Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker (52130-2-W11) 1877

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Price was $44.99. Love this item! easy assembly which is always a plus for this mama. The "popcorn" is so different form other singing toys. Easy for my 9 month old to figure out and will provide her more education with the shapes in the front as she gets older. Definitely recommend.

-Z. Rose

Bright starts giggling gourmet shop ‘n cook walker (bright starts) this grow–me activity toy gives baby endless hours of playtime fun a shopping cart just like mom and dad use. the 4-in-1 shop ‘n cook walker from bright starts giggling gourmet collection baby sale

  • Benefit: Popcorn Really Pops When Baby Walks Or Pushes Button.
  • Benefit: Light Up Button Causes Sizzling Cooking Sounds.

Sale Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop ‘n Cook Walker (Baby Sale) 52130

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This is a really cute toy for the 12 month old age group, but i'd argue that older kids would love it too. It's a bit of a pain to assemble when you realize the screws are hiding somewhere else in the packaging and you assume it's screw-less, but otherwise, it's such a cute little toy and my baby loves it. The Best Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker as-of ( Jun 2021 ) | Bright Starts-Baby Sale Review Benefit Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker 4 modes of play to grow with baby: sit & play removable cook top; stand & play activity table; push & walk behind; and remove cook top for shopping cart. Popcorn really pops when baby walks or pushes button. Light up button causes sizzling cooking sounds. Sunny side up egg roller. Shape sorter for put and take fun .

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker Review (52130-2-W11)

First one ordered was defective. It kept repeating " i love shopping". My son and daughter in law thought they could cope with it but after a week, they asked if i could return it. Easy return with online store. New one has had no issues. My grandson loves it. I loved it for the wide sturdy base. -D. Wanda

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker

  • Rank: Baby Product
  • Brand: Bright Starts
  • EAN: 0783719971747
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:16.00 inches
    Length:22.00 inches
    Weight:5.29 pounds
    Width:6.90 inches
  • ItemPart/Serial Number: 52130-2-W11
  • Manufacturer: Bright Starts
  • Recommended Max-Age: 36
  • Suggested Min-Age: 6
  • Model: 52130
  • MPN: 52130-2-W11
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 52130-2-W11
  • Group-Order: Baby Product
  • Category: BABY PRODUCT
  • ReleaseDate: 2015-06-08
  • Product-Name: Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker
  • UPC: 074451521308

Baby Sale(074451521308:Baby Sale), Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker (0783719971747:Bright Starts), This grow-with-me activity toy gives baby endless hours of playtime fun with a shopping cart just like mom and dad use. the 4-in-1 shop 'n cook walker from bright starts giggling gourmet collection entertains baby with 4 stages of play: the cook top is removable for sit and play; the cart legs lock in place so the cook top becomes a stationary activity table; when baby begins to toddle, the wide, sturdy legs are perfect for learning to walk - the popcorn pops as baby pushes the cart along! as baby grows, just remove the cook top to reveal a shopping cart that they can load up- just like the carts at the grocery store! the cook top offers lots of developmental activities including cooking sounds that sizzle and popcorn that pops! slide the lever and the silly sandwich pops up. push the light up button for sizzling sounds or spin the egg roller. includes 3 shapes for shape sorting fun. your little shopper will love this cart full of fun and giggles that's sure to become a playtime favorite through the toddler years!.

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Walker Baby Sale

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet WalkerBright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Amazing! after my daughter got used to this toy after about 3 days, she literally would not stop til she dropped :) this is by far one of the most amazing baby toys i've seen to date. The popcorn maker itself is well worth the purchase, and would keep your little one dazzled and drooling over fake kernel corns for weeks. Well, until they start walking. ; ) thinking back, i probably researched over 75 baby walkers. But kept going back to this one as my 1 choice. Color, style, variety and overall attractiveness. It was definitely the right decision, and correct choice to invest in. Not only was, and still is happy about this toy, our daughter still plays with it even though she's learning how to do wind sprints on her tippy-toes. My only con was the little toast thing on top. Our daughter will pull it until it opens, and it doesn't allow her to learn how to operate the switch. But other than that, 5 star toy! extremely easy to assemble and loads of fun. It goes over all terrains, and she even took it outside. As a semi-over conscious parent, i did not notice any harmful chemicals, orders, or contraptions to harm our little one. Probably the safest toy we own. Oh, and don't worry. Even though this allows the rear wheels to lock, most babies can still push it. But don't be afraid to let them push it forward and maybe fall to their knees. *notice to carpet owners only*. Hopefully your little one will get used to it, and not find it too scary. Then you'll have a smile as big as ours :d wait and see what i mean ; d

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker (Baby Sale) 52130
Click to see NoticeBright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker (52130-2-W11)"Bought this for my 1 year olds birthday. Fun toy bit the corn popping sound scared my little one at first and would avoid it. We figured out how to turn the top around so it did not pop as she walked but she was still too scared. After a month of exposing it to her while hugging her and saying" pop pop pop", she now plays with it by herself and will walk with it now. She really enjoys it now."

