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Price was 155.7. These are excellent pencils. I originally bought comforted pencils from the local arts and crafts store and while speaking with the shop assistant who was checking me out, i discovered she spent a great deal more money on her pencils and now i know why. The faber-castell pencils have much more variety in color, blend very well and the leads don't break when you sharpen them. I am currently using them in adult coloring books so the paper is not ideal, but below is an example of what i have been able to do. Once i learn the techniques a little better i will graduate to my own projects

-H. Heidi

Faber castell polychromos color pencil set – tin of 120 (faber castell art graphic) faber castell polychromos pencil set of all 120 colors in a tin box. they are made superior pigments of unsurpassed light-fastness and brilliance. thick leads are smudgeproof and office sales

  • Bonus: Smudge-proof And Water-resistant Thick Oil Pastel Lead.
  • Bonus: Break-resistant Due To Sv Bonding.

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These are amazing. My favorite quality of these pencils besides how they lay down beautiful rich color is they are named actual pigment names. So if you have ever painted, you'll be familiar with these colors. If you want to use mixed media, you can choose cadium or ultramarine blue pencils and pair them with cadmium or ultramarine blue watercolors. Also when blending, you will already know which colors blend well to create other colors. . I have a set of prismacolor premium pencils that i love but i wanted to diversify my colors. After tons of research i decided to save up for this 120 piece set. Like prismacolor, they have deep saturating color. The difference is it takes much less pressure to achieve that saturation. They are soft and easy to color with but they are also harder. It's hard to explain. Less color comes off the pencil but it is just as deep as prismacolor. They will last longer because of this. No more sore fingers! the leads spread color like butter but doesn't disintegrate doing it. They feel smooth and stable gliding across your paper not dry and scratchy or rubbery and sticky. They also keep a nice point. They do not cover up black outlines with a cloudy waxy build up. They can be sharpened with a regular pencil sharpener although they are slightly thicker than my other colored pencils from other brands. They have a more substantial feel in your hand. If i find myself using another brand for a while and coming back to these, i immediately can feel the more dense and solid feel of them. They also come in a beautiful tin box with nice, solid, stable dividing trays. I thought nothing could get better than prismacolor, but these polychromos do. I'll be using both sets together. They do mix well but the palette are different so you add more to your pallet. The Best Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Set - Tin of 120 as-of ( Oct 2021 ) | Faber Castell Art Graphic-Office Sales Review Bonus Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Set - Tin of 120 High quality pigments of unsurpassed light-fastness and brilliance. Smudge-proof and water-resistant thick oil pastel lead. Break-resistant due to sv bonding. Part of faber castell's unique color matching system. 120 colors in metal case .

Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Set - Tin of 120 Review (FC110011)

I love these pencils! the first thing i do when i receive new pencils/pens/markers is to make a color chart so i can say even those i just received them today, i've used every single pencil already. I love the variety of colors, especially the cool colors. They are gorgeous and i can't wait to use them. I'll upload a photo of my color chart so you can see what i mean. While the colors themselves are not quite as brilliant and rich as prismacolor pencils, i really like the smooth texture of these pencils. These lay down color very smoothly and layer easily. They blend better than i expected, but not quite as well as the prismacolors. They also keep a point well so they will be great at detail work. Hopefully i won't have to sharpen them as often and they will last longer. . I think these are a bit of an extravagance unless you are an artist, but for me they are so worth it. I'm going to love working with them. -V. Joanna

Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Set - Tin Of 120

Office Product
Product Dimensions
Height:1.30 inches
Length:13.39 inches
Weight:0.33 pounds
Width:7.48 inches
Faber-Castell Art/Graphic
Suggested Min-Age
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Reikos 0019522742AM 0000073
Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Set - Tin Of 120

Office Sale(499995173194:Office Sales), Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Set - Tin Of 120 (0499995173194:Faber Castell), Faber castell polychromos pencil set of all 120 colors in a tin box. they are made with superior pigments of unsurpassed light-fastness and brilliance. thick leads are smudgeproof and water-resistant. intense colors go on smoother than the average color pencil..

Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Office Sale

Faber Castell Polychromos Color PencilFaber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Set - Tin of 120 (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Nirvana! i love these pencils and will never go back to prismacolor again! prismacolor shatter, microwaving doesn't help much and if i'm paying good money for high end pencils they darn well better work! polychromos are a dream in motion. They sharpen to a point, lay down awesome color, and no wax bloom. The shipper had it here in 2 days, thank you sooooo much!

Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Set - Tin Of 120 (Office Sales) Fc110011
Click to see NoticeFaber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Set - Tin Of 120 (FC110011)"I have never had a problem with one of these pencils breaking at the end, or through the pencil. I have dropped them off tables by accident, stolen by a toddler, and some misplaced within my house and found. Each time, the pencil was in perfect condition when i did get them back from wherever they ended up in the house. So once i saved up some art money, i splurged on ymself this christmas and bought the full 120 set. I draw a lot of animal and human portraits so i use a wide variety of colors in all my pieces. If you are looking for a good set of pencils and a set that will last you a long time, get these! yes they are a little more expensive than most pencils sets you find in the stores, but trust me, your artwork quality will improve in each portrait when you use these. . I have seen a dramatic increase in quality with my artwork since using these pencils. I"ve learned new ways to color and layer my artwork, rather than just color in pictures i draw. These are truley awesome pencils! . . There are three layers to this particular set. Each layer the pencils are in their own groove as well as little stretchy handles on either side to lift each tray up. Underneath is a soft fuzzy piece that covers under each layer so the trays don't scratch the pencils on the next layer, and keeps them all snug in place. I have turned the tin set upside down and around to test and the pencils do not fly around, or slide. They allstay in the spot you put them! . . My artwork since i started to use this brand it has so much more pigment and details i can do with these pencils that other brands are impossible to show. They are easy to use, and you don't have to push hard either. They are oil based and it makes them that much easier to blend colors and create masterpieces!"

Derwent Blender Burnisher Pencil Set, Drawing, Art Supplies 2301774

Derwent blender and burnisher set add points of interest to your work the derwent blender and burnisher do a great job of blending and smoothing colors to produce images that previously may have been more difficult to achieve. If you re working with colored pencils and want to create a subtle blend, the derwent blender pencil is the accessory to reach for. The blender s core is firm enough to really push into the colors below, and the burnisher adds extra smoothness when applied over the blender layer. The artists advantage is that this combination does not build up on the surface the way other blender pencils often do. The derwent burnisher is a soft, colorless pencil made from the binder used for making colored pencils and allows you to blend two or more colors together to create a new color. At the same time it mixes and smoothes the colors, so individual strokes and hard edges are softened. The burnisher is a hard colorless pencil, which when used over layers of pigment provides a well-blended, polished finish by pushing the pigment into the paper. It can also be used for a wax resist technique draw your required design, this will add a layer of wax to the surface, then add your color. The wax layer will resist the colored pencil thus leaving that part of your drawing white. The fact that they come in a pack is great because artists tend to run out quickly! blender softens strokes and hard edges while mixing colors burnishing is ideal for creating sparkling glass, polished surfaces, and metals pack includes 2 blander pencils, 2 burnisher pencils, plastic sharpener, and plastic eraser use a burnisher pencil to create interesting effects use the wax resist technique to create areas of white and interesting effects. With the derwent burnisher draw a shape or cover an area you want to remain white and then paint over the top with derwent watersoluble media. The paint will not adhere to the areas where you have put the colorless burnisher. This drawing of a wall was created using this technique. Draw the shape of the bricks using the burnisher and then a wash was applied over the top using aquatone. Derwent heritage since 1832, derwent has been inspiring amateur and professional artists with an exceptional range of innovative fine art materials. Related products derwent drawing board the perfect setting for drawing and watercolor work. Derwent khaki canvas pocket wrap stores up to 12 pencils and accessories. Derwent pencil extender set, silver and black, for pencils up to 8 mm, 2 pack extend the life of your favorite pencils. Derwint graphitint pencils, 12-ct. , metal tin create dimension in your graphite drawings. Aquatone pencils, 24-ct. , metal tin sticks of pure watersoluble color provide a range of possibility. Derwent watercolor pencils, 12-ct. , metal tin provides freedom to switch from drawing to painting in an instant.

