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Price was $8.48 - $235.87. My twins have been playing with this since about 10 months and they are 15 months now. They started out dumping everything and carrying it around like a purse. Then putting thing in and out of it and playing it like a drum. They finally now are trying to put the shapes through the removeable lid but they haven't mastered it yet so expect they will want to play with it for several more months. That's good longevity for a baby toy!

-Q. Olga

Brilliant basics baby’s first ten bright blocks are ready to introduce baby to shape-sorting fun! baby can drop blocks into the open bucket or through the shape-sorting lid! filling the bucket blocks, dumping -fisher-price brilliant basics baby’s first blocks

  • Quality: Shape-sorting Lid And 5 Different Shapes Help Build Early Identification Skills.
  • Quality: 10 Colorful Blocks Are Easy To Grasp, Hold And Store Inside Bucket.

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My toddler daughter (21 months) is o b s e s s e d with this. Money well spent! she doesn't care about any of her christmas gifts when this is in the room. It's all she wants to play with! The Best brilliant basics baby's first as-of ( Oct 2021 ) | Fisher Price-Toys And Games Review Quality Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks Baby can sort and stack and learn to identify and match shapes. Shape-sorting lid and 5 different shapes help build early identification skills. 10 colorful blocks are easy to grasp, hold and store inside bucket. Carry handle for take-along fun. Ships in certified frustration-free packaging .

Fisher-price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks Review (y9078)

Giving this product 5 stars because ever since the day it arrived, it has been my 13 month old daughter's most favorite toy. This toy is another great example that the best things in life are free ( or low cost in thus case ). . My daughter loves this toy. She can spend hours at a time organizing the different shaped blocks. Great learning tool. She knows that, when its' time for bed, to put the blocks inside the box and close the lid. . When we took this with us on the plane, i put a ribbon through all the blocks - there is a small hole in the middle of each block - to prevent them from spilling on the floor and getting lost. At that point you can tie them to anything you like - high chair, stroller etc. . The only thing i would change about it is, the option to lock the lid. . I recommend this product to every new parent. No need to wait until your baby is a specific age. Combined with the rock stack by fisher price, you can save some money and get two great products in one - i purchased them separately, not knowing that they both would turn into a big hit with my baby, and save me a few bucks. -P. Lorenz

Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Babys Blocks

  • Order: Toy
  • Brand: Fisher-Price
  • Color: Red
  • EAN: 0616268749966
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:5.10 inches
    Length:7.52 inches
    Weight:1.00 pounds
    Width:5.00 inches
  • Manufacturer: Fisher Price
  • Recommended Max-Age: 96
  • Suggested Min-Age: 6
  • Model: Y9078
  • MPN: Y9078
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: Y9078
  • Sub-Type: Toy
  • Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  • ReleaseDate: 2017-07-13
  • Size: Value Not Found
  • UPC: 794375058833
  • Warranty: No Warranty

brilliant basics baby's first Toy, Ten bright blocks are ready to introduce baby to shape-sorting fun! baby can drop blocks into the open bucket or through the shape-sorting lid! filling the bucket with blocks, dumping them out, and starting over is great for eye-hand coordination and other early skills. then baby can move on to sorting and stacking, learning about identifying and matching shapes while having fun! all ten blocks fit inside the bucket, with a carry-handle for easy take-along. Fisher-price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks (Y9078-Fisher Price).

Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Babys Blocks Toy

brilliant basics baby's firstFisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I have watched my granddaughter and grandson play with this toy and i am glad that i bought it. My 3 year old grandson likes putting the blocks in the right spots. My 10 month old granddaughter is trying to figure it out. I love to watch her pick up each shape and study it. I show her where the blocks go and talk about the shapes. I think she is learning from this toy. I am having fun with it too. She seems to discover something new about the toy each time she plays with it. Cool.

Fisher-price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks
Click to see NoticeFisher-price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks (y9078)"Cant go wrong with this one. Good to add in her toy rotation. She can get bored with any toy, so i rotate to keep it fresh."

