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Price was 73.66. We got this big box alhambra game and love it! with all the different combinations of play possible, it never gets old. Even our 5 year old plays with us (with help). The only problem will be that the currency cards will wear out faster than the other cards from the expansions, and i don't know if it is possible to buy just the currency cards as replacement parts later. But that's not the game's fault. Oh, and one other thing. I used to live in granada, spain, where the real alhambra is, and i used to visit it quite often. Although you will hear many, many people pronounce it wrong, the correct pronunciation is ah-lahm-brah (that is, with all the a's sounding like "ah" at the doctor's office - but the h is totally and completely silent! ).

-S. Valdez

Alhambra Big Big Box Version Of The Award Winning Game By Dirk Henn. Granada At The Foot Of The Sierra Nevada Mountains, One Of The Most Exciting And Interesting Projects In Medieval Spain Begins: -Asmodee Alhambra Big Box

  1. Additional: Beginners To Advanced Players.
  2. Additional: High Level Of Interaction.

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We haven't played all of the expansions yet (there are 20! ) but the ones we have tried so far seem to add a good twist to the game. If you like the base game and have played it a lot this is definitely worth purchasing to add more replay-ability. Best alhambra big | Flat River Group-Toys And Games Review as-of ( Oct 2021 ) Additional Asmodee Alhambra Big Box Family game. Beginners to advanced players. High level of interaction. Easy to learn. Playing time: 60 minutes. Contains the base game and all 5 expansions. Tons of replay value. For 2-6 players .

Asmodee alhambra big box Review (qug60377)

Before purchasing the big box we had only played the standard version of the game but we like the idea of expansions. So glad we bought big box! hours of fun, can be different every time, adds some complexity to the game. Fantastic. Even our six-year old loves to play and learn new expansions! -Q. Pearce

Asmodee Q60377 Alhambra Big Box

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Height:4.80 inches
Length:17.00 inches
Weight:6.17 pounds
Width:12.50 inches
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alhambra big Toy, Big box version of the award winning game by dirk henn. granada at the foot of the sierra nevada mountains, one of the most exciting and interesting projects in medieval spain begins: the construction of the alhambra, which has become one of the world heritage sites. compete against your opponents to build the alhambra. the alhambra big box version includes the basic game alhambra and expansions the vizier s favor (1), the city gates (2), the thief s turn (3), the caliphs treasure chamber and the power of sultan (5). all components can be combined with each other. this allows the players to customize the preferred game setup with a free choice out of any of the 20 available expansion modules. Asmodee Alhambra Big Box (Q60377-Asmodee).

Asmodee Q60377 Alhambra Big Box Toy

alhambra bigAsmodee Alhambra Big Box (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I am totally impressed with the quality of this giant box of alhambra. It comes with instructions on where to place everything, labels for each expansion area, and three cloth bags for various items that are chosen randomly. You should also take note of the advertised dimensions of the box being 17 x 12. 5 x 4. 8 inches. I didn't realize how box that was going to be in comparison to my other game boxes. Primarily because this is a game i play a lot, and keep my games in a stack with larger boxes at the bottom. . Anyways, these expansions vary from gameplay perks to scoring changes and even deductions from scores. After learning all of them over several plays, we now choose handful of different ones each time to spice things up. City walls is definitely a favorite.

Asmodee Alhambra Big Box
Click to see NoticeAsmodee Alhambra Big Box (qug60377)"My daughter and i love this game. Has and the rule and easy to play."

Queen Games Thebes

In thebes you and your fellow players are archeologists, who travel through europe, acquiring knowledge, equipment and assistants. You will be required to excavate historical sites in the regions of ancient greece, crete, egypt, palestine and mesopotamia. Time is of the essence in thebes. Players have to manage time as every action takes between one and ten weeks and the game only lasts for three years. The innovative time track serves both as a turn indicator and game timer. Spend too much time preparing and there will only be dirt left to dig up!

Queen Games ThebesQueen-Games-60461-Thebes

Price :    $51.10 (was $70.47)
  • Number of players: 2-4
  • Ages: 10+
  • Playing time: 60 minutes
Brand :    queen games
Weight :    3.31 pounds
Model :    60461
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Kingdom Builder Expansion: Marshlands Board Game 2-4 Player

Marshlands is the 3rd expansion for the award winning game kingdom builder, designed by donald x. Vaccarino. Marshlands presents new challenges for the player. The players can acquire new bonus actions, once they take two of the same location tile. This gives them even more possibilities to shape their kingdom the way they want. The new terrain, the swamp, holds more ways to place the settlements once the players draw the new terrain cards. Six new kingdom builder cards make the chase for gold even more exciting and interesting. Only playable with the kingdom builder basic game. Can be combined with the nomads (1) & crossroads (2) expansions.