Derwent Blender Burnisher Pencil Set, Drawing, Art Supplies 2301774Derwent-Blender-Burnisher-Supplies-2301774

Brand :    derwent
Color :    assorted
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    2301774
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Office Sale :    Best Writing Instrument (derwent product review) for Derwent Blender Burnisher Pencil Set, Drawing, Art Supplies 2301774 available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
  • A great opportunity to add drawing supplies to your collection; use in place of blending stumps and tortillons
  • The blender pencil is soft and colorless and allows you to blend 2 or more colors together; the burnisher is a hard colorless pencil that provides a rich, glossy finish
  • Includes 2 blender pencils, 2 burnisher pencils, plastic sharpener and plastic eraser

Dust-Free Vinyl Erasers 2/Pkg-Large

Faber-castell dust-free vinyl erasers

Dust-Free Vinyl Erasers 2/Pkg-LargeDust-Free-Vinyl-Erasers-2-Pkg-Large

  • 2 kneaded erasers
  • Dust-free
  • Pvc and latex free
  • For pencils
Brand :    faber castell
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    1871202BP
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home :    Best Home (faber castell product review) for Dust-Free Vinyl Erasers 2/Pkg-Large available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Derwent Pencil Extender Set, Silver Black, For Pencils up to 8mm, 2 Pack 2300124

Derwent pencil extender set get more out of your pencils by using a pencil extender you can use almost every bit of a wood case pencil before having to throw it away. It becomes a writing instrument by making shorter pencils feel more balanced as it allows for a better grip. Derwent pencil extenders are available in two sizes. The silver extender fits larger sized pencils, up to 8 mm, including derwent pastel, colorsoft and artists pencils. The black extender is for use with standard sized pencils, up to 7 mm, including derwent graphic, watercolor, and studio. Both extenders have a robust screw fitting to hold the pencils securely and a soft touch coating on the barrel for improved grip. For use with pencils up to 8 mm two extenders per pack derwent heritage since 1832, derwent has been inspiring amateur and professional artists with an exceptional range of innovative fine art materials. Related products battery eraser erasers are not just for removing errors! use them to create unusual effects and techniques. Derwent drawing board the perfect setting for drawing and watercolor work. Derwent studio pencils, 12-ct. , metal tin easy-to-grip pencils offer a crips, precise drawing style. Derwent pencil sharpener this helical sharpener ensures the best point for your pencils. Derwent watercolor pencils, 12-ct. , metal tin provides freedom to switch from drawing to painting in an instant. Derwent khaki canvas pocket wrap stores up to 12 pencils and accessories.

Derwent Pencil Extender Set, Silver Black, For Pencils up to 8mm, 2 Pack 2300124Derwent-Pencil-Extender-Pencils-2300124

Brand :    derwent
Size :    1-Pack
Weight :    0.6 pounds
  • Derwent pencil extender set lets you use almost every bit of a pencil before having to throw it away
  • Soft touch coating on barrel offers a firm grip
  • Black extender fits standard-size pencils up to 7mm
  • Silver extender fits larger-size pencils up to 8mm
  • Adjustable screw fitting holds pencils securely
Model :    2300124
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Office Sale :    Best Writing Instrument (derwent product review) for Derwent Pencil Extender Set, Silver Black, For Pencils up to 8mm, 2 Pack 2300124 available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

CREATIVE ART MATERIALS Luminance 6901 color Pencil 001 White 6901.001

The caran d'ache luminance 6901 colour pencil is a combination of the highest lightfastness and the smoothness of a permanent lead. Every shade has been formulated using finely-ground pigments chosen for their purity, intensity and resistance to uv. Colours can be blended and burnished, layered on a variety of surfaces. The casing is made of california cedar from managed forests. The smoothness of the luminance 6901 leads require the use of a well-sharpened pencil sharpener. 001 white.

CREATIVE ART MATERIALS Luminance 6901 color Pencil 001 White 6901.001CREATIVE-ART-MATERIALS-Luminance-6901-001

Brand :    creative art materials
Color :    White
  • Pigments chosen for purity - intensity - resistance to uv
  • Can be blended - burnished - layered
  • High lightfastness and smoothness
  • White
  • Wood casing made from california cedar forests
Model :    6901.001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Office Sale :    Best Writing Instrument (creative art materials product review) for CREATIVE ART MATERIALS Luminance 6901 color Pencil 001 White 6901.001 available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Faber Castell Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil Brush 6-PACK

White hard eraser for liquid, water-based, ballpoint, and typewriter ink in a stick form. Handy brush at the end for sweeping away erasings. Perfection 7058-b, made in germany.