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Stack 'n Spin Burger

Whirling, spinning and spilling fun with stacking rings that build the world's most baby-friendly burger! the stack n' spin burger from bright starts giggling gourmet collection allows baby to stack and re-stack the ingredients of this silly burger any way they choose! when the burger is stacked, baby can press the light-up button to see the burger spin faster and faster until the pieces tumble down into a pile - which is sure to get the giggles going! stack the shapes to start the fun all over again. We call it the giggling gourmet for a reason!

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Stack 'n Spin BurgerBright-Starts-Giggling-Gourmet-Burger

  • 5 easy-to-grasp pieces that baby can stack any way
  • Pieces tumble down to a pile
  • Fun music and motion
  • Light-up button causes burger to spin faster and faster
Brand :    bright starts
Weight :    1.21 pounds
Model :    52126-2-W11
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Stack 'n Spin Burger available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset

First of all, don't listen to the reviews of those who say their kids didn't like it or care about it. The products functionality is not based on the child's interest. Secondly, a child under the age of 2 is incapable of full comprehension of objet proportion. The fact that it's not a full slide, a larger than baby door, or that it's not as big as the adult wanted for the price, has zero to do with how good or bad this toy is. . This toy is really great for the price. There were used ones on resell apps but i wanted this to be new for the simple fact that i could send it back if something was wrong with it! there was a matter of it being sturdy when it was opened. One of the screws wasn't keeping it as firm on one side as the other. I had a fatter screw and just used that which actually fixed the only problem i had with it. My 10 month old usually takes a couple of days before warming up to a new toy so idk if he likes it or not. He seemed pretty content in it and is able to go through the door and the slide area without any trouble. . I will say that when you assemble it put the stickers on the slide poles first and keep in mind you've got one shot at the stickers. Once they're on they're on! . . Overall it really is a great toy with lots to do! as with all toys larger than your child, do not leave them unattended with this. No need to blame the toy or the company because you just walked away from your child to get hurt on it.

Little tikes activity garden helps baby grow and develop. View larger view larger little tikes activity garden interactive and engaging, little tikes activity garden combines essential play patterns with fun and whimsy to help baby grow and develop. Features: multi-functional play center helps infants develop fine motor skillssafe, durable and enclosed environment makes baby feel at homethe play center easily transforms without tools into an open, two-sided play center for unlimited play possibilitiestake-along play panel features a bead tumbler, spinner with mirror, spinning gears for gear play, clicking bugs, and a large button that when pressed, plays songsplay panel can be adjusted to sit horizontally for sit-at playcrawl-through archwayshape-sorter mailboxworking tap-a-tune piano sits atop the open-close doormovable, look through telescopeopen-close window shutters that feature a ball drop flower poteasy to assemble and transform without toolsage grade: 6 to 36 months

Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby PlaysetLittle-Tikes-Activity-Garden-Playset

See Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset (0419014) FAQ.

I have both little tikes discover sounds activity garden and recently purchased the baby playset for my parent's house and in comparison, this "baby playset" is significantly smaller. We purchased the discover sounds when she was 9 months old and she was already quite tall for it. This is quite small and i'm debating on whether i should return it or not as i feel as though she's too tall for it and there's not much room on the inside when all the walls are closed in like a house. The concept is basically the same but smaller, mailbox, telescope, door, window shutters and slide, however on the baby playset the "activity" portion is not that stimulating for a 14 month old, it is better suited for a baby who sits and is smaller. The discover sounds has a telephone that speaks the numbers in english, spanish, and french and sensory activities on the other side. I may keep it since it's for grandma and grandpa's house and we are expecting another baby. I'd recommend spending a bit more and getting the discover sounds activity garden as your baby can grow into it, whereas, your baby will definitely outgrow the activity garden baby playset. -Notice from L. Valdez, Greenwich

Click to Show little tikes activity garden baby playset (0419014) Details

This is a really great toy! this is perhaps the only toy in the house that gets daily use. I got this when my son could just barely crawl. Once he was sitting on his own he was interested in the activity wall and mailbox. Then he was able to crawl through the door and the side with the slide. I would play peekaboo with him by opening and closing window shutters! now that he is walking, he still loves to play eith the mailbox, put things into mailbox and sort the shapes. He loves dropping the balls under the window sill as well as just playing with the colorful plastic balls on their own. Even though my son is tall for his age and is bigger than the house at 12 months, its a great and interactive toy that has multiple uses! we are still using it every day. Highly recommend this, and get it as soon as baby is sitting to maximize time frame for this great toy!

