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Price was $19.99. These are wonderful sorting toys, but double as play food for imaginative play as well. My 14 month old doesn't know his colors yet, but he loves putting the fruits and vegetables in the baskets, and then dumping the baskets out again. As he grows, he can learn his colors, learn about fruits and vegetables, and use them in a play kitchen. The product description says 3 and up, but none of the pieces are small enough to be a choking hazard. In fact, a few of them have become teethers as my little guy cut his one-year molars. They have been resistant to slobber and chewing, which has been a bonus. The baskets are sturdy and have withstood toddler pounding, stomping and throwing. . I love that my little guy can grow into these and use them for many years in many ways.

-Y. Stacey

Farmer’s market color sorting develop color recognition and sorting skills bushels of realistic, relationally sized fruits and vegetables in this set. perfect for dramatic play and food nutrition lessons, too. -farmer’s market color sorting set

  • Spotlight: Expand Vocabulary By Naming Familiar Favorites And Learning New Foods.
  • Spotlight: Includes 25 Foods In 5 Different Colors, 5 Baskets, Activity Guide, And Stickers For Labeling.

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These are good quality toys that kids can use for lots of imaginative play above and beyond the color-matching game advertised. Farmers market, grocery store, cooking in the play kitchen, throwing play parties, these fruits and veggies get used for everything. The buckets and produce seem to be very high quality and well able to hold up to the usual abuse. The only thing keeping this from being a 5 star product for me (and this may not matter to you, i don't know) is that i couldn't find anywhere on the packaging or in the product description what kinds of plastic these toys are made out of. My little one still teethes on her toys, and i try to be selective about the chemicals in the plastics and paints she has access to. Other than that, i love these and will definitely buy more learning resources stuff for my kids to play with at home. The Best farmer's market color sorting as-of ( May 2021 ) | Learning Resources-Toys And Games Review Spotlight Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set Develop color recognition and sorting skills with bushels of realistic produce. Expand vocabulary by naming familiar favorites and learning new foods. Includes 25 foods in 5 different colors, 5 baskets, activity guide, and stickers for labeling. Winner of 2 awards. Ideal for ages 3+ .

Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set Review (lrnler3060)

These are pretty realistic looking and definitely fun! my 22 month old is very into them! however the color does come off easily which is a safety concern! if this weren't the case, it would get five stars for the learning benefits and the attention grabber/keeper factor! -F. Allen

Farmers Market Color Sorting Set

Learning Resources
Product Dimensions
Height:5.90 inches
Length:13.00 inches
Weight:2.65 pounds
Width:10.10 inches
ItemPart/Serial Number
Learning Resources
Recommended Max-Age
Suggested Min-Age
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1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

farmer's market color sorting Toy, Develop color recognition and sorting skills with bushels of realistic, relationally sized fruits and vegetables in this set. perfect for dramatic play and food nutrition lessons, too. 30-piece set! Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set (LER3060-Learning Resources).

Farmers Market Color Sorting Set Toy

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I love the concept and im hoping it will help with my son's food aversions but, there are a few minor complaints with the product. First, the buckets dont end up as full as shown in the ad (see attached photo of mine). Second, some of the colors are off which could be a little confusing for a young child learning colors (see my attached photo). The pumpkin is mord yellow than orange and the purple grapes are blue (see attached photo). Not sure if mine are just defected or this is how they are meant to look but otherwise its a really neat set and the pieces are nicely detailed to know what they are.

Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set
Click to see NoticeFarmer's Market Color Sorting Set (Learning Resources)"This is a very good quality food set, as with all of the learning resources food items i've purchased. My 2 year old son loves it. He has learned his colors from sorting the food in this set, which is great. The stickers don't stay on super well, but it's ok. Other than that, everything is very durable . Some of the items aren't true to size, like the pumpkin and eggplant, which are much smaller than in real life. Not a big deal. I also find myself explaining to my son that even though it's a "red onion, " it goes in the purple basket (similar for blackberries). Very minor issues. I'm just happy he knows his colors and has fun with this toy."

