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Price was $14.99. My almost 3 year old's favorite game! i never played it as a kid but i am sure i would have loved it as well. The game is fun. The fruit pieces are small and will easily get lost. The cardboard game frame is flimsy. I taped the corners to keep it in place. I will be buying this game for all my daughters friends. Make a great gift!

-T. Lewis

Hi Ho Cherry-o Game Check Out This New Version Of The Family Favorite Hi Ho! Cherry-o Game! Preschoolers Can Have So Much Fun Picking Fruit To Fill Their Baskets, They Don’t Even Realize They’re Developing -Hi Ho Cherry-o Game Exclusive

  1. Supplementary: Have A Blast Picking Fruit From The Trees And Filling Their Buckets.
  2. Supplementary: Game Includes Game Board, Spinner With Arrow And Base, 9-piece Puzzle, 4 Fruit Baskets, 40 Fruit Pieces (10 Cherries, 10 Blueberries, 10 Apples And 10 Oranges), And Instructions.

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Great, classic game! Best hi ho cherry-o game | Hasbro Games-Toys And Games Review as-of ( Apr 2021 ) Supplementary Hi Ho Cherry-O Game ( Exclusive) Help your preschoolers develop and practice basic math skills. Have a blast picking fruit from the trees and filling their buckets. Game includes game board, spinner with arrow and base, 9-piece puzzle, 4 fruit baskets, 40 fruit pieces (10 cherries, 10 blueberries, 10 apples and 10 oranges), and instructions .

Hi ho cherry-o game exclusive Review (hs 021)

Same fun game i played with my children and now my 4 year old grandson. Bright colors and an extra cherry for each tree( for when they lose a piece) and lots of laughs. He is an only child so i am using it to teach him you don't always win. He has gone from pouting to saying "good job" when i do beat him. Enjoyment for us and brings back fond memories of when i played the same game with my brothers growing up. It doesnt have to be a batery operated toy to be fun! in -H. Guest

Hi Cherry Game Exclusive

Green, Yellow, Blue
Product Dimensions
Height:2.00 inches
Length:10.75 inches
Weight:0.40 pounds
Width:10.75 inches
All Pieces Have Been Counted And Verified. Includes 4 Extra Cherries. Box Shows Shelf Wear. Thank You For Supporting Our Family Owned Business.
Hasbro Games
Recommended Max-Age
Suggested Min-Age
Part/Serial Number
10.75 X 3
Manufacturers Warranty Warranty Not Available For This Item

hi ho cherry-o game Toy, Check out this new version of the family favorite hi ho! cherry-o game! preschoolers can have so much fun picking fruit to fill their baskets, they don't even realize they're developing and practicing math skills, such as counting, addition and subtraction! choose from two different play options and take turns picking pretend cherries, blueberries, apples and oranges from your tree. when it comes to a fruity fun way to sharpen kids' math skills, you couldn't pick a better game! Hi Ho Cherry-o Game Exclusive (44703-Hasbro).

Hi Cherry Game Exclusive Toy

hi ho cherry-o gameHi Ho Cherry-O Game ( Exclusive) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Round and round she goes. Hi ho! cherry-o is the counting game in which players race to be the first to have 10 cherries in their basket. A spin of the arrow determines your fate. It will instruct you to pick one, two, three, or four cherries from your tree and put 'em in your basket. That is, of course, if you don't land on the bird or the dog, requiring you to take two cherries from your basket and return them to the tree. And try not to land on the spilled bucket or-you guessed it-spill the contents of your basket or you start over. -alison golder

It's a classic, what more can i say? great for our 3 year old. Hard for me to pick up the tiny little pieces though if the stems aren't sticking straight up! unfortunately, our game is missing all of the oranges. And of course we just now got around to opening it and are outside of the return policy. Oh well. It happens. It's still a fun game.

