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Price was $50.99. Eastern jungle gym easy 1-2-3 swing set a-frame brackets. . These sturdy and heavy-duty brackets are the only way to build a home swing set that will be extremely sturdy. The brackets, while costly, are made of heavy gauge steel, 100% welded joints, and painted nicely to stay rust free for a good looking swing set for years to come. The lag screws and washers are not included. You can purchase the bolt kit extra or go to a home center just as easily. . The brackets eliminate any cutting - you simply buy the wood - i purchased a ten foot 4x6 beam and ten foot 4x4 posts. Using ten foot 4x4 post in the brackets makes the swing set nine feet high. I then put each leg in the ground 12" deep with concrete. The end result is an eight foot high swing set that isn't going anywhere! i installed two swings to give the kids plenty of room to have fun and swing to their heart's content. In the future when the kids have outgrown this, we will hang a porch swing. . Some sanding with a belt sander was required to slide the wood into the brackets. Pressure treated lumber tends to swell and would probably fit better if it sat in the sun for several days to dry out. Each bracket requires 14 lag screws and washers to fasten the wood. This is easy once you drill pilot holes. I used an impact driver to drive the screws and that worked very well, quickly, and was easy. I also purchased 3/8x6 eye bolts to hang the swings. . I suggest you get some friends to help stand the swing set up once you have it together. Overall this swing set is built like a rock and it doesn't budge one inch when the kiddies are swinging. It's much sturdier than a home center type you would purchase. Our grand babies love it! you will find cheaper brackets out there but you won't end up with the quality such as these. I did everything top shelf on this project and these brackets definitely fall into that category. My total project cost was about $325. 00 but this swing set is like one you would find on a playground and is built to last.

-G. Janice

Easy 1-2-3 A-frame Swing Set Bracket Heavy Duty Ez, Simple Install – Diy Swing Set The Eastern Jungle Gym Easy 1-2-3 A-frame Swing Set Bracket Makes Building A Swing Set Easier Than Ever! Let Us Take The Guess Work Out Of Your Diy Swing Set Our Best Selling A-frame -Eastern Jungle Gym Easy 1-2-3 A-frame Swing Set Bracket Heavy Duty Ez, Simple Install – Diy Swing Set Parts

  1. Items: Swing Set Brackets Are Finished In A Power-coated Green Color And Eastern Jungle Gym’s Signature Yellow Tag To Ensure 100% Authenticity And Our Warranty.
  2. Items: Brackets Are Sold Individualy; Purchase Two Brackets To Build An A-frame Swing Set.

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They do seem expensive but once you buy the cheaper individual brackets that combine and do the same thing, these are in the same ballpark. They are well built and make assembling a sturdy swing set easier and faster. Because these are rather bulletproof, i would suggest checking warehouse deals, this is where i got mine and they were in perfect shape. Our old swing set was rotten and my kids grew out of it, but my daughter still enjoys swinging. Using 1 4x6x8 and 4 4x4x10's and recycling the swing hardware from the old set made a nice smaller swing set that we can transition into a yard swing once the kids grow out of it. I sunk the legs about 18 inches into the ground and filled with gravel and dirt (no concrete) and the thing does not move, it is very sturdy. I used the 3 inch spax lag screws from homed and they worked perfectly. Also the tip from reviewer "brant g. Henne" about using a hand plane made assembly very easy. I highly suggest doing this. Best easy aframe swing set bracket | Eastern Jungle Gym-Toys And Games Review as-of ( May 2021 ) Items Eastern Jungle Gym Easy 1-2-3 A-Frame Swing Set Bracket Heavy Duty for EZ, Simple Install - DIY Swing Set Parts Heavy-duty swing set bracket features a solid, one-piece design that is open-ended and constructed with heavy-duty steel and welded seems for the strongest and safest construction. Swing set brackets are finished in a power-coated green color and eastern jungle gym's signature yellow tag to ensure 100% authenticity and our warranty. Brackets are sold individualy; purchase two brackets to build an a-frame swing set. Mounting hardware is not included. Lumber is not included in this kit, we recommend using one 4x6 96" top beam and four 4x4 96" side support legs to construct a basic a-frame with the finished dimensions of 12'lx8'dx7'8"h .

Eastern jungle gym easy 1-2-3 a-frame swing set bracket heavy duty for ez, simple install - diy swing set parts Review (cab)

These are a great help in making a seriously sturdy a-frame in the easiest way possible. Despite how they look on the site, they are big and heavy-duty (and pretty heavy) - my use for these was to build a frame for rock climbing training boards, so they need to hold up a 180lb adult rather than a kid's swing. No problem, when it's all bolted together this thing doesn't budge an inch when i'm hanging from it. Impressive. They were a perfect, easy fit with 4x4 and 6x4 pressure treated lumber from lowes and the whole thing went together in about 2 hrs. The package is 1 bracket so to make a frame you need 2 of these, plus the lumber (4 of 4x4 for the legs, 1 of 6x4 for the crossbeam) and some hardware - i used 28 of 1/4" x 3" lag screws and 1/2" flat steel washers. No sawing or planing required, just drill pilot holes for the screws and screw it together with a 7/6" ratchet. Total cost $175. Nice. -G. Weber

Eastern Jungle Gym Bracket Install

  • Order: Toy
  • Brand: Eastern Jungle Gym
  • Color: Green
  • EAN: 0837654036686
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:12.00 inches
    Length:12.00 inches
    Weight:0.10 pounds
    Width:12.00 inches
  • ItemPart/Serial Number: CAB
  • Manufacturer: Eastern Jungle Gym
  • Recommended Max-Age: 54
  • Suggested Min-Age: 6
  • Model: CAB
  • MPN: CAB
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: CAB
  • Sub-Type: Toy
  • Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  • UPC: 837654036686
  • Warranty: No Warranty