Smart Snacks Count 'em Up Popcorn

Build number sense recognition and practice counting sets, with this playful plastic popcorn set. Includes 15 jumbo popcorn pieces for counting into 5 different sized bowls (printed with numbers 1-5). Bowls nest for easy storage. Perfect for learning basic math skills!

Smart Snacks Count 'em Up PopcornSmart-Snacks-Count-Up-Popcorn

Price :    $13.79 (was $13.80)
  • Bowls nest to store
  • Ideal for ages 2+
  • Build number sense and recognition, and practice counting
  • Learn numbers and counting with food you can play with
  • Set includes 15 jumbo popcorn pieces to count into 5 different-size bowls (printed with numbers 1-5)
Brand :    learning resources
Color :    Multi
Size :    4-3/4 L x 2-1/4 W in
Weight :    1.39 pounds
Model :    LER7346
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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One To Ten Counting Cans

Introduce basic math with colorful, familiar fruits and vegetables. Teach counting, number recognition and sorting. Great for reinforcing everyday vocabulary and fine motor skills. Includes 55 plastic fruits and vegetables in 10 durable cans with lids.

One To Ten Counting CansOne-To-Ten-Counting-Cans

Brand :    learning resources
Color :    Multi
Size :    4-1/4 x 3 in
Weight :    2.00 pounds
  • 55 plastic fruits and vegetables in 10 durable cans with lids
  • Teach counting, number recognition and sorting
  • For ages 3+
  • Colorful, familiar fruits and veggies introduce early math and are great for imaginative play
  • Cans are labeled with numbers, words and pictures for extra support
Price :    $24.82
Model :    LER6800
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Smart Snacks Shape Sorting Cupcakes

Encourage shape and color identification and build fine motor skills with these colorful and delicious looking cupcakes. 8 two-part cupcakes pull apart to reveal a circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, hexagon, star and heart. Match the shapes to put them back together. Then match the shape to the pan bottom.

Smart Snacks Shape Sorting CupcakesSmart-Snacks-Shape-Sorting-Cupcakes

Price :    $11.13
  • Match the colorful cupcake tops to their bottoms
  • Set includes: plastic pan and eight 2-part cupcakes
  • Develops color and shape identification
  • Cupcakes pull apart to reveal shapes
  • Ages 2+
Brand :    learning resources
Color :    Multi
Size :    2 L x 1-1/2 W in
Weight :    1.50 pounds
Model :    LER7347
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Smart Snacks Alpha Pops

Reinforce upper and lowercase letter recognition as your child matches together these frozen pops. Great for fine motor skills and imaginative play. Each pop is double sided so all letters of the alphabet are included. Pops are self-checking by color. 26 pieces.

Smart Snacks Alpha PopsLearning-Resources-LER7345-Smart-Snacks

Brand :    learning resources
Color :    Multi
Weight :    1.70 pounds
  • Set includes: 26 double-sided pops
  • 2-piece pops strengthen hand muscles and increase coordination while promoting imaginative play
  • Ideal for ages 2+
  • Winner of 2 awards
  • Reinforce the alphabet, including upper and lowercase letters, through matching
Price :    $11.08 (was $13.45)
Model :    LER7345
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Smart Snacks Alpha Pops available as-of ( May 2021 )

New Sprouts Munch It Food Set

I like this brand of toy food much better than the "nicer" toy food made of wood that i bought from another company. The plastic/rubber has enough weight to it that it does not feel cheap, but it is nearly indestructible and cleans easily, and is a little lighter than wood for my 2-year-old daughter to manage. The designers did a great job of picking favorite toddler foods to include, and i'm glad that there are some healthier options like carrots, apples, blueberries, banana, and yogurt in the mix. My daughter loves serving us up plates of "um-ums. " and the bowl of cheerios is so realistic that it even fooled our dog (he was very disappointed once he figured it out). :)

Encourage role play, build vocabulary, and model mealtime routines with the most familiar foods to toddlers. Play food is made of soft, durable plastic. 20 high-quality, realistically detailed pieces include: 2 slices of bread, 2 slices of cheese, juice box, yogurt cup, mac and cheese (in a bowl), cereal (in a bowl), 2 spoons, orange, hot dog, bagel, banana, cookie, carrot, apple, berry cluster, and muffin.

