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Price was $15.28. Awesome game - really interesting take on the original castles of burgundy system. I think i may like this one even better than the original. Sure, rolling dice is fun, but this one really feels similar, and plays a lot more quickly! definitely worth picking up!

-P. Walsh

The castles burgundy card the hundred years’ war is over and the renaissance is looming. conditions are perfect for the princes of the loire valley to propel their estates to prosperity and prominence. through -the castles burgundy card game

  • Advantage: Includes 240 Cards And Instructions.
  • Advantage: Recommended Age: 12+.

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Lighter and faster than its modern-classic predecessor. I prefer the hexes (and the complexity) of the latter, but this fits in my glove compartment and plays in half the time. The Best the castles burgundy card as-of ( Jun 2020 ) | Ravensburger-Toys And Games Review Advantage The Castles Of Burgundy Card Game Card game based on the top selling castles of burgundy board game. Includes 240 cards and instructions. Recommended age: 12+ .

The Castles Of Burgundy Card Game Review (81503)

Intro: a fun and compact card game with lots of scoring options, the castles of burgundy card game does not disappoint. I've only had the chance so far to play solo games, but i've really enjoyed them. The games are always fairly close, and sometimes you really have to put on your thinking cap to make it to the next round. Overall, a solid game, and one that i'm looking forward to trying multiplayer sometime hopefully in the near future. . Setup: at first, the setup can appear quite daunting, as there are lots of different types of cards. In all, there are over 200 small cards (roughly 2in. By 1in. ), and many of these types have a mere 10-20 cards. Once you play the game and get a feel for it, however, it all becomes second nature. I can finish setup, including the shuffling in 2-3 minutes, and be ready to play. Which is great, because i typically can't play just once :d. . Essentially, the setup consists of dividing all the cards into their appropriate piles, shuffling some of these, splitting several into two distinct face up piles (the animals and the goods), and handing everyone a project, estate, and a warehouse card. Each player also gets a random animal, good, and silver. In the solo mode, you also start with a worker, as well as deal out 5 piles for the ai opponent (named "aaron - an almost real opponent"), with these piles ranging from 3-7 actions cards respectively. Also deal out the 'dice' reference cards, 6 action cards to each player, and you are pretty much ready to go. . Gameplay: so i'll just say it outright - i love the gameplay! there are so many options on any given turn, it's just so satisfying for the strategy lover in me. To begin, you draw 2 action cards from your pile of 6, and from these choose one and decide which of the 6 actions you want to perform. Within these options, if you decide to buy or complete a project, you then also have a choice between which 6 dice to buy from or which (up to) 3 in your project area to build from. So again, there are lots of choices on any given turn. . Amidst all this, you are trying to accumulate points by getting buildings in pairs of 3's. When you do this, you then gain points equal to the value at the bottom of this set, ranging from 2-6 (most are 3 or 4). Every time you build a project/card, you get a bonus action as well (unless it's the cloister/wild card) printed on the card. Figuring out when and how to maximize the profits from all of these is really the key to the game. . You can also score points from selling goods, collecting animals, being the first to complete a set of 3 buildings in each category, being the first to complete at least 1 building from all 7 categories, and from selling cards in multiples of 3 from your workers and/or silver cards. (there may be one or two other ways i can't recall right now. Lots of options great game). . The game runs on a neat 'dice' mechanic from the cards, that kind of removes some of the luck factor in what you would roll, as instead you draw cards with a dice roll already on them. Worker cards let you manipulate your 'roll' +1/-1. Silver cards can give you bonus actions. There are various ways to acquire these cards, but you always want to have as many as possible in your warehouse. . The game, whether solo or multiplayer, progresses through 5 rounds, labeled a-e. In each round, if you complete a set of 3, you also acquire one bonus from the options listed, with the bonus being better the earlier the round. Each round consists of using all 6 of your action cards, and then after 5 rounds (so a total of 30 action cards) you tally up the points. Whoever has the most wins! . . *note: when playing solo (vs. Aaron), at the beginning of each round you turn over his pile of cards, add up all the points he has accumulated from triplets, and at the end of the round must be either tied or winning to move on to the next round. At the end of the final round (e), whoever has more points wins. . Final thoughts: having never played the original, this was actually my first (though hopefully not the last) stefan feld game. And i really enjoy it. It has just the right amount of complexity for a solo card game. Not too brain-burny, but by no means is it a mostly luck driven game either. As stated above, there are numerous ways to accumulate points and manipulate 'die' rolls, so you have quite a bit of control over your path to victory. . I actually bought cob: card game originally because of the positive solo reviews i read. However, although i find a solo game very satisfying, i'm also very much looking forward to my first multiplayer game. I think it will add a nice defensive element to the game, as you may try to buy projects just to keep your opponent from getting that triplet and scoring points, rather than always just looking to boost your own score. . All in all, this is a very fun game, at a great price point, with good variety, that offers many ways to accumulate points. So if it doesn't sound too complex for you, then i definitely recommend getting this game. It's quite satisfying. -S. Erin

