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Price was $202.93. We purchased this doll house as a christmas gift for our daughter. She'd played with these huge doll houses at a local place where they host birthday parties, but never had anything like this at home. Having ordered it a few weeks before christmas, it arrived and i moved it to the basement to put together, knowing she would be down there. It goes together fairly easily. Here are a few observations. . * there is a lot of attention to detail: some of the screw heads are actually painted different colors so that they blend into whatever wall they're going into. You have to decide for yourself when to use painted screws or silver, but it's a nice touch. * there are a lot of screws included, but don't let that scare you - they all make sense once you get through building. * it's not difficult to put together. You don't need to be a professional handyman. Some moms have posted here about their success in building it and i would wholeheartedly agree and encourage any parent to order this with the confidence that they'll be able to assemble it. It's more like a 3d puzzle than a construction project. * i put it together in 2 separate one-hour assembly sessions. I was extra careful not to damage any of the wood or scratch anything. It helps to have an extra person around to hold it up while you're still getting the basic structure of the 4 floors put together. * the elevator is cute, but the track is pretty tight, making it hard for our toddler to move it up and down. Good news is, she doesn't care. * the garage doors can flap open by themselves. Nothing that can't be fixed with cheap magnets. * the overall quality of how all the pieces are made and how they fit together is very high - this is a well made toy and not a carelessly mass-produced kit. * i've already ordered some cheap leds to add some actual light inside the house. * there's an impressively complete set of wooden furniture included, which really adds to the fun. . The thing to keep in mind - it's really a giant thing. My daughter can only see/reach as high as the 3rd floor. The 4th/attic floor - which is supposed to be the baby's room - is unoccupied at the moment. She's fine with it because a large part of the fun is rearranging the furniture. Also, being so large, getting it up the basement steps was pretty tricky. We had to experiment with a few different angles and my wife had to help carry it. It's too heavy and large for one person to do steps with, but i could lift it a few inches and move it across level floor pretty easily. . * speaking of lifting it - use the side windows of the main part of the house as handles when lifting and you'll be in good shape. Don't lift using the garage/porch section at the left! . . On christmas morning, our daughter came down the stairs in complete amazement when this was under (actually next to) the tree. It's found a permanent spot in her toy room and actually looks great. It warmed up the room and added some height in what was pretty much a room full of toddler-size toys. She loves it and it's part of her everyday routine already. Hopefully she'll get years of mileage out of it as she grows into it and discovers more ways to play with it.

-R. Ophelia

Kidkraft majestic mansion dollhouse (kidkraft) the majestic mansion is over four feet wide and four-and-a-half feet tall, giving young girls tons of space for taking care of their favorite dolls. this adorable dollhouse is full toys and games

  • Special: 8 Rooms Of Open Space To Decorate.
  • Special: Elevator Glides Back And Forth Between The Second Floor And The Third Floor.

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Just got this for our daughter for christmas and she absolutely loved it! its huge and will definitely grow with her. Its very durable, sturdy and seems very solid. It was so easy to build and didn't take me as long as i thought it was going to. 4hrs with breaks in between and no help. The accessories it came with were amazing and her barbie dolls fit perfectly. I did get the barbie beetle and that was too big to fit in the garage but no biggie we just parked it outside the garage like we in the real world do most of the time. Instruction weren't the greatest or clear but thanks to a youtube video i was able to differentiate the panels a lot easier than with the instruction book. I also purchased super thin string lights to add to the dollhouse and it turned out even better than without them. She loves her dollhouse and i have to say one of the best toy purchases i've made in a long time. Would highly recommend for the princess or princesses in your home. The Best KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse as-of ( Oct 2021 ) | Kidkraft-Toys And Games Review Special KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse 34 furniture pieces and accessories, including a grandfather clock, a cute little kitten and more. 8 rooms of open space to decorate. Elevator glides back and forth between the second floor and the third floor. Garage with doors that swing open and close. Wide windows on both sides for viewing dolls from a different point of view .

