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Price was $19.50. Fun game, just be aware that you need more dice to play by the full rules where you get a bonus die when attacking/defending at particular ranges. You can pick up a star wars x-wing: dice pack for around $7, or you can buy a second core. Or you can right down a result from a die and reroll. But who wants to do that? . . Anyways, this is a very thematic game that goes from seemingly simple and cheap to nightmarishly complex and wallet busting, if you let it. (welcome to miniature gaming) it is very likely that after your first game you're going to want at least one more ship for the rebellion player. Flying a single x-wing against 2 ties just feels unequal. I believe people have said that a more balanced ratio is more like 2 x-wing to 3 ties. . If you want to get a good sense of the game, i'd recommend watching youtube video reviews such as "shut up & sit down".

-B. Anonymous

Star Wars X-wing: Force Awakens Core In This Two-player Game Of Dramatic, High-speed Dogfights, Kids Can Battle Head-to-head For The Fate Of The Galaxy. It Takes Just Minutes To Learn The Rules, But The Game’s Expansions -Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-wing: Force Awakens Core Set

  1. Additional: Three Highly Detailed And Pre-painted Miniature Starfighters, One T-70 X-wing And Two Tie/fo Fighters.
  2. Additional: Maneuver Dials And Templates Make It Easy To Plot And Execute Your Ships’ Maneuvers.

Low-Priced Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-wing: Force Awakens Core Set (Toys And Games) Swx36

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Best table top game i have ever played. After watching "stranger things" on netfix i had a powerful hunger to play d&d like we used to back in the day. However, after doing a little research i decided to get into this instead. Its not too hard to figure out if you start with the basic rules and expand from there. The instructions are set up smartly so that you can do just that. After 3 or for games you will have most of the advanced rules figured out. My 15 year old son and i play it all the time. I love the expansion packs and adding to our fleet of ships can become very addicting. I have also played with a few of my adult friends and they all agree that this game is awesome. Best star wars xwing force awakens | Fantasy Flight Publishing-Toys And Games Review as-of ( Dec 2019 ) Additional Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing: The Force Awakens Core Set A two-player game of high-speed star wars dogfights set during the force awakens. Three highly detailed and pre-painted miniature starfighters, one t-70 x-wing and two tie/fo fighters. Maneuver dials and templates make it easy to plot and execute your ships' maneuvers. Combat is fast and deadly. A pre-existing range of expansions and rules for squad-building allow you tremendous freedom to explore different squad-builds, strategies, and even new factions .

Fantasy flight games star wars x-wing: the force awakens core set Review (swx36)

I was highly skeptical at first that this was just a repaint/weak money grab effort by ffg to capitalize on the excitement surrounding tfa. After reading positive reviews to the contrary, i decided to give it a try. I am happy to corroborate those reviews with one of my own. As in the movie, the models are actually different, not just the paint. More importantly, they have different strengths/weaknesses and even some new maneuvers. I recommend this to anyone who already has x-wing miniatures or has been considering trying it. One word of warning for people new to the game. Once you play, you'll want to buy more. -R. Powell

Fantasy Flight Games Star X Wing

  1. Class: Toy
  2. Brand: Fantasy Flight Games
  3. EAN: 4516793092215
  4. Genre: Strategy
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:2.00 inches
    Length:10.00 inches
    Weight:1.60 pounds
    Width:10.00 inches
  6. ItemPart/Serial Number: FFGSWX36
  7. LegalDisclaimer: WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- Small Parts. Not For Children Under 3 Years.
  8. Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Publishing
  9. Recommended Max-Age: 180
  10. Suggested Min-Age: 156
  11. Model: SWX36
  12. MPN: SWX36
  13. Total Items: 1
  14. Quantity: 1
  15. Part/Serial Number: SWX36
  16. Type: Toy
  17. Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  18. ReleaseDate: 2015-09-18
  19. UPC: 783318507330
  20. Warranty: Guaranteed Against Manufacturer Defect

star wars x-wing: force awakens core Toy, In this two-player game of dramatic, high-speed dogfights, kids can battle head-to-head for the fate of the galaxy. it takes just minutes to learn the rules, but the game's expansions and rules for squad building ensure there's plenty of star wars action that kids can explore and enjoy for years to come! Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-wing: Force Awakens Core Set (SWX36-Fantasy Flight Games).