Kingdom Builder Expansion: Marshlands Board Game 2-4 PlayerKingdom-Builder-Expansion-Marshlands-Player

Price :    $20.96
  • Beginners to advanced players
  • High level of interaction
  • Easy to learn
  • Playing time: 45 minutes
  • Strategy game for the whole family
Brand :    queen games
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    10072
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Asmodee Parfum Board Game

Parfum takes players to the wonderful world of fragrances. Using ingredients such as vanilla, lavender or violets, the players distill precious essences in order to create unique perfumes. Only the player catering to their clientele's preferences will be able to sell their perfume. Each customer favors their specific fragrance that must be contained in a bottle to convince them to buy it.

Asmodee Parfum Board GameAsmodee-10141ASMQ-Parfum-Board-Game

Brand :    asmodee
Color :    Multi-colored
Weight :    3.62 pounds
Model :    10141ASMQ
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Price :    $9.53 (was $9.99)
  • Double sided game board for 2 or 4 and 3 players.
  • Interesting and accessible to beginners to advanced players.
  • From the same authors as fresco - marco ruskowski and marcel suelbeck
  • Unique theme.

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The big box version of the real time adventure game escape by kristian amundsen Østby. In escape you are a team of adventurers trying to find your way out of a cursed temple. You have 10 minutes to escape before you are trapped forever! the big box version contains the escape basic game, the expansions illusions (1), quest (2) and the mini expansions the pit, doomed and fountain.

Queen Games Escape Big BoxQueen-Games-Escape-Big-Box

Price :    $89.50
  • Easy to learn
  • Real time adventure
  • Playing time: 10 minutes
  • Family dice game
  • Cooperative & very interactive game
Brand :    queen games
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    10091
Quantity :    1
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Shogun is a strategy game by dirk henn. As warlords in 16th-century japan, the players attempt to secure a position of dominance for their respective clans. The most successful daimyo at the end of the game will become shogun. To succeed, a player will need not only to control as many provinces as possible, but also to develop his realm by building castles, temples and theaters. The player who manages to build the most buildings in each of the five regions earns valuable bonus points. The shogun big box contains the shogun base game and the expansions "tenno's court" (1), "samurai" (2), "military leader" (3) and "noble arts in japan" (4).

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Price :    $89.50
  • Playing time: 120 minutes
  • Dice tower game
  • Strategy game
  • Beginners to advanced players
  • High level of interaction
Brand :    queen games
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    20142
Quantity :    1
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Asmodee Chicago Express

A railroad game designed by harry wu. The industrial boom in the 19th century america continues, along with the struggle to become the most successful railroad in the country! names such as cornelius vanderbilt and charles morgan bear witness to this period of money making. But financing the railroads was not the only thing they all had in mind the most important goal of all was to make as much profit as possible. The players assume the role of an investor and attempt to achieve dividends that are as high as possible. But the more companies there are, the more difficult it gets. Which investor has the best skills

Asmodee Chicago ExpressAsmodee-60522QNG-Chicago-Express

Brand :    asmodee
Weight :    3.17 pounds
Model :    60522QNG
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Playing time: 60 minutes
  • High level of interaction
  • Auction / bidding game
  • Beginners to advanced players
  • Train game for the whole family
Price :    $28.99
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Treasure Hunter Game

In this fast paced drafting game you put a team together in order to claim the most lucrative treasures or the abilities which give you extra rewards. The treasures may be hidden in the frost mountains, in the jungle and even in some lava caves. Make a wise choice while selecting your cards because the sneaky goblins are just waiting to steal your hard earned treasures. Contents: 1 game board, 75 equipment cards, 1 round marker, 24 goblin tiles, 62 treasure tiles, 75 gold coins, rules.

Treasure Hunter GameQueen-Games-10171ASMQ-Treasure-Hunter

Price :    $18.41 (was $29.89)
  • Easy to learn
  • High quality components
  • A game by richard garfield -author of magic -the gathering
  • A new spin on drafting systems
Brand :    queen games
Model :    10171ASMQ
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Queen Games Fresco Big Box Board Game

A game by marco ruskowski and marcel suelbeck. Expansions by marco ruskowski, marcel suelbeck and wolfgang panning. In fresco the players are renaissance painters hired by the bishop to restore the ceiling fresco of a great cathedral. Contains: fresco base game (incl. Modules 1, 2 and 3), fresco expansion "the glaziers" (modules 4, 5 and 6), fresco expansion "the scrolls" (module 7), fresco expansion "the bells" (module 8, 9 and 10), fresco mini expansion "the bishop's favor".

