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Price was $14.99. Liquid glass- wanted this putty ever since i first saw it, because it looks so freaking cool. There are many negative reviews on the clear putty, and you should listen to them. This putty does indeed have a wow factor as soon as you open the container, but it ends there. No matter how long you set it out, it will forever have thousands of bubbles in it. Also, each time you play with it will leave streaks of oil throughout it. This putty is not typical putty at all and feels more like a giant gummy candy. It does not tear nor stretch like putty and it is sticky like tape. If you have long nails, it will become trapped under them. I do not recommend buying this for younger children. If this stuff gets into fabric or carpet, it will never come out. With that in mind, buy this at your own risk. Look up videos on youtube of someone playing with this stuff to make a decision. This is a supreme let down. Two stars out of five. 2/5. . Reactive razz: first issue here is that aaron claims that it is soft as regular putty, and that is not entirely true. This is putty isn't as firm as the previous magnetic putties, but it is not soft by any means. It takes a bit of working to get it softer and malleable, but it is still very tough to roll out, knead with hands, and explore the magnetic properties. The magnet included in the magenta putty is far weaker than the previous silver neodymium magnets but bigger. Overall, this is a decent magnetic putty to play around with. 3 stars out of 5. 3/5. . Glow in the dark ion: i have seen and owned many glow in the dark things in my life but wow does this stuff glow! this putty is on the firmer side, but the effects are stunning and beautiful. Since it is white, this putty will collect dirt rather easily so caution needs to be taken when played with. If you pull or tear this putty apart, it will leave glow in the dark dust on whatever surface (including you) it is near. Absolutely love this putty! 5 stars out of 5. 5/5. . Amethyst blush: this is a great standard feeling putty. If you have cold hands, you will never see or notice any color change from this putty. If you take this putty and stretch it constantly, it will eventually warm up and you will see it does have a dramatic color change. If you do have cooler hands, try putting your hands in warm water for a few minutes and dry your hands off before playing with your putty. Colors are vibrant and this is a great putty with a nice hand feel. 5 stars out of 5. 5/5. . Valentine's xoxo: this putty is pearlescent and sparkly, and it is really pretty. It is on the softer side of crazy aaron's putty, and it does have a slight sticky sensation when played with. As mentioned previously with amethyst blush, if you have cold hands you will never see the color change of this putty. Stretching it rapidly will eventually warm the putty up as well as warming your hands prior to use. Not overly crazy for the sticky sensation, but it is a good putty. 4 stars out of 5. 4/5. . Super scarab: this putty takes the cake for eye appealing. The colors on this are simply stunning. Depending on what light you are in it is a combination of blues and purples. Absolutely gorgeous! this putty is very soft and malleable. If stretched super thin, the putty itself seems to have little to no color (i'm assuming just mica powders were used for the illusion effect). This putty is a must have! 5 stars out of 5. 5/5. . Electric blue: another stunning putty from crazy aaron! this has mica powder swirled through it so it gives off a pearlescent shine. I honestly wouldn't call this color electric, but it is a very vibrant baby blue. This is a tough putty and maybe not the best choice for younger children since it takes a bit of elbow grease to bend this stuff into shape. This putty gives absolutely stunning effects if you make little balls with it and one by one put them in the tin and let it sit overnight. Great putty to own! 5 stars out of 5. 5/5

-U. Erin

Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty Phantoms (Crazy Aaron) Color: Phantoms Artic Flare. This Bouncy, Bold, Spectacularly Stretchy Stuff Will Have Kids Imagining New And Fun Ways To Play All Day. Naturally, It’s Called “thinking Putty”! The Toys And Games

  1. Extra: Bouncy, Spectacularly Stretchy.
  2. Extra: Shimmery, Glittery Putty.

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Crazy aaron's thinking putty is fun for everyone, whether your looking for a scientific putty for your kids or desk toy at work that will keep you occupied and delight coworkers. . This is a review for krypton, krypton is the go to putty if you are looking for a strong long lasting glow in the dark putty. It's really impressive to watch. The downsides to this putty is that it is harder then a lot of aarons other putties, so it's not as easy to kneed and stretch. It's also plain white when in light, so it doesn't really catch your eye. . So for a fun glow in the dark putty, this is fantastic. But if your looking for something softer and visually pleasing in the light i suggest going with a super illusions putty. Best Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 3.2 Ounce, Phantoms Artic Flare as-of ( Oct 2020 ) | Getting Fit-Toys And Games Review Extra Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 3.2 Ounce, Phantoms Artic Flare Phantom"-style putty from crazy aaron. Bouncy, spectacularly stretchy. Shimmery, glittery putty. Reveals its true colors under the included black-light keychain. Will glow in the dark brightly for 12 hours .

