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Price was $27.95. My boyfriend recommended this game for us to add to our collection. It is super fun, but requires strategic thinking. The game comes with a zipper case and we were both impressed with how nice the game pieces were made.

-S. Rita

Hive- a game crawling about the author; jennifer frantz lives in new york city. leonard stern and roger price created mad libs? in the 1950s and the series has been a favorite among kids of all ages ever -hive- a game crawling possibilities

  • Spotlight: Soldier Ants.
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Overview:. . Hive is a two-player abstract strategy game centered around the placing and manipulation through movement of hexagonal shaped tiles representing various insects. Like the pieces in chess, each insect tile has specific rules that govern when and where it can move. The object of the game is to be the first player to manipulate the opposing player's queen bee tile in such a manner that it is surrounded on all six of its sides by other insects. . Setup time required:. . There is almost zero setup time required to play outside of first reading the brief rules foldout for the first time. Hive does not have a game-board in the traditional sense of the word, nor does it have cards or chits to worry about. The insect tiles are the game: the tiles function individually as the playing pieces, and collectively as the board. The game can begin just as soon as the tiles are removed from the box or bag and distributed to each player. . Components:. . Hive - the original includes 22 insect tiles (11 for each player) and a nylon-zippered case for those that want to game on the go. The tiles are quite chunky in size and are made out of bakelite. They have a very nice, sturdy, feel to them. The insect illustrations are etched into each tile and are painted. Extended use may lead to some chipping of the paint. . Target audience:. . Hive is relatively cheap and it is portable, so anyone looking for either a quick strategic game or a game they can take with them on their travels may be interested in giving this game a shot. Hive should also be considered as a gateway game before introducing someone to the similar, but more complex, game of chess. . If you found this review helpful, please let me know below. The Best hive- a game crawling as-of ( Oct 2021 ) | Gen42 Games-Toys And Games Review Spotlight Hive- A Game Crawling With Possibilities High quality. Soldier ants. Grasshoppers. Made by gen42 games - honoured for excellence by mensa select. Dr. toy product of excellence award winner. International gamer awards winner .

Hive- A Game Crawling With Possibilities Review (5525890)

Love this game- the pieces are high quality and the game play is quick and easy to learn how to start. I would compare the game play to a speedier version of chess. Great to take to the park or on vacations, comes with a nice travel bag. -R. Connie

Gen42 Games 5525890 Crawling Possibilities

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hive- a game crawling Toy, About the author; jennifer frantz lives in new york city. leonard stern and roger price created mad libs? in the 1950s and the series has been a favorite among kids of all ages ever since. although roger price passed away in 1990, leonard stern keeps the tradition alive by writing new mad libs? all the time. roger price and leonard stern are both well known for their comedy writing. in the 1950s roger price created and developed cartoons called droodles, which were turned into a television show. before that price worked with bob hope on a newspaper humor column, and he even appeared on broadway in tickets, please! leonard stern has an equally colorful and varied history. beforeco-founding price stern sloan with roger price (sloan came later), stern was a successful television writer. in addition to his creative involvement with over twenty television series and over ten motion pictures, stern worked with jackie gleason in new york writing the honeymooners. he also wrote for the phil silvers show, the steve allen show, and wrote and produced the original get smart television series. recently, stern published a martian wouldn't say that, which compiled weird and wacky memos written by people in the entertainment industry. currently, stern serves as a senior vice president of price sterns loan, where he still writes those hilarious mad libs? . copyright? 2000 by penguin putnam books for young readers. all rights reserved. Hive- A Game Crawling Possibilities (5525890-Gen42 Games).

Gen42 Games 5525890 Crawling Possibilities Toy

hive- a game crawlingHive- A Game Crawling With Possibilities (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Hive is simply one of the best 2-player games that i own. The game usually plays in 10-15 minutes and it takes about 5 minutes to fully teach it to a friend. . The best way i can describe hive is like this: it's like a game of chess where the board is created by your pieces, and some pieces can be placed on top of other pieces. The objective is to completely surround the other player's queen bee, and there are many ways to go about this. Despite the game looking like its made for kids, your strategy can get as complicated as you want it to (like chess). I frequently find myself thinking 5-6 turns in advance. . The other thing that's great about this game are the pieces. They are very solid, have great detail, and are very easy to clean. This is my go-to game to bring on a picnic or to a beer garden for some light gaming (it also comes with a nice canvas bag). Highly recommend it. My girlfriend and i play it all the time.

Hive- A Game Crawling Possibilities
Click to see NoticeHive- A Game Crawling Possibilities (Gen42 Games)"This is a great 2 player game. We have had a lot of fun playing it. It's a little like chess, in you're trying to protect a piece and each piece has a different set of rules for how it moves. It comes with a nice travel case too, which makes storage really easy."

