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Price was $33.19. Great game; i don't enjoy the art direction as much as i could have, dinged it a star for that. But: quick, reliable play through, easy to understand rules (you can play with ten year olds) but interesting even for strategic board game players.

-S. Mable

Isle skye board isle of skye, one of the most beautiful places in the world: soft sand  beaches, gently sloping hills, impressive  mountains: the landscape of isle of skye is breathtaking and -isle skye board game

  • Extra: 45 Minute Playing Time.
  • Extra: Great Strategy Game.

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This game is a wonderful addition to my game collection. If you are familiar with carcasonne, and castles of mad king ludwig, this game is like a wonderful blending of the two. . Like carcasonne, players build up a territory in front of themselves using square shaped tiles that can connect with each other based on how the edges match. Unlike carcasonne, each player has their own land area that they make use of, so you only have yourself to blame if a tile isn't placed optimally. Also unlike carcasonne, only the edge type (grass, mountains, water) matters when matching tile edges; roads, while useful if they are continued, do not have to line up. . Like castles of mad king ludwig, there is a bidding phase when the tiles are selected. Each player selects three tiles, places them in front of them selves, and then assigns values to the tiles. Unlike castles, all players are assigning values at the same time and each player must pick one of their three tiles to discard. After everyone has selected their tiles to keep (each of which must have at least one coin of worth) players can then take turns buying the tiles of the other players, at the prices chosen by them. If your tile is bought, you keep your coins, and gain the coins of the player that made the purchase. If a tile is not bought by another player, the coins assigned as the tile price gets put into the bank. . At this stage of the game, the players will then lay out the tiles that they bought (or were left in front of you after purchases were made) into their play area, making sure that all of the edges line up properly (water to water, mountain to mountain and grass field to grass field). Again, roads will not matter. . Points are then scored based on scoring tiles which were chosen for use at the start of the game. For example, whoever has the most lighthouses might score 5 points, while whoever has the second most might score 2 points. Which scoring tiles are used, during which rounds, is based on how many players are in the game and is indicated on the central game board. After the final round, extra points are scored based on various scoring icons located on the individual tiles, with a doubling modifier for those scoring icons that are located within a completed area (a completely enclosed grouping of mountains for example, that is three or more tiles large). . Overall, this is a wonderful new game, blending two of my favorite games into a nicely balanced, quickly paced with minimal "down time" (all players act at mostly the same time) game. If you are a fan of either castles of mad king ludwig or carcasonne, i would be completely surprised if you didn't absolutely love this game. The Best isle skye board as-of ( Jun 2020 ) | Flat River Group-Toys And Games Review Extra Isle of Skye Board Game For 2-5 players. 45 minute playing time. Great strategy game. High replay value .

Isle Of Skye Board Game Review (mfg3509)

Combining a tile-laying mechanic with a bid/sell system, isle of skye knocks it out of the park. Tons of tile options make each game different for tons of replayability! -H. Sarah

Isle Of Skye Board Game

  1. Class: Toy
  2. Brand: Mayfair Games
  3. EAN: 0751195343181
  4. Genre: Strategy
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    Height:2.70 inches
    Length:10.80 inches
    Weight:2.60 pounds
    Width:7.50 inches
  6. ItemPart/Serial Number: 3509
  7. Manufacturer: Flat River Group
  8. Recommended Max-Age: 180
  9. Suggested Min-Age: 96
  10. Model: MFG3509
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  13. Part/Serial Number: MFG3509
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isle skye board Toy, Isle of skye, one of the most beautiful places in the world: soft sand  beaches, gently sloping hills, impressive  mountains: the landscape of isle of skye is breathtaking and fascinates everyone.  in this tile-laying game 2 to 5 players are the chieftains of 5 famous clans. the players try to build their little kingdoms to score as many points as possible. but in each game only 4 of the 16 scoring cards will be scored. each game is different and leads to different tactics and strategies.  to have enough money is useful in all games: in each turn the players can buy a tile from another player. the seller determines the price,  but to do it wisely is the most interesting part of this game: a high price will lead to wealth, if someone buys this tile, but if there's no buyer, the seller will lose the money spend on this tile.  and in the end the player with the best kingdom will become the sovereign of the island, not the richest player!  isle of skye is a gateway game for the whole family. with a playing time around 45 minutes, a huge variability and easy rules it's a perfect game for all players. the awesome illustrations by klemens franz brings all the atmosphere of the scottish island on your table. Isle Skye Board Game (MFG3509-Mayfair Games).

Isle Of Skye Board Game Toy

isle skye boardIsle of Skye Board Game (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Love this game. It's complicated enough to make it interesting, but easy to understand. My entire family (kids ages:17, 18 and 22) enjoy the game.

Isle Skye Board Game
Click to see NoticeIsle Skye Board Game (Mayfair Games)"This game has indefinitely replaced carcassonne in our house. It s so well made and each game feels very different than the game before it. Players bid on different land tiles to create their own little scottish isle, all the while trying to meet win conditions that change from game to game. Isle of skye is very easy to teach and play; i have taught and finished a whole game to several new players in only an hour. Normal games may only last a half hour which means this game gets played quite a lot in between other larger or longer games. I highly recommend this one for all gamer types, it has a lot of replay value and there s definitely room to grow your strategies based on what type of victory conditions come up."

