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Price was $44.00. Perhaps my least favorite expansion for time stories so far. It's still fun and the art is great, but i think the device they used to "solve" the case could have been improved. . There's also a major part of the game that can be easily missed, and that small detail will cause the game to completely stall out. If you're playing this game for the first time, i would recommend being extremely thorough. This didn't come up in my first play through, but i tried it again with a different group and they basically hit a dead end and gave up. . If you own time stories, this expansion is worth having, it's simply not the best one they've released.

-E. Kathlene

Time Stories Board It Has Been A Grueling Training Regiment At The Academy, But You’re Finally Ready For Your First Mission As A Full-fledged T. I. M. E. Agent. You And Your Team Will Travel Back (or -Time Stories Board Game

  1. Details: Each Deck Of Cards Is A New Adventure To Play.
  2. Details: Beautiful Artwork Fully Immerses You In Each Different Scenario.

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This is one of my favorite board games. The theme is super-immersive, the artwork is excellent, and the story telling is top notch. Everyone in my game group rates this very high on their list as well. I eagerly anticipate each new expansion that comes out. The down sides to this kind of game? when you play a scenario through once you know the story and it's pretty much zero for replayability, though you can certainly play with other gamers who are doing it for the first time and let them take the lead. Also, the average time per scenario is 4-6 hours and each scenario is $20-30. Is it worth the price to you? only you can decide that. Is it worth the price to me, and many other reviewers here? absolutely. Best time stories board | Publisher Services Psi-Toys And Games Review as-of ( Jan 2021 ) Details Time Stories Board Game Unique time travel mechanic allows you to relive past events. Each deck of cards is a new adventure to play. Beautiful artwork fully immerses you in each different scenario .

Time stories board game Review (scts01us asm)

This is a very unique board game that has stirred up a lot of disagreement amongst the board gaming community. In this game you are t. I. M. E. Agents that get to relive a certain date i time to assist in preventing/resolving an issue. In the base game it's preventing the creation of a temporal fault at a french asylum in the 1920's. . The game is played cooperatively as you and your fellow agents travel from location to location collecting both helpful and not-so-helpful information and items to aid you in solving puzzles and riddles. You are only given so much time each play through you must work together to be both efficient and thorough. After time runs up you will be returned to the present day in proportion for another "run" at fulfilling your mission. . The story is incredible immersive and will leave you and your friends talking for minutes about merely a few words or a single picture on a card. The opportunity for each player to assist in telling the story makes every player feel involved. The theme is a little on the dark side and i wouldn't recommend it for children under 13, but this shouldn't be an issue in future scenarios. . Immediately after playing, my friends agreed to chip in so we could buy the 1st expansion scenario the marcy case. Even though the asylum story is spoiled for me, i can't wait to play it again with a different group of friends just to watch them experience everything and even to personally reminisce about my own feelings and emotions while playing my first time. . Yes it's a little expensive for the 4-6 hours you will get out of it, but it was so worth it. Any true boardgamer needs to at least play, if not own, this game just for the experience and to admire the creativity and innovation of the whole system. . Edit 7/1/16: i have since bough ten and played the two latest expansions, marcys case and a prophecy of dragons. Both were ok but not as good as the first in my opinion. The game just starts feeling repetitive and i realized that i wasn't really interested in playing the scenarios a second time through with a different group. I ended up selling everything to a friend and sadly enough i really don't miss it. Dropped my 5 star rating down to 4. -O. Nielsen

Asmodee Scts01us Asm Time Stories Board

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time stories board Toy, It has been a grueling training regiment at the academy, but you're finally ready for your first mission as a full-fledged t. i. m. e. agent. you and your team will travel back (or forward) in time to prevent some cataclysmic event. but don't waste a moment. every second counts! in t. i. m. e. stories, you will work cooperatively with a team to solve a mystery taking place in a different era. each team member will enter a shell of someone alive at the time and gain their physical strengths and weaknesses. if you can't complete the adventure in time you'll be sent back to the start of the mission for another attempt. each t. i. m. e. stories deck is a new scenario waiting to be discovered! when are we this time. Time Stories Board Game (SCTS01US-ASM-Asmodee).

Asmodee Scts01us Asm Time Stories Board Toy

time stories boardTime Stories Board Game (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

It's fun, but it really depends on the players being willing to immerse themselves in make believe and stick to the "don't read off the cards directly" rule. Definitely feels like playing quantum leap

Time Stories Board Game
Click to see NoticeTime Stories Board Game (Asmodee)"Wow! t. I. M. E. Stories is a really fun experience. Maybe less game and more interactive story, but it's thoughtfully designed and totally worth playing. I sort of want to dive into the first expansion immediately."