Fisher-Price Little People See 'n Say Farmer Eddie Says

Little people farm animals are teaching kids their names and sounds in a classic way it s see n say! point the arrow on the little people see n say at an animal, and pull the lever down to hear its name and what it says. Once kids give it a spin, they won t want to stop!

Fisher-Price Little People See 'n Say Farmer Eddie SaysFisher-Price-Little-People-Farmer-Eddie

Brand :    fisher-price
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    CJC43
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Once kids give it a spin, they won't want to stop
  • Teaches animal names and sounds
  • Point the arrow on the little people see 'n say at an animal, and pull the lever down to hear its name and what it says
  • A perfect companion to the little people animal friends farm (sold separately and subject to availability)
  • Requires 3 aa batteries
Price :    $34.99 (was $39.29)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fisher-price product review) for Fisher-Price Little People See 'n Say Farmer Eddie Says available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

VTech Stack Sing Rings

My six month old loves these rings. She enjoys watching the monkey and light blink when it "talks. " while she still has a ways to go in the stacking department, the rings have fun textures that help with her teething. Great learning toy!

Stack the rings for a musical surprise with the stack & sing rings by vtech. As your child builds motor skills by stacking the colorful rings, the interactive monkey will light up and play melodies and sing-along songs. The monkey also encourages your child to stack the rings with fun phrases that introduce colors, shapes and numbers.

VTech Stack Sing RingsVTech-Stack-and-Sing-Rings

Vtech Stack Sing Rings (80-166300) FAQ.

We bought this for our daughter when she was about 6 months old. At first she didn't really understand but in the last few months (she just one) this has become one of her favorite toys. She loves holding the rings as well. All great for small motor skills. The opening on the rings are all the same size so they can be stacked in any order. The musical monkey (which lights up) on the top plays music as you stack and remove the rings and if you press the monkey's head the toy will play a melody. It's funny, just recently we started hearing new melodies. Maybe we just noticed or maybe it is a reward for the parents after the 1000 time! -Notice from Q. Josephine, South Australia

Click to Show vtech stack sing rings (80-166300) Details

You've seen these before, colorful stackable rings. They play annoying music that your kid will love, but hallelujah, there's a switch to silence it! so, baby can play with sound effects for a while, and you can switch the sound off to stay sane (until baby learns how to operate the switch). A good way to teach colors, sizes, and counting.

Vtech-stack-sing-rings-(80-166300) set picture

- D. EdithLooks much smaller than i envisioned and of course it is not yet christmas so it has not yet been taken apart but i tested it just as it-amazingly it comes with battery! thank you vtech! -so you can test without opening the package. It is really cute. I think my 8-months old granddaughter will love it.

Round and round, up and down. So we all love this toy. It plays several songs keeping our son interested. We have had it for a month now, and we sing the first song that comes on. We play it for others. The only negative i have is that when the rings are not on, it does look. Kind of. Phallic.

J. Marguerite, New Mexico

Brand :    vtech
Weight :    0.60 pounds
Model :    80-166300
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (vtech product review) for VTech Stack Sing Rings available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $21.10
  • Stacking rings have an encouraging monkey that lights up and plays melodies and sing-along songs; base wobbles for added challenge and fun
  • Baby stacking toy includes 40+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
  • Baby learning toy is intended for babies and toddlers 6 months to 3 years of age; 2 aaa batteries included for demo, use new batteries for regular use
  • Fun sounds and songs play when the baby rings are stacked; discover numbers, colors, shapes and music
  • 5 colorful rings and a variety of textures promote tactile development and baby play; infant learning stacker is great for baby

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

I bought a similar toy 12 years ago and looks amazing. I've just bought this once again because we lost one piece. Now, i have a four month baby girl and hope she can use it soon. The children really enjoy using it while they are learning and practicing their movements. I love to buy very useful toys. Most of them are fisher price.