easy 1-2-3 a-frame swing set bracket heavy duty ez, simple install - diy swing set Toy, The eastern jungle gym easy 1-2-3 a-frame swing set bracket makes building a swing set easier than ever! let us take the guess work out of your diy swing set with our best selling a-frame bracket. our a-frame brackets are the 1 swing set brackets on the market. made with heavy-duty steel they feature a solid, one piece design with welded seems for the strongest and safest construction - each bracket weighs 10 pounds! every bracket is finished in a powder-coated green color and our signature yellow tag. the bracket is open-ended with 14 pre-drilled holes. simply slide your wood into the bracket & screw in your lag bolts into the pre-drilled holes, it's that easy! no measuring or cutting necessary. our brackets are designed to fit a kiln-dried 4x6 top beam with a true measurement of 3-1/2" x 5-1/2", & four 4x4 side support legs with true measurements of 3-1/2" x 3-1/2". the bracket openings measure 3-5/8" x 5-5/8" and 3-5/8" x 3-5/8". please do not attempt to force the wood into the bracket. the wood should slide into the bracket easily with a snug fit. if your boards are too large we recommend the wood be planed down to produce a comfortable fit. please note, these brackets are sold individually and hardware is not included. you will need to order two brackets to build an a-frame play set. when building an a-frame swing set with our brackets we recommend using 1-114" top beam & 4-96" side support legs. the completed dimensions of a swing set using our recommendations is 12'l x 8'd x 7'8"h. Eastern Jungle Gym Bracket Install (CAB-Eastern Jungle Gym).

Eastern Jungle Gym Bracket Install Toy

easy aframe swing set bracket Eastern Jungle Gym Easy 1-2-3 A-Frame Swing Set Bracket Heavy Duty for EZ, Simple Install - DIY Swing Set Parts (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I've purchased 3 of these bracket over the past year for our kids swing sets. They are built tough and help up well over the past winter. There was a bit of melted metal "runs" on the inside from welding which i cut my finger. Make sure you look inside before you put your hand in it. The fit is tight (as it should be, just make sure your wood isn't too wet. Be careful with fastners on this. If you are using pressure treated lumber you need to use galvanized or stainless steel lags. I took a different root and used ledger lock 3 1/2" fasteners which are coated and i was able to drive 20 in on one charge of my screw gun. I'm sure the stainless or galvanized would have taken more work.

Eastern Jungle Gym Easy 1-2-3 A-frame Swing Set Bracket Heavy Duty Ez, Simple Install - Diy Swing Set Parts
Click to see NoticeEastern Jungle Gym Bracket Install (cab)"This was clearly the best a bracket i found on any site. It was welded and heavy duty. The 4x6 and 4x4's slid easily into place with only one being a really snug fit (treated wood was still wet from the treatment and was swelled). I used 14 galvanized wood threaded bolts and washers on each bracket. Pre-drilling the holes with a drill bit smaller than the galvanized threads allows for easier assembly and minimizes wood cracking. My daughter's now have a three swing swing set that is as big, if not bigger than the metal framed swings you find at most parks. They will never outgrow this mammoth of a swing set!"

Safety Handles

Safety handles safety handles safety handles are the perfect addition for any play set entrance or climber safety handles this pair of handles offers a helping hand while promoting safer play. Includes 2 green plastic handles designed to provide a comfortable grip for small hands. Mounting hardware and fully illustrated instructions included. These safety handles are easy to install and provide additional support and assistance. Features finger indentations for an easy, secure grippromotes safe backyard playincludes two handles, all mounting hardware, and instructionssome assembly requiredmeets and/or exceeds astm safety standards for backyard residential use onlybold green coloring

Safety HandlesSwing-N-Slide-NE-4410-Safety-Handles

Price :    $8.99 (was $10.54)
  • For residential use only. unable to ship to commercial addresses
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Mounts easily to most wooden swing sets
  • Constructed of plastic
Brand :    swing-n-slide
Color :    Green
Size :    Single
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    NE 4410
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Sporting Goods (swing-n-slide product review) for Safety Handles available as-of ( May 2021 )

Jungle Gym Kingdom 18 Trapeze Swing Bar Rings 43 Heavy Duty Chain Swing Set Accessories

So happy with this purchase. We switched out one of our swings on our playset for this trapeze bar since my son has started using it for ninja warrior training.

This is a 18" trapeze that comes fully assembled and can be easily attached for many hours of fun for kids. This is designed for fun and to build hand and arm strength. Please see pictures above for better reference. This is a perfect combination which goes well with jungle gym kingdom swing seat, swing set hangers, and other playground / playset equipment. Perfect for children who enjoy climbing rope ladders with platforms or climbing holds and rocks.

Jungle Gym Kingdom 18 Trapeze Swing Bar Rings 43 Heavy Duty Chain Swing Set AccessoriesJungle-Gym-Kingdom-Trapeze-Accessories

Jungle Gym Kingdom Trapeze Accessories (0796890745175) FAQ.

High quality bar that i anticipate will last for a long time. We love that the chain is long enough that it is perfect for our 2 year old to hang on but we will be able to move it up as they grow. -Notice from P. Wade, Plymouth

Click to Show jungle gym kingdom trapeze accessories (0796890745175) Details

Got it up on our swing set, and the kids immediately started playing on it. They love it!

Jungle-gym-kingdom-trapeze-accessories-(0796890745175) set picture

- J. AprilThese jungle gym rings are perfect for our swing set. Great quality and very easy to install and adjust to child's height. We are very happy with this and will buy other play set equipment from them again.

Quick shipping and great product!

Y. Brenda, Worcestershire

Brand :    jungle gym kingdom
Color :    green w/yellow chain
Weight :    3.70 pounds
Model :    0796890745175
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Fully assembled swingset trapeze bar with rings and heavier 2/0 43" chains 20" plastic coated
  • Designed for residential use not intended for commercial use attaches easily to jungle gym kingdom swing hangers (sold separately)
  • Includes 18" trapeze bar - green powder-coated, stamped jungle gym kingdom chains and 2 steel carabiners
  • Kids will love this combo addition to their swing set accessory parts. your children will enjoy the improvement to their outdoor playground playset!
  • Upgraded easy grip triangular plastic green rings attached below bar with reinforced metal insert (please see 4th picture)
Price :    $21.50 (was $28.50)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (jungle gym kingdom product review) for Jungle Gym Kingdom 18 Trapeze Swing Bar Rings 43 Heavy Duty Chain Swing Set Accessories available as-of ( May 2021 )

Jungle Gym Kingdom 2 Heavy Duty Swing Hangers Wooden Sets Playground Porch Indoor Outdoor Seat Trapeze Yoga & Hanging Steel Locking Snap Hooks 1260 lb Capacity Ebook Install Guide

I had another hardware that was very disappointing because it made a lot of noise and was not secure, although i followed the directions to the tee. This product was absolutely solid and very secure in it's quality and performance. As a good measure, i also sent an email to the company with my inquiries and concerns and they responded very promptly and kindly with candidness. I just wished that i could have had a discount of some sort as i compared others. Again, i will cut through the red tape for all of you - get this hardware, it is superb!