Castles Burgundy Card Game

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  • Brand: Ravensburger
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  • Genre: Strategy
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    Height:7.00 inches
    Length:4.75 inches
    Weight:0..15 pounds
    Width:1.75 inches
  • ItemPart/Serial Number: PSIRVN81503
  • Manufacturer: Ravensburger
  • Recommended Max-Age: 180
  • Suggested Min-Age: 144
  • Model: 81503
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  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 81503
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the castles burgundy card Toy, The hundred years' war is over and the renaissance is looming. conditions are perfect for the princes of the loire valley to propel their estates to prosperity and prominence. through strategic trading and building, clever planning, and careful thought, players add settlements and castles, practice trade along the river, exploit silver mines, farm livestock and more in this top-selling game by stefan feld. The Castles Burgundy Card Game (81503-Ravensburger).

Castles Burgundy Card Game Toy

the castles burgundy cardThe Castles Of Burgundy Card Game (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Keeps the mechanics of the board game with just enough twist to make it fun

The Castles Burgundy Card Game
Click to see NoticeThe Castles Burgundy Card Game (Ravensburger)"Wow. Did not expect so much fun at such a small price. Many decisions. Many ways to win. Decisions that matter. Only down side is that this game is definitely a table hog. But the best table hog youll ever find. This is an absolutely must have. Gamesandbourbon"

The Manhattan Project Chain Reaction Board Game

The world is again threatened with war! as the war minister of your small nation, you have been tasked with confronting aggression by developing atomic bombs for your country. Your spies have stolen the needed technology, but you need to acquire the materials and personnel to get the job done before your rival nations do. Once someone has built 10 megatons of bombs, the final round will finish, and the player with the most bombs will win, their nation's survival assured! to do this, you will be playing cards representing the training and use of teams of laborers, scientists, and engineers to complete various plans, until you have assembled enough bombs to win! stand alone game based on the popular "manhattan project" board game by minion games, this is a simpler card-only game using dual-purpose cards in a quick and exciting race to completion.

The Manhattan Project Chain Reaction Board GameManhattan-Project-Chain-Reaction-Board

Brand :    minion games
  • For 1-5 players
  • 30-40 minute playing time
  • Stand alone card game
Price :    $7.74 (was $13.33)
Model :    MNI-CR100
Quantity :    1
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Biblios Board Game

As an abbot of a medieval monastery, you compete with other abbots to amass the greatest library of sacred books. To do so, you need to have both the workers and resources to run a well-functioning scriptorium. To acquire workers and resources, you use a limited supply of donated gold. In addition, you must be on good terms with the powerful bishop, who can help you in your quest

Biblios Board GameIELLO-I-51028-Biblios-Board

Brand :    iello
Model :    I 51028
Quantity :    1
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Price :    $19.14 (was $19.63)
  • For 2-4 players
  • Takes about 30 minutes to play
  • 30 minute playing time
  • Deluxe box with magnetic seal

Castellion Game

In the center of the ever-expanding oniverse stands a castle, but for how long? for it is now under attack! as commander of castellion, rush to build your castle's defense against the strikes of the polymorphic menace. Laying one tile after the other, erect towers and build keeps to minimize the damages. Unless you feel like discarding tiles to unleash your own special powers? you need to survive, one way or the other.