A favorite fisher-price classic with so many ways for baby to play! five colorful rings are fun for younger babies to grasp, hold, shake, and explore. The littlest ring has a shiny, reflective surface for baby to discover inside-with colorful, swirling beads that make fun rattle sounds! when baby is ready to sit & stack, baby can place rings on the post, then bat at the wobbly base to make it rock back and forth. Stacking helps baby develop eye-hand coordination, and introduces baby to the concept of relative size as they learn to sort and stack from biggest to smallest!

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-StackFisher-Price-71050-Brilliant-Basics-Rock-a-StackFor generations babies have delighted in this classic stacking toy. Consisting of five bright candy-colored rings in graduated sizes looped over an 8-inch-tall plastic post, the rock-a-stack helps babies develop coordination as they learn to stack the easy-to-grasp rings in the proper order. Little ones will have the time of their lives sorting, stacking, and tasting to see if the rings really taste as good as they look. Made of absolutely safe, washable soft plastic suitable for teething. -marianne painter

Fisher-price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-stack (Fisher Price) FAQ.

We bought this for our 5 month old and it's a great toy. He still hasn't figured out the concept of stacking the rings but the bright colors catch him attention and he uses for teething as well. Good purchase overall and reminds me of my childhood somehow. -Notice from Z. Donna, Prince Edward Island

Click to Show fisher-price brilliant basics rock-a-stack (fisher price) Details

This is a toy we bought to keep at our house for when our 14 mo old granddaughter comes to play. We practise counting and colors as she throws the circles and i retrieve them. Wait there is something wrong with this picture! i would love to just skip over the "throwing" stage! i am able to get her to retrieve them too, as we are "looking for them" to put away, so it all works out. Great durable toy. Just how i remember it from when i was raising my kids.

Fisher-price-brilliant-basics-rock-a-stack-(fisher-price) set picture

- L. WatsonSimple, classic toy. Doesn't require batteries like all the other toys, but my little one finds it just as entertaining. Was just like i thought it was going to be.

Simple, yet was a hit for my baby cousin. He normally doesn't play with toys, he rather play with household objects, like lids on tupperware and things of that nature. He's one and he loved this toy. He likes stacking and removing the rings, basic, but he gets a kick from it. The colors and textures are nice as well. Overall, great buy for the small price i payed.

D. Monique, Alberta

Price :    $9.99 (was $13.50)
  • The littlest ring has a shiny, reflective surface for baby to discover inside-with colorful, swirling beads that make fun rattle sounds
  • Top ring has shiny reflective surface inside with swirling, rattling beads
  • Five colorful rings are fun for younger babies to grasp, hold, shake and explore
  • Five colorful rings to grasp & stack
  • Introduces concepts of relative size & stacking
Brand :    fisher-price
Color :    Value Not Found
Size :    8 L x 4 W x 10 H in
Weight :    0.81 pounds
Model :    71050
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fisher-price product review) for Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Baby einstein take along tunes

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical ToyBaby-Einstein-Along-Tunes-Musical

Price :    $7.30 (was $8.99)
  • Baby can switch between 7 total melodies
  • Perfectly sized for ages 3 to 36 months
  • Inspires a lifelong love of music
  • Volume control is music to mom & dad's ears
  • Melodies and lights powered by 2 aa batteries
Brand :    baby einstein
Size :    One
Weight :    0.43 pounds
Model :    30704
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (baby einstein product review) for Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone

Bought this for my 8 month old son. I know this product is recommended for 18 months plus, however, i was anxious to find out if my first born was a prodigy. He was not. This product is of good quality and sound. The string that connects the mallet is of decent length for a child to help reduce tangling and keeping the mallet from getting lost, but can be hindering to an adult that is trying to express themselves musically. My child primarily keeps the mallet in his mouth and once in a while accidentally lets it drop on the xylophone causing it to make sounds. I, on the other hand, have learned "twinkle, twinkle little star" and black sabbath's "iron man".

To stay in tune with modern tastes, the fisher-price classic xylophone pull toy has a sleek new look. But it's just as much fun for baby as ever! the classic xylophone's 8 colorful keys encourage early music-making creativity, helping young ones develop a sense of accomplishment. And as their musical abilities grow, little ones can follow the colors to create a real song! the mallet's attached so it never gets lost. And it's on wheels so kids can take & make music wherever they go! .