Castles of Mad King Ludwig

In the tile-laying game castles of mad king ludwig, players are tasked with building an amazing, extravagant castle for king ludwig ii of bavaria. One room at a time. You see, the king loves castles, having built neuschwanstein (the castle that inspired the disney theme park castles) and others, but now he's commissioned you to build the biggest, best castle ever - subject, of course, to his ever-changing whims. Each player acts as a building contractor who is adding rooms to the castle he's building while also selling his services to other players.

Castles of Mad King LudwigCastles-of-Mad-King-Ludwig

Brand :    bezier games
Weight :    2.67 pounds
Model :    CASTBEZ
Quantity :    1
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  • Players build their own castle, room by room according to the wishes of the mad king
  • 1-4 players, ages 13 and up
  • At the end of the game, castles tell a story and look like a floorplan from above
  • 12 different sized and shaped rooms, including dungeons, throne rooms, and more
  • Buy room tiles from other players, and price your own tiles to gain cash
Price :    $37.00 (was $38.49)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (bezier games product review) for Castles of Mad King Ludwig available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Grand Austria Hotel Board Game

At the beginning of the 20th century, vienna was one of the major centers of europe. Artists, politicians, nobles, citizens, and tourists populated the streets of the city, and the emperor ruled them all.  you are in the thick of the viennese modern age, trying your luck as a hotelier. For that, you must expand your little hotel and prepare new rooms. In the meantime, your guests require culinary excellence. Make sure each and every guest receives a proper dish and drink. You may need to hire additional staff.  despite all that, do not forget to render homage to the emperor, or you will fall into disgrace pretty soon. Face the challenge and turn your little hostel into the grand austria hotel! .

Grand Austria Hotel Board GameGrand-Austria-Hotel-Board-Game

Brand :    mayfair games
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    MFG3511
Quantity :    1
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  • For 2-4 players
  • Great strategy game
  • 45-60 minute playing time
Price :    $48.04 (was $52.20)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (mayfair games product review) for Grand Austria Hotel Board Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Ravensburger 81243 The Castles Of Burgundy

In castles of burgundy, players take on the roles of princess (or princesses, i suppose) in the burgundy region of france, competing to build up their estates. Players accomplish this by developing the land around it - building farms, cities, purchasing trading ships, and the like from the market board and placing them on their player boards. Players acquire victory points as they build their estate, and ultimately the player with the most victory points wins the game. . Most of the game's items are represented through square and hexagonal tokens, which will be placed on the player board around your central castle. The mechanism through which players acquire buildings, build them, trade goods, and do other similar actions is through dice rolls. There are six depots, one for each side of the die, and players trade in a die of the corresponding number to add a tile to their building queue. Once there, the player can trade in another die to place the building in a hex with the corresponding number, as long as it is touching a previously built structure. The buildings all grant some kind of bonus, so the possibilities are endless. Dice also allow you to trade in goods, and if you have a die that you literally can't do anything with, you can still trade it in for workers, tokens that allow you to manipulate dice rolls. That way, even though dice are random, you can mitigate the randomness. . The components are of "pretty good" quality. The tokens are all thick cardboard punchouts and they don't seem flimsy at all. I wish that the player boards were a little thicker, but that would drive up the cost of the game. See, at $30, this is a steal. More on that later. . The artwork is a little bland. The theme on this game works, but it does feel secondary to the mechanics of the game. It is definitely less pasted-on than other euros, but the symbols strewn about the market board and player boards (while helpful) do break up the theme. . My big complaint - there are 18 different kinds of tokens in this game, yet the plastic insert included in the box has five spaces. Either get everything in baggies or buy a plano box. A plano will fit inside of the box. . Otherwise, i recommend this game. It's "thinky", it requires attention to strategy and detail, and while player interaction is limited, it is there in the form of resource denial. This is a fun and deep game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. For what's in the box, and the depth of strategy that you have while playing this, the game is a steal at $30. There are lighter games that give you less that cost more. You can't go wrong here.

The castles of burgundy is a detailed strategy game set in the loire valley of france during medieval times. Players assume the role of princes trying to build the greatest estates in the land by becoming more prosperous than their competitors. Over the course of five rounds, players collect points by trading, livestock farming, city building and scientific research. They must buy and sell goods or labor and use action tiles for building, shipping, mining, livestock and knowledge across two game boards. The game is designed for 2-4 board gamers ages 12 and up. A detailed strategy game for dedicated gamers set in medieval france. 15th century princes devote time and effort to strategically trading and building their prosperity and their estates. Immersive game of fame and fortune set in 15th century france designed for players who relish strategy games composed with intricate details, colorful artwork and quality construction, the castles of burgundy challenges players with strategic options to acquire the victory points they need to win the game. Players work between the main game board and their own personal game board to acquire the possesions, points, wealth and knowledge they need to earn victory points. The quest begins from the moment the game starts until it ends, keeping everyone fully engaged and thinking of creative ways to buy, trade or sell as a means of amassing their fortune. Advanced game play rules are included. A complex strategy game that challenges players to think ahead and plan big a game of both subtle and overt strategy, wit and patience, the castles of burgundy sparks the imagination with its various animals, land, building and ship tiles, as well as the give and take between the two game boards. Intricate play details promote cause and effect, attention to detail, mathematical calculations and patience. Since the game is played over five rounds, players must develop a strategy and keep the game's objectives clear in their minds over a lengthy time period. Players compete against one another, but also against themselves, as they test strategies that could help them amass their assets more quickly than their opponents. Players manage assets and sharpen their business skills the castles of burgundy is for players who prefer games of strategy to those of luck. This is a game with historical perspective with the inspiring theme of france during medieval times. Players must be alert and ready to think clearly across two game boards, intricate details and multiple areas at once. What's in the box? 164 six-sided tiles, 42 goods tiles, 20 silverlings (game's currency), 30 worker tiles, 12 bonus tiles, 4 victory tiles, 8 playing pieces, 9 dice, 1 game board, 6 player boards, 1 set of instructions br clear "all" br clear "all"

Ravensburger 81243 The Castles Of BurgundyRavensburger-81243-Castles-Burgundy

Ravensburger 81243 Castles Of Burgundy (Toys And Games) FAQ.