Faber Castell Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil Brush 6-PACKFaber-Castell-Faber-Castell-Perfection-Eraser

Brand :    faber castell
Model :    185800-6PK
Quantity :    6
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Art And Craft Supply :    Best Art Supplies (faber castell product review) for Faber Castell Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil Brush 6-PACK available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Faber Castell Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil Brush

White hard eraser for liquid, water-based, ballpoint, and typewriter ink in a stick form. Handy brush at the end for sweeping away erasings. Perfection 7058-b, made in germany.

Faber Castell Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil BrushCastell-Faber-Castell-Perfection-Eraser-Pencil

Brand :    faber-castell
Weight :    0.5 pounds
Model :    185800
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • For precise erasing
  • Suitable for ink, indian ink, ballpoint pen and typewriter
  • With brush
  • Pvc-free
  • Made from rubber
Office Sale :    Best Office Sales (faber-castell product review) for Faber Castell Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil Brush available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Faber Castell Trio Sharpener 183897

This ultra handy sharpener features 3 hole sizes, so you can sharpen virtually any pencil without changing sharpeners. Works with all pencil shapes. This package contains (1) 3-hole sharpener (2-1/2" x 1-1-3/4")

Faber Castell Trio Sharpener 183897Faber-Castell-Trio-Sharpener-183897

  • Works with all pencil shapes
  • Brand new item / unopened product
  • 3 hole sizes
Brand :    faber-castell
Weight :    0.8 pounds
Model :    183897
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Office Sale :    Best Office Sales (faber-castell product review) for Faber Castell Trio Sharpener 183897 available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Set - Tin Of 120 (FC110011) Price : 155.7, was : 166.23 as 2017-02-14
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Very impressive set of pencils! i got these about 2 months ago and have been using them on different projects, mostly coloring books. In the past i used a lot of different brands, prisma verithin colored pencils, marco raffine colored pencils, ashleigh nicole arts woodless colored pencils & staedtler ergosoft colored pencils, and the reason i mention all of these is because the quality of the polychromos are superior over all of them. I do have to mention one thing though. I was thrilled to have 120 colors to choose from (but really, how many shades of grey do you need? ) plus they blend together beautifully to create even more custom colors. But the highlight of these pencils and the reason they are the best, in my opinion, is that they have the smoothest lay down of color. Its like butter. Ive added some of the coloring projects i have done just to show how pretty the colors are. If you are considering buying a nice set of colored pencils, get these. I know almost $200. 00 is a lot of money to spend on pencils, but you will love these! you cant go wrong with this purchase.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Does anyone know how these compare with prismacolor soft core pencils?

(1) Question: Do these pencils come pre-sharpened?

(2) Question: Please, do you ship to brazil?

(3) Question: These pencils are not just pastel colors correct?

(4) Question: Are there greys and browns? there seem to be a lot of red and blues but what about greys and brown?

(5) Question: Is this polychromos set better than the albrecht durer 120 set?

(6) Question: The title says they are in a tin box, but the description says they are in a wooden box. which is it?

(note) Question: where/how to get Faber Castell (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Faber Castell's products



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The reason i can only give this product 4 stars is because the tin case they came in arrived quite dented. I was very disappointed in the condition of the case, and since the cardboard box they shipped them in was not damaged at all, it's safe to assume that the damage happened before shipping. However, i feel i shouldn't gripe too much, given that these are fairly less expensive than i've seen from other carriers, who sell them for almost $200 without free shipping (thank goodness for prime). Despite the cosmetic issues with the case, all of the pencils did arrive in tact, no significant damage to the pre-sharpened points (a few have small chips at the points but it's not a big deal to me). For me, it's the pencils themselves that really matter, so i can deal with the less-than-pristine case. . As for a review of their performance, these are excellent pencils. I have been eyeing them for some time now and i just had to have all of the colors in one go. The leads on these are extremely durable, and they blend wonderfully. I am upgrading from prismacolors, and these pencils are everything i expected and much more. I do wish there was a slightly larger range with their colors, but this is a very minor complaint. . Overall, i'm thrilled with my purchase.