Uses: look at the pictures above at the very top left which will give you a couple of suggested uses for this swingset hanger. Dimensions: the bottom picture above has dimensions. As you can see, these are rather large and quite beefy and heavy, but in a good way. Installation: this comes with two 1/2" pre-drilled holes for bolting installation to wooden beams, cedar wood, rafters and/or concrete. Screws/bolts are not included, but you may use 3" lag bolts, hex bolts, carriage bolts as best fits the condition for installation choices: ideal indoors or outdoors swing hangers for sports playscape accessories, plastic coated swinging chain inside or outside door, hanging swing n slide bracket accessories or swings seat, also hangs playstar commercial grade swings, super spinner, flying antigravity aerial yoga sling inversion, gymnastics rings equipment, climbing rope ladder with platforms or hanging chair, baby infant toddler buckets swings, trapeze rings swings, swing seats belts, web, sky chair, orbit, net, pod, nest , web, cocoons, a ez wood frame bracket, swing-set brackets kit, door, porch swing springs, hammock cradle chair suspension hardware kit, swivel hook snap, or other swing set stuff. Rust: the surface of jungle gym kingdom's swing hangers is coated with dacromet , not galvanized. The process is that dacromet is baked on, coated again with dacromet , then baked on a second time, and coated again with dacromet and baked on for a third time. Salt-spray tests are used to determine the protection duration for various surface treatments. Through salt-spray testing, dacromet has proven to be every bit as capable at preventing rust in comparison to galvanized. In fact, it can be debated that dacromet is better.

Jungle Gym Kingdom 2 Heavy Duty Swing Hangers Wooden Sets Playground Porch Indoor Outdoor Seat Trapeze Yoga & Hanging Steel Locking Snap Hooks 1260 lb Capacity Ebook Install GuideJungle-Gym-Kingdom-Playground-Capacity

Jungle Gym Kingdom Playground Capacity (0796890745021) FAQ.

These things are perfect for swings. Heavy duty doesn't describe it at all, these things look strong enough to hang my car from. These are huge! when used while swinging they are wisper quiet and provide a smooth ride. I highly recommend these if you are building a swing set. . You will also need to buy 4 1/2inch bolts for this set. I went to lowe's and got 4 1/2inch x 7 inch bolts for my set (which used a 4x6 beam) and 4 washers. Simple install and strong. -Notice from G. Cecilia, Wyoming

Click to Show jungle gym kingdom playground capacity (0796890745021) Details

So far, so good! i purchased all of the more "heavy duty" grade supplies for my daughter's swing set because i wanted it to be durable enough that an adult could sit on a swing and play with her if we so chose to do so. I am really glad i spent the extra money as they will last forever! i also intend to open a daycare and believe the "heavy duty" option is the best for a toy that will be used and loved every day for a long time!

Jungle-gym-kingdom-playground-capacity-(0796890745021) set picture

- T. BrendaI purchased several of this style bracket at the large orange retailer on their online site. Higher price and didn't come with the clips which were another $7 for stainless steel versions; $3. 50 or so for zinc. These were an identical weight and duty and are working very well for us. This was a much better value than the other pieces i've purchased without the hassle of trying to figure out which hangers to purchase to make it work. I actually had to return and repurchase hangers several times locally to fit the other versions as some of the 400 pound rated hangers are too thick to fit into the holes, but the 350 pound rated in the same thickness did fit. With this set, didn't have to do any of that.

I bought these to hang my yoga hammock/ yoga trapeze in my home office. They work great for that. Some folks may prefer a bar to hang their yoga swing from so that they can adjust the width, but since i have an a-frame roof with exposed beams, these were less obtrusive. I think i hung them too wide for the yoga hammock for my size and i think i will get a bar and put a chain through it to connect with carabiners to the heavy duty swing hangers. That way i can easily adjust the width of the yoga hammock across the bar. These hangers were a great deal for something so heavy duty. I feel completely secure with them bolted into the beams. (in the photos, those masses of black webbing are completely unnecessary. I used my regular hammock straps to extend the hammock lower towards the ground, and bunched the extra up there out of the way. This is all temporary as i dial-in my set-up.

A. Clara, Poole

Brand :    jungle gym kingdom
Color :    Dacromet
Weight :    4.40 pounds
Model :    0796890745021
Quantity :    2
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Mounting bolts/screws not included due to various mounting options hangers total weight limit - 1, 260 lbs (safe operating load up to 500 lbs) snap hooks total weight limit - 440 lbs
  • Lubrication is not necessary for maintenance
  • Industrial built high quality swingset hanger - perfect swing set brackets for all swing set products indoors or outdoors including gymnastics rings ceiling mounts, porch swings and yoga trapeze swings
  • Quiet and smooth - custom vinyl washers specially designed to prevent metal rub creating a quiet, smooth, exceptional swinging! experience the kids and grandkids big smiles as they enjoy their playground swinging during spring, summer and fall swinging seasons on their wooden play sets
  • Diyers - exceptional quality swing set hangers these top of the line parts are for use inside / outside, rafter, beam, cedar, wood, concrete, tree to create your own playscape, playground, swingset, porch swings or hammock chair swings
Price :    $18.60 (was $25.95)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (jungle gym kingdom product review) for Jungle Gym Kingdom 2 Heavy Duty Swing Hangers Wooden Sets Playground Porch Indoor Outdoor Seat Trapeze Yoga & Hanging Steel Locking Snap Hooks 1260 lb Capacity Ebook Install Guide available as-of ( May 2021 )

EZ Frame Bracket

This is the heart of our kit designs. No miter cuts, galvanized steel, determines proper a frame angle. Astm certified.

