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Price was $19.99. Wonderful, wonderful toy! my 15 month old daughter lights up every time she sees it! the paws are easy to press for her and she loves the little tunes. It's a little awkward when the toy says her name or the other personalized items but she loves it and thinks it's funny. It's light enough that she can toddle around with it. The one and only concern is washability. You can't stick it in the washer so you have to very carefully spot wash it. We have been careful not to let her have it around any food/drink or take it with us anywhere that it could potentially be messy. Most plush/electronic toys are like this now so it is by no means a complaint or anything against leapfrog. Only a mild concern to consider with use. I always try to let my daughter tell me what she likes and forget everything i know. And she has shown that she loves violet! . . 11/10/2010 update. Our first violet "broke". One of the paws stopped working (the fun tune green one) and we had a to get a new one. I believe we got it in may and the new one is still doing great. The old one is at her grandma's house for nap time. We also got the new mini violet for when we have to be away from home and she loves that one, too. I still think it's a great toy and will admit that i did not try to trouble shoot with the old one at all. If your child can't sleep without it, i highly suggest having a back up on hand, though!

-N. Anonymous

My Pal Now Embroidered Paws! Give Learning A Personal Touch This Soft, Cuddly Purple Puppy Named Violet! Violet Connects To The Computer So You Can Customize The Music And Personalize The -Leapfrog My Pal Violet

  1. Value: Connect Violet To Your Smart Phone, Tablet Or Computer For Easy Personalization While She’s Still In The Box. Teach Violet Your Child’s Name, And She Will Say It And Spell It With Your Child.
  2. Value: Explore More Than 15 Learning Activities That You Can Personalize With Your Child’s Favorite Animal, Food And Color. With 40+ Songs Available, Sing, Play And Move Along To Upbeat Melodies And Learning Songs, And Get Ready For Sleep With Gentle Lullabies.

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I just purchased this for a friend's baby shower & i can't say enough good things about violet! i bought this for my daughter when she was a few months old (she is turning 6 now) and she still sleeps with it every night. I bough scout for my son when he was born (he is turning 2 next week) and he loves his too! he goes to sleep to the lullaby music every night. I included a picture of the one i just purchased next to my daughter's that i bought in 2010. She's a little worn but still lovable! to the reviews that said you can't wash it and it has to be thrown away once it gets dirty: i have hand washed violet many times with dawn soap, water and a washcloth & i have also used lysol and clorox wipes. Definitely a must have for all kids! Best my pal | Leapfrog-Baby Product Review as-of ( May 2021 ) Value LeapFrog My Pal Violet Personalize the pup with your child's name! personalize this snuggly interactive puppy with a tablet, smart phone, or computer for learning fun with a true friend. includes 3 aa batteries.. Connect violet to your smart phone, tablet or computer for easy personalization while she's still in the box. teach violet your child's name, and she will say it and spell it with your child.. Explore more than 15 learning activities that you can personalize with your child's favorite animal, food and color. with 40+ songs available, sing, play and move along to upbeat melodies and learning songs, and get ready for sleep with gentle lullabies.. Snuggle up with 5, 10 or 15 minutes of lullabies, set at your choice of volume levels. children can learn colors, counting and first words, and explore feelings and emotions with a new best friend. skills learned include counting, colors, feelings & emotions, and words & phrases.. My pal violet introduces a variety of early learning concepts from numbers to routines and music. as a loyal learning buddy, violet prompts kids to interact with her socially and encourages them to talk and sing along to build early language skills.. Download your child's name and favorite things to this cuddly customizable puppy, violet (internet connection required). Listen to any of 5 pre-loaded lullaby tunes, 4 learning songs and 3 playful melodies or select music from an online list of 30 songs (internet connection required). Press violet's paws for lullabies, learning songs and activities with numbers, animals, food and more. Parents can connect to the online leapfrog learning path for customized learning ideas and insights from leapfrog .

Leapfrog my pal violet Review (80 19157e)

I got violet for my daughter last christmas, when my daughter was just shy of a year old. This toy was a lifesaver. My daughter loves that violet says her name (and when violet says "i love you, bella" she says "i love you, puppy" back! ) but what i love is the sleep music! she will play for 2-, 5-, and 10-minutes. When we were starting to go to bed like a big girl (and not letting mommy rock 20 pounds of lovable baby for 30 minutes! ) violet was the cue that it was time to go to bed, and would automatically stop my daughter from crying herself to sleep - she had a friend with her! violet has been in my daughters crib and big girl bed since last christmas and isn't going anywhere any time soon. Now that my daughter is almost two she is really enjoying the other features of violet, like singing "if you're happy and you know it" and doing the action violet says, counting violets hiccups (they're adorable), and guessing what animal violet is pretending to be. The little songs violet plays are really cute and its awesome that they can be changed. And during the holidays she can even be programmed with some christmas tunes! i would recommend this toy to every single parent. I know ours definitely gets a lot of use and is still looking fabulous. -H. Lynette

