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Price was $139.99. If you are looking for something based on the appearance, which i was, this is absolutely darling! the blue is a sweet vintage-looking pastel powdery blue (not quite true to advertised image) and fits in well with my vintage home. However, part of the reason it fits in so well is because it is tiny! i bought this for my two year old granddaughter and it fits her (average two year old height -see photos) perfectly. I imagine it won't be long before she grows out of it, but for the time being it is precious! . It wasn't necessarily difficult to put together, just tedious. This ain't our first time to the rodeo and it still took me and my husband about two hours to complete. But all the pieces were there plus extras and it all fit together eventually. However, the doors don't line up very well and as a result they need a little finessing to latch. Nonetheless, the little one loves it and all the places to hide things. Funny side note, we had to show her what to do with the old school phone. Slams it down like a pro now :) over all we really like it and are satisfied with he purchase.

-L. Newell

Kidkraft navy vintage kitchen toy (kidkraft) bon appetite! our vintage kitchen lets kids pretend they are cooking big feasts for the whole family. its close attention to detail and interactive features, this adorable kitchen toys and games

  • Plus: Oven Knobs Click And Turn.
  • Plus: Cordless Phone.

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Like most other people said, it takes a while to put it together! it took my husband and i about 1. 5 hrs. It's cute and i like that there's doors (which means we can hide all the pretend food and pans! ). It was a birthday present for my 3 yr old and she has played with it everyday since she got it a week ago. The legs are a bit flimsy, but there's 5 supports so it stands. The "glass" from the microwave and oven are very thin sheets of plastic. Now if we can get her to share with her 1 yr old brother! . . It does look great though and not the super plastic, although my daughter asked me to put batteries in it so it made noise (i think they had one at school! ). Had to tell her this one didn't make noise. (thank goodness! ) overall it's pretty and will probably hold for a while. 4 stars is that the packaging with the hardware was slightly open and the nuts all came tumbling out all over the kitchen floor and in the box. We found most of them, but they have an "extra" section in case you misplace a specific screw and that came in handy! . . Some photos for reference: my daughter is 34 inches and my son is 29 in. (pots, pans, and food are not included with the kitchen) The Best KidKraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy as-of ( Jun 2021 ) | Kidkraft-Toys And Games Review Plus KidKraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy Doors open and close. Oven knobs click and turn. Cordless phone. Removable sink for easy cleanup .

KidKraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy Review (KKR53296)

Don't let the negative reviews on this kitchen turn you off. It's really not that hard to put together. It only took me 2 1/2 hours to do it, and that's with making the mistake of putting it together with my two year old running around trying to help. . Yes, there are some screws and seemingly awkward things to do to build the kitchen, but it's worth it. It is totally cute and practical- i purchased the white vintage kitchen for my little guy, and he loves cooking while i work in the kitchen. Keep this in mind while you put it together. . Now, brace yourself. The directions are clear, but they are only pictorial directions. There are no written directions. Because of this, you need to look really closely at the directions and pay attention to which side of the board/kitchen is facing up in the picture. Most of the hinges come attached. Only one set is not, so that's helpful. Also, the screws and bolts come in a labeled cardboard bubble strip. For the love of all things, don't open them up until you take note of which screw is labeled with whatever letter. If you are liable to forget, get some sandwich bags and label them with a black marker and put the corresponding screw in the proper bag. You will thank yourself later. . As to the actual putting together, i agree that it would be tons easier if the plastic pieces were threaded. However, it's just one extra step for you. Don't try to attach the plastic pieces directly to the kitchen without first pre-screwing the screws into the legs or plastic door latch. You will be cursing within one minute if you don't take this step. Just twist the screw all the way in and remove it before you go on to the step of actually attaching it to the structure. On a side note, don't use a drill. Stick with a regular screw driver. If you use a drill with particle board, you are liable to accidentally torque the screw and over tighten it, which will cause the particle board to crack and leave you with a door that may just fall off the hinge because the board is compromised. . These are my words of advice. Hope they helped. Oh, if you do run in to any trouble, don't hesitate to call the kidkraft help number that comes with the directions. -R. Watson

Kidkraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy

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KidKraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy
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Toy(706943532966:Toys And Games), Kidkraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy (4861423155960:Kidkraft), Bon appetite! our vintage kitchen lets kids pretend they are cooking big feasts for the whole family. with its close attention to detail and interactive features, this adorable kitchen would make a great gift for any of the young chefs in your life..

Kidkraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy Toy

Kidkraft Navy Vintage Kitchen ToyKidKraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

My 1 1/2 yr old plays with this kitchen constantly. It is a great size and the doors are easy for him to open and close without frustrating him. Putting it together was definitely an undertaking. I did it by myself and it took about 5 1/2 hours. I probably could have done it faster but i wanted to make sure i didn't screw it up and took my time. The instructions were easy to follow, the hardest part was figuring out exactly how the hinges should attach and not putting them on backwards. Some of the other reviews gave hints that i thought were helpful, especially screwing in your screws to the plastic parts before you actually attach the piece. They are not threaded and i think doing this really made things easier when you are in strange positions. One big hiccup was at the very end, the hole for the sink was not big enough and did not fit. I had to actually get help with this and we had to chisel out a small part to make it fit. And even by doing that we still had to really hammer it in. I would suggest first thing before you put anything together make sure the sink fits into the designated hole. There was no way i was taking it all apart at that point to return it! despite this major problem we still love the kitchen enough to not even subtract from the rating.

Kidkraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy (Toys And Games) Kkr53296
Click to see NoticeKidkraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy (KKR53296)"Purchased this for my granddaughter's third birthday, which was yesterday. She had a plastic kitchen her mom and i gave her when she was about eighteen months, and while she's enjoyed the heck out of that one, the plastic beads that snap the doors into place with the rough handling a toddler can dish out. So, wood pieces and real metal hinges? count me in. The 'wood' is fiberboard. There was some chipping to the pieces, but, to my relief, all damage happens to be on the sides turned to the inside or underneath. This kitchen is a nice step up in quality and size, ideal for her age and height. My daughter's boyfriend was on hand to assemble the kitchen, thank god. He's quite the whiz at out of the box furniture, and it still took him nearly three hours to put this together. He encountered no problems, but there are a mountain of pieces to this thing. Once complete, i was totally thrilled with the weight, the size, the overall look and quality. I'm very glad i chose this for her new play kitchen. I did buy the blue, because there's just so much pink one can take in one small room. The color is a delightful aqua, as i'd hoped, very reminiscent of a certain famous jeweler's signature box. I have only one issue-and it's minor, just me thinking aloud- but i was surprised to see the metal hinges are designed to be applied as concealed hinges. I think if they were mounted on the outside, they'd enhance the overall charm of the piece, but. It's just a question in my mind. And best of all, she loved it."

KidKraft, Deluxe Cookware Set, 11 pieces

The play food could be a little more realistic, but that's a minor complaint. All in all i absolutely love these for my 15 month old daughter, and she loves them too! they are very realistic looking and are the perfect size! she loves to get her hands on our pots and pans so i was excited to get her a set all her own. . It's fun to 'cook' different soups and such with them. They seem to be very good quality and very durable, even for all of the banging a toddler does with them! . . I would recommend these!

The kid kraft metal accessories set is perfect for any of the young chefs in your life. Since the pots and pans are metal, you know they'll be around for years and years of interactive play. This set can be used with any of kid kraft's play kitchens to make play time even more real than before.

KidKraft, Deluxe Cookware Set, 11 piecesKidKraft-Deluxe-Cookware-Set-pieces

See Kidkraft, Deluxe Cookware Set, 11 Pieces (63186) FAQ.