Fantasy Flight Games Star X Wing Toy

star wars xwing force awakens Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing: The Force Awakens Core Set (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

We have all wanted, at some point, to defeat the cruel empire with a squadron of x-wings (or perhaps you wanted to defeat the rebels scum with a squadron of tie fighters) and now you can in glorious 1/270 scale. I will be the first to admit that one x-wing and two tie fighters does not a battle make but it is, at least, a decent jumping off place and a good introduction to the game. I personally chose to buy the new force awakens version because it was slightly cheaper and apparently has slightly updated rules. The three models are beautiful with some amazing detail and, best of all, to scale! the game is definitely complicated but i was able to pick up the gist of it pretty quickly. I am really enjoying the game and looking forward to bigger battles with more expansion packs (it s a trap! ). Overall i think this has, in some way, made my dreams come true if only at 1/270 scale.

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-wing: Force Awakens Core Set
Click to see NoticeFantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-wing: Force Awakens Core Set (swx36)"Offered at a terrific price (less than half what i have seen elsewhere) this is the perfect way to kick off your journey into one of the star wars universe's most enjoyable and immersive gaming experiences. Fantasy flight games really knocked it out of the park with this one when it was first released several years ago. Now, with the arrival of the force awakens, the game has gotten an episode vii-related update and facelift. The core mechanics are pretty much the same as they always were, with only a few minor changes (almost all of them for the better). . Whether you're building a rebel or imperial fleet, buying this starter set gives you a lot of bang for your buck; in fact, i recommend picking up two. Not only do you get a pair of ties and an x-wing at less than half of what you'd pay individually, the extra dice and counters make the purchase more than worth it. . So what about the game itself? x-wing is a fast-paced game of tabletop space combat, relatively simple to learn (you'll be up and playing inside of thirty minutes or less) and yet fiendishly difficult to master. There is enough nuance and variation in the game system and the myriad of available upgrades that you needn't fear the game growing stale any time soon. Standard 100-point games can be blazed through in half an hour or so, and the experience is always a fun and rewarding one. . This is my second starter set for x-wing, which beefs up my fleets nicely. It was a steal at the asking price, and i can't recommend it highly enough to star wars fans looking to fight mock battles in their favorite universe: a galaxy far, far away."

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing: Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack

Maximize the impact of your tie bombers and tie defenders with the imperial veterans expansion pack for x-wing! two new tie miniatures come with alternate paint schemes - one gray tie bomber with the gamma squadron's signature white stripe and one tie defender with the bold red paint scheme shared by countess ryad and the glaive squadron. Additionally, eight veteran pilots and thirteen upgrades dramatically expand your ships' capabilities and versatility while a new mission, disable the relays, highlights many of their new tricks and tactics! .

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing: Imperial Veterans Expansion PackFantasy-Flight-Games-Star-X-Wing

Brand :    fantasy flight games
Color :    Multi-colored
Weight :    0.52 pounds
  • Thirteen upgrades dramatically expand both ships' capabilities and versatility
  • Eight new ship cards introduce talented veteran pilots
  • A new mission challenges players to explore many of the ships' new tricks and tactics
  • Contains two miniature starfighters with alternate paint schemes - one tie bomber and one tie defender
  • An imperial starship expansion for the x-wing miniatures game
Price :    $23.96 (was $28.07)
Model :    SWX52
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fantasy flight games product review) for Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing: Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack available as-of ( Dec 2019 )

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing: Heroes of Resistance Game Expansion Pack

Rey, finn, poe dameron, and the heroes of the force awakens fight for freedom with the heroes of the resistance expansion pack for x-wing. Featuring new sculpts for the millennium falcon and poe dameron's black-and-orange t-70 x-wing, heroes of the resistance also expands your fleet with three unique x-wing pilots, as well as new versions of han solo and chewbacca. Meanwhile, the pack's eighteen upgrades introduce new elite pilot talents, tech upgrades, and unique title upgrades for both the millennium falcon and black one.

