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Price was $28.00. Great game, but i don't think "k" and "w" should be included as they are not used in spanish except for a handful of words. Also i feel like there should be a better distribution of letters. . Overall though it is very fun.

-E. Claudia

Scrabble Crossword Classic Crossword Game. For 2 To 4 Players Ages 8 And Up. This Product Is Manufactured In United States. -Scrabble Crossword Game

  1. Quality: For 2 To 4 Players Ages 8 And Up.
  2. Quality: Manufactured In United States.

Competitive Scrabble Crossword Game (Toys And Games) 4024 S5

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Since i bought this game, i've been having lots of fun with my family and friends. The game-play is really easy to understand. What i recommend is having a dictionary close to avoid cheating and also getting a small box to save all the tiles, 'cause they are really easy to lose. Best scrabble crossword | Hasbro Games-Toys And Games Review as-of ( Apr 2021 ) Quality Scrabble Crossword Game Classic crossword game. For 2 to 4 players ages 8 and up. Manufactured in united states. Word-forming board game. Score as many points as you can by forming words from the letters on the tiles. Bonus squares on the board give double or triple letter word points. Use all 7 tiles in your hand and score 50 bonus points. Perfect for family game night events .

Scrabble crossword game Review (4044xxxx)

Friends of ours recently moved to costa rica; they have two young sons, so i thought they might enjoy this language version to help them with spanish. Especially on those days/nights when the cell signals are weak, or their tech toys malfunction, and they are forced to do something with their 'bare hands'. I also love the game because i've played it for years in english! and, by the way. If more kids watch "akeelah and the bee". Maybe. -Z. Sheila

Hasbro 4024 S5 Scrabble Crossword

  1. Class: Toy
  2. Brand: Hasbro
  3. EAN: 0025235000175
  4. Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.44 inches
    Length:15.75 inches
    Weight:1.30 pounds
    Width:7.44 inches
  5. LegalDisclaimer: Brand New! Stil In Shrinkwrap!
  6. Manufacturer: Hasbro Games
  7. Recommended Max-Age: 1188
  8. Suggested Min-Age: 96
  9. Model: 4024 S5
  10. MPN: 4044XXXX
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  12. Quantity: 1
  13. Part/Serial Number: 4044XXXX
  14. Type: Toy
  15. Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  16. Size: English Version
  17. UPC: 025235000175

scrabble crossword Toy, Classic crossword game. for 2 to 4 players ages 8 and up. this product is manufactured in united states. Scrabble Crossword Game (4024 S5-Hasbro).

Hasbro 4024 S5 Scrabble Crossword Toy

scrabble crosswordScrabble Crossword Game (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

After all these years, it's still hard to get a triple word score, the tiles are still made of wood, and there's only one "x" in the whole box. The game of scrabble has sparked feuds and a near-cult following. All the fuss is over a spelling game that hasn't had an upgrade in 50 years. It takes a little luck and a lot of skill to make high-scoring words out of seven little letters, sometimes with an overabundance of vowels and letters that don't go together-sometimes there's q without u. Two to four players battle it out on the board, and while some players might be proud of impressive words ("i spelled gestalt! "), skilled players know how to use the premium letter and word squares on the 225-square board to their best advantage. This crossword game has strict rules (no names, no slang) and comes with a warning label: "choose a dictionary first to avoid any ugly word disputes. " -lynne sampson

Scrabble is one of the few games that has withstood the test of time. This version is fantastic, comes at a great price and is used on a weekly basis. This is one of the best games available to keep your mind active, especially as you get older. It's highly recommended.

Scrabble Crossword Game
Click to see NoticeScrabble Crossword Game (Hasbro)"As expected, game board and pieces are fine. External packaging is a little flimsy - the box top tore as i was carefully opening the box for the first time. But everything is ok. A great plus was that the game was delivered much sooner than predicted."


Chess. The game of chess is played by two people, each having command of an army of sixteen pieces, on a board divided into sixty-four squares. The squares are usually are black and red. Includes: folding chess board, black & ivory plastic staunton, chess pieces with 6. 35 cm king rules. Ages 8 to adult.