Our little grandson loves to pretend to cook for his poppy. We had plastic cookware, but it has seen better days from previous grandchildren. This set of metal cookware is so realistic, it's almost the real deal. The plastic food that comes with it is vibrantly colored, fits inside the pots and pans and has given our little one hours of and enjoyment. There was no chemical smell upon opening the box like a lot of toys. This is a quality play set, highly recommend. -Notice from D. Parker, Thurrock

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I spent so much time trying to decide which pot and pans set to get cause i wanted a decent size. These are perfect, i used a normal sized soda can so you can get a better idea of the size. My son loves it! he's been pulling all our pots out for months and i bought some kid ones prior to this purchase but they were so tiny i just returned. So so so happy with these. The food in the images are also from kidcraft's play food service just an fyi (: definitely buy if your looking for some great sized pots and pans for your little one.

Kidkraft,-deluxe-cookware-set,-11-pieces-(63186) set picture

- L. WaytReally glad i got this metal set for my 3 year olds kitchen as opposed to some of the wooden kinds. Ive looked at friends wooden sets and found them to be too heavy, harder to clean and they chipped easily. This set is light weight, well made, shiny (what kid doesn't like shiny? ) and even comes with some little random food items. Also, they are the perfect size for little hands. They fit perfectly with my kidkraft kitchen and with my other melissa and doug food items. It also go to me really quickly (yay online store prime :) ). I would definitely recommend this item to anyone looking for a pot/ pan set for their childs' kitchen- its great.

Really cute and realistic. It's all stainless steel and looks well made and sturdy. The lid fits all three pans. The food items included are very small. Although they are in proportion to the pots and pans, some are so small they may cause choking. The carrot in particular because of the shape is the perfect size to fit in a child's throat. I am undecided as to whether i will give this food item to my grand daughter. She's only two and she doesn't usually put things in her mouth but you never know. Over all, this looks like something she will really enjoy. I am giving it for christmas along with the kidkraft espresso kitchen, so it should be the perfect fit. I also bought the kidkraft dishes and a set of the play food. With the huge set of plastic food items, i doubt she would miss these small wooden pieces. The fried egg that came with this is very cute though and not too small at all.

C. Sherry, Florida

Brand :    kidkraft
Color :    Silver
Size :    1
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    63186
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • 11 total pieces
  • This set can be used with any of kidkraft's play kitchens to make play time even more real.
  • No assembly required
  • Two metal pans, one metal pot, one metal spatula and one metal ladle
  • "delicious" play food - two pieces of broccoli, one chicken leg, one carrot and one egg
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Melissa & Doug Food Groups - 21 Hand-Painted Wooden Pieces 4 Crates

I have had this set for over a year and we're generally pretty happy with it. Here's a list of what we have discovered we like and don't like:. . Pros:. -healthy food groups: i gravitated toward this set because many others have things like french fries, pizza and deserts. I prefer my son play with healthy foods because i think it helps him get excited about eating them. It's hard to play with an ice cream cone and then have your mom serve you up broccoli. -boxes: i like that the food comes in the cute little crates. We talk about the various food groups as we separate it. It also helps him clean up and organize. -wood: i tend to buy wood toys over plastic because of the health risks of plastic (although i'm not sure about the paint on these). They also just look better and last longer. . Cons:. -chipping: i have had a couple items chip. The hamburger bun arrived with a little paint missing, not enough to make me send it back, but it was definitely there. The paint does chip off if things are banged together or dropped. -heavy: these are obviously heavier than plastic. If they are thrown it can hurt or damage floors/walls/furniture. . Overall, i would buy these again. My son plays with them in his little kitchen daily along with the m & d sandwich making set.

Planning a well-balanced meal is child's play with this wooden set. Items from the five food groups-including watermelon, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, and much more-are crafted of solid wood and come with four wooden baskets for sorting and storage.

Melissa & Doug Food Groups - 21 Hand-Painted Wooden Pieces 4 CratesMelissa-Doug-Food-Groups-Hand-Painted

See Melissa & Doug Food Groups - 21 Hand-painted Wooden Pieces 4 Crates (Melissa Doug) FAQ.

I have two kids who are destroyers of all things nice! honestly companies should be doing product testing with my kids. If it can break, they will figure out a way believe me! . . We have and this set now for years, along with numbers other food and kitchen sets. They are the last ones standing. Paint is in near perfect condition where there aren't teeth marks. And, really, what else could go wrong with blocks of wood made to look like food! . . Skip the plastic and paper sets, and do yourself a favor and order this set and the melissa and doug fridge food set. You will have more than enough food for the kids to cook with and they will last literally until you give them away. . *yes i posted this exact same review on the other set, they are that good. In fact, even the little basket that come with this set survived years of abuse! * -Notice from C. Bullock, Idaho

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I can't believe i hadn't gotten these before. I own many melissa and doug toys but never had gotten their play food. A girl at my office ordered them for her son and was showing them to me and i went straight home and ordered some. If you have ever owned the cheap plastic and cardboard play food and was not happy with them you need to check these out! they are made of wood and fit nicely in our kitchen set that belonged to my daughter and now my grand daughters play with it. These nice wooden play food will still be around when my grandchildren have children. They are so neat that i couldn't wait to give it to them for christmas. As soon as they arrived i put them in the play kitchen. They girls were thrilled when they saw them.  melissa & doug food groups

Melissa-&-doug-food-groups---21-hand-painted-wooden-pieces-4-crates-(melissa-doug) set picture

- Q. AnonymousI bought this set of food for my granddaughter to go along with a play kitchen that i got on online store at the same time. The set arrived on time and was exactly as shown. The set is good quality and sturdy so it will last for a long time. It is much better than the plastic and cardboard sets that she had previously. Its only a matter of time before the toys end up in the mouths of small children so these are great because they don't get chewed up like the cardboard and plastic ones do. I saw previous reviews where it was said that the food didn't look much like real food but i didn't find that nor did my granddaughter. I thought it was all cute and easily identifiable as what it was. It certainly didn't make any difference to her. I also really liked the small wooded trays that the food comes in. She keeps them in her kitchen set with her food stored in them and they've held together as well even after being used extensively. I also noticed some of the paint had come off but it looks more like it wore off with a lot of use rather than chipping off like other reviewers had noted. Overall, i think this is a big improvement over plastic and cardboard food and the style is very adorable. Its solid and will last for years. I'd highly recommend it!

Great product for a great price. We opted for the wood material over plastic. These are really lovely; the product is nicely painted and very "real" looking. We purchased this to use with step2 best chef's kitchen, and it is a great addition. Our grandchildren serve us all kinds of delicious meals:) our grandchildren are 2 years old, and they really enjoy this set.

J. Sharon, City of London

  • Sturdy wooden food set featuring items from the five food groups for healthy pretend play
  • Stores neatly in four wooden crates
  • Ages 3 years and up
  • Includes watermelon, corn, milk, cheese, cereal, fish, eggs, and more
  • Fun and educational whether as a stand-alone or as part of a play kitchen
Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    Multi
Size :    NO SIZE
Model :    271
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Melissa & Doug Food Groups - 21 Hand-Painted Wooden Pieces 4 Crates available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

KidKraft 63330 Tasty Treat Pretend Play Food Set

These are very good quality! i really do love them and they actually deserve 4. 5 stars in my opinion. I just couldn't ignore one small snapping detail. I bought these this christmas 2015 and my child and cousins love them. So do i. They are not life size, but perfect kid size (we have children in the family from 19 mos to 3 years old) for play with or without a kitchen playset. . Pros. They are sturdy plastic, even the boxes, cartons and cans are plastic and not cardboard. I expect they will last a few years. A pretty decent range of healthy foods along with your average junk food. . Cons. The watermelon has pink melon meat instead of red. (what? ! lol. ). The hot dogs do not snap into the buns (they do not stay in for actual play). The fries to not snap into the containers (nope). The ice cream scoops do not snap into the cones (this particular feature lack makes my 19 m/o cry! aw, mama's baby. ). . The con list seems longer, but the quality of this product outweighs the cons. Plus, this box of food items is just enough to fill my daughter's pottery barn kids shopping cart (which is super sturdy with no sharp edges) to the top! two great investments! :). . Bottom line: i love this product. I do recommend it, though i would suggest kidkraft fix the cons on the list if they are looking to maintain 5 star status. But, only my opinion. :)

It's time to eat! our tasty treats play food gives kids all the pretend food they could possibly need. Combine it with one of kid kraft's trademark wooden kitchens and you're set!