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing: Heroes of Resistance Game Expansion PackFantasy-Flight-Games-Star-X-Wing

Price :    $28.49
  • Eight ship cards include rey and new versions of poe dameron and han solo
  • Includes all the maneuver dials, bases, pegs, and tokens you need to fly your ships to battle
  • Eighteen upgrades introduce new elite pilot talents, tech upgrades, and titles
  • An x-wing expansion featuring rey, finn, and the heroes of the force awakens
  • Introduces new sculpts and paint schemes for the falcon and poe dameron's black-and-orange x-wing
Brand :    fantasy flight games
Weight :    0.80 pounds
Model :    SWX57
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fantasy flight games product review) for Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing: Heroes of Resistance Game Expansion Pack available as-of ( Dec 2019 )

Star Wars X-Wing: TIE Silencer Expansion Pack

Engineered for speed and incredible handling, the tie silencer is devastating in the hands of those who can unlock its full potential. Lesser pilots, however, are often overwhelmed and unable to maintain control of the nimble craft. Fortunately for the first order, the tie silencer expansion pack for x-wing pairs its sleek and menacing, pre-painted miniature star ghter with a quartet of talented pilots, including the dark side force user kylo ren. Additionally, you'll nd twelve upgrade cards, one condition card, a maneuver dial, and all the plastic and tokens you need to launch this lethal ghter into action! .

Star Wars X-Wing: TIE Silencer Expansion PackStar-Wars-X-Wing-Silencer-Expansion

Price :    $17.35
  • Inspired by kylo ren's signature star fighter from the last jedi
  • A first order faction expansion pack for the best-selling x-wing miniatures game
  • Contains one highly detailed and pre-painted first order tie silencer
Brand :    fantasy flight games
Model :    SWX68
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fantasy flight games product review) for Star Wars X-Wing: TIE Silencer Expansion Pack available as-of ( Dec 2019 )

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I was very happy with this game! it is relatively easy to pick up, with good instructions, and includes more than is needed to get going. The ships are beautiful and i have since began buying more ships to play with friends. Compared to other miniatures game or wargames this is easily. Accessible. Also, if you have played any games like "wings of glory" or "pirates constructible strategy game" you will already have a feel for hwo this works too. Very highly recommended!

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: We have the original x-wing game. can you merge that one and this game together and play with them together?

(1) Question: Are there any potential spoilers to the new movie - pilot names, missions, etc. ?

(2) Question: Is this set better than the original one? i mean: are the rules more difficult?

(3) Question: Are the cards in this different from the ones in the expansion packs? if you buy the packs, do you get cards that are not in this set?

(4) Question: Does each player need a starter pack to play? or does one starter pack allow for two players, and then you just add the additional pieces as wanted?

(5) Question: Is it hard

(6) Question: Why is this one cheaper? am i missing out on anything buying this one over the original?

(7) Question: What expansion pack should i get first?

(8) Question: Worth it as simple 2-player game with girlfriend? not interested in a big collection or going to competitions

(9) Question: For someone who doesn't already have the game - is this all you need to play? or is it just an expansion set and you need more?

(note) Question: where/how to get Fantasy Flight Games (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Fantasy Flight Games's products


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I got this game a little on impulse but also wanting to get the wife interested in playing miniature games since we are in a really small town. I am by no means a tournament player, i just like to play games. The rules ease you into the game. I do recommend checking out the fantasy flight tutorial. Breaks the game down nice. First time is a basic concept without the special abilities. The learning curve isn't very steep. It was fun and we had a blast without too many pauses for rule clarification. I hate to admit it, but i read the rules many times while my wife skimmed the rules just before playing and beat me 5 in a row! yes it does mean i suck. Lol in my defense she was the tie fighters so 2 to 1. We haven't yet got the expansions but we plan to.