Hi Ho Cherry-o Game Exclusive
Click to see NoticeHi Ho Cherry-o Game Exclusive (Hasbro)"$ year old grandson really likes this game!"

Candy Land The World of Sweets Game Exclusive

Start down the magical road to sweet surprises! this adorable version of the classic candyland game features the colored cards and fun illustrations that kids love, with different destinations like cupcake commons and the chunky chocolate mountains. Choose your cards, move your pawn and let your imagination soar as you make your way to the castle to win!

Candy Land The World of Sweets Game ExclusiveCandy-World-Sweets-Amazon-Exclusive"once upon a time, king kandy, the imperial head bonbon and grand jujube of candy land disappeared. " thus begins the magical journey of milton bradley's classic candy land board game. Captivated by the story of a kidnapped king and eager to help find him, little ones move their gingerbread pawns along a rainbow path and through a land of candy characters, all subjects of king kandy's realm. Playing cards thoughtfully designed for non-readers are coded with colorful squares matching the jeweled stepping-stone path or an occasional token matching one of the characters' symbols: draw a blue card, move to the nearest blue stepping-stone; draw a snowflake and earn a visit to queen frostine's iceberg. There are occasional pitfalls, too: land on the wrong square and you might be stuck in molasses swamp until a red card is drawn. With all these enticing, sugarcoated images (and king kandy plainly visible at path's end), children can't help but be delighted by candy land. It's delicious! instructions are in both spanish and english. Candy land is for two to four players) -julie ubben

Brand :    hasbro
Color :    Red
Weight :    1.12 pounds
  • Manufactured in united states
  • You encounter all kinds of delicious surprises
  • Sweet version of the classic boardgame features a race to the castle
  • For 2-4 players ages 3-6
  • Classic beginner game
Price :    $10.13 (was $12.75)
Model :    4700 S5
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Candy Land The World of Sweets Game Exclusive available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

Yeti in My Spaghetti

Who knew yetis liked spaghetti? ! ? we did! in this wacky, fun game, the noodles are laid across the bowl and yeti is just sitting there on the noodles. But as you remove the noodles one by one (be careful! ), yeti could fall into the bowl, and that would mean you lose! for 2 or more players.

Yeti in My SpaghettiPlayMonster-6958-Yeti-in-Spaghetti

Brand :    playmonster
Color :    Multi-colored
Size :    1-Pack
Weight :    1.50 pounds
Model :    6958
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (playmonster product review) for Yeti in My Spaghetti available as-of ( Apr 2021 )
Price :    $8.99 (was $9.49)
  • Includes 30 noodles, yeti, bowl, rules; for 2 or more players ages 4 and up
  • Silly, easy-to-play game!
  • Place the noodles across the top of the bowl and sit yeti on top
  • Take turns removing the noodles one-by-one without letting yeti fall!
  • If you make yeti fall, you lose!

Don't Spill Beans

3 years and up. A simple balancing game where you place beans in a pot. If the beans drop the game is over. No reading required. 2-4 players.

Don't Spill BeansHasbro-04785-Dont-Spill-BeansAfter a grownup snaps this smiling red plastic bean pot together, it stands 5 inches tall. The trick is for two to four young children to drop beans onto the pot's lid, one by one, without spilling them. The more beans there are, the more care they must take. If-well, actually, when-they upset the balance of the pot, they spill the beans. And naturally everyone squeals and has a good time. The first person to get rid of all their beans is the winner. This is a fun game for young children, and no reading is required to play, but be sure to keep those beans out of reach of kids who are still apt to put things other than real food in their mouths. -rebecca hughes

Brand :    hasbro
Weight :    0.75 pounds
Model :    04785
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Don't Spill Beans available as-of ( Apr 2021 )
Price :    $8.32 (was $10.87)
  • Contents: bean pot with lid, bunch of tiny plastic beans, a playing area on which you place the bean pot, and four trays to hold your beans
  • Ages 3 yrs. +
  • Players: 2 - 4