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 3.2 Ounce, Phantoms Artic Flare Review (AF020)

I do some writing, and i'm a tactile person. I love havign this putty nearby to give me something to do with my hands while i'm thinking of the next scene. It keeps me from clicking over to another tab and getting distracted. Like, i said, i'm a tactile person, and it's right up my alley. I don't even use it for experiments or anything. I would suggest the bigger tin, just because if you manipulate this a lot, it tends to get overly sticky and the consistency gets weird. I like having the big one so i can take a bit off, play with it for a few days, and then return that bit to the tin for some fresher stuff. It seems to go back to normal after a while, so it's a good technique. The only thing i would warn you about is sticking this to stuff with wood finishes, and photos. Bad idea for both. I learned both the hard way after leaving it on my desk for too long. Anything you get it stuck on other than that should be pretty easy to take off. Just use the same technique as when you get gum stuck on something. I have one at the office, and one at home, and it's great. -L. Nielsen

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 3.2 Ounce, Phantoms Artic Flare

  1. Rank: Toy
  2. Brand: Crazy Aaron
  3. Color: Phantoms Artic Flare
  4. EAN: 0713757876124
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.50 inches
    Length:4.00 inches
    Weight:0.7 pounds
    Width:4.00 inches
  6. ItemPart/Serial Number: AF020
  7. Manufacturer: Getting Fit
  8. Recommended Max-Age: 180
  9. Suggested Min-Age: 72
  10. Model: AF020
  11. MPN: AF020
  12. Quantity: 1
  13. Part/Serial Number: AF020
  14. Group-Order: Toy
  15. Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  16. Product-Name: Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 3.2 Ounce, Phantoms Artic Flare
  17. UPC: 713757876124
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Toy(713757876124:Toys And Games), Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 3.2 Ounce, Phantoms Artic Flare (0713757876124:Crazy Aaron), Color: phantoms artic flare. this bouncy, bold, spectacularly stretchy stuff will have kids imagining new and fun ways to play all day. naturally, it's called "thinking putty"! the phantom style (like arctic flare) are shimmery, glittery putties that reveal their true colors under the included black-light keychain, and will glow in the dark brightly for 12 hours even after you've written or drawn on it with black light!.

Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty Phantoms Toy

Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty PhantomsCrazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 3.2 Ounce, Phantoms Artic Flare (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I purchased two of the colors, aura and foxfire. I purchased these to help keep my hands busy and they're both quite fun. . Pros: doesn't leave residue or film on hands, very good for stress, anxiety, super fun to play with. Cons: doesn't glow for very long, sometimes hard to get out of the tins. . Foxfire: comes with the keychain (even though i think the uv keychain could've come with the aura one because that one really needs to uv light to work) foxfire glows in the dark if you leave it under a regular lamp for awhile. Drawing with the little keychain with foxfire is alright but not as good as drawing on aura. Doesn't glow for that long and when you place it in front of light to light it up it only lights up one side leaving it completely dark. Still very fun to play with though. . Aura: doesn't come with the keychain but definitely should. I used it with a black light and the keychain. Aura isn't as soft and gooey at first but once you work with it for awhile it's pretty easy. Definitely need some sort of black light/ uv light to play with this one

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 3.2 Ounce, Phantoms Artic Flare (Toys And Games) Af020
Click to see NoticeCrazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 3.2 Ounce, Phantoms Artic Flare (AF020)"I bought this putty in 3 different colors! a large tin of super scarab and two small tins of super lava and super oil slick. . The putty is very fun to play with and the amount that comes in each tin is more than enough. . The smaller puttys are much tougher than the large tin. All of them feel slightly sticky when playing with them but they leave no sticky residue on your hands. They will stain clothing and furniture so if you're buying these for kids i would take the same precaution you would with playdoh. . Super scarab is by far my favorite color, depending on the lighting it changes from purple to blue and green. . Oil slick is my second favorite, changing from green to yellow and copper. . Super lava was a little disappointing. The flash on my camera made it look red but in reality it's more of a copper/brown color. I didn't see as much color change in this one as i did in the other two. . All in all i'm very happy with this purchase and i will probably buy more in the future."

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Emerald Sky First Ever Glow in Dark Heat-Sensitive Hypercolor -Online Exclusive Color

The hypercolor of this putty takes a while to activate and the putty is pretty unyielding right from the tin. After working with it for a while it becomes pliable and stretchy, which is also when the color starts to change from a medium blue to a light blue. This putty seems harder to manipulate than other varieties of crazy aaron's thinking putty. My daughter had fun putting it up against cold surfaces to see how the color would change. As with my putty, this doesn't come out of clothes, carpets or hair easily.

Crazy aaron's thinking putty - emerald sky glow in the dark hyper color - it'll be like putty in your hands it's called thinking putty because while you do whatever you want with it, your brain relaxes and opens up to all kinds of creative thinking. Need it? yes. And you can also knead it. Or bounce it, bend it, tear it, stretch it, snap it, pop it. And it's magnetic. You get 3. 2 oz of brand new glow in the dark hyper color that is both heat sensitive and sensitive to light and dark. Comes in a 4" dia x 1-3/8" tin. Emerald sky glow in the dark hypercolor is heat-sensitive putty that changes magically while you play and glows in the dark - the only one that does this. It's so darn addicting, you won't be able to put it down!