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Best fantasy flight games star wars x-wing: force awakens core set (swx36) in review

I am very, very happy this exists. It's good in concept, and good in execution. . My ten-year-old son and i just got into the x-wing miniatures game a couple of months ago. We started with the original core set and we'd added a handful of single-fighter expansion packs before we picked this up. We had just been considering whether or not to buy another original core set when we learned the new core set was due out soon. A lot of the "how to get started in x-wing" pieces you'll find online recommend getting two core sets, to economically build your fleet, get two sets of movement templates, and finally have enough dice to stop rerolling. (both core sets are nerfed by have one fewer attack and defense dice than you really need for most situations - presumably to goad you into buying their pricey packs of extra dice. ). . Having purchased and played with this new core set, i can say for certain that it is very nice to have two core sets, with all of the extra ships, counters, movement templates, and dice. But it's also nice to have two core sets that aren't exactly the same. The new force awakens x-wings and tie fighters have some new tricks - an additional point of shields on each, a new fast-turn maneuver for each ship, and new abilities like target lock for the tie fighters and boost actions for the x-wings. The damage deck is a bit different, and for those interested in competitive play, it's apparently an official replacement for the damage deck in the original core set. There are a few other nice touches as well - the new core set comes with three missions, just like the original core set, but they're not the same missions. You still get six asteroid markers but the ones are different shapes with different art, so if you combine an original and a force awakens core set you can make a field with 12 unique asteroids. . My favorite update is the way they've handled the rulebook. The original core set rulebook is, frankly, kind of a mess. It's a good thing the game is so intuitive to pick up, because the original rulebook is not well organized, requiring far too much flipping back and forth during the first few games. I'm happy to say that's much improved in the new core set. It includes not one but three booklets: a short "how to play" booklet that walks you through the rules by actually playing the game, a much thicker "rules reference" that is basically an alphabetically-arranged glossary of rules and terms, and a leaflet with the three new missions. For people who haven't been playing long enough to have all of the rules memorized yet, the rules reference book is a godsend - much easier to use than the old core rulebook when you need to look up some pesky situation mid-game. . The weaknesses of this core set are the same as the original: it's a bit weedy to have a core set for a miniatures game that only includes three ships, and i'm still irked that they drive you to purchase additional dice (or their proprietary dice app) by including so few in the starter box. But by now those are just the ground realities of the x-wing miniatures game, and within that context, this core set is no weaker than its predecessor, and actually improves on it in some non-trivial ways (like the rules reference). I can't quite bring myself to knock off a whole star for that. . In sum, i'm happy about this new core set because it gives new and existing players new options. You can focus your play strictly on the original trilogy timeline, or only on the force awakens era, or mix 'em up. And people who want to get two sets of templates, dice, and bits without getting carbon-copy fighters can get one of each. In fact, i hope that fantasy flight adds at least one more core set in the future - i'd kill for a scum & villainy core set with a bounty hunter ship and a couple of fringe fighters.

M. Sarah, Oldham

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W. Theola, Idaho says

Warning vary addicting and can get expensive! i love this game i have a small group of people that play at at least once a week i will tell you you need to get two of the starter packs to enjoy this game from the beginning and maybe a couple extra ships but the two starters will at least get you playing i now have close to $500 in this game a good play mat adds a lot to the game also

Y. Gilmore, Hessen

Received it yesterday and played a game with my 7-yr old. We both loved it! . I'm trying to introduce him to miniature games but wanted something easy to approach (no gluing, no painting, easy rules). I wasn't so sure about the rules before buying the game, which is sold for 14+ yr old. Well, the best part of the box is the booklet "learn to play" that provides simplified rules, super easy to get while still having lots of fun! . . In addition, the ships are beautifully built and painted. I would not recommend to let a much younger kid play with them though, as they seem a bit fragile. . Overall a great product that i strongly recommend.