Lost Cities - The Card Game

I got this game after finding it recommended on several 2-player game advice forums around the web. It's just my husband and i and we needed games made for 2. This game, though not a favorite of his, was quite fun and fast and i really enjoy it. If you like a quick game that doesn't mean each person taking a minute for their turn, this game is for you. Awesome "one game before bed" type of game. It moves very fast and is a nice change of pace from other games. It's like uno in that you can just go, go, go. I'd recommend giving it a try.

Who will discover the ancient civilizations? two explorers embark on research journeys to remote corners of the world: the himalayan mountains, the central american rainforest, the egyptian desert, a mysterious volcano, and the bottom of the sea. As the cards are played, the expedition routes take shape and the explorers earn points. The most daring adventurers make bets on the success of their expeditions. The explorer with the highest score after three rounds of expeditions wins. The rules of the game are simple, but beware: the lost cities hold many unseen mysteries! .

Lost Cities - The Card GameLost-Cities-The-Card-Game

Lost Cities - Card Game (Thames Kosmos) FAQ.

Super fun! i was looking for a game to play with my so, because it's hard to find two-player games. We've only played it twice, but both games have been full of excitement. We've each won once. It's pretty quick to learn, and there are a lot of ways to play the game. I can't wait to play it again! -Notice from I. Pete, Maine

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This is a fantastic game for two people! . . It's very, very simple to learn, yet hits the sweet spot of having enough strategy to make it interesting, but not so much that it's intimidating. Do you start a new "expedition" now, or wait for a "wager" card? how long can you hold onto that card your opponent needs before you have to discard it? should you start a new expedition, or will you be stuck with a point-losing boondoggle at game's end? and, will there be enough turns to get it all done? . . It also lasts just about the right amount of time, around 20 minutes per hand (thought you'll find yourself playing game after game after game anyways, as it's addicting! ). . It's also pretty to look at. Lovely card art, and the large size of the cards also enhances the aesthetics. Handsome discard-pile board as well. . Bonus: you could ditch the board and easily play this with only the cards, making it very portable. . Highly recommended!

Lost-cities---card-game-(thames-kosmos) set picture

- C. HarrisonI bought this card game because i wanted a 2-player game to enjoy with my husband. The rules are simple but the gameplay allows for quite a bit of strategy and opportunity to learn your opponent. We've enjoyed playing it together and also play against our 8-year old son. He picked the game up quickly but it was too difficult for our 6-year old. The box says for ages 10+, but this was my experience. . The cards have a good quality feel and the game box is sturdy. The graphics are nice, but personally i don't feel they add much to the game. . We've owned it about 2 months now and now keep a running score. The game doesn't come with score cards or tally sheets, but a quick search on the internet brought up several printable versions. Since the game only consists of cards and a playing board, there is plenty of room to store a pencil and small paper in the plastic insert or larger pieces of paper under the plastic insert. (we chose to keep score digitally in a spreadsheet. ). . The product description includes accurate pictures of the box, playing board, and cards. I've taken a couple photos of the inside in case anyone is interested in how it fits together on the inside. Hope this review helps.

Lost cities is a great 2-player card game that is fun for both serious and casual gamers. . The goal of the game is to play cards that are in 5 different expeditions (suits) which correspond with the colors of the cards. Each turn you either play or discard one card and then draw a new card so that you always have 8 in your hand. You can only play a card if it is higher numbered than the last card you played in that expedition - so no playing a blue 5 if you already played a blue 6. There are also 3 investment cards that you can play for each expedition. These double, triple, and quadruple the points earned for the expedition. . At the end of the game you add up all the cards in each expedition and subtract 20 from each. . The strategy of the game comes into play based on the scoring and determining which expeditions to start. Once you start an expedition it will be scored. If all you play is just a yellow 2, you've just earned yourself -18 points for the yellow expedition - not good! . . There is also a lot of strategy in determinig which cards to discard, as your opponent can draw from these. This white 8 doesn t help me, but it might be just what my opponent needs! . . The only negative is determining the score at the end of the game. Get your pen and paper or calculator out! . . Other than that, this is an excellent card game that is easy to learn but has a lot of depth!

A. Watson, West Sussex

Price :    $8.20 (was $12.96)
  • Two explorers embark on research journeys to remote corners of the world
  • The explorer with the highest score after three rounds of expeditions wins
  • The lost cities hold many unseen mysteries!
  • The expedition routes take shape and the explorers earn points
  • Explore himalayan mountains, the central american rainforest, the egyptian desert, a mysterious volcano, and the bottom of the sea
Brand :    thames & kosmos
Color :    Multi
Size :    7.9
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Model :    691820
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (thames & kosmos product review) for Lost Cities - The Card Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Pandemic Board Game

Four diseases have broken out in the world and it is up to a team of specialists in various fields to find cures for these diseases before mankind is wiped out. Players must work together playing to their characters' strengths and planning their strategy of eradication before the diseases overwhelm the world with ever-increasing outbreaks. For example the operation specialist can build research stations which are needed to find cures for the diseases. The scientist needs only 4 cards of a particular disease to cure it instead of the normal 5. But the diseases are out breaking fast and time is running out: the team must try to stem the tide of infection in diseased areas while also towards cures. A truly cooperative game where you all win or you all lose.