KidKraft 63330 Tasty Treat Pretend Play Food SetKidKraft-63330-Tasty-Treat-Pretend

See Kidkraft 63330 Tasty Treat Pretend Play Food Set (Toys And Games) FAQ.

The photos do not do justice to this set. I was impressed and surprised at the quality and realism of the pieces. They appear to be colored plastic, not coated or painted, and just the right size for child plates. It is a huge set with 2 of each item, representing all food groups. I especially like the "boxed" items like milk that is sturdy plastic and not cardboard. Highly recommend. I will parcel out the items over time as the entire set is overwhelming big. -Notice from L. Cageen, Milton Keynes

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Lots of food which is great because i purchased this for my 3 grandkids. There's enough "food" for all of them to play with. They have shopping carts and a cash register so it provides entertainment when they are "shopping". The items are well made. I have purchased some of this type of toy in the past but the boxes fall apart and the plastic didn't hold up. This set holds up well. I would recommend this to anyone who has kids/grandkids or for a pre school for their pretend play. I was able to purchase this item at a reduced rate for providing an unbiased review.

Kidkraft-63330-tasty-treat-pretend-play-food-set-(toys-and-games) set picture

- X. HaywardThis is a really nice set of play food! our daughter got a play kitchen from the whole family for christmas and this was an add-on by my husband's 92-year-old grandmother. I love that it has such a great variety! there are healthy things, and unhealthy things. The boxes are actually plastic which is a huge plus. Our son, who is 6 years older, only had the paper ones and they were toast in maybe a year. The plastic is hard. This is not the squishy type of play food that you can squeeze and air comes out a hole. I suppose that doesn't matter to most people, but i wanted to note it. . We have used this to talk about food groups with our 8 year old and our toddler, of course, loves playing with it. Actually, our 8-year-old also loves playing with it!

I bought this because i wanted an inexpensive food set for my 2 year old son to use with a kitchen set i'd found at good will. I wasn't sure if he would be interested in pretend play and cooking, so i didn't want an expensive food set just to discover he could care less. This set was reasonably priced and offered a ton of food and i'm very happy i picked it. My son, it turns out, loves to pretend cook and eat. And the variety of food offered is helpful in teaching him new words. My only complaint is that the plastic hot dogs don't fit and stay in the plastic hot dog buns, but that hasn't seemed to bother my son. Also, many pieces of food have a small hole in the back from the molding process, which prevents me from just dumping them into a tub of water to clean and sanitize them, instead i have to wipe each piece when i feel like they need cleaned. But overall i think this was a great buy.

R. Bertie, Blackpool

Brand :    kidkraft
Color :    Multi
Size :    1
Weight :    1..2 pounds
  • 115 pieces; including fruit; vegetables; snacks; pizza; waffles and more
  • No assembly required
  • Goes great with our kid kraft kitchens
Model :    63330
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for KidKraft 63330 Tasty Treat Pretend Play Food Set available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots Pans Pretend Play Kitchen Set Kids 8 pcs

I bought these for my son 2 years ago for christmas and they are still in amazing condition after being played with every. Single. Day. I'm shocked at how great they are! my daughter is 8 months old so they are going to get a lot of use! i picked these because they are stainless steel like mine! he had no desire to play with a wooden set that i got. (not real enough i guess) we got these to go with our kid kraft kitchen. Work great and are perfect size for it! very happy with this purchase! you get what you pay for! . . I paid full price for this product.

This play set features shiny stainless steel cookware mom and dad would envy! generously sized for a more realistic look and feel, the colander and three pans (with interchangeable lid) fit most play food items for exciting restaurant and kitchen play . . . And store neatly on a convenient storage rack when the kitchen is closed. All of the handles and knobs feature sturdy riveted joints that won't weaken and wear like welding or glue. With two hardwood utensils included and stainless steel pieces polished to a gorgeous mirror-finish, this set is truly top shelf!

Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots Pans Pretend Play Kitchen Set Kids 8 pcsMelissa-Doug-Stainless-Pretend-Kitchen

See Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots Pans Pretend Play Kitchen Set Kids 8 Pcs (Melissa Doug) FAQ.

Great set! so happy with this toy from melissa & doug. Been concerned of their products due to history of recalls in the past, but after reading the reviews here and around on the web, my husband and i decided to give it a shot. My daughter loves these. Perfect for imaginative baking. Perfect for being a drum set. And they are even fun in the tub which brings me to my next point- they are truly stainless steel. We have had them exposed to water quite a bit and there has never been any kind of rust. Thank goodness for that cause she loves putting them in her mouth too. Was wary of them being made in china, but actually they are pretty solid as a toy overall and true to the description of what they are made of. -Notice from Z. Fabian, Manchester

Click to Show melissa & doug stainless steel pots pans pretend play kitchen set kids 8 pcs (melissa doug) Details

Love, love, love these! first off, i love all things melissa and doug! our daughter is almost two and already loves the pretend play with her kitchens. She "helps" me quite a bit as well and she picks up quite a bit. I actually went through a few other sets before this one and was horribly disappointed by them. Most often they were entirely to small and cheaply made and the style i bought like this seems too sharp in places and unsafe. We are on a really tight budget and when i saw these go on sale on online store, i just had to order. Such a better quality than everything else i came across before and adorable! the set comes with a holder to stack them together and the side of her kitchen has a little hook that holds it perfectly!

Melissa-&-doug-stainless-steel-pots-pans-pretend-play-kitchen-set-kids-8-pcs-(melissa-doug) set picture

- W. GilmoreMy 8 yr old had 2 sets so friends can play master chef jr. Carryall makes for a great display and the bamboo utensils are a nice touch. These are so high quality i feel like i should be cooking on them! great product.

These are great! they want perfect with my grand baby's kitchen. They are metal and very sturdy. They look better than my own set. If you can get use to the noise of the banging and clapping(what's kids do) then they are perfect

N. Rochelle, Merton

  • Includes colander, pot with lid, 2 pans, 2 wooden utensils, and rack
  • Large size for extra-large portions of fun!
  • Hand-polished stainless steel
  • Sturdy looped handles with riveted construction
  • Dishwasher safe
Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    Multi Colored
Size :    1
Weight :    1.95 pounds
Model :    4265
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots Pans Pretend Play Kitchen Set Kids 8 pcs available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Grocery Cans Play Food Kitchen Accessory - 10 Stackable Cans With Removable Lids

These are great little "can" goods. They are just the right size and the lids even open making it even more real play for the kids. Great packaging and great colors. Good variety of goods as well. Too cute!

Stock a pretend pantry with this collection of lidded cardboard play-food cans and you'll have all the ingredients for colorful, imaginative grocery-store play. Open and close, fill and stack, sort and match the canned food toys-this set has a pretend-play flavor for every taste!

Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Grocery Cans Play Food Kitchen Accessory - 10 Stackable Cans With Removable LidsMelissa-Doug-Grocery-Kitchen-Accessory

See Melissa Doug Grocery Kitchen Accessory (4088) FAQ.