Arts & Crafts 110750661, Colored Pencils 1107212252, Drawing & Painting Supplies 1105728842, Toys & Games 110397561Top Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Set - Tin Of 120 (FC110011) FAQ Content

Best faber castell polychromos color pencil set - tin of 120 (fc110011) in review

These are by far superior pencils. I know that there are more expensive pencils on the market, but i have to say that once i colored with the pencils, it was so smooth, and the colors were easy to match, and there is a wonderful array of colors that are vibrant and strong. I love, love, love, love, love, love, love these pencils! i cannot say enough or brag enough about these pencils, because they are so good and you can layer and layer and layer and layer with these colors. They are totally awesome. I have included a picture i colored with these pencils. . Artist tim jeffs. Book intricate ink: animals in detail. . When these pencils arrived they were well packaged to protect the pencils. First they were put in a cardboard box before shipping them. The tin is well constructed that holds the pencils. There are 3 trays that hold 40 pencils in each tray. There are elastic handles to help you lift and put back the tray from the tin container. All in all this was a great deal for some awesome pencils. The colors are rich and vibrant.

M. Josephine, Oklahoma

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A. Shayna, Peterborough says

I bought the faber castell polychromos colored pencil set of 120 because (1) they match the colors and carry the names of traditional oil colors, making it easy for me to know which pencil i need to help create the series of preliminary drafts i go through before beginning a work on canvas, and (2) all my research on colored pencils suggested these oil-based colors were richer and smoother than anything else on the market. What further pleased me is that the colors on the outer casings of the pencils do indeed match the pigment cores of the pencils, making it so easy to recognize their colors by sight. . Another advantage i found to these polychromos pencils is that, after many sharpenings, not one single point has broken inside the barrel of any sharpener i've used with them - most likely because each core pigment is centered so precisely in the center of the casing. Still yet another important reason for buying the faber castell polychromos set is that, unlike so many other sets, you can easily replace your most-often-used pencils from their open stock. . In working with color theory, the first thing i do with any new set of any pigmented materials is to search out the twelve colors most closely matching the colors on the color wheel. These colors, if in pencil form, are then labeled at the top with a fully-encircling strip of artist tape on which i print in permanent ink, several times around the pencil for quick id, the initials of the generic color on the color wheel. This minimizes any hesitancy in selection for me while working. Any other shades, tints, or tones of any other colored pencils needed are brought in afterward. The twelve pencils i chose from the set of 120 polychromos to replicate as closely as possible the color wheel are: y: light cadmium yellow (105) - yg: light green (171) - g: leaf green (112) - bg: cobalt turquoise (155) - b: phthalo blue (110) - bv: delft blue (141) - v: purple violet (136) - rv: middle purple pink (125) - r: deep scarlet red (219) - ro: light cadmium red (117) - o: orange glaze (113) - yo: dark chrome yellow (109). . These colored pencils are a delight to work with and worth every dollar invested in them.

E. Shawna, Illinois

I can't decide which i like better, the prismacolor premiers or the faber castell polychromos, as they are both amazing. The faber castell polychromos are oil based and therefore the core is strong and less prone to breaking. You can get a very fine point on them, and rarely have breakage when sharpening. For all over color they can't be beat. They give great coverage with little white showing through with very little pressure. The pigmentation is amazing, and while you can't pull the colors into one another like you can with wax based pencils, these can layer for days with no problem. You also can't get wax bloom with them. The 120 count pencil set has more than enough shades and colors, allowing you to create any color you can imagine. The quality controlers are on point as i've never seen a single pencil off centered, broken, warped or chipped. They are truly beautiful just to look at. I use blending stumps, prismas colorless blender, and solvents, all of which work great with the polychromos for blending. You really can't go wrong with these and you will fall in love the moment you try them!