Castellion GameZ-Man-Games-49002ZMG-Castellion-Game

Brand :    z-man games
Weight :    1.16 pounds
  • 3 levels of difficulty training the players for the real challenge coming up
  • For 1 to 2 players
  • First tile-based game in the oniverse series
  • For players age 10 and up
  • 4 defender factions helping you with their individual ability
Price :    $20.00 (was $21.63)
Model :    49002ZMG
Quantity :    1
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Friday board game

In this game robinson is represented as a card stack of different behaviors. You are forced to improve this card stack so you can collect the cards at the end of the game to give robinson the best chance to win against the tough piratesyou are helping robinson who came ashore on your island fight against many hazards. At the beginning robinson is not very skillful. With each fight he wins you will improve his abilities but defeats are also helping to get rid off of his worse habits. However life on the island is energy-sapping so that robinson not only gains experiences during his time there but also starts aging and tends to get clumsy. 1 player. Ages 10 to adult. 30 minutes playing time.

Friday board gameRio-Grande-Games-457RGG-Friday

Brand :    rio grande games
  • Takes about 30 minutes to play
  • 1-player game
  • Unique and fun
Price :    $10.19 (was $13.00)
Model :    457RGG
Quantity :    1
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Schotten Totten IELLO

A warm spring breeze flows through the valley as the birds begin to sing and the snow slowly melts away. Your precious village is slowly uncovered and the stone lines that define your property become visible. The earth is soft and the stones could easily roll just a bit into your neighbor's farm granting you the extra room your clan needs. No one will notice, right? suddenly an arrow whizzes past your ear! it seems that your neighbor had the same idea and is now pushing stones to enlarge his property. Use your cards to create the best battle formations and defend your village. Claim enough stones to win the game! you'll need skill, cunning, and a bit of luck to defeat your opponent in this refreshed version of the classic game, schotten-totten from famed designer reiner knizia!

Schotten Totten IELLOIELLO-51303-Schotten-Totten-by

Price :    $10.17 (was $13.34)
  • Players: 2
  • Play time: 20 minutes
  • Ages: 8+
Brand :    iello
Weight :    0.57 pounds
Model :    51303
Quantity :    1
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One Deck Dungeon

Adventure calls. But you don't have four hours or the desire to set up hundreds of pieces. One deck dungeon lets you jump right in, bash down doors, roll dice, and squash baddies with style. By using cards in four different ways (as an encounter, xp, a skill/potion, or a stat-boosting item), all the experience of dungeon delving has been fit into a compact package. You can venture in alone, or bring a friend. The dragon doesn't care, he's happy to eat both of you! and don't even think about trying to spare him, that's the wrong game entirely. One deck dungeon is a tabletop version of the popular video game phenomenon of rogue-likes - dungeon delves where you try and survive as long as you can against increasingly nasty monsters. The game is very easy to learn, featuring intuitive dice mechanics and thematic skills and abilities.

One Deck DungeonAsmadi-Games-ASI-0080-Deck-Dungeon

Brand :    asmadi games
  • With multiple sets, you can add more players
  • One deck dungeon is a 1-2 player cooperative game
  • 30-45 minute playing time
Price :    $25.00 (was $30.61)
Model :    ASI-0080
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Terraforming Mars Board Game

Very very good game! a lot of fun and not that difficult to learn and tech to others. Give this game a try and you will most likely enjoy it.

In the 2400s, mankind begins to terraform the planet mars. Giant corporations, sponsored by the world government on earth, initiate huge projects to raise the temperature, the oxygen level and the ocean coverage until the environment is habitable. In terraforming mars you play one of those corporations and work together in the terraforming process, but compete in doing the best work, with victory points awarded not only for your contribution to the terraforming, but also for advancing human infrastructure throughout the solar systems and other commendable achievements. The players acquire unique project cards, which represent anything from introducing plant life or animals, hurling asteroids at the surface, building cities, and establishing greenhouse gas industries to heat up the atmosphere. You compete for the best places for your city tiles, ocean tiles and greenery tiles. When the terraforming process is complete, the player corporation with the most victory points wins.

Terraforming Mars Board GameStronghold-Games-6005SG-Terraforming-Board

Terraforming Mars Board Game (Stronghold Games) FAQ.