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Emerald Sky First Ever Glow in Dark Heat-Sensitive Hypercolor -Online Exclusive ColorCrazy-Aarons-Thinking-Putty-Heat-Sensitive

See Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty Heat Sensitive (Crazy Aaron S) FAQ.

Saw this in a store, but it was all sold out except for glow-in-the-dark blue. Looking at the back of the packaging i saw there were more colors, so that's when i found it here on online store. The "emerald sky" looked cool. Arrived a few days ago and i love it. Already bought a couple more of the different types and colors and hope they arrive soon. . One odd thing, my 2 cats seem strangely attracted to it. Maybe they smell something i don't, but they are constantly trying to bite it out of my hands or rub against it. Weird. . Also, it glows best if you work with it a while and get it warm, then put it on top of a light source for a few minutes. If it's cold, it doesn't seem to glow at all. -Notice from I. Hurst, West Sussex

Click to Show crazy aarons thinking putty heat sensitive (crazy aaron s) Details

I was thinking about getting this for my grandkids but decided to "test-drive" it first. It was just a bit stiff until it warmed up some and took a while to warm up enough to change colors, but turned out to be popular and fun for all the "big kids" (21-55) who played with it. It also had a very satisfying eerie glow in the dark. It has very much the qualities like the old silly putty, but in a larger amount and with fun color tricks. It does have a slight odd scent, especially when warm.

Crazy-aarons-thinking-putty-heat-sensitive-(crazy-aaron-s) set picture

- O. SmithLove the putty! . . Pros:. Glows in the dark! . In about 5 minutes, and some rubbing my hands together, i got blue to green! . Cons:. Stiff, so you have to work with it. . Overall, i am very satisfied! cheaper than the other ones and came on time, packaging is perfect!

My daughter loves slime. I never thought that she would like this more than slime. I was wrong. The hype-color of the putty really puts a twist on it sand makes it extra fun. If you like to mold things this is perfect for you. Although this is a tough putty at first, after a few days of playing with it, it will soften. The glow in the dark part is a little different. You have to put it under a lamp for about a minute to "charge it" to glow. . Overall i would highly recommend this for all ages. It's a great stress reliever and fun toy.

F. Peggy, West Berkshire

  • 3. 2oz of thinking putty
  • Brand new crazy aaron's color not sold in any stores
  • Stretch it, change it, play it, create it!
  • The first glow in the dark hypercolor ever made
  • Emerald sky hyper color changes color from blue to green
Brand :    crazy aaron's
Weight :    0.15 pounds
Model :    CZA-ES020
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (crazy aaron's product review) for Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty - Emerald Sky First Ever Glow in Dark Heat-Sensitive Hypercolor -Online Exclusive Color available as-of ( Oct 2020 )

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit

I got this for my two boys, 7 and 10, for christmas and they absolutely loved it! they thought this was so awesome! it was easy and fun for them to mix together. They were able to do it on their own and without my supervision. Afterwards they had a blast playing with the unique putty they made. My youngest actually combined all of them together to make one large ball after he was done and to my surprise it was pretty cool. I was happy i bought this for them and might even buy it again for another rainy day. Crazy aaron's thinking putty is a fantastic putty.

Create your own putty-using the same ingredients renowned putty master crazy aaron uses! this play-full kit includes five tins of clear putty, 3 color-concentrated putties, 3 special-effects putties, 6 colored pencils, 5 customizable tin labels, and a mixing mat with ideas for color formulas. Or invent your very own colors and combinations of effects! no matter what you come up with, it's sure to be as stretchy, bouncy, pop-y, sculptable, special, and enjoyable as all crazy aaron's putties-and more personal. A great party activity kids can take home! for ages 8 and up.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, Mixed By Me Thinking Putty KitCrazy-Aarons-Thinking-Putty-Mixed

See Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, Mixed Me Thinking Putty Kit (730753) FAQ.

My daughter has lots of the big tins of aarons putty! she wanted to get the make your own, as she is into making all kinds of gak and putty. She loved this product, had fun making and naming her putty. There are so many combination you could use. I do wish they had a refill kit that you could buy to make more once the 5 tins are gone. She was so excited that it went pretty fast :-) i'm thinking we can use our liquid glass putty to use up our special effects putty left over. I do see us buying a few more of these kits in the very near future. It is a great project for kid, not messy and even i had fun doing it with her. I would recommend this to all my friends. Made here in the usa and its just an amazing product. -Notice from T. Pamela, Corse

Click to Show crazy aaron's thinking putty, mixed me thinking putty kit (730753) Details

My son ordered this kit after watching several videos on youtube and couldn't be happier with it. He has the big tins of putty as well, but the smaller ones in this kit are much more convenient. He has trouble in school with attention and having a small amount of putty in his hands seems to help him focus and pay attention the the teacher or when he's reading. The kit comes with colors and blank putty so you can create your own unique putty. The glow in the dark putty was fun too.