Fisher-Price Classic XylophoneFisher-Price-CMY09-Classic-Xylophone

Fisher-price Classic Xylophone (cmy09) FAQ.

My baby girl has fun with this at 11 months. She can't do much more than wave the stick around and occasionally hit a key, but she smiles while doing it! -Notice from I. Cassella, Hampshire

Click to Show fisher-price classic xylophone (cmy09) Details

Came fast and really good quality my daughter enjoys it. I wish the string were just a tad bit longer, another 3 inches would do the trick. It's hard for her to use the stick since there isn't much play with the string

Fisher-price-classic-xylophone-(cmy09) set picture

- C. NellieI got this for my youngest son for christmas. He has loved it since he opened it. Even his nearly 3 year old brother adores it. At our family christmas party, i got to see my youngest and his cousin hovering over it, trying to play with it together. . The only issue that i've noticed is the cord for the mallet is a little too short. My kids have gotten frustrated trying to hit the end pieces, because you can really only do it from one direction. They want to have more free motion with it. The only way to give them that free range of motion is to cut the cord, but then they lose the mallet. That's the whole point of the cord. . While that has been a little frustrating for them, they still love the toy, and it gets played with quite a bit in our house.

It's a pretty straight forward toy so i'll skip describing it. Quality product. I love that there's a strong attaching the stick. Otherwise it would end under the couch never to be seen again in a week. My 9 month old loves it and drags it around the house with him. It's not too loud as to be annoying like some of his battery powered toys. I love to buy him organic sounding musically instruments. He's too younger to understand them but has a lot of fun figuring them out. I think they hold his attention and affection longer than the light up, battery powered things i buy him. If i could do it all over again i would've only bought him toys like this.

L. Clara, Cornwall

Brand :    fisher-price
Size :    n.a.
  • Mallet is attached so it never gets lost!
  • Tapping the keys helps foster fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination
  • Pull string & easy-rolling wheels let baby pull it along anywhere!
  • Baby uses the mallet to tap on the 8 colorful keys
  • A new look to this classic, baby-favorite musical pull toy!
Price :    $12.51
Model :    CMY09
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fisher-price product review) for Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

VTech Musical Rhymes Book

The 5 stars is for the vtech musical rhymes book, not the vtech rhyme and discover book that deserves 2 at best, they share the same sales page and what seems to be causing the confusion in the q&a section over what toy does what. I purchased both and the musical rhymes book is far superior. It repeats the entire rhyme and can be changed to just play the song without words if you don't want to keep hearing the rhyme. The discover book only plays the first 2 lines of any page, cannot be changed and the three side light up animals just repeat. My 1 year old loves her light up and talking books and the discover book is the first that hasn't held her attention.

Explore classic nursery rhymes with the musical rhymes book by vtech. Your little one will build motor skills by sliding and twisting the fun play pieces while exploring each easy-to-turn page. Then they'll play piano sounds with the five colorful piano keys that introduce colors and instruments. Two fun modes include learning mode that introduces age-appropriate vocabulary and music mode that plays music and instrument sounds. The interactive storybook provides visual stimulation with brightly colored pages and a light-up star that flashes along with the sounds.

VTech Musical Rhymes BookVTech-80-166700-Musical-Rhymes-Book

Vtech Musical Rhymes Book (80-166700) FAQ.

This is one of my daughter's favorite toys. She is really into books and music so this is great for her. She loves to flip though the pages and to hear the animals sing or the nursery rhymes. She also loves the blinking / flashing lights in the animals heads that stick out from the pages. It has also stood up to quite a bit of love and abuse from her. Everything from her throwing it around to trying to chew on the corners. And the plastic isn't scratched and the stickers are still all undamaged. . As an added bonus on the quieter setting this is actually not as loud as most of her electronic toys that make sounds and music. That's not to say that it's inaudible or super quiet, but if the tv is up louder she can play with it on the floor without too much interference. -Notice from P. Tracey, District of Columbia

Click to Show vtech musical rhymes book (80-166700) Details

My 16-month-old daughter absolutely loves this toy. She sings along with it, it's very interactive. It entertains her for car rides and also at restaurants. The volume can be turned fairly low so it doesn't interrupt many people walk out and about. My three-year-old also likes it. This is the third variation of this item that we have purchased because my kids enjoy them that much.