S. Guest, Warwickshire says

I purchased this force awakens game for my oldest son, who is fourteen years old. He has the earlier version and loves it, do he had this one on his wishlist and was really wanting it as soon as it came out. . He's super happy with it. . This game is really quite well done, the art is great, and the pieces look cool even when they are just sitting on the shelf. . My son loves all things star wars, and that is what initially attracted him to this game. However, it can be a pretty in-depth game for those who want to make it that, and he really enjoys it!

Z. Colleen, Milton Keynes

The x-wing miniatures game is a great intro to tabletop gaming. It has really fun and easy to learn flight mechanics. The core set is enough to have a two player game, and the game is expandable with all sorts of ships. Since it was released a while ago i believe those ships have come down in price. This set comes with a few missions and scenarios to keep things fresh. Definitely a must try for boardgame lovers.

Q. Erickson, Telford and Wrekin says

Pros:. . 1) small scale skirmish game. While you can raise the point limit to whatever you want similar to warhammer 40, 000, the 'sweet spot' seems to be 100 points. This can accommodate quite a few different options/combinations in friendly matches, but can lead to mirror matches in tournament play. . 2) models come pre-painted and ready to go. Quality and detail is given very nice on the rebel/resistance and scum and villainy ships. Empire/first order is your typical black and white with some grey and small highlights mixed in. Still look good though. . 3) game in a box. You'll likely spend several hours learning the rules and how the game mechanics work. 5l-10 games later i'm still finding out rules/mechanics i didn't really think about. This box will keep you and your friend playing/learning for a few sessions. I recommend buying a second one however. That way the resistance player can get a feel for managing multiple well shielded ships. . Cons:. . 1) only one real game mode: deathmatch. Missions and optional scenarios are provided, but unless your flgs has mission tournaments, you'll be playing deathmatch everytime. . 2) lots of ittty bitty pieces. The largest thing game is the size of a standard playing card. The smallest are dime sized tokens. In a 3x3 foot playing area at 100 points, the table gets very crowed, very quickly. Between asteroids, target locks, focus/evade, and your ships, the board gets crowded. So much that you can forget what goes where quite a bit if you aren't careful. . 3) ships. Some ships are well rounded and customizable such as the x-wing. Others, such as the hwk from the jedi knight series have very limited or very specific abilities. Whether you consider them worth your money is up to your play style but some will likely collect dust on store shelves for a while. . 4) having to buy some ships twice. The x-wing and tie fighters in this box give you great options. But to get all the options(other pilots which have nice abilities), you have to buy the blister boxes for each one as well. . Overall thoughts:. . If your looking to get into the tabletop scene, like/love star wars and don't have a ton of cash, but have a friend, consider splitting this box. It worked out well for my friend and i. It could work out for you.

U. Monique, Pennsylvania

I had a coworker bring this into the office so i could try it out before i bought it. Needless to say, over my lunch hour (which ended up being 3 hours because i was having sooooo much fun) i fell in love with this game. . I have played some of the miniature games before, but hated them because your packages were random figures and who likes that? i have played warhammer, but hated it because it took forever to assemble the pieces and paint them. Some people like that stuff. I just like playing. . So this was an added bonus that the ships were preassembled, prepainted, and beautiful. It was a miniature game that included everything you need for a fun 30-60 minute battle. And the bonus, you know what ships you are getting. And the detail on them is amazing. So i immediately bought this pack and a bunch of others when i got back to my desk. I am looking forward to many lunch hours playing this with my coworker. For the rebels!

P. Matherly, Rochdale says

Say goodbye to your pay checks people. Great game that is easy to learn and difficult to master. The game is beautiful in every respect. Even if you end up not liking the game the miniatures are awesome and worth collecting. Let me say though that it gets rather expensive after a while as making/collecting your fleet becomes daunting if your looking to play more than one faction. As for me i am getting every ship ever made so not only is my fleet awesome to look at and play with but my bank account is going equally empty as it progresses. It's so awesome though. At least i can say its not drugs that i am wasting my money on. Who would have thought a board game with space ships would be so much fun! may the force be with you!

