zombies is a last resort and the real test is gathering supplies, surviving other survivors and accomplishing objectives, both those known to all and secret (sometimes traitorous) goals known only to yourself. This combines all the golden qualities of the battlestar game and other zombie games which focus exclusively on fighting but balances both out so it feels satisfying and useful to slay the undead but the focus of the game remains on making or breaking alliances. And yes you can exile people, but you'd better hope they're traitors or you might have lost valuable allies who could turn vengeful! . Some games claim to be 'storytelling' games but you don't get moreso than this. The crossroads cards, the unique looks to all the survivors and the different crisis scenarios give you all the fuel you need to invent all manner of personalized tales surrounding the diverse characters and their misadventures during a frigid apocalypse. This is complex but user friendly which indicates a studio who really did put this sucker through the play testing ringer until it ironed out all the kinks. Well worth it if you have a group of friends with broad imaginations who enjoy intrigue and the horror genre!

Dead of winter: a crossroads game, the first game in this series, puts 2-5 players in a small, weakened colony of survivors in a world where most of humanity is either dead or diseased, flesh-craving monsters. Each player leads a faction of survivors with dozens of different characters in the game. Dead of winter is a meta-cooperative psychological survival game. This means players are working together toward one common victory condition - but for each individual player to achieve victory, he must also complete his personal secret objective. This secret objective could relate to a psychological tick that's fairly harmless to most others in the colony, a dangerous obsession that could put the main objective at risk, a desire for sabotage of the main mission, or (worst of all) vengeance against the colony! certain games could end with all players winning, some winning and some losing, or all players losing. Work toward the group's goal, but don't get walked all over by a loudmouth who's looking out only for his own interests! dead of winter is an experience that can be accomplished only through the medium of tabletop games. It's a story-centric game about surviving through a harsh winter in an apocalyptic world. The survivors are all dealing with their own psychological imperatives, but must still find a way to work together to fight off outside threats, resolve crises, find food and supplies and keep the colony's morale up. Dead of winter has players making frequent, difficult, heavily- thematic, wildly-varying decisions that often have them deciding between what is best for the colony and what is best for themselves.

Dead of Winter Crossroads GameDead-of-Winter-Crossroads-Game

See Dead Of Winter Crossroads Game (Plaid Hat Games) FAQ.

This is a truly board game. If you have the time and patience to play it. With almost 100 or so pieces to set up and use, it can be a chose to set up, but it's well worth it. This meta co-op board game is great fun and is plenty of challenge for those who like to dedicate themselves to board games. In a post apocalyptic era where zombies are abundant, food, medicine and weapons are scarce, you truly need to strategize to pull resources and efforts to keeping your colony alive, completing crisis cards, and at the same time fulfilling your own secret object. Definitely worth a buy. But also, i'd recommend watching the youtube how-to video rather than reading the instruction manuals, and/or watching the tv series table-top (available on youtube) on how game play goes. Definitely helps get a good idea of what to expect. -Notice from P. Terry, Warrington

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Oh boy. This game is fairly difficult, but damn if it isn't a ton of fun. If you're like my group of friends you'll probably lose the first several games, but eventually the wins start coming in. Getting familiar with this game is part of the learning curve. While i do wish there were more objectives, characters, items, etc there is more than enough content here to last many games. My group has already played at least 20 games and we plan on playing many more. Well worth it if you like the zombie theme, or just want a mostly coop game that will put your ability to cope with things and survive to the test.

Dead-of-winter-crossroads-game-(plaid-hat-games) set picture

- A. NicoleWhat can i say? it really is that good. The only complaint i have is that the down time between turns can be rather long when/if players start to amass a lot of followers. Of course, being a cooperative game (traitor! ), you'll likely have a say in what others are doing and "down time" doesn't necessarily equate to "dead time" (ha! see how i did that? get it? dead? . Never mind. ). . My initial play through was with four players and it was kind of funny because we had to collect samples (recommended by the rules for first time players) and it started off pretty good. No one seemed to be trying to screw us over and we were all convinced that no traitor even existed. We were getting lucky and rolling well (to determine if we found samples on zombies we'd killed) up until the very end when suddenly we found we didn't have enough food. And our luck ran out on the rolls. Then several were bitten and started dropping like flies. . My only other complaint is in how to "win" the game. Basically, just surviving doesn't make you a winner (as a group). You have to survive and complete your secret mission. Don't complete both? you don't "win". Out of the four of us, we all did manage to survive but only one of is was able to also complete their secret mission and thus the winningest winner (the rest of us only winners in our own minds) walked away truly triumphant. . I guess that's not really a "complaint" as it didn't make the game "bad". It just made us realize that you have a lot to manage as a group and while some of us care about trying to feed survivors, take out the trash, keep the zombies at bay and just get through it all (! ) others are out to collect books or weapons. . Losers! . . Get the game, it really is fun.