Crazy-aaron's-thinking-putty,-mixed-me-thinking-putty-kit-(730753) set picture

- F. HannahCrazy aaron's is awesome and this product is no different! it comes with five tins of plain putty and then coloring and effects putty in smaller amounts. There's red, yellow and blue putty in small amounts that you add to the plain putty to color it. There's also glow in the dark putty and glitter to add. It comes with labels and colored pencils so you can name your new putty!

My 4 yr old daughter and i had lots of fun making custom putties with this set. You have to be careful not to add too much of the colored putties to the clear base putty, otherwise the resulting colors are too dark. The glow-in-the-dark additive doesn't seem to work, though.

H. Dorothy, Iowa

Brand :    crazy aarons puttyworld
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    PK001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (crazy aarons puttyworld product review) for Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit available as-of ( Oct 2020 )
  • 6 colored pencils, 5 customizable tin labels, mixing mat
  • Made in the usa
  • Kit includes 5 tins of clear putty, 3 color-concentrated putties, 3 special-effects putties

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 1.6 Ounce, Precious Gems Burmese Ruby

Crazy aaron's puttyworld introduces our precious gems collection.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 1.6 Ounce, Precious Gems Burmese RubyCrazy-Aarons-Thinking-Precious-Burmese

Brand :    crazy aaron's
Color :    Precious Gems Burmese Ruby
Weight :    0.40 pounds
Model :    BR011
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (crazy aaron's product review) for Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 1.6 Ounce, Precious Gems Burmese Ruby available as-of ( Oct 2020 )

Thinking Putty - Amethyst Blush - 2 inch

Love this stuff

There's so much to do with thinking putty hyper color 2 inch. Made in the usa, this silicone based substance is a unique stress reliever that you can stretch, tear, shape, roll, and squish. It's like chewing gum for your hands! rub in your hands to heat up and make a vibrant color, put in the fridge to change it back!  

Thinking Putty - Amethyst Blush - 2 inchThinking-Putty-Amethyst-Blush-inch

See Thinking Putty - Amethyst Blush - 2 Inch (AB003) FAQ.

Kids and grown-ups alike love this! it is a little hard to mold at first, but that helps to warm up your hands. Definitely good for "therapy" or just because. I always keep some at my desk for times when i need to think, but it also worked as a great art project for school kids. -Notice from B. Cassella, Maryland

Click to Show thinking putty - amethyst blush - 2 inch (ab003) Details

Our daughter plays with this often.

Thinking-putty---amethyst-blush---2-inch-(ab003) set picture

- R. MedinaFor the price this needs to be a much larger portion. It is kind of hard.

Gave my daughter entertainment for hours.

X. Jarvis, Wirral

  • Makes a great gift
  • Endless amounts of fun
  • Something everyone will love
Brand :    crazy aaron's putty world
Weight :    0.7 pounds
Model :    AB003
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (crazy aaron's putty world product review) for Thinking Putty - Amethyst Blush - 2 inch available as-of ( Oct 2020 )

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty ION Glow in Dark

Is very firm until you start warming it up, but even then it's still the firmest of the putties. It is amazing to look at in the dark, a ton of fun to play with, and the glow last for greater amount of time then i expected. This color and the typical green seem to be the brightest. If i had to make a scale it would be green light blue orange dark blue. I like the dark blue color the best but sadly it lacks a lot of the brightness, so i think of the glow in the dark putties, this one is my favorite overall.

You'll swear you can see the electrons buzzing around - generating this icy blue glow. An extraterrestrial turquoise glows all night long. Dim the lights, zone out, and enjoy a soothing, hypnotic experience. ; 8. 8 x 5. 7 x 1. 3 inches, 5. 3 ounces - 5. 3 ounces; manufacturer recommended age: 14 years and up you'll swear you can see the electrons buzzing around - generating this icy blue glow. An extraterrestrial turquoise glows all night long. Dim the lights, zone out, and enjoy a soothing, hypnotic experience.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty ION Glow in DarkCrazy-Aarons-Thinking-Putty-Glow

See Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Ion Glow In Dark (IN020) FAQ.

Yes, men still like goofy toys at 50! first thing he did was put it under a lamp for 20 minutes to get it infused with light and then turned out the lights and was so happy it glowed! i gotta admit men are just kids in bigger bodies and it made me so happy to see him laughing like a kid with this funny product. I got it primarily for a stress reliever from his super stressful job. And he'll sit there thinking about something and just playing with this almost like a stress ball. Just as a side point, you can get a uv pen set in three colors, and a uv tiny flashlight and can write a secret note on this putty that no one else can see without the flashlight! -Notice from Z. Benton, Quebec

Click to Show crazy aaron's thinking putty ion glow in dark (in020) Details

This will be off-white and then make its way toward hideous fleshly beige in no time if you handle it with your bare hands. Oil, hair, dead skin and all that wonderful stuff, let alone anything else you have on you or on the floor you drop or bounce it on. Same problem as with the clear variety. Still very cool though like the other colors, and much more firm than most.