H. Denise, Luton

The package showed up in perfect condition. The contents are beyond great. It took next to no time for me to be set up and running a trial game before expanding into the more advanced rules for basic play. . You get all the dials, tokens, rules, and asteroids you need. The real kicker are the models. The 2 tie fighters and t-70 x-wing are beautiful. They look great when on their flight stands and my only real regret is that i was advised running 2-3 t-70's isn't that great, because i would buckle down and buy another one of these boxes just to get access to duplicates of everything. . Poe dameron as a pilot is a lot of fun to play and really sets a tone for why this only comes with one t-70 vs. 2 ties.

O. Matherly, Darlington says

This game has all the trademark fantasy flight games characteristics:. . A. A square box set. B. A game designed to have expansions. C. A set of dice which are useless for any other game. D. Some cards with small, tiny, font. E. Impeccable quality of game components. . That said, i think it is a shame that this core set does not come at least with a paper 3 feet by 3 feet mapboard. . The miniatures are so well painted, one may buy them only for personal collection, without ever playing the game! . . The game itself is fast paced, furious, fun. The almost endless combinations of ship cards, update cards, and scenarios (included in some expansions - not all expansions have scenarios) make for fresh and new experiences each battle. The basic rules are extremely simple, but each ship and scenario adds a little bit of complexity to the proceedings, so one must be careful to check the rules.

C. Russell, Devon

Fun game and the models are amazing. But i got bored of playing tournament games pretty quickly. Would prefer to play scenarios but not found anyone else interested. Understandable since there are a lot of x-wing tournaments held regularly. And you can win some really cool prizes. So all th players i've run across want to play that style.

D. Angelica, Nevada says

My son is so much of a fan of the x-wing games that we got this for his best friend for his birthday (they are both 8-years-old). It is a great gateway game for miniatures and is great for the current revival of love for star wars. It also is getting very popular in gaming stores, so it isn't hard to find a game. You can absolutely play it right out of the box and have some great games, but you will want to add some ships if you want to be competitive against players who have expansions. . I definitely recommend this for gamers as young as 8 and i see no upper age limit. It has a ton of replay value even without any of the additional ships.

P. Mahood, Gloucestershire

There's realistically two kinds of people i'm writing this review for:. . 1. Folks who haven't played x-wing yet. . 2. Folks who wonder if this is a good addition to their existing collection. . To both i can highly recommend this core set. Here's why:. . For first time players, you can find better reviews of the game on a whole elsewhere, but the short of it is that the rules are accessible, the game is fairly quick to play and it really captures the space dogfights of star wars quite well. Never too simple as to feel childish, nor complicated enough to slow down, it is a blast. If you're getting into the game, either this core set or the older one will do just fine, it's really a question of if you want the "new" ships from the force unleashed, or the older classic trilogy ones. There's some modest rules adjustments in this new core set, however they're not especially critical/are more adjustments than anything else. . For folks who already enjoy x-wing:. . 1. The new ships are cool. The tie/fo has done quite well in the games i've used it as being something better than a tie fighter, but not as expensive as your other choices. Also the new paint job is sweet. The t-70 is a really wicked sick looking model, and while it doesn't dramatically change the rebel line up, it works quite well as an x-wing+, and the extra shields, boost, and maneuvers make it an interesting choice. . 2. The game comes with a reference book in addition to the old how to play book. So rather than having a stack of reference cards for bombs, all the various new actions etc you have one handy book that explains all you need to know about actions you can take. . 3. Having two sets of movement templates is handy. If you're like me, you already have enough stress/focus/etc tokens, but the movement pieces and the range ruler in duplicate can really speed up planning for a turn. . Really recommend it.

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