N. Rochelle, Brent says

This set is the best colored pencils ever produced. Let me explain the big reasons why, from where i'm coming from. . I have been a hardcore prismacolor fan from 2001 onward, and their quality has gone extremely downhill. Originally prismas were made by sanford which then became bought out by rubbermaid-newell. Their products are now consistently off-center (making sharpening hell- you repetitively lose segments of leads which can then only be used by fingertip and friction action), the leads are brittle, they only take 4-6 layers with extreme pressure which makes their colors harder if not nigh-impossible to blend smoothly (and the colorless blender is a joke- picks up colors, etc), and the wax bloom is *ridiculous*, which- if you're sharing your work online- makes decent scanning somewhat troublesome despite excellent dpi. (that's a whole other side topic. ). . I just got this set of polychromos for christmas as a gift, and i'm not looking back at prisma. . Polychromos (let's call 'em fc for short after the company name) are awesome. There's a really insignificant amount of bloom, but it's an oil base so this really isn't an issue. The laydown is even more buttery than prisma. They are softer due to the oil-base, and the colors are very rich. . Quirks i discovered were the names. I'm coming from a prisma background so to me, "pompeian red" is "salmon", and "mauve" is actually their very rich purple hue- which to my former mindset is usually that pale pink/lavender mixup color. So the names will take some getting used to since they're more in line with "painterly" names such as pthalo blue, hooker's green, etc. So that at least will benefit you if you come from a painting experience. (i do also so it's at least semifamiliar, but still something to get used to). . It says something when i have six of the same colored pencil by prisma and they're all in various states of use/disrepair/broken- and the money behind that does add up. It's frustrating to say the very least, and although that company accommodated my needs by fixing the issue every time (which was often! ) i had flawed items that were interfering with my professional work, honestly just go for the fcs- they're a lot higher quality, plus the leads are bonded and securely centered as well as 3. 8mm thick- thicker than say, crayola (*gag*) colored pencil, so you're getting more product for the money and less wood (which, let's face it: is just a disposable casing). Same amount as per prismas, but with much less breakage/sharpening issues. . To clarify: someone called geri b. In the q&a says that fc don't glue their polychromos pencils. From their own website: " sv bonding is a process of gluing the full length of the lead to the wood casing of the pencil. This strengthens the lead and prevents breakage which allows for better sharpening, and produces a fine point. Sv bonding is a faber-castell trademark. ". . They're 45c more expensive per pencil than prismacolors (1. 74 vs 1. 29 as of this writing) on dickblick. Com for replenishment. But considering on average i've lost at least 5 5mm-long leads per pencil (yep: terrible! ), that translates to something like a half inch or more lost. One pencil is 7 inches brand new and sharpened, ie almost 178mm. After breakage, you're paying $1. 29 for 153 mm (or less than 158 depending on number of breaks), and you're losing 18c per pencil. Some are outright unusable and splinter. Polychromos are the same length. . 009c vs . 003c; less than a penny either way, but those pennies do definitely add up- and the bottom line even after doing the numbers for the heck of it is- that you're losing product and money every time a prismacolor pencil busts or fails to perform. I'm totally not a penny pincher. I'm providing this as a breakdown moneywise for the innately curious. And people should not have to pay for items to break repeatedly. Prisma tried to address this issue by making pastel-like colored pencil sticks with no lead, as long rectangles- this didn't fix the issue as they're too unwieldy for detailed use; that's a side rant. . Pros:. . -fc are not too much more expensive per pencil than prismas (buy 10 of each; spend only $4. 50 more for world-class quality). -outstanding laydown. -oil vs wax-based: better blending. -vivid colors, yet not overwhelmingly bad. -traditional style naming conventions as a throwback to the formal pigmentation for artistic references. -more realistic results (google up some of the prisma vs polychromos showdowns on youtube- the video with the grapes painting is what i'm referencing here in particular). . Cons:. . -haven't seen any yet, will update this review if i do

U. Ophelia, Thueringen

I am like so many who have fallen prey to the addiction of coloring. I have spent money on a bunch of different utensils and coloring supplies. I did my research and finally took the plunge and purchased the faber castell polychromos. First let me say that the array of colors are a dream. I also have the 48 set of prisma pencils. In comparison when blending and shading the polys take a bit of practice. The pencils have a more rigid tip and you can build by applying pressure or layers. The blending is beautiful and rich in colors but i will admit i love the buttery creaminess of the prisma pencils. But. The issue with prisma is that they tend to get a waxy finish when blending. You will not have this issue with the poly's. The poly's are oil based and give a professional finish. The poly's also sharpen much easier and the firm tips do not break as easily as the prisma's so i feel they will last longer. . Again, i am not an artist just a new very enthusiastic coloring addict!