New Sprouts Munch It Food SetNew-Sprouts-Munch-Food-Set

Learning Resources New Sprouts Munch It Food Set (LER7711) FAQ.

I was excited to get this, because as a kid my fake food set was one of my favorite toys. I think the price is good because you really get a lot of different types of food, and it's nice that a lot of it is healthier stuff. The plastic is good quality as well and some of the food made me hungry even looking at it. . Unfortunately my nephew was pretty uninterested in it other than the muffin and mac and cheese. He kept asking my sister to take him to starbucks to get a muffin, or the noodles and company to get their mac and cheese! -Notice from N. Cunningham, Redcar and Cleveland

Click to Show learning resources new sprouts munch it food set (ler7711) Details

I researched play food sets fro my grandchild's birthday. Many other sets received complaints of flimsy plastic, items quickly broken and worst of all the color flaking off the food. This set received good reviews with no complaints of flaking paint, though there weren't many reviews probably because of the higher price. I am very happy with this set even though it is smaller and costlier than others. The pieces are nicely sized. The cereal and macaroni inside the bowls have a rubbery texture that make them look and feel real. My granddaughter and her friends love playing with it, and we don't have to worry when they put it in their mouths. My one complaint is the "blueberries" are quite small. I removed them as i am afraid they can present a choking hazard. Still happy with the set though

Learning-resources-new-sprouts-munch-it-food-set-(ler7711) set picture

- H. WimbishI love most of this set. I like this brand of toy foods more than any other brand out there currently because they make most of their items so durable. Most of these pieces are a rubbery plastic. They're fun to hold and play with and are made to last. A couple things i would have wanted to know prior to purchasing: the cheerios and macaroni noodles do not come out of the bowls (which is fine, but would have been something fun to take out and put in), the hot dog does not come out of the bun, the yogurt cup doesn't have the fun rubbery feel to it, and the two pieces of bread are very thin hollow rubber that might not last as well as the other pieces. Also, the muffin is two pieces, a muffin top that fits inside of an empty muffin cup holder. Overall, this set was one of the best deals made by learning resources new sprouts and i'm glad i got it. The blueberries are an original and fun item, especially since my daughter loves to eat the real ones. :)

My 2 yo loves this play food and so do i! some reviewers complain that it's too small and not life size, but it's supposed to be small. It's for small hands! and it's perfect for my tiny girl. It's a nice flexible plastic so less likely to crack than some of the harder plastic toys we've had. . Some reviewers also complained of funny smells. This must have been fixed because we did not have this problem. . Also at least one reviewer complained (with pictures) that the mac and cheese and cereal were poorly glued together. This was also not a problem for us. (see pics). . My only two complaints are with the bread and muffin. This is supposed to be a healthy collection of food so i wish the bread was whole wheat. Also the muffin comes apart too easily. My daughter complains often that the "lid fell off. " not a deal breaker by any means. I will probably just glue it together.

Q. Donna, Nottinghamshire

Brand :    learning resources
Color :    Multi
Size :    -
Weight :    1.52 pounds
  • 20-piece set. bowls measure 4" in diameter
  • Invite early dramatic play, build vocabulary, and model mealtime routines
  • Ages 2+
  • The most familiar foods to toddlers
Price :    $10.74 (was $13.29)
Model :    LER7711
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for New Sprouts Munch It Food Set available as-of ( May 2021 )

Learning Resources A to Z Alphabet Groceries Toy

Learning letters has never been so much fun! colorful, realistic groceries provide a fun way to introduce early language skills and inspire hours of imaginative play. Each of the 26 groceries is labeled with a letter, word, and colorful picture. Great for reinforcing letter recognition, everyday vocabulary, and creative role-play. Cartons measure 61/2"h; jars measure 4 h.  .