PRESSMAN TOY Chess SetPressman-21251-PRESSMAN-TOY-Chess

Brand :    pressman
Color :    Red
Size :    -
Weight :    0.55 pounds
  • 15" x 15" folding board (32) plastic chess pieces
  • Includes 2. 5" king
  • Full-sized plastic staunton chess figures
  • 15" x 15" folding board(32) plastic chess pieces
  • Folding chess board
Price :    $4.98 (was $7.83)
Model :    21251
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Uno Card Game

Now the classic card game of matching colors and numbers comes with customizable wild cards for added excitement! players take turns racing to get rid of all their cards by matching a card in their hand with the current card shown on top of the deck either by color or number. Special action cards deliver game-changing moments and help defeat opponents! use the swap hands card to change hands with any other opponent and write your own rules using the 3 customizable (and erasable) wild cards! you'll find 19 of each color (red, green, blue, and yellow), plus 8 draw two, reverse and skip cards in every color, along with 4 wild cards, 4 wild draw four cards, 1 wild swap hands card and 3 wild customizable cards. If you can't make a match, you must draw from the central pile! don't forget to shout "uno" when you only have one card remaining! the first player to reach 500 points wins. Includes 112 cards and instructions.

Uno Card GameMattel-42003-Uno-Card-Game

Brand :    mattel
Color :    Multi
Size :    8 x 3-3/4 x 81/100 in
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    42003
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Uno Card Game available as-of ( Apr 2021 )
Price :    $.99 (was $4.97)
  • Score points by being the first to get rid of all the cards in your hand
  • Write your own rules for game play with the wild customizable cards!
  • Players take turns matching one of their cards with the color or number card shown on the top of the deck
  • First player or team to 500 wins. uno is easy to pick up, impossible to put down!
  • Uno! the classic card game of matching colors and numbers

Pressman 1521-12 Toy Double Six Wooden Dominoes, Ages 7 Above, Multicolor

Dominoes is a classic that's been around as long as you can remember. A must for your game closet. Search classic games for more options.

Pressman 1521-12 Toy Double Six Wooden Dominoes, Ages 7 Above, MulticolorPressman-1521-12-Double-Dominoes-Multicolor

Brand :    pressman
Color :    Multicolor
Size :    5"
Weight :    0.30 pounds
Model :    1521-12
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss :    Best Teaching Equipment (Biss product review) for Pressman 1521-12 Toy Double Six Wooden Dominoes, Ages 7 Above, Multicolor available as-of ( Apr 2021 )
Price :    $2.48 (was $5.97)
  • Perfect for playing at home or in the classroom
  • Made of strong solid hardwood
  • Dominos are engraved with colorfast finish
  • For 2 to 4 players, ages 7 to adult
  • A classic games that transcends the generations

Sorry 2013 Edition Game

I agree a lot of classic games have been ruined by modernizing and "power ups" but i don't think that's the case here. I like the fire and ice. My main complaint with this game is there are a lot of unanswered questions/scenarios that the rules don't address. Happens like once a game. Can a piece have fire and ice? (i think so). Do you keep fire if bumped back to start? (i think so). If you do have fire at start, can you use it on first move? (i don't think so). Can you move backwards from start? (i don't think so).

Slide, collide and score to win the game of sorry! draw cards to see how far you get to move one of your pawns on the board. If you land on a slide you can zip to the end and bump your opponents' pawns or your own! jump over pawns and hide in your safety zone while getting powers with the 2 power-up tokens. Keep on moving and bumping until you get all three of your pawns from your color start to your color home. But watch out, because if you get bumped, sorry! it's all the way back to start! sorry! and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Sorry 2013 Edition GameHasbro-A5065-Sorry-2013-EditionThis classic game of luck, strategy, and determination is easy to grasp for children as young as 6 years old, yet it's fun for adults and older siblings too. By drawing cards, players move their game pieces around the board, hoping to eventually accumulate all their pieces at the final destination-home sweet home. Sorry is known as the game of "sweet revenge, " since players can send each other's pawns back to the starting line, thus forcing one another to lose ground and begin all over again. This kind of frustration may be hard for children under age 8 to handle. In fact, young ones typically crumble into tears of outrage when their pawns are cavalierly sent back. The only recourse is to teach children how to plot their own revenge, which makes them feel as powerful as superheroes.