This game has been a breath of fresh air, not so much for being mechanically innovative (it is not), but for just simply being fun to play. While it is not easy to pinpoint the exact source of this fun, i suspect it has something to do with the wide open thematic vistas that one get to explore with this game. The enormous quantity of cards and the multitude of ways that they can make the game unfold means that every new game session provides novelty and the excitement of new discovery. Ultimately this must be the secret sauce in all great games. -Notice from Y. Debra, Louisiana

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Man, what can i say about this one? . . Object is to build a corporate engine to produce oxygen, heat (to raise planet temperature) and place oceans. There is a generous amount of cards that are drawn upon to build your tableau. It is a great engine builder game. You are also competing against fellow corporations (ie: the other players). The corporation that you pick has a special ability or you can use the generic starter corporations. I would recommend skipping those beginner corps and go with some variety. . You draw cards at the beginning of your turn and decide which ones you want to keep to put into action, you have to pay for the ones you keep and the others are discarded. Cards have various requirements to put into your tableau, cost, temperature requirements, oxygen requirements, ocean requirements or certain other card requirements. Some cards you are just going to want to take even though the planet parameters don't allow you to use them (yet at least! ). . I love the theme, cards are loosely based of technologies that are close to what is possible. I love laying out tiles and seeing the planet surface literally come to life. . Component quality is top drawer. The gold, silver, and bronze cubes are awesome and feel great. They will eventually chip a little on the corners but that is the nature of the beast. . The game also plays excellently solo. I have played at least a dozen times and it is different each time with great replay value. . If you like the terraforming theme, mars, and the like, give this one a shot. Love it, love it, love it.

Terraforming-mars-board-game-(stronghold-games) set picture

- H. HakalaThis is an incredible game with a very cool engine building mechanic that offers tons of choice. We received it this morning and quickly played it twice. I, already, cannot imagine my game library without it. It would rate 5 stars were it not for the component and packaging quality. . Online reviews had prepared me for mediocre component quality and poor artwork. Component quality was as expected yet still mildly disappointing considering the cost of the game. The board is a lighter weight than that of most games i own and i feel like i must be super careful when unfolding it to keep from accidentally tearing it at the scored spots. The player boards are printed on a pretty flimsy card stock but nothing that can't be improved with some laminate. The box, however, was sub-par and the clever but cheap cardboard tray inside was destroyed by shipping. . While my first impression was that the game board was small and drab, i quickly realized that the board was perfectly sized. Much of the game is played out on the tableau of cards each player creates in front of themselves and on the player boards that they use to manage resources. The game board is primarily used to track victory points and the game ending parameters by placing various tiles and player markers on the surface of the planet. The drab topography of mars quickly fills with colorful tiles and and player markers and looks very impressive by the end of the game. . The only real problem lies with the packaging. The box is of a lighter quality that most of the games on the market and does not need to be nearly as large as it is. It is much to large too hold the folded game board securely. They try to account for the small board the larger box with a clever cardboard tray that is cut, scored and folded to hold the board floating in the middle above a center area intended for the other components. The tray is printed to look like the surface of mars and would be quite neat were it not printed on such a cheap grade of cardboard that it was destroyed in shipping. The game board and components are too heavy for the tray and a good shake (like a kid with a christmas present or a ups deliveryman) will cause the heavy components to destroy the tray that holds them. . Again, i consider the game to be a must own. I do, however, suspect that i will wish that i had waited for the second edition with improved components and packaging. When you shell out $60. 00 for what essentially amounts to an intellectual property and some cardboard, you should get quality cardboard!

I have shown it to many players and all but one loved it. The other guy is a heavy euro guy and just had a meh attitude after his play. It is a cool hard puzzle playing solo that can keep you coming back. It plays a bit longer with two players but it is very enjoyable. The best player count is 3-4 but it will play 5 with a small bit of lull between turns. Every game is different. It has so many cards to make your engine and numerous paths to victory. The one thing i can say i don't like is that it is very easy knock your player board and the box is a lesser quality then most. The issue with the player boards can be fixed with aftermarket products so not a big issue.