Absolutely love this game. Granted it was a little tricky to learn at first but once we figured out the rules we were able to teach our friends pretty quickly. You definitely need a big table for this, at least a 3 by 6 for 3 or more players (see picture, table is definitely not large enough). The three of us played without the betrayal cards at first just to get used to the game play. . Pros: zombies. Critical and strategic thinking for yourself and with/for your friends. It's not based on chance though there are times a move could be because of a crossroads card. I really wondered why the game was so much money, there's so much thought and story put into this game and that's my opinion as to why. Really keeps you engaged. . Cons: if you've never played a board game like this, you will get impatient with the instructions. The video really didn't help either. My two friends did the reading and figuring out and then taught me after. It's much easier to start the game and learn as you go rather than sit there and try to read the manual before playing.

D. Anonymous, Massachusetts

Brand :    plaid hat games
Weight :    4.11 pounds
Model :    DOW01PHG
Quantity :    1
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  • For two to five players
  • Great co-op game
  • For 2-5 players
  • 90 minute playing time
  • Ages 13 and up
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (plaid hat games product review) for Dead of Winter Crossroads Game available as-of ( May 2021 )

Coup The Dystopian Universe

I missed out on the kickstarter, but grabbed a couple copies of this game as soon as it was available on online store. It's tons of fun to play, even with only 2 players. Games are short (5-10 minutes). Compared to other fun, short games like love letter, there is more strategy. It also scales up well if you have more people. It's hard to find a bluffing game that works with less than 5 people (i'm looking at you,  the resistance and werewolf). . The product/manufacturer descriptions do not describe this game very well. There are 5 different cards (and 3 copies of each). Each one gives you a special ability within the game. You are dealt 2 cards for your hand. The goal is to force your opponents to turn over (discard) both of their cards. Each turn you can choose to draw money from the bank or take a special action. Actions include spending money to force an opponent to discard, stealing money from an opponent and taking extra money from the bank. Cards can also be used even when it's not your turn to block others from taking certain actions. However, since all cards are dealt face down, you are free to pretend you have *any* card and can take any action you want. If someone challenges you, you have to either show that you have the card you claimed or you are forced to turn over a card (discarding it). If someone challenges you and you were telling the truth, they are the one who has to discard. . If you were to exclusively play this game for a long time with the same group of people, it might start to get old. However, as part of a set of games you play on game night/lunch with coworkers/whatever, you could play this for years. Beginners can pick it up quickly and it slots nicely into small amounts of free time. . The game uses a non-standard card size (65x100mm). If you want to protect the cards from wear, you can use ultra pro special size card sleeves or the more expensive mayday games 7 wonders sleeves. The cards are fairly sturdy and durable though, and the game comes in a stiff box. I would consider sleeving the cards anyway, since any card that gets scratched or bent will essentially ruin the whole deck. The box includes a set of reference cards and cardboard coins to use for money. To make the game more portable, you could summarize the actions on a piece of paper and use pennies.

In the not too distant future, the government is run for profit by a new "royal class" of multi-national ceos. Their greed and absolute control of the economy has reduced all but a privileged few to lives of poverty and desperation. Out of the oppressed masses rose the resistance, an underground organization focused on overthrowing these powerful rulers. The valiant efforts of the resistance have created discord, intrigue and weakness in the political courts of the noveau royal, bringing the government to brink of collapse. But for you, a powerful government official, this is your opportunity to manipulate, bribe and bluff your way into absolute power. To be successful, you must destroy the influence of your rivals and drive them into exile. In these turbulent times there is only room for one to survive.

Coup The Dystopian UniverseIndie-Boards-Cards-COU1IBC-Dystopian

See Coup Dystopian Universe (Indie Boards Cards) FAQ.

I was skeptical about this game because i hate games like resistance and avalon, where a few people have special abilities but everyone else has nothing to do except solve the puzzle. I can't express how much i hate these games. But my husband had read about coup and wanted to give it a try, and for the price (online store was having a board-game sale), i couldn't refuse. . The premise is simple and it's very easy to teach new players. Every player has a role (two, in fact), and those roles can change depending on what happens. You can fake being any role, which is the whole point: fake out your opponents so they don't know who you are. Play is fast and simple; you can get through a few games in an hour. Everyone i played this with loved it and had a good time. I have no complaints and highly recommend this as a party game and an alternative to any others who think resistance is meh! -Notice from I. Carolyn, Sachsen-Anhalt

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Great game with high replay value. Friends always enjoy playing it. Interactive enough that the "most experienced" players will not always win. New players catch on within a round. Rounds last 5-10min, so players are not sitting idle when they're out for more than 5min. . Can be played by non-gamers and strategy gamers alike. Has worked fine at parties and with beverages involved. . Total game contents are less than you might expect. There's a bag of cardboard coins, a few rule reference sheets, a small instruction book, and 15 playing cards. That's all and there's quite a bit of empty space in the game box (which is fine, just be prepared). . Recommend picking up when it goes on sale.

Coup-dystopian-universe-(indie-boards-cards) set picture

- J. WellsCoup is a crowd-pleaser, there's no denying. This quick, little card game handles 2 to 6 players and can be played in fifteen minutes or less, making it a great addition to game nights. It is best played with five to six playes and it's fairly easy to pick up. It also comes with six handy reference cards to make learning the game even easier. . The object of the game is to bluff your way to victory. In a far-flung future where the majority of the population is poor and oppressed, only a select few wield power and wealth. You will draw two cards which you will keep secret from your opponents and you will either use their actions or claim you have other cards instead so you can use their actions. The catch? if someone else challenges you and you can't show you have the character to justify the action you just took, you lose influence. If you do have the applicable character, the person challenging loses an influence. Losing an influence is defined as you turning over one of your cards face up, thus losing access to one action. If you lose all your influence, meaning both your cards are face up, you're exiled and you lose. Be the last man standing to win. . The game consists of 15 character/action cards and a bag of money tokens, as well as the six reference cards cited earlier, making it simple to cart around. Coup was a big hit at my game night, with people liking it a lot or flat-out loving it. It's a great way to practice your poker face, because you'll need a good one to win.