Let's Go Fishin'

Our let's go fishin' game is the original version of a well-known and well-loved fishing game that parents will remember playing when they were kids. This classic kids game teaches hand-eye coordination as players use their mini fishing poles to try to catch the most fish. The challenge is that the board game spins, and the fish open and close their mouths. With 21 fish and 4 fishing rods, there's plenty of fishing fun in this fast-paced competition, and these fish are as hungry as hungry hippos. Let's go fishin' is a fishing toy that's great for playing at home or as a travel game-it will lure kids into playing over and over again. For 1-4 players ages 4 and up. Requires 1c battery (not included).

Let's Go Fishin'Pressman-Toys-0055J-Lets-Fishin

Price :    $6.67
  • Tested for quality and safety
  • The original fishing game-it's a classic!
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 3 - 15 years
  • The game board spins and the fish open and close their mouths
  • Includes 21 fish and 4 fishing poles
Brand :    pressman toys
Color :    Same as Picture
Size :    ONE
Weight :    1.52 pounds
Model :    0055J
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (pressman toys product review) for Let's Go Fishin' available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

Chutes Ladders Game Exclusive

Climb up and slide down in the exciting game of ups and downs, chutes and ladders! you and the character on your pawn can see the square marked 100, but it's not so easy to get there. If you land on a good deed, you can shimmy up a ladder, but land on the wrong spot and you'll shoot down a chute! spin the spinner to see how many spots you'll move. Will your new spot send you down or move you up, up, up? slip, slide and see if you can win at chutes and ladders! chutes and ladders and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Chutes Ladders Game ExclusiveChutes-Ladders-Game-Amazon-ExclusiveBe the first to move your child-shaped playing piece from square one to square 100 on the chutes and ladders game board-but watch out! if you land on the square that shows you ate too much candy-ouch! -you get a tummy ache and slide down a chute to a square a few numbers below. But if you end your turn on a good-deed square, such as helping sweep up a mess, you'll be rewarded by a ladder-climb up the board. A fantastic follow-up to candy land, chutes and ladders is ideal for younger children who are still learning to take turns and just beginning to recognize numbers (the spinner stays in the single digits). It's also a gentle introduction to the higher numbers as players climb to 100 at the top of the board. And, thanks to all those chutes and ladders, it's got enough excitement to keep your 7-year-old on the edge of her seat. English and spanish instructions are included; no reading is necessary to play. Chutes and ladders is for two to four players. -julie ubben

Brand :    hasbro
Weight :    1.40 pounds
  • Up the ladders and down the chutes
  • Classic game challenges you to scramble to the top of the gameboard without slip-sliding down!
  • Manufactured in united states
  • Land on good deeds to climb ladders
  • For 2-4 players ages 3-7
Price :    $13.47
Model :    4555 S5
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Chutes Ladders Game Exclusive available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

The Lady Bug Game - Award Winning, Kids Board Game A Super Fun, Educational Game Your Kids Will Love. Easy to Play & Perfect For- Travel, Home, Parties, Gifts Stocking Stuffs

Kids will fall in love with the characters and memorize the story of the ladybug adventure as they learn to count and read. The ladybug game uses a clever combination of colors, numbers, words and symbols to help even the youngest kids catch on quickly. Soon they will be playing on their own, again and again, as they encounter all the adventures, challenges and characters in the garden, including the praying mantis, the aphids, and the three lazy ants. The ladybug game is positively adorable with its beautiful artwork. Kids will even learn a little about the bugs in their garden.