Time Stories Prophecy of Dragons Game

7553 at: forget all you know about the middle ages. Explore a new reality where magic changes everything.

Time Stories Prophecy of Dragons GameTime-Stories-Prophecy-Dragons-Game

Brand :    asmodee
Weight :    1.56 pounds
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Price :    $21.01 (was $23.00)
  • Familiar ground for roger's, but beware of surprises
  • Expansion - must be played with core game
  • A new story-telling approach to the t. i. m. e. stories system
  • The third t. i. m. e. stories scenario.

Pandemic Legacy Red Board Game

This game is a game that has revolutionized board gaming for me. . First, let me say that every description of the game i heard left me not understanding why i would want to purchase it. Let me just say, if you like pandemic, purchase this. . The best description i have heard (that best approximates the experience) is that playing pandemic legacy is like watching a season of a television show. By this i mean that as you play the game, the decisions made in the last game will effect all games going forward. Now you can not rewind the season, and it will continue on, so good luck! . . We are currently playing two copies of this game (thus have purchased it twice) as we wanted to play the game with another set of friends. . My one suggestion would be to have more then one player read the rule book as misunderstanding of rule nuance (or legacy deck card nuance) can lead to the game becoming too hard (or easy)

The world is on the brink of disaster. In pandemic legacy, your disease-fighting team must keep four deadly diseases at bay for a whole year. Each month will bring new surprises, and your actions in each game will have repercussions on the next. Will you let cities fall to the diseases? will your team be enough to keep the viruses at bay for a whole year? craft your own unique pandemic experience with pandemic legacy.

Pandemic Legacy Red Board GamePandemic-Legacy-Red-Board-Game

Pandemic Legacy Red Board Game (Z Man Games) FAQ.

The big draw for me was the long-term consequences of one's decisions. Events and actions taken early in the campaign matter all the way to the end of the game. Plus, how often do you get a chance to have permanent component change during a campaign? destruction of components, additions, amendments, more additions - the little surprises with each month of play added a frisson of anticipation. It was the boardgame equivalent of an advent calendar, and i found that quite cool. . The price can be daunting, but look at it this way - divide it evenly among your core players, and it becomes quite affordable. . Drawback - this is a commitment of time. For best effect, all players involved really need to play through the entire campaign, which will be 12-24 full game sessions. -Notice from I. Widmer, Islington

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This game is absolutely amazing. My boyfriend and i just started playing it and have finished through february of the "12 month" campaign so far, and when i woke up this morning, the first thing i said to him was "i want to play more pandemic. ". . We had never played pandemic before, so we did a few practice rounds first without the legacy rules in effect. Feeling pretty comfortable with it, we moved ahead in the campaign. Opening the special boxes and putting stickers on the board feels like christmas. The first time it told us to destroy a card, we looked at each other wondering who was going to be brave enough to rip it up. The way new cards are entered into play, with rules changing permanently (or at least seemingly permanently) as you go, objectives changing and adding on to one another, makes each game a unique experience with changing strategy. There are funded events, characters added into play, upgrades and scars added to characters, mutations added to the diseases, and at the end of each game, depending on whether you won or lost, your funding either goes up or down, which will make the next game either easier or harder. I don't know how anyone could go back to regular pandemic after this. . At first i hadn't wanted to buy both pandemic and pandemic legacy, but now i think i understand the need for both. As the game's board changes and is modified, i think we'll need a regular pandemic board (and the expansions! ) for playing afterward. Though maybe we'll need to keep some of the new modifications we learned in legacy? only time will tell. . Next week, i'm starting a new legacy campaign with four players. I'm hoping that is even more exciting (will report back soon), but for now, i'm happy to have found a complex and engaging co-op game for two players. . Update:. And for people wondering if you can start over with the legacy campaign after you finish the 12 months, my feeling is that the answer is no. Even if you don't destroy cards, some of the changes are somewhat permanent, adding new rules at certain stages or placing new stickers over the old ones. Each time there is an outbreak in a city, it gets a sticker permanently leveling it from 1-5 (rioting to destroyed) which changes the play. So even without destroying cards, you're using the stickers. I don't think you could play through it again after you finish as the 12-month campaign, but i figure it is likely that whatever state the game is in by month 12, you can keep playing that campaign over and over.