This card game will change your life. I first heard about this game when my cousin purchased this game from kickstarter and he played it with me. I was instantly hooked. For the next two years i put off getting this game until i saw it pop up as a deal of the day on online store and remembered how fun it was. I bought it and man was i not disappointed. I proceeded to play this fifteen minute game for 4 hours with my friends. Coup is a mix of poker and an intense strategy game. The whole game revolves around who can sell a bluff and outsmart their opponent. I strongly recommend this game to all looking to have a blast with friend and family or to challenge that pesky enemy of yours to the ultimate iq test. . If this helped you at all please hit the yes button below this review. It means a lot to me and i appreciate your support. Thanks!

T. Campbell, Somerset

Brand :    indie boards & cards
Color :    Silver
Size :    1.2 x 4.1 x 6.2 inches
Weight :    0.93 pounds
Model :    COU1IBC
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • For 2 to 6 players
  • Playable in 15 minutes
  • Ages 10 and up
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Coup The Dystopian Universe available as-of ( May 2021 )

The Resistance The Dystopian Universe

This game was my introduction into the addicting world of social deception games, and whenever my friends have get togethers, we ensure there's at least one copy of the game present (there's at least three floating around our friend group). I like to describe it to people who have never played as "mafia or werewolf on steroids. " it's so easy to get passionate about convincing everyone that you're right while playing, and for us, there's one infamous round that went down in history as the one that almost ended friendships two years ago. I must have played this game hundreds of times, and just a few things that have happened while playing: we've been yelled at to quiet down by ras, i now always take advil pre-emptively because i always end up with a headache from screaming at other players to convince them of one thing or another, and can you really say that you've played until at least one person is standing on top of a chair, pointing fingers, and proclaiming their innocence? . . So the game works with cards being randomly and secretly distributed to every player that assign them to either the resistance (good) or the spies (bad). There are up to five missions, and whichever team claims the majority of the misisons is the winner. If only it were that easy. For each mission, the leader (a role that shifts each mission) selects a certain number of players, the whole group votes to approve or reject the leader's choice, and if it's approved, each player on the mission gets a success and a fail card. If you're good, you submit a success card face-down to a pile in the middle. If you're bad, you have the option of submitting either a success or a fail card. When everyone on the mission has submitted their cards, they're shuffled and revealed. The mission passes if there's all successes and fails when there's a fail. But if there's a fail . Who on the mission was the spy who put it in? let the lying and interrogating begin . . I think in our group we've played with every configuration from 5 to 10 players, and it's definitely a lot more fun with more players, but you just have to make sure that everyone's paying attention as the group gets bigger. It's no fun if someone's on their phone while everyone else is arguing and theorizing, it almost feels like you're lacking information. I'd say 7+ players is the most fun. You also have to stress for players not to cheat if they're good by putting a fail card in the middle just to be funny . It really confuses the game and makes it less satisfying for everyone else. Have patience while explaining the game the first time around; sometimes it's even worth it to do a practice round because some of the nuances don't quite make sense until the game is happening. It's very easy to pick up, though, and the games can go by in about 15 minutes depending on how much arguing between rounds is done. . I've seen a lot of comparisons favoring either the resistance or avalon, but i do love both in their own ways. I enjoy that the resistance has plot cards that get distributed at the beginning of rounds, which can sometimes get players feeling more involved. The characters in avalon are a blast, but sometimes if you're stuck without a special role, it's not as fun. With the resistance, at least, you can convince the leader to give you plot cards so you can have some sort of "special ability". It's true that the expansion packs adds the character features of avalon to the resistance, but really, you can't go wrong with either and especially not with both. . Pro tip: i'd recommend getting card sleeves for this game. The ones with one clear side and one opaque side are great for the character cards because you can face the character toward the opaque side so that if they accidentally fall off the table, no one's at risk of seeing your character. It also keeps everything in great shape so you don't have any character cards identifiable by folds or scratches. . Buy this game. It never gets old, and i honestly don't think i've met anyone who's played and not enjoyed it. Very worth the money and, trust me, it'll become a staple of your get togethers quite quickly, too.

The resistance is a very intense social deduction game for 5-10 players. While it shares similiarities with games like werewolf, mafia and even battlestar galactica it has many very unique features such as a quick 30 minute play time, no moderator required and no player elimination.

The Resistance The Dystopian UniverseThe-Resistance-Dystopian-Universe

See The Resistance Dystopian Universe (Indie Boards Cards) FAQ.