Castles of burgundy is the euro-game picture in the dictionary. The theme and art won't be the reason you'll love it, but if you like any kind of strategy, once you play you'll be hooked. You will get a lot of points; everything you do will give you points or get you on the way to getting points. You'll be rolling dice to allow you to perform actions; placing tiles, shipping goods, and jockeying with all the other players for the best options on the shared board. Castles of burgundy is a great example of how fantastic game mechanics can trump art style, no matter how boring the art is. . Positives. . In castles of burgundy, even if your dice roll is not what you were hoping for, you will always have something to build, gain, or otherwise improve your score. There are options all over the board, and many of the options will allow you to "chain" moves together. It's a lot of fun to figure out a play that creates three or four further moves, or to land that perfect tile, ready to rack up the points in the next round. . At first glance of the board, burgundy seems to have an overwhelming amount of choices available each turn, but the dice roll restricts the amount of plays that can be made and streamlines each turn. After games of catan, agricola, or dominion, where you always need resources to purchase what you need, it's refreshing to have the only requirement be to roll a certain number. You won't get the feeling that you're "never going to roll that five i need" like it often happens in catan, since you can adjust the roll as you need to, and you're only rolling for a 1 through 6. . There are a lot of interesting strategies to use; some players will take a route that gets a lot of up front points, whereas another might build a strategy that is rewarding more at the end of the game. Often in our games someone will be up by thirty or forty points, until a late push by someone else would close the gap right at the end. This is not a game where you will struggle for points; just about everything you do will create something. The trick is finding the moves that don't just get you some points, but get you a lot of points. . Negatives. . The game boards are small, and the tiles smaller and sometimes hard to read. The artwork is drab, though serviceable, and doesn't really tie to what some of the tiles do. The looks alone are probably a reason that those on the fence won't give it a chance. Once you get all the pieces out, the tiles don't easily shuffle without flipping over to the wrong side, and it takes some time to get all the pieces set on the board. . Some of the "knowledge" tiles makes sense based on the icon graphics, but many do not. You'll play your first several games with the instruction book handy to look up what each of the tiles do. With four players, it can drag on a bit, especially with new players. We played a four player game with two new players and it took over 2 1/2 hours. . Final thoughts. . There are a lot of different ways to score points in castles of burgundy. However, sometimes it feels like the scores are tethered together and that everyone will land at about the same final score if they are the same skill level. Everyone will be picking up just about the same bonuses, albeit at different points of the game. In these games, sometimes a random knowledge tile picked up in the middle of the game can sometimes swing the balance. Many times, all players will have wildly different scores throughout the game, when right near the end they'll somehow end up with similar scores. An experienced player will nearly always beat a newbie, but it's generally always close when two players of similar skill level square off. . Once you get a few rounds in you'll start to appreciate the gameplay design. Everything does give you points, but there is definitely a strategy in figuring out the most efficient way to get points, or what type of points to go for at which stage of the game, keeping everyone else's gameboard in mind to deny them the tiles they are looking for. This elegant design is what makes castles of burgundy currently one of our favorite mid-weight games. . Note: full review of this game, including gameplay descriptions, bad puns, and a lot more pictures available at playbegins. Com -Notice from N. Juliana, Thurrock

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Biggest mistake of this month: buying this game 2 weeks before the midterm! i am so addicted to this game that before i go to bed and after i wake up, i'm constantly asking/bugging my bf to play this game with me! he seems to like it that i'm asking him to play board games with him all the time but he gets annoyed because i ask him 3 times/day! this game is so addicting. At first, i didn't open this game for about a week b/c i am the type of person who takes long time to figure out how the game works and at the same time i don't like watching youtube review videos to learn. So i always try to figure out the game play through the instruction book and sometimes these instruction books suck so bad that they force me to have to google some game play videos but! i was so surprised that despite many people saying the learning how to play cob will take some time, the instruction book was very short! only 5 pages i think. So it was pretty easy to follow the book and set up and play. It took less than 15min for my bf and i to get used to the game once we started (it took 30 min to understand the game play solely relying on the book). Since there are lots of reviews on here that explain basic game play i'll just keep going on about how fun this game is! i usually get sick of board games pretty fast so my bf doesn't like to buy new ones very often (i played pandemic only like twice, risk twice(i like risk btw), whitechapel few times(i still like this game so i want to play a lot but it's so long), hanabi, coup, betrayal at house on the hill only once. But cob is the game i've played the most out of all the games i own. The content itself i'm not sure it built for re-playability but i sure get lots of play out of it b/c of so many diff strategies! you can either buy farm animals, build building(there are diff kinds), sell goods, or hire workers to win so many diff strategies love this game. I just played this morning and i think i'm gonna have to play another one tonight!