Learning Resources A to Z Alphabet Groceries ToyLearning-Resources-Alphabet-Groceries-Toy

Price :    $16.97
  • Everything you need from a to z to learn your letters while you make your imaginative grocery store
  • Containers are made of easy-to-clean, crush-resistant plastic and durable cardboard
  • 26-piece grocery food set includes jars, cans, boxes, and cartons, each containing a different letter, word, and colorful picture (cartons measure 61/2"h; jars measure 4"h)
  • Sort and group by food types, container shapes, or colors, or alphabetize your grocery shelf using the clear, bold letters on the foods
  • Ideal for ages 3+
Brand :    learning resources
Color :    Multi
Weight :    2.65 pounds
Model :    LER7729
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Super Sorting Pie

Make learning early number skills, including counting, as easy (and fun) as pie. Sorting cards go on the bottom of the pan to provide visual cues that support success. The top crust becomes a bowl to conveniently hold counters. Jumbo tweezers reinforce fine motor skills. 68-piece set.

Super Sorting PieLearning-Resources-LER6216-Super-Sorting

Price :    $16.86
  • Winner of 3 awards, perfect for ages 3+
  • Master early academic standards such as grouping, sorting, and counting
  • Strengthen fine motor skills and develop pre-writing pincer grasp with jumbo pinchers
  • Includes 60 soft, rubber counters (7 fruits in 5 different colors), plastic pie plate with cover, and removable divider
  • Fruity pie teaches early math skills and attributes (colors and fruit shapes)
Brand :    learning resources
Color :    Multi
Size :    8-3/4 Dia in
Weight :    2.25 pounds
Model :    LER6216
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Super Sorting Pie available as-of ( May 2021 )

New Sprouts Dinner Basket

Good mix of items that were made solid and at a decent price when i got them with same day delivery. Nice mix of food for a kid's kitchen and makes it easy to keep them interested in cooking while you cook without them getting burned with the real food. Better quality and decent price compared to other sets i checked out.

Learn new words and dining routines with a toddler dinner party. These healthy dinner foods are made of soft, durable plastic and sport a contemporary look. 17 high-quality, realistically detailed pieces include: glass of milk, steak, grilled chicken breast, asparagus bundle, baked potato, broccoli, corn, three lettuce leaves, two tomato slices, two cucumber slices, pineapple ring, ice cream sandwich, and empty bowl. Basket measures 8 "l x 7"w x 4"h

New Sprouts Dinner BasketLearning-Resources-LER9732-Sprouts-Dinner

Learning Resources New Sprouts Dinner Basket (LER9732) FAQ.

A lot of times you can get large quantities of play food and it is junk. The labels are falling off and the food gets squashed and you can't even fix it. This food is a little pricier but you are getting a really great quality product. Everything is sturdy and made well. . Pros:. - healthy options for your little one to make meals. - food is sturdy. - little basket is perfect for storing all of the food together and even playing grocery store. . Cons:. - my only negative is i would have liked there to be more of the same vegetable so she could make plates for people that had the same item. Another stem of broccoli or asparagus, two pineapple rings instead of one. . Overall, this is a great product and i would highly recommend it to anyone that is buying play food for their kitchen. You won't be disappointed! -Notice from G. Sharon, Prince Edward Island

Click to Show learning resources new sprouts dinner basket (ler9732) Details

This is really quite a nice set. Nice quality, with a variety of fresh foods. (almost) no processed or packaged foods, like some other sets! our 16-month-old loves the set, and so have little friends up to age 4 so far. I mostly only let our 16-month-old play with the basket though. She loves to tote it around. Because, if left to her own devices with the foods, she started to gnaw paint off a few pieces that have it. I'm saving the full set for when she's a bit older.

Learning-resources-new-sprouts-dinner-basket-(ler9732) set picture

- S. AldanaThese were purchased for my daughter (1. 5 years old), and she absolutely loves them. My only complaint is that we purchased plastic instead of the wooden sets so that they would be lighter in case they get dropped on feet or thrown in someone's direction. For the most part, they are light, but then you get the ice cream sandwich which is a brick. This one also seems to be her favorite.