Pandemic-legacy-red-board-game-(z-man-games) set picture

- W. CageenUp front, i have played the original pandemic so our group was fairly accustomed to the base rules. If you played the original pandemic, especially if you have a regular gaming group (2-4), i would highly encourage you to consider this. . If you haven't played the original pandemic, i would still suggest it, though there will be a learning curve that hopefully the mechanics curve to your benefit later. Possibly play it to cure the four diseases a few times (base game), escalating the number of infection cards in the player deck to get the idea. Then when ready, accept the "training" is over and see what happens. . There are minor spoilers below. . I bought this for friends, and we've played through the first two of twelve "months". The first month is more or less like the original game. We struggled a bit with a few different elements of the design:. 1) destruction of components - this is a thing. This is not a board game designed around infinite replayability. It's designed around giving you a great gaming experience. Getting over this was hard. 2) when to open the rule options - we thought based on what we read in the rule book that occurred after the first game, rather than being patient and accepting this occurs when told to. This seemed less than clear. 3) *read* the entire text. We missed the bottom half of the first card that said "stop" and there was a word "until". Had to do some finagling to rewind and get us back on track. . So struggles aside, this has been a great experience. Every decision in regular pandemic can mean the difference between winning and losing. In legacy season 1, every decision has that little bit of extra weight where, it might not just hurt the current game, but it might hurt later games. When having to make the decision of "do we rush to save the city already in turmoil, or do we accept them as a casualty to try and eradicate a disease". It's awesome. When new rules show up, or old rules evolve? it changes how you look at the board. I would like to think we're doing great with only minor turmoil on the board, but going into month 3 we have zero funding because "obviously we have things under control" - -. . Can't wait.

This game is amazing. . Super important note: if you've never played pandemic wait on this. While the rule book in this version of pandemic states that you can technically use this version of the game to play the original i don't recommend it. While, yes, you technically can, you will find yourself frustrated and confused because there are a lot of extra pieces and things in the box for the legacy story mode, if possible you really would be best to just buy the original and have about 4-5 play through's before considering this. You need to understand the purpose and the mechanics of the original before attempting this. . With all that said and no spoilers: this game is absolutely phenominal. I don't take it lightly when i say this may be the best board game i've ever played (and i've played a lot). The depth is insane, the way the story progresses and the game evolves is insane and the way new dynamics are revealed is both realistic to what you would imagine a real-world virus outbreak would look like as well as very understandable as they get added. Plain and simple if you like the original, you'll love this. . One more super important note: it's extremely helpful if you play this with the same group of players through the whole season (not required but way more fun that way since everyone knows the story as it unfolds).

S. Harrison, Cheshire

Brand :    z-man games
Weight :    4.67 pounds
  • Ever-changing elements means that every game will be unique to your group
  • 60 minute playing time
  • Shape the world, the characters, and even the diseases
  • An epic twist on the now classic pandemic mechanisms
  • For 2-4 players
Price :    $14.99 (was $43.15)
Model :    71171ZMG
Quantity :    1
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Pandemic: Iberia Board Game

In pandemic iberia, the year is 1848, and diseases are spreading fast under the burning sun of the iberian peninsula. Take on the roles of a nurse, a railway man, and a rural doctor, among many others, and work as a team to push back the new threats that are malaria, typhus, cholera, and the yellow fever. From barcelona to lisboa, travel by carriage, by boat, or by train, and help the iberian populace by developing railways and distributing purified water in this new version of pandemic. Discover a unique part of the world during the historically significant time period that is the construction of the first railroad in the iberian peninsula called the spring of nations. Being a collector's edition, note that this game will have a one-time only print run! .

Pandemic: Iberia Board GameZ-Man-Games-ZMG-71120-Pandemic

Brand :    z-man games
Weight :    2.47 pounds
Model :    ZMG 71120
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (z-man games product review) for Pandemic: Iberia Board Game available as-of ( Jan 2021 )
Price :    $19.99 (was $32.99)
  • For 2-5 players
  • 45 minute playing time
  • Ages 8 and up

T.I.M.E Stories Expedition Endurance Board Game

Prepare yourself for a horrifying journey to the frozen wastes of antarctica! in expedition endurance, the fourth expansion for t. I. M. E stories, a temporal anomaly of the worst sort has opened up in 1914, in antarctica. This is the year that the crew of the endurance attempted to cross the continent and failed, and your efforts to unravel the mysteries of this temporal anomaly will carry you into a realm where temperatures drop below -40 and, as bob warns you, there may be supernatural forces at work.