Vtech-musical-rhymes-book-(80-166700) set picture

- J. DeniseKeep's my child entertained for the 90 seconds as expected. Came with batteries. Works effectively though repeated smashing on the floor by all my children.

My 1 year old daughter loves this book! the inside is interactive with buttons that slide to make sounds or play music. The 5 buttons sticking out the side with musical instruments can be used as a mini piano when the book is closed. My baby loves music and this has quickly become one of her favorite toys. We will be flying from coast to coast this summer and i know that this is one of the few toys we will be taking on the plane. It keeps her busy and entertained and it has a volume control so i can turn down the sounds to not disturb the other passengers. It encourages reading readiness and brain growth though rhymes and music. The book is colorful and made to withstand the rough play of toddlers. It came ready to use, no assembly or batteries required, which is great for busy parents.

L. Zelda, Ontario

Brand :    vtech
Color :    Multicolor
Size :    1.74 x 8.76 x 7.48 Inches
Weight :    1.37 pounds
Model :    80-166700
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Interactive toddler book is visually stimulating with bright pages and a light-up star that flashes with the sound; early learning toy is great for babies and toddlers
  • Early education learning center build fine motor skills by sliding and twisting the fun play pieces; pre-k reading book has 40+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
  • Talking book features 5 colorful piano buttons that make sounds and introduce colors and instruments; 2 modes of play: music mode and learning mode
  • Interactive kids book has big easy-to-turn pages; nursery rhyme book comes with 6 classic nursery rhymes
  • Baby book is intended for kids 6 months to 3 years of age; 2 aaa batteries included for demo, use new batteries for regular use
Price :    $14.39
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (vtech product review) for VTech Musical Rhymes Book available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

Let's talk about a great toy! when we were meeting our wonderful kids of a close friend for the first time, we had to bring a gift right? how could we not, so we went on a journey to find the perfect gift. When it comes to researching reviews, asking friends, and setting budgets for gifts, online store is where we go, but what do we buy. . We started searching through the most popular kids toys, filtered it by age and landed on this little beauty. After reading all the helpful reviews of others we pulled the trigger. . Thanks to online store prime we didn't have to wait long to see the toy first hand. . When it arrived we unboxed it and it was in perfect shape form and the image was 100% what they were selling. I even played with it for a little bit to see how a young kid would maybe learn from it. . We then gave it to our friends little bean (nickname) and they were so thankful when they unwrapped it. They immediately started to play with it, happily drop it (with no breaks) and thank us immensely. I get so excited to give to the next generation and the vtech little busy learners activity cube is a purchase we would make again in the future. . A+ and good work.

Busy learners activity cube exploration and fun is around every corner with the busy learner s activity cube by vtech. Featuring five sides to explore, this play cube attracts your baby s attention and encourages imaginative play with music, light-up buttons, colors and more. Shape and animal buttons introduce animal names, animal sounds, and shapes. Press and slide musical instrument buttons introduce instrument names, sounds, and colors. Sliding, spinning blocks promote interaction and fine motor skill development. This interactive cube also plays fun sounds when it's moved. Plays 25 sing-along songs and melodies. About vtech vtech, the creator of the electronic learning products (elp) category, is a world leader in age-appropriate learning toys. Since 1976, vtech has been developing high-quality, innovative educational products for children from birth to tween. Vtech toys deliver "smart play" through the combination of entertaining electronic formats and engaging, age-appropriate content that helps children learn while having fun. Top features 5 sides of play encourage discovery and exploration 4 light-up buttons introduce animal names, animal sounds and shapes 14 interactive features develop fine motor skills motion sensor activates fun sounds when the activity cube is moved to attract attention 25 playful songs and melodies keep little ones engaged parent-friendly features include volume control for quieter play, durable design and automatic shut off

VTech Busy Learners Activity CubeVTech-Busy-Learners-Activity-Cube

Vtech Busy Learners Activity Cube (80-150500) FAQ.