Okay, so i have searched, researched and researched, read numerous comments, compared prices of similar products and these were not what i expected. They are soooooo cute and made of a card board like material that i think will hold up well! my 4 1/2yr old loved the look and that she can pop the lid off the cans - so did i! i only wish that there were pieces made to go inside them that came from m&d. Some of the reviews that i read stated that they wished m&d made the cans to be like the other wood food items that the company make, well i purchased the other items fridge food and pantry food sets and some of the pieces are can food items. If the company made the to be the same way, i think that not only would they be too heavy, but may cause serious injury. The soup can that came with the pantry set feels a tad bit heavy in weight that all the other items and in compairing that to hollowing it out, the thickness, and design of the product, i think it was maybe a good idea to stick with the cardboard-like material. Overall, i love the concept behind this product! -Notice from T. Nancy, Idaho

Click to Show melissa doug grocery kitchen accessory (4088) Details

These melissa and doug grocery are too cute. Don't let the fact that they are cardboard scare you off. Its a very sturdy cardboard and the lids open so the kids can pretend to pour the food out. When you order these you need to also check out the pantry and food groups play kitchen sets. You are going to be thrilled with all of the play food items they sell. I can't stand to buy junk and waste my money but this grandmother is so impressed with all of the melissa and doug kitchen playsets that i ordered!  melissa & doug let's play house! grocery cans

Melissa-doug-grocery-kitchen-accessory-(4088) set picture

- J. AngelicaI bought these for my 22 month old because he needed food for his shopping cart. One of his favorite things to do besides play in boxes is put lids on things. I love how you can put the lids on these. The only problem we had is that they are made out of hard cardboard and hard to smash but my son likes to chew on them and the kids won't go on a few now because it looks like a mouse chewed the tops of them but it was a toddler. Lol. These are well worth the money and very cheap.

My niece loves this she's 6. The cans i thought weren't going to hold up but they do. They are plastic and not wood or card board. She was happy with them. I believe any child would love playing with this even if they aren't a toddler i hope the photo helps

O. Hannah, Arkansas

Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    Multi Colored
Size :    Inquiries - by email
Weight :    0.75 pounds
  • Sturdy and colorful cardboard sides
  • Play food cans that open and close
  • Plastic lids pop on and off with ease
  • Promotes sorting and grouping, color recognition and aware ness of different types of food
  • Includes 10 cans in a variety of sizes and designs
Model :    4088
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Wooden Play Food Set 9 pcs

My wife and i bought this melissa and doug fridge food set for my daughter for christmas, and she loves it. The pieces are all made from solid wood and look very realistic. We love almost everything melissa and doug makes, and this product is no different. After over a month of solid play (and abuse) all of the pieces are holding up well and so no signs of wear and tear. The paint is well applied and does not scrape off easily. My daughter is not gentle with this "food" and they still look brand new. . We bought this set to go with her pottery barn kitchen and wanted something nicer than just your typically fake plastic food. My daughter and i play with these regularly, setting up fake grocery stores and pretending to go grocery shopping and then stocking her fridge when she gets home - just like mommy. We have already gotten hours of fun playtime with this set, and fully expect this to last for as long as my daughter and her new brother will play with them. . If you are new to melissa and doug products, i highly recommend giving them and this product a try, as well as checking out their other offerings. They make many solid wood puzzles and learning toys, all of which i have found to be top notch in regards to craftsmanship, design and the most important of all - fun factor!

Unpack these "chilled" wooden groceries into your play fridge and freezer for delicious food play. Perfect for make-believe play, or as novel manipulatives for counting, sorting and more. Nine wooden pieces include orange juice, waffles, milk, ice cream, cheese, yogurt, bologna, frozen vegetables and butter.

Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Wooden Play Food Set 9 pcsMelissa-Doug-Fridge-Food-Wooden

See Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Wooden Play Food Set 9 Pcs (Melissa Doug) FAQ.

I bought this set to go along with our purchase of the kidkraft retro kitchen for our then 18 month old daughter. I've known the benefits of using wood toys in comparison to the plastic, so the excitement we had when we introduced this set to her was pretty high. Here we are, a year later, and she still plays with her fridge food set every day. I've been really enjoying getting my pretend fix in ice cream from her. :-). The paint has slightly chipped over time, but honestly, they look even better now. Highly recommend. -Notice from H. Emma, Trafford

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I love these wooden food toys. We bought my kids a kitchen last christmas and most of the plastic toys and food items have either been damaged or replaced. The wooden sets are still like new. (we have a 3 year old boy and a 2 year old girl - they can destroy anything! ). They were comparable in price to the plastic sets but much better quality. They are washable as long as you use just a mild soap and don't scrub. We've wiped them down quite a bit and haven't noticed any loss of paint. (obviously they're heavier since they're made of solid wood but a word to the wise - if you have kids that throw things you might want to pick them up - we lost a picture off of the wall when the milk was thrown)

Melissa-&-doug-fridge-food-wooden-play-food-set-9-pcs-(melissa-doug) set picture

- B. CarrieMelissa & doug fridge food seti can't believe i hadn't gotten these before. I own many melissa and doug toys but never had gotten their play food. A girl at my office ordered them for her son and was showing them to me and i went straight home and ordered some. If you have ever owned the cheap plastic and cardboard play food and was not happy with them you need to check these out! they are made of wood and fit nicely in our kitchen set that belonged to my daughter and now my grand daughters play with it. These nice wooden play food will still be around when my grandchildren have children. They are so neat that i couldn't wait to give it to them for christmas. As soon as they arrived i put them in the play kitchen. They girls were thrilled when they saw them.

My three year old loves her play kitchen. She is constantly making us soup, cupcakes and ice cream. I got her the melissa and doug cardboard food boxes last year and she has pretty much destroyed them all. Not right away of course but jumping on them, tearing them, and giving them to her ten month old brother to chew really did them in over the past year. The first to go for some reason, was the refrigerator boxes of milk, butter and cheese. I saw this set during a lightening deal and i would have gladly paid the full price for it, it's that awesome. They are all wood, much like most of the melissa and doug stuff we own and the size is perfect for three year old hands. All of the items are smaller than their real life counterparts but your child will probably not notice. If they are anything like mine, they'll be too busy making us dinner to care. Perfect food set that will definitely last!

V. Angela, Peterborough

Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    multicolor
Size :    3 years-and UP
Weight :    2.60 pounds
Model :    4076
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Ages 3 years and up
  • Promotes creative expression and helps teach basic shape, color, word, and number recognition
  • Includes waffles, milk, ice cream, swiss cheese, butter, frozen vegetables, orange juice, and yogurt
  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Hand-painted wooden food set
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Melissa & Doug Wooden Pantry Products Play Food Set 9 pcs

My 24 month old is crazy for this set, along with the companion wooden fridge foods! she plays with them throughout the day, with or without her kidkraft kitchen. She seems to appreciate the heft of the wooden parts and enjoys leaning the names of the products as she pretends to cook and eat them. She's also packed them along in her purse or backpack on outings, entertained to have them handy on the to. Hands down, these sturdy toys are the best play kitchen accessory investment we've made - with the melissa & doug wash and dry dish finishing in a close second. Buy both and get ready to partake in many a "picnic" on the floor as your kiddo is happily entertained . . . No batteries, flashing lights or catchy songs required :)

Here are some great staples every little chef needs to have in the play kitchen. This 9-piece wooden set of dry goods includes tuna, ketchup, spaghetti, soup, sugar, crackers, salad dressing, mustard and cereal.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Pantry Products Play Food Set 9 pcsMelissa-Doug-Wooden-Pantry-Products

See Melissa & Doug Wooden Pantry Products Play Food Set 9 Pcs (Melissa Doug) FAQ.