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse Review (65252)

I am having a difficult time trying to put into words just how beautiful this dollhouse is but i will try! :). . The box was massive and very heavy - i am not sure if my husband was exaggerating when he said the box was 70 lbs or not. Yes, i am aware it says it in the product description somewhere but i am not looking it up. Ha! . . I wanted to assemble it myself (girl power! ) and i was successful after setting aside 4-5 hours! all i needed was a philip's head screwdriver (not included) and the allen wrench (included). The screw-heads even match the color of the house that you're attaching it to! so nice! i did wish that the manual was in color and not black/white - but i figured it out without a problem. . The house is massive! it is great quality for the price - which includes a good amount of furniture. I will be including a picture of my husband standing behind it. Keep in mind that he is 6'3" and it comes up to his chest! . . I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to have years of dollhouse fun with their little one. I love it so much and we are having a wonderful time with it! i wrote on the back of the house a little note with the date that i built the house for my daughter. I hope she will enjoy reading it someday while playing with her daughters, sons and grandkids! this may be the best toy purchase i have ever made. -S. Jennifer

Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

Toys & Games/Dolls & Accessories/Dollhouses
Product Dimensions
Height:53.50 inches
Length:52.00 inches
Weight:61.73 pounds
Width:14.00 inches
ItemPart/Serial Number
Recommended Max-Age
Suggested Min-Age
Total Items
Part/Serial Number
51 X 14 X 52.75
KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse
90 Day Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

Toy(740102231413:Toys And Games), Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse (0747725306498:Kidkraft), The majestic mansion is over four feet wide and four-and-a-half feet tall, giving young girls tons of space for taking care of their favorite dolls. this adorable dollhouse is full of fun, interactive features and would make a perfect gift for any occasion. features: 34 furniture pieces and accessories, including a grandfather clock, a cute little kitten and more ; 8 rooms of open space to decorate ; elevator glides back and forth between the second floor and the third floor ; garage with doors that swing open and close ; wide windows on both sides for viewing dolls from a different point of view ; accommodates fashion dolls up to 12" tall ; large enough that multiple children can play at once ; made of composite wood products; perfect for barbie dolls! . specifications: dimensions: 52. 75" h x 14" d x 51" w ; weight: 54 lbs ..

Kidkraft 65252 Majestic Mansion Dollhouse Toy

Kidkraft 65252 Majestic Mansion DollhouseKidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Sturdy when properly built, a little on the small size and the walls are not properly insulated, the bedroom is too small, the fridge does not work, the elevator has no electicity, and toilet doesnt flush. No instructions on how to prevent a baby from falling 3 stories when sleeping in the bedroom, worst baby crib ever! but maybe it make a great dollhouse.

Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse (Toys And Games) 65252
Click to see NoticeKidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse (65252)"We have had this doll house for a few years now, and with the holiday's approaching, i wanted to make sure to get my review up so that parents can make an educated decision when looking for a dollhouse to invest in. First and foremost, this is a large dollhouse. It's a piece of furniture in itself. But every child that has walked into my daughter's room is immediately drawn to it! my daughter has had hours upon hours of playtime with this dollhouse. This is the go to entertainment when friends and family are over. It is seriously fabulous! plenty of room for more than one girl to play at a time, perfect size for barbie, the furniture pieces are so well made and absolutely adorable. I love every single detail on this house! i was worried about the elevator, thinking it would cease to work quickly but years later it is still going strong. We have had no issues whatsoever with this amazing dollhouse. It is perfect and exactly what we had hoped for."