Little-tikes-activity-garden-baby-playset-(0419014) set picture

- R. CindyMy 10. 5 month old loves this. I really wish there were more toys like this; i haven't been able to find any similar ones that really compare. . We leave it in the open position in our basement. There are lots of different ways to play with it. My kid loves to:. . - open the mailbox and pull out the blocks; close the mailbox (repeat. And repeat. And repeat. ). - open the door and crawl through. - crawl headfirst through the slide (both ways). - put the ball(s) in the ramp/hole that rolls them out into a tray. - use any of the pieces to help her stand up and "cruise" along the perimeter. - open and close the shutters and climb through the window. . She doesn't use the xylophone on the door, the telescope (which doesn't do anything), and very rarely the one sidepiece with random "toys" to play with. But she will spend a lot of time using the other features and comes back to it again and again. . One con is that you really need to hold it in place if your baby starts to use it to pull themselves up. It's not heavy/sturdy enough to stay in place if your baby pushes hard against it, so it will move. We don't have carpet so that might actually be a factor. If your baby has good balance this might not really be an issue. . Otherwise my kid loves it and would definitely recommend.

I was worried about buying this because people said it wasn't sturdy. We've found it to be very sturdy with all sides connected. My baby loves crawling around and through it. Very interactive. Will it last until she's 3? no, it's best for crawling babies. I can't imagine he'd using it past 2, but it's perfect for the 6-12 month stage when other climbing toys or activity houses are too big.

A. Cecilia, Northwest Territries

Brand :    little tikes
Weight :    17..3 pounds
  • Take-along play panel features a bead tumbler, spinner w/mirror, spinning "gears", clicking bugs and large button when pressed, plays songs
  • Play center easily transforms without tools into an open, two-sided play center; play panel can be adjusted to sit horizontally for sit-at play
  • Multi-functional play center helps infants develop fine motor skills; safe, durable and enclosed environment makes baby feel at home
  • Open-close window shutters that feature a ball drop flower pot
  • Crawl-through archway; shape-sorter mailbox; working tap-a-tune piano sits atop the open-close door; movable, look through telescope
Model :    632624M
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (little tikes product review) for Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car, Blue

Fisher-price laugh & learn smart stages crawl around car puts baby in the driver's seat of a stationary car that comes fully loaded, inside and out, with grow-with-me options for learning and play! the interactive lights and sounds dashboard keeps baby busy with a light-up baby "gps", a horn to honk, gears to shift, and more! three smart stages levels of play, over 75 sung songs, tunes and phrases, and lots of physical activities that grow with baby from sit & play, to crawl, to stand & cruise help fuel physical development, interactive learning fun, and imaginative adventures. (please note: car is stationary. ) crawl around car comes equipped with smart stages technology, an exciting new way to change learning content as baby grows. Every baby develops at their own pace, and smart stages technology gives you the ability to select the stage that's best for your child. There are a variety of developmentally appropriate songs, phrases and sounds within three levels of play - just slide the switch! smart stages technology: level 1 - explore - 6m+ first words and sounds spark baby's curiosity; level 2 - encourage - 12m+ prompt baby though questions and simple directions; level 3 - pretend - 18m+ imaginative fun and early role play.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car, BlueFisher-Price-Laugh-Learn-Stages-Around


Fisher-price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car, Blue (Fisher Price) reviewImage of Fisher-price-laugh-&-learn-smart-stages-crawl-around-car,-blue-(fisher-price)Fisher Price Laugh Learn Stages Around (Fisher Price) Fisher-price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car Puts Baby In The Driver's Seat Of A Stationary Car That Comes Fully Loaded, Inside And Out, Grow--me Options For Learning Toys And Games
  1. Characteristic: 75+ Sing-along Songs, Tunes & Phrases; Interactive Dashboard With Lights, Sounds & Busy Activities.
  2. Characteristic: 3 Modes Of Play: Learning, Music & Imagination.
Reasonable Fisher-price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car, Blue (Toys And Games) Djd09
Brand :    fisher-price
Color :    Blue
Size :    n.a.
  • Stationary car encourages baby to sit up, crawl, pull up, stand & move all around
  • 75+ sing-along songs, tunes & phrases; interactive dashboard with lights, sounds & busy activities
  • Built-in ramp for ball play (includes 3 balls)
  • Smart stages technology
  • 3 modes of play: learning, music & imagination
Model :    DJD09
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car, Blue available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

Fisher-Price Dance & Move BeatBelle

Who likes to move? beatbelle does! get the dance party started by pressing beatbelle's tummy or any of the buttons on her feet to activate fun songs, learning content and dance moves. This futuristic friend even allows mommy or baby to record a phrase, and she'll remix it into her favorite song. Three modes - dance 'n move, learning & games, and customized sing-along - "grow" with baby to make beatbelle a forever friend for years to come. And through all the play, beatbelle's introducing baby to letters, colors, counting, music, cause & effect and much more.