Pandemic Board GameZ-Man-Games-ZMG-71100-Pandemic

Brand :    z-man games
Color :    Multi
Weight :    2.30 pounds
Model :    ZMG 71100
Quantity :    1
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  • 60 minute playing time
  • For 2-4 players
  • Updated version of the popular co-operative game
Price :    $20.90 (was $26.89)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (z-man games product review) for Pandemic Board Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Hive: Pillbug Standard

Hive: the pillbug is a new pair of tiles that can be added to hive. The pillbug moves like the queen bee - one space at a time - but it also has a special ability that it may use instead of moving. This ability allows the pillbug to move an adjacent unstacked piece (whether friendly or enemy) two spaces: up onto the pillbug itself, then down into an empty space adjacent to itself. Some exceptions for this ability:  the pillbug may not move the piece most recently moved by the opponent.   the pillbug may not move any piece in a stack of pieces.   the pillbug may not move a piece if it splits the hive (violating the one hive rule).   the pillbug may not move a piece through a too-narrow gap of stacked pieces (violating the freedom to move rule).   any piece which physically moved (directly or by the pillbug) is rendered immobile on the next player's turn; it cannot move or be moved, nor use its special ability. The mosquito can mimic either the movement or special ability of the pillbug, even when the pillbug it is touching has been rendered immobile by another pillbug.

Hive: Pillbug StandardTeam-Components-TCI015-Hive-Standard

Brand :    team components
Weight :    0.19 pounds
  • Hive is needed to use this expansion
  • Adds depth and complexity
  • Expansion for the mensa select game
Price :    $6.71 (was $11.70)
Model :    TCI015
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (team components product review) for Hive: Pillbug Standard available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Patchwork Board Game

This is quite a fun two player game. The game length depends heavily on how long players spend analyzing their turn. We've found it takes us roughly 20 minutes or so. . Do note that the game is only for two players. It's printed rather largely on the box cover, but i just wanted to reiterate in case it were overlooked. . The artwork on the game pieces has a cute feel to it and was actually the reason i chose to buy the game (my wife loves sewing crafts). While it certainly doesn't hurt gameplay, one improvement i'd make is to include real plastic buttons rather than cardboard ones. If someone felt so inclined, this could be an easy upgrade you could add to the game yourself without much cost. Some people, like my grandma, have jars full of buttons laying around! . . The rules of the game are short and rather simple. At the start of the game you feel as if the game might be too trivial and might not have enough strategy incorporated. However, it wont be long until you realize that's far from the case. For being such a simple game concept with a small rulebook, it is packed full of strategy. There's the obvious layout concern for your card, but then there are additional considerations such as managing your button income, defensively choosing a piece or advancing beyond a piece so your opponent can't get their ideal piece, not progressing too quickly around the board, but also not going so slow that you're strapped for funds. . There's a bonus scoring of filling a certain sized region of your board, however we usually are unable to achieve this without making sacrifices or just getting lucky. One possible twist you can add to the game is to come up with your own regions/shapes to achieve points. Kind of like how bingo can be an x, a square, etc. You could make any type of regions/bonus points you want. . The simple concept of the game would make it a good gateway game. But it would really need a 4 player variant for that to work for us. I'd love to see a 4 player expansion put out for this game where you got a couple quilt boards and it doubled-up the patches and buttons (these would need to have an indicator on them so you could remove them for a 2 player game again). . We enjoy this game quite a bit, but i don't think i'd consider it in our main rotation. But it's very close. The game is well balanced and has good strategy involved. It just doesn't have enough dynamics to it to make it something you play on high rotation. That said, i'm glad we bought it and i'd still buy it again. If they ever do come out with that 4 player expansion i'm sure we'll pick it up.

Patchwork is a form of needlework that involves sewing together pieces of fabric into a larger design. In the past, it was a way to make use of leftover pieces of cloth to create clothing and quilts. Today, patchwork is a form of art, in which the designers use precious fabrics to create beautiful textiles. The use of uneven pieces of fabric in particular can result in real masterpieces and is therefore being practiced by a large number of textile artists. To create a beautiful quilt, however, requires effort and time, but the available patches just do not want to fit together. So choose your patches carefully and keep a healthy supply of buttons to not only finish your quilt, but to make it better and more beautiful than your opponent s.

Patchwork Board GameMayfair-Games-MFG3505-Patchwork-Board

Patchwork Board Game (Mayfair Games) FAQ.