Crazy-aaron's-thinking-putty-ion-glow-in-dark-(in020) set picture

- F. LaraWhen i ordered the putty, i expected it to somewhat glow and be just a fun item. It glows brightly, and it's a beautiful blue color at night. Durning the day it is a milky white, which is pretty cool too. It has a great consistency. Fun to play with. Good product. I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a great school or office toy.

Daughter loves it. No mess and groovy glow in the dark. Put it under light for a while and it glows much brighter. Far superior to the old school silly putty.

K. Brendon, Thueringen

Brand :    crazy aaron's putty world
Color :    Ion
Weight :    0.35 pounds
Model :    5516286
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
  • Hours of fun
  • Great for all ages
  • Made in the usa
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (crazy aaron's putty world product review) for Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty ION Glow in Dark available as-of ( Oct 2020 )

Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld Holiday Edition Special Putty - 2 Tin Love Is In The Air

This valentine's day, crazy aaron wants you to stop and smell the roses. Literally! experience the first-ever scented thinking putty! great for inspiration and relaxation, this glimmering pink putty enchants with the scent of fresh-cut roses. Each tin includes 1/34 lb of love is in the air thinking putty.

Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld Holiday Edition Special Putty - 2 Tin Love Is In The AirCrazy-Aarons-Puttyworld-Holiday-Special

Brand :    crazy aarons puttyworld
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (crazy aarons puttyworld product review) for Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld Holiday Edition Special Putty - 2 Tin Love Is In The Air available as-of ( Oct 2020 )

Crazy Aaron's Putty World Amber Putty - 3.2 oz - 4 Tin

I had great service from online store i ordered like six can's of the thinking putty three at a time the first set the mail person gave it to the wrong address and i was given my money back right away i ordered more and received it right away it was a really good surprise for my granddaughter she loves it they have some that is like glass and it breaks like glass but its putty one is magnetic and clings to things and they can use it for almost any kind of fun

Thinking putty comes in 30 colors, including glow-in-the-dark, heat-sensitive, and electric-colored putty. It can stretch like rubber and bounce like a ball, and because it's silicone-based, it won't dry out or crumble over time. It's part toy, part stress reliever, part physical therapy and entirely addictive. Once you start playing, it's hard to stop! glow in the dark thinking putty is hypnotic and irresistible. Milky white in daylight, their glow magically appears when the lights dim. It's translucent - so the glow appears to come from deep within! . Use our blacklight keychain to write messages on the putty and draw special designs! . Tear it in darkness and watch it spark! . Each tin contains 1/5lb of thinking putty. Made in the usa. Amber is an exotic jack-o-lantern glow that is simply awesome! use with our blacklight keychain for a glow visible in a lit room! after about an hour, the magic fades. Until next time! . Perfect for anywhere you like to play. After exposure to light (the brighter, the better) these colors will glow for hours. Amber thinking putty's exotic jack-o-lantern glow is simply awesome. Use with our backlight keychain for a glow visible in a lit room. After about an hour, the magic fades. Until next time.

Crazy Aaron's Putty World Amber Putty - 3.2 oz - 4 TinCrazy-Aarons-Putty-World-Amber

See Crazy Aaron's Putty World Amber Putty - 3.2 Oz - 4 Tin (5516284) FAQ.

My son loved it right up until we threw it in the trash. This stuff gets in your carpet and it's a pain to get out. Luckily it comes out with some of the 99% alcohol and a clean rag. It's a fun product, just don't let any of it drop or smash into the carpet. -Notice from C. Ruby, Kentucky

Click to Show crazy aaron's putty world amber putty - 3.2 oz - 4 tin (5516284) Details

We got this for them well over 6 months ago and it is still going strong. My 6 year old loves it and plays with it still about every night. The glow factor is not very bright unless held right up to the light or a flashlight is held on it, but they don't seem to care they just love the putty it self. It comes off surfaces easily and i haven't found it to stain either. The tin is super handy and they both can open it without any help, which some tins are impossible to open. My niece and nephew will be getting some for there birthdays!

Crazy-aaron's-putty-world-amber-putty---3.2-oz---4-tin-(5516284) set picture

- S. AndersonMy 13 year old son love this stuff. It's keeps him occupied and entertained so that works for me. I think it's pretty neat myself. He found these online and made me a huge list of the ones he wanted. I think it's safe to say it's kid and mom approved

Absolutely love these puttys, especially the electric category. But should have read the reviews that indicated the black light key chain was not included and the glow in the picture is deceptive.