Queen Games Fresco Big Box Board GameQueen-Games-Fresco-Board-Game

Brand :    queen games
Weight :    3.31 pounds
Model :    61131QNG
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (queen games product review) for Queen Games Fresco Big Box Board Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $61.23 (was $63.52)
  • Easy to learn
  • Artful family game
  • Strategy game
  • Playing time: 120 minutes
  • Beginners to advanced players

Vikings On Board Game

Prepare yourself for the season of exploration! vikings on board is a big box, family strategy game in which you will use your viking tokens to claim actions on the board which best benefit your clan's voyage. The ships are composed of several different segments, which switch from ship to ship based on the actions you claim. Your goal is to have the most of your clan's pieces on a ship when it set sail, to claim the biggest portion of its points. Pay close attention: your rivals will be eager to change the composition of your ships, as well as the value of their merchandise! .

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Price :    $19.99
  • Time to play: 30-60 minutes
  • Designed by charles chevallier
  • For 2-4 players. ages 8 +
  • Family strategy game
  • Worker placement game
Brand :    blue orange
Weight :    3.00 pounds
Model :    04300
Quantity :    1
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Glüx Board Game

Glüx is a family game for 2 to 4 players by jakob andrusch. This family game is all about illuminating rooms. Every player tries to play the brightest light tokens in different areas on the board. Who can place his light tokens the cleverest and will illuminate the most areas?

Glüx Board GameQueen-Games-10221-Glüx-Board

Brand :    queen games
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    10221
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (queen games product review) for Glüx Board Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $18.30 (was $22.20)
  • Minutes to learn, lifetime to master
  • Made in europe
  • Family game
  • Beginners to advanced players
  • Playing time: 30 minutes

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I had heard great things about the base game alhambra and decided to give it a try when i found this "big box" on a pretty good sale here on online store. We have played the base game four or five times so far and really like it. It combines interesting elements of tile placement such as carcassonne with resource collection sort of like ticket to ride while the various check points to award varying levels of "majority stakeholders" feels a bit like acquire. We find that a three or four person game takes us about 90 minutes which is pushing a bit long for our family, but everyone likes it. . So far we have only played the base game and have not begun to incorporate the expansions yet. For the price, this big box was worth it if you intend to add expansions. So far i haven't felt the need to add them in yet so i don't know if i would recommend the big box or not. . Having said that, the quality of the pieces is excellent. It was easy to prep the game from new (lots of punching out thick cardboard tiles and sorting through card decks to find which cards went where in the box based on which expansion. The box is well organized once you get it all set up.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Any opinions of big box vs. family box?

(1) Question: I know there are versions of the game that do not have the names (i. e. gardens) written on the tiles. it's just diamonds. is this 1 of those versions?

(2) Question: Is this an english version with english instructions?

(3) Question: I was looking at this but they just released a new big box on kickstarter so now i am thinking i should get that one?

(4) Question: I've read significant number of complaints that the printing and die cutting of the pieces is a little off. are people having that problem now?

(5) Question: I know there are versions of the game that do not have the names

(6) Question: Can you play just the base or does at least one expansion need to be added? looking for a version with the tile names-pavilion, etc-but am new to it.

(7) Question: Can anyone post a picture of what comes in the box? i'm specifically interested the board.

(note) Question: where/how to get Asmodee (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Asmodee's products


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We play a number of games in my home including carcassonne. You may or may not know there is a big box for carcassonne; however, we did not get it. After playing and liking the game a lot we bought two of the expansions. The base game for carcassonne plus those two expansions costs about what the big box costs but the big box comes with even more so i regretted that decision greatly. . When we were looking at some new games to add to the collection i saw alhambra had a big box and decided to pull the trigger on it instead of going the same route i did with carcassonne i m glad i did. The diversity of the 20 different play modes that this includes is well worth the price, just as i imagined. I don t think the base game is overly blah, there is some challenge and depth to it, but having the different modes to try out and combine with others makes every game very different and keeps it exciting for us. Well as exciting as it can be placing tiles and deciding what currency to grab. I still like it though. . In addition to carcassonne, my wife and i play dominion, settlers of catan, ticket to ride, and queendomino . Just to give you a base of the games i m into. Oh but it helps too if you like expansions in general. I got my mother to play ticket to ride and she enjoys it but when i tried to play one of the expansion maps with her, that was a no-go so expansions aren t for everyone. But if you are into these sorts of games like i listed and like expansions you would probably enjoy the big box for alhambra.

