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Price was $8.49. After my grandson falling over onto a hard block and getting hurt, i decided to order these until he gets better at balancing. He loves these soft blocks. They still stack to make "buildings" that he loves to knock down. I don't have to worry about him getting hurt on these blocks. Glad i purchased them.

-F. Bethany

Squeeze Stack Block This Colorful Set Is Full Of Play Possibilities. 8 Blocks Feature A Different Engaging Sight On Every Side. And, The Reusable Grab-and-go Tote Bag Is Perfect For Travel. -Infantino Squeeze Stack Block Set

  1. Spotlight: Bpa Free.
  2. Spotlight: Soft And Squeezable.

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So much fun! we have enjoyed playing, and stacking with these blocks. They are soft enough that we can play tossing games with. Perfect size for my daughter to pick up. Best squeeze stack block | Infantino-Baby Product Review as-of ( Oct 2021 ) Spotlight Infantino Squeeze and Stack Block Set 6 months plus. Bpa free. Soft and squeezable. Fun colors, numbers, animals and shapes. 6 months+ .

Infantino squeeze and stack block set Review (206 711)

These are very easy for my daughter (just turned one-we got these when she was 10 months) to pick up and a good texture for doubling as teething toys. Our favorite game with them is for me to try to stack them all up before she knocks the tower over-lots of laughs for both of us. They're also a great size for baby to put in and take out of larger containers. They're lightweight so they don't make a ton of noise when dropped or spilled. -I. Rhonda

Infantino Squeeze Stack Block Set

  • Order: Baby Product
  • Brand: Infantino
  • Color: Pastels
  • EAN: 0773554067118
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:2.50 inches
    Length:9.00 inches
    Weight:0.85 pounds
    Width:7.00 inches
  • Manufacturer: Infantino
  • Recommended Max-Age: 24
  • Suggested Min-Age: 6
  • Model: 206-711
  • MPN: 206-711
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 206-711
  • Sub-Type: Baby Product
  • Category: BABY PRODUCT
  • ReleaseDate: 2013-08-13
  • UPC: 885663932109

squeeze stack block Baby Product, This colorful set is full of play possibilities. 8 blocks feature a different engaging sight on every side. and, the reusable grab-and-go tote bag is perfect for travel. Infantino Squeeze Stack Block Set (206-711-Infantino).

Infantino Squeeze Stack Block Set Baby Product

squeeze stack blockInfantino Squeeze and Stack Block Set (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

The size of the blocks are great. They are perfect because no matter what they do with these, they can't get hurt. My child learned to stack with these blocks and continues to enjoy playing with them (got them at 8 months and is now 17 months). I agree that the pictures could be better though. I find the animals almost too round and not descriptive enough (the cow and the pig don't look that different to a baby).

Infantino Squeeze Stack Block Set
Click to see NoticeInfantino Squeeze Stack Block Set (206 711)"7 month old daughter loves to chew on these blocks and also knock them down after i stack them. The are brightly colored and i love the numbers and pictures on them. As my daughter becomes older, i am sure she will enjoy stacking them. I also love that they are easy to clean."

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

I bought a similar toy 12 years ago and looks amazing. I've just bought this once again because we lost one piece. Now, i have a four month baby girl and hope she can use it soon. The children really enjoy using it while they are learning and practicing their movements. I love to buy very useful toys. Most of them are fisher price.

Five colorful rings are fun for younger babies to grasp, hold, shake and explore. The littlest ring has a shiny, reflective surface for baby to discover inside with colorful, swirling beads that make fun rattle sounds! when baby is ready to sit and stack, baby can place rings on the post, then bat at the wobbly base to make it rock back and forth. Stacking helps baby develop eye-hand coordination, and introduces baby to the concept of relative size as they learn to sort and stack from biggest to smallest!

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-StackFisher-Price-71050-Brilliant-Basics-Rock-a-StackFor generations babies have delighted in this classic stacking toy. Consisting of five bright candy-colored rings in graduated sizes looped over an 8-inch-tall plastic post, the rock-a-stack helps babies develop coordination as they learn to stack the easy-to-grasp rings in the proper order. Little ones will have the time of their lives sorting, stacking, and tasting to see if the rings really taste as good as they look. Made of absolutely safe, washable soft plastic suitable for teething. -marianne painter

Fisher-price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-stack (Fisher Price) FAQ.