Fisher-Price Dance & Move BeatBelleFisher-Price-DYK00-Dance-Move-BeatBelle


Fisher-price Dance & Move Beatbelle (Fisher Price) reviewImage of Fisher-price-dance-&-move-beatbelle-(fisher-price)Fisher-price dance & move beatbelle (fisher price) who likes to move? beatbelle does! get the dance party started by pressing beatbelle's tummy or any of the buttons on her feet to activate fun songs, learning content and dance moves. toys and games
  • Highlight: See Beatbelle "dance" - Watch Her Hips Shake & Her Head Nod.
  • Highlight: 3 Modes Grow With Baby: Dance 'n Move: Fun, Energizing Music Encourages Baby To Move Around; Learning & Games.
Purchase Fisher-price Dance & Move Beatbelle (Toys And Games) Dyk00
  • Large, multi-color led grid tummy
  • 3 modes grow with baby: dance 'n move: fun, energizing music encourages baby to move around; learning & games
  • See beatbelle "dance" - watch her hips shake & her head nod
  • Baby's actions make exciting things happen - a great intro to cause & effect!
  • Get the play going! press beatbelle's colorful tummy or any of the 3 buttons on her feet
Brand :    fisher-price
Weight :    2.43 pounds
Model :    DYK00
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fisher-price product review) for Fisher-Price Dance & Move BeatBelle available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space

My daughter (15 months, developmental and vision impaired) absolutely loves this toy. This toy has supported and encouraged her standing and we are forever grateful. In addition, the use of this toy in the dark has increased her visual focus. I know this toy is not sold for infants with disabilities but it should be!

This interactive, touch-sensitive light bar features innovative smart touch technology that responds to baby's touch with music, lights, colors, sung songs & much more! 3 ways to play as baby grows: piano play, dance party and learning & games. It's the ultimate toy for introducing baby to colors, numbers, abcs, music, cause & effect and much more - while helping to strengthen motor skills and stimulate baby's senses of sight, hearing and touch! busy activities, like ramps for fun ball play, a spinner and a colorful, bat-at roller ball, encourage baby to move and explore all around! this great play space will take baby from sitting to crawling to standing and cruising - providing learning and entertainment for every age, from infant to toddler!

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play SpaceFisher-Price-Bright-Beats-Smart-Touch

See Fisher-price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space (Fisher Price) FAQ.

Love this toy. Or to be precise, my 1 year old granddaughter loves this toy. It is stimulating. It lights up beautifully (kind of reminds of the "simon" toy from way, way, back when - except its for babies and its much more touch sensitive). It's easy to activate, the dog will (once in awhile) go and play with it. The fisher-price bright beats does exactly what it's designed to do: get my granddaughter to dance and play. . Yes, i highly recommend this product. I've grown up playing with fisher-price toys and i'm glad i can now buy fisher-price toys for my most favorite babies in the world! -Notice from Y. McCarthy, Slough

Click to Show fisher-price bright beats smart touch play space (fisher price) Details

My little girl zones in on this toy as soon as the music starts, and will start bouncing on her knees in excitement. My older child is two, and he has more fun hitting the 'buttons' than the ten month girl. It was a great christmas gift buy. It did take me a while to put together, but i was going on two hours of sleep over three days, everything was taking me a while.

Fisher-price-bright-beats-smart-touch-play-space-(fisher-price) set picture

- C. Kellie my six month old loves this toy! he's been cutting teeth and completely inconsolable until this arrived. It is a bit of a pain to put together but it's not horrible. It took me maybe 20 minutes. My son has been playing with it for hours and is so happy. The stage three is good even for little babies and over time i'm sure he will begin to associate the numbers and colors with the game. Until then, it's just fun stimulation that's keeping the crying at bay.

This was super easy to put together. My son did it by himself in ten minutes. The activities are fun and there are numerous things it does. I don't know why people complained that it was difficult to put together. Also, there were several reviews that stated lettering was faded or non existent. Everything was perfect. The balls aren't amusing in the least. The part that's supposed to snap on the outside of the piece doesn't stay on but it really doesn't matter because my granddaughter would rather try to put the balls in her mouth than drop them down the little slide. Overall this was money well spent. My granddaughter is 10 months old and she loves this!