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  • Dolls are approximately 5" tall and the baby is 3" tall
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Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse (65252) Price : 98.4, was : 169.01 as 2017-02-14
United States
Great Britain
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Long story short, my wife first purchased an actual barbie dreamhouse from a big box store. The elevator did not work, and the amount of plastic really put me off. Back it went, and i ordered the majestic off online store. Simply picking up the shipping box made me feel better about this purchase over the barbie brand as the weight of the entire set was significantly more than the dreamhouse. But, is heavier better? after putting the house together i have to say an unequivocal "yes! ". . There are only a few plastic parts here which are the stairs, the elevator slide mechanism, the chandelier, the clock base, the tub and the toilet. The rest is wood and pressed cardboard similar to what's in the bottom of spec-built home kitchen drawers. Once together this house is very sturdy and a two-person lift to move it any significant distance. Again, i feel so much better about my daughter playing with this wooden house over the all plastic one even if barbie herself is all plastic! . . Putting it together was relatively easy using the included instructions , labeled screws and marked pieces. Assembly was right around 2 1/2 hours going at a meticulous pace. I should add that two pre-drilled screw holes for the roof did not line up with the holes on the structure, and i had to drill new holes. A minor annoyance at best. The most difficult part for me was putting the back walls in place prior to screwing the second side of the house together. Keeping the walls in place and lining up the walls and floors took patience. . The details on the walls, floor and roof are stickers/laminated and i imagine that over time they will show some ware. The furniture is very sturdy and unless abused will not come apart as some have stated. Perhaps mine were simply glued better? the small touches in detail on the included furniture was a nice surprise. . Other reviews stating the floors warped have me thinking that water or some liquid had to be dumped on them for this to occur, or the humidity levels in the actual home are significantly higher than they should be. The floors and walls are as sturdy as one could expect at this price point. I can't imagine them not holding up fine with normal play. . My daughter has not seen it yet as i put it together at night while she was sleeping. I'll update this after she has spent some time playing with it. . All in all i really feel good about this purchase given the look and build-quality of the house.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Is the box that is shipped the dollhouse box or is it a plain brown box ? it is a christmas present.

(1) Question: Anyone else buy this for a boy? not very many options like this for boys! did your boy like it?

(2) Question: What are the dimensions before assembly ? for shipping size

(3) Question: What are the dimensions before assembly ? for shipping size .

(4) Question: Can anyone let me know the dimensions of the package when shipped? i'm from venezuela and i really truly madly want the house for my daughter

(5) Question: Can you send the kidkraft majestic mansion dollhouse with furniture for brazil? if yes, how much does shipping?

(6) Question: What size car can fit in garage

(7) Question: Are there any sounds of the piano, toilet? i've been reading the comments and see different feedback. so i would like to know whether it has sound?

(note) Question: where/how to get Kidkraft (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Kidkraft's products


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My daughter loves this house. It's big enough for multiple size dolls (and little toy animals). Luckily, my nephew was in town for christmas break from college so he put it together. It took him about two hours, but that was because my three year old daughter insisted on helping. My nephew didn't seem to struggle at all, but he's the official person who puts things together in the family, and actually seems to enjoy the challenge (go figure). My daughter spends countless hours playing with this toy. She bathes her little critters, has them go potty, feeds them and puts them to sleep. She actually plays with this haoe wooden family pets mores than dolls, but she loves animals. This is an exceptional house.

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As it always seems to work out, my husband is deployed for my daughter's third birthday. I'd like to call myself a "pro" at putting together children's toys and furniture at this point. So i'm going to break this review down for all you military wives, single moms, wives whose husbands travel for business, and the ladies who just want to do it themselves! . . Why i love online store. Com -. They almost always have the best price! they offer free super saver shipping on many items. They ship things out very quickly and offer tracking on all of your packages! . . Why i love kidkraft -. Almost every big item we have for our daughters is made by kidkraft (kitchen set, various kitchen accessories, table and chairs, bookshelves, toy box, train set and table, wall shelves, and now the dollhouse! ) the packaging of the hardware is excellent and easy to find pieces. Everything is always very sturdy. It's a much more eco-friendly option than the big plastic pieces you can find by other companies. The price is right for the quality item you recieve. The customer service is one of the best i've ever come across. They even have a place on their website where you can order missing or broken parts without the hassle of having to call. (i've only ever needed a part once out of all of our items! they shipped it quick, even around christmas time. ) i suggest ordering ahead of time if you can, just in case you are missing a part or something is broken. That way you're not disappointed! and remember. Mistakes happen, we're all human! . . Why i love this dollhouse -. It is huge! the children in the display photo are not scaled down. Some people may not like this, but i however; love it! we have two toddler girls, and needed something that would be big enough for both of them to play with to avoid future temper tantrums. For the price, you get double the dollhouse you get from other models that are just a small amount cheaper. It will accomodate barbie dolls once my girls start playing with them instead of their other dolls. This is something we will have for a long time, and i am confidant that the girls will be able to grow into it, and that the construction will last! . . Some tips for construction by yourself, ladies! -. 1. You will need a big (+) screwdriver and a little (+) screwdriver. You may need a (-) screwdriver to hold in some pieces at points. Kidkraft supplies the allen key. If you need a glass of wine, i suggest white, just in case it spills ; ). 2. You will need a large space to build this, since there are points when the house will need to be on its side. 3. Unwrap all of your pieces. Read through all instructions before beginning as well as check and count all of your parts. I personally go through step by step and place the parts i will need in bunches. 4. Make sure you have the time to do this all. You will only get frustrated if the kids are awake, or you set a time limit to get this all done by! i did this during naptime and once the girls were in bed. All in all i think it took me about 2. 5 hours to get it done, but this is also coming from a woman who can do this stuff with her eyes closed at this point. 5. Take your time to really look at the photos in the instruction manual. Plan it all out in your head first, then do it. 6. If the screw's paint doesn't match the spot it's in. It's in the wrong place. 7. If something needs to be forced, it's probably in the wrong place or you need a new part. Kidkraft's items usually go together seamlessly. This is another reason i am a huge fan. 8. The wall makes a good "partner. " if you need to hold something up, just put it against the wall. 9. Take your time, and don't get frustrated. You'll be so proud when it's all done! . . Some more fun facts -. I am 5'1", and the house is almost as tall as i am. If you are short. Get a step stool to screw the roof on! the box is 70lbs. When shipped. If you can, get your delivery man to place it right where you are going to set it up. Especially if you're a pregnant momma! . . I hope this helped! . Overall i would recommend this dollhouse to all of my friends and family. My daughter has not yet played with it, but i just know that from the moment she wakes up on her birthday that this house will be played with daily for years to come!