Patchwork seems like a simple concept, but you do have to make a lot of meaningful decisions as you play. The components of the game are great, and the theme is incorporated nicely into the game play. Those "tetris" like quilt pieces have to be fitted onto your quilt square all while trying to get the most coverage you can. Also, the pieces with buttons on them score you extra buttons to buy more pieces with. However, when purchasing pieces to go on your quilt square, you have a "time" price and button price. This can cause you to go further up on the board, and the person who is at the back gets to go next each time. Deceptively strategic for such a simple looking game! -Notice from S. Shayna, Gateshead

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A game about quilting. That kinda threw me for a bit but everyone and their sister were raving about it so i had to find out for myself. Turns out, everyone and their sisters were right. . Patchwork is a game for exactly 2 players, ages 8+ and plays in about 30-45 minutes. . How to play. . Thankfully this game involves no actual sewing because the last time i tried that i ended up in the er with a sheepish grin on my face. You ll find patchwork to be a bit different than your average game in both set up and play. To begin with, each player will take a quilt board representing their as of yet not started sewing project. The quilt board is divided up into a number of 1 1 squares. They ll then take 5 buttons (the currency in the game) and a time token. . There s a third board in the game which is the central time board. Players will each place their time token on the starting space of the time board. Now, the most fun setup can really begin. There are a whole bunch of patches shaped, tetris-like tokens that you re going to arrange randomly in a (fairly large) circle around the time board. Locate the smallest patch (a 1 2 square patch) and place the wooden neutral token between that and the next patch, going clockwise. Each of these patch tokens will have a little tag image on it that will show a number next to a button to indicate how many buttons they cost, and a number next to a timer icon, to indicated how many spaces on the time board you ll move your time token if you choose that patch. . Lastly, you ll lay out the special 7 7 bonus token and place the five special 1 1 patches on the time board. . The first thing you should know is that patchwork doesn t necessarily alternate turns. The player who s time token is furthest back on the time board will get the next turn, which could (and will) mean players take multiple turns in a row. . On your turn, you can do one of two things. Advance your time token to the space just after the other player s time token on the time board and get yourself some buttons or take and place a patch on your patch board. . In the first option you ll receive as many buttons as spaces you ve moved to get past the other player s time token advance three spaces, get three buttons. And that s it, since the other player s time token is now behind yours, it s their turn. Remember, buttons are currency in this game. . If you choose to take a patch, you ve got to follow these five steps. First, the patch must be within three patches in front of the neutral token you placed amidst all those patches in the game setup. Second, you ll move the neutral token to be next to the patch you ve chosen. Third, you pay the number of buttons indicated on the patch (some patches are free). Fourth, you will place the patch you just bought on your quilt board. Last, you move your time token on the time board the number of spaces indicated on the patch token you just placed on your quilt board. . Some of the spaces on the time board have some special powers on them. There are five special patches, which are 1 1, leather looking patches. These can only be gotten off the time board, and you only receive them if you are the first to move your time token onto or past them. The second special power are the button icons. If you move past a button icon, you then receive button tokens! look at your quilt board many (but not all) patches will have graphics of buttons sewn into them count each individual button and take that many button tokens. . When you re placing that patch on your quilt board, you have to follow a few simple rules too. You can flip or turn the patch any way you like as long as it fits entirely on the board and doesn t overlap any other patches. That s where the tetris aspect of the game comes in. . Finally, there s a special 7 7 token the first player to fill in a 7 7 grid completely on their quilt board receives this token and scores an extra 7 points at the end of the game. Speaking of which . . End of the game and scoring. The game ends when both player s time tokens reach the last space on the time board and players determine their scores. Add up the number of button tokens you have left, and subtract 2 points for each empty 1 1 spaces on your quilt board. That s your score. If you had for example 11 buttons left and had managed to snag the 7 7 token, you d start off with 18 points. If you had six empty spaces (6*2 12) you d subtract 12 from 18 and end the game with 6 points. . Why you should play. . Answer this question truly and honestly. How many games in your collection have a sewing or quilting theme? now how many games in your collection with this theme are really engaging, allow for some interesting and thinky strategy, have just a bit of a puzzle aspect to them, allow you to build something of substance during the game, and are extremely well balanced? . . Patchwork checks all of these boxes and does so in a really compelling way. You re looking ahead in the patches portion of the table to see where the neutral token will next fall, while trying to calculate how many spaces forward you want to move to get more buttons and maybe grab that 1 1 patch you need to fill in your 7 7 grid so you can finally get that extra points token. You re opponent is doing that very same thing too, and perhaps plotting a way to take two turns before you ll get your next so that the neutral token will skip over that one patch you really need. . It s a lot of fun and sometimes a little frustrating in that good oh, i can t believe you just did that to me! kind of way. I ve enjoyed quite a few games while waiting for another friend to show up or between my wife and i or luca and i. Patchwork hits that sweet spot of a 2 player filler game that doesn t overstay it s welcome and still offers a complete gaming experience. It s what i d expect from uwe rosengberg who s designed (among many, many wonderful games) another tight, small game i love, bohnanza. . Be warned however, for such a small box the game ends up taking up quite a bit of space! it s those patches you ve got to spread about. There s a whole bunch of them! other than that extremely minor thing i don t have much in the way of criticism rather i m still pleasantly surprised that a game with a quirky theme is so much fun.