This is one toy that is exactly as pictured! no tweaked lighting, photoshop, or any other tricks. What you see is what you get. (it happens more than you'd think). . The basket is so handy! the food fits very well. . It's rubber, but not like a dog toy. Thicker than that, and higher quality. Even the handle grips on the basket are rubber, which they didn't have to do, but did. And i think that also speaks for the quality of the set. The bowl really looks and feels like the plastic bowls in my kitchen, only smaller! as always, i love that it is mostly whole foods and not just junk like a lot of sets! . . I was happy to catch this for like $18 or so, marked down from the regular price of $25 that the breakfast learning resources new sprouts breakfast basket and lunch learning resources new sprouts lunch basket were still going for! i also grabbed the munch it set learning resources new sprouts munch it my very own play food, but i had some issues with that set, which i mentioned in that review. (a pic of this set is included in the tail end of the video on said review, if you'd like to see it. ). . I'd buy it again! and i will keep watching the breakfast and lunch sets for price dips!

M. Irene, Northern Territory

Brand :    learning resources
Color :    Multi
Size :    7 L x 4-1/2 W in
Weight :    1.13 pounds
  • Use this set to act out dinner traditions and routines
  • Learn new words and become fluent in conversational turn taking
  • Highly realistic and durable play food set
  • Ideal for ages 2+
Price :    $13.12
Model :    LER9732
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for New Sprouts Dinner Basket available as-of ( May 2021 )

New Sprouts Bushel of Veggies

I said in a prior review that we did not need any more fruits and veggies. I also said that i liked them to be wood and not cheap plastic. Well - we got more veggies, we needed to find broccoli! these are not cheap plastic though. These are a decent soft plastic. They are sturdy and handle a lot of play. The veggies are not super small, although note that the basket is small - not life size. They have gotten a lot of use. We will not be buying anymore fruit/veggies! highly recommend. I would give as a gift.

Invite early dramatic play, enhance vocabularies, and reinforce healthy eating with familiar looking produce. 9-piece set includes: corn, cucumber, broccoli, red pepper, eggplant, carrot, yellow pepper, asparagus, potato, plus a convenient storage basket. Basket measures 4 h x 5. 5 d.

New Sprouts Bushel of VeggiesNew-Sprouts-Bushel-of-Veggies

Learning Resources New Sprouts Bushel Of Veggies (LER9721) FAQ.

These are the perfect size for my 15 month old. He loves to play with them. The colors are nice and bright, each vegetable looks just as it should and fits great into little hands. The basket is a good way to store everything and keeps his play kitchen tidy. . As others mentioned there was a bit of an odor when the bushel was first opened. I washed the basket and veggies in a lemon and vinegar mix and there is no longer any unpleasant smell. -Notice from W. Arnett, Rheinland-Pfalz

Click to Show learning resources new sprouts bushel of veggies (ler9721) Details

I was a little hesitant to buy these because they were more expensive than the other kinds. However, i decided to go with them because i have other learning resources toys/games/etc in my classroom. They are worth the price! my one year old daughter loves them. They are more rubbery and sturdy as opposed to cheap and plasticity. I also like the variety of foods included in the set. I know these will last!

Learning-resources-new-sprouts-bushel-of-veggies-(ler9721) set picture

- Z. SuzanneI wanted some veggies to go with another basket set that i previously purchased. I decided on this one because i was very satisfied with the breakfast basket quality and trusted this brand. . The veggies are all smaller and not true to actual size, but this doesn't bother me. The carrots and asparagus are tiny, but heavy and good quality and not a choking hazard for our 1 year old. . Unfortunately, this basket of veggies had an odd chemical smell to them. I was disappointed as this was not the case with my first learning resources food purchase. So, i immediately washed them in hot soapy water, which got rid of the smell for the asparagus and carrots, but the remaining veggies still smelled bad. (note:do not submerge all in water. I made this mistake and discovered a few actually have holes in them and so they ended up with some water inside that i had to squeeze out. Mold hazard! ) i placed the remaining veggies outside in the sun and after a couple hours the smell was gone. Problem solved and not a huge deal, but when purchasing items like this, that you know your child will be mouthing, it's a bit concerning when they have a toxic chemical smell.

Tremendous quality in these miniature replicas and the size is perfect for tiny hands. Detail and colors are amazing and i especially like the softness of the plastic. You can tell that it will be around a long time without cracking or losing its color. It's such fun watching my one and a half year-old grandson play with these in his little kitchen. He absolutely loves them!