C. Guest, Darlington

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C. Mahood, Cambridgeshire says

When i bought it through online store a few weeks ago the price was a lot less than the three hundred dollars current list price! however i think that it is well worth three hundred. It took me about three plus hours to put together, and i'm a builder, but it is so well engineered there were zero problems. The well constructed pieces fitted together and when finished it was sturdy and above all very beautiful. My dough tears are nine and five and both of them have spent the entire xmas day showing the house to all their dolls. The mini dolls are living on the top floor, the barbies on the second floor and the assorted others fill the last two floors! great product would buy it again.

M. Perez, Rheinland-Pfalz

Perfect! my 5 and 8 year old girls love it! barbies fit perfect!

O. Nielsen, Kent says

It took a lot to get this doll house here! we had lots of issues but that's not what this review is about. The doll house is pretty good. One reviewer said it is flimsy until all the way put together and i'll agree with that. We took it up stairs and into my children's room without any issue or fear of it breaking. But the wall and ceiling decorations are a bit disappointing. The material is peeling off in places. The garage doors will not close. One over laps the other. I'm not sure if i did something wrong or if it's just warped. A lot of the boards were warped. But what really matters is my daughters love it. They used their own money and sold another big toy in order to buy this doll house. So i'm glad they love it. I would -never- pay full price for this but if you can get it on a good sale (we did) then i'd snatch it up.

I. Connie, Northumberland

My girls (5 and 2) love barbies and disney princess "barbies". So, i knew for christmas this year that this would be the ultimate santa gift. This is way cheaper than the barbie dream house and in my opinion much better. It is not tacky or made from cheap plastic. It took my husband (an engineer) and i 3 hours to put together on xmas eve. Yes, the instructions are awful and don't show which side of the pieces should be facing which way so we had to redo a few parts. But, they were all basically big chunks and not 100 tiny stickers or pieces. The furniture is awesome and very sturdy. Only 2 pieces of furniture had to be assembled: the bed (with screws) and the piano (just pegs you stick in for legs). Over the last 3 days i have fixed the piano about 43 times, because my 2 year old thinks its fun to take things apart. So, today the legs got crazy glued on and i modge podged the piano keys sticker that also kept getting ripped off. All of the other furniture seems to be very tough. I did also get a barbie convertible and when in the garage the doors don't fully close but the kids don't seem to care. This is huge and if you have more than 2 players, there is plenty of room for both to play without fighting over anything. It will be years before the 2 year old can reach the top floor and honestly, its still a bit too tall for my 5 year old to really even play up there so i know it will get years of use. For the past 4 days the kids have spent hours playing dolls, rearranging furniture, and living it up in their new house. Well worth the money- especially as this gift was for both girls!