N. Cindy, Australian Capital Territory

Brand :    stronghold games
Weight :    4.00 pounds
Model :    6005SG
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • 1 to 5 players ages 12 and up
  • Compete for different milestones and awards worth many vps
  • Over 200 different projects to complete
Price :    $69.95 (was $84.93)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (stronghold games product review) for Terraforming Mars Board Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Ravensburger 81243 The Castles Of Burgundy

In castles of burgundy, players take on the roles of princess (or princesses, i suppose) in the burgundy region of france, competing to build up their estates. Players accomplish this by developing the land around it - building farms, cities, purchasing trading ships, and the like from the market board and placing them on their player boards. Players acquire victory points as they build their estate, and ultimately the player with the most victory points wins the game. . Most of the game's items are represented through square and hexagonal tokens, which will be placed on the player board around your central castle. The mechanism through which players acquire buildings, build them, trade goods, and do other similar actions is through dice rolls. There are six depots, one for each side of the die, and players trade in a die of the corresponding number to add a tile to their building queue. Once there, the player can trade in another die to place the building in a hex with the corresponding number, as long as it is touching a previously built structure. The buildings all grant some kind of bonus, so the possibilities are endless. Dice also allow you to trade in goods, and if you have a die that you literally can't do anything with, you can still trade it in for workers, tokens that allow you to manipulate dice rolls. That way, even though dice are random, you can mitigate the randomness. . The components are of "pretty good" quality. The tokens are all thick cardboard punchouts and they don't seem flimsy at all. I wish that the player boards were a little thicker, but that would drive up the cost of the game. See, at $30, this is a steal. More on that later. . The artwork is a little bland. The theme on this game works, but it does feel secondary to the mechanics of the game. It is definitely less pasted-on than other euros, but the symbols strewn about the market board and player boards (while helpful) do break up the theme. . My big complaint - there are 18 different kinds of tokens in this game, yet the plastic insert included in the box has five spaces. Either get everything in baggies or buy a plano box. A plano will fit inside of the box. . Otherwise, i recommend this game. It's "thinky", it requires attention to strategy and detail, and while player interaction is limited, it is there in the form of resource denial. This is a fun and deep game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. For what's in the box, and the depth of strategy that you have while playing this, the game is a steal at $30. There are lighter games that give you less that cost more. You can't go wrong here.

The castles of burgundy is a detailed strategy game set in the loire valley of france during medieval times. Players assume the role of princes trying to build the greatest estates in the land by becoming more prosperous than their competitors. Over the course of five rounds, players collect points by trading, livestock farming, city building and scientific research. They must buy and sell goods or labor and use action tiles for building, shipping, mining, livestock and knowledge across two game boards. The game is designed for 2-4 board gamers ages 12 and up. A detailed strategy game for dedicated gamers set in medieval france. 15th century princes devote time and effort to strategically trading and building their prosperity and their estates. Immersive game of fame and fortune set in 15th century france designed for players who relish strategy games composed with intricate details, colorful artwork and quality construction, the castles of burgundy challenges players with strategic options to acquire the victory points they need to win the game. Players work between the main game board and their own personal game board to acquire the possesions, points, wealth and knowledge they need to earn victory points. The quest begins from the moment the game starts until it ends, keeping everyone fully engaged and thinking of creative ways to buy, trade or sell as a means of amassing their fortune. Advanced game play rules are included. A complex strategy game that challenges players to think ahead and plan big a game of both subtle and overt strategy, wit and patience, the castles of burgundy sparks the imagination with its various animals, land, building and ship tiles, as well as the give and take between the two game boards. Intricate play details promote cause and effect, attention to detail, mathematical calculations and patience. Since the game is played over five rounds, players must develop a strategy and keep the game's objectives clear in their minds over a lengthy time period. Players compete against one another, but also against themselves, as they test strategies that could help them amass their assets more quickly than their opponents. Players manage assets and sharpen their business skills the castles of burgundy is for players who prefer games of strategy to those of luck. This is a game with historical perspective with the inspiring theme of france during medieval times. Players must be alert and ready to think clearly across two game boards, intricate details and multiple areas at once. What's in the box? 164 six-sided tiles, 42 goods tiles, 20 silverlings (game's currency), 30 worker tiles, 12 bonus tiles, 4 victory tiles, 8 playing pieces, 9 dice, 1 game board, 6 player boards, 1 set of instructions br clear "all" br clear "all"

Ravensburger 81243 The Castles Of BurgundyRavensburger-81243-Castles-Burgundy

Ravensburger 81243 Castles Of Burgundy (Toys And Games) FAQ.