EZ Frame BracketSwing-N-Slide-NE-4467-1-Frame-Bracket

Price :    $5.39 (was $8.23)
  • Carriage bolts, screws/nails sold separately
  • A-frame construction requires two ez frame brackets
  • Can be used on any wooden swing set
Brand :    swing-n-slide
Color :    Green
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    NE 4467-1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Sporting Goods (swing-n-slide product review) for EZ Frame Bracket available as-of ( May 2021 )

Side Winder Slide

Swing-n-slides curving sidewinder slide will delight young riders with endless hours of outdoor entertainment. The sidewinder slide mounts to any deck that is 48in to 60in tall, includes all the hardware to setup, and is ready to go in about an hour. Backed by the manufacturers lifetime warranty against cracking and fading, this sidewinder slide meets or exceeds all astm standards for safety. Fun, safe, and affordable. This slide is the perfect accessory to backyard playsets.

Side Winder SlideSwing-N-Slide-NE-4678-1TB-Winder-Slide

Price :    $156.99
  • Easily mounts to a 48" - 60" deck height
  • Lumber required: one 2" x 4" x 12' for mounting (sold separately)
  • Twisting turning fun makes this slide a favorite
  • For residential use only. unable to ship to commercial addresses
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs
Brand :    swing-n-slide
Color :    green
Size :    9+ ft
Weight :    26.00 pounds
Model :    NE 4678-1TB
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 2 to 3 days
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (swing-n-slide product review) for Side Winder Slide available as-of ( May 2021 )

Jungle Gym Kingdom - 7 x 3/8 Swing Hangers Galvanized Hex Bolt Hardware Kit

Swing hanger hardware parts for swing hangers. There are 4 - 3/8" x 7" hex bolts, 8 washers, 4 lock washers and 4 nuts

Jungle Gym Kingdom - 7 x 3/8 Swing Hangers Galvanized Hex Bolt Hardware KitJungle-Gym-Kingdom-Galvanized-Hardware

Brand :    jungle gym kingdom
Model :    0796890745458
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (jungle gym kingdom product review) for Jungle Gym Kingdom - 7 x 3/8 Swing Hangers Galvanized Hex Bolt Hardware Kit available as-of ( May 2021 )

Extra-Duty Swing Seat

This is a soild product that feels safe even if one is 225 lbs like me. I wanted to swing with my kids on their swing set however all the other swings are only rated for 115 lbs which is about half my weight so i got this and the kids think its the best swing so i'm buying another.

"swing-n-slide" extra duty swing seat extra duty belted ultra double swing seat kit includes swing seat and chains reinforced with chain link for added security use with extra-duty swing hangers (sold separately) large-capacity traditional swing seat keep the whole family safe and secure weight capacity of 250 lbs. (with hangers) backed by the manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty designed for use with swing-n-slide play sets

Extra-Duty Swing SeatSwing-N-Slide-NE-4886-Extra-Duty-Swing

Extra-duty Swing Seat (Swing N Slide) FAQ.

Heavy duty swings that will withstand whatever our kids (and my wife) can apply to it! i bought four for our do-it-yourself playset (pictured) - i expect them to last throughout the lifetime of the set! -Notice from S. Anonymous, Wakefield

Click to Show extra-duty swing seat (swing n slide) Details

I am very happy with these swings. I purchased two, to replace the older swings we had on our playground. The chain had broken on one of the older swings (while my daughter was swinging on it). As soon as i took these out of the box, i could not believe the difference. These swing seats are much better quality then the older ones we had. Both the chain and seat are significantly heavier and sturdier. They remind me of swings from public parks, except that the chains are easier to grip. Also, you can easily adjust the height of the swings. Lastly, my kids, who are 7 and 8 years old, and i sat comfortably on the swings. It was nice to see the kids playing again on the playground. . Please note that the swing hangers (hooks) do not come in the box. So if you don't have them, you will need to purchase them separately. This did not effect us, as our playground already had the hooks.

Extra-duty-swing-seat-(swing-n-slide) set picture

- Y. GuestI bought 2 of these swings. My main concern with my purchase was that it shows a green seated swing with yellow rubber chains but tells you color may vary. That made me leery bc we built our swing & all the toys on it are yellow & green. So i msg online store & they were nice about it but basically you get what you get. But can return it if you aren't happy with it. I went ahead & took the chance bc i couldn't find a different store that sold these swings. The swings arrived a day earlier than what it was supposed to so i was extremely happy with that & to my surprise i got the color swings i wanted & that was pictured. They seem to be good swings. So far me & my son like them. We tried them out yesterday. Some ppl said the yellow rubber was a concern but i have the same brand trapeze with the same yellow coated chains & they still look brand new so i'm thinking these will stay nice a long time too. I'll update if i need to in the future but so far we are pleased with them. Nice & sturdy. Again my only concern with the process is it would be nice if ppl could select what color they want. Some ppl may be picky like me & want their swingset to match. Lol

Perfect for us so far! much more economical than buying a swing & set of chains separately. The yellow coated area of the chains is more than adequate! i don't see how you could possibly use the swing in a way that you would need to hold the chain above the coated area. I have crazy kids & even they haven't had a problem yet - forward, backward, upside-down, on thier bellies or standing up ; ) and the portion of the chain that is not safety coated still has a great, smooth finish that looks as though it will resist rust. The swing seat itself looks to be very well made, is very sturdy, works great for the kids & can easily and comfortably hold an adult (as long as what you're hanging it on can support said weight). I can't speak about the other reviews claiming the safety coating to become melted & sticky, we have not had that problem or any other problem at this point, but i will be sure to update this review if anything changes. Definitely recommend, great buy!