T.I.M.E Stories Expedition Endurance Board GameT-I-M-Stories-Expedition-Endurance-Board

Brand :    asmodee
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    TS05
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (asmodee product review) for T.I.M.E Stories Expedition Endurance Board Game available as-of ( Jan 2021 )
Price :    $29.83
  • The fourth expansion for the award-winning board game, t. i. m. e stories
  • Consists of 105 high quality cards, including six playable characters
  • Expansion-specific mechanics for sanity add new dimension to the horrific nature of your adventures
  • Players work together in dire circumstances to fix a powerful temporal anomaly
  • Stylized artwork and graphic design immerse you in the frozen horrors of 1914 antarctica

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

This is a fast playing deduction game - if you're a fan of one night ultimate werewolf and/or mysterium - grab this game! one person is tge killer, only the csi knows who, they leave clues as to who done it. Follow the evidence, catch the killer. Games take under 15 minutes. While it might be, technically, a little dark for young people (after all, someone killed someone) it isn't a dark game - very easy to play with family, younger players. And the conversations cam keep it light. . There's a lot of content in the box, which really adds to multiple gameplays, without the repetitiveness

In deception: murder in hong kong, players find themselves in a scenario of intrigue and murder, deduction and deception. One player is the murderer, secretly choosing their weapon and the evidence they leave behind. Another is the forensic scientist who holds the key to convicting the criminal but is only able to express their knowledge through analysis of the scene. The rest are investigators, interpreting the clues to solve the crime and the killer is among them.

Deception: Murder in Hong KongDeception-Murder-in-Hong-Kong

Deception: Murder In Hong Kong (Grey Fox Games) FAQ.

If you're a fan of deduction/traitor/bluffing games of any type (resistance, secret hitler, werewolf, mafia; and even games that include these mechanics like bsg, camelot and sherrif of nottingham), this game is a no-brainer must-buy. If you absolutely hate those types of games, then this might be the one to change your mind - it's that good! . . Every single person that i've played this game with (gamers and non-gamers alike) loved it. No "stressful traitor burn-out" at all with this game, even after several in-a-row play-throughs. Since we introduced deception into our board gaming group, it's never been played *only* once during a play session. . The price fluctuates a lot due to its popularity, but honestly after having played it, i'd pay double and still feel like i got my money's worth! -Notice from B. Cunningham, Northwest Territries

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Really quickly became the game my group plays the most! it's a great game that brings good deduction mechanics and most importantly a big laughs&funs! . I played about 10 games so far (6ppl & 4ppl) and here are my impressions:. - it's really fast (15-30 depending on no. Of players) and non gamers can easily pick up and also be really good at this game. - i love the components and its quality. Though i still used card sleeves to protect the role cards. If murderer card has some distinct damage or fold it will kill the game. - it's easy to swap away your forensic scientist role without affecting the game (if you don't like the role). - murderer has much less pressure compared to other games like resistance. It's really hard to tell who the murderer is from their behaviours as everyone's cards would match some of clues given. Also guessing the murderer won't finish the game as you have to guess the 2 cards completely correctly. So it's much more proper deduction than sniffing out the bad guy(s) which i really like about the game. - i would say it's slightly easier for murderer to win. It's mainly because some of the clue tiles cannot help to guess some cards at all (e. G. Weapon is a poison and clue tile is weather). And you only get to change 2 clue tiles only. - definitely would be more fun with large number of players (i think 6-8 would be perfect). I really really really hope to see an expansion for this game as there are good room for improvements such as adding more cards, roles, events, mechanics. I am not saying this game is not great yet but i can see that it can become even greater game with more stuff. Please make an expansion !

Deception:-murder-in-hong-kong-(grey-fox-games) set picture

- A. RebeccaA fun deduction game, and it is a deduction game, you can use information to try to figure out what is going one, meanwhile the killer is trying to bend the situation to make it look like others are guilty. Have played this game several times and it seems like the detectives are slightly more likely to win, but its pretty close. Also the games go quickly so you will end playing several times.

This game has the potential to be in every gaming circle. The resistance + mysterium + maybe a bit of code names. I appreciate that being the bad guy isn't as draining as maybe in the resistance or similar hidden role games because you're not convincing people you are good, you are explaining why somebody else's items make sense. My first time putting it on the table in a group of six and we played 5 rounds before i put it up so we didn't burn out on it! . The only negative is wish the evidence/clue cards were bigger. They can be hard to read. Also the price seems to be going up and down here on online store (i paid $33 and right now it's $38). Overall maybe my favorite hidden roles game!