Hasbro Sorry 2013 Edition Game Discontinued Manufacturer (8780900) FAQ.

We're buying this again, because our three granddaughters (ages 10, 7, and 3) wore out the first one. Hey, hasbro, how about making the "fire" and "ice" pieces out of plastic instead of cardboard, so they're not ruined when a little girl spills her milk on them? -Notice from K. Patricia, Kent

Click to Show hasbro sorry 2013 edition game discontinued manufacturer (8780900) Details

Sorry is one of those classic must haves. My two daughters are at the age now to start playing games. We live on an acrage in minnesota so we need to find things to keep busy during the long cold winters. We play a game almost every day. I ordered this to add to our collection because they love playing games mom played years ago. My friends and i played a lot of sorry when we were young. I don't mind that this version has three pawns instead of 4. The game can get long the way it is. And if we want to play with 4 we can just take a couple from sorry sliders which we also own. I also don't mind being able to get out of start easily for the same reason. You can always play by the original rules if you choose which maybe at some point we will. We haven't used the fire and ice power ups either. My girls are 4 and 6 so playing with the three pawns and being able to get out of start easily is better for them at this point. They are still young enough to get easily frustrated and bored pretty easily. I may later introduce them to the ordinal rules and game play and maybe try to use the fire and ice at that time. So far they really like this. This is a good game they won't outgrow in a few weeks and one all ages can play. Sorry is like monopoly or chutes and ladders in the sense it can go on and on and really take forever to finish. So one less pawn per player and the getting out of start easily is better for younger players with a shorter attention span and less patience. It is still a game i love and so happy to introduce it to my children. A great price as well.

Hasbro-sorry-2013-edition-game-discontinued-manufacturer-(8780900) set picture

- S. JudithI purchased this as a game to add on to my play therapy collection. Many children ask for this game, and expect for me to have it. I had not played this game prior to purchasing it. I can see why it is so popular! it's a lot of fun! it's a great value, was shipped quickly, and in good condition

I like this game because its not only an old classic but something to introduce to kids and pry them away from the tv. My son plays this and loves screaming "sorry" although i know he is not and just acting silly. He loves to win! its fun for the whole family and i cant believe we all spent all night playing this christmas eve. . The rules are easy to follow and nothing that would confuse a child. I hate games that claim to be for children but is too complex for them to grasp the idea of the game. Its simple yet fun. What more could one ask for in a board game? i haven't played this in a very long time. I am glad the first time i did so in almost fifteen years it was with my son. Wonderful game that everyone will have fun and bond over. I am a firm believer in family game nights and this game will be included in it for a long time. My son who is 8 cannot get enough of it. I would recommend it, its cheap and its a great escape from the blackberrys, iphone's and droid's, tblets, and whatever reality show is the rave with these kids! - even if its just for an hour. Its worth it.

V. Gloria, Swindon

Brand :    hasbro
Color :    red green blue yellow
Size :    ONE SIZE
Weight :    1.30 pounds
Model :    A5065
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Includes gameboard, 12 sorry! pawns, 45 cards, 2 power-up tokens and instructions
  • Bump other players' pawns and hide in your safety zone, where pawns of other colors can't enter
  • Power-up tokens give you special powers
  • Classic sorry! game is mystery-solving guessing fun
Price :    $12.99 (was $19.25)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Sorry 2013 Edition Game available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

Monopoly Board Game The Classic Edition

Relive the monopoly experiences you remember best from the game's classic years. Inside you'll find the most beloved features, including a traditional bi-fold game board, full-sized money tray, houses and hotels, your favorite tokens, and all the cards, deeds, and money that made you feel rich when you first touched them. Authentic rules of play are included too.