My son enjoys playing with this toy. I could tell right away that he likes it when he switches the cube to another side and it starts up a new song. . There are push button shapes that stick out that lead to songs either about the shape itself or about something else on the cube. The songs are not long so they can hold his attention for a few minutes and you don't feel that you have to manually turn it off. It will stop on its own within a very reasonable amount of time. . It has the flip board for the letters a-d, and when they are flipped they change to a picture that begins with the corresponding letter. . There is a side with a ladybug and another side with instruments. Both give him an opportunity to learn how to do something new with his fingers other than to simply point and push. . One side has the numbers 1-10 and another side has textured shapes. . I think this is a great toy for his age. -Notice from R. Shirley, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Click to Show vtech busy learners activity cube (80-150500) Details

Our son loves this toy! he was a preemie and struggling with core muscle strength. This toy encourages him to sit, roll and interact with all the colors, lights, sounds and different movements each piece makes!

Vtech-busy-learners-activity-cube-(80-150500) set picture

- H. SallyThe baby loves it. It is 1 of the only toys he will sit and play with. Its not too loud or annoying. The side cylinders make it easy for the baby to pick it up and carry, watch out for dropping or throwing. It hurts when it lands on your foot. Update: it still looks like new. Stickers still intact, no peeling, everything working great a year later.

This has got to be one of my baby's absolute favorite toys. I bought it for him when he was about 4 months of age to help encourage him to sit up on his own. It's a bit bulky for younger babies to put between their legs, but he was able to still play with it when i propped him up with his boppy. . He loves this toy. Even at 11 months of age, this is still one of his favorites. He loves all the flashing colors and the songs it sings. After a while, the songs get pretty repetitive. Every so often, i'll hear a new one when he does a weird combination of buttons. Thankfully, the volume can be adjusted to either high or low. . It is a very durable toy. Now that he's 11 months, everything gets tossed about or roughly handled. He likes to roll it around sometimes to get to the different sides, but i haven't noticed any wear or tear at all. It also holds up to buckets of drool! even the occasional spit up. . One thing i wish they did differently was have the musical instrument side light up like the top. Most of the time he doesn't even know that he can push the instruments for more music. . We love this toy so much, we even bought one for a friend!

C. Hurst, Missouri

Price :    $19.98 (was $19.99)
  • Early learning center has 25 playful songs and melodies that keep toddlers 6 month to 3 year olds engaged and entertained; comes fully assembled
  • Pre-k learning toy has 14 interactive features that develop motor skills; music cube assists babies with sitting up to play
  • Block toy is made of bpa-free plastic and has adjustable volume, auto shut-off. 2 aaa batteries included for demo purposes
  • Kids learning toy has 5 sides that encourage exploration; 4 light-up buttons introduce animal names, animal sounds and shapes
  • Motion sensor activates fun sounds when the activity cube is moved to attract attention and encourage crawling
Brand :    vtech
Color :    Multicolor
Size :    6.22 x 6.22 x 6.46 Inches
Weight :    1.85 pounds
Model :    80-150500
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Fisher-Price Stack Explore Blocks

My daughter didn't like the soft rubber blocks but she loves these. With the bright colors we can practice colors and with the animals, sounds and she really was drawn to the. Best affordable toy!

Five blocks for baby that stack up to a tower of fun, or nest one-in-one! each 5-sided block features bright colors, interesting textures, cute characters, numbers, and familiar first object? baby can stack them, nest them one-inside-another, or place them side-by-side to build a colorful scene!

Fisher-Price Stack Explore BlocksFisher-Price-Stack-and-Explore-Blocks

Fisher-price Stack Explore Blocks (cdc52) FAQ.