Patchwork-board-game-(mayfair-games) set picture

- K. GuestSummary - don't let the theme scare you off - patchwork is one of the best two player games you can play! . . How to play - in patchwork you are trying to fill a 9x9 square with pieces from a quilt. Each piece is shaped differently creating a tetris like puzzle that is great fun to try and solve. . On a turn you take one of 3 available pieces and add it to your board. Each piece has a price and takes a specified amount of time which advances you towards the end of the game. Some pieces also have buttons on them which earn you additional buttons (money) at certain points of the game, allowing you to buy better pieces. . Each turn you have to weigh the price of a piece, vs. How well it fits on your board, vs. How much time it costs, etc. It's leads to some really interesting, tough decisions. . At the end of the game you add up all your buttons and subtract two points for each empty space to determine your score. . Who is the game for - couples! perfect game for a date night at home. . Pros - great depth to complexity ratio. - building a puzzle with tetris pieces is just fun! . - great components. . Cons - theme may not appeal to everyone.

We originally bought this as a christmas gift for some friends, but i came into a copy myself after playing this during a game night. . Let me start by describing the goals and mechanics:. - you and one other player are both trying to fill a 9x9 square as completely as possible. - there are a bunch of irregular "patches" (think tetris pieces) for purchase, and you may place them wherever you like on your board. - by the end of the game, the amount of money you have *minus* the open squares on your board is your score. . The theme is pretty shallow, but gets the point across well enough. The game plays in about 20 minutes, and if both players understand it well, it can be fiercely competitive, because some pieces are very rare. I enjoy spatial reasoning games, and short strategy games. This is a great intersection of the two.

I. McCarthy, Alberta

Brand :    mayfair games
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (mayfair games product review) for Patchwork Board Game available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $18.59
  • Number of players: 2
  • 15 minute playing time
  • Abstract, strategy game

Mosquito Expansion

This expansion to hive introduces mosquito pieces (1 for each player) to your hive game. Once in play the mosquito takes on the movement characteristics of any creature it touches at the time thus changing its characteristics throughout the game.

Mosquito ExpansionGen42-Games-5513660-Mosquito-Expansion

Brand :    gen42 games
Weight :    0.13 pounds
Model :    5513660
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (gen42 games product review) for Mosquito Expansion available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $8.99 (was $10.08)
  • Dr. toy product of excellence award winner
  • International gamer awards winner
  • Made by gen42 games - honoured for excellence by mensa select


Sometimes you will have the impression that there is nothing but chaos on the board. You line up a few of your pieces and the next thing you notice is that they have changed color! the more pieces on the board, the more difficult it becomes to predict what will happen. But also the more opportunities you have! so do not worry: you will get your chance. Just stay alert, and you will create your own little bit of order in the chaos!


YINSH Review
Brand :    rio grande games
Weight :    1.50 pounds
Model :    224RGG
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (rio grande games product review) for Yinsh available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $25.97 (was $29.22)
  • 2 players
  • Combinable with any game in the series
  • 30 minutes to play
  • Part of the gipf project
  • Western theme


My kingdom for a camel. Work hard, earn more than your opponent and become the official merchant of the maharaja. At the beginning of the game, three camel cards and two merchandise cards are on the table between the players, who already have five cards in hand. On your turn, you can take some cards or sell some. Each time that you take cards, you can take one or more, however if you decide to take more, then you will have to trade in the same amount of cards from your hand that you take. If you decide to take all camel cards, then they can be used later to trade. You can sell all the merchandise that you want, as long as they are all the same type. For each sale, you will receive tokens with various point values. At the end of the game, the player who has the majority of the camels also wins points.


JAIPUR Benefit
Price :    $31.09 (was $40.99)
  • Play time of 30 minutes
  • For 2 players
  • Jaipur is a fast-paced card game, a blend of tactics, risk and luck
Brand :    asmodee
Color :    Natural
Weight :    0.66 pounds
Model :    JAI01ASM
Quantity :    1
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Toy :    Best Toys And Games (asmodee product review) for Jaipur available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Carcassonne Board Game

This game is well made and great fun. The rules are clear and i like that they start off with a simple set of tiles and rules, then allow you to add more tiles and rules with the included mini-expansions. I would go so far as to say that for me personally, this is my favorite board game. I prefer it to settlers, scrabble, monopoly, risk etc. The game play is simple to teach but strategic so you can continue to replay it and enjoy the game. . This game includes tiles, a scoreboard and playing pieces ("meeples"). It includes a couple mini-expansions of "the river" and "the abbot". . I highly recommend using the river from the second or third time you play. It adds some nice tiles to begin with, and by building out in a more or less straight line allows you to build a much more open board for players to build off of once the "real" game starts. The only reason i suggest using the regular tiles first is just to get a feel of how different and more open it is with the river. . We play with the abbot as well and that adds another level of strategy. . I find that playing two players is a bit of an intense game because every turn you know that whatever you play you are setting the table for the next player. It is fun and about half the games i played have been 2 player games. The scoreboard and "looping" around the board can be a bit of a problem with 2 players but not a big deal. . We are going to try the house rule of holding 3 tiles and see if that adds to the strategy, but it is a lot of fun with the rules as-is. . I have since purchased carcassonne 1 - inns and cathedrals and carcassonne 2 - traders and builders (2015), but i've only used i&c once. Honestly the base game + the river + abbot is great fun by itself and i'm not sure for most people i would recommend anything past that unless you have a regular group of gamers you play with. . Base game + river (and not playing with farmers) is easy enough to teach people as they are playing the game and since each tile is flipped one at a time and there is nothing "hidden" in your hand it's easy to play and walk through the turns together.