Playing:. A great party game when you have 5-10 people. Game plays relatively quick, with most of our games lasting between 15 and 30 minutes. Quickly players can get into the shoes of the treacherous spies or the valiant resistance fighters. Players are assigned to one of two teams (spies or resistance) and using social deduction, try and figure out who each other are. Have played it in multiple countries and no two groups play quite the same. The inquisitor is an interesting addition for experienced players. . Craftsmanship:. This is a real high quality game. Pieces are thick and durable. Artwork is attractive and helps players to understand the game mechanics. . Verdict:. Buy it and give it a try. Unless. You're a spy. That's something a spy would say. -Notice from B. Rita, Southend-on-Sea

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The resistance pits two opposing factions against each other: the resistance fighters and the government spies. Either team wins by either faction winning or failing 3 missions. The resistance wins by completing 3 missions, while the spies win by failing 3 missions out of a total of five missions. The game begins by randomly passing out player cards of either resistance fighters or spies. For a 5-6 player game there would be 2 spies while a 7-9 player game having 3 spies and a 10 player game having 4 spies. The games are balanced by the number of spies as well as the number of people that can take part of a each mission. The game starts by the mission leader selecting people for the mission. The entire group of people playing then votes whether the group is good for the mission either by "accept" or "decline". If half or more decline the mission then it moves on to the next team leader. If 5 missions are declined in a row then the spies win. When the mission starts the players in the mission are given "success" or "fail" cards. The resistance must vote for the mission to succeed. If you are a spy, however, you can vote for the mission to fail or succeed. The vote cards are put in a discard pile and a voting pile. The dealer shuffles the voting pile and then lays out the cards. What i love about this game:. (1)if a single fail card is played then you know that one of the people on the mission was a spy. (2)if you are a good liar you can win. (3)the "accept" or "decline" tokens are brilliant because they help you determine the motives of certain individuals: "only a spy would decline this mission" or "only a spy would accept this mission", ect. , things like that. Overall i feel the game is well balanced:sometimes the spies win, sometimes the resistance wins. It's not too complicated and i'm sure your drunk friends could figure it out.

The-resistance-dystopian-universe-(indie-boards-cards) set picture

- L. EdithThis is one of the most fantastic party games i can imagine. It's easy to learn, but incredibly intense to play. It scales to accomodate lots of players, but doesn't really take more time in doing so (it depends on how long everyone spends talking to each other about each mission). Outwit your hidden enemies and discover your allies or employ the most cunning deception and subtlest of feints to foil everyone's plans. . The resistance has but one goal - weed out the spies and avoid taking them on missions at all costs. . The spies, however, have two options for victory - make 3 of the 5 missions failures, or stall the game through 5 rejected votes for mission team members. . This game is all kinds of glorious. As the resistance, you always get this story that leaves you in either shock (failure) or smug satisfaction (victory) at the end when you discover who were the spies all along, or as the spies feel an overwhelming sense of pride as you watch the resistance tumble blindly - despite their best cautions - into the last of your well-laid traps. . The game is balanced, fairly quick, incredibly intense, and altogether a blast to play again and again. Its small size makes it easy to take everywhere, too, so i love bringing it along to anywhere we might get a chance to play it. Buy this game. It's worth every penny.

This is a really great game for a few reasons. While it can get a bit confusing to explain before playing, it's easily learned once you start. I play a lot of tabletop games, but this keeps being a favorite. I can play it with my friends who play a lot of games as well as friends that are total novices. It's one of the few games that go up to ten players (minimum five), so if you have a relatively large group of people, this is a great game to pull out. Because the game is based in deceit and persuasion, it is not a calm or quiet game. Often i've played where it led to shouting and frustrated arguments (all in good fun, although i think a few friends will forever hold a grudge). . The only reason i gave it four stars over five is that replayability can be hit or miss. The replayability lies mostly in the combinations of rebels (the "good guys, " whose goal is to pass at least three of five missions) vs corporate spies (the "bad guys, " whose goal is to fail at least three missions by successfully deceiving the rebels into sending them on missions (note: the spies know who each other are, but the rebels only know their own identity)). If you play frequently with the exact same group of people, it gets a bit old in my opinion unless people are willing to switch up their strategy.

Z. Betty, New Mexico

Brand :    indie boards & cards
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    RES2IBC
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (indie boards & cards product review) for The Resistance The Dystopian Universe available as-of ( May 2021 )
  • The resistance redefines social deduction - everyone plays till the end of the game
  • Cover art may vary - revised edition now includes updated card art and the "inquisitor" expansion in place of "the plot thickens" cards.
  • Not for the faint of heart, or slow of mind - but if you are quick on your feet you'll be proud of your hard fought victories
  • 5 to 10 players, 30 minute playtime
  • Your ability to lie to your friends and know when they are lying to you is critical to win

King of Tokyo: New Edition Board Game

This new edition of the best-seller boasts new artwork, clearer rules, and revamped card abilities. Monsters have a new look, and the coveted space penguin character takes his place in tokyo! king of tokyo is a game for 2 to 6 players where you play as mutant monsters, rampaging robots, or even abominable aliens battling in a fun, chaotic atmosphere. Roll dice and choose your strategy: will you attack your enemies? heal your wounds? improve your monster? stomp your path to victory.