The Lady Bug Game - Award Winning, Kids Board Game A Super Fun, Educational Game Your Kids Will Love. Easy to Play & Perfect For- Travel, Home, Parties, Gifts Stocking StuffsLady-Bug-Game-Educational-Stocking

Price :    $17.99 (was $24.95)
  • Adorable graphics, easy play and no reading required make this award winner a perfect first board game.
  • Recommended for ages 3 and older
  • The winner is the first ladybug to find her or his way home.
  • Invented by a kid for kids.
  • Interactive play stimulates learning and fun, with four ladybugs embarking on a different adventure every time.
Brand :    zobmondo!!
Weight :    1.06 pounds
Model :    19283
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (zobmondo!! product review) for The Lady Bug Game - Award Winning, Kids Board Game A Super Fun, Educational Game Your Kids Will Love. Easy to Play & Perfect For- Travel, Home, Parties, Gifts Stocking Stuffs available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

Ants in Pants Games

Be the first to get all the ants inside the pants! one by one, flip all the ant pieces inside the dog's pants. Whoever gets them all inside first wins! includes: pants and suspenders, 16 ants, and cardboard canine. Ages 3 yrs. +.

Ants in Pants GamesAnts-in-the-Pants-GamesEspecially appealing to energetic little critters, the classic toddler game ants in the pants requires no reading or waiting for turns. It's "one-two-three-go! " and everyone is racing to pop all four of their bugs into fido's bloomers. It's that simple. Plastic "ants" are big enough (2. 5 inches) that even little fingers find it easy to perform feats of insect trajectory. A hilarious hit with the shorter set. -julie ubben

Brand :    hasbro
Color :    white blue
Size :    10.5 x 5.5 x 5.3 inches
Weight :    0.75 pounds
  • Includes: pants and suspenders, 16 ants, and cardboard canine
  • Ages 3 yrs. +
  • 2 to 4 players
  • One by one, flip all the ant pieces inside the dog's pants. whoever gets them all inside first wins!
Price :    $9.99 (was $15.99)
Model :    4786
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Hasbro Connect 4 Game

We bought this to play with our 5 year old. It arrived very quickly! it was brand new and included everything that it described. We are having a blast playing it. It arrived very quickly. Of course i feel very comfortable in saying that i would highly recommend using this particular seller and of course buying the product to anyone who is looking for the same or a similar item. It was an excellent buying experience all the way around and i would of course purchase the product again from the same seller because we are very happy with it all in all. Thank you for taking the time to read this review and please feel free to ask me any and all questions that are related to this particular product.

Challenge a friend to disc-dropping fun with the classic game of connect 4! drop your red or yellow discs in the grid and be the first to get 4 in a row to win. If your opponent is getting too close to 4 in a row, block them with your own disc! whoever wins can pull out the slider bar to release all the discs and start the fun all over again! connect 4 and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Hasbro Connect 4 GameHasbro-A5640-Connect-4-Game

Hasbro Connect 4 Game (A5640) FAQ.

We bought this for our son for christmas as a small gift since everything else was for his wii u or xbox 360. We like board games, and i figured this would be a cheap, easy gift for fun that would not require too much brain power. Something we could play while watching a movie or something. I was so surprised at how much you need to use strategy! i easily won the first few games i played with my son (he's 10) but he caught on quick and now he consistently beat me (it's so embarrassing! ). We play best of 5 and it usually ends with "good game mommy. Better luck next time. " who knew! simple set-up and easy clean up. -Notice from R. Watson, Florida

Click to Show hasbro connect 4 game (a5640) Details

This is the same game i grew up playing years ago and no matter how simple the idea. It's always fun and so addicting. . As a busy mom to three kids, it's hard to juggle all i have to get done and still get in quality time with my children. Some games can take hours to play from start to finish but this one is easy to set up and play and can be really quick. . The idea is to connect 4 of your color pieces in a row (straight or diagnal) while strategically also blocking your partner from doing the same first. First to successfully connect 4 of their game pieces wins. It's a bit like tic-tac-toe. . The entire game can be as short as 1 minute to maxing out around 5-10 minutes (unless your child takes really long turns. Like sings eeny-meeny-miny-mo followed by the "bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish" chant every turn). . It's short enough that i can play a few rounds and then let the kids verse each other while i finish up cleaning or whatever. . We have now owned this game for one whole year and it's not broken, the pieces are not lost and we still play it which is far more than i can say for monopoly -that game never ends! am i right mama's?