Ravensburger-81243-castles-of-burgundy-(toys-and-games) set picture

- M. CandyA brief overview of what one gets with this game:. . - cheap cardboard components with glossy thin player mats. - barfy-looking artwork. - a theme so thin it is starving. - two colored six-sided dice are the central component of the game, and they are used to determine your possible actions on your turn. - point salad so severe it is a virtual point salad bar. - fiddly to set up and difficult to put away. . . So did i accidentally give it five stars? no. The castles of burgundy is among my favorite games of all time. I am always willing to play this game. It does not satisfy on any of my more predictable measures of a board game i love, but it succeeds in what a game is ultimately all about - gameplay. Everything in the way this game flows is so perfectly honed that i forgive it for not having much of a theme, for having "goods tiles" that are not even described in any other detail other than the dice number you have to roll in order to sell them, hell, for being centered on dice rolls. . The game is light on strategy but as a tactical game, it is the best i have ever played. For how under-produced the production is, there is always a myriad of decisions that can be made on every single turn. You have fifty decisions to make total in the game, with two dice rolls every single round, with five rounds in every phase (phases not named thematically, but named a, b, c, d, e) - and the goal is to optimize those decisions in such a way that fills your manor with tiles that do have names for theme purpose, but they really amount to nothing more than scoring points here and there. You can use a dice to take tiles offered on the main board that matches the dice number you rolled. You can use a dice to play tiles corresponding to a dice number on your player mat. You can use a dice to sell goods. And you can use a dice to generate two workers (which can modify the number of any dice). Also if you have some silverlings (the scarce money in this game) you can buy from a market in the center of the board. . And that is about it. But it is so fun. Really, really fun. And with how many possible things each tile can do once added to your manor, the way the game comes together, and the paths to victory, can be near-unlimited. All of the different types of tiles can do so many different things, but it never feels overwhelming to learn what they all do, or paralyzing to find the perfect use for them. There is not a linear order that you have to take your actions every turn. The rules are tight, but they are not restricting. . This is a game that has everything i hate in a game, yet totally makes up for it, all of it, with its gameplay design and brilliance. It is a title every tabletop fiend should own, even if they don't usually like euro games. A point salad with all the fixings.

I bought this game for my husband for his birthday last november. We love to play strategy games (catan, carcassonne, 7 wonders, agricola, puerto rico, etc. ), and after reading reviews about castles of burgundy, decided to give it a try. Well, as with all strategy games, it took a while to read through all the rules and learn how to play the game, but once we got the hang of it, we really liked the game! the two of us played it several times together, and games took us about 50 minutes to an hour to play. We liked it so much that we thought it would be a fun game to play with family at christmas. Well, with 4 people, it took much longer! i mean, duh, of course it would take longer with double the people (two of which were learning it for the first time). If you're not a game enthusiast, this game could certainly be a little overwhelming, and that's how the 2 family members that played with us felt. Not only did it take 30 minutes to set up/explain the game, but then it took almost 2 1/2 hours to play the game! now, i don't mind long games, if they're meant to take that long. But when you have people who deliberate over every option and take 5 minutes per turn, it can seem agonizing. . Each player essentially has 25 turns in the game, so if you are playing with 4 people, that's 100 turns in the game. If each person only takes 1 minute per turn, that's an hour and 40 minutes. If each person takes 2 minutes per turn. You do the math! if you're into strategy games, then playing a long game is no problem! however, if you're not that crazy about the prospect of a 2 or 3 hour game, maybe this isn't for you. Of course, the more you play it, the faster you get. . Overall, we really like the game, and it is fairly fast with only 2 players. It's one that will certainly keep it's place in our game repertoire!

G. Nancy, Virginia

Price :    $27.12
  • Game idea, over the course of phases of play, players collect the game-deciding victory points via trading, livestock farming, city building or scientific research, the player with the most victory points in the end is the winner
  • Instructions included
  • 2-4 players
  • Game components, 164 six-sided tiles, 42 goods tiles, 20 inches silverlings inches 30 worker tiles, 12 bonus tiles, victory point tiles, playing pieces, dice, game board, player boards
  • Playing time 30-90 minutes
Brand :    ravensburger
Color :    Multi
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    81243
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (ravensburger product review) for Ravensburger 81243 The Castles Of Burgundy available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

HABA Karuba - An Addictive Tile Laying Puzzle Game Whole Family Made in Germany

What a great family game. Fun, thematic, easy to learn and teach. My wife and two sons (ages five and nine) love playing this game.

Finally! after a long boat trip, the treasure hunters have reached the island of karuba and can go on the hunt for hidden treasures. Who will lead their expedition team along the smartest route through the jungle trails, pay attention to the other players and keep an eye out for gold and crystals along the way? the most important thing is to start running in time! hurry up and be the first to reach the temples to collect the most valuable treasures. But be careful! many paths have dead ends- so you need to be patient and attentive in order to discover the best way through the jungle. The expedition team with the most valuable treasures wins the game. An addictive tile-based puzzle game for 2-4 treasure hunters ages 8-99. Game length: approx 40 minutes. Designed and written by rudiger dorn and illustrated by claus stephan. Karuba was nominated for a 2016 spiel des jahres award.