M. Rochelle, Southend-on-Sea

  • Teaches colors, numbers, abcs and much more!
  • Grows with baby from sitting and crawling to cruising
  • Busy activities, music, lights, colors, sung songs & much more!
  • 3 ways to play as baby grows! mode 1 - piano play perfect for the sitting baby as baby sits in the middle and touches the bar for piano tones, music & lights! mode 2 - dance partyencourages baby to get up and move with upbeat music, spoken phrases, sounds & instruments as baby cruises around and touches the barmode 3 - learning & gamesteaches baby abcs, counting, numbers and more as baby looks, cruises and follows the moving lights
  • Interactive touch-sensitive light bar, with exciting, innovative smart touch technology, responds to baby's touch
Brand :    fisher-price
Color :    red, blue, green, pink, white, yellow
Size :    n.a.
Weight :    8.55 pounds
Model :    CFM96
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Fisher-Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

Baby Toddler White Chef Hat Adjustable Fits Babies 12-36 Mos

New beautiful baby chef hat white polycotton 65/35 with adjustable velcro on the back, you can have the name embroidered on the hat, search on online store chefskin personalized.

Baby Toddler White Chef Hat Adjustable Fits Babies 12-36 MosToddler-White-Adjustable-Babies-12-36

Brand :    chefskin
Color :    white
Size :    12-36 months
Model :    CHEFSKIN
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • We also offer the baby chef jacket and apron search for chefskin
  • New beautiful baby chef hat white polycotton 65/35 with adjustable velcro on the back
  • Just search for chefskin apron, you will see all sizes and colors, we ship fast
  • We have this same hat in all sizes from 2 yrs to big & tall
  • Fits 12-36 mos very nice outfit costume for beautiful pictures, hat is white with no embroidery, you can add embroidery just search for add embroidery and tell us the name
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Baby Toddler White Chef Hat Adjustable Fits Babies 12-36 Mos available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Rise 'n Dine Busy Cafe

Part of the giggling gourmet collection. Start baby's day with a blend of fun breakfast time activities. The rise 'n dine busy cafe from bright starts giggling gourmet collection will keep baby busy with a blender that lights up while color-changing beads mix and spin. Baby controls the menu with fruit buttons that control the blending color. Press the toast down and when it's done, the roller ball will cause it to pop back up again. Switches slide back and forth for silly sounds and clicking noises. The rise 'n dine busy cafe will have baby cookin' up some fun at breakfast time or any time.

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Rise 'n Dine Busy CafeBright-Starts-Giggling-Gourmet-Rise

Brand :    bright starts
Weight :    2.87 pounds
  • Knobs that turn and slide includes 3 aa batteries
  • Silly sounds and melodies
  • Toast pops up and down
  • Blender contents change color when baby pushes fruit buttons
  • The orange button causes blender beads to light up and spin
Model :    52129
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Rise 'n Dine Busy Cafe available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen

I waited to post a review to assess the toy. We've had this toy for over a year. My daughter is turning 2 in one week, and she still plays with it. She is getting a big kitchen set for her birthday, but i'm guessing this one will still be played with. She loves "washing" her hands, drinking the milk, eating the carrots, and cooking the applesauce. The sink noises are fun and not obnoxious. With the different sound settings, there are many different sounds and songs, so you don't want to pull your hair out like some toys! i have no idea what other people are describing when they mention finger pinching. My daugher is rough and rammy when she plays. She hasn't injured herself yet. Maybe she is just lucky, but i've tried to pinch my fingers in the door, and didn't have success. Maybe fisher-price made a change to the product since i purchased it in 2013.