N. Megan, South Carolina

Brand :    crazy aaron's enterprises
Weight :    0.40 pounds
  • Hours of fun
  • Great for all ages
  • Made in the usa
Model :    5516284
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (crazy aaron's enterprises product review) for Crazy Aaron's Putty World Amber Putty - 3.2 oz - 4 Tin available as-of ( Oct 2020 )

Blacklight Keychain

New technology puts the power of a fluorescent blacklight in your hands. This keychain is tiny lightweight and makes glow in the dark thinking putty go absolutely crazy.

Blacklight KeychainCrazy-Aarons-Puttyworld-Blacklight-Keychain

Brand :    crazy aarons puttyworld
Weight :    4.63 pounds
Model :    BK000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (crazy aarons puttyworld product review) for Blacklight Keychain available as-of ( Oct 2020 )
  • New technology puts the power of a fluorescent blacklight in your hands.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Great gift idea.
  • This keychain is tiny lightweight and makes glow in the dark thinking putty go absolutely crazy.
  • Package quantity: 1

Vampire Drool: Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty DollTV Exclusive

Greatest stuff in the world. Daughter brought home some and i was hooked. I love it for my hands, keeps them from stiffening up. You really need try it. Start off with a mini tin and go from there. That's what i did.

"when the good count dracula introduced this putty to me, it was so much fun that i forgot i was his prisoner . We played from sunrise to sunset, and the count didn't even notice! now we're best friends. Forever! " actual excerpt from jonathan harker's journal

Vampire Drool: Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty DollTV ExclusiveVampire-Drool-Thinking-DollTV-Exclusive

See Vampire Drool: Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty Dolltv Exclusive (86007) FAQ.

My kid is crazy about all of aaron's crazy putty colors. He sticks them on spiderman's face and tells me he is turning into a simbiote, or makes funny characters with them. -Notice from L. Carolyn, Brent

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Tough and harder than other puttys but fun for when you are stressed or doing a test

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- M. NewellNothing is better than crazy aaron's spellbinding array of thinking putties. More colors! another winner for my collection of putty.

My kids are up obsessed with putty lately and this is the best putty we have found on the market!

O. Cathy, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Brand :    crazy aaron's thinking putty
Color :    Red
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    86007
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  • Pulse-quickening red: fresh off the fang!
  • A special edition thinking putty concocted by crazy aaron exclusively for dolltv.
  • Made in the usa
  • So much fun. it's scary.
  • Glows mysteriously on a deep, dark moonless night.

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The F.A.Q. for Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, 3.2 Ounce, Phantoms Artic Flare (AF020)

I use this at work to keep me from biting my nails. It doesn't dry out or stick to my skin or desk. It's very calming. I have been using it for about a month now.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Does the putty itself wipe out computer memory?

(1) Question: How do you remove the putty when it gets stuck on material?

(2) Question: Is it magnetic?

(3) Question: Does it come with instructions?

(4) Question: Are all the colors magnetic?

(5) Question: Is this putty magnetic? does it come with a magnet? thanks!

(6) Question: Can you soften it?

(7) Question: Hello there, i am confused with the amount. in the description said "0. 8 ounces", that means less than an ounce?

(8) Question: Can i clean it if it gets dirty

(9) Question: Is the clear glass one magnetic?

(note) Question: where/how to get Crazy Aaron (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Crazy Aaron's products


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My 4 year old daughter loves this stuff. She saw it in the store one time and i decided to buy it off online store for her birthday, it's the one thing from her birthday that she has played with every day for the past month. I will probably buy some other types for christmas etc. Way better than silly putty as you get a lot more and the tin is really nice for storage. . She has gotten it in various things, so a tip if you've found it stuck in clothing or furniture, i scratch off as much as i can, then use rubbing alcohol on it. That seems to take care of it, and if it's washable then i sprayed with stain remover and washed.

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Best crazy aaron's thinking putty, 3.2 ounce, phantoms artic flare (af020) in review

I have a bfrb disorder, and was getting bad, so i started looking for something to keep my hands busy instead of doing destructive things. After deliberating for some time and reading practically all the reviews, i decided to invest in crazy aaron's super scarab putty. It arrived two days later in an unnecessarily large cardboard box, which i promptly gave to my dog to shred. I opened the tin and had to spend a few minutes scraping the putty from the sides and top of tin, but after that it held its shape nicely. . This putty was less malleable than i thought it would be. It was cold, so i had to clench it pretty tight and warm it up in my hands for it to start softening up. It easily molds to the shape of your hand, and if you put it down, it starts collapsing right away. If you leave it for a long while, it will flatten out completely in whatever container it's in. I did find the first few days the putty left a bit of a sticky residue on my hands, but that went away quickly. The color of the putty is very beautiful, and it shimmers in the right light. If you look at it from a certain angle, it will appear purple, but if you look at it from a different angle, it will appear blue. I find it very aesthetically pleasing. . The only downside to this putty is the price. I feel like a fair price for this product would be around 6 - 8 dollars. But, the quality is nice and it works for the intent i purchased it, so i can't complain. (side note: do not put this putty down on porous surfaces like fabrics, unfinished wood, etc. You'll end up with a stain and many tears)

L. Terry, Aquitaine

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E. Evelyn, Champagne-Ardenne says

My daughter and son both loves these. . Pros:. 1. Great as a fidget tool - kids with adhd love this as much as their parents. 2. The northern lights is really lovely to look at. 3. Different putty (based on names) has different level of difficulty. * meaning how much strength it takes your hand to work it. 4. This is probably one of the best investments we have made. 5. Physical therapy - also great for physical therapy. . Cons:. 1. A little expensive - but to us well worth the cost. . This review is my own, and i paid for this item.