HABA Karuba - An Addictive Tile Laying Puzzle Game Whole Family Made in GermanyHABA-Karuba-Addictive-Laying-Germany

Haba Karuba - Addictive Tile Laying Puzzle Game Whole Family Made In Germany (HAB300932) FAQ.

Very easy to learn and explain to others. Even the "non player" in the family likes it, since there is no boring waiting. Everybody plays all the time at the same time. Perfect! it gets really fun after a couple of rounds. A round ( one game) takes us only 15 min tops. Great at any skill level, brings everybody together. Great job haba! glad to have your games back on the table (we grew out of the kids games years ago) -Notice from L. Gladys, Nevada

Click to Show haba karuba - addictive tile laying puzzle game whole family made in germany (hab300932) Details

Karuba is a unique and creative tile based game that is different each time and does not get old. Takes about 35- 45 minutes to play. I have played with adults who love it and wanted to play again. I have played with my kids many times (ages 10, 8, & 8) and they love it. The components are very well made, bags are included for the game pieces. I was and still am impressed. I just wish more than 4 could play. I suppose you could buy 2 and then 8 people could conceivably play. Though today's price is more than what i purchased it for - it is still worth it. A great game to have in your collection.

Haba-karuba---addictive-tile-laying-puzzle-game-whole-family-made-in-germany-(hab300932) set picture

- B. PamelaReally fun, quick and neat little package game. Easy to learn, but can have a depth not quite realized, especially when you find yourself blocked off from one of your temples, because you lost sight of all your objectives lol. Kids and adults will really enjoy this fun game. . One of the best parts of playing this game is whether you play with 2, 3 or 4 players the game takes abouth the same time to play. Your first game(s) from box open to close might take you 40-45 mins to play as you will be learning/ teaching the rules but once everyone gets the rules you can easily set up, take down and get two games during and hour lunch break. Yeah i play a lot games on my lunch break at work. :)

Karuba is great for when you don't have enough time or energy for a long gaming session of pandemic or catan, but still want to have some game time with family or friends. Our 10-year-old was able to understand the game pretty easily (but got a little frustrated at the level of planning), and our 13-year-old gamer daughter loves this game. You can adjust the difficulty to some degree by where you put the starting pieces, but a lot of the game is about luck of the draw and waiting for that "right" piece. Definitely a keeper!

Y. Evelyn, Somerset

Price :    $25.99
  • Contents: 4 islands, 64 crystals, 12 gold nuggets, 16 temple treasures, 16 adventurers, 16 temples, 144 jungle tiles and 1 set of game instructions. made in germany.
  • Designed and written by rudiger dorn and illustrated by claus stephan. karuba has won a "major fun" award and was nominated for germany's prestigious 2016 spiel des jahres award
  • An addictive tile-based puzzle game for 2-4 treasure hunters ages 8-99. game length: about 40 minutes. simple to learn, while giving the player plenty of important decisions to make along the way.
  • Premise: a team of adventurers gets dropped off on the beach of a mysterious island and set off through the jungle to hunt for treasure, their ultimate goal being to ransack ancient temples.
  • Lay your tiles on a grid to form paths in a fast-paced strategy game, racing against other players to snag the loot first. the faster you are, the more points you earn. every game plays differently!
Brand :    haba
Weight :    2.78 pounds
Model :    HAB300932
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (haba product review) for HABA Karuba - An Addictive Tile Laying Puzzle Game Whole Family Made in Germany available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Cacao Board Game

Cacao immerses the players in the exotic world of the "fruit of the gods. " as the chief of your tribe, you must lead your people to prosperity and glory through the cultivation and trade of cacao. Those who skillfully place their workers and wisely use the mighty power of the gods will be richly rewarded.

Cacao Board GameZ-Man-Games-ZMG-71580-Cacao

Brand :    z-man games
Weight :    0.5.86 pounds
Model :    ZMG 71580
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (z-man games product review) for Cacao Board Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $27.99 (was $29.50)
  • 45 minute playing time
  • Great family game
  • 2-4 players

Patchwork Board Game

This is quite a fun two player game. The game length depends heavily on how long players spend analyzing their turn. We've found it takes us roughly 20 minutes or so. . Do note that the game is only for two players. It's printed rather largely on the box cover, but i just wanted to reiterate in case it were overlooked. . The artwork on the game pieces has a cute feel to it and was actually the reason i chose to buy the game (my wife loves sewing crafts). While it certainly doesn't hurt gameplay, one improvement i'd make is to include real plastic buttons rather than cardboard ones. If someone felt so inclined, this could be an easy upgrade you could add to the game yourself without much cost. Some people, like my grandma, have jars full of buttons laying around! . . The rules of the game are short and rather simple. At the start of the game you feel as if the game might be too trivial and might not have enough strategy incorporated. However, it wont be long until you realize that's far from the case. For being such a simple game concept with a small rulebook, it is packed full of strategy. There's the obvious layout concern for your card, but then there are additional considerations such as managing your button income, defensively choosing a piece or advancing beyond a piece so your opponent can't get their ideal piece, not progressing too quickly around the board, but also not going so slow that you're strapped for funds. . There's a bonus scoring of filling a certain sized region of your board, however we usually are unable to achieve this without making sacrifices or just getting lucky. One possible twist you can add to the game is to come up with your own regions/shapes to achieve points. Kind of like how bingo can be an x, a square, etc. You could make any type of regions/bonus points you want. . The simple concept of the game would make it a good gateway game. But it would really need a 4 player variant for that to work for us. I'd love to see a 4 player expansion put out for this game where you got a couple quilt boards and it doubled-up the patches and buttons (these would need to have an indicator on them so you could remove them for a 2 player game again). . We enjoy this game quite a bit, but i don't think i'd consider it in our main rotation. But it's very close. The game is well balanced and has good strategy involved. It just doesn't have enough dynamics to it to make it something you play on high rotation. That said, i'm glad we bought it and i'd still buy it again. If they ever do come out with that 4 player expansion i'm sure we'll pick it up.