I love the melissa and doug wooden toys! i have bought my grandkids the red pots, pans with lids and oven mitts, and these additions to their play kitchen stove/refrigerator help make it a complete experience. These wooden toys feel like they will be around for a long time, and i love the quality and details. Every toy refrigerator needs the bottles of mustard and catsup and the pantry storage has plenty of room for the staples of spaghetti, sugar, soup can, cereal, crackers, etc. All items they see in their own panty. They use their shopping cart and pretend to go grocery shopping for the items to put in their carts, and then put them up where they go when they return from the grocery. -Notice from O. Lisa, Northwest Territries

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This is a great addition to our play kitchen, store, and shopping cart. . Pros:. . Wooden - no worrying about cardboard boxes getting bent. . Graphics - great graphics on the front of the toy, but nothing on the back. I thought it would have been nice to put some information about the food on the back like on real food. Especially in a society where reading labels is a big part of knowing what you are eating. . Shape of the items - pretty good representation of the real items they represents. For example the spagetti is just like a pack of spagetti you would find in the grocery store. . Great value for play food that will last. . Cons:. . Nothing on the back of the items. . Heavy wood could cause pain if dropped on a little foot. . Heavy paint smell out the package. Would be a little worried if my little one put it in her mouth, but she is 5 and i don't have to worry. I point this out if it is purchased for a younger child.

Melissa-&-doug-wooden-pantry-products-play-food-set-9-pcs-(melissa-doug) set picture

- B. PaigeOur set didn't come with the pretzels. We got a yellow bottle of salad dressing instead. No big deal for us. The paint/chemical smell was definitely obvious to me, which is never the case with plan toys items. I can smell them when i walk into my daughter's room. That said, i *am* six months pregnant, so maybe i have an increased sense of smell. We'll see if my husband notices when he gets home! . . The m&d pantry set is pretty good, all things considered, compared to plastic play sets, and the price is less than plan toys. M&d items have more writing on them than plan toys, which are more abstract (if you are looking for something other than english language, plan toys is the way to go, example the m&d ketchup says "tomato ketchup" on it, whereas the plan toys ketchup has a simple, abstract drawing of two tomatoes. ). . The m&d paint is painted on, versus plan toys which is more of a stain in the wood. The m&d stuff is definitely going to chip over time, but for right now, for a few short years, it's a good set for us.

My kids and i love these. My daughters are very into pretend play, but they are also very rough when they play. These toys have been slammed against tables, thrown onto the floor, stuffed into over packed bags, run over with other toys, and so much more. Yes, they have chips on them (several chips happened within the first week), but i don't think that detracts at all from the allure of these as pretend play toys. . Just a fun idea. I bought a tiered spice rack that i put on a shelf for pretend grocery shopping. My girls love to "shop" for their groceries this way. These wooden products stand up for easy display very well. Great set, and i would say this would also be a quality (and affordable) gift idea for a girl or boy ages 3-7.

M. Sarah, Sachsen-Anhalt

Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    See Item
Size :    One Size
Weight :    2.42 pounds
Model :    4077
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • This 9 piece wooden set of dry goods includes tuna, ketchup, spaghetti, soup, sugar, crackers, salad dressing, mustard and cereal
  • Enrich a child's imagination
  • Exceptional quality and value
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Toyerbee Pretend Play Toys - Kitchen Toys 16 Pcs Stainless Cookware Set Young Chef Toy Pans Pots Cooking Utensils Kids

Super cute! super realistic! . These are so tiny, perfect for their little hands! the apron and mitt have been falling apart, it's really flimsy material and they weren't sewed very well. But i love the pots and lids. They feel well made and it really helps my kids get that real cooking feeling. They don't use the plastic ones anymore. Worth the buy if your little one loves to cook with you.

1. The 16pcs tableware set includes pans, pots, pot cover, table mat, apron, glove, stockpot, mixing bowl, pasta ladle, souple ladle, draining spoon and spatula. 2. Kids have fun in their own kitchen creating just like a chef.

Toyerbee Pretend Play Toys - Kitchen Toys 16 Pcs Stainless Cookware Set Young Chef Toy Pans Pots Cooking Utensils KidsToyerbee-Pretend-Play-Toys-Stainless

See Toyerbee Pretend Play Toys Stainless (TP1063-B) FAQ.

I didn't really check the size when i ordered these but after i assembled my daughters new play kitchen, these were the perfect size! we got her the uptown kitchen by kidcraft. Everything is so cute and she loves the apron and oven mitt. I love how realistic these are! -Notice from G. Hannah, New South Wales

Click to Show toyerbee pretend play toys stainless (tp1063-b) Details

Super cute stainless steel set of pans, bowls, and cooking utensils. The "fabric" accessories though (oven mitt, potholder, and apron) are made of an incredibly cheap thin material - my nephew already can barely use the apron because the fabric frays instantly. Clearly a cheap "made in china" product, but the pots and pans are probably worth the low price. Note, they are quite small - the largest pan is probably only 4 or 5 inches in diameter. Again, not a problem for most kiddie kitchens, but lots of the larger play food may not fit.

Toyerbee-pretend-play-toys-stainless-(tp1063-b) set picture

- Y. GinaLooks just like the real thing but in a smaller size for kids.

These are cute and my toddler enjoys them, but they are much smaller than the "other" brand (which we also have). I like that it comes with serving utensils and pot holders and the rolling pin is also cute. My baby enjoys these just as much as the bigger ones and i like the variety

X. Beale, Herefordshire

Brand :    toyerbee
Color :    16pcs
Weight :    0.60 pounds
Model :    TP1063-B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Warning this is a toy set designed for toddlers. kids can play house with this cookware playset.
  • Toyerbee little chef stainless cookware set 16 piece toy pots and pans with cooking utensils kitchen playset for toddlers
  • Material: stainless steel & cloth.
  • Toyerbee is a registered brand, all rights reserved
  • Your little chef will spend hours with the pretend play kitchen sets and imitate how to cook!
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27 Pc Cookware Playset - Primary

27 pc cookware playset - primary

27 Pc Cookware Playset - Primary27-Pc-Cookware-Playset-Primary

Brand :    kidkraft
Color :    Primary
Size :    6.5" x 6.5" x 6.5"
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    63127
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Also includes 4 sets of silverware (fork, knife, spoon)
  • 4 sets of silverware (fork, knife, spoon)
  • Set includes a frying pan, 1 pot with lid, 4 cups, 4 bowls and 4 plates
  • 4 cups, 4 bowls, 4 plates
  • 1 frying pan, 1 pot with lid
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Melissa & Doug Stir Serve Cooking Utensils 7 pcs - Stainless Steel Wood

Got these as part of a package with some pots and pans for my granddaughter. She loves helping out her mommy and it's been a great experience for her. These are well made, sturdy and a joy for any little tike that wants to think they're cooking with mommy!

This 7-piece set brings a professional touch to play kitchens! six sturdy utensils, made of stainless steel and wood, are generously sized to offer a pleasingly realistic effect for little chefs. And all of the tools including whisk, ladle, slotted spoon, spaghetti server, and wooden spoon fit in a metal holder to bring a shining touch to pretend play! durable and built to last, the set is sized to coordinate with melissa & doug s let s play house! line of pretend-play accessories.

Melissa & Doug Stir Serve Cooking Utensils 7 pcs - Stainless Steel WoodMelissa-Doug-Serve-Cooking-Utensils

See Melissa & Doug Stir Serve Cooking Utensils 7 Pcs - Stainless Steel Wood (Melissa Doug) FAQ.