V. Guest, Maine

Everything they said about it is true. But the problem was in the shipping. I received mine with a cut in its box (the cut is where you open the package! ) and it was hard pulling out the uv flashlight. I hope it wasn't opened! . . But the product itself is fine. It does glow after exposure to uv. It does stretch, bounce and everything

A. Alba, Shropshire says

I've owned the black and grey magnet putties that aaron makes and both are very thick, much much more so than any other putty. I picked this up hoping to have a magnet putty that would be closer to other putties in softness and i am not disappointed. Its almost exactly as soft as the others. I would absolutely recommend this one over the other two. . My only disappointment is that due to the magnet powder it doesn't "blob" out like other putties (neither do the other two magnet ones) and what i mean is when you leave the putty alone for a hour or two it just kind of stays in a mound instead of liquifying but this may be a pro for some as it makes it less messy if left out of its container. . The only other thing is that the magnet on the black and grey magnet putties was a super magnet that was about a cubed centimeter. This magnet is a regular magnet but is almost a cubed inch and a half. The effect is nearly the same. . This is the best magnet putty to get.

D. Lawrence, Texas

When this first came, i was surprised by the size. The tin is a lot larger than i expected - it seems to hold around 4 fl oz of putty, which is way more than i thought. Cool. Then i was pleasantly surprised by the consistency of this stuff; it's not oily like silly putty, but feels more like the consistency of warm paraffin. And as a side benefit, it holds its shape longer than traditional silly putty, so a sculpture will stay up for longer before it "melts" on the table. . This stuff does not tend to stick to cloth or hair like regular silly putty. Our daughter was banned from using silly putty period, because she would always drip dome in her hair on on furniture. This stuff can sit on a cloth chair and you can pick it back up! well, i wouldn't let it sit there all day but it's not an instant cause for panic like i was expecting. It really glows bright, and you can spread it into a sheet and create shadow pictures that way. It bounces high when rolled into a ball and kids can sculpt shapes and they will stay for a few hours. This goop is a big step up from silly putty in my opinion.

K. Anonymous, California says

This putty is pretty cool. I bought it to keep my fingers busy when i'm stressed out as i tend to pick at my nails and cuticles which obviously isn't healthy. So i got the putty in the hypercolor twilight. It isn't as purple as i would like, it's usually the blue color, but probably because it really isn't cold enough to see a big color change. I use it when i'm watching tv or thinking at work. I the tin sitting on my desk and one of my co-workers started playing with it mindlessly. Now he's obsessed with it and wants one for himself in the black color. Actually he wants a couple - one for home, one for his truck, and one for his desk - so he can always have one on hand. He's somewhat add and usually has a hard time focusing in our meetings then skews off into tangents jumping from topic to topic. The putty keeps his mind slightly distracted enough that he focuses better in our meetings. I highly recommend this putty. I now know what i am getting everyone for christmas stocking stuffer gifts.

F. Marguerite, Auvergne

I bought three different colors from online store and each has its own unique qualities. I have hypercolor twilight, super magnetic tital wave, and super illusions super oil slick. . I think out of the three, the super illusions is my favorite to just play with and stare at. It's so fascinating and the constant shifting colors is fun. However, after a while, the super illusions causes my hands to feel sticky. I know it's not supposed to, but it does. It's been like that since i first got it out of the tin, with freshly washed and dried hands, so it's the putty doing it. . The magnetic is fun to squish around some, too, but i enjoy just setting it down and letting it eat a magnet. It's fun to watch. You don't get as much magnetic putty per tin as the other colors, probably because it weighs more. Don't mix in your buckyballs/zen magnets. The little metal shards get pulled out by magnets and it's a pain to get them back off the zen magnets, since they scratch them up. It's easy to get the shards off bigger magnets. . The hypercolor is my favorite to squish around when i need to concentrate (i have adhd) because it isn't distracting and has a really good consistency to it. It also doesn't make my hands feel sticky. When i buy tins of these for my fellow grad student friends, i plan on getting the hypercolor varieties.