Hasbro-connect-4-game-(a5640) set picture

- K. CathyGrandparents strategy 78: where the heck is it. This is your basic stall tactic to get more time with your grandkids, elevated to post doctorate level. We have to concentrate on mechanics in this strategy. Follow the steps. First give gifts for no reason. Often. They are cheap, do not overlook this step. Then get that "settling in" established on the floor or sofa. Consult your physician if you experience pain while playing this game on the floor. Then ignore that darn doctor and do whats right. Spend time with grandkids. The next step you have made second nature by now, take your time. Take time unboxing the game, make a game out the unboxing, make a game out of picking up from the unboxing game. The longer the game the longer time with. Oh yeah. Grandkids. The real reason we put up with corporate hyenas, pickle lipped bankers, mental midget millennials, road raging micro men in huge trucks, and a world that thinks getting is better than giving. Anyway, back to the lecture at hand. By the time you actually start playing the game you're already into 30 minutes. And you know how we push that to 90. You feelin me now. Where the heck is it? strategy 78 of how to get more time with your grandkids. Simple but classic grandparents maneuver. "oh daring. I can't find all the pieces" . Help me look for all the pieces you little angel feather". "grandpa can't put it back until we find them all". Its all in the vocal inflection. Not over the top, thats a dead giveaway. They could invite you to dinner so keep it tight. Concerned with a hint of frustration. If mommy and daddy try to get between you and your grandkid then knock em back on their heels with the. "im so forgetful". They don't want to go near that statement. Immediately they are in "i am not taking care of this old fart when he can't find his teeth mode". So take it to the bank, games with a lot of parts equals more time with grandkids. Stay spoiling grandkids my friends. Oh yeah. This game is a classic gotta give.

We absolutely love this game! the sad part is that the world has become accustomed to cheaply made products. Unfortunately, this is just a price we have to pay if we want affordable products. Hasbro has done a wonderful job ensuring that connect 4 continues to be a part of our lives, but if you're looking for the sturdy game you had when you were a kid, this one falls a little short. The rack is flimsy and made of thin plastic, and the discs lack that heavy checker weight, but they totally work. Just mentioning it for the people who are nostalgic, this game just feels a little different. Our kids don't know the difference and it certainly doesn't matter when you measure the memories that were making with them, but it is nice to remember some of the differences from when we were kids.

I. Valdez, District of Columbia

Brand :    hasbro
Color :    One Colour
Size :    One Size
  • Classic connect 4 game is disc-dropping fun
  • Choose yellow or red discs
  • When you get 4 discs in a row you win
  • Includes grid, 2 legs, slider bar, 21 red discs, 21 yellow discs and instructions
Price :    $7.99
Model :    A5640
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Hasbro Connect 4 Game available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

Cootie Game

Kids can have so much fun playing the bug-building cootie game. Players roll the die and hope that it lands on a cootie bug part that they need for their bug. The first player to create a complete bug wins! the game comes with colorful, plastic bug bodies, heads, head accessories, legs, mouth pieces, and eye pieces for creating crazy critters. As they play, kids can be creative while mixing and matching the pieces to make their bugs. What kind of cootie bug will your child build? hasbro gaming and all related terms are trademarks of hasbro.

Cootie GameHasbro-C0202-Cootie-Game

Brand :    hasbro
Model :    C0202
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Fun and easy to play
  • For 2 to 4 players
  • The mixing and matching bug-building game
  • Be the first to create a cootie bug
  • Includes 4 bodies, 4 heads, 24 legs, 4 eye pieces, 4 mouth pieces, 4 head accessories, die, label sheet, cootie bug parts chart, and instructions
Price :    $5.34 (was $6.94)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (hasbro product review) for Cootie Game available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

Classic Chutes Ladders Board Game

Just like i remember as a kid. I loved this game as a child and i love it even more playing it with my 5 year old. The game is easy to understand and great for my 5 year old.