This is a game that is very complicated. I am 63 and an avid life-long board game player. My 17 yr-old grandaughter and i opened and started doing the prep to play this today. It took us two hours to go through the prep instructions and get all of the pieces ready. There are four sheets of cardboard punchouts; but the hard part was when we started reading the instructions! oh my! each piece is so integral to the play of the game and there were so many options for everything to make the game more in-depth. Perhaps it was because it was late and we were tired, but it overwhelmed us. We decided to play it with the younger children and play it like a bingo game instead for them! the game is made sturdily and will last a lifetime due to its quality; i'm sure if someone likes a very intensive playing/thinking game (even more-so than risk or stratego or careers! ), they would love this game. We cannot imagine children playing it. We have purchased six games from the same company. We love them because they are so different from other board games and play them all of the time, but this one was just too complicated. -Notice from T. Newell, Champagne-Ardenne

Click to Show ravensburger 81243 castles of burgundy (toys and games) Details

I bought this game for my husband for his birthday last november. We love to play strategy games (catan, carcassonne, 7 wonders, agricola, puerto rico, etc. ), and after reading reviews about castles of burgundy, decided to give it a try. Well, as with all strategy games, it took a while to read through all the rules and learn how to play the game, but once we got the hang of it, we really liked the game! the two of us played it several times together, and games took us about 50 minutes to an hour to play. We liked it so much that we thought it would be a fun game to play with family at christmas. Well, with 4 people, it took much longer! i mean, duh, of course it would take longer with double the people (two of which were learning it for the first time). If you're not a game enthusiast, this game could certainly be a little overwhelming, and that's how the 2 family members that played with us felt. Not only did it take 30 minutes to set up/explain the game, but then it took almost 2 1/2 hours to play the game! now, i don't mind long games, if they're meant to take that long. But when you have people who deliberate over every option and take 5 minutes per turn, it can seem agonizing. . Each player essentially has 25 turns in the game, so if you are playing with 4 people, that's 100 turns in the game. If each person only takes 1 minute per turn, that's an hour and 40 minutes. If each person takes 2 minutes per turn. You do the math! if you're into strategy games, then playing a long game is no problem! however, if you're not that crazy about the prospect of a 2 or 3 hour game, maybe this isn't for you. Of course, the more you play it, the faster you get. . Overall, we really like the game, and it is fairly fast with only 2 players. It's one that will certainly keep it's place in our game repertoire!

Ravensburger-81243-castles-of-burgundy-(toys-and-games) set picture

- H. Smith'castles of burgundy' is one of my favorite tabletop games to play with my wife. It is an excellent two player game and is still fun with more than two players. There is good replayability and after 20-30 games, i must say, i am not tired of it. The different maps offer various strategies. In other games, i tend to be the evil one who not only plays to win, but plays to make others lose. In this game, i feel like it's balanced enough that there are plenty of good choices so my wife doesn't rage quit.

Super fun! . . The choices can "seem" overwhelming, but the role of the dice means that your actual choices are limited. A very tactical game meaning that you must decide how best to use the dice rolls that you get, rather than planning out the next 5 moves ahead of time. There are definite ways to adjust the dice rolls, and you never feel like there is nothing for you to do. Something is always available even if it is just gathering more workers (to adjust dice rolls). . I thought my girlfriend who likes theme and lighter games would hate this game. And the first round or two she did. But then it all started to click with her and she really got into it and loved it. (it also helped that i explained a "theme" of- you have been given this land by the king, and it is up to you to make it the best province in the land). . Lots of choices, a little luck (mitigated), and tons of fun makes this game a blast to play. And when you win it is because of the skill that you played with.