O. Alma, Tennessee says

I discovered crazy aron's thinking putty a week before christmas when i got some as an early present. I had a great time with it. So i got curious and decided to look for more kinds of it. That's when i found this kind. I ordered it with regular shipping and it came two days early! i then ripped the box open and started to experiment with it. The box showed all kinds of things you could do with it and i managed to accomplish all of them including making it look like its floating in mid air. I would have to recommend buying a separate magnet with it because the one it comes with isn't the best. But other than that this stuff is great.

R. Courtney, Somerset

I bought this as a gift for my engineer boyfriend who has a love for magnets and all unique trinkets. I wasn't too sure how well this would work, even though i've heard wonderful things about crazy aaron's putty, but i knew that we could return it if it didn't do what it says it'll do. . As soon as he opened up his present, he was so excited to see that it was the magnetic putty! he has seen all of these putties, but he had never seen the magnet putty, making this an extra surprise. He immediately opened up the container and began messing with the super strong magnet cube within the box. He made the "snake" and kept twirling it around. I also bought him a 3d scanner for his 3d printer, but this got him immediately hooked- so much so that we sat for a good hour just looking at it and playing with it, experimenting. . Some people attempt to make their own diy magnetic putty, but this stuff works amazingly well. It's more expensive and time consuming (and a bit dangerous if you aren't too careful) making your own magnetic putty, so i very much recommend just going with the pros and buying this trustworthy container.

P. Hadley, South Australia says

Purchased the "phantoms arctic flare" thinking putty for our 6yo as a gift from the tooth fairy after she lost her first tooth. The whole family has enjoyed playing with it! we love how firm it is for moldable it is, as it can hold a shape for a fair amount of time, and then the kids laugh as it "melts". Mostly, they love the ability to write on it with the small black light provided! fun product. Our 12yo daughter has now purchased her own tin of the magnetic putty. I'm certain we'll be back to collect more in the future!

Y. Donna, Mississippi

I bought a small half-ounce of the color changing thinking putty and i loved it so much that i bought the 3. 2 ounce superscarab putty! i keep the half-ounce in my purse for when i'm bored. . When lit from different angles, the colors shift teal, blue, purple, yellow tones-so fantastic! when pulled and snapped apart the "broken" edge is a matte color as shown in the demo videos from crazy aaron's site. When stretched out and released, it scrunches back up somewhat into the previous shape (crazy aaron describes it as a "memory effect"). The 3. 2oz size is plenty to split among a few people for some simple entertainment. . This particular putty is a little more stiff than the color-change colors (which seem to become almost too warm and liquidy to play with), but not nearly as stiff as the glow-in-the-dark colors that my cousins bought. The only downsides are that it can be a little bit difficult to get out of the tin and the first time i played with it, my already chipping nail polish got somewhat stuck in it (but i easily picked it out with some kneading). . No, it doesn't stain you with any color like another review said! all the color in this is due to a glittery flake that they use to make it. (it's not opaque blue like in some photos, but it is much better! ). . I once got this stuck to fabric, but using a piece of the putty, the rest can be "dabbed off" from the fabric, for the most part.

C. Paula, Kensington and Chelsea says

Ok, so this is in my "2 in one review" via my youtube channel mkf30 new 2013 magnetic putty review video. I absolutely love this stuff. Reviewed along with the new red magnetic reactive razz, this blue magnetic putty tidal wave from crazy aaron is awesome! . . It's very soft, easy to play with, easy to do experiments with, and comes with a huge ceramic magnet for easier tricks! you can also see the blackish/metal compounds in the putty that makes it magnetic along with the cool blue color. It's awesome. Be it for stress, playing with, doing science experiments or just because you love putty in general. You can't go wrong here. In my opinion, this putty is far better then even the original which is harder in comparison to this one. This is a cooler color, softer and easier to handle for even a child and comes with a huge magnet. I do hope they make more colors in the future in this magnetic line. . P. S. Also, keep an eye out for the re-done crazy aaron thinking putty quicksilver and strange attractor coming soon, both will be like this but softer, updated! . . I rate this product a 10 out of 10!

I. Beale, Thueringen

So, i did the first youtube review on this as well as the crazy aaron magnetic blue-tidal wave. This is the crazy aaron reactive raxx red magnetic color, brand new for 2013! . . If anyone reading this enjoys putty in general, magnetic putty, soft putty, easy to work with and a big ceramic magnet i'd highly recommend you buy this! plus, it's a cool red color too! kind of reminds me of the blob! where if you have a magnet it moves, which is both cool and creepy at the same time! the putty itself has magnetic compounds/tiny shards in it so it's literally a magnet itself. You can charge it with the magnetic it comes with, then pick up nails, coins, paperclips anything metal yet smaller, light enough to pick up. . You can also do the easy snake charmer trick with it or twist it, pull/push it with the magnetic. It's very soft to squeeze to so if you just want a cool looking stress toy, you can use it just for that too. . Overall you can't go wrong with this putty, it's far better then the original, older magnetic black putty(strange attractor) and the quick silver putty. Those too however, are being remade soon so they'll be just as super soft as the reactive razz and tidal wave are. I rate this 5/5.

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