G. Anonymous, Nebraska says

I am in love with these pencils. They are the best pencils that i have used ever. They are more than worth the price. I prefer these pencils as they don't wear down quickly and the fact that you don't need to sharpen them too much, they hold their points longer. I had bought the prisma colour verithins just to try those out, and i was disappointed as they break very easily even though those are to be of a harder lead, but these faber castells are awesome. I had tried them out singularly, and then decided to buy the 120 set as i wanted to get all the colours. I do not regret my purchase. . The colors are varied and very saturated. You don't need a lot to get full coverage, especially in colouring books, which is my main use for them. The leads are thick and are very easy to sharpen to a nice sharp point. They are creamy and smooth and so easy to blend with other colours. I had no problem blending the colours together to get a nice mix down. You get three trays of colours in the tin. All in all my best purchase ever.

S. Rebecca, Australian Capital Territory

It's tough to say anything new about these that hasn't already been said. These pencils are absolutely fantastic and one of the top tier colored pencils out there. I've used lots of different pencil types, including prismacolor, derwent, and caran d'ache. These are absolutely at the top of the list and are some of the best pencils i have ever used. They're a little different than most brands though. These are oil based instead of wax based, which means that they'll feel a little harder than a pencil like prismacolor, but don't suffer from breakage or wax bloom (where a cloudy, waxy film appears over the image when you have lots of layers). They also don't really smudge if you rub your fingers over part of the image, which is great. . In terms of using them, they feel really smooth and glide over the paper quite nicely. They're extremely blendable and feel great in the hand. They sharpen really well and i've never once had a broken lead after sharpening. They even hold a sharp point a lot longer than many other brands, which helps with fine detail work. I also find that they erase reasonably well too, which i haven't had much luck with whilst using wax pencils. Granted, no colored pencil will erase perfectly, but these are much better if you need to remove some color. . The only downside i can think of is the price. These are some expensive pencils, and so if you're not planning to use these a lot, or just feel like playing around with colored pencil a bit, these are probably not worth the cost. But for everyone else, these are probably some of the best pencils money can buy. They're even available open stock in many art stores, so you can replace individual colors as needed. These rock!

E. Medina, Haringey says

I know, they are expensive. But the quality of these pencils will never make you regret your purchase: they are soft, brilliant, intense, easy to blend. I use them on grayscale coloring and the result is extraordinary. Another feature i appreciate is that, if you make a mistake, you can easily cancel the line in a second with a soft eraser. The variety of colors is excellent, and the shades are rich and very easy to match. If you are not sure. Trust me: get these pencils, and you will never regret it.

R. Powell, Portsmouth

This set is gorgeous! i am assuming that if you are looking at this set you are already sold on the virtues of the faber-castell polychromos colored pencil. So i won't be discussing their rich color, their creaminess, sturdiness, or that they are oh so worth the price. Instead, i will review this 150 color set. (pictured). . They come in a rectangular tin, which isn't as sturdy as i'd like it to be. It would also be nice if it came with a solid way to keep the top closed. But then, you pop it open, and the beauty of the set knocks your socks off. The pinks, reds, blues, grays, greens, etc . So vivid. No color is repeated. The shades are varied enough to tell the difference between each one. (pictured). . It was properly shipped. None of my pencils are broken, and all of the tips are perfectly sharpened. . There are three trays, and each tray has an elastic on either end for easy lifting. (pictured) the bottom of each tray has been lined with foam (pictured) making the tray more sturdy. The pencils do not easily pop out. (attempted picture). . I'm so glad i own this set. It will give me hours of joy. And you too.