O. Linda, Kansas

Brand :    swing-n-slide
Color :    Green
Weight :    5.30 pounds
Model :    NE 4886
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Extra-Duty Swing Seat available as-of ( May 2021 )
Price :    $29.74 (was $36.49)
  • Builds core body strength
  • For residential use only. unable to ship to commercial addresses
  • Meets/exceeds astm safety standards
  • Supports up to 250 pounds when attached to heavy duty swing hangers (sold separately)
  • Includes two 58" length chains

Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat Heavy Duty 66 Chain Plastic Coated - Playground Swing Set Accessories Replacement Green

The kids love it, so we love it, and no more rusty chains!

Fun enjoy many exciting hours of backyard family fun with jgk's playground swing set seat, enjoyable for kids and adults. A comfortable swing seat is a vital part of your outdoor swingset accessories. It can be used as a tree swings seat or by easy connection fo jungle gym kingdom swing hangers. Weightyour flexible playset seat will conform to most anyone and hold up to the 300 pound weight limit. Pinching don't forget the plastic coated chains protect little fingers from pinching use goes well with jungle gym kingdom 18" trapeze bar with rings, baby / toddler bucket swings, disc rope swings and other swing set stuff. This is the perfect soft swing for those rock climbing kids to hold on to, so let them sit back and enjoy the comfort that their new swing will bring to their smiling faces. Enjoy!

Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat Heavy Duty 66 Chain Plastic Coated - Playground Swing Set Accessories Replacement GreenJungle-Gym-Kingdom-Plastic-Coated

Jungle Gym Kingdom Plastic Coated (0796890745182) FAQ.

Was received right away. My daughter is very happy with it thus far. I was especially impressed with the shackle hardware on the edges of the seat for more secure construction. Our last seat was a replacement for the original purchase at a very popular playset company, cost more and now their construction is weaker than that of the original as well as this new replacement. Would highly recommend! -Notice from V. Anonymous, New Jersey

Click to Show jungle gym kingdom plastic coated (0796890745182) Details

My grandson loves the new swing so much, we just ordered a second one. This new order is for our sanity when our granddaughter comes to see us!

Jungle-gym-kingdom-plastic-coated-(0796890745182) set picture

- F. JoanneThis seat features a stronger chain and higher supported weight limit than most seat/chain sets in its price range. It easily takes the weight of the adults in our family. The plastic seat itself is comfortable, heavy, and appears durable. Our family loves it!

My mom accidently bought this, she didn't know what she was doing on online store and accidently hit the "one click" purchase button. Well, she bought it by accident and i was thrown for a loop, but we kept it and now we're gonna set it up in the backyard for the kids. It came in great condition and it looks exactly like in the picture chains and seat!

O. Maria, Wiltshire

Brand :    jungle gym kingdom
Color :    green
Weight :    4.40 pounds
Model :    0796890745182
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Fully assembled connected 66" 2/0 zinc-plated chains 30" yellow plastisol coating specifically designed not to pinch little fingers
  • Fun outdoors for kids, friends and adults enjoy your new swing set accessory parts or replacement swing seat on their playground, a must have diy swing set attachment!
  • Upgrade shackle hardware not intended for commercial use designed for residential use
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs attaches easily to jungle gym kingdom swing hangers (sold separately)
  • Safe comfortable swing seat is copolymer plastic with grommets seat - green chain - yellow
Price :    $26.99 (was $29.99)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (jungle gym kingdom product review) for Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Seat Heavy Duty 66 Chain Plastic Coated - Playground Swing Set Accessories Replacement Green available as-of ( May 2021 )

Eastern Jungle Gym Easy 1-2-3 A-Frame Bracket Hardware

402134 features: -constructed with top quality steel. -heavy duty construction for the ultimate in strength and durability. Product type: -swing set hardware. Color: -silver. Material: -metal. Dimensions: overall height - top to bottom: -3". Overall width - side to side: -2". Overall depth - front to back: -3". Overall product weight: -0. 5 lbs.

Eastern Jungle Gym Easy 1-2-3 A-Frame Bracket HardwareEastern-Jungle-Gym-Bracket-Hardware

Price :    $21.54 (was $27.98)
  • Each set of hardware can be used to install 1
  • Easy 1-2-3 a-frame bracket
  • Includes 14 - washers
  • Includes 14 - 5/16" x 3" lag bolts
Brand :    eastern jungle gym
Color :    Silver
Weight :    0.95 pounds
Model :    CABH
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 2 to 3 days
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (eastern jungle gym product review) for Eastern Jungle Gym Easy 1-2-3 A-Frame Bracket Hardware available as-of ( May 2021 )

Cool Wave Slide, Green

We purchased this slide to simply put on a hill (without a ladder). It works well and is safer for our little boys. The price was right and free shipping, nothing compared. I really like this purchase.

Ne 4675-1t color: forest green pictured in forest green this slide set the standard for backyard slides well over a decade ago and is still popular today. Mounts to deck heights ranging 3'6' - 4'4'. This slide requires one 2' x 4' x 8' size peice of lumber for mounting, and can hold up to 250 lbs when assembled. Features: -includes one slide -mounts to deck height ranging 3'6' - 4'4' -rated to hold up to 250 lbs -requires one 2' x 4' x 8' size piece of lumber for mounting -8 feet long and weighs 17 lbs. -limited warranty cool wave slide assembly instructions *please note: swing-n-slide products are not intended for commercial use and will not be shipped to commercial addresses.

Cool Wave Slide, GreenSwing-N-Slide-NE-4675L-Slide-Green

Cool Wave Slide, Green (Swing N Slide) FAQ.

Attached this to our playhouse we built for our kids. It has three holes in the top slide part and we just screwed it into the playhouse decking. We have a three year old and he can definitely catch some speed and air on the bump in the middle, but he loves it. Time will tell how it holds up to the elements. -Notice from G. Stacey, Languedoc-Roussillon

Click to Show cool wave slide, green (swing n slide) Details

This slide is great as it is for toddler and small kids - the ones the slide was designed for. But what happens when big brother or sister decide they want to go down the slide? or even mom or dad? for this reason i recommend a pair of 2x6's, one down each edge. The slide has a slot just the right size. Not hard to do. Boards do not need to be cut wavy, straight will do and then you don't need to worry about it collapsing.