Patchwork is a form of needlework that involves sewing together pieces of fabric into a larger design. In the past, it was a way to make use of leftover pieces of cloth to create clothing and quilts. Today, patchwork is a form of art, in which the designers use precious fabrics to create beautiful textiles. The use of uneven pieces of fabric in particular can result in real masterpieces and is therefore being practiced by a large number of textile artists. To create a beautiful quilt, however, requires effort and time, but the available patches just do not want to fit together. So choose your patches carefully and keep a healthy supply of buttons to not only finish your quilt, but to make it better and more beautiful than your opponent s.

Patchwork Board GameMayfair-Games-MFG3505-Patchwork-Board

Patchwork Board Game (Mayfair Games) FAQ.

Patchwork seems like a simple concept, but you do have to make a lot of meaningful decisions as you play. The components of the game are great, and the theme is incorporated nicely into the game play. Those "tetris" like quilt pieces have to be fitted onto your quilt square all while trying to get the most coverage you can. Also, the pieces with buttons on them score you extra buttons to buy more pieces with. However, when purchasing pieces to go on your quilt square, you have a "time" price and button price. This can cause you to go further up on the board, and the person who is at the back gets to go next each time. Deceptively strategic for such a simple looking game! -Notice from S. Shayna, Gateshead

Click to Show patchwork board game (mayfair games) Details

Designer uwe rosenberg delivery another excellent game in patchwork. Don't let the quilting theme fool you; the gameplay appeals equally to people who couldn't care less about stitchwork. And while the theme isn't integral to the gameplay, it is fun to see a unique theme in the world of board gaming. Patchwork is a strictly two-player game wherein players choose pieces to fill in their boards, collecting bonus points buttons along the way. It is fairly strategic, but not a brain-burner like many other abstracts. It's not like chess where you'll need to think several turns ahead and for several minutes before each move. Rather, it plays at a good pace, with little downtime. Despite being a two-player game, patchwork is rather non-confrontational. Even when you're losing in the game, you rarely feel as though the other player is picking on you. Usually you'll have your eye on obtaining a few key pieces that you need to finish your quilt and nab a better score. I highly recommend patchwork. It's easy to learn an very accessible to experienced and new gamers alike.

Patchwork-board-game-(mayfair-games) set picture

- Z. ClaraThis is an excellent two-player game with replay value. People tend to love this game a lot and want to play it again. . It has a "sewing" theme to it. You are trying to fill up your board with the various puzzle pieces (think tetris), each having buttons on them (which equal points/money) that you collect at various points on a time track. The thing of the game is that pieces you might want might cost you more spaces on the time track thus limiting your time further to completely cover your board. At the end of the game you charged buttons for the open spaces left on your board. . If you are seeking a good two-player game to play with non-gamer/gamer friends alike then this will fit nicely.

Fantastic game! my girlfriend and i have been playing this a few times per week. While the theme is a patchwork quilt, don't let that deter you. It provides a nice whimsical theme as a backdrop to fantastic mechanics! the gameplay revolves around an economy and time management as it relates to the purchase of tetris style pieces that you place on your personal board. Each piece you buy costs both currency, in the form of buttons, and time in the form the piece that you are placing. Players are forced to strategize against each other as they pick and choose their pieces. Each player can only choose one of the next three pieces, so you must decide if and what to allow the other player to purchase. As the game progresses, you must ramp up your button currency economy while placing as many pieces as you can. When the game concludes, your score is calculated by both the missing squares on your board and your current supply of buttons. I highly recommend this game to couples, as it was designed for two players. Otherwise, i'd say anyone who enjoys spacial reasoning and tetris!

R. Marguerite, District of Columbia

Brand :    mayfair games
Weight :    1.24 pounds
Model :    MFG3505
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (mayfair games product review) for Patchwork Board Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $18.59
  • 15 minute playing time
  • Abstract, strategy game
  • Number of players: 2

Imhotep Builder of Egypt Board Game

This was a gift to my 11 yr old grandson. He has a lot of experience playing these type board games. The whole family loved it.

Imhotep. The legendary architect of the egyptian monuments. His awe-inspiring structures and brutal tactics earned him divine status among ancient egyptians. Can you match his ruthless determination to build the most revered monuments? to do this, you will need to transport stone blocks on ships from your quarry to different construction sites. But you alone do not choose where the ships go. Your opponents have monumental plans of their own and want to prevent your success. A fierce competition for the precious stone resources plays out. Only with the right strategy and a little luck can you succeed. In imhotep, the players take on the roles of ancient egyptian architects. Over six rounds, they try to transport their stone blocks to end up in the most valuable positions at five construction sites: pyramid, obelisk, chamber tomb, temple, and market. But a player can only choose one of three actions in a turn: excavate a new stone block from the quarry, load a block onto a ship, or move a ship to a construction site. From there, the massive stone blocks must be unloaded in order from bow to stern and placed on the sites in preset sequences. Depending on where the blocks end up, players earn different point values either immediately or at the end of the game. In each turn, you must weigh your options for getting your own stones into place and thwarting your opponents' placement plans. You must get your blocks to the right places, in the right order, at the right time to be the greatest architect.