O. Colleen, Arizona says

This is a large dollhouse. The mistake we made is not completely realizing the giant size of it, other than saying, it's 4 1/2 feet tall and wide - without actually thinking about where it's going to go. That said we did find a perfect place for it, but it's still quite huge. . The box is quite large and weighs in at about 60lbs, some of that weight is packing materials, but most is in the dollhouse itself. Most of the dollhouse isn't solid wood, but thinner paperboard with wood pieces that provide structure. Side walls/roof are a thicker plastic/paper board composite, which doesn't seem to be as durable as wood, but probably much lighter on an already heavy dollhouse. It wasn't as sturdy as i expected it to be, but i think it will hold up without much issue in normal use, even under years of use. . Video uplaoded is a timelapse of assembling it, took a few hours to do, and messed up the first step (the elevator parts have a slight offset hole pattern, but it is not explained in the directions). After getting the floors on, it was tough to get everything lined up to get the other wall on, took more time than i expected and more force than expected, but it came through in the end. Did end up breaking one wood piece when the screw caught a burr on the piece it went into, causing the wood to splinter. Wood glue easily fixed it, and thankfully it was on the back of the house. Just be careful. . There were also a couple of predrilled holes that had wood glue in them, that had to be removed before the bolt anchors could be dropped in. Did not expect to have to deal with that in this, as i've had other kidkraft products without issue. . Elevator was quite difficult to raise and lower, had to add some lubricant to get it to work easier, and since it slides around a bit, if you grab the handle and move it up it can hit the floor above it, not a great design. . Furniture is great, as are the wall decals/designs, as well as the garage. Overall this is a good product, but mostly you're paying for a very large with over the top size.

S. Gloria, Liverpool

Huge adorable house! in loved with it so worth what i paid! reason why i only gave 4 stars because wood for the middle levels is a little flimsy but my daughter is old enough to take care of her toys so i don't see a breakage happening at the first play. Also it took me 2 1/2 hours to put together the instructions are clear if you are a visual learner there's no words to describe what to do just pictures i suggest you look over instructions first and then start to build also pick a space where it is big enough to move around the house is bigger that expected im 5'5 and its up to my shoulder. The rooms are big you can add additional furniture beside the one provided. The furniture is also good quality. In my picture i have added some kitchen accessories such as plates cups and pots and pans, spoons those do not come included that was bought separate overall i am very pleased!

F. Anderson, Stoke-on-Trent says

I have to tell you, i was skeptical about a house at this price at this size. I figured it would be a decent piece that wouldn't last through the year. I have a 2yo and 4yo, i have put enough toys together and tried to follow unclear instructions and left out a screwed or had to undo a part to redo it correctly. Not the case with this one. The parts were all clearly labeled and easy to follow along, other than step 5 and 6. Ibhad a little trouble figuring out the overlap of pieces. The entire assembly took about an hour and a half, with some interruptions and trying to redirect curious little munchkins. There were a couple of parts that were damaged, police included. Weird party was they were parts that were nestled inside other parts, none of the parts close to the box were actually damaged. I called the 800 number, spoke to scott, who was awesome. Just make sure you have the item number, batch number and part numbers ready so they can help you out. Sending out the parts, nohassle or hoops to jump through. Great customer service at kidkraft! i would definitely buy another one of their products. Only area of improvement i would say is the clock and the chandelier. You have such a great quality product and then you throw in the plastic base for the grandfather clock that attaxhes to the wood body and then the chintzy plastic chandelier.

Z. Carrie, Leicestershire

What can i say that hasn't been said already? this house is huge and beautiful. I'm about 5'3 and the top of the house reaches my chin. I love that the entire house and accessories are made out of wood (compressed) i believe. (not the real thing) but still beats plastic any day! the designs inside house are also nicely done. Adorable that it has a garage and parents be aware that since it has a garage your children will ask relentlessly for a barbie car! building the house took be about 5 hours. But it was worth every minute! the only thing that i found very annoying was that the baby room is at the very top of the house and the elevator doesn't go up that high! my child is still very upset that the baby has to sleep in the "attic" and that the elevator doesn't go all the way up. "how will the mommy reach her baby! " -my daughter.