Cool-wave-slide,-green-(swing-n-slide) set picture

- E. NewellThis was put in our family room with a 4 foot platform. My kids are over the moon in love with their indoor slide! it is so cold and snowy out right now and they can burn energy doing one of their favorite things- sliding! this slide is a great deal as others cost 4 times as much. The platform was easy to build and if you have a saw and a drill, you will be able to build one yourself. It isn't hard at all. We love it! we may move it outside in the summer but for now, it's perfect right where it is.

I purchased this slide in yellow (thinking yellow will stay cooler) because i thought it would be perfect for my toddler and family. It had a price drop and came to $86 after tax. This price was comparable to stand alone slides for his age group (but they are a little steep for him. ) i thought it would be cool to attach it to our deck, which is a lower slope, since he is under two. (we will be adding a safety hand rail to our deck stairs. ) when i was a kid, i always dreamed of having a slide instead of stairs. . The slide came with directions but no hardware. The insert said that the weight capacity was much lower than the 250 lbs advertised online. I called the company and they said they would email me the "updated schematics" which had the 250 lb capacity. I was worried i received a knock off, or cheaper version. I am not sure i didn't. My husband screwed wood to the bottom of the slide and made two stakes to attach to that to secure the ground beneath the slide as directed for stability. He dug deep enough to bury part of the landing as well (as directed). We installed the same brand safety handles safety handles in the front and back (his older friends will probably try to climb the slide) these were excellent quality and cost about $11 for a pair. . The slide is incredibly flimsy. I am 5ft 1" tall and 125 lbs (a junior size 5) -the slide bowed quite a bit ( and my hips were a struggle to fit). The slide is meant for small children. My 220 husband attempted the slide. It held, so it "will hold" but it is not very stable so i feel the claims are very misleading. It can hold the weight, yes, but a five foot tall person (me) can not fit on the slide. I was hoping with the higher weight capacity (250 lbs) it would be a functional slide so we could slide (on occasion) with our toddler or our 13 year old would be able to use it and play with him. We will have to add supports to hold the 13 year old's 85lb weight comfortably (which we will do). Now is this because we have it at a less steep incline? possibly? i am not an engineer. However the slide did not meet my expectations. . I still highly recommend it, but only if you know what you are getting. You need to have the skill set to reinforce it if it is for anyone other than a small child, it is not a family slide. With this said, it is really good for the price (at the $86 i got it for) compared to other toddler slides, however, i would have paid more for a slide that was more durable and allowed me to fit on it width wise. Instead now i have another diy project for a slide that's not family appropriate ( but great for "littles").

V. Helen, Sutton

Brand :    swing-n-slide
Color :    Forest Green
Weight :    16.00 pounds
  • This slide mounts easily to 42" to 52" slide platform
  • Features sturdy, smooth, 1-piece molded-plastic construction
  • Lumber required: one 2" x 4" x 8' for mounting
  • For private backyard use only! do not use in public settings!
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs
Price :    $103.74
Model :    NE 4675L
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Cool Wave Slide, Green available as-of ( May 2021 )

eastern jungle gym easy 1-2-3 a-frame swing set bracket heavy duty for ez, simple install - diy swing set parts Price : 41.81, was : 50.99 as 2017-05-21
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Eastern Jungle Gym Bracket Install (cab) Reviewed by on wujus.com

Top eastern jungle gym bracket install (cab) Content

The F.A.Q. for eastern jungle gym easy 1-2-3 a-frame swing set bracket heavy duty for ez, simple install - diy swing set parts

I bought 3 of these to support a 16' top beam. They worked very well. The only issue i had is i didn't notice at the time of purchase how the vertical leg receivers are not angled 90 degrees from the top beam. The vertical legs are sloped outward. This gives more stability and room for the swings, however, since i put one of these brackets in the center of my 16' top beam, i had to cut and bend the leg brackets so the middle legs would be 90 degrees straight down. In hindsight, i probably should have bought only 2 brackets and used a 12' top beam for 3 swings instead of 16' for 4 swings.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: We don't know what the length of wood is required. we have our set laying on the ground with 12 foot 4x4's! lol now we can't seem to stand it up!

(1) Question: Does anyone know how many swings can be hung from a 8 or 10 ft beam?

(2) Question: Can the 4x6 swing beam be slid through the bracket so that part of the beam sticks out a few feet? i can't tell in photo if the bracket is closed end

(3) Question: What angle should i cut the 4x4's footings to be flush with the ground? how did everyone else to this?

(4) Question: To make a swingset do i order 2 brackets, 2 hardware sets and 4 swing hangers or are they in sets?

(5) Question: Has anyone ever built one of these without concrete footing, and if so how did it work for you?

(6) Question: So is this only 1 bracket or 2?

(7) Question: The 4 x 4 is i bought were milled about 1/4 inch too small. the swing creaks when used because of it. any idea for shims?

(note) Question: where/how to get Eastern Jungle Gym (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Eastern Jungle Gym's products


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Nice solid braces. I used 4x6x12 pressure treated for the swing beam, and 4x4x12 for the verticals. The fit was snug but not unmanageable. Some beams slid in with a wiggle, others needed a little persuasion (3lb hammer hitting a 2x4 segment against the metal). For a couple of the fits i shaved the beams a bit with a manual block planer which worked great. . I wanted to go big, hence the 12 footers. The bottom of the swing beam is 10ft 10inches using these. I had plenty of room to fit 3 swings with 36" between them. I tacked a 2x4x10 onto each leg to give added strength since i had such long legs, but this was probably overkill. I also added the cross brace to complete each a-frame like many others (2x6). . It was bit of a trick to stand the set up after all was built. I threw a block and tackle over a tree limb and hauled up upright. Might have been easier to somehow build it standing up : ). . Love having the tall swing beam - really makes swinging more fun.