Fisher-price laugh & learn learning kitchen

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning KitchenFisher-Price-Laugh-Learn-Learning-KitchenCook up some learning fun with busy activities inside and out, front and back. Open and close the refrigerator, flip the light switch, stir the soup, check to see what's cooking in the oven all while enjoying music, sounds, light-up fun, four modes of play, and more than 20 sing-along songs and musical activities! there's even an introduction to spanish. Volume control for quiet play. Requires 3 aa batteries. Helps baby learn through everyday experiences! promotes understanding of objects, numbers, letters, colors and shapes, teaches in english and spanish, expands vocabulary with new words and greetings, fosters thinking skills and encourages problem-solving with numerous action/reaction activities, reinforces learning concepts through delightful music, sounds and songs. Teaches: letters, a-z, numbers and counting, spanish words, shapes, colors, opposites, greetings, manners and more! learning kitchen ages: 6 to 36 months requires: three aa batteries (included) what we think fun factor: durability: ease of assembly: educational factor: novelty factor: the good: an interactive and educational toy for curious toddlers and older infants the challenging: case-like design may shut easily during play in a nutshell: instructive, fun, and versatile the laugh & learn kitchen will keep your child captivated with sounds, switches, and music. View larger. The kitchen comes with plastic pots, pans, toy food, and other accessories. View larger. A fun, interactive kitchen this interactive toy kitchen needs minimal set up once you unpack it from the box. Three aa batteries are included with purchase. The toy has a case-like design that incorporates features on the outside and inside. One side of the exterior features a refrigerator door with a handle and slots for inserting food shapes like a carton of milk, a bunch of carrots, and a jar of apple sauce. These plastic toys slide into a storage compartment that your child can access inside the refrigerator. Around the corner, an interactive kitchen boasts plenty of buttons that emit familiar cartoon sound effects. Your child will be fascinated by the sounds of sizzling on the stove or running water from the faucet. An oversized switch clicks on a kitchen light, and a track ball on the toy clock makes a tick-tock noise when moved. Opening the fridge reveals the storage compartment, which holds the plastic food and utensils, and an interactive book that makes fruits and vegetables fun and appealing. Cook up learning and play the fisher-price laugh and learn learning kitchen provides a way for your child to learn through interactive play. He can begin to build a vocabulary of words and greetings in english and spanish, and learn to recognize shapes, sizes, colors, numbers, and letters. The toy also emphasizes manners, healthy eating, hygiene, and opposites such as on or off. This toy promotes problem-solving skills and allows you to be part of the process. As your child presses buttons, opens the fridge, and flips switches, you can help him make connections that will facilitate learning and reinforce knowledge. With more than 20 catchy songs and musical activities, this toy packs plenty of entertaining features that your child will love. The case-like design of this toy kitchen opens and shuts easily, but rest assured, the smooth plastic is safe and won't be much of a surprise if it closes during play. The plastic hinge won't catch on your child's skin or little fingers. You'll wish your kitchen was this easy to tidy and clean. Volume control this toy has two sound settings for those moments when you need to take it down a notch. You can also opt to turn off the interactive modes for silent play. What's in the box plastic toy kitchen with three aa batteries, three food shapes, two plastic utensils, and an instructional booklet. Br clear "all" /

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This is absolutely adorable and my 9 month old daughter loves it so far. It has tons of additional sound effects/features that i did not know about when i chose it based on reviews/feedback from others. I felt my baby was getting a little bored with the same toys she's had since 3-6 months (the oball, baby einstein piano, stackable rings, etc. ), so i wanted to step up our game a bit with something that could keep her engaged for a longer stretch of time. This fits the bill! the hinged door (refrigerator opens from back) is perfect for the independently sitting/just crawling baby, because it encourages her to crawl around and play with the back of it just as much as the font. I love how the food shapes get dropped in and land in the refrigerator drawer. It's literally so perfect. Very well thought out toy. . The best part, though, is the adorable sound effects and features of the main kitchen portion (front). I did not realize that the orange faucet pivots up and down to mimic turning the faucet on and off. The faucet also has rushing water, clinking dishes, and voiceover for learning effects. The stove burner "sizzles" when the red pot is placed there. The oven door has a hinges squeaking open and shut sound as well as a bubbling pot noise when you leave the door open for a bit. The on/off switch makes an adorable and realistic clicking sound, and the light feature is one of my daughter's favorite effects. The whole thing is genius and a big win. I can't wait to search for more of the fisher price line. I had previously looked in big box stores like target, and i just wasn't finding age appropriate and engaging toys. Online store is the ticket. This toy is just what i had in mind. -Notice from U. Florence, Nevada

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My baby started enjoying this toy when she was about 6 months but is now 9 months and still likes it. She likes to chew on the food blocks and her favorite part is the singing and music that plays when she plays with the sink. Her favorite side to play with right now is the front side, she doesn't like the refrigerator part as much. There has never been a problem with her catching her fingers on the closing doors, but she is strong enough to knock the toy over which she likes to do a lot. Overall, anything that can keep her attention while i do work is perfect. Update: my daughter is now 11 months old and she still loves this toy. She loves playing with the oven and picking out all her toys i sneak in the back of the fridge. She still has never smashed her fingers in the fridge. There is a cut out that leaves enough space for their fingers to open the fridge and close without getting caught. She never uses the actual door handle. I bought a grocery set and put plastic vegetables for her to play with in the oven and it fits a lot of little toys in it