Super cute and durable! these are so good my husband started to put them in with my real stuff because he thought they were mine! -Notice from D. Williams, Nebraska

Click to Show melissa & doug stir serve cooking utensils 7 pcs - stainless steel wood (melissa doug) Details

I bought these last christmas as a theme for her new kitchen set. They are sturdy, bigger in side than the other brands i've seen and they last! we have stuck these in the dishwasher, they have been stepped on by adults. Nondamge at all. My 22yr old was caught using the spatula on the real stove and had no idea it was a toy lol. She thought it was a mini "egg spatula" ha! it survived even real cooking with no damage or discoloration! (i don't recommend trying it just to see lol). If your looking for a set of pots and pans, utinsels etc for a child kitchen that will last? melissa and doug never fails. Every product i've purchased for the play kitchen under this brand has lasted. And i foresee these toys being items my kids might one day out away to save for their kids. Yes, they are made that well. My daughter has cancer and we spend a lot of time indoors. Finding toys to keep her entertained but using her own imagination is important to me. Melissa and doug is a fave in this household. Thank you for providing quality toys. Even if the price is sometimes higher than we want to spend? the items are worth the extra $ because you won't be replacing them. The pots and pans. Anything metal? no discoloration. They are as shiny and bright as when we initially purchased.

Melissa-&-doug-stir-serve-cooking-utensils-7-pcs---stainless-steel-wood-(melissa-doug) set picture

- Z. MaryExcellent quality- the utensils have a nice weight to them and look like scaled down versions of the real thing. My 2 1/2 year old daughter was happy to receive this as a gift on christmas for her play kitchen.

Bought these to go with my kidcraft vintage white kitchen. These are a great size and go well with the play kitchen. I also bought the melissa and doug pots and pans. These are great because they can go in the dishwasher to be cleaned. My one year old love to put the ladle in my coffee mug white i'm trying to drink it. Super cute, but momma needs her coffee.

A. Cageen, Tower Hamlets

Brand :    melissa & doug
Weight :    0.90 pounds
  • Great companion set for play kitchens and other pretend play food-themed products
  • 7-piece set includes whisk, ladle, spatula, slotted spoon, spaghetti server, wooden spoon, and holder
  • Great for hand-eye coordination and imaginative play
  • Sturdy stainless steel and wooden construction
  • Dishwasher-safe, food-grade metal utensils that look like the real thing
Model :    9351
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Kidkraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy (KKR53296) Price : 121.49, was : 0 as 2017-02-14
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Kidkraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy (KKR53296) Reviewed by on

Top kidkraft navy vintage kitchen toy (kkr53296) Content

The F.A.Q. for Kidkraft Navy Vintage Kitchen Toy (KKR53296)

I love the finished product but the directions and supplies need to go back through a quality control check at the factory. 1. The directions say screw "q" is supposed to hold the water faucet down, but there are no "q" screws in the package. Way to waste an hour re-reading and looking through everything trying to find something that isn't there. When i finished putting it all together i see 2 screws labeled "r", low and behold they are the exact size "q" are supposed to be. 2. The directions have close out shots of some things so you see exactly what you're supposed to do. Not so for the hinges on the doors. It would be nice i that was included. I would have given this a 5 if not for the 2 things i mentioned and there are 2 boards that hang out over the back longer than they're supposed to. Plus one piece of cabinet had a crack in it. But. None of that really matters in the big scheme as my 3 year old loves this toy.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: What are the dimensions of the kidkraft vintage kitchen?

(1) Question: Can someone tell me if the vintage "blue" is more of an aqua/turquoise color or a true baby blue? in the picture it looks more aqua to me.

(2) Question: Where is it made?

(3) Question: How tall is counter height? my almost 6 year old loves to cook, thought this would be great for him. do legs remove so i can build platform?

(4) Question: Is this made of wood or plastic?

(5) Question: Is it wood or plastic? is it made in china?

(6) Question: What material

(7) Question: Does it include any pots or pans?

(8) Question: How long for shipping? i ordered the a week ago with prime, and i upgraded to overnight shipping! worried it won't arrive for christmas

(note) Question: where/how to get Kidkraft (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Kidkraft's products


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I have attached some photos to show how thorough they were in labeling everything. The pictures were easy to follow and it went together like a dream. I told my mom i wanted to take it apart just so i could put it together again. That sounds weird, but it was so easy and i like putting things together. My daughter loved it. She is 31 inches tall and can't touch the top, but can get into the little microwave. Melissa and doug stuff fit it perfectly. I wish i had one of these when i was little!

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Best kidkraft navy vintage kitchen toy (kkr53296) in review

Absolutely adorable. My 18 month old loves it. It looks so nice in her room, much more expensive than what i paid for it. It's definitely more of an aqua color which is what i wanted. It is the perfect size for her now, but i think older kids 3 years old may be too tall for this. I am glad it's on the smaller side so that it doesn't take up so much space in her room. The kitchen seems sturdy and well-made, but should definitely be anchored to the wall using the included hardware for safety. Some people stated the catches on the doors make it hard for younger kids to open them. This is not the case for us. The catches make the doors snap shut which is very satisfying for my daughter who is currently obsessed with opening and closing things. I'm not sure why there is no catch on the microwave door, it kind of stays ajar. The kitchen was packed well, no damage to any of the pieces. . My husband started the assembly process on his own, and got pretty frustrated. The first steps involve a lot of tedious steps such as screwing on hinges and attaching the plastic pieces to the wood. He said those steps would have been much easier with a second set of hands. Once i got home and was able to help him, the assembly went pretty quickly. Neither of us are particularly handy and we managed to get it together. As mentioned in other reviews, a magnetic screwdriver and drill would be helpful, but we did without. We did use sandwich baggies and a marker to label the hardware. Kidkraft generously includes extra hardware labeled as such. Make sure you pay attention to which screws you are supposed to be using. The color-matched ones are for the ones that will be visible on the exterior of the kitchen. We had to swap out a few screws at the end due to some of the non-colored screws being visible. The assembly instructions are diagrams only. Most of the pieces are numbered and the hardware is labeled by letters. The hardest part was that some diagrams are a bit ambiguous and so you have to be careful that you have the pieces facing the correct way. Again, this is where having two people is helpful. . Overall, i'm glad i bought this.

Q. Linda, Florida

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F. Sherry, Torbay says

The packaging on this was great and it was really compact for what it turns out to be, so don't worry if you got the right thing. After about 2 hours of me and my wife putting this together it was finally complete. This does take a while to put together and there are some pieces that are very similar so be careful when you put it together or you will spend a lot of that time taking things apart. When it is put together though, it is a great little kitchen! the doors open and shut very well and the locking mechanisms work well and continue working after a lot off use. The only disclaimer i would write about is the microwave door. It doesn't have a locking mechanism like the other doors, but there is an extra one included if you're not scared of drilling a couple holes. What i did was stuck a velcro strip on the door and it works perfectly. The faucet and nobs swivel. The oven nobs have a cool clicking mechanism that i thought was a sweet addition. Also you might want to strap this to the wall with the included straps if you have smaller kids. All in all this is a great kid kitchen and well worth the price.

I. Elida, Halton

Really cute kitchen but it just took me an hour and a half to put together, and i'm mechanically inclined! the directions were good (except the faucet calls for the "q" screws and it's supposed to call for the "r" screws - there are no "q" screws). I took a pic of the empty screw case, it shows the quantity of each screw and nut on the package (over 175 screws and nuts). That being said, the instructions were clear and everything fit well as it should. This is a quality piece and i'm happy with it but i couldn't imagine that it would have taken an hour and a half to put together.