Leapfrog 80 19157e My Pal Violet

  1. Class: Baby Product
  2. Brand: LeapFrog
  3. Color: Violet
  4. EAN: 1330010689735
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:10.50 inches
    Length:6.75 inches
    Weight:1.50 pounds
    Width:11.00 inches
  6. LegalDisclaimer: Caution. All Packaging Materials, Including Tape, Plastic Sheets, Packaging Locks And Tags Are Not Part Of This Toy, And Should Be Discarded For Your Child's Safety.
  7. Manufacturer: LeapFrog
  8. Recommended Max-Age: 36
  9. Suggested Min-Age: 6
  10. Model: 80-19157E
  11. MPN: 80-19157E
  12. Total Items: 1
  13. Quantity: 1
  14. Part/Serial Number: 80-19157E
  15. Platform: Windows
  16. Type: Toy
  17. Category: BABY PRODUCT
  18. ReleaseDate: 2009-06-23
  19. Size: Pack Of 1
  20. SKU: LeapFrog My Pal Violet
  21. UPC: 885908828167
  22. Warranty: The LeapFrog Product Is Warranted Only To The Original Purchaser For A Period Of Three Months From The Original Purchase Date, Under Normal Use And Service, Against Defective Workmanship And Material. This Warranty Is Void If The Product Has Been Damaged By Accident Or Unreasonable Use, Immersion In Water, Neglect, Abuse, Battery Leakage Or Improper Installation, Improper Service, Or Other Causes Not Arising Out Of Defects In Workmanship Or Materials Of The Product. All Warranty Claims Are Subject To 1) Being Notified Of The Warranty Claim Within The Warranty Period 2) Verifying The Existence Of A Defect In The Product 3) Receipt Of Valid Proof Of Your Purchase Date.Before Returning A Product For Any Reason, Please Notify The Consumer Service Department. If The Service Representative Is Unable To Solve The Problem, You Will Be Provided With Instructions As To How To Go About Having The Unit Repaired Or Replaced If It Is Under Warranty. Return Of A Product Under Warranty Is Governed By The Following Rules. If LeapFrog Believes That There May Be A Defect In Materials Or Workmanship And Confirms Your Purchase Date, LeapFrog Will Provide You With Prepaid Shipping Instructions For Returning The Product. Otherwise, You Must Return Your Product, Shipping Prepaid And With Proof Of Purchase Date, As Instructed By The Service Representative.In The Event That A Product Under Warranty Is Repaired Or Replaced, The Replacement Will Be Covered Under The Original Warranty Or For 30 Days, Whichever Is Longer. Repair Or Replacement Is Your Exclusive Remedy, And LeapFrog's Exclusive Liability Under This Warranty. Replacement May Consist Of Replacing The Product With The Same Product Or With A Different Product Of The Same Value. LeapFrog Shall Not Be Liable For Any Incidental Or Consequential Damages For The Breach Of Any Warranty On This Product. Any Implied Warranty Of Merchantability Or Fitness For A Particular Purpose On This Product Is Limited To The Duration Of This Warranty.

my pal Toy, Now with embroidered paws! give learning a personal touch with this soft, cuddly purple puppy named violet! violet connects to the computer so you can customize the music and personalize the learning with your child's name and favorite food, animal and color. violet comes with 5 pre-loaded songs, or you can select and download your choice of learning tunes and lullabies from an online list of 30 songs. press a paw to play music, learning songs or games! parents can connect to the online leapfrog learning path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning. manufacturer: leapfrog enterprises, inc manufacturer part number: 19157 manufacturer website address: brand name: leapfrog product model: 19157 product name: 19157 my pal violet product type: learning toy theme/subject: learning skill learning: animal skill learning: color skill learning: food skill learning: number skill learning: name skill learning: song recommended age: 6 month to 3 year dimensions: 11" height x 10. 50" width x 6. 70" depth weight (approximate): 1. 85 lb Leapfrog My Pal Violet (80-19157E-Leapfrog).

Leapfrog 80 19157e My Pal Violet Toy

my palLeapFrog My Pal Violet (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This is so cute! i was happy with it for the most part. I was a little upset that i thought i was going to be recording my voice saying my childs name, but it only allows you to choose from pre programmed names. Luckily my daughters nickname was one of the pre programmed names, so we chose that. She really enjoys the toy though and she is 1.

Leapfrog My Pal Violet
Click to see NoticeLeapfrog My Pal Violet (80 19157e)"My daughter has special needs and she currently owns about 4 of these. They get very well loved all day long (a bit roughly) so they tend to break after a few months. But she is really rough with them and uses them to thump the ground with over and over again, so it's no wonder that they eventually break. Not many things could take that abuse. The wires inside eventually get disconnected from the abuse and the buttons stop working. But for typical kids who use these to cuddle with and hug and just push the buttons, these should last a long time. Don't let my review concern you. These are made pretty well. The only complaint we have is the vecroe on the back is too easy for my daugher to open so she can access the on/off switch herself. We would love it if they changed to a zipper or snaps plus velcroe. The backs of our puppies tend to be open all the time because she likes to switch the "on switch" back and forth. But that's a pretty minor critique. The option to download songs and tell it what you childs name is are all very cool. You can choose different songs it will play and tell it what your childs' favorite color, favorite food, etc. It makes it really personal for each child. Very good product."