King of Tokyo: New Edition Board GameKing-Tokyo-New-Board-Game

Brand :    iello
Weight :    1.85 pounds
Model :    51314
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  • Clearer rules and card text for a better gaming experience!
  • For 2-6 players
  • 30 minute playing time
  • Space penguin included in the box!
  • New artwork by regis torres, illustrator of king of new york!
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (iello product review) for King of Tokyo: New Edition Board Game available as-of ( May 2021 )

Betrayal At House On The Hill - 2nd Edition

This game is really great. Someone in my gaming group has the 1st edition, so we were all really excited when we found out this was being reprinted. For those of you who have played the first edition, the gameplay is the same. Some rules have been clarified, and there is more text on some of the room tiles for ease of use. For those of you who haven't played: you should. You are a group of explorers going through a haunted house. Up to 6 people can play, and each of the 6 character cards has a front and a back, each with different stats to add variation. Other people have posted more on how the game works, so i won't go too much into it right now. This reprint added some new haunts, which is really fun. I haven't had a chance to play many of the new ones, but i did get to play one with hidden traitors, and i enjoyed it. Some of the haunts can also be unbalanced. I was the traitor for one haunt where i didn't get to do a single damage to any of the heroes. The next week, i was the traitor for the same haunt and i absolutely obliterated the heroes. It all depends on how the house is set up, and dice luck. My only complaint about this reprint is the quality of the components of this game. Something about the cardboard they used this time around just doesn't work. The first print had good, thick cardboard that felt high-quality. When i took this reprint out of the box, all of the cardboard components started to warp. The room tile stack can easily be compressed an inch or two because of this warping. Some people have prevented this by immediately placing the cardboard pieces under a book for a day or two after opening them, but i'm not sure if that works all of the time or not. Another component they didn't quite get right are the black plastic clips. In the first printing, they clips were too tight on the cardboard, and ended up scratching whatever part they were placed on. In the reprint, they are too loose. We have had some slide off completely because they are so loose they have no traction. The 5 spare clips can sometimes be enough to give you clips that fit on all the pieces you need, but it's not a guarantee. . The low quality of the pieces do detract from gameplay a little bit (when the room tiles slide under each other on the table, or your stat slider goes to the minimum and you die) but this is still a great game with a fun theme and lots of replayability. I would certainly recommend it, especially if they fix the game components. . Edit 2013:. As some have said in the comments, wizards of the coast is very good about replacing the cardboard in this game. I have had mine replaced through this process as well, and the replacements are great. While it is a hassle to have to request a replacement, it is well worth it and takes away the only deterrent to buying this game.

Betrayal at house on the hill board game -2nd edition: take a deep breath before you enter. It might be your last. Your fear will grow with each tile you place as you investigate a house filled with dreadful monsters and deadly secrets. With 50 fiendish scenarios (including seven new haunts) and dozens of danger-filled rooms, you'll return to the house again and again - as often as you dare - and never face the same game twice. Contents include 1 rulebook, 2 haunt books, 44 room tiles, 1 entrance hall/foyer/grand staircase tile, 6 explorer figures, 6 two-sided character cards, 30 plastic clips, 8 dice, 1 turn/damage track, 80 cards (events, item, omen and more) and 149 tokens. For 3 - 6 players, ages 12 and up

Betrayal At House On The Hill - 2nd EditionBetrayal-At-House-Hill-2nd

See Betrayal House On Hill - 2nd Edition (Avalon Hill) FAQ.

I really enjoy this game; i've played it probably half a dozen times or so. I feel like reviews are easier if i break it down into pros and cons, so you can decide if this game is for you or not:. . Pros:. -lots of fun (yes i know that's an opinion). -games are completely different every time you play. - strategies are deep, and teamwork is a must. -you can find out which of your friends are sociopaths. . Cons:. -tons of pieces to keep track of (i've spent a lot of time digging for a 'secret stairs' token, or something similar). -complicated. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it does kind of slow down the game when you have to pause to look up minion movement or something obscure. . All in all, i still think this is a great game, but if you and your friends are the kind of person that prefers a linear or straightforward game, this one might not be for you. -Notice from Z. Bullock, Connecticut

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Love! i am a big fan of spooky horror and zombie movies. I also like a good board game. I am somewhat of an newb to these types of games. This being the 3rd one i own. I started with forbidden island, then ticket to ride and now this. Yes, some of the cards are complicated and rather long, but i like the idea of exploring a creepy old house with surprises. We played this with my 13 year old daughter and it worked really well. . I would suggest watching some youtube video's of the game in play, to help take away some of the panic of the three manuals it comes with. This really helped to lessen my anxiety on learning this game from scratch. Once i had watched a few youtube videos, i felt quite a bit better on tackling such a game. (remember my newbness). . I had read some reviews critiquing the little markers falling off from the cards; however, i did not run into that, but could see it happening over time. Luckily, someone else has solved that problem with a handy app in the android app store, that does it for you, should you run into that issue. . I am looking forward to playing this game, at least the 50 times for the various scenarios one can play with. And will get the expansion pack that comes out next month. This really is worth the money!