T. Lawrence, Ohio says

*this review may be edited at a later date by my husband as he is the one who put it together. This was a gift from santa for my 2 year old and 5 year old daughters to share. While they were very excited to receive a dollhouse from santa, they were a bit disappointed that santa delivered this unassembled. Apparently the elves now have something in their unionized contract which gets them out of assemblage on this unit. Santa apparently made an attempt to assemble it in the middle of the night but was unable to complete his project. He left a note by the stockings that there was a dollhouse waiting to be assembled for them in their daddy's workshop. So my husband being of good sport assembled it on december 26th. It was an all day project. And i do mean all day. He is handy, builds things and invents things on his own. So he is not an amateur. There were a couple of holes which needed drilling so the screws would insert properly. Also, the directions which came with it were poorly done and there was not a picture of what the finished product was supposed to look like. Thankfully, online store carries almost everything. So even though this was a gift from santa, we were able to see what we were assembling. Between figuring out the instructions, drilling some holes, changing out screws so that they were color coordinated and being under the close supervision of a 5 year old who has a tendency to micro-manage, it was an all day project. He did take a couple of breaks (coffee, food, watching dumbo, etc. ). But he started around 11am and was finished at 7:43pm. I suppose if one hadn't stopped to watch dumbo, eat or drink and if the supervisor wasn't quite as 'present, ' it would shave off a few hours. My guess is given the 'right conditions, ' if you are a perfectionist, you should allow 5 hours for this. . Now, that is the negative part. The positive thing is this. It is assembled! and the girls love it! truly. It is a little girl's dream dollhouse. It is huge first of all. That in itself is magical. They love the furniture and rearranging it. They can easily play with their play figures and 12-14 inch sized dolls in it. And they love the garage. Their only 'complaint' was that it didn't have a pool. But that is easily solved by getting a barbie type pool and placing it on the side. . All-in-all, i would recommend this. It will provide years of joy!

U. Franklin, Dorset

Nice toy for the kids. 5 year old and 3 year old love it. Lots of fun for both of them. Few notes:. . Took about 2 hours to assemble. . The instructions are clear, but there were a few pieces that did not fit very well. Mostly, it was due to the fact that several (three or four) pre-drilled holes did not align very well. Took a bit of brute force to push everything together, but eventually it did work. Don't give up. Just keep trying. . Garage doors have stopper blocks on the top, so the doors would not go inside passed the threshold once fully closed. Unfortunately, the blocks are nailed so far forward that the doors cannot be fully closed by about an inch or so. . The house itself feels quite sturdy for a toy. However the outside paper started to peel off the wood right out of the box. . The furniture that comes with it is a real plus and fun to play. The mirror looks like made of glass, so it can be broken and cause cuts if not careful. . It is big! please look at the dimensions so that you have enough space for it. . Overall, very happy. One star removed for sloppy construction as detailed above.

R. Lindsey, South Dakota says

So i got this, plus anothe (different) one for my daughter's 5th birthday and we love them! . . First of all, i love that the box came in just an almost-plain (it had their brand logo ask over it) brown packaging box and it wasn't like the usual brightly colored one with a photo of a child playing with the house on it, i was afraid my girls would see it when it got delivered and the gift/surprise would be ruined. Thankfully that didn't happen! . . When i first took the pieces out of the box, it was super overwhelming because there were like a thousand pieces 0 o but after organizing the pieces and laying them out, my panic attack quickly went away. . There were several moments in the assembly process where we weren't sure which way a certain board piece was supposed to face and what not, but i'm not not sure if i can blame the poor instruction guide or if it was just my own "doy" moments. Anyway, after two hours of crawling around on the floor, the house came together and i was stunned at how big it is! i want it for myself now! the product seems sturdy and would be able to handle all my girls playing with it. It's only been a week i feel like this dollhouse completes the look of their playroom. . I most definitely recommend this product to any parent who is looking to spoil their child, and please stay away from those other cheap plastic (i won't say the brand, but it's super popular, starts with a b) "dreamhouse" dollhouses, i bought one before. And i'll tell you that it was so much smaller, for the same price, it was cheap plastic, wobbled all the time, started to come apart that it was tossed after maybe two years. You buy this product, you may never need to look for another dollhouse again!

E. Susan, Saarland

Totally gorgeous! epic construction project for my hubby. But easy to put together. Just a lot of parts. The furniture it comes with is darling!

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