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Energizer L91BP-8 Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries 8-PackEnergizer-L91BP-8-Ultimate-Lithium-Batteries

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Price :    $19.90
  • Wall charger
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LeapFrog Read Me, Violet

Includes 3 - aa batteries. ages 2-5 years old.

LeapFrog Read Me, VioletLeapFrog-Read-with-Me-VioletWatch your little one light up with leapfrog read with me violet and a complete set of 5 colorful books! this adorable introduction-to-reading experience is designed by our learning experts to inspire and entertain early readers everywhere! read with me violet provides cuddly story-time experiences that help lay the foundation for a rewarding lifelong love of reading. The plush puppy pal makes reading fun with five interactive, read-aloud books narrated by violet. Violet responds to every pet, pat, hug and kiss press a button on violet s collar to start reading and pat his head to turn the page. Violet loves to sing, too! switch into sleepy time mode when it s time to snuggle and listen to relaxing stories and 8 minutes of lullabies. Start your child s reading journey on a cuddly note with an interactive plush toy that helps children develop reading comprehension skills to get them on a path to reading. Build reading skills with a cuddly friend! violet asks more than 70 engaging questions. Learning skills turn reading time into an exciting new experience with this groundbreaking toy loaded with storybooks, music, lullabies and interact-and-respond activities. Read with me violet is specifically designed to provide leading-edge early reading curriculum. Whether you re supplementing the precious time spent reading with your child or providing a new enriching activity, read with me violet helps build a range of cognitive skills. Each of the five storybooks is designed around a unique core curriculum covering the bases from patterns and rhyming to narrative and concept. Violet asks more than 70 questions prepared by early reading experts to encourage active engagement and to build important comprehension skills. The play-based curriculum is designed to delight and entertain, and is appropriate for children ages 2 to 5 years. Leapfrog difference research has demonstrated that the most effective read-aloud experiences are interactive. In other words, children learn best when they are actively involved in asking and answering questions, drawing inferences and making predictions. Read with me violet was specifically developed to bring this interactive experience to kids in a magical way to develop key comprehension skills. As your child reads along with violet, 70+ spoken questions and audio-responses help build comprehension skills that will get your little one on the path to reading success. From reading aloud to reading along, read with me violet reflects best practices in early reading instruction that helps your child develop important language and comprehension skills critical for success in preschool and beyond. -clement c. , leapfrog learning expert innovative learning approach discoveries abound when violet reads out loud! read with me violet includes five different book genres that offer a range of ways to build early reading skills as your child is exposed to different storytelling concepts the pattern book includes rhymes, refrains and repetition to encourage children to predict what comes next; the narrative book takes children through a storyput together with characters, settings and a sequence of events; the learn-about book helps reveal our world through readin, and reinforces the concept that print carries meaning; in the rhyming book, children learn about the sounds of language while building phonological awareness; and the concept book explores concepts like colors to label and classify new information. What's in the box? read with me violet plush learning toy (batteries included), 5 board books, parent guide & instruction book. Br clear "all" includes 5 interactive educational board books: pattern book: let s go camping, narrative book: let s find violet s toy! , concept book: let s have a party! , rhyming book: let s cheer up eli! and learn-about book: let s learn about the weather! br clear "all"

Brand :    leapfrog
Color :    Violet
Weight :    3.57 pounds
Model :    80-19238E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Teaches comprehension, early vocabulary and book and print basics
  • Read with me violet is a cuddly companion that provides the perfect interactive introduction to reading
  • Features 5 interactive touch points, 70+ comprehension questions and 5 illustrated board books
  • Ages 2-5 years
  • Violet reads from 5 included books, asks questions to engage kids and deepen comprehension
Price :    $28.99
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog Read Me, Violet available as-of ( May 2021 )

LeapFrog AlphaPup Toy, Green

Leapfrog alphapup toy, green

LeapFrog AlphaPup Toy, GreenLeapFrog-80-19241E-AlphaPup-Toy-Green

Brand :    leapfrog
Color :    Green
Weight :    0.71 pounds
Model :    80-19241E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Playful alphapup makes a sweet pal with velvet-soft floppy ears that are fun to pet.
  • Pull alphapup's leash or press the music note button to sing along to three learning songs, and press the bone button to learn fun doggie phrases.
  • Colorful stripes on alphapup's sweater double as buttons that trigger letter sounds and names to help teach children phonics and early vocabulary.
  • Teaches the alphabet, phonics and gross motor skills, 3 aaa batteries (included), ages 1-3 years
  • The leapfrog alphapup helps kids become familiar with letters and words while walking. pull along to hear the abc song and learn the alphabet and letter sounds.
Price :    $19.99
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog AlphaPup Toy, Green available as-of ( May 2021 )

LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

Just gave this to my 13 month old for christmas. She really likes all the shapes and colors. Also, she is in the phase where everything in must be taken out (emptying drawers, cabinets, etc) and everything stacked must be toppled. This toy is great for this. I load up the basket and she empties it. . Not sure if the fabric table cloth adds value to the whole set though. The sound on this is a bit too advanced for her ( s and colors) but it has too volume settings, which is nice and is not overly loud or annoying.