Betrayal-house-on-hill---2nd-edition-(avalon-hill) set picture

- V. MatherlyBetrayal is one of my top favorite board games that i'm constantly trying to get my friends to play. It's a fun, challenging game that's really enjoyable with the right group of people. . It's an exploration/board building game with an eerie theme about it and a really unique mechanic. . Players begin by choosing a character - one of 12, each of which have their own set of stats. Then players enter the house, flipping cards to uncover rooms to build out the mansion. Rooms can contain special events, items (like weapons, armor, or occult paraphernalia), or omens. Which are bad. . Whenever an omen is found, the player that found it must roll the die and roll more than the number of omens that have currently been found. If a player fails to roll more than the number of omens, then the haunt begins. At this point, the instruction book is consulted which will tell you which haunt scenario to follow based on the conditions that caused it to occur. Usually one player is named the betrayer and is given their on set of instructions to follow (i suggest you make them leave the room) while the rest of the explorers plan their strategy to defeat them. . There are around 30 different scenarios you can play out, which means that you can play several different unique stories. The flavor text of all the cards is pretty entertaining, so things are best if everyone can get into it when they're reading to the group. . Overall it's a really fun game that can be enjoyed by both seasoned board gamers and beginners.

I bought this game a month ago and we just played it with family home for thanksgiving. I had misgivings at first as it is very complicated, with a myriad of different scenarios. We've only played this game a couple of times, but so far we love it! it takes some getting used to, as there are many, many rules and it can be difficult to keep tract of all of them at the same time! . . Love the dark and terrifying scenarios and the unexpected twists and turns the game can take. Probably better for older teens and adults, and up to six can play (but we have had as few as three) and still have a great time. . Basically, each character has four stats (might, speed, sanity, knowledge) that they need to keep up during the game to continue exploring, finding items, etc. Until an event called "the haunt" begins. Once the haunt begins, one of the characters becomes the "traitor", essentially the game is now the house + the traitor vs the heroes (everyone else playing). The heroes read a scenario from a one guide book, separate from than the traitor, in a separate room so that each team can develop a game plan. From there, the house and the traitor attempt to prevent the heroes from escaping or solving the mystery of the house , depending on the haunt presented. There many, many different haunt scenarios, and each one is really interesting, involving both the history of the house, and the history of the characters. Each character has a different perspective on the game, and it is never the same twice! . . We are big fans of board games. Settlers of catan is a favorite. This is more complicated and far more difficult to keep all the elements of the game in play but it is very interesting and the game plays out differently each time. The only issue i have is with the quality of the game pieces. The cardboard is nice and thick and will probably hold up well, but the markers that fit on each game card do not fit tightly. When they fall off during the game it is confusing as the markers are an integral part of the game and are essential to game play and character moving. Hopefully this flaw should be corrected in the next edition.

T. Stacey, Bayern

Brand :    avalon hill
Weight :    2.87 pounds
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  • Cooperative game
  • For 3 to 6 players
  • Designed for 3-6 players aged 12 and up
  • 60 minutes of play time
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Betrayal At House On The Hill - 2nd Edition available as-of ( May 2021 )

Sushi Go Party Card Game

It's a party platter of mega maki, super sashimi, and endless edamame in this expanded version of the best-selling card game. You still earn points by picking winning sushi combos, but now you can customize each game by choosing a la carte from a menu of more than 20 delectable dishes. What's more, up to 8 players can join in on the sushi-feast let the good times roll! .

Sushi Go Party Card GameSushi-Go-Party-Card-Game

Brand :    gamewright
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    419
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (gamewright product review) for Sushi Go Party Card Game available as-of ( May 2021 )
  •        ages 8 and up
  • 181 cards and 23 menu titles
  • 8 wooden pawns and 1 game board
  • Playing time: 30 minutes
  • 2 to 8 players

The Resistance: Avalon Social Deduction Game

The resistance: avalon pits the forces of good and evil in a battle to control the future of civilization. Arthur represents the future of britain, a promise of prosperity and honor, yet hidden among his brave warriors are mordred's unscrupulous minions. These forces of evil are few in number but have knowledge of each other and remain hidden from all but one of arthur's servants. Merlin alone knows the agents of evil, but he must speak of this only in riddles. If his true identity is discovered, all will be lost.

The Resistance: Avalon Social Deduction GameResistance-Avalon-Social-Deduction-Game

Brand :    indie boards & cards
Weight :    0.64 pounds
Model :    AVA1IBC
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for The Resistance: Avalon Social Deduction Game available as-of ( May 2021 )
  • Takes 30 minutes playtime
  • The resistance: avalon is a standalone game and while the resistance is not required to play; the games are compatible and can be combined
  • For 5 to 10 players

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

In deception: murder in hong kong, players find themselves in a scenario of intrigue and murder, deduction and deception. One player is the murderer, secretly choosing their weapon and the evidence they leave behind. Another is the forensic scientist who holds the key to convicting the criminal but is only able to express their knowledge through analysis of the scene. The rest are investigators, interpreting the clues to solve the crime and the killer is among them.

Deception: Murder in Hong KongDeception-Murder-in-Hong-Kong

Brand :    grey fox games
Weight :    2.30 pounds
Model :    GFG96761
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (grey fox games product review) for Deception: Murder in Hong Kong available as-of ( May 2021 )
  • Ages 12 and up
  • 15-20 minute playing time
  • For 4-12 players

Bang : The Dice Game

Unmask and defeat your enemies, keep up with the indians and challenge your fate to bring your team to the victory! fast and exciting game play - based on the bang! game system. A very successful game line, with fans all over the world! you do not need bang! to play.