Board Games 110522661, Games 110022661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Asmodee Alhambra Big Box (qug60377) FAQ Content

Best asmodee alhambra big box (qug60377) in review

The sheer quantity of variations that the expansions introduce (closer to 20 than 5) will give endless re-playability. Even the standard game is great fun and can be enjoyed by all, even those who aren't huge board game fans. . Dropped a star due to the production quality of this product. Overall the game looks like it will wear very well but the quality control processes have let several of these units leave the factory with poorly cut tiles. The manufacturer is very happy to replace them however it is an unnecessary effort on the part of the customer.

B. Noguera, Derbyshire

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N. Elida, Texas says

Its more complex than your regular part/board game. But the rules read easily, and are easily digested. Also a ton if videos on the net to hep teach you how to play. You can explain in about 5 mins and after that most of my friends were hooked, playing multiple games back to back.

I. Juliana, Nebraska

Great game for non-gamers! a lot of variety with the big box because it includes expansions.

V. Cunningham, Somerset says

Fantastic tile laying game. You build your elaborate castle by buying tiles from a central tableau. Scoring is accomplished by scoring cards that are randomly inserted into a money stack. Tons of replay value. It gets lots of plays along with the myriad expansions. Each expansion is cool because it's actually 4 sub-expansions per expansion so you can mix and match. Needless to say, each time we play it's a completely different game. . The "big box" version gets 4 stars because the box is a *horrible* design. None of the components for the different expansions stay in their little pockets. One slight shake of the box and it's all a jumbled mess.

V. Pearson, Louisiana

Best value for this game. Expansions cost $20-$25 and got all six and the original game for a great price!

H. Carrie, Haringey says

Alhambra in itself is what i would call a "classic" game. It's not brand new or surrounded with hype, but if it were reintroduced with updated artwork i could easily see it becoming one of the hottest games of the year. For those wondering if it's too similar to castles of mad king ludwig to own both - it's not! . . Pros:. + easy to teach, difficult to master. You can get a game going with a new player in just 5 minutes. + generally limited actions on your turn mean it *usually* isn't painful with ap-prone people. + challenging and engaging as you spend time in between your turn debating your options. + multiple paths to victory. Sort of. (one of everything? the most of just a couple? or maybe the longest wall? ). + scales well! plays up to 6 players, but is still very enjoyable with just 2. + expansions add tons of options for personalizing the game and keeping it fresh and challenging. . Cons:. - somewhat outdated artwork - not a game-killer but makes it less appealing. - box organization looks nice, but the cards will slide everywhere. Put them in bags to avoid confusion. - the big box is a great deal, but the base game is honestly enjoyable by itself. Unless you're playing a lot, you really don't need the expansions. - theme. I personally enjoy it (actually it doesn't feel very thematic to me) but one person i played with was not a fan of the "arabian" theme. They also didn't like five tribes or jaipur because of the theme, so take that with a grain of salt.

D. Watson, Minnesota

What's not to love? alhambra and all the fixings!

U. Meyer, Alabama says

Love this game. Played at friends' house and decided to buy this for myself. Fun game if you know how to strategize it!

H. Beale, Nevada

This was a really great game! my family (ages 49, 46, 23, & 21) enjoy playing dominion, munchkins, etc. This game quickly stole the show. We added or swapped in a new expansion about every 3-4 games and have many nights of fun play. Very glad we bought this - and very glad we got all the expansions.

C. Amanda, Saarland says

We bought the big box so that we could get all the upgrades at once, for less money total. . There is a large factor of luck involved in this game, but that makes the game more fun and unpredictable. There is also some strategy involved in managing your resources and having to choose between several good alternatives at various times. . Many of the upgrades seem to increase the factor of luck, so we've stayed away from those. The upgrades we like are the bazaars, camps, master builder cards and diamond currency. The bazaars give you extra points when they are placed next to the correct city tiles, so you have to be more thoughtful about how you build your alhambra to make sure the tiles are well placed to maximize your points. The camps give extra points when they are well placed against your city wall, again requiring some planning and sometimes rearraging of your tiles. The master builder cards can be used as currency, or to give a free move when rearranging your tiles. The diamond currency is a fifth currency - a wild currency - that can be used to buy any city tile. . The whole game is very enjoyable. I recommend the big box since it is twice as expensive as the orginal game, but has all five upgrades included. It's worth the extra money from the start.

J. Mays, New Brunswick

I had been eyeing this for a while and stoked i finally purchased it. Great big box, with the right cut outs, and all of the material. I think this is very reliable and only wish it added more expansions into it, but that's not the games fault! they came out after :)

R. Lorenz, Ealing says

The base game is fine, but a handful of modules from the big box thrown in makes it stellar. This is the most economical way to get the best version of a beloved family tile-laying game.

X. Angela, Waltham Forest


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