Z. Hayward, Nevada

Brand :    grey fox games
Weight :    2.30 pounds
  • For 4-12 players
  • Ages 12 and up
  • 15-20 minute playing time
Price :    $27.12 (was $36.72)
Model :    GFG96761
Quantity :    1
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A horrible crime has been committed on the grounds of warwick manor and it's up to the psychic investigators to get to the bottom of it. In mysterium, one player takes on the role of the ghost and over the course of a week, tries to lead the investigators to their culprit. Each night the team will be met with visions, but what is the ghost trying to tell you? can the psychics determine the weapon, location and killer or will a violent criminal pull off the perfect murder? contents: 6 intuition tokens, 6 sleeves, 6 clairvoyance level markers, 36 clairvoyance tokens, clock board, 4 progress boards, 18 character psychic cards, 18 location psychic cards, 18 object psychic cards, sand timer, 18 character ghost cards, 18 location ghost cards, 18 object ghost, 6 ghost tokens, 84 vision cards, 6 culprit tokens, 3 crow markers, clairvoyance track; rulebook.


Brand :    asmodee
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    MYST01ASM
Quantity :    1
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  • Ghostly fun for 2-7 players with a high replay value,
  • Cooperative investigation, everyone loses or wins
  • Strong and immersive storyline
Price :    $31.09 (was $43.97)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (asmodee product review) for Mysterium available as-of ( Jan 2021 )

Blood Rage

In blood rage, each player controls their own viking clanÍs warriors, leader, and ship. Ragnar k has come, and itÍs the end of the world! itÍs the vikingsÍ last chance to go down in a blaze of glory and secure their place in valhalla at odinÍs side! for a viking there are many pathways to glory. You can invade and pillage the land for its rewards, crush your opponents in epic battles, fulfill quests, increase your clan's stats, or even die gloriously either in battle or from ragnar k, the ultimate inescapable doom. Most player strategies are guided by the cards drafted at the beginning of each of the three game rounds (or ages). These ñgodsÍ giftsî grant you numerous boons for your clan including: increased viking strength and devious battle strategies, upgrades to your clan, or even the aid of legendary creatures from norse mythology. They may also include various quests, from dominating specific provinces, to having lots of your vikings sent to valhalla. Most of these cards are aligned with one of the norse gods, hinting at the kind of strategy they support. For example, thor gives more glory for victory in battle, heimdall grants you foresight and surprises, tyr strengthens you in battle, while the trickster loki actually rewards you for losing battles, or punishes the winner. Players must choose their strategies carefully during the draft phase, but also be ready to adapt and react to their opponentsÍ strategies as the action phase unfolds. Battles are decided not only by the strength of the figures involved, but also by cards played in secret. By observing your opponentÍs actions and allegiances to specific gods, you may predict what card they are likely to play, and plan accordingly. Winning battles is not always the best course of action, as the right card can get you even more rewards by being crushed. The only losing strategy in blood rage is to shy away from battle and a glorious death!

Blood RageCMON-BLR001CMON-Blood-Rage

Brand :    cmon
Model :    BLR001CMON
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (cmon product review) for Blood Rage available as-of ( Jan 2021 )
Price :    $31.27 (was $55.16)
  • For 2-4 players
  • Strategy game contains 49 pre-assembled miniatures
  • 60-90 minute playing time

TIME Stories Under Mask Board Game

Enter the valley of the kings and unravel a pharaoh's secret. 
under the mask is the third expansion for t. I. M. E stories, the thrilling, cooperative game of time travel, alternate realities, and unlimited discovery. This time, you and your fellow temporal agents must travel back to ancient egypt to solve a crime that threatens to destabilize the future. With its 142 new cards, under the mask immerses you in an age of wonder and intrigue. And, for the first time, as you explore this historical world, you'll be able to take advantage of the instantaneous transfers permitted by your team's instantaneous transfer device! .

TIME Stories Under Mask Board GameTIME-Stories-Under-Mask-Board

Price :    $22.99 (was $30.57)
  • A sophisticated mystery adventure featuring 142 new cards
  • Enter the valley of the kings to uncover a pharaoh's secret
  • Play as any of four "receptacles, " or control others via a new instantaneous transfer device
  • Uniquely stylized card art immerses you in the splendor of ancient egypt
  • Dynasties & turmoil cards give players new strategic avenues to explore
Brand :    asmodee
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    TS04ASM
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (asmodee product review) for TIME Stories Under Mask Board Game available as-of ( Jan 2021 )

Terraforming Mars Board Game

This is a beautifully designed engine building game. Fans of rftg will love it.