Bang : The Dice GameDa-Vinci-DVG-9105-Bang

Brand :    da vi
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    DVG 9105
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (da vi product review) for Bang : The Dice Game available as-of ( May 2021 )
  • 5 bang! dice, 30 game cards, arrow tokens, bullet tokens, rules in english and italian
  • For 3-8 players
  • Takes about 15 minutes to play
  • Standalone game

Sheriff Of Nottingham (Arcane Wonders) Price : 22.99, was : 0 as 2017-02-14
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Great Britain
World Wide
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The F.A.Q. for Sheriff Of Nottingham (Arcane Wonders)

Great game! fun illustrations. Quality components. Fun to try and trick your friends. Or whoever you game with.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: How many players is it ?

(1) Question: This looks like a really fun game. but 30 dollars for. a card game? is it worth 30 dollars?

(2) Question: It says the manufacturer suggested age is 14-15? my two sons (9 and 12) want it for xmas. do you think it is appropriate for this age group?

(3) Question: Would a 9 year-old enjoy it?

(4) Question: Does the place mat come in the box?

(5) Question: Can you play with 2 people?

(6) Question: How many cards are included, for the purpose of purchasing sleeves?

(7) Question: Is it possible to extend this past 5 players?

(8) Question: I see a mat sold seperately. is it vital or can i do without?

(note) Question: where/how to get Arcane Wonders (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Arcane Wonders's products


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This game was a hit at family game night! . . A truly rich experience - much richer than you'd think from reading the game's description. I had this on my to-buy list for over a year and always passed, thinking it looked, well, a bit boring. "i'm paying how much for this? to do what? put cards in a bag? " well gosh, was i wrong! . . This game is a hoot! a 100% grand-slam! i love it! here's some reasons why:. + repeated play with the same group isn't dull: players refine and switch up their strategy, leading to tense, comical game moments as someone is unexpectedly caught by a usually-lax sheriff who has decided to play hard ball, or as someone sneaks in tons of contraband who normally is honest. This sort of relationship within the game keeps things fresh and exciting, and players are eager to replay to implement new schemes. + the game is precisely as long as it needs to be, and never drags on: it ends at that happy point of "aww, i could've kept going! ", which many games don't know how to do anymore. This is one of those games that your group will say "let's play it again! " before the points are even tallied. + rich point-scoring system: this was a blast. Who will be the cheese queen? who had royal goods tucked away to blow out the scores? this keeps the game quite exciting! . + gorgeous art: i wasn't sold at first, personally, but after seeing the game in-person, i must admit, it's quite beautifully done and it really suits the mood. . If you're on the fence, if you're saying, "hey, why would i pay this much for a game about lying about cards in a little bag? what's the big deal? " let me tell you: you need this game, you will love this game, and you will slap yourself for not getting it sooner!

Card Games 110932661, Games 110022661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Sheriff Of Nottingham (Arcane Wonders) FAQ Content

Best sheriff of nottingham (arcane wonders) in review

This game is a fantastic way to start or end a game night. Best with 4-5 people. Best if the people playing are a fun group, and are willing to not take the game too seriously. Games take 40-60 minutes, depending on the number of players. . There is no perfect strategy. You can be honest all the time and collect points with your legit goods, or try to amp up your score be sneaking in higher-value contraband. If you're caught, it hurts your wallet. If you get away with it, everyone knows, and that plays into how people deal with you in the future. . There are many nuances. You can bribe the sheriff into letting you pass with your cargo without an inspection, to get some contraband past him. You can attempt to bribe the sheriff, hoping he will inspect your legit cargo, and pay you for his mistrust. Everyone takes turns being the sheriff, and making tough decisions. Can you read the other players real intentions? they might lie to get you to do what they want. . You can play an honest merchant the whole game, and then switch to dishonest for big points when the sheriff doesn't expect it. But maybe he's thinking the same thing about your tactics. What will he do? will he inspect your cargo, or let you pass without an inspection? would a "donation" to his re-election campaign streamline the process, or raise suspicion and cause an inspection? make your move, and live with the consequences. It's a riot. . With 4 types of goods available, everyone is trying to be the 1 or 2 merchant in some of them, to earn bonus points. It pays to stock up on one or two of them, and ignore the rest.

N. Pearce, Hamburg

You might like to see Betrayal House Hill Widows Board (Avalon Hill) The House On The Hill Has A Wicked Reputation. Those Who Dare To Darken Its Door Often Leave Steeped In Madness And Despair If They Leave At All. Now The Horror Reaches New Heights Toys And Games
  1. Spotlight: Compatible With All Editions.
  2. Spotlight: 50 New Haunts, 20 New Room Tiles, 30 New Cards (11 Items, 11 Events, 8 Omens), 78 New Tokens.
Affordable Betrayal House On Hill: Widow's Walk Board Game (Toys And Games) C01410000 Betrayal House On Hill: Widow's Walk Board Game (Avalon
Or you might like to consider Locomotive Engine Blowing Battery Operated () Any Little Choo-choo Lover Will Enjoy Playing This Bubble Blowing Steam Train Locomotive. The Lights And Sounds Will Make Them Feel Like They Can Jump All Aboard While The Bubbles Toys And Games
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  2. Highlight: Bump And Go Action: Automatic Change Of Direction After Bumping Into Object Stays In Constant Motion.
Competitive Locomotive Engine Blowing Battery Operated (Toys And Games) Vt B968b Locomotive Engine Blowing Battery Operated

K. Paige, Arizona says

This game is great and has become a favorite to play on game nights with my friends. The game mechanics are great and the strategy you go with changes from game to game. So glad i picked this up! i love, love, love this game!