F. Lawrence, Maine

Brand :    learning resources
Color :    Assorted
Size :    4 L x 5-1/2 W in
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    LER9721
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for New Sprouts Bushel of Veggies available as-of ( May 2021 )
Price :    $9.45
  • Build vocabulary while reinforcing healthy eating habits
  • Includes 9 colorful vegetables stored in a plastic bushel basket
  • Made from soft, non-toxic plastic and large enough for little hands
  • Invites early dramatic play with familiar produce

New Sprouts Healthy Basket Bundle

Instill healthy eating habits and good nutritional choices early on. Set of 3 baskets includes healthy breakfast basket, healthy lunch basket, and healthy dinner basket.

New Sprouts Healthy Basket BundleNew-Sprouts-Healthy-Basket-Bundle

Brand :    learning resources
Color :    Multicolor
Size :    -
Weight :    1..41 pounds
  • Encourage healthy choices and great eating habits
  • Ideal for ages 2+
  • Includes healthy breakfast basket, healthy lunch basket, and healthy dinner basket
  • Realistic-looking baskets of nutritious food
  • Crush-resistant, soft, durable play food has soft edges and is sized right for small hands
Price :    $25.89
Model :    LER9743
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for New Sprouts Healthy Basket Bundle available as-of ( May 2021 )

farmer's market color sorting set Price : 16.39, was : 19.99 as 2017-05-15
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These are definetly better quality than the step 2 set. I didn't want the melissa and doug wooden ones but something more realistic looking as i teach my son colors, fruits, and vegetables. For example the broccoli is detailed to really look like broccoli unlike most sets. The stems on the veggies are green. Just more details overall, vibrant colors, and better quality than most food sets you will find. These won't get squished if you step on them. So far my rough toddler hasn't damaged them. He bites them and hasn't punctured any open or anything like that. The colors don't look like they are coming off or something. They aren't real life size but still proportionate to each other if that makes sense. With my sons mini kitchen i don't want the full sized ones anyways.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: I see it says 3+ but a lot of reviewers are using them for younger children. do the pieces pose a choking hazard?

(1) Question: How do these compare to melissa & doug's play food?

(2) Question: Are the fruit and veggies hollow? i have a childcare and need something that will last.

(3) Question: Would these be suitable to wash in the dishwasher or soak in clorox for cleaning? looking for no small holes to let in water and easy cleaning

(4) Question: Are these made of plastic or wood?

(5) Question: Does anyone know if this product is bpa (and other toxins: pvc, phalates, etc. ) free?

(note) Question: where/how to get Learning Resources (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Learning Resources's products


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This is honestly the best quality toy food that i have come across, it is super durable rubber. This toy could last for years, even in a children's museum, or daycare setting. The fruits and vegetables are pretty detailed, and absolutely adorable. The sorting barrels make them both fun and educational. My 5 year old and 1 year old both play with them almost daily.

Dress Up & Pretend Play 110613661, Kitchen Toys 110343661, Play Food 110843661, Pretend Play 110903661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set (Learning Resources) FAQ Content

Best farmer's market color sorting set (learning resources) in review

I am probably in the minority, however i bough this to teach level and tone to cosmetology students. The fruits and vegetables come in many warm and cool tones and in darker and lighter versions of each color. I now have examples of what a cool green and a warm green look like. The fruits are small which makes it great for storing in an already full closet.

T. Medina, Somerset

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U. Franklin, South Dakota says

First, let me say that i've always hated the fake plastic food that one usually sees that's meant for playtime. Even as a little kid (like 5), i was always disappointed in the fake food and would sneak real food into my playtime. My little girl is not as picky as i was (so far), but, hey, i've gotta live with the toys, too, and my impulse with normal fake play food is to toss it in the trash, especially if it's been squashed by someone's foot. . This is a whole other class of fake food and it seems nearly indestructible compared to other fake foods (aside from the solid wood ones which are just painful to step on/kick). Yes, some of it is undersized so that it will fit in the buckets (like the pumpkin and banana are small even for real miniature ones) and some of it is not particularly realistic (asparagus and carrots only kinda look like that), but it's far more realistic and detailed than most. The weight is significant, but still easy lifting for kids. The slight flexibility and feel of the plastic adds a lot to the realism as well. I had my doubts as to ordering so many pieces since it looks like they barely fit in the buckets, but they easily fit in the buckets (the pic has filler, i'm sure) and the variety means a lot of flexibility in playing games with the pieces. Also, this comes with two sets of stickers: one with the color and the color's name (i. E. "yellow" on a yellow background) and one that is just the color. So, you can start with just the color and put the word/color one over it once they've mastered that color (and ready to recognize words as meaningful).