Leapfrog shapes and sharing picnic basketleapfrog shapes and sharing picnic basket has over 30 audio responses which helps create unique and different pretend play. Kids can engage in sorting, matching, stacking and filling of the basket unit in various lots of ways. Its vibrant colors and shapes attract kids. Why you'll love it: instrumental music and funny sound effects add to the fun. Age: 6 months to 3 years featuresdeep exploration of different shapes and colorsfun way of learningeasy customization and personalization6. 9 x 9 x 7. 6 inchesincludesfood itemsplatesforkcupblanketbasket

LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic BasketLeapFrog-Shapes-Sharing-Picnic-Basket

Leapfrog Shapes Sharing Picnic Basket (80-19171E) FAQ.

I originally bought this when my oldest daughter turned 1. She will soon be 6 and our youngest is turning 3. This set is still one of our most played with toys even after 5 years. The entire set has held up tremendously. All of the pieces are still intact and in great shape. Our 2 year old carries the basket around the house daily. You never know exactly what is going to be inside but she loves it! -Notice from P. Barbara, Nottinghamshire

Click to Show leapfrog shapes sharing picnic basket (80-19171e) Details

Of all of the toys i have purchased for my daughter, she has consistently played with this leapfrog shapes and sharing picnic basket. I purchased this toy after her 1st birthday. We are now coming up to her 2nd birthday in a few weeks and she has started to sing (well, her attempt at singing lol), the songs played by the basket. Her 4 year old cousin also loves to play with the basket. The plastic pieces (food pieces, forks, cups) are quite large and easily handled by her small hands. The songs are simple, sweet and catchy. As stated, it does teach the concepts of color, shapes, sharing and so much more through music and smiles. I liked this so much, i also purchased this for a friend's child too.

Leapfrog-shapes-sharing-picnic-basket-(80-19171e) set picture

- V. PalmerI was going to order the fisher price picnic basket for my baby back at christmas time even though i had not seen it in person but this one ended up going on sale so i purchased it instead. I'm glad i did now that i've seen the other one in person. This one is large and has much more going on. She loves pulling out all the stuff and chewing on the foods (she's only 9 months). I can see her using this in the future since the basket is bigger and maybe having some educational value then. I have caught her putting the pieces in the right spots on the plate already though (circle, triangle, square).

I don't think my 18-month old daughter could have loved this more. She loves to take out all the pieces, lay out the picnic "blanket" with plates on it, and then put the foods in their correct places. She pretends to bring us food to serve us, and then when she's done, she packs everything back up in the basket and takes it to the other room . For about 10 seconds. Then she comes right back in and does it all again with a big smile on her face like it's the first time she's ever seen it and is just giddy with happiness. . While this playset's tunes and phrases aren't quite as fun and catchy as leapfrog's potsy, they're still cute. And more importantly, they're not terribly loud and i find i can tune them out without much trouble while i do other tasks and she continues playing. And once the fun's all done, everything stores back inside the basket easily. Toys with self-contained storage are always a big plus in my book! . . A real winner of a toy overall, and one i wouldn't hesitate recommending for a baby that's sitting up on their own already all the way. My daughter is a little over 2 now and still loves playing with this toy, and her older sisters like joining her picnic adventures, as well.

C. Nellie, British Columbia

Brand :    leapfrog
Color :    Multicolor
Size :    7.66 x 6.50 x 10.00 Inches
Weight :    2.20 pounds
  • Children build motor skills as they sort, match, stack, empty and fill. store everything you need right in the basket for easy clean-up every time! lift the basket lid to hear sweet instrumental music and fun sound effects.
  • Appropriate for children ages 6 to 36 months. skills learned while your kids play: pretend play, shapes, colors, and fine motor skills.
  • Play and learn with a 14-piece picnic set that includes 6 food items, 2 plates, 2 forks, 2 cups, 1
Price :    $13.99 (was $17.89)
Model :    80-19171E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket available as-of ( May 2021 )

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Sis Bonus DVD

The child we bought it for loved it as much as my daughter did when she was a toddler.

She's the same soft, cuddly friend that responds to baby's touch with silly sayings and sing-along songs - but now sis has smart stages technology that changes the learning content as baby grows! because every baby develops at their own pace, smart stages technology gives you the ability to select the stage that's best for your child. There are a variety of developmentally appropriate songs, phrases and sounds within three levels of play. Sis' light-up heart even twinkles along to the music! smart stages technology level 1 - explore - 6m+ first words and sounds spark baby's curiosity level 2 - encourage - 12m+ prompt baby through questions and simple directions level 3 - pretend - 18m+ imaginative fun and early role play.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Sis Bonus DVDFisher-Price-Laugh-Learn-Smart-Stages

Fisher-price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Sis Bonus Dvd (Fisher Price) FAQ.