Chutes and ladders is simple and easy to play, even for those who can't read. Going up the ladders and down the chutes, a child will learn (by the pictures) the rewards of good deeds and the consequences of naughty ones. Featuring the delightful artwork of the popular 1970's edition of the game, this classic edition of chutes & ladders will bring back fond memories and help create new ones! the first player to reach the number 100 space is the winner! not only great for kids who are learning to count, this game also encourages basic addition skills.

Classic Chutes Ladders Board GameClassic-Chutes-Ladders-Board-Game

Classic Chutes Ladders Board Game (1195) FAQ.

We love playing this game with our little ones! even our 2 year old enjoys it, with help of course! it is a perfectly simple game for those of you that don't know it. It will not stretch your brain by any imagination :) it is good fun though. -Notice from R. Barbara, Newham

Click to Show classic chutes ladders board game (1195) Details

Just like you'll remember as a kid, and the new generations will love it as much as we all did. Happy with the build quality.

Classic-chutes-ladders-board-game-(1195) set picture

- F. WadeI like the original game better than the newer, revised version. It is much less complicated for small children to understand where their game pieces move to.

This is the classic game we used to play in the 70's. It is a much better version than than the ones you can purchase at the toy store. This board is bigger with a much better spinner and the pictures on the board are the ones i remember from my childhood. My granddaughter loves this game.

T. Reed, Texas

Price :    $12.95 (was $14.99)
  • What we include: heavy-duty bi-fold game board, 4 game pieces, and over-sized spinner. detailed game rules and instructions included
  • Bring back memories: we feature the delightful artwork of the popular 1970's edition of the game
  • Fun without words: 'chutes and ladders' is simple and easy to play, with no reading required. be first to land on the 100 spot and win the game
  • Up the ladders and down the chutes: land on good deeds and climb ladders toward the winning spot. land on bad deeds and ride the chutes back down
  • Teaches basic skills: great for kids who are learning to count, this game encourages basic addition skills
Brand :    winning moves games
Size :    1 Pack
Weight :    1.60 pounds
Model :    1195
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Classic Chutes Ladders Board Game available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

hi ho cherry-o game exclusive Price : 14.99, was : 0 as 2017-12-29
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Hi Ho Cherry-o Game Exclusive (Hasbro) Reviewed by on wujus.com

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The F.A.Q. for hi ho cherry-o game exclusive

What a fun game. Purchased this for my great nephew because he said they played with this at school. He is 5 years old, and the game kept him content for a long time. I enjoyed playing with it myself. Excellent purchase for the little ones.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: How is this different from the original? it looks like this one has cherries, blueberries, apples and oranges. are there other differences?

(1) Question: Is this similar to

(2) Question: Where do you get replacement cherries?

(3) Question: What is the 9-piece puzzle for?

(4) Question: Would this be too easy for a kindergartener?

(5) Question: How many players can play?

(6) Question: Does this come with tweezers?

(7) Question: Is this game to simple for am advanced 4 1/2 year old? she currently enjoys candyland and chutes and ladders.

(note) Question: where/how to get Hasbro (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Hasbro's products

Board Games 110522661, Games 110022661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Hi Ho Cherry-o Game Exclusive (Hasbro) FAQ Content

Best hi ho cherry-o game exclusive (hasbro) in review

We love this game. I bought it for my 3 year old son and it is perfect for him. He really gets into spinning and counting the cherries into the basket. Great game!

B. Kathlene, Limousin

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A. Garner, Cumbria says

I purchased this for my three year old niece based on some fond memories of playing this game in kindergarten. It was delivered coincidently to my office the same day my niece came to visit me. We opened the box together and she seemed disinterested at first so i had to coax her in to playing. We started to play and she liked taking the cherries off the trees because she could count the cherries that she had to collect in the basket. She would also take the cherries off my tree when it was my turn. I had to get back to work so she played with several people in the office. Overall great fun. In terms of durability, the pieces are easy to lose and since my niece is only three she has a tendency to spill the cherries all over the place.