B. Lisa, Sefton

This is a great playroom kitchen addition and i use it in my farmer's market play theme. The kids naturally sort the colors without prompting and also use the individual produce pieces in imaginative kitchen play.

D. Angelica, Durham says

This set is a big hit with my two year old, and six year old for that matter. They love playing "farmers market" with them. The quality of the fruit buckets and the fruit is extremely good. I love that the fruit replicas are fairly accurate. They are not completely hard toys, they have some give to them without being too squishy. They stand up very well against teeth as well. My two year old tries to take a bite every once in a while and none of the fruit have marks or missing color. Its an excellent learning toy for my two year old. She loves to try and tell me what the colors are and soon hopefully she will be telling me what fruit she is holding. I would recommend this toy set to anyone looking to have a fun filled learning session with their little ones.

H. Cindy, Northern Territory

This review is for the learning resources farmers market color sorting set. . I bought this color sorting set for my 3 year old son. He currently is enrolled in the early childhood special education program. I'm constantly looking for activities that will grab his interest as well as assist him in the various areas he struggles in. This does that. . Included in this purchase is a set of 5 plastic baskets which are labeled with a different color on each one. It also comes with 25 pieces of fruit and vegetables- a total of 5 fruits and vegetables for each color. . The baskets are a hard plastic and have withstood many a fling across the room. They have never cracked and look as new and vibrant as the day i bought them. The same can be said for the fruit. They are firm and have the feeling of a rubber and plastic combination. My son has chewed on them and tried to squish them and they're in perfect condition. They are not slippery and have a nice thickness to them (without being too big)which makes it easy to grasp. They all have a vibrant color to them and have maintained their vibrancy even after heavy usage. . These are extremely durable and are very versatile. We use this for both imaginative and structured play. They are used in our toy kitchen and on pretend shopping trips. We use them for color identification, sorting, fruit and vegetable identification and counting. My son will sit in front of the baskets and sort, and sometimes he'll stand a small distance away and toss the fruit into the baskets. We'll place the food pieces around the living room and have him run to grab them according to food name or color. . I'm very pleased with the quality of the baskets and fruit. I have no doubt that it will last for many years. As soon as my son no longer uses it, i will be donating it to our early childhood program so other kids can benefit from it.

C. Anonymous, Coventry says

The quality is amazing. They feel like a mixture between plastic and a thick foam. My kids other cheap plastic food is so easy for them to squish and warp and some never regain their shape, but i tried squeezing a few of these and they are difficult to squish and bounce back right away. I can tell they will hold up very well. They weigh a bit more than most play foods and have a good sturdy feeling to them. The texturing and detail is by far the most realistic i have seen. My son had a ball telling me which bucket was labeled for what color and was very curious about some unfamiliar foods like the onion and eggplant. He was so excited to tell me the colors of the apples and quickly said the yellow one is a golden delicious! i look forward to buying more food sets from learning resources.

J. Weber, Alberta

I am so surprised by how nice these fruits and veggies are! they are so well made. Nice and soft! i'm not afraid of my 2 year old biting into them. They aren't flimsy. And they are bigger than expected. Love love!

Y. Gladys, Southwark says

Excellent quality. Learning resources play food is generally quite amazing. The pieces are made with a visibly higher end rubber, with a good weight to it. Each basket comes with 5 fruits or veggies of that color. Lemon, lime, pumpkin, eggplant, plum, peach, opal and red apples (opal being an actual apple type, i basically mean its a yellow apple). To name a few. See photos though, the baskets aren't filled to the top like the photo. Five pieces sits quite low. Comes with color sorting stickers. You can choose just color stickers, or color stickers with the color names printed on them.