My baby was intrigued by this toy when i gave it to him for christmas, but he didn't really play with it. I kept putting it in his pack n play with him, and he has slowly started to learn how to work with it. Now he loves it and it keeps him busy in there. It is super cute when i walk up to see him, and he looks so proud when he pushes his heart or presses the paws. -Notice from H. Shayna, Hawaii

Click to Show fisher-price laugh & learn smart stages sis bonus dvd (fisher price) Details

Our one year old daughter cannot get enough of this sweet toy! the age appropriate settings for learning are so great. The toy's little voice is sweet and not annoying. We love it and would purchase again!

Fisher-price-laugh-&-learn-smart-stages-sis-bonus-dvd-(fisher-price) set picture

- Y. GuestI've bought the boy and girl versions as gifts. Receivers have loved in all cases.

Bought it for a little girls birthday, but my four year old has the boy version he's four and will play with it for hours, as will his one year old brother

X. Rochelle, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Price :    $13.24 (was $20.14)
  • Paws, tummy, ears and light-up heart respond to baby's touch (7 activations in all! ) includes
  • Introduces body parts, colors, letters, counting and more!
  • Includes bonus dvd!
  • Smart stages technology-learning changes as baby grows
  • 50+ sing-along songs, tunes and phrases
Brand :    fisher-price
Size :    n.a.
Weight :    1.10 pounds
Model :    CMV91
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fisher-price product review) for Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Sis Bonus DVD available as-of ( May 2021 )

Baby Socks For Toddler Girls With Non Skid, Best Gift For 1-3 Year Old Girl, Anti Slip Grip Sock From Tiny Captain Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, White

Designed to impress tiny captain takes pride in developing trendy and fashionable products for your young ones, ages 1-3. The ballerina set is cute and colorful for a stylish look all while keeping your baby's feet warm! included is our adorable custom gift box, which makes for a great birthday, holiday, or baby shower gift! these gripper socks have contrasting heel, cuff, and strap colors. Our anti-skid toddler girls socks are made with super stretchable material (cotton blend with elastic strap). Safe non-slip bottoms make them ideal for your angel - whether your princess is a baby, infant, toddler, up to 3 years old! great for all surfaces - indoors, outdoors, wood floors, playground, day care and play areas. When your baby first starts to walk, you can rely on these skid free socks to be very comfortable and durable. Anti-slip silicone design will protect your loved one. Sole grip will last through tons of wear. Practical and functional for rapidly growing babies. Foot size: approx 3. 5 - 4. 7 inches light weight and durablemachine wash safe. Our socks will retain their shape and colors wash after wash and will not deteriorate over time. Backed by our promise the tiny captain seller guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction or you get your money back. No questions asked! we even include a multi-use sock box as a special gift! add to your cart and try today!

Baby Socks For Toddler Girls With Non Skid, Best Gift For 1-3 Year Old Girl, Anti Slip Grip Sock From Tiny Captain Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, WhiteToddler-Tiny-Captain-Yellow-Purple

Brand :    tiny captain
Color :    Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, White
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.25 pounds
Model :    5733506
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Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Baby Socks For Toddler Girls With Non Skid, Best Gift For 1-3 Year Old Girl, Anti Slip Grip Sock From Tiny Captain Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, White available as-of ( May 2021 )
Price :    $12.82
  • Comfortable, fun, and fashionable - these toddler socks won't come of your little girls feet. our elastic strap will keep your baby from pulling these off!
  • 6 adorable and stylish pairs - toddler and baby girl grip ballet sock featuring non-skid / anti-slip bottom. perfect for a beginning walker or little one on the move! this baby non slip sock is perfect for all little girl's spring and summer outfits!
  • Best gift for 1 year old girls - our custom box makes this a best toddler gift set. whether it's for a 1st birthday, 2nd birthday, or baby shower gift. kids and moms approve and love these adorable princess socks and are a great match with any toddler girls baby clothes.
  • Backed by the tiny captain guarantee - return it with no questions asked for up to 90 days
  • Suitable for 8 - 36 month baby - perfect 1 year old girl sock - great grip for hardwood floors - foot size: approx 3. 5 - 4. 7 inches light weight and durable

LeapFrog My Talking LapPup Violet

Leapfrog my talking lappup (violet)

LeapFrog My Talking LapPup VioletLeapFrog-My-Talking-LapPup-Violet

Brand :    leapfrog
Color :    Violet
Size :    11.50 x 10.50 x 2.60 Inches
Weight :    1.10 pounds
  • Perfect for on-the-go play and learning as little ones explore shapes, counting, opposites and colors with violet
  • My talking lappup with violet is appropriate for children ages 6 to 24 months
  • Little ones can lift and close the lid for an interactive game of peek-a-book with violet
  • Learning fun with a lively puppy pal face lights up and mouth animates as violet sings and plays with your child
  • Parents can connect to the online leapfrog learning path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning
Price :    $8.45 (was $13.99)
Model :    80-19198E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for LeapFrog My Talking LapPup Violet available as-of ( May 2021 )