In the 2400s, mankind begins to terraform the planet mars. Giant corporations, sponsored by the world government on earth, initiate huge projects to raise the temperature, the oxygen level and the ocean coverage until the environment is habitable. In terraforming mars you play one of those corporations and work together in the terraforming process, but compete in doing the best work, with victory points awarded not only for your contribution to the terraforming, but also for advancing human infrastructure throughout the solar systems and other commendable achievements. The players acquire unique project cards, which represent anything from introducing plant life or animals, hurling asteroids at the surface, building cities, and establishing greenhouse gas industries to heat up the atmosphere. You compete for the best places for your city tiles, ocean tiles and greenery tiles. When the terraforming process is complete, the player corporation with the most victory points wins.

Terraforming Mars Board GameStronghold-Games-6005SG-Terraforming-Board

Terraforming Mars Board Game (Stronghold Games) FAQ.

Amazing game with a strong solo variant. -Notice from S. Alma, Maine

Click to Show terraforming mars board game (stronghold games) Details

Buy this game, don't hesitate, buy it. If you like euro games this is an excellent choice, and if there is any inkling for science themes then this one fits extremely well. Plays very with 2 or 3 players and has a nice solo play as well. Drags a bit with 4, but mainly a learning curve type thing.

Terraforming-mars-board-game-(stronghold-games) set picture

- B. MeghanMan, what can i say about this one? . . Object is to build a corporate engine to produce oxygen, heat (to raise planet temperature) and place oceans. There is a generous amount of cards that are drawn upon to build your tableau. It is a great engine builder game. You are also competing against fellow corporations (ie: the other players). The corporation that you pick has a special ability or you can use the generic starter corporations. I would recommend skipping those beginner corps and go with some variety. . You draw cards at the beginning of your turn and decide which ones you want to keep to put into action, you have to pay for the ones you keep and the others are discarded. Cards have various requirements to put into your tableau, cost, temperature requirements, oxygen requirements, ocean requirements or certain other card requirements. Some cards you are just going to want to take even though the planet parameters don't allow you to use them (yet at least! ). . I love the theme, cards are loosely based of technologies that are close to what is possible. I love laying out tiles and seeing the planet surface literally come to life. . Component quality is top drawer. The gold, silver, and bronze cubes are awesome and feel great. They will eventually chip a little on the corners but that is the nature of the beast. . The game also plays excellently solo. I have played at least a dozen times and it is different each time with great replay value. . If you like the terraforming theme, mars, and the like, give this one a shot. Love it, love it, love it.

This game has been a breath of fresh air, not so much for being mechanically innovative (it is not), but for just simply being fun to play. While it is not easy to pinpoint the exact source of this fun, i suspect it has something to do with the wide open thematic vistas that one get to explore with this game. The enormous quantity of cards and the multitude of ways that they can make the game unfold means that every new game session provides novelty and the excitement of new discovery. Ultimately this must be the secret sauce in all great games.

Y. Debra, Louisiana

Price :    $79.95 (was $86.97)
  • Compete for different milestones and awards worth many vps
  • Over 200 different projects to complete
  • 1 to 5 players ages 12 and up
Brand :    stronghold games
Weight :    4.00 pounds
Model :    6005SG
Quantity :    1
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Mysterium Hidden Signs Board Game

New information has come to light in the case of the murder at warwick's manor. Hidden signs, mysterium's first card expansion, adds even more mystery and challenge to the investigation with 78 brand new cards. Suspects have been unveiled, locations revealed and new objects discovered, and the ghost has even more visions for the psychics to interpret. The combinations are endless, but the pressure remains to solve the case quickly so the ghost may rest in peace. Reenter the dreamworld of mysterium and use your intuition to decipher new clues and find the truth in hidden signs.

Mysterium Hidden Signs Board GameMysterium-Hidden-Signs-Board-Game

Brand :    asmodee
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  • Expands the game without changing the rules
  • Intricate original artwork extends mystical theme
  • 78 unique cards allow endless combinations
  • The first expansion to the cooperative interpretation game mysterium

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The F.A.Q. for time stories board game

We were surprised by how different this expansion was from the original asylum scenario. Marcy is much more about combat than puzzle solving, but it does so well. The noise mechanism is clever, and the scenario offers some nice surprises.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Can you replay the scenarios? or once played they are spoiled?