I. Connie, Rochdale

One is the most useful, versatile, and long lasting toys we've bought. I liked it so much i dedicated an entire post to it on my homeschooling blog. Http://wp. Me/p6wxtl-3o

E. Ruff, Ealing says

Learning resources has done a nice job of combining a learning opportunity (colors, sorting, fruit/veggie identification) with a wonderful set of play food that will work great in your child's play kitchen. The set contains 5 plastic "farmer's market" bushel baskets with 25 pieces of play food (5 of each color). I mainly selected this item because i was looking to add additional fruits and veggies to our play food stash. The teaching opportunities with this set are just an added bonus for me. . There's a nice variety of play food which includes some you don't typically see in other play food sets (eggplant, cucumber, pumpkin, 3 different colors of pepper, yellow apple, peach, plum). Like all learning resources play food, the quality is amazing. As an early childhood teacher and a mama, i've seen my fair share of plastic play food and i did a lot of comparison shopping before i purchased the play food for our play kitchen. Unlike others, this food is well sized, very detailed and made of soft plastic (it has a little give if you press it). Take a look at my photos and you can see some side by side comparisons of "other" play food (left) vs. The learning resources food (right). You'll see from the picture that the learning resources food is much more realistic looking. To get a sense of size, i've also included a picture of the tomato and orange pepper on our play kitchen's counter (the ikea duktig). Another nice touch is that the sorting baskets have a color label on the outside and inside of the basket. It's a thoughtful detail and helps children who may be looking down into the basket when they're sorting. . While i'm using this in my home, given that the food is so realistic looking and durable and there are lots of learning opportunities with the set, it would make a great addition to a childcare/school setting as well. . * i purchased this product at full price for use in our home. If you found this review helpful, please click the "yes" button. Thank you! *

G. Margaret, Georgia

I love this farmer's market set! i first got this as a christmas present for a 2. 5/3 year old who likes playing market! however, i saw that my daughter really liked it as well, so i got her a set (she is 1. 5 years). It has been great for teaching her the names of the fruits/vegetables (she has apples, cucumber, lime and lemon, banana, and eggplant down! ), and eventually for learning her colors and then for playing pretend. I find that the price is a great bargain for all the pieces that come with it (there are 5 pieces of fruit/vegetable for each color, and 5 buckets that you can place the color labels on). The fruits and vegetables are not exactly true to size (more like a miniature cucumber, miniature pumpkin, though the bell peppers and apples are a little more realistic), but they are still realistic enough for playing pretend farmer's market or grocery store.

K. Maria, Bolton says

Got this for my son because he loves to pretend cook and we didn't have any play food. I love that all of the food in this set are fruits and veggies and the perfect size for play cooking. The buckets though ended up being a huge hit with my son. He loves to stack and restack them and turn them over to use as drums. They are very sturdy and well made. The fruits and veggies are also really well made. I would say these get played with more than any other toy in his playroom. He loves to carry around the fruit and veggies and say their names and pretend eat and feed them to others. Great for learning the names of fruits and veggies. He hasn't gotten the concept of sorting them by color yet but i think it'll be fun for him when he gets there. There are 25 fruits and veggies in the set: red - apple, grapes, raspberries (same shape as the blackberries), tomato, strawberry; orange - pepper, apricot (same shape as the plum), carrot, pumpkin, orange; yellow - pepper, apple, lemon (same shape as the lime), corn, banana; green - pepper, apple, lime (same shape as the lemon), broccoli, cucumber; purple - grapes, blackberries (same shape as the raspberries), plum (same shape as the apricot), onion, eggplant.

N. Julie, West Virginia

My 2+ year old has played with this fruit and veggie set every single day since it arrived in the mail three months ago. We put out an old plastic colander and wooden spoon for him to use and he makes us "salad" every day using the pieces. Our kiddo has been slow to talking and it has really helped him identity and talk about fruits, veggies and colors. I can see him using this set for a long to come. Great toy set if you have a kiddo who loves to sort and count too. I'm not really into plastic toys but the quality is good with no discernible seams.

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