Monopoly Board Game The Classic EditionWinning-Moves-Games-1126-Monopoly

Brand :    winning moves games
Color :    Multicolor
Size :    None
Weight :    2.44 pounds
Model :    1126
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • The play: roll the dice, and move your favorite game piece. can you buy property, or pay rent? pass go and collect $200. 00 or head over to community chest, as you wheel and deal your way to the top?
  • Tokens: car, dog, hat, boat, horse, shoe, iron, thimble, wheelbarrow, cannon.
  • The object: create a "monopoly" by buying, renting, trading the world's most famous properties. take a ride on the reading railroad, build a house on baltic avenue, or buy up the whole neighborhood!
  • Fun facts: launched in 1904, passed down from generation to generation, "monopoly" was inducted into the national toy hall of fame in 1998. estimated players around the globe is now over 500 million!
  • Includes: 1 game board, 1 banker's tray, money pad, chance & community chest cards, title deeds, 10 silver-toned tokens, houses and hotels, 2 dice, instructions. for 2-8 players, ages 8+
Price :    $17.29
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (winning moves games product review) for Monopoly Board Game The Classic Edition available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

Jenga Classic Game

My 6 year old grandson requested this for christmas and it had to be the "classic jenga. " the family played and we all loved it. This classic game never gets old. My family played in teams, my son and his girlfriend, whom was having dinner with the family for the first time versus my daughter and her husband. Couple against couple sounds about right? not according to my grandson. They had to switch it up. "brother and sister versus the others", lol. His words not mine, smiles. He was the self delegated "score keeper and ref", he had more fun rooting for everyone as a individual and a team. He even made his own handwritten certificates to give out this year. This was perfect addition for more family bonding, an ice breaker, as well as competition with love, smiles. Thanks, ms scott for your invention.

It's the classic block-stacking, stack-crashing game of jenga. How will you stack up against the law of gravity? stack the wooden blocks in a sturdy tower, then take turns pulling out blocks one by one until the whole stack crashes down. Is your hand steady enough to pull out the last block before the tower collapses? .

Jenga Classic GameHasbro-A2120E180-Jenga-Classic-Game

Jenga Classic Game (Hasbro) FAQ.

For the cost of this game, for under 15 dollars, you really can't beat the amount of fun and suspense that it delivers. My fiancé and all of my friends love this game very much; as well as my parents which tells you that all generations love this game. This is probably one of the best "board games" there are around; if you have little kids this would definitely teach hand eye coordination. Definitely durable given the amount of times the tiles have came crashing down going every which way. This game has suspense with no real danger, appeals to all ages, is simple to play, and lasts forever. You can still play it on a coffee table or dining room table, you don't need to clear a place on the floor. One thing i would suggest is changing the box size, you would think that the box would be the exact shape of the game so the pieces aren't rattling around in the box. All in all; it's a great game for a great price that you can't beat. Definitely a must buy to keep in your home for a rainy day or for a family game night. -Notice from G. Jackson, Hamburg

Click to Show jenga classic game (hasbro) Details

A fun classic game for the whole family. Except cats. Cats hate jenga. I've seen a few that like it but they are rare. As soon as the tower falls they run up the wall and out the door. Its not rocket science which is what makes it fun. You remove a block and put it on the top and the next player goes. You can learn a lot about a person and the way they play jenga. I bet you never knew nana was such a cut throat. Its a pretty compact game to take on a family trip to not a ton so space. Not going to be an option in the car thought so road trips are out.

Jenga-classic-game-(hasbro) set picture

- V. PamelaWe bought one game for each table at our daughter's wedding, so strangers would have something to play with each other. It was a big hit. Our friends made friends with each other and are now have plans for later without us. The bride wrote love quotes on half of the pieces, and one in spanish in each set. Whoever pulled the spanish quote got to take the game home. This game has suspense with no real danger, appeals to all ages, is simple to play, and lasts forever.