(1) Question: How many scenarios come in the box?

(2) Question: Can this game be played incrementally (say, in several hour-long sessions), or do you need to play in a single sitting?

(3) Question: Has anyone played this game with 2 players?

(4) Question: Do you have buy (or play) the base game before you buy this expansion?

(5) Question: The group i played the original with was a bit uncomfortable with the satanic themes. does this module have spiritulistic / occult elements as well?

(6) Question: Why it isn t available for shipping to mexico? the expansion of marcy case is indeed available from the same seller.

(7) Question: I'm asian and my english is quite limit, will that ruin the experience of the game ?

(8) Question: From what i can see, $85 for game with no replayability. help me to understand why pay that much for a game you cannot play more than 20-30hours?

(9) Question: Can this be fun with just two players

(note) Question: where/how to get Asmodee (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Asmodee's products


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Omg. Great game. Only pitfall is that you only play it once and you know the outcome. A plus is that the story is awesome and can be challenging. Which i enjoy. Beautiful artwork and ya never know which choice you make is going to put you in a bad way. It is hard to stop playing because it is so fun. Have already bought the expantion the the series "the marcy case " love it too. Time travel at its best. But be careful. One false move can bring you back, to start . All over again.

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Best time stories board game (asmodee) in review

A great experience, sort of like a choose your own adventure book/pen and paper rpg all condensed down into a board game box. Took my group about 4 hours to complete the included module. I can't wait to take on the marcy case. I'm giving this 4 stars for two reason, first once you play through the module it's basically spoiled for you and you have to buy more modules to play again. Second the component quality is questionable. The included insert was in pieces so i requested an exchange from online store and got another broken insert. I did get asmodee to send me a revised replacement that is much thicker and better so hopefully soon it will be included when you first purchase it.

N. Gloria, North Lincolnshire

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A. Imelda, Lancashire says

This was fun. There was a little confusion at the actual gameplay, and that caused us to mess up our game. And once you see the actual game, spoiler time! it's over toots! i like to investigate /all/ of the possibilities in a pretend world, and you just can't do that with this one. You have to try to pick "right" every time, instead of exploring. The story is still totally fun. My husband and i played together over the course of 3 weekends. We both wrote tons of notes, and role played the heck out of it.

S. Perez, Hawaii

I highly recommend time stories. This game is nuts. It takes you through a mystery adventure to do your job as a time agent and save time! the mystery, exploration, excitement, and teamwork in this game are fantastic. A game will take 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours, but it's some of the best 4 hours i've ever spent. . There is not a lot of replay value in this one box, but it's still worth it: you can re-live the joy by sharing the experience with more friends (guide them through as a game master) or keep adventuring by buying more expansions.

B. Erin, Milton Keynes says

I bought this as a gift for my board-game-loving fiance, and we gathered a couple of our friends and played through the game. Pros: it's very innovative. Aesthetically it's a really beautiful game, and if you care about board game packaging and logistics it's really elegant in how it packs everything away, and it makes it easy to store a game that's in-progress and return to it later if you get several hours in and need to stop (and this game does take several hours, or it did for us, at least! ). It is very immersive and with the right group of people can be very engaging. If you like mysteries, logic puzzles, and a bit of gambling, it's perfect. Cons: it has a high cost of entry if you really get into this game. Due to the nature of it being a mystery solver, when you buy this game what you are getting is the board, the pieces, and one play through deck. Once you finish that deck you can't play it again, so you need to buy the expansions each time you play. This isn't the only game to do this and it does work, just be sure you know that going in. Also, while i enjoyed the deck that is included, i wish they would branch out a little more in the settings they choose for this game. The included deck and the next expansion you're supposed to get are overdone genres, and i hope they get a little more experimental and original in the ones to come, instead of beating the same dead horse that plagues video game design. Conclusion: in the end, i really enjoyed this game, but be ready to experience setbacks as part of the gameplay by design (and they do it well, i should add), and to start buying expansions. My suggestion would be to get the game and play it with some friends, then pass it around to other friends who want to try it, so the game gets more use. Maybe split the costs with other groups who want to play and pass it around. Either way, i'm glad it's in our game collection.