Fisher-price-laugh-&-learn-learning-kitchen-(fisher-price) set picture

- C. ShaynaThe fisher-price laugh and learn learning kitchen is so cute. I purchased it for my 10 month old son. It is much smaller then i anticipated. On the cooking side there's an on/off switch, faucet, oven door, cooktop and clock that all make noise. The refrigerator side makes noise when the different shaped foods are put through the holes. Inside there is a little book that makes noise. With so many different noises my son loves it! he loves putting the pan on the cooktop and mixing with his spoon. . The only reason this gets 4 stars is because when i was playing with my son last night, he had the kitchen laying with the door and kitchen part on the ground. He then slammed it shut with my finger inside. Man that hurt. It was technically the bottom part of the toy that got me (if it was standing upright). The problem is this toy is easy to knock over and play with in this manner so i'm now having to make sure he keeps it upright. I would hate my baby to get the same owwie mommy got!

My son is 14 months and i wanted to get him a few new things since he was really outgrowing the toys he had. I picked this out and a few other items and let me tell you, this kitchen toy has everything a toy could need to engage his attention and more! he will play with it longer than any toy i can ever remember him playing with. If you have or are looking for a gift for a 12-18 month old baby, this one is perfect! my son's favorite parts. . * he loves that it has a big on/off switch meant for him to play with since he loooves turning things on and off right now but normally isn't allowed to (ie our actual kitchen's lights! ) or can't quite do it yet (i. E. , the on-off switches for the actual toy meant for parents' use). Baby's on/off switch looks like a regular household one that any tot would surely recognize - and actually turns the light above his "stove" on and off. Perfect! . . * so many things happening at once keeps him really interested. Open and close the refrigerator door! put the toy food through the refrigerator side using the shape sorting slots and then open the oven side and there they are. Put the pan on the stove and it makes a sizzling sound. . He's still too young for pretend play but he's getting close to that age so i imagine this will become even more beloved as he starts to pretend he's cooking like mom or dad. Also, a great plus for parents is that this toy has 5 modes of play - so when my son has decided he wants to push the same part over and over and it makes the same noise/song over and over, i can easily change the play mode so it makes a new noise and spare me a migraine. ; ) but more importantly it does a great job teaching a variety of kitchen words/sounds/actions through the different modes. I like to leave it on either the learning spanish mode of the music mode but they're all great! . . Overall amazing toy that i think most 1-year-olds would love as much as my son does. He has thrown it around quite a bit as little boys will do and it's held up perfectly! so i can promise it's well-made - any toy that is "toddler tough" doesn't stand a chance with my active little one, and this toy's gotten more wear than any of his others and it's completely fine. Absolutely worth the price to see him playing so happily with a learning toy. Love, love, love it!

P. Rose, Surrey

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  • Open the refrigerator door to see the light come on, learn about opposites, or hear a sung song
  • There are 4 modes of play: learning, learning in spanish, music and imagination
  • Inside the fridge, there's yummy food and shape sorting fun
  • Laugh and learn learning kitchen is filled with learning and fun for baby in both english and spanish
  • Lots of activities to keep your toddler busy!

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Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Put 'n Shake EggsBright-Starts-Giggling-Gourmet-Shake

  • Crack open the eggs to reveal colorful light-up buttons
  • Press buttons to hear counting, numbers, colors and sounds
  • 3 removable eggs offer rattling sounds when shaken
  • Press eggs in front of carton to see them change color
Brand :    bright starts
Model :    52125
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Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker (52130-2-W11) Price : 39.14, was : 44.99 as 2017-02-14
United States
Great Britain
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This thing is worth it's weight in gold. I have triplets and my girls love to push this cart everywhere. The top comes off and on easily for "shopping" games or for music and popcorn. Not annoying at all. The flap in the front with little shapes that go inside entertain for hours. Totally recommend!

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(0) Question: Is this bpa and phthalate free?

(1) Question: What kind of batteries does it take and how many

(2) Question: Does the siren noise go off everytime it starts rolling even while another song is playing. is that normal? the first one i received was defective.

(3) Question: The popper doesn't work on ours. is there a way to get it going, or do we just have a defective one?

(4) Question: I am trying to disassemble but i can't figure out how to remove the basket handle. does anyone know how to do this?

(5) Question: Does this come disassembled or already made up?

(6) Question: Does this roll fast on hardwood floor ?

(7) Question: Where is this made?

(8) Question: Does it roll in grass?

(note) Question: where/how to get Bright Starts (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Bright Starts's products


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So much fun for our one year old granddaughter. She pushes it easily on the carpet as well as hard flooring. The sounds are great and can be turned off when they get too much for mom and dad! :) when removing the top toys and opening it up like a grocery cart, she loves to walk around the house putting things into the cart. She has even climbed into it herself. Plenty of room to sit. Lol it's a great toy and worth the money!