LeapFrog My Pal Scout

Now with embroidered paws! give learning a personal touch with this soft, cuddly green puppy named scout! scout connects to the computer so you can customize the music and personalize the learning with your child's name and favorite food, animal and color. Scout comes with 5 pre-loaded songs, or you can select and download your choice of learning tunes and lullabies from an online list of 30 songs. * press a paw to play music, learning songs or games! parents can connect to the online leapfrog learning path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning. *internet connection required to personalize scout with your child's name and favorite items or to change songs. Learning skills:- first words- daily routines- early number sense- feelings and emotions- animals

LeapFrog My Pal ScoutLeapFrog-80-19156E-My-Pal-Scout

Brand :    leapfrog
Color :    Scout
Weight :    0.61 pounds
Model :    80-19156E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for LeapFrog My Pal Scout available as-of ( May 2021 )
Price :    $14.90 (was $24.99)
  • Press scout s paws for lullabies, learning songs and activities with numbers, animals, food and more
  • Parents can connect to the online leapfrog learning path for customized learning ideas and insights from leapfrog
  • Download your child's name and favorite things to this cuddly customizable puppy, scout (internet connection required)
  • Listen to any of 5 pre-loaded songs, 4 learning songs and 3 playful melodies or select music from an online list of 30 songs (internet connection required)

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

I can't say enough good things about this tea set. I got it for my 2 year old niece and her favorite part is that the teapot really sounds like it's pouring out liquid and has cool colors for the "liquid" inside. It "runs out" and tells them they need to fill it back up, which i believe may have been a button she pushed. It would have been nice to have more than 2 cups considering there are 6 pieces of cake, but i ended up just using some small cups around my house. I could see where this will help with learning colors.

Kids will love learning with the musical rainbow tea party! the lovable light-up teapot bubbles with personality while percolating "tea, " and teaches kids about colors, matching, manners and counting, too! kids will love matching and building motor skills as they play. Host a special tea time for two to learn lessons in sharing. And, best of all, the musical rainbow tea party features 50+ songs, phrases and tea party sounds! age 1-3 years features musical rainbow tea party teaches important preschool skills in a role-play environment. Tea time is a fun way for kids to learn how to share with 10 play pieces, including two tea cups, 6 colorful cake pieces, cake plate and teapot. Learning difference the adorable musical rainbow tea party includes 10 play pieces that teach about colors and matching, manners and greetings, and counting. As the teapot tips, the color moves and gurgles like a real teapot! the lid lifts to reveal a shiny mirror for peek-a-boo play and fun sounds. Plus, enjoy building motor skills while sharing pieces of cake! testimonial "the musical rainbow tea party introduces essential preschool skills from early vocabulary to counting while building social skills like sharing, taking turns and patience. " -clement c. , leapfrog learning expert recommended ages:1 - 3

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea SetLeapFrog-Musical-Rainbow-Tea-SetAttend a tea party with a magical twist with the leapfrog musical rainbow tea party, a 10-piece tea party set designed especially for preschool-age children. Turn the tea time play ritual into an inspiring activity with this colorful set which features a magical teapot that lights up in six rainbow colors and plays fun learning songs! explore preschool skill-building activities like early vocabulary and counting, while developing social skills like sharing, taking turns, manners and more. The musical rainbow tea party features 50+ songs, phrases and tea party sounds. Appropriate for children ages 1-3 years. The lovable light-up teapot bubbles with personality while brewing "tea" and teaches kids about colors, matching, manners and counting. Host a special tea time for two to learn lessons in sharing. Learning skills the adorable musical rainbow tea party includes 10 play pieces that introduce colors and matching, manners and greetings, and counting. The rainbow-illuminated teapot glows in six vibrant colors that coordinate with six matching cake pieces. Little ones will love matching colors to tea cakes while building motor skills as they play. As the teapot tips, the color moves and gurgles like a real teapot. The musical rainbow tea party introduces basic counting and color names with a play narrative full of vocabulary terms that introduce friendly greetings and manners. The lid lifts to reveal a shiny mirror for peek-a-boo play and fun sounds. Leapfrog difference children learn more when they're having fun! as an educational entertainment leader, parents trust us to combine innovation and multiple play patterns to delight children and expand their learning horizons. Our toys provide exciting experiences as part of each child's journey to reach his or her full potential! leapfrog has created a learning/play environment that is developmentally appropriate for children ages 1 to 3 years. The musical rainbow tea party lays the foundation for essential preschool skill building in a delightfully rewarding role-play environment that your child has a hand in creating. Innovative learning approach children can learn to identify and name colors; match colors and objects; develop social skills like sharing, communication and learning manners; and get lots of practice counting with adorable the musical rainbow tea party that lights up in magical colors. What's in the box? the leapfrog musical rainbow tea party includes 10 play pieces, including 2 teacups, 6 colorful cake pieces, a cake plate and lighted, musical teapot. Parent guide & instruction book included. Br clear "all" br clear "all"

Leapfrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set (80-19231E) FAQ.