The carcassonne is a clever tile-laying game. The southern french city of carcassonne is famous for its unique roman and medieval fortifications. The players develop the area around carcassonne and deploy their followers on the roads, in the cities, in the cloisters, and in the fields. The skill of the players to develop the area will determine who is victorious. The game is for ages 8 and up and 2 to 5 players.

Carcassonne Board GameZ-Man-Games-81006ZMG-Carcassonne-Board

Carcassonne Board Game (Z Man Games) FAQ.

Got this newer version as a christmas gift. I have an older one, and it is a fantastic game for 2 people. Was a bit wary of a "new" one, but this appears to be just the same, aside from some new art on the cards. -Notice from O. Smith, Virginia

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My favorite games are catan, ticket to ride, and dominion. I wanted try a new game and this one had great reviews. It was totally worth it! first i played with my boyfriend, then we got my roommates to play the next 15 rounds. Every free moment i have now i beg someone to play with me! it seriously doesnt matter if all 5 people are playing or if just 2 play, it is just as fun! seriously suggest this to anyone who likes a strategy game that can be replayed 100 times without it being the same game twice!

Carcassonne-board-game-(z-man-games) set picture

- W. KristenSince being introduced to this game by a friend, it's become my favorite board game. It's endlessly replayable, and once you get the hang of the strategy, it becomes very engaging and fun. Highly recommended.

This game is a wonderful option for those who like simple and complex games alike. The game is for 2-5 players, and it is equally fun regardless the size of your group! the game comes with a base city/road beginner piece for simplicity, but this particular version also has the river and the abbot mini expansion pack. You can choose to play with or without the expansion. Game time is anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on number of players and whether your group plays fast or likes conversation and enjoying a glass of wine or bowl of ice cream. . It's a great family game, too. The box suggests 7+ years old, but we had a 5 year old play along with us just fine, and it's his favorite game now (he is a quite strategic little fellow, though). The rules and game play are relatively easy to figure out, and any rules not clear in the directions (there aren't many) can either be cleared up by a quick web search or the game owner can choose their preference and claim "house rules". ; ). . Summary:. Lots of fun, can be simple or complicated, great for kids and adults alike, fast game play (no waiting for long turns to be completed), easy-to-learn/easy-to-follow rules, bright and beautiful colors, and no game is ever the same! never gets boring!

Z. Sandra, Gloucestershire

Price :    $21.98 (was $21.99)
  • Ages 8 and up
  • For two to five players
  • Contains the river tile
Brand :    z-man games
Color :    One Colour
Size :    One Size
Weight :    1.54 pounds
Model :    81006ZMG
Quantity :    1
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Ladybug Expansion

The ladybug moves three spaces; two on top of the hive, then one down. It must move exactly two on top of the hive and then move one down on its last move. It may not move around the outside of the hive and may not end its movement on top of the hive. Even though it cannot block by landing on top of other pieces like the beetle, it can move into or out of surrounded spaces. It also has the advantage of being much faster. The expansion consists of two game pieces (one each for the black and for the white player), to be used in addition to the pieces of the base game.

Ladybug ExpansionGen42-Games-5513664-Ladybug-Expansion

Price :    $8.99 (was $10.55)
  • International gamer awards winner
  • Made by gen42 games - honoured for excellence by mensa select
  • Dr. toy product of excellence award winner
Brand :    gen42 games
Weight :    0.13 pounds
Model :    5513664
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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hive- a game crawling with possibilities Price : 24.32, was : 27.9 as 2017-04-09
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Great Britain
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The F.A.Q. for hive- a game crawling with possibilities

We like this game but it has a learning curve and we need to pull it out and play more often, i think. My son loves chess, he's 7, so i'm really hoping we can try again and add the extra. Pieces etc in the future.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: What tiles does it come with?

(1) Question: Is this version of hive brings bakelite pieces?

(2) Question: What age(s) is this game appropriate for?

(3) Question: What's the difference between hive and hive carbon?

(4) Question: How can i get an answer to get a replacement tile? already emailed "contact us" on smartzone. com 3 times! we are a library & need answers fast!

(5) Question: How many pieces are in the original hive? what is the difference between hive and hive carbon?

(6) Question: Any major differences between the regular and pocket versions?

(7) Question: Is it only for 2 players?