Great basic toy for babies! price is great! there are so many things you can do with these and they are a perfect size for baby to play with, bang together or put other toys into. -Notice from D. Smith, Portsmouth

Click to Show fisher-price stack explore blocks (cdc52) Details

I wasn't actually expecting much out of these, just wanted to get a cheap set of beginner hard blocks. I didn't really like the idea of them not being solid either, but it turns out i know nothing! our then 4 month old (now 5+ months) loves these, and the open bottom makes these much easier for him to wrangle; the soft blocks he also likes, not has trouble grasping & given the option of either, he'll go for these first. They have nice bright colors, are a good size, have textures on them as well as animal pictures & numbers. They are also very lightweight, so although he loves knocking them over & tossing them around, no one gets hurt.

Fisher-price-stack-explore-blocks-(cdc52) set picture

- B. ReedWe gave this to my son when he turned 6 month old and he started to sit up. He absolutely loves them! loves to hold the block and to knock them over. Plus they are nesting block and can easily fit in the diaper bag to travel with us. Highly recommend it!

My son loves this. I thought he'd be bored within a few days but he consistently loves playing with these blocks. He's 21 months old and can stack them easily but still loves playing with them, even if in short bursts.

H. Moore, Knowsley

Brand :    fisher-price
Color :    Multi Color
Weight :    0.60 pounds
Model :    CDC52
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Encourages thinking & problem solving as baby figures out how to stack & nest
  • Easy to stack, giving baby a feeling of self-confidence
  • Numbers, colors, characters, objects and textures for baby to discover on each block
  • Stacking play helps baby develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination
  • Five blocks to stack & nest from big to little
Price :    $8.60
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fisher-price product review) for Fisher-Price Stack Explore Blocks available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

A favorite fisher-price classic with so many ways for baby to play! five colorful rings are fun for younger babies to grasp, hold, shake, and explore. The littlest ring has a shiny, reflective surface for baby to discover inside-with colorful, swirling beads that make fun rattle sounds! when baby is ready to sit & stack, baby can place rings on the post, then bat at the wobbly base to make it rock back and forth. Stacking helps baby develop eye-hand coordination, and introduces baby to the concept of relative size as they learn to sort and stack from biggest to smallest!

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-StackFisher-Price-BLR79-Brilliant-Basics-Rock-a-Stack

Brand :    fisher-price
Color :    Value Not Found
Size :    8 L x 4 W x 10 H in
  • Hands-on activities strengthen baby's sense of touch
  • Helps baby learn to differentiate among colors and sizes of rings
  • Bright colors, shiny reflections and swirling beads stimulate visual development (colors may vary)
  • Enhances gross motor skills as baby bats and rocks the toy
  • Placing rings on post strengthens eye-hand coordination
Price :    $8.99
Model :    BLR79
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The F.A.Q. for fisher-price brilliant basics baby's first blocks

Our 1 year old likes this toy, and carries the bucket around the house. My only suggestion would be to make the yellow top latch onto the bucket.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Will each block fit only in its appropriate space, or is it possible to put, for example, the round block in the square hole?

(1) Question: What is the age range on this item

(2) Question: My daughter wants to know the names of the shapes. i know circle, square, star, and triangle. what in the world is the other shape?

(3) Question: We have this toy and my daughter loves it, but half of the blocks are now missing. does anyone know if it's possible to purchase more blocks?

(4) Question: Bpa free

(5) Question: At what age should babies be able to figure out how to get the blocks in the holes (match the shapes)?

(6) Question: What is the standard packaging? will it come with the real toy package?

(7) Question: Besides color, what is the difference between older and newer model?

(note) Question: where/how to get Fisher Price (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Fisher Price's products


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This is a great classic little toy. My now 15-month-old daughter has been playing with it since she was about 8 months old. She loves filling up the bucket with the shapes and other things and dumping it out. She recently started taking the time to fit the shapes through the slots in the lid.

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Best fisher-price brilliant basics baby's first blocks (y9078) in review

I bought this after seeing all of the 6 mo - 18 mo old babies playing with this during baby play time at the library. It's great because it's simple enough for younger babies to play with even if they don't quite get the shape sorter yet.