Another fisher-price product that hasn't changed much in 40+ (? ) years. It is bright, sturdy, well made. I've bought the rock-a-stack several times during the past 30 years and have never been disappointed with it. I think fisher-price makes kid safe and fun toys that last a long, long time! -Notice from E. Carol, Auvergne

Click to Show fisher-price brilliant basics rock-a-stack (fisher price) Details

Fast delivery. The rings are really good quality as i have used them for over 9 months now and became a have to go round with toy all the time. They have withstood chewing, throwing and at last can be stacked up properly.

Fisher-price-brilliant-basics-rock-a-stack-(fisher-price) set picture

- G. RebeccaAll 3 of my kids have loved this toy as babies. The rings are the perfect size for little toddler hands to grab and they enjoy stacking the rings on, taking them off and doing it over and over again. Great chance to teach colors and hand/eye coordination. A must have baby toy in my opinion. Durable and has lasted through all 3 kids no problem. Easy to clean as well.

This is a toy we bought to keep at our house for when our 14 mo old granddaughter comes to play. We practise counting and colors as she throws the circles and i retrieve them. Wait there is something wrong with this picture! i would love to just skip over the "throwing" stage! i am able to get her to retrieve them too, as we are "looking for them" to put away, so it all works out. Great durable toy. Just how i remember it from when i was raising my kids.

T. Brendon, Tennessee

Brand :    fisher-price
Size :    8 in L x 4 in W x 10 in H
Weight :    1.06 pounds
  • Introduces concepts of relative size & stacking
  • Five colorful rings to grasp & stack
  • Bat-at rocker base
  • Helps baby learn to differentiate among colors and sizes of rings
  • Top ring has shiny reflective surface inside with swirling, rattling beads
Price :    $4.34 (was $4.99)
Model :    71050
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fisher-price product review) for Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Fisher-Price Stack Explore Blocks

Five blocks for baby that stack up to a tower of fun, or nest one-in-one! each 5-sided block features bright colors, interesting textures, cute characters, numbers, and familiar first object? baby can stack them, nest them one-inside-another, or place them side-by-side to build a colorful scene!

Fisher-Price Stack Explore BlocksFisher-Price-Stack-and-Explore-Blocks

Brand :    fisher-price
Weight :    0.60 pounds
  • Numbers, colors, characters, objects and textures for baby to discover on each block
  • Five blocks to stack & nest from big to little
  • Encourages thinking & problem solving as baby figures out how to stack & nest
  • Easy to stack, giving baby a feeling of self-confidence
  • Stacking play helps baby develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination
Price :    $5.99
Model :    CDC52
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fisher-price product review) for Fisher-Price Stack Explore Blocks available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Infantino Sensory Pals Baby Toy

5 fun characters with lots of textures.

Infantino Sensory Pals Baby ToyInfantino-Sensory-Pals-Baby-Toy

Brand :    infantino
Color :    Sensory Pals
Weight :    0.45 pounds
Model :    206-689Z
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Infantino Sensory Pals Baby Toy available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $14.59
  • 5 easy-grasp animal pals
  • Bpa free
  • Helps develop baby's tactile senses
  • 3 months+

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

This ball is well made. My 4 month old son can easily grab this ball and pick it up and move it around. He figured out how to push the ball slightly and pull it back to him. . This is easily one of his favorite toys. He has 3 and this is one of them. He likes shaking it and laughs when it makes noise. I. . I really like the bumps on the ball because it is helping him with him learning to pick and grab objects. Plus, it is working on his hand and eye coordination.

The bright colors, bold patterns and easy-to-grasp bumps make the sassy bumpy ball a must-have. The high contrast colors of the ball allow baby to focus, strengthening vision. The gentle rattle sounds from the trapped beads create neural connections in baby s brains from birth through 3 years of age. Chunky sized bumps on the ball encourage reaching, grasping, and transferring from one hand to another, developing baby s motor skill. The differing materials engage baby s developing tactile sensitivity and teach baby about variety.

Sassy Developmental Bumpy BallSassy-80109-Developmental-Bumpy-Ball

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball (80109) FAQ.

This gramma can't wait to introduce her 2 month old granddaughter to this interactive "toy". Colors, patterns, and sounds are so enticing. And visually stimulating. Packaging was original and clean. Came quickly. Couldn't be more pleased. . The closest price revealed by pricblink (firefox) add-on was kmart $8. 99 plus shipping. . Http://www. Online store. Com/sassy-80109-developmental-bumpy-ball/dp/b004ahmcmi? ie utf8&psc 1&redirect true&ref oh aui detailpage o03 s00 -Notice from Z. Joanna, Merton

Click to Show sassy developmental bumpy ball (80109) Details

My 7 month old can't get enough of this toy! she loves to shake it, bite it, grab it, and even just stare at it. The little nobs on the ball are perfect for little hands to grip. It's soft, so i don't have to worry about her bumping her head on it. I leave it in her play yard with her since its so soft and there are no small parts she could choke on. I wish i had bought this sooner!