N. Benton, Doncaster

The kids love this game!

I. Taylor, South Dakota says

Our family favorite. We've purchased two so that we could include more players. The more the merrier!

H. Eleanor, Texas

Great party game. It is really easy to learn and can be fun for a large range of ages. The concept of the game is very unique and is a good change for usual board games. It really lives up to its description:. . The sheriff of nottingham is a fun and engaging game for all where each player will have the chance to step into the shoes of the sheriff himself! other players, acting as merchants will attempt to bring their goods into the city for profit. Beware though, while many may act as honest merchants, there is always the possibility of contraband being smuggled into the city! . . I highly recommend this game, my family has a great time everytime we play!

Y. Brenda, Delaware says

This game is best with 5 people. If you're looking for a social deduction/bluffing game this is a wonderful compliment. However, i personally like the other social deduction games out there designed for this size of group like resistance and one night ultimate werewolf. You really can't go wrong with this game though. The quality of the tokens and items that you get in the box are great quality. The art is one of a kind and really well done and has a disney feel to it.

G. Neva, Kingston upon Thames

A fun game for friends and family. At first glance you might think this game is about robin hood and his merry men combating the evil sheriff of nottingham. Not so much, this one is actually about running a customs checkpoint during the robin hood era. And it is fantastic! each player takes on the role of a merchant trying to get their goods across this checkpoint run by the sheriff of nottingham. The more items you get safely through, the more money you make. If you can successfully smuggle in contraband goods through the checkpoint, you can make even more money. Like for some in real life, the goal of this game is make as much money as you can. The meat of the game is played through the declarations and inspection phase. Players place cards that represent their goods into a colored pouch (one pouch per player), they declare to the sheriff what type of item is in the pouch and how many are there. The pouches are sealed and it is up to the sheriff whether or not these merchants are telling the truth or not. . If the sheriff opens the pouch and finds exactly what the merchant declared, then the sheriff must pay the merch a penalty fee and let those items through to the market. If the sheriff discovers items that don't match what was declared (or contraband items) then the players have to pay a fine directly to the sheriff (and loose any contraband they tried to smuggle through the checkpoint). The best part of the game is between the declaration and the haggling that all the players do to get the sheriff to either not open their pouches or open another player's pouch. You can flat out bribe the sheriff with gold (or even items from your pouch once they get through) to let you past or you can bribe the sheriff to open another player's pouch! it's all about bluffing, negotiation, and how well you know the other players. Each round another player must take on the role of the sheriff, so everybody gets a chance to play the game from both sides of the table. The game is pretty simple to understand and most people catch on to the rules shortly after a few rounds have been played. . The game features some great artwork and the quality of the cards and tokens are top notch. If you find yourself having some trouble totaling up each player's scores at the end of the game, there is a free application available on ios and android that was makes keeping score a breeze.

R. Mays, Southwark says

My sons bought this for their father for christmas. It has been a huge hit. Although you can play with 3 players, it is more fun with larger groups.

X. Wimbish, Brighton and Hove

I say, what a fun romp this was. This game can best be described as smuggling goods: the game. This, like the resistance, is a game that runs on personality. Play with a lifeless crowd, this game falls flat. Play with an animated group who likes to roleplay and isn't afraid to talk smack, and you've got yourself a winner. . Components are nice. Solid coins, detailed, colourful artwork, and a nice sturdy box. The app addition from the website adds to the atmosphere. However, fair warning: those snaps are way too tight, and buttons have been reported to rip out on the very first playthrough with many people. My friends and i went into the game knowing this, and fortunately, all of them survived. My advice is to find a tailor who could whip you up some alternative bags out of felt and some buttons/velcro that won't tear right out. Be careful. . Other than that, great game. You will have a blast.

O. Julia, Basse-Normandie says

Great bluffing game that is simple to learn. Lots of fun for all. Remember: bribes and extortion are not only allowed, its encouraged!

X. Laura, Rhode Island

Great game. New favorite for me and my board games friends

W. Yvette, Texas says

One of the best family games. Watch a gameplay video to get a detailed review if the game.

W. Mary, Rhone-Alpes

Our gaming group loves the social-deduction trend that has been sweeping the board game world recently (coup, resistance, werewolf etc). This is an interesting take on the genre which emphasizes players discussing with each other the specifics of what they are trying to bring to the market (or smuggle in! ) rather than the "hidden role" style. Putting one player in each round "in charge" is a great way to shake things up as each player will handle "their" round differently. You will find that your group builds meta layers of strategy the more you play (david never lies, but wait - he did this time! ). . If you like social deduction games, this will be hours of fun.

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