F. Hakala, Oklahoma

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B. Lynette, Texas says

Always a winner, it may be one of baby's first toys, but still holds the interest of older children especially when they are learning shapes and colors. Can be used in the sandbox, water table or as cookie cutte

Y. McCarthy, Corse

My son played with this alot at his grandmas but never touched his own at home once. It is a nice toy tho. Good quality

X. Meredith, South Gloucestershire says

We bought this for the nostalgia as both my husband and i had them. It promotes problem solving, knowledge of colors, and shapes. The yellow lid comes off easily for the toddler to be able to put away and take out the shapes easily.

L. Wells, Doncaster

Of all the gifts i made to my great grandchildren, this was one of the very few for which i was given feedback. This toy was a great hit. The great. Grandchildren loved it and so did their parents. The kids actually play with the toy instead of the box and the parents love the respite while the children amuse themselves with this toy. Learning shapes and colors was just an added bonus.

A. Franklin, Greenwich says

Nice little toy. It would be nice if there was a way to secure the lid in place - other than that i m quite happy with it. I like that there are 2 of each shape that way i can show my child first then she can try.

V. Ross, Ile-de-France

I purchased for a birthday present for a 1 year old. The shipping was fast and the toy arrived in good condition. The birthday boy loved it! he immediately started playing with. I know it was a good present and something he will be able to play with for very long time!

E. Gloria, Nottinghamshire says

This is easily one of our favorite toys. It is inexpensive and doesn't take up a ton of space in our house and one year old loves to play with it. We talk about the shapes and he is learning to sort them himself. The lid comes off easily which lets him use the bucket to collect other small toys as well. The pieces are made of a durable plastic so they are very easy to clean if needed.

U. Audrey, Cumbria

I got this for my 15 month old daughter as a christmas present. It is so inexpensive and is a good way to learn shapes, motor skills, etc. I didn't expect her to love it as much as she does. She carries the box around as a purse, puts the shapes all over the house, but most importantly, she will actually sit down and work on getting the shapes in the container through the correct holes. I definitely recommend this product!

Y. Marguerite, Bath and North East Somerset says

A classic, and much better for babies than wooden blocks. These blocks are light, colorful, and durable. They don't hurt people or pets when thrown or damage wood floors like wooden blocks can do. The box is interesting for babies and toddlers and they will like putting other things in it and carrying it around. You can teach colors and shapes with it, obviously, stacking, plus how to clean up after yourself - with lots of patience, please, no baby learns these things without lots and lots of repetition. The blocks are light enough to gently place on baby's head or your own to demonstrate balancing - a favorite game with my baby. He loves it when i balance one on my nose and pretend to sneeze so the block falls off. He's 14 months now and has loved this toy for months. I agree with others that the lid should not snap on but be easy for the littlest babies to play with. They will learn to use the lid "properly" with time and patience and in the mean time not have to deal with a frustrating toy. I like how the little hole in each block is the same shape as the block. We are already using them like a spy glass and may be stringing them one day, or playing with play dough with them.

H. Broyles, Yukon Territory

Perfect size. An original that babies love. No worrying about choking on parts. Very happy with this purchase.

T. Pearce, Newcastle upon Tyne says

We love this toy. We were a little concerned about the top not staying on but this has turned out to be a blessing - she loves to dump the toy over so all the shapes will fall out. I'm not sure if this is great for everyone but, we have no complaints. However, the sticker on the front does not wash. It didn't make it through the first bath unscathed so, it doesn't look as nice as it originally did but she doesn't seem to mind! would recommend!

M. Meyer, Pennsylvania

My son hasn't yet figure out how to put the blocks back in the bucket, but he's really good at getting them out. His favorite game is dumping them all on the floor and chew on them, then wait for me to put them in so he can dump them again. I keep trying to show him how fun it is to put them in the bucket, but he really just wants to turn them upside down and see them all fall. I hope we'll get to the point of putting them in the bucket by himself. Until then, this is still one of his favorite toys!

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