Sassy-developmental-bumpy-ball-(80109) set picture

- F. MeyerThis has been a total hit with our family's smallest member. At 8 months old she is fascinated with things that are easy to grasp, visually appealing, and chewable. We like the fact that there is nothing loose, small, sharp, etc. We have had a number of good sassy products over the years, and this toy is another nice product and kid pleaser. We are not seeing any of the "stuffing" issues that some earlier reviewers have mentioned, and we do check over everything very carefully. I will revise the review if we run into any issues.

This was a little bigger than i expected. It took baby a while to be able to grab the knobs and actually play with it. But now she's got the hang of it and she loves it!

S. Carmen, Tennessee

Price :    $4.49
  • Gentle rattle sounds create neural connections in babies brains from birth through 3 years
  • Multiple textures & materials engage baby's developing tactile sensitivity & teach baby about variety
  • Chunky sized bumps encourage reaching, grasping, and transferring from one hand to the other
  • Colors may vary
  • Bright colors & bold patterns are visually appropriate for baby's developing vision
Brand :    sassy
Color :    Blue
Size :    5.5 long x 7.5 wide x 8.9 high
Weight :    0..66 pounds
Model :    80109
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack Toy

The fisher-price rock-a-stack toy is classic, colorful fun for your little one! younger babies will love grasping, holding, shaking and exploring the five colorful rings. The littlest ring has a shiny, reflective surface for baby to discover inside with colorful, swirling beads that make fun rattle sounds! when they're ready to sit and stack, babies can place the rings on the post, then bat at the wobbly base to make it rock back and forth. Stacking helps them develop hand-eye coordination and introduces them to the concept of relative size as they learn to sort and stack from biggest to smallest!

Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack ToyFisher-Price-FGW58-Rock-a-Stack-Toy

Brand :    fisher-price
Weight :    0.53 pounds
Model :    FGW58
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fisher-price product review) for Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack Toy available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $6.06 (was $6.97)
  • Top ring has shiny surface with rattling beads inside
  • 5 colorful rings, perfect for grasping and stacking
  • Your baby's senses will be "dancing" too, with the variety of fun music, lights and textures
  • Introduces babies to relative size and stacking
  • Bat-at rocker base

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

Ten bright blocks are ready to introduce baby to shape-sorting fun! baby can drop blocks into the open bucket or through the shape-sorting lid! filling the bucket with blocks, dumping them out, and starting over is great for eye-hand coordination and other early skills. Then baby can move on to sorting and stacking, learning about identifying and matching shapes while having fun! all ten blocks fit inside the bucket, with a carry-handle for easy take-along.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First BlocksFisher-Price-Brilliant-Basics-Babys-Blocks

Price :    $5.81 (was $7.88)
  • 10 colorful blocks are easy to grasp, hold and store inside bucket
  • Carry handle for take-along fun
  • Shape-sorting lid and 5 different shapes help build early identification skills
  • Baby can sort and stack and learn to identify and match shapes
  • Interactive learning aid
Brand :    fisher-price
Color :    red
Size :    Toddler
Weight :    0.97 pounds
Model :    K7167
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Infantino Pastel Tub O' Toys

Splish splash, take a bath with nine easy-grasp animal pals.

Infantino Pastel Tub O' ToysInfantino-Pastel-Tub-O-Toys

Brand :    infantino
Color :    Pastel
Weight :    0.70 pounds
  • Bpa free
  • 0 months+
  • Great for tub time or anytime
  • 9 squeezable, teethable animal pals
Price :    $9.89
Model :    206-763
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Infantino Pastel Tub O' Toys available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Baby Einstein Explore Discover Soft Block Toys

The baby einstein explore and discover soft blocks are a 4-block set that are perfect for little hands to discover and explore. Each block has a different activity and real-life imagery. The shapes block features multi-textured fabric for tactile stimulation, the color block has a fun vibe and the names of colors are shown in english, spanish and french, the numbers block has a peek-a-boo sun mirror for fun self-discovery, and the animals block rattles and shows names of animals in english, spanish and french. Get ready for some stack and tumble discovery.