Parts & Hardware 1108297247, Play Sets & Playground Equipment 110424661, Sports & Outdoor Play 110024661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Eastern Jungle Gym Bracket Install (cab) FAQ Content

Best eastern jungle gym bracket install (cab) in review

These brackets are very sturdy and keep you from having to cut much (perhaps any) wood. For me, the 4x4s slipped easily into their holes. I used 10' 4x4s. Because there is wiggle room on the 4x4s, it is possible to bolt them down and have one a-frame be considerably wider or narrower than the 2nd a-frame (assuming you are buying two of these to make a traditional a-frame swing). I put a cross piece between the legs on each side using the same length 2x6 wood at the same distance from the bottom of the legs. That way i knew both a-frames had their legs the same distance apart. I wanted to add the cross brace anyway for a little more reinforcement. I cut the cross brace so the ends had the same angle as the legs. If you didn't use a cross brace, you wouldn't have to cut any wood at all. The 4x6 didn't have as much play, but slid on easily. The 2nd bracket had the weight of the legs pulling on it so i couldn't slide the 4x6 through by hand. A rubber mallet had it easily moving down the 4x6 though. . With the 10' legs, it took some effort to stand it up. I tried by myself at first, but eventually my wife helped and we had it standing up. I am glad i went with 10' legs as i wanted that extra height to get a nice big arc for more thrilling swinging. I highly recommend securing the legs into the ground with some method. I went with concrete. I had several people caution me against putting the legs in the ground because they can rot fairly quickly. I used simpson cbsq44-sds2 4x4 holders that let you sink a metal "u" shape in the concrete and then provide a metal plate for the 4x4 to sit on on. They are pricey, but worked out nice. I sank them in the concrete at an angle so the metal plate met the 4x4 legs squarely. Now that the legs are in concrete, the swing set is very stable. . It is up to you to decide how long you want the 4x4s for the legs and 4x6 for the main beam. I think 10' is great for the legs (actual height will be a little less due to the angle they are at). 8' wood be ok. If you put the legs in the ground, you would have to subtract that from the height. For the 4x6, i saw a wide range of recommendations from no longer than 8 feet to up to 12 feet. I found several commercially made swingsets/kits that used a 12' 4x6 so i went with 12' and i am glad i did. 12 feet gets used up quickly with a few hanging items. The legs of the a-frame angle out (not just to make the a-shape, but also in the "outside" direction). This makes it so you can hang a swing on the 4x6 right at the bracket and have plenty of side to side room so you don't hit the legs while swinging and you get a little sideways. I put a rope right in the middle of my 4x6 and put all my 240 pounds on the rope. I couldn't see the 4x6 bend at all. That gives me confidence that three kids swinging (even with their dynamic load) would not stress the 12' 4x6. . Overall i think these are excellent brackets. They are a little pricey since you have to buy two, but they are built well and make swing construction easy. . Edit: over a year later these are still working great. I added some monkey bars next to the swing set and touched up the stain (behr 3330 stain/paint redwood color) on the swing when i stained the monkey bars. Picture added.

D. Judith, Sunderland

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H. Angela, Kansas says

Great, easy way to build an awesome diy swing set! i was reluctant when i read some reviews stating how difficult they were to fit onto the wood. I had no trouble whatsoever - they slid on perfectly. After reading the reviews, i brought my tape measure along to the lumber store. I noticed the treated wood beams used for this bracket were not all exactly the same but varied in size by 1/16 to 1/8 inch, as to be expected. I made sure to buy a skinnier one. My advice: purchase the brackets first and then bring one along to the lumber store and slide it onto a few pieces to find one that fits perfectly. You will not have to sand or bang on it with a sledgehammer, potentially damaging it. I used 4x4x8ft for the legs and 4x6x10ft for the crossbeam. Beautiful and strong! no regrets.

J. Lewis, Sachsen-Anhalt

This will add 2' extra to the length of your set. 4' if you're using 2. I'll have to rethink my design. It also doesn't come with the screws, which cost more than you might think. If the wood isn't completely dry, and it doesn't generally come that way, you might find yourself looking for a way to shave it down a little. Not easily accessible to your average family. I intend to slide this 4' in from the end of my beam, which means i'll be doing a lot of sanding. I noticed their logo was scraping the wood on the inside, so i had to chisel it off too. This project seemed like a fairly simple task, but i've had to make several trips to the store for things i hadn't counted on including hardware and a sander. (my swing brackets didn't include hardware ether). On the positive side, this is very sturdy and there is no question in my mind that it will be very safe. This company also sells a set of 2 of these, hardware included, for a slightly better price than 2 of these. I'll update with pictures if i ever get these to fit my board.

J. Anonymous, Staffordshire says

Generally seems like a solid product. No problems fitting in the finished lumber. As noted elsewhere, you need to know the difference between finished and dimensional lumber before you buy it. There's lots of good information and advice in the reviews and q&a. You should read through it before you buy and certainly before you build. . Just want to point out that the angles shown in the product picture are not correct. The legs are not at a 150 degree angle from the cross member. That would mean that the legs are splayed out 60 degrees from vertical. I didnt get out a protractor, but i'd guess the correct angle is more like 110 degrees.

Q. Cortney, Manitoba

Everyone asks me where i got these from, looks pro, very strong and give me a piece of mind feeling when my kids are swinging 12ft in the air! wood might need some slight sanding to make it slide into place. But these are powder-coated and look great even after a long summer of florida rain!

X. Shawna, Alabama says

Built this swing set for my daughter and these brackets made it pretty simple. I didn't realize it was only one bracket for $50. So be sure to order 2 if you're building a set like this. 4x4 and 4x6 fit nicely into the openings.

B. Pete, Southampton

This thing is awesome. I used a 2x6 for the top. I had to shim it with another 2x6 within the bracket. It was a tight fit going on. You may need to use a plane with pressure treated wood. We pounded it on. Took a while, but it worked. I didn't dig the downposts in, but i did put a crossbrace along the bottom. This thing is rock solid. We used it to replace the top brace and down posts on an existing swingset/playhouse. The old one flexed all over the place. This one? not so much.