$8 for a block of wood that keeps us and friends entertained for hours on. It's well worth the tiny investment. Anyone complaining about this game whether new or classic should invest in a new set of eyes. People have grown so impatient these days it's sad to listen to and watch. This game can be enjoyed by family, friends, kids, adults and people of all ages, sizes, sexes, races, cultures and backgrounds. Advice for today's generation would be, instead of giving a child an ip* or xb*, try challenging and watching how much joy and excitement a 5 year receives from simply building the blocks. If the task is too monotonous and time consuming for the average adult, it would be a tremendous achievement for some children to build it themselves. Perhaps more for those who aren't accustomed to being stuck behind a tv or lcd screen. Maybe some children wouldn't care thinking about the challenge of pulling out each square. That can be boring for kids too. So why not munch on a few pretzels, and start a conversation while the little ones enjoy this game too. Then when it's finished being stacked, have a try at winning a game of jenga. This game is one of the true classics from american pastimes. Also, i've recently learned that allot of countries don't play board or puzzle games like america does. So please don't knock this game for all it's worth. Small price to pay for an exchange for so much happiness.

N. Watson, Corse

Brand :    hasbro
Color :    Multi
Size :    Classic
Weight :    2.80 pounds
  • Includes 54 jenga hardwood blocks, stacking sleeve with instructions
  • It takes skill, strategy, and luck! challenge yourself or play with friends.
  • Pull out a bock without crashing the stack to win at jenga
  • Genuine hardwood blocks
  • Simple, solid, and timeless
Price :    $6.13 (was $6.99)
Model :    A2120E180
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Jenga Classic Game available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game

Scrabble was always a classic when i was a kid and i enjoyed playing it with my mom. I was looking for games for our family game nights that we don't already have that would be good for my 7 yo, he enjoys it and it is also educational at solving and spelling. He has to think a bit to figure out how to use other tiles to connect for words. He loves it.

Put letters together, build words, add up your points and win! this classic game features the classic scrabble equipment for a big-time word-on-word showdown. Do you see a word your opponent hasn't seen. A double or triple letter or word space that will let you earn big points. Could the luck of the draw win you the game. Use your letters to score points and challenge your family and friends. It s your word against theirs! scrabble and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Hasbro Scrabble Crossword GameHasbro-A8166-Scrabble-Crossword-Game

Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game (A8166) FAQ.

Awesome! great fun with one, two or three players. Great for homeschoolers. It's school, but it's fun! increase vocabulary and spelling skills! also math skills! (you have to multiply, and add for score keeping) makes letters and words fun. Parents can play with kids, (you can help your kids by making smart suggestions and telling them what you would do) i wish it came with the scrabble dictionary, ( i use the dictionary app i have on my phone, but i know some of the words in there wouldn't pass for scrabble, but until i get the proper dictionary, we'll play like that). . I also like the real wooden word pieces. -Notice from Z. Jacqueline, Virginia

Click to Show hasbro scrabble crossword game (a8166) Details

This is exactly what it says it is. There isn't a good description on the online store page, so here:. 1. The board is fairly sturdy. It's a thick one, not just cheap like i guessed when looking at the box. 2. All 4 tile racks are made of unfinished pine and feel like they need to be sanded once more. 3. All 100 tiles were present in their correct amounts per letter. The tiles are made of smooth and finished wood. 4. Mine came with a cloth tile bag and a game guide. . This isn't an expensive version of scrabble, but if you don't mind playing with wooden pieces instead of the old heavy plastic, it's great. Definitely worth what you pay for it.

Hasbro-scrabble-crossword-game-(a8166) set picture

- K. MelissaI ordered this game to use at the monthly "secret headquarters comics and games for everyone off-site game night" in tallahassee. (yeah, it's a long name, but now brian, our genial host, owes me one! ) anyway, i brought scrabble, mainly because i did not know how to play any of the other games. . When we opened it up, i think we were all expecting the look and feel of the "classic" scrabble of our childhoods. You know, heavy, smooth finished tiles and tile racks and a game board that felt like it could take years of carting around and gaming. . This game is sort of a lightweight version. Everything is there, but it's just feels a bit small and less substantial . The tiles and racks have minimal finish on them, and the board is thinner. . Now, as far as playing, this is a fine set. However, do not be expecting the original-feeling scrabble game. I think if you want the truly "classic" set, you have to spend a little more. . Why 4 stars: the product lives up to its description (if not my nostalgic expectations). The price is right, and online store delivered in a timely manner. . Problem: this may be an isolated problem; however, one of the tile racks was missing. When i alerted online store to this, as per its usual excellent customer service, it immediately arranged a replacement game to be sent to me. That's another reason for 4 stars-i love good customer service. . Btw, i learned to play two new games last friday: flux and ticket to ride europe. And by "learned, " i mean that i lost my shirt. I will have to see if online store carries these games, so i can catch up on some of this new-fangled stuff! . . Update-24 hrs. Later: the replacement scrabble game has arrived, and all 4 tile racks are there!