Baby Einstein Explore Discover Soft Block ToysBaby-Einstein-Explore-Discover-Block

Price :    $6.90 (was $11.69)
  • Numbers block has a peek-a-boo mirror for self-discovery
  • All blocks feature real-life imagery
  • Shapes block features multi-textured fabrics for tactile stimulation
  • Color block has fun vibe and the names of colors shown in english, spanish and french
  • Animal block features a chime ball for fun sounds
Brand :    baby einstein
Model :    90629
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Baby Einstein Explore Discover Soft Block Toys available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

The First Years Stacking Up Cups

Great toy for babies. Daughter has been playing with since she was 6 months old and at a year still gravitates toward them. Only hiccup i have is that they are a tight fit to stack (in making a tower) so that skill has been hard for baby. Other than that. She loves them and they are a easy go to as they are quiet (no rattles, noises, etc), they wash easy, and could even go in the tub as they drain. If you are stumped on a gift. This would be a good one for new baby houses.

Classic toys like nesting cups are all-time favorites because they offer all kinds of fun. Children love to fit them together, to stack them up to build a pyramid, to put things in then take them out, to turn them over and hide things underneath. Cups have large numbers embossed on the base so an older child can practice counting and begin building number recognition skills. Dishwasher-safe.

The First Years Stacking Up CupsFirst-Years-Stacking-Up-Cups

The First Years Stacking Up Cups (y2341f) FAQ.

My daughter loves to topple the stack over and over. Although it says 6+ months, my daughter is almost 16 months and has found new inventive ways to play with these and just enjoys them. Sometimes we also organize a tea party with her dollies and these cups. . They are very simple, inexpensive, and we take them everywhere. They fit easily in the diaper bag. She loves to bang them together and she also likes to hear how her voices change when she talks in the larger ones. . All of the cups are enumerated from 1 to 8 and depending on the number there are the different quantity of tiny holes on the bottom of each cup. . I was a bit disappointed in the overall size of these cups. The largest cup is 3. 5 inches in diameter and the smallest cup is 2 inches in diameter. For some reason, i thought they were bigger. -Notice from P. Tracey, Northumberland

Click to Show the first years stacking up cups (y2341f) Details

I am probably enjoying these more than my 5 month old son! given he's a little young to really play with them yet. We enjoy stacking them and eating them! they have holes in the bottom of the cups which will make them fun for bath time. Most of the holes are in shapes with the numbers of sides corresponding with the number on the cup - but not all (ex. The cup with the 4 on it would have 4 squares on it). And yes, i did stack cups on my sons head - it's a fun game. I think my record is 3 or 4 before he tips them off!

The-first-years-stacking-up-cups-(y2341f) set picture

- Z. SmithGreat for early education, even for a 9 month old. To my surprise, these were yet another inexpensive toy we could afford along with other purchases without breaking the bank. Simple fun without being too complicated for fast and easy learning. The cup sizes and material are made well enough even for our daughter to grab a hold of the largest with ease. Also, because they're lightweight and stackable, they can be put away very easily. Easy to clean and can't hide any dirt or grim in unwanted places. Smooth design allows cups to slide in and out without getting stuck. Each is numbered, and has a unique pattern imprinted on the bottom. Overall, very pleased with the quality and price.

Hubby and i bought these for our little one, and she absolutely loves these! they are great for developmental play, encouraging cause and effect, and for counting. There a little designs/holes in each cup to allow for water play as well. From what i can gather, these are bpa and phalatae free but do not take my word for it. We sanitized these in some odoban and washed them prior to letting our daughter play with it for safety.

F. Allen, Western Australia

Brand :    the first years
Color :    Multi
Size :    1 Set
Weight :    0.31 pounds
Model :    Y2341F
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for The First Years Stacking Up Cups available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
Price :    $7.29 (was $8.23)
  • Multiple ways to play!
  • Large numbers embossed on bottom of cups to practice counting & number recognition
  • 8 brightly colored cups stack together

infantino squeeze and stack block set Price : 8.49, was : 0 as 2017-06-05
United States
Great Britain
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The F.A.Q. for infantino squeeze and stack block set

These are great blocks easy to wipe of and my one year old nephew loves them. They came in a nice resealable bag, however there was more room for at least four more blocks so when you put them away there is a lot of empty space and the bag and kind of makes you feel like you should have gotten more blocks. Other then that a good deal for cute sturdy blocks.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Are they made in america

(1) Question: How many are there?

(2) Question: Are these made with pvc like so many of the other rubber like toys that are similar?

(3) Question: It says bpa free on this advertisement, but it doesn't say bpa free on the box/packaging anywhere. is it bpa free?

(4) Question: Do they make noises

(5) Question: What is size of each individual block?

(6) Question: How many comes in a package?

(7) Question: Do they float in tub?

(8) Question: Is this missing 0 and 9?