D. Watson, Vermont

My 3yo loves this game!

U. Kimberly, Nebraska says

Maybe my son has a higher tendency to stick things where they don't belong but i think this game requires a more mature age group. The box says the game is appropriate for ages three and up but i'd highly recommend adult supervision. The little cherries are small enough to go down and inside any orifices quickly. They are smaller than a marble but only slightly larger than a pea. Count the pieces before you put them up. My son wore one comfortably as an ear plug as he got in my blind spot peripheral vision and had i not picked it out, would have fit in two more. If they get in your kids orifices, depending on which one and your financial comfort with doctor's copays, you can suction them out. So if your kid stays interested in counting dangerously small objects, watch him like a hawk. Other than the potential for an emergency room visit, the game is fun. Even if your child doesn't understand instructions completely, he can still put the cherries in their colored buckets while counting them and anything that can keep his interest from a screen is a good thing. Counting and sorting are good skills that can be practised on in this game but i'd suggest not using all 44 of the cherries for less frustration on the kid and of course, easier clean up on mommy. Four players can play at a time. This makes a good game for a play date or a family game night.

R. Carmen, Kansas

The game itself is fine, however hasbro seems to have some serious qa problems as the game was missing a bucket. Everything else was there. Hopefully they can resolve this. The seller, was fine; however so the rating is reflective of my experience with them. I received the game in a timely manner and in a non-descript brown box 9which was great as this was for christmas). Very happy with the seller. I have contacted them to tell them about the defective product they received, so they can be alert for any future issues from hasbro.

C. Anonymous, Sandwell says

Classic, fun counting game for toddlers. You can usually purchase these classic milton bradley games for close to nothing during the holidays.

G. Imelda, Camden

I had this game as a child and loved it. It is still the same and now my 5 year old loves it! it is teaching her how to take turns and to lose graciously. It helps with her math skills too. Plus it is just plain fun to shout out hi ho cherry o! this game and hungry hippos are my favorite for 4-5 year olds.

O. Helen, Leicester says

This is a great game. My kids played it when they were little and now our grandchildren are playing it too. It helps with fine motor coordination as well as counting. I have given it as a gift to other families and it has always been a hit.

V. Newell, Bedfordshire

This is a good relief from candy land! there are a few ways to play the game. The neatest is to work together to remove the fruit before the bird puzzle is completed. I like the collaboration instead of pure competition but you can have that too of course. Holds a 4 year olds attention very well. They give you extra fruit incase you lose some. Nice counting game.

P. Shirley, District of Columbia says

This was one of my favorite games growing up and now it seems it's my daughters as well. 3

L. Powell, Dudley

It's great to have an option where the whole family can play together as a team. The kids love it and it is very nice that it comes with some extra cherries (let's be honest about what happens to tiny plastic pieces in a house with kids). I could see older kids becoming bored but for ours, almost 4 and almost 6, it goes over very well.

C. Harrison, Cornwall says

I've been looking for the older version for quite some time and all i could find on line or at retail was the new smaller one with only one basket. My grandkids didn't want to share a basket. We play this game all the time. I gave our old one to my 4th grandchild who lives out of state thinking i could replace it with ease. Was i wrong until i found it on online store. It was priced right, and had the four baskets, and was delivered lickitysplit. Thank you online store! everyone should check out online store before they buy elsewhere.

S. Kelly, Brent

My toddler will not play this because it is the same game as sneaky snack squirrel game. If he opened it first, then the roles would be reversed. It teaches how to wait your turn, spinning the arrow, counting/numbers. Chose this one or the sneaky squirrel game, just not both like i did.

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