F. Alberta, Windsor and Maidenhead says

If not for the fact that they do not provide any recommendation on hardware, i would give this 5 stars. When i received it, i looked it over and assumed that the holes lined up and i would be using through bolts. Just did not look close enough. . Got the 1st leg into the bracket and just realized that it needs lag bolts, not bolts that will go all the way through. Very frustrated, because if they would just have this in a piece of paper in the box or in the description on online store, it would have saved me a trip to the store and a waste of a few hours. . So, since they will not tell you what you need, i will. 02 quantity brackets. This item. 28 quantity of 3 1/2" x 3/8" galvanized lag bolts. $1. 40 each. 28 quantity of 3/8" galvanized flat washer. 22 cents each. 28 quantity of 3/8" galvanized lock washer. 23 cents each. 04 quantity of 4"x4"x12' pressure treated pine. These were $15 each. 04 quantity of 50lb bags of quick-crete. 01 quantity of 4"x6"x12' pressure treated pine. $20 - length depends on your desires. 01 quantity of pilot hole drill bit. I believe i used 5/16, check for yourself. Swings, swing hardware. . Total cost is about $230 including these brackets and less swings & swing hardware. Swings will be $50 to $100 per swing depending on the hardware and quality that you choose. . Once i got the correct hardware, install when easy. Having a 3lb or 5lb hammer to hit them all the way in was helpful. Some comments talked about the tight fit, i was happy for that, i want the fit to be tight. I have a impact wrench and this makes the install of each bolt probably 10 times easier. . In the end, i am happy i chose these as it made the build go much easier with much less brain power required, no cutting of angles, etc. I have done it the other way in the past and this is definitely the way to go.

O. Neva, Hessen

Turned a weekend project into four hours. Easy install with the help from a little dishwashing liquid. The kids love it and it's solid as a rock!

F. Edith, Enfield says

This is a great product for sturdy swing assembly. We put the 4 x 4 legs in and just a couple of screws in each to hold them and then put a 2 x 4 inside the top of the bracket and put a couple of screws in each end of that. We then could stand the frame up and see how long we actually needed to cut the 4 x 6 top beam and also see how tall we actually wanted the legs and the amount of space the finished frame would take up. We had a certain area we wanted the frame to fit in and also a handmade wooden porch swing that we wanted to hang so we could get everything sighted and measured. With the 2 x 4 as a substitute, we then could take out the few screws holding everything and go from there. We had to use a wood chisel to take off some of the top and one side of each end of the 4 x 6 in order for the bracket to slide on each end. I recommend you get the brackets on each end of the. 4 x 6 then attach your swing hangers while this is on saw horses. Then, lay the top beam on the ground and put the legs in last. One person on either end should be enough to set the frame up.

M. Candy, Tasmania

This is a great way for people that are reasonably handy but don't have access to a full woodworking tools to be able to build their own custom wooden swing set. If you are looking to build your standard 6 to 8 foot tall three swing swing set for little kids, a full kit from your local hardware store or big box store is a better deal. However, if you are looking to build something you can't find in a big box store, and don't have the tools to cut 4 x 4 and 4 x 6 lumber, this is the ideal solution. . Here are some tips, some of which have already been mentioned in previous reviews:. This is a single bracket. You will need two to build an entire frame. I recommend getting the hardware kit that goes with this bracket, as opposed to trying to find and buy all the necessary bolts and such locally. You will also need to buy two of these kits to go with your two brackets. You'll also need one for by six timber and four 4 x 4 timbers that are at least 8' in length. Swingset anchors are also recommended. I also recommend emailing the manufacturer for the pdf of the instructions for the standard swingset kit. You can then use that as a guideline for building your own custom set. And it will show you what drillbits you need, how swings should be spaced, and how the general assembly works. Chances are if you buy pressure treated lumber, your 4 x 6 beam is going to be a very snug fit. You are better off having a belt sander on hand to sand the ends down for an easier fit. Belt sanders are only about $40 to buy for about $25 to rent for the day. While you have that sander, you might want to go ahead and sand all your timbers anyway so kids don't get splinters. This is my only complaint with the project, it took considerable time getting the beam sanded down to fit the bracket. This is probably because the bracket is designed for a full kit that has two 2x6s bolted together instead of a single 4x6 beam. This was an easy weekend project for the two of us. And had we not used all 12 foot long timbers, we wouldn't have needed a third person to help us raise it after assembly. If you are just using 8 foot or 10 foot timbers you don't need additional help. If you do choose to use longer 4x4s as we did, the standard swings you can buy might have chains that are too short for a frame that height. You will need to buy additional chain to lengthen them. Our local lowes hardware store was able to deliver all the lumber needed for this project, which was great since we can't fit 12 foot lumber in our vehicle. I would buy this again, and be able to build something even faster knowing all of this ahead of time.

L. Arnett, Walsall says

I am more then impressed with the quality of these brackets! and the ease of installation was in believable! if you buy these you will build a swing set that will last for many many years to come! also the folks at eastern jungle gym have the best customer service!

B. Patton, Oregon

These swing set frame brackets are very sturdy and well constructed. For my swings, i used a 4" x 6" x 10' treated beam with four (4) 4" x 4" x 10' treated support posts (the actual cut-measured sizes are a bit smaller). Since the beam and posts need to fit into the brackets, you want the lumber you choose to be as straight as possible. I rounded the edges of the posts with a sander to smooth any rough edges. This brought the beam height somewhere between 7 and 8 feet once assembled (which was a good height for both kids and grown-ups; however, i needed to add some links to my swings to lower them somewhat). I used 2-1/2" 5/16" galvanized lag screws and 5/16" galvanized flat washers after predrilling holes. You need 28 screws and washers for attaching the posts and beam to two (2) of these brackets. It may not be necessary, but i also added a couple of side pieces for stability. . The brackets are a tight fit which is better than if they were too loose. For this reason, you should expect to need to tap them onto the top beam (i did this first). Use a wooden block across the end to hammer against so that the bracket isn't damaged. If you are also adding swing hardware, fit the end posts first so that you can better tell where to add them. I was able to add three (3) swings (two regular, one toddler/baby swing) to the beam. I'd suggest adding the swing hardware before attaching the posts. It's easier to drill holes for the brackets before adding the post legs. For the four (4) posts, i also wound up having to tap them in before predrilling holes and screwing the bracket to the posts and beam. . After assembling the brackets, posts, and beam, the swing frame will be pretty heavy. You may need a couple of people to raise it up from its side. It's easier if you slide a work table or something underneath to raise it part way up to give yourself better leverage.

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