(note) Question: where/how to get Infantino (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Infantino's products

Play Vehicles 1105274423, Toy Remote Control & Play Vehicles 110805661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Infantino Squeeze Stack Block Set (206 711) FAQ Content

Best infantino squeeze stack block set (206 711) in review

Great little 2" blocks for your baby. . * no complaints and i'm actually impressed with the nice texture of the soft rubber and how well they are made. Great attention to detail and the texture is perfect for you baby! *

C. Courtney, South Gloucestershire

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  • Attributes: 24 Painting Pages, Each Featuring Kid-favorite Animals Like A Horse, Elephant, Cat, Dog, Dolphin, Bear, And Hippo.
  • Attributes: Simply Wet The Paintbrush, Use It To Blend A Patterned Area, And Watch The Colors Combine.
Sale Melissa Doug First Paint Coloring (Toys And Games) 9338 Melissa Doug First Paint Coloring

I. Donna, New Hampshire says

These are cute and fun. They do have holes in them so you will have to keep an eye out for mold. The bright colors attract baby to them and she loves to knock them down. I see other people complained about a small but ours were fine. The bag they come in is a joke though. Its like the net you buy a sack of onions in.

F. Allen, Georgia

Great toy, great quality, attractive colors and perfect for a teething baby!

U. Paige, North Dakota says

The price was a fraction of what babies r us wanted! i scanned the barcode with the online store app right there in the aisle and ordered these blocks immediately. They came right to my door in the time guaranteed and i couldn't be happier. My 6month old loves them already, but i'm not sure who has had more fun playing with them in the past 2 days, my daughter or my husband! blocks are such a basic baby toy that offer lots of developmental play opportunities, but were really hard to find - i'm so happy i stumbled across this product. The silicone is oh so perfect because it's sturdy but light enough for baby to handle, and also excellent for teething drooling babies because it won't hurt their face when they slam it into their mouth to teethe. Also they're really soft so if baby is learning to crawl and the block gets stuck under baby, it's no big deal and won't hurt the little one. The pictures and numbers on the blocks will come in handy at later stages, and the colors are bright but muted which i really like, the yellow is not a harsh yellow, it's more of a soft lemon meringue yellow (i'm not a fan of the loud basic primary colors; many consumers may not notice that type of thing but personally i really like the colors included). Also it comes in a reusable bag to store the blocks in when not in use which is great so they can stay clean and dust/lint free, since silicone is a magnet for lint and these blocks will likely be in baby's mouth a lot.

H. McCarthy, Oregon

Soft, squeezable blocks. I like these because i didn't have to worry about baby falling on them & getting hurt. I like the bright colors & textured pictures on each block. They do have a hole in them, so i wouldn't get them wet or they may get moldy inside.

O. Broyles, Nord-Pas-de-Calais says

My son loves these! not only is he learning to knock them down, but he loves to bite down on them which causes a cute squeak sound that sends my dogs in a frenzy. They have now become the ideal toys of the home. The edges are nice and rounded and non-pokey so my son can not only smash other toys with them, but the occasional doggy leg. Totally approve

H. Imelda, New South Wales

These are great! i got them for my 10-month-old, to teach him to stack blocks without the worry of anyone getting hurt if he decided to throw them. He is beginning to stack, but he lives to knock down the towers his daddy builds with them, and he enjoys chewing on them.

S. Judith, Kansas says

Awesome colors, soft rubber blocks that squeak and make my son happy. :)

D. Dorine, Georgia

I love these blocks. My son hasn't caught on to stacking yet. They do have an edge (smooth) that my son has used for teething. They are very easy to stack and have unique designs on each numbered cube. We will be using these for homeschooling once we get to that point. Each block is about 2" by 2" by 2" and light weight. They also squeak when squeezed (medium squeeze so they are not thin). We will be buying more as soon as little starts to stack and enjoy them more.

B. Bertie, Norfolk says

I got these for my 6 month old twins for christmas. They love them. My older kids stack them up and the babies like to knock the tower over. Sometimes i think my older kids like them more than the babies. We use them all over including the tub. Big hit around here. One note. The package is deceiving. It looks like you get 12 in the zipper bag. But, there are only 8 and a square cardboard insert the size of 4 blocks.

Y. Evelyn, City of Bristol

These cubes are cute and colorful. Material isn't super hard or soft. If ordering for a young baby this could be difficult to grasp but eventually they do become a favorite. They do arrive having a strong smell. I sprayed with vinger and water and wiped clean. It does have a small hole that makes squeaky noise and for that reason i did not submerged in soapy water (mold).

L. Marguerite, New York says

My daughter loves these

O. Arnett, Salford

We have so much fun with the blocks. I didn't think they would get played with much but we play with them almost everyday.

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