V. Jennifer, Oklahoma

This game is amazing especially with all the expansions coming out. Look, people will complain about this game but the truth is that this game offers different twist and it makes you think about what move you should do next. This game does not take 2 hours, it will most likely take 5 to 6 hours. Do yourself a favor and don't cheat or write anything down. Think of yourself going into the matrix, would you take a pen and paper? this game is rated 1 in 2015 for a reason. Take a look at dice tower review. I love games that are different than all other types. . The expansion 'the mercy case' provides a different feel from the first scenario. This is not a spoiler but the scenario included with 'time stories' deals with puzzles and 'the mercy case' is mostly combat. Each scenario is different and the type and feel is different. Purchase this game and play as a group without smartphones or any writing materials and see for yourself how great it really is, smile. :)

W. Ruby, Sachsen-Anhalt says

So sad you can only play t. I. M. E stories once! my friends and i played the original one first, and since it was a first time ever playing this game for all of us, we were really thorough, read every card carefully, and had a lot of fun- and obviously bought this the same night we played! but second round going in, when we got marcy case, we all felt like we knew what we were doing and skipped around a lot. It was still extremely fun, but we almost lost because of that- so my "advice" for people getting the expansion, assuming y'all played the original before, take your time, and remember this game is nothing like the first one. It's a whole new world of stories and plots, so treat it like you're playing time stories for the first time in your life ; ). . In terms of the setup, it's mostly the same, but there aren't as many receptacles as the original. However, there are some added features, which makes it all the more exciting. Enjoy!

S. Eva, Ontario

A beautiful story and well written. The gameplay aspect is rather difficult to understand at first but once you get the concept it is smooth and transitional. The mystery is incredible and artwork is wondrous. A must buy for any avid mystery gamer. Obviously with a uncover-the-mystery type game replay value is not there as you will already know the outcome. But with the fairly priced expansions you can add hours of fun to new mysteries. Definitely worth the price.

J. Laura, Medway says

An extremely fun, very inventive game. It plays more or less like the old lucasart point & click adventure games, but it's cooperative and has the fun "groundhog-day" time-travel motif. Basically, your team wanders the map and uncovers clues, items, and secret locations. Once your time limit is up, you get shunted back to the future where you do a little postmortem discussion and planning before resetting the game and starting again. The team slowly figures out the optimal path and solves the mystery after many playthroughs. This may sound tedious, but it's really not, it's designed very well! . . Here's a spoiler-free hypothetical example of play: for instance, on your first mission you might go search the attic and find nothing. Then you encounter a burglar on the balcony and waste time fighting him. Heading downstairs, you find a locked chest in the parlour that cannot be opened. Wandering into the kitchen, a housekeeper tells you that there is a master key hidden in a box in the attic, but now you're out of time. Game over! . . Then you all sit around and discuss. "so this time, let's go straight to the attic, but now we know the key is in that box so we don't have to waste time talking to the housekeeper. We get the key, avoid the balcony and the burglar, head straight to the parlour and open the chest! ". . . That's the gist of it. Over multiple playthroughs your team will figure out the red herrings to ignore, the vital encounters to progress, and in what order to accomplish everything. It's a very satisfying model of play. Mechanically, it is super simple- the joy is in the exploration, discovery, and planning. Once this mission is finished (2-4 game sessions, typically), you'll have to buy expansions for more missions, which is a money sink but we found it worthwhile.

T. Anonymous, Wiltshire

If you like rpgs, this game is right up your alley. Multiple characters from which to chose, and each with their own advantage and disadvantage. The setting of a 1920's insane aslyum is not all that original, but it was a very enjoyable setting. The game doesn't hold your hand, which is nice. You and your partners are free to explore however you want. We had a blast playing and can't wait to play the first expansion.

N. Lara, Warwickshire says

One of the most fun games i've played in a while. I love that everyone works together and the narrative of the story is thoroughly engaging. The only downside is you really can only play each deck once because you've solved all the puzzles when you are done. But i cant wait to play all the expansions!

R. Edna, Staffordshire

The game is very attractive and amazing. We spent several nights but still not passed yet and now get stuck in some great puzzles. It is a great board game designed for people loves science fiction topic games. I will consider buying expansion deck later without hesitiation.

B. Anonymous, Washington says

You get one case to solve and keep playing it until you solve it. At some point, you get as many turns as needed to solve it. Some of the themes in this first case may not be suitable for young children.

L. Anonymous, Southend-on-Sea

Game was excellent. Concepts that i would've never dreamed of. Storyline incredible. Wish there would've been a tad bit more backstory and resolve. Overall one of the greatest boardgame experiences i've encountered. Love this one, loved asylum, looking forward to prophecy of dragons.

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