G. Glenda, Lancashire says

Presentation & packaging: 10/10. Usability & durability: 10/10. Blending & layering: 10/10. Pigmentation & lay-down: 10/10. Color selection: 10/10. . Since i'd fallen into the popular wave of adult coloring, i began to also become infatuated with colored pencils. I started collecting sets from nearly every brand available online, so these considerably "cheaper" pencils were going up against some pretty vicious competition. For comparison purposes- i own caran d ache luminence & pablo, lyra rembrandt polycolor, bruynzeel color design, mitsubishi uni, tombow irojiten, derwent coloursoft, artist, watercolor & inktense, koh-i-noor polycolor, conte color collection, soho urban artist, fantasia, strapright artist, marco renior & raffine, platinum soft core, muhui professional, all 3 of the colore color pencils sets, staedtler karat aquarelle, laneco artist, holbein artists, prang, cra-z-art, roseart, reeves, pentel color, crayola, and the ever popular prismacolor premier & verithin so, i could modestly call myself a pretty experienced colourist and connoisseur of colored pencils! . . I'd own many of the smaller sets of the polychromos, so i'd decided to go big or go home with these and went ahead and ordered 2 sets of the 120 count pencils. They arrived at different times, about 2 weeks apart, but were perfectly packaged and flawless, with no dents or damage to the tins or pencils themselves. I love how the plastic trays are felted at the bottom to prevent damage to the layers underneath and have string handles for easy removal and no tipping or spilling. The tin is one of the best as well. It securely closes all the way and seals tight. . The pencils are oil based and definitely have a harder core than others. I understand this may be why alot of people don't like them, but this is a main attraction point for me. The barrels are thicker as well, and the lacquer (also the color identifier) makes them very beautiful aesthetically. Their pigmentation is very rich and true to their identification, so there's no second guessing or even need to color swatch before using them. They respond very well to pressure, so it's pretty easy to variate between lighter and darker tones. The core's laydown is unlike any other. It's extremely smooth. There's no skipping, scratchiness, or dragging when laid down on paper of any tooth. . Their blendability and layerability is what sets these pencils apart. Regardless of your blending technique, these pencils blend like a dream! any kind of blender pencil works on them, and mineral spirits only enhance the beauty. I'm able to layer close to almost 5 colors without it getting muddy and there's virtually no wax-bloom, considering these are oil-based. If you do see any wax bloom whatsoever, it's just the binder in the pencil and can be easily eliminated with a blender pencil, or. Even just dragging your fingernail across it. . I'm super ecstatic about finally getting the 120 count set. I utilized the 72 count for as long as i possibly could, but being a colorist, i always had the craving for more pencils- more colors! the largest set finally satiated me, and i even went as far as getting 2 sets of 120, just to have one on preserve if ever these pencils, for any reason, go out of production, if the tin graphic changes, or if they stop making the 120 set (please pray that they don't, however), but i'm extremely happy and super satisfied with this purchase. I cannot explain in enough words in this review how excellent these pencils are. Yes, they sit at a much higher price point than your average, every day coloring pencils, but keep in mind. These are top artist quality, and if you do decide to purchase. Even the smaller sets, you'll understand why. They're worth every penny!

Q. Guest, Kansas

These are pretty impressive-and should be at the price. I hate to admit how much i spent to color in books but i love these. I imagine if you are a real artist you'll have your own opinions but i think these are highly valued by experienced folks. The colors are vibrant and it's a joy to have so many. I have been able to keep them in the trays in the box, something i was not able to do with other brands that came in a box-and it's because each tray has side handles to lift the tray in and out. You do have to master the art of tapping the bottom of each pencil just right so it pops up and out but it's easier for me to see and choose colors when they're laying flat "in order" and not in pencil holder. They give me a lot of joy to use.

N. Imelda, Georgia says

These are absolutely magnificent pencils! although i have (and love) prismacolors, i was anxious to try these. I bought the set of 60, tried a couple pencils out, put them back in the tray and immediately ordered the set of 120 because i knew i had to have the entire set! i can't compare the polychromos w/the prismas as they are so different - they lay down differently and they have a 'learning curve' for blending. With that being said, i love love love these pencils and although you can (and i do) use polys and prismas together, the polys are my 'go to' pencil. You never get that waxy bloom where it is impossible to add more layers, this does not happen ever w/the polys. The blending abilities of these pencil amaze me. If you are using oil based pencils for the first time, there are several very good tutorials on youtube to help you learn about them. Also by using blending and adding layers, you can make many many different shades of color so you are getting so much more than than 120 colors! i cannot imagine coloring without them - buy the set you can afford and remember you will have many more colors to play with than number of pencils, they are truly the best!

B. Sherry, Bracknell Forest

Oh my gosh, i just purchased this set as a birthday present to myself. When i opened the tin, i almost lost my breath, it was so beautiful! as i removed the top and middle trays, it only got better. Then, i began to color with them. Be still, my heart! they are like coloring with a firm stick of butter, so soft and creamy and they put down a beautiful layer of color. I had to save up for a bit to get these, but it was so worthwhile. Do not ask yourself "should i"? , ask yourself "when will i"? they are worth the money for sure!

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