I had a treasured old english scrabble set (green box by spears) with heavy smooth blocks & rounded edges, excellent thick quality board and plastic letter ledges i had been given by an old friend when i was a boy, and had kept in pristine condition. My ex kindly took it. So i researched, and was strongly considering buying the exact replacement, or the american version (red/burgundy). I elected to save my hard-earned dollars & buy the $14 model here. I couldn't be happier. Board is reasonable quality; wood letters are sunken & embossed; plastic shelves are reasonable quality. What's not to like at fourteen dollars over 60 bucks?

H. Glenda, Gloucestershire

Brand :    hasbro
Weight :    0.63 pounds
  • Includes 1 gameboard, 100 wooden letter tiles, 4 tile racks, 1 drawstring letter bag and game guide
  • Classic scrabble game has the letter tiles and game guide for a wordy showdown
  • Store the tiles in the drawstring bag
  • Every letter counts in scrabble
  • Includes 1 game board, 100 wooden letter tiles, 4 tile racks, 1 drawstring letter bag and game guide
Price :    $13.52 (was $15.93)
Model :    A8166
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

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Gave as a gift for christmas and everyone ones this game and she loved it. Thanks for keeping these games around for younger generations to continue to play

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Is this the actual spanish version or the spanish american version? the two have different letter distributions and point values?

(1) Question: Is there a full sized scrabble game that isn't as slippery?

(2) Question: How many letter tiles come with this game?

(3) Question: Is this the actual spanish version or the spanish american version? the two have different letter distributions and point values

(4) Question: Does this game contain letter tiles that have the accent mark over the vowels?

(5) Question: Is this the spanish version where there are no k's and w's? thanks.

(note) Question: where/how to get Hasbro (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Hasbro's products

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Spanish word are spelled differently hence the letter scores reflect that. Cool gift the folks really enjoyed playing. Great product, price and quality.

M. Emma, Redbridge

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R. Pearce, Nord-Pas-de-Calais says

Who doesnt like scrabble ? we have game night and play this very often. Kids learn spelling also would recommend it to all

Q. April, Nottinghamshire

Who doesn't like scrabble? this is the original game. Nicely made.

Z. Cageen, Nevada says


X. Margaret, Colorado

Bought it as a gift for my spanish teacher. He loves it!

S. Anonymous, Nottingham says

Send this to my cousin to pr after hurricane maria and they are having a bast since they do not have any power in that island.

N. Susana, Leicester

My wife and our friends have been huge scrabble fans from way back. We were playing a lot of the scrabble beta app on facebook, but were getting tired of all the bugs. Plus, a good old-fashioned face to face game can't be beat. This set hasn't changed a bit from the version i played as a kid. This is the no frills version: the board doesn't revolve lazy susan style and the tile bag is just made of plastic. Other than that, the game materials are high quality. As for game play, if you happen to be that rare person who has never played scrabble, it is a classic board game and a ton of fun. And yes, it is educational and encourages literacy.

A. Noguera, Richmond upon Thames says

Very fun game. Great for bilingual households or someone who is learning how to read in spanish.

T. Anderson, Sheffield

Great for spanish class. No problems with workmanship.

Y. Heidi, Florida says

Other reviews criticize the quality of this edition of the game. I found the quality of both the board and the tiles to be just fine. Muy divertido.

Y. Shirley, Sachsen

Nothing fancy. Very good basic scrabble game: wooden letters and stands, and sturdy board. Box may not hold up well with use, but that's what tape is for.

I. Kelly, Cheshire says

Very fun and a good way to practice my spanish vocabulary. Has the instructions in english as well so that was convenient

K. Meghan, Wandsworth

Oldie but a goodie. Great way to challenge yourself and build your vocabulary - at whatever age!

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