Imhotep Builder of Egypt Board GameImhotep-Builder-Egypt-Board-Game

Imhotep Builder Of Egypt Board Game (Thames Kosmos) FAQ.

This is a great game, really easy to learn. Resource gathering, strategic moves, sometimes helping yourself, sometimes trying to derail the other players. So far we've only played with 2 players, but i imagine it'll be a lot of fun with 4 as well. . Just one thing, there was an additional item in the box. Fortunately, he's really cute so i'll keep him ; ) just kidding - my cat wanted to be part of the gang and feel like he was playing too. But he lacks opposable thumbs so he plays in boxes haha -Notice from P. Morgan, Iowa

Click to Show imhotep builder of egypt board game (thames kosmos) Details

Great game. Once you get used to rules it is a fun game. My 14 year old son likes it a lot

Imhotep-builder-of-egypt-board-game-(thames-kosmos) set picture

- Z. AnonymousGood game. I give it this rating after 1 play. I could see the rating going up after future plays. This is a different style game with, what i would think would be, new game mechanics for most.

Surprising amount of strategy to this game. Very easy to learn, but a lot of depth as you play more and more. It was a blast playing with 3 people, can't wait to try it with more!

I. Mahood, Rheinland-Pfalz

Brand :    thames & kosmos
Weight :    3.50 pounds
Model :    692384
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (thames & kosmos product review) for Imhotep Builder of Egypt Board Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $18.99 (was $28.67)
  • Recommended for ages 10+
  • A strategy game for 2-4 players
  • By phil walker-harding, designer of sushi go, small world, archaeology the card game and cacao
  • 2016 spiel des jahres nominee
  • 40 minute estimated play time


Codenames is a social word game with a simple premise and challenging game play. Two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents. Their teammates know the agents only by their codenames. The teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first. Spymasters give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the table. Their teammates try to guess words of their color while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team. And everyone wants to avoid the assassin. The game works very well with 4 players if you prefer to guess without help. Or you can add more players if you prefer lively discussion. There is also a cooperative variant where a single team tries to achieve the highest score they can by playing against the game itself.


Brand :    czech games
Color :    na
Weight :    1.25 pounds
  • For 2-8+ players
  • 15 minute playing time
  • Ages 14 and up
Price :    $11.01 (was $15.43)
Model :    00031CGE
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (czech games product review) for Codenames available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Broom Service - Strategy Game

Running out of potions? then it's time for broom service! wild witches zoom on their brooms, covering miles with their vials throughout the magical realm. They search and scour the land to gather roots, herbs and fruit to brew your concoctions, and drizelda will help charm away the cloudy weather. Play the right card, at the precise moment, and woosh to the win! score the most victory points by delivering potions via broom service throughout the magical realm. Broom service is a card-based game that combines luck, skill and balances timely bluffing with clever hand management. Remake of the award-winning witch's brew: new theme! now with 3 types of roles: witches, druids, and gatherers. Drizzelda, the weather fairy, helps chase away the bad weather. New illustrations and game pieces. Same style of play, and by the same game designer as witch's brew. Now also includes a 2-player version. The game is played over 7 rounds, with 4 turns per round. Each round, players simultaneously select 4 of their 10 role cards, and then take turns playing one role at a time. Each role has a brave action and a cowardly action; the brave action is stronger, but riskier, as another player could steal the action from you later; the cowardly action is safer, but not as robust. How well can you bluff your opponents? use the gatherer roles to collect ingredients to make potions, the witch roles to zoom around on your broom to different areas, and the witch or druid roles to deliver the potions - collecting victory points as you go. Chase away lightning clouds with the help of the weather fairy, and keep an eye on the event cards that change game play, one event per round. The winner is the player with the most victory points after all 7 rounds are complete and end-of-game bonus points have been awarded.

Broom Service - Strategy GameRavensburger-81083-Broom-Service-Strategy

Brand :    ravensburger
Weight :    2.40 pounds
Model :    81083
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (ravensburger product review) for Broom Service - Strategy Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $23.50 (was $24.99)
  • Playing time: 45-75 minutes
  • Card-based board game combining luck, skill, bluffing and clever hand management
  • Winner of the prestigious kennerspiel des jahres 2015 award
  • 2-5 players; ages 10+
  • Contents: 1 double sided game board, 15 wooden pawns & 5 wooden markers, instructions

New York 1901 Board Game

New york 1901 is a game involving territory control and city building during 1901. Players try to score the most points by constructing, demolishing, and rebuilding skyscrapers on the famous streets of new york city. On your turn, you will have a simple choice: would you rather acquire new land to build on, or knock down your existing buildings to make room for bigger and better ones? you will need to expand your territory and construct your buildings shrewdly if you want to rise to the top of the real estate moguls of new york 1901.