K. Sheila, Wisconsin

Brand :    ravensburger
Color :    Multi
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    81243
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Instructions included
  • Game components, 164 six-sided tiles, 42 goods tiles, 20 inches silverlings inches 30 worker tiles, 12 bonus tiles, victory point tiles, playing pieces, dice, game board, player boards
  • 2-4 players
  • Game idea, over the course of phases of play, players collect the game-deciding victory points via trading, livestock farming, city building or scientific research, the player with the most victory points in the end is the winner
  • Playing time 30-90 minutes
Price :    $23.62 (was $27.15)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (ravensburger product review) for Ravensburger 81243 The Castles Of Burgundy available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Greed Board Game

Greed: a game by donald x. Vacation for 2- 5 players. America. The late 60's. Following the beat generation, hippies and the counter culture dominate the street scene now. So peace, love and understanding rule the day? yeah right. Not everyone chooses to reject materialism. As post- war immigration and migration change the demographics of the us, gangs re- emerge as a form of identification, protection and ultimately. Wealth. The gang conflicts aren't just driven by territory. They are also driven by business opportunities. Gang bosses invest more and more into legal business affairs, but don't hesitate to unleash their thugs on the competition to gain an advantage. You are not the good guy this time. The stakes are high and your competitors are enemies - in the boardroom and on the street. It's gangland war and only greed that counts! make sure that you get your share of the city's wealth by any means legal or otherwise.

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Brand :    queen games
Weight :    3.00 pounds
  • Beginners to advanced players
  • High level of interaction
  • Playing time: 20 minutes
  • Card drafting game
  • Family game
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Model :    QUG20011
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Oh My Goods Card Game

Oh my goods lets you control a network of workshops and craftsmen, helping you become the richest merchant in the game! you start with the ability to make charcoal, but will you make your fortune from cloth or meat, or perhaps some other goods? use the resources from the common pool and your hand to activate and run your workshops, and hire assistants. Create chains of good to increase your income. Will you have the most efficient path to profit?  .

Oh My Goods Card GameOh-My-Goods-Card-Game

Price :    $10.00 (was $13.48)
  • Fun, repayable card game
  • For 2-4 players
  • 30 minute playing time
Brand :    mayfair games
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    MFG3513
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the castles of burgundy card game Price : 13.5, was : 15.28 as 2017-03-31
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The F.A.Q. for the castles of burgundy card game

I have played castles of burgundy board game and love it. Very deep and challenging. The card game shares a lot from its bigger brother but is faster and easier to setup. I love that you only use one die and keep the other one for the next turn. Also like the endgame because hoarders who scarf up all the silver and workers are not going to be rewarded unless there is a tie. This is a lower scoring game so even getting one point is a big deal. The downside is that this game takes up a lot of real estate. And since the cards are so small you can't see what the other player across the table has. I found myself standing up a lot of the time. I was disappointed, at first, about the size of the cards but if they were larger they, wouldn't fit on the table. The directions are also miniscule. I found it easier to download the rules onto my tablet. Besides all the shortcomings this game was a hit on our friday game night. I highly recommend it.

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(0) Question: How does this play solo? do you enjoy it? i'm wondering if i should grab this over onirim, almost half the price. thanks!

(1) Question: Can this be played with 2 people?

(note) Question: where/how to get Ravensburger (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Ravensburger's products

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Wife and i enjoyed playing this just fine. However, we also played the board game and i, at least, preferred it by a good margin. Amazingly, this one hogs more of the table than the actual board game.

R. Shirley, Hartlepool

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N. Aldana, Idaho says

Fantastic card variant on an already great board game. My favorite part is that you can play this card game solo!

A. Peggy, Haringey

This will not replace your copy of burgundy, but it might get played more often. In this version, they cut the size down, cut out half of the turns, and simplified the game. Is half of a great game still a good? in this case, i'd say, yes - especially when it takes half the time to play. Many parts of the original still come through in this snack size version of it, and this has to be one of the best games you can get at this price and size.

Q. Carrie, North Carolina says

I really enjoy this game. It plays in about 25-30 minutes and offers some great back and forth with some solid combos. You feel really smart when you get all the different bonuses and are able to take a couple of actions in one turn. Most of the points come from set collection, but there are several other ways to score supplemental victory points that can really make a difference in the final score. The solo game is really good as well. I really have no complaints with this game, but i have not played the original board game so i may not know what i am missing. For $10 bucks and a small box this is a very solid game. Actual rating: 8/10

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