Q. Erin, Redbridge says

*if you have a question i didn't address here, please comment. I can usually reply within 24 hours! *. . I will try to keep this review short, however, i want to be sure i cover everything. First, i have to say that any "negative" is so worth it for his product. That's why i gave it 5 stars. But i will be covering what some of the struggles are with it along with some things i think could have taken it to the next level. . Color. The color on my screen matched the color of the product i received. Of course, screen settings may vary, but you are going to get an aqua/robin's egg blue shade. It's not a "simple light blue". There is a nuance to this color that gives it a distinct retro feel, like there is a slight hint of mint mixed in with your light blue. It's really just the most charming color. Ever. . Quality. These are solid-wood pieces. This was probably better quality than some of the adult furniture in my house. The paining is clean and there were only 2 small chips that are not visible when assembled that were around screw holes. The shipping packaging is well thought out to keep the item from being damaged. Have a garbage bag on hand to deal with the pesky styrofoam, though! . . What's included. Just the kitchen. No pots, pans, utensils, or play food. . Recommendations for accessories. If you want some recommendations, they are as follows:. Pots, pans, utensils: melissa & doug let's play house! pots pans set. Food: hape, playfully delicious garden salad set, hape playfully delicious hamburger and hot dogs, learning resources new sprouts sets (we did health dinner, healthy lunch, and healthy breakfast), learning resources new sprouts waffle time, plan toys breakfast menu. Dress up: kidkraft tasty treats chef accessory set. . Assembly. This is a time-consuming task. I really doubt it can be assembled in an hour, but hey, maybe you are faster than me. This took me 2 hours, maybe 3? at first i was thinking, this is pretty easy, but as you go on, you start to be like. What the heck? suddenly you need different kind of pieces, and it's jarring. But those pieces are absolutely needed and could not have been replaced with anything else that i can think of. Keep in mind, there are no written directions. Pictures only. . I did encounter a few problems with assembly. Some were my fault. . Problem 1) although i started at image 1 for about 10 minutes, trying to be sure i had the board facing the right direction and the was putting the plastic piece on correctly, it wasn't until near the end when i was attaching that piece to another bigger piece that i realized i actually put the plastic piece on the wrong side of the wood! not only that, but when i was first assembling, i wasn't sure if they wanted me to screw from both sides, as there were what looks like more than one set of screw holes on the plastic. So i tried screwing from both sides, couldn't, and as a result, when it ended up being on the "wrong" side, and i moved it to the correct side, you could see two spots where i ruined the wood. So, here's what you need to know: at no point do you need to screw a hole into the wood. All the holes you need area already there. I've assembled a lot of furniture and sometimes you do need to screw the wood yourself in certain spots, so this was the cause of my confusion. . Problem 2) getting the "legs" of the kitchen on takes some serious man hands! i have bruises on my hand from the task. It was very resistant, an perhaps one of the most frustrating and time consuming tasks in putting this together. I actually had doubts i could even get the back legs on correctly because it seemed impossible for my hand to push that allen wrench while holding the leg still despite the resistance for the screw to go in. But alas, i did it. It sucked, but i did it. . Tip 1: at one point, you need to screw these little clip things on. "r" i think. The first time or two, you only need one clip. So i didn't notice as i went on that some of the pieces require this clip on either side. So when i caught on, i had to unscrew and redo. . Tip 2: make sure that when you put the little "nuts" on that you put the wrenchable-side flush against the wood. This will make it easier to hold the nuts still while you screw in the bolts for those pieces. For some reason, i was putting them on upside down at first, which made things more complicated than they needed to be. . Tip 3: have someone help you put on the doors. It makes things a thousand times easier. My 6 year old with autism helped me. . Maybe you have more brain cells than i do and my problems never would have been a problem for you. But if, like me, you have "mommy brain" and aren't always working at full capacity, these tips may save you a few troubles. . Features. The doors "snap" open and closed; i like that they can be securely shut but without needing too much force to open. Seems they found the sweet spot in this delicate balance. The product comes with an anchoring kit so that you can anchor this safely to your wall, if you so choose. "spinnable" microwave. Removable "baking tray" in the oven. Stove/oven knobs "click" when you turn them. Phone with "cradle" . This is my 2 year old's favorite part so far. She keeps picking up the phone and "babbling". Which is pretty amazing since she is speech delayed and doesn't babble normally :). . Size. It wouldn't hurt if it was a tad taller to prolong the length of time (age wise) it can be played with standing, however, it's really a great size for a 2-4 year old, and beyond that, kids can either hunch over a little or sit up on their knees to play. This is what my 8 year old has been doing. Our 2 year old is the perfect height for this. It's on par with the height/size of most play kitchens. . Storage. I was hoping i would be able to store more in the fridge and cabinets, but overall, i can store a few things at a time. For example, i keep the salad kit on one shelf, and the waffle kit on another. Then i have room at the bottom that i could probably stack 2 baskets filled of things. There's another cabinet under the sink where i keep utensils, and in the "open cabinet" under that i keep the apron and chef's hat. I would recommend getting some small baskets (measure to see which size would fit best) so that you can store the playfood in the basket inside the fridge. Or get a container to keep all the playfood in. You can also store a small bowl of fake fruit next the microwave, as you see in the stock image. Finally, we keep the melissa and doug pots and pan set above the fridge, and then a toaster and mixer above the microwave/shelf. . Ideas for improvement. I would love to see them upgrade the fridge to have a fake ice dispenser. We almost got a different set that had this feature, and that was really the only thing that almost swayed our decision. I think we like this one more than we would have liked that one, but it was hard to let go of the ice dispenser, which seemed like such a fun idea. It dispensed wooden ice cubes. Anyway, if they do make this upgrade, please (please please please) a) make it fit into the current "drink dispenser" location b) offer it for sale separately so people who want to upgrade can do so affordably c) send out an email to those who have purchased this so they know it's available. Seriously, if they added that, this would be beyond perfect! . . Overall. We are extremely pleased with our purchase and the kids love it-and that is the most important thing. I think this is one of the best purchases we've ever made. Also, my husband saw it and assumed i must have spent "at least 300 on it" and didn't believe me the price was half that until i showed him the product on online store. It's really an impressive toy!

H. Allen, Oxfordshire

I bought this vintage kitchen set for my daughter and it's so adorable - perfect shade of aqua blue and it's pretty sturdy. With that being said, i'm not a handy person/woman whatsoever and if i can assemble this bad boy between conference calls and bedtime, you can too! . . 1. Use a power drill! no seriously. I saw some reviews where people actually used a screwdriver. Just stop. I value my fresh manicure and my hands so you know that wasn't an option. Just be gentle when screwing in the bolts and avoid torquing the drill. 2. Make sure the screws that you use for the outer body of the kitchen have blue caps (or whatever color you buy) vs silver. The challenging part happens when you're just starting out and you have no idea which board is up or down or sideways. So you may have to switch a silver screw out here or there for a colored screw. After it's been built but it's no biggie. I didn't realize this until after i was done building it and it took a few minutes to correct. 3. Take it in chunks, you'll be way less overwhelmed. I received the kitchen on a thursday night and was finished building this bad boy by saturday night. When i had a free hour here of there, i worked on the kitchen and when i got frustrated or bored, i took a break. Why try to build rome in a day? ! ? it did take about 6 hours but that's because i rarely build furniture, had to correct some errors and literally watched a few youtube videos on using a wrench. Truestory. 4. Secure it to a wall asap before your kid starts whipping up some creme brûlée on the grill. It doesn't take much to tip it over. Luckily, the unit comes with a securing strap and drywall anchors because safety first! . 6. I had a lot of problems with the tightening the nuts on the screws with the midget wrench provided since the screw wasn't stationary - the screw would turn with the nut which was really annoying. So to stop it the screw from turning, i would use the drill bit head to hold it in place.