(note) Question: where/how to get Gen42 Games (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Gen42 Games's products


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I like the fast delivery. I didn't get a chance to play the games, because they were gifts for my son and his girlfriend and my daughter and her boyfriend. My son said that he and his girlfriend will play this game for sure.

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Best hive- a game crawling possibilities (gen42 games) in review

Good game. Easy to learn but i sense will take some time to master. If you like chess this is a bit like "chess lite" in that it takes less time and fewer options/moves available.

Q. Pearce, Maryland

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B. Kimberly, Mississippi says

This was a surprisingly awesome game, i'm so excited that we decided to go ahead and get it! i would describe it as a sort of cross between chess and dominoes. It took just a few minutes to work through the instructions, but once we got started, we definitely found it fun and engaging! we are already looking at getting the expansion pieces after just 2 days of having this! . . This is a nice, quick and easy playing 2 player game. We have found that it's a different game every time since there are so many options of tiles and movements. It's just long enough, that we can fit in a quick game while dinner is in the oven, or play a few rounds during game night. It's hard to find fun and challenging games like this for 2 people, so many of the more fun games require a party crowd, so we are always looking for things to just keep around the house and play when it's just the 2 of us. This game totally fits the bill!

Q. Heidi, Norfolk

This may be the best designed game i have ever seen. I mean, like the best table top game since chess. It's a little more laid back than chess and quicker, both of which are nice from an enjoyment point of view. And pieces are never taken out of the game, so it doesn't simplify as the game progresses. Further, defense is very difficult, which means that the games don't go on and on for too long. Wonderful ideas and execution. I don't consider myself real skilled at it but i'm always happy to play with my wife or one of my kids. It's simple enough for kids and interesting enough for anyone. . The pieces are also very well designed and constructed. Very robust and satisfying to play with. Nice designs and colors. Overall this game is quite an accomplishment. . Ok, so where's the downside? well, if you have read any reviews you know that the makers also sell a "carbon" version, which is black and white. It's a little cheaper than this version but it comes with two expansions (which are like $10 each). So it's a lot cheaper. I thought about getting that one but decided i wanted color in my game. After playing with the base set, i was convinced that i had made the right choice. Worth spending some extra for a set with color. . However, the color expansions are not as nice as the set. In particular, the mosquito is dark grey, which is very hard to see and unsightly on the black tile. And the white tiles for both the mosquito and pillbug are a different color than the main set: they are greener and a little darker. It doesn't affect gameplay but it's an eyesore. Given the cost of these expansions it's silly that they can't color match. If i had bought the carbon edition two expansions would be included and certainly match and i bet the pillbug would match too. I mean, at the end of the day we are going for aesthetics. You miss some color with the carbon, but at least everything matches. That's my only issue with this set. . If you are only sticking with the base set, i'd say color is better.

V. Lisa, Ohio says

Very fun two player strategy game. The game consists of 22 pieces (no board, dice, cards, etc, just the playing pieces), 11 per player, each piece is one of five insects with different movement abilities. The rules of play are straightforward and the goal is to surround your opponents queen bee. Sounds simple right? well it is very easy to learn, but so varied in play possibilities that no two games are the same. . There is no set up time and it comes with a carry case to make it portable. Game time is about 20-30 min so you can fit in a quick game on the fly or a series of games for game night. . There are add on packs of other insects with new movement abilities which i plan on adding at some point, but the base game is fun and challenging enough not to need them or feel like it's missing anything.

T. Guest, Sandwell

Bit of a complicated game but the pieces are pretty nice.

R. Anonymous, Schleswig-Holstein says

I read a rave review about this game in the may 8, 2015 wall street journal and decided to buy it. I bought the basic game with black and white tiles. For now, i think this is all i need, although i have seen versions advertised with extra pieces. It is a two player strategy game, with both players able to see all the pieces played and unplayed while the game is going on. The game quickly becomes very complicated, although it is easy to learn and there is only a small number of different types of pieces. It is similar to chess in that different types of pieces can move in different ways, but dissimilar in that there is no board, just tiles that are placed next to each other, and sometimes on top of each other. If you are the sort of person who loves chess, as i do, but also likes to play a variety of different strategy games, this is a good alternative. So far, i have not seen that the person who moves first has a particular advantage, but maybe i will find out more as i play more. Another advantage as a beginning player, is that the games seem to last about 15 minutes each- easy to get several games in at a sitting. The goal is to surround the enemy queen bee, and sometimes one player can come up with a surprise move, just as in chess. There appears to lots of room for different types of strategies. In the wall street journal review it said some people have even written long books on strategy. I am not going to go so far as to buy a strategy book, but i have been very satisfied so far owning it over the last few months.

X. Garner, Wisconsin

Bought this for my mom for her birthday, and she loves it. The pieces have a great feel (sturdy, smooth, and cool like high quality domino pieces) and the game is great. It's easy enough to pick up in an afternoon, but subtle and complicated enough to have many different variations of play. Highly recommended.