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Perfect for my creeping/crawling/crazy mobile 12 month old! not like any other walker i've seen out there. The popping popcorn is what made me pick this walker. And if you're wondering the back wheels lock so it doesn't get too squirrelly when she gets moving on our hardwood floors.

U. Susan, Michigan

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G. Wayt, Walsall says

Our 11 month old grandson loves it! the oversize wheelbase keeps the cart from tipping over. A perfect toy! the only quibble is that after the toy has been put away, the songs come back on about a minute later, presumably to draw the child back to the toy. This can be a pain and is annoying. The sounds can be turned off. Otherwise, the child is fascinated with it and our son feels that the cart helped the child walk sooner. Lots of potential for the toy to grow with the child. A bit pricey, but worth every penny.

B. Monique, Hertfordshire

Our son got this for his first birthday and loved it. Now we get it for all of our friends kids. Great for learning how to walk.

N. Morgan, West Virginia says

My baby girl loves this walker. She likes to open and close the toast and walk around the room with it. It is very appropriate for a 9-12 month old!

B. Hadley, Yukon Territory

My 11 month old loves this walker. We had a different brand before (where the handle stuck straight up at a sharper angle) and he refused to use it. This one he started using immediately! he plays with the top (toys) piece both while standing and sitting (that's how much he loves it). My only wish is that the wheels had a bit more grip so that the "lock" function could be more useful (the wheels are so smooth that "locking" them doesn't do much). Overall, would buy again!

V. Donna, Yukon Territory says

Great walking toy. It's sturdy and doesn't roll over or move too quickly on carpet. Once our daughter walks a little better, we will try it on the wood floors. She loves playing with the food toys but also loves putting things in and taking things out of the cart. Highly recommend this toy!

N. Anonymous, Merton

It's a great little grocery cart! got it for my son just after his first birthday. He loved having something to push around as he was cruising/starting to walk and he really enjoyed the lights and buttons, especially the popcorn. He's almost two now and still loves this cart, now it's his favorite thing to pile toys in and race all over the house. Only negative is i wish it had more shapes to sort, three is kind of skimpy.

O. Carol, South Carolina says

I spent a long time looking at different walker/push toys to figure out what i wanted to get for my daughter. She started cruising around furniture, and i wanted to get her something that she could push along to get her walking without holding furniture. So many of the toys looked like something she would probably lose interest in once she started walking. I chose this shopping cart because i felt it would have the best chance at being played with late into her toddler years. So far, she absolutely loves it. She very quickly figured out the button to keep the popcorn popping, and loves to open and close the grilled cheese sandwich. She also loves to open the flap on the cart. I'm very happy with the choice to get the shop 'n cook cart as opposed to other push toys. . The only slight problem i have is that it feels like this was mainly made for pushing on carpet. Since we have hard wood floors, the wheels don't turn really well because they don't grip the floor. The wheels are pretty much just smooth plastic. However, when we take it upstairs to her bedroom, they function just fine on the carpet. I solved this issue by putting some hockey/athletic tape i had laying around on the wheels, so now it grips our hard wood floors a little better. Other than that, this cart is perfect.

W. Bertie, Nevada

I am so glad we bought this for our one year old. It was easy to put together and is sturdy enough to withstand a baby pulling herself up with it. The activity center lifts easily off the cart for floor play. The "corn" pops either by walking the cart or with one of the gadgets on the activity center. Another bonus. Especially for tired parents is that the sounds are very tolerable - so you'll never have to literally throw $45 out the window! i can see this being something that be enjoyed from prewalker thru preschool. Money well spent!

G. Linda, Reading says

Grandson loves it! he's 10 months and is pulling himself up to stand and cruise around furniture. Wanted him to have a walker for grammas house that can be played with after its a walker. Perfect! the only thing is i feel like it's about $15 overpriced at $45.

S. Wells, Queensland

Bought this for my grandson for christmas. I wasn't sure it was worth spending almost $45 on it but he seems to love it. He started walking behind it right away. He loves the popcorn popper and the lights and toys.

L. Courtney, Coventry says

I bought this as a christmas gift for my niece and it was definitely worth it. She loves this toy especially the popping kernels. I was pleasantly surprise that there were three modes with different languages. It's a nice way to get my niece exposed to different languages.

D. Hannah, Kentucky

My baby loves this toy, however, since she is learning to walk with it, anytime she falls back on her butt, the whole thing tips over on top of her and the white cook top thing falls out onto her face. It is secured by a small magnet so it comes off really easily. I would just remove the top if your baby is learning to walk with this to avoid any bumps.

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