So sweet! this tea set was loved from the moment it was opened by my 1 year old granddaughter. The songs are adorable and the teapot lights up in 6 colors which match the little tea cakes that the child can serve up for the tea party. The teapot gurgles when poured and then announces that there is no more tea in the pot so it has to be filled again. When my granddaughter gets older she will be able to match the tea cake flavor with the tea that she serves. The teapot teaches counting, politeness and colors. When you lift the teapot lid. There is a mirror so the child can see herself. Many giggles ensue. Perfect for any little girl for a tea party. -Notice from C. Alice, South Dakota

Click to Show leapfrog musical rainbow tea set (80-19231e) Details

My sister bought this for my niece's 1st birthday but my 3 yr old boy loved it! i'm not big on being gender specific, he even has a baby doll named "dolly" but he loves tea parties and anything water related. This toy teaches manners and as a little preschooler he could sure use some. It has music and counting and colors it's overall a great toy! i can't wait till mine comes in the mail so we can host tea parties with our stuffed toy friends by our i mean his. We just all share a bed haha!

Leapfrog-musical-rainbow-tea-set-(80-19231e) set picture

- N. DelgadoNo choking hazards. Cake is delicious. Some reviewer remarked that this teapot has many songs; that reviewer might have received a differently programmed model, because the one i have has 2 songs (my husband says 3, but he can't come up with the melody for this supposed 3rd song, so i'm sticking with 2 songs). However, the songs teach important lessons. For example, one song says, "it's always best to match your tea and cake. Look at all the colors, what matches can you make. If you're having insert color tea, insert color cake is nice. So pour yourself a cup, and have yourself a slice. " honestly, whoever wrote this should receive an award for articulating something i have never heard before. And there's a variation on this song, but i won't spoil it for you here. I've already said too much. Leapfrog musical toys are great.

Cute little tea pot. Purchased as a christmas gift for my two year old daughter. She has been playing with it since unwrapping it. That to me alone makes the purchase worth it. Great size for little hands. Love the learning concepts it offers. I am a fan of leapfrog and have noticed that the few items from the brand we do have are among my daughters favorites. I would definitely recommend. Fun for boys and girls!

E. Powell, Corse

Price :    $16.60 (was $17.88)
  • The musical rainbow tea party introduces essential preschool skills from early vocabulary to counting while building social skills like sharing, taking turns and patience.
  • Practice motor skills serving and sharing 6 cake pieces, then match the cake to the "flavor" of tea you've chosen! lift the teapot's lid to reveal a shiny mirror, play peek-a-boo and hear fun sounds.
  • Lights up in 6 magical colors and plays 7 tea-time songs. brew up learning fun with this pretend play teapot that teaches colors, counting, matching, manners and more. includes musical rainbow tea party and 3 aaa batteries.
  • Kids can host a tea party, hear tea gurgling and see it slosh realistically through the teapot's heart-shaped window. teapot lights up in 6 colors to teach color names, and plays 7 songs. tip, sip and share tea with friends in two cups.
  • Sing-along songs teach manners and greetings; sharing with friends helps kids prepare for new social environments. learned skills include colors, counting, social skills, and matching.
Brand :    leapfrog
Color :    Multicolor
Size :    10.50 x 11.88 x 5.00 Inches
Weight :    1.85 pounds
Model :    80-19231E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set available as-of ( May 2021 )

leapfrog my pal violet Price : 12.66, was : 14.49 as 2017-05-12
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Leapfrog My Pal Violet (80 19157e) Reviewed by on wujus.com

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The F.A.Q. for leapfrog my pal violet

I haven't even opened this, but we bought the green scout puppy several years ago and my children love it. I expect no less from violet! :). . In short: this is a well-made product with the learning technology that made leap toys famous.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Is zoey on the list

(1) Question: Is kenleigh, pronounced ken-lee, on the list of names it will say?

(2) Question: Speak spanish?

(3) Question: Is this for 3 dogs?

(4) Question: What age is this for?

(5) Question: Does this come in a box? last time i ordered it, it was not in a box and didn't work i want to make sure this is an original. thanks

(6) Question: Is catherine on the list

(7) Question: Does this only have girls names or can you access the boys names too? my son loves purple

(note) Question: where/how to get Leapfrog (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Leapfrog's products


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There are so many things to love about the my pal. We purchased violet for our daughter. Personalizing was super easy. We were able to program her name, which is uncommon but found through a different spelling, same annunciation, and allowed us to correct spelling so it played properly for my daughter (and for the littles who have very uncommon name, they do allow you to personalize with a nickname). Programming was easy, you went to the leapfrog site, select your child's name, favorite food, color and animal, hook up through audio jack to your phone, tablet or pc, follow the steps (4 total) and viola! took me 5 minutes. It's very interactive. Spells your child's name, includes name on songs and questions, and as they grow you can change their favorites through the site. Violet is sweet and soft, with lullabye settings allowing for 5, 10 or 15 minutes of song time. I recommend this pup for any child. It quickly became my daughters favorite, and considering the price one of her least expensive toys! the only thing i found difficult was getting the battery/boyce box into the pup and sealing it shut, just took a little patience.