V. Franklin, Barnet says

My wife and i love games. Quite frankly, i am often far superior to her in "strategy" games and this game is pure strategy with no luck of the dice or draw thrown in. First three games i won, handily. And then something clicked and i may not have won again. I will keep trying, though. Not a compelling game, but we can often get through a game in 10 minutes, which can be a nice break from our 90 minute per game of the settlers of catan card game for two.

W. Rita, Vermont

Hive struck me like a fresh new concept in tabletop gaming when i first ran into it at the manufacturer's own website. There, you could play the game against a robot that they said wasn't all that good a player. He taught me so much, beating me 15 consecutive times before i finally beat him. . Hive has tiles with special movement rules, like chess, but there is no "board". The first tile played in the game initiates "the hive", and all subsequent play takes place on, or adjacent to, the hive. The tiles depict bugs, and both players get a queen bee, 2 spiders, 2 beetles, 3 grasshoppers, and 3 ants. An expansion set gives each player a mosquito too. . Players take turns adding tiles to the hive. When adding a tile, it must touch already-laid tiles of your color and no tiles of the other color (except for player 2's first tile). During the first 4 moves, both players must add their queen bee to the hive. Once a player's queen bee is played, they may elect to move a tile rather than play a new one. Moving tiles are allowed to land next to the other color in a way that newly played tiles cannot. This decision about bringing a new piece into play or working with the pieces already in play is one small example of the strategy at play here. . The object is to completely surround the opponent's queen bee. Doesn't have to be all your tiles, but if she is surrounded you win. Don't let it happen to your queen bee! the game play is strongly oriented towards "1) don't lose, 2) win, if you can" that was the lesson of my first 10 games against the robot at the hive site. . Ants can move anywhere on the outer perimeter of the hive - any distance. Spiders can do the same thing, but they must move exactly 3 hexes, no more, no less. Grasshoppers leap over the hive along hex lines to the first vacant space. Beetles can only move one hex in any direction, but they can crawl up onto the hive itself and move around on it. The piece they are sitting on is immobilized until they leave. The optional mosquito can move like any tile of either color that it is touching at the beginning of it's turn. . Enough about the game - it's a brilliant invention in game-play with really thought-provoking strategy. Its not a quick learn-and-play game. That said, it is a delicious long-term learn-and-play game - lots of "ah ha! " as i witness my own improvement as a player. . This product tho - wow! these tiles are bigger than i expected - you can squint one like a monocle - and substantial like well-made dominoes, finger-tall. The hexes are white and black, each type of bug is painted into the recessed image in it's own color. The green-on-black grasshopper contrasted with the green-on-white grasshopper is very cool - these pieces are lovely.

Z. Jarvis, South Tyneside says

This maybe the most fun abstract strategy game i've ever played. It's a lot like chess in that each piece has a different movement, but it is also definitely one-of-a-kind. The strategy is deep, but the game is much simpler and plays faster than chess. If you want a more complex game, you can buy the expansions. . The object of the game is to surround your opponent's queen bee (a hexagon stamped with a bee graphic). The other hexagonal tiles (with bugs imprinted on them) have unique movements. . The pieces are really beautiful and are much improved from the original wood pieces. . I'd recommend getting this version, not the carbon version. Sure you save a few dollars on the carbon version, but there are a few caveats with the carbon version. With the carbon version there are only 2 colors (black and white), which makes it harder to tell the playing pieces apart than the original version of "hive, " where each playing piece (bug) is a different color, making it much easier to tell the difference between the pieces. . Second, and this is just an opinion, the carbon version gives it a very serious look, like chess. Some people like that. I do not. The colors create a playful, easy-going flavor. One of the big benefits of the game is that it is much more accessible to people than chess. The serious look of the carbon version makes it look. Like chess, decreasing the possibility that people will try out the game because they think they're playing the difficult, serious and complicated game of chess. My recommendation is get this set.

G. Guest, Kensington and Chelsea

Fast friendly fun, i love this game for all its nuances and simplicity. Over the past 2 months of owning it, i think i've played about 100 or so games and have thoroughly squashed most of the strategy out of it. As such i'm always looking for new people to teach. Unfortunately, the expansions are a little pricey but do seem very promising in adding to the game's complexity.

H. Sheila, Bolton says

This is the best game! everytime you play, the game is visually as well as strategically different. We opened the box - loved the feel of the tiles (smooth and heavy) and the zip up carry case was an added bonus! it's totally portable. I played with my 17 year old son (big video gamer, not really into board games). And we played for 2. 5 hours straight! that never happens. After the third game, we logged onto online store and ordered all the expansion bugs - as well as the pocket version. Needless to say, we are anxiously awaiting our shipment. :). Give this game a chance - it's totally worth the price and the time you'll spend with friends and family around this game is priceless.

M. Mable, Poole

Really fun game. You can play games pretty quickly. It's kind of like chess in that each piece has different, specific movements, but it's less stressful and time-consuming than chess. The game bag is handy and the pieces are solid and feel nice.

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