New York 1901 Board GameNew-York-1901-Board-Game

Brand :    blue orange
Weight :    2.95 pounds
  • For 2-4 players. ages 8 +
  • New york 1901 is a game involving territory control and city building during 1901
  • Time to play: 30 to 60 min
  • Designed by chenier la salle and illustrated by vincent dutrait
  • Family strategy game
Price :    $22.00 (was $31.77)
Model :    2300
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (blue orange product review) for New York 1901 Board Game available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

isle of skye board game Price : 28.72, was : 33.19 as 2017-04-09
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Isle Skye Board Game (Mayfair Games) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for isle of skye board game

The next evolution of the basic tile laying game. The whole family enjoys this.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: How's this game 2 players?

(1) Question: Since the income is distributed as the first step in each round, does everyone start with getting money just for the castle on round one?

(2) Question: Will a 10 year old understand this game?

(3) Question: Is it in english

(4) Question: For income on subsequent rounds after round 1, do you count the castle and previously placed tiles again?

(5) Question: Is there enough difference between this and carcassonne to justify buying it? (i've got carc. )

(note) Question: where/how to get Mayfair Games (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Mayfair Games's products


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High replayability and good with two players but an amazing party game too.

Board Games 110522661, Games 110022661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Isle Skye Board Game (Mayfair Games) FAQ Content

Best isle skye board game (mayfair games) in review

I love taking an auction, bidding & bluffing mechanic, aka poker, and adding it to a tile placement game. I can look aver at the three tiles my wife has out and try and wonder which one she is going to get rid or and what she might be asking for in coins. Did i mention i really love the bluff and deny aspect? by looking ahead at the scoring track you can see which resource is scoring in which round and whether it points for everyone or just for the 1st & 2nd place player. . Speaking of the scoring track with 15+ tiles you are never paying the same game twice. One game boats might count for something, the next boats are worthless. . Overall i just this game two dice up

Y. Jackson, Pays de la Loire

You might like to see Inspiration art a portable art studio you can take anywhere! a premier art set in a durable storage case is 140 pieces: crayons, washable markers, colored pencils and 15 sheets of large drawing paper. -crayola inspiration art case-pink
  • Highlight: Pink Graphic Detail And Large Variety Of Pink Hues!.
  • Highlight: Same Design As Classic Inspiration Art Case.
OnSale Crayola Inspiration Art Case-pink (Toys And Games) 239326 Crayola Inspiration Art Case-pink (04
Or you might like to consider Imaginext dc super friends, bane & battle dc super friends villains like bane help young superheroes create their own crime-fighting stories where they get to save the day! kids can fit bane into the battle sled, rev up the -fisher-price imaginext dc super friends, bane & battle sled
  • Advantage: Rev Up The Battle Sled, Set It Down And Watch It Go.
  • Advantage: Push Button To Launch Projectiles During Battle.
Reasonable Fisher-price Imaginext Dc Super Friends, Bane & Battle Sled (Toys And Games) Bft62 Fisher-price Imaginext Dc Super Friends, Bane & Battle Sled

G. Anderson, South Australia says

Love this game, great change from the same old board games!

H. Gilmore, City of Kingston upon Hull

Really fun and easy to learn. I haven't had a game go longer than 30 minutes. Not a good or bad thing however i do like that there is a finite amount of rounds to play.

F. Patton, Arizona says

Amazing love playing this game!

M. Linda, Illinois

Great fun similar to settlers of katan.

B. Joanne, Texas says

Love this game! took it to a game night and it was a hit.

Q. Josephine, Medway

Fantastic game. It is our new favorite family game with my 8 and 11 yr old children. They even often play the two of them by themselves.

P. Bullock, Luton says

Fell in love with this game the first time i played it. It is now one of my top 3 favorites. Put alhambra with carcassonne and castles of mad ludwig, and you'll be close. I've had one person who is ocd, struggle with the fact that a road can end at a mountain in this game. :) other than that, i don't know any complaints.

N. Michele, Cornwall

Great game with many variations. Lots of fun for 2-5 players and takes around an hour to play.

T. McCarthy, New Mexico says

Isle of skye is hands-down one of the best games from 2015. . Each game, four scoring conditions (from 16) are drawn which determine how points will be scored in each round. Each scoring condition will score three times over the course of the game's five rounds, so players will have an opportunity to fine-tune their holdings to take advantage of what comes up. . Each round follows a simple flow. First, players get money-for their castle, for any whiskey barrels supplying the castle, and for their position on the score track. Then they draw three tiles and secretly (behind their included player screens) set the price of two of them, while marking the third for discard. After players secretly set their prices, they lift their screens, and each player may purchase one tile from someone else. Whatever tiles remain unpurchased in front of them they must buy for the prices they set, then players add whatever tiles they acquired to their clan lands and score points. (some tiles also have additional scoring opportunities for the end of the game. ). . Isle of skye is a simple game in that the rules are easy to learn and teach, but the gameplay is exciting as players try to put together the best land they can. There is the excitement of secretly setting prices and then the joy of revelation when everyone lifts their screens and you realize you should have set your prices higher or lower. There is an interesting puzzle of trying to get the most points out of what you've got as you try to get tiles to score for multiple conditions. . Isle of skye plays easily within an hour (even with teaching) and works at all player counts, 2-5. I highly recommend this one.

W. Wilson, District of Columbia

If you've ever played carcassone, you'll love this one. I do weekly board game nights and this has become a new regular.

U. Carolyn, Windsor and Maidenhead says

Like carcassone but with a purchasing component that spices up the game. Very well done! also plays well with two players, which is hard to find.

T. Ruby, Buckinghamshire

Amazing love playing this game!

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