H. Crawford, St. Helens says

Excellent quality. All the parts fit together easily and the directions were very clear. It took my daughter and i about 2 hours to put it together and that was with a 3 year old "helping". 3 year old is really enjoying it and loves that all the doors open and knobs turn. I like the solid latches on all the doors so that all the pots and pans can be stored away when not in use. The only thing that i would have liked to have included in the directions was when i should use the white topped screws rather than the silver ones. I did not notice this right away, so ended up with a few silver screws on the outside of the kitchen. Rather than try to switch them out, i just found some white paint and dabbed it over the silver head.

O. Anonymous, City of Kingston upon Hull

This took four hours to assemble. Two hours by myself and the last two hours with help. The directions appear to be very well laid out and fool proof but don't that initial impression deceive you. There are some details that should have and could have been better explained to make the process smoother. For example, pay attention from the start to which screws are painted and which are not so that you are not unscrewing and taking apart the kitchen at hour 3. 5 to retrieve some painted screws for the last few steps. The screws are all labelled in a package and appears to be very well labelled, so you may not pay attention to this detail in the beginning but save yourself the headache and constantly be asking yourself, "should this be a painted screw or not? ". Some c size screws are painted. Some are not. . This can mostly be put together with one person but i did ask for help attaching the doors because they go on better if you have an extra set of hands holding things level. I am not very technically inclined and i do not enjoy putting things together, but i managed to get through a lot of this on my own. . I was a little bummed to discover that the oven opens with a side hinge unlike the majority of most real ovens. Small detail but disappointing. Some of the aqua laminate was scratched or rubbed off on some edges so i have a feeling this is going to be pretty beat up in a few months! there are a few design flaws in the pieces that make up the microwave (the side panel sticks out beyond the rest of the kitchen, you will see what i mean). I was pretty bummed about this because it is an obvious flaw that occurred during the design process that should have been caught and corrected during manufacturing , but its not an issue really as long as you dont' look at the kitchen from the side or back. . Once it was all put together i must say that i was pretty dang pleased because it is so gosh darn cute! all the blood, sweat, and tears putting it together were worth it! when my two year old son came down the stairs on christmas morning and saw this set up, his eyes got as big as saucers and he leapt out of my arms to run and play with the kitchen. It definitely has a huge wow factor and makes a great gift from santa. He played with it all christmas day and i was so glad that i ended up getting this. . The fridge is nice and roomy and can hold a ton of toy food. The oven seems like a good size. It doesn't hold the cookie tray from melissa and doug (the oven is about 1. 5" too shallow). I am blaming melissa and doug for that, however. :) we put the cookie tray on the bottom shelf below the sink and pretend that is the oven when its time to bake cookies. My son loves playing with all the different doors and answering the phone while he is cooking. There is really a lot of fun to be had with this toy. . We have it in the color aqua which is pretty close to how it looks on the screen but maybe a little darker. It is beautiful. Has so much character. . I bought this on sale on december 11th for $107. Two days later it was even further discounted for $85 so if you are considering purchasing, maybe watch the prices for a while. . I assembled this in my basement to hide from my son and had to carry it up the stairs by myself for christmas morning. I am sharing that because i want anyone who is hesitant to purchase because they aren't sure if they will be able to carry it up stairs by themselves to know that it can be done. I'm a female 125 pounds. I opened the bottom refrigerator door and put one arm in there and then wrapped my other arm under the microwave and upper shelf.

C. Judith, Maryland says

So cute! my 4 year old loves it but i think anybody who is older 3 years old would enjoy this kitchen very well. It seems like the price changes quite a bit on online store so we kept the item in the cart to see the price changes. We got kidkraft vintage kitchen in pink for around $80 and we think it was a great deal. :). We wish the telephone is somewhat attached so that we won't lose it. But other than that, we are very happy with the product. It so cute and sturdy. My husband was complaining about how hard it is to set up before christmas. But he did it. So great job! :)

D. Noguera, Franche-Comte

If you are searching for a high quality kitchen set that doesn't look like the cheap plastic garbage you see in every kids playroom, this set is for you. It is made of wood and feels very sturdy, i expect it to last for several years. It has a great retro look that my daughter absolutely loves. Lots of storage, latching doors w/ real hinges, and clicking dials. The only downside is that it does take some time and patience to assemble. There is a ton of hardware that must be installed, and you will definitely need to plan on spending a couple hours to put it together right. In the end though, assembly time was worth it because of the high quality and unique look.

M. Joanna, Utah says

We love our kidkraft kitchen. . Pros:. - perfect height for our one year hold. - comes with all the appliances of a real kitchen. - decent quality - but a few flaws. - sink handles turn like you're turning to water "on" and "off". - stove burners click when you turn them to resemble and actual stove. - refrigerator door comes with a spot for water and our new sprouts by learning resources cups fit perfectly. . Cons. - decent quality, but after a few days of use the paint has chipped in a few places. - a few of the doors don't line up perfectly, causing a door to squeak. . Wishes. - i wish the stove opened like an actual stove. - for long term use, the kitchen could be taller, but that's if your kids will play with it beyond age 3 1/2 - 4. . Overall, the quality is mainly what you get for the price tag and it perfect for los. We also like this kitchen because it fits in with our living room and doesn't stand out like some other kitchens.

U. Hurst, West Sussex

Really cute kitchen but it just took me an hour and a half to put together, and i'm mechanically inclined! the directions were good (except the faucet calls for the "q" screws and it's supposed to call for the "r" screws - there are no "q" screws). I took a pic of the empty screw case, it shows the quantity of each screw and nut on the package (over 175 screws and nuts). That being said, the instructions were clear and everything fit well as it should. This is a quality piece and i'm happy with it but i couldn't imagine that it would have taken an hour and a half to put together.

X. Kimberly, East Sussex says

Love this kitchen! i wanted to add a play kitchen for my 20 month old daughter in her play area that wasn't just made of plastic and wasn't too colorful. This one fit what i was looking for perfectly. Its a good size for her age and may be too small for a four to five year old. She plays pretty rough for a girl lol and this kitchen has held up pretty good for a couple of months. My only complaint is that one of the cabinets below the stove is hard for her to get open and gets stuck that she becomes frustrated and i have to help her open it. Also this is very time consuming to put together. My husband took about four hours which is a lot for us but when our daughter first saw it, ran to it and was so excited we thought it was worth the work. She plays with it everyday. I posted a couple of pics for you to view. We purchased the pots, coffee maker, toaster, blender, mixer and food from online store as well and they all are great toys! if your patient enough to get this together then go ahead and purchase!

I. Anonymous, Poole

Ever since i found out we were going to have a granddaughter i've been chopping at the bit to buy her a play kitchen. Her father is a chef and i am a retired chef so needless to say she loves to pretend to cook. My favorite gift as a child from my own grandmother was a play kitchen. For the last 2 years i had watched this style on zulily and wayfair. I compared prices and on a whim checked here at online store. Online store beat all the prices, free shipping with prime and delivered within 3 days. I almost had a heart attack when i opened the box to assemble it and saw what felt like a million parts. My husband just laughed at me and told me to have fun putting that together. Yes it took a few hours but everything and i mean everything was clearly labeled. There was an excellent manual in english and had step by step instructions. Everything lined up with the proper holes. (this has never happened to me in all the years assembling stuff). We chose the pink which is a really pretty pale pink. The quality of the mdf is excellent and has what feels like a plastic type coated paint. It easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. You cannot go wrong with this purchase. I see years of playtime in its future and even passing it down to other future siblings. * do not wait until christmas eve to try and put this together. You will be in a bad mood christmas day having been up all night.

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