Electronic Learning Toys 110771661, Kids' Electronics 110461661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Leapfrog My Pal Violet (80 19157e) FAQ Content

Best leapfrog my pal violet (80 19157e) in review

We have the 1st generation violet and our oldest daughter has always loved it! when i bought this one i noticed they had made some changes and was a little nervous about what they might be. Would they ruin a good thing? no, they would improve! we love the new time setting on the right foot for night time. Our old one had the options of 2, 5, and 10 minutes. The new one has the options of 5, 10, and 15 minutes. We like the longer time for our daughter. They have also added some new songs, phrases. The best part was that i could personalize it directly from my iphone. Had it done in 2 minutes.

T. Marguerite, Stockton-on-Tees

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R. Clara, New Brunswick says

My 14 month old daughter loves this. She goes to bed and nap with it. She hugs it and kisses it. The night time feature ( it plays a lullaby for 5, 10, or 15 min) is really nice and i believe it helps her to go to sleep. I also believe it helps her to go back to sleep when she wakes up sometimes and gives her some company when she first wakes from a nap or bed. Each paw does something different when you squeeze it. One plays lullabys, one asks questions and plays games, and music for dancing. You can program to say your child's name and talk about your child's favorites. It is soft like a stuffed animal and easily sits up by itself. I really love it and would recommend to anyone.

F. Susana, Kent

I first saw scout the green version of this leapfrog stuffed animal a few years back. I loved it for the fact that my friend that had it had a daughter with a very unusual name and scout could say her name. Well fast forward a few years and our first grandchild is here. This is the first present i bought her. She will get many years of enjoyment out of violet. And i know from my friends experience that violet will be around for years to come.

I. Watson, Massachusetts says

Soft enough for her to sleep with. Just put the lullaby music on for 15 minutes and let the sound put your baby to sleep. There's nothing on the exterior of the stuffed animal for an infant to choke on. The speaker and batteries are kept inside a velcro pouch. I never worried about the baby getting to the batteries. . You can program violet to say your child's name and you can choose her favorite food, color, and dog and violet will sing about them. You also choose songs to sing along with. This is all done after you register violet online and set it up. Very easy to do, by the way. Leapfrog didn't disappoint with the violet stuffed animal. If you have a boy, you can buy the boy version, scout!

J. June, Brandenburg

I was a little concerned finding out after i had purchased it that the personalization is limited. The toy has a list of names, you can't just add a name. So if your childs name isn't on its list or has a unique pronounciation then you may be out of luck and stuck with 'buddy' or another common nickname. I bought it to personalize it, so that alone would have made me return it. I was happy to find that my childs name (which is not a popular name. It's in the 600's on the popularity chart) was not only on the list, but they had 3 different pronounciation options as well. So i worried for nothing. I like that you can rotate out songs, but i do wish it were a bit more educational too. My 1 year old loves it so i can't complain; she's been carrying it around the house all day and dancing to the music. My only complaint with this purchase is that the battery was drained when i received it. It has a sample mode and having played with one at target i know it was supposed to be fully operational upon receiving (meaning batteries included and working). Overall it was a good buy though.

E. Lara, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says

For the price, it is a great buy and a clever idea. Violet sings songs based off of certain information you input. We've given some of these as gifts since our daughter likes violet so much. You can also change the tunes violet sings so you aren't listening to the same things over and over again. I have to admit that i like some of the original songs violet sings. The only problem is i can't really find people to relate to the song in the adult world! . . Very clever idea. I think the only drawback is that you actually have to connect the toy to the computer to change the data, which can be a little effort. They also have a fairly extensive list of names violet will pronounce. Our baby's name was included, but i still wish that violet could just sound out a name that isn't on the list.

W. Franklin, Nevada

My daughter loves this puppy. It is cool that you can program things like my daughter's name, fav color, fav food, and fav animal into it. My only complaints are that the voice of the puppy is a boy's voice and it gives about 5 different "options" of what you want it to sound like when it says your child's name and all 5 sounded the exact same. Lame. Overall, a fun toy that my daughter loves to snuggle.

M. Fabian, Wigan says

I bought violet for my grandchild this christmas and she loves it. When it was 1st given to her i hadn't had a chance to program violet, so my 18 month old grandchild thought she was a teddybear. After reading some of the reviews i was apprehensive about how programming violet would go, but it was easy as pie. I went to leapfrog website and registered violet and begin to program her. Some of the questions were what's her favorite food (the website gave a very extensive list of choices)also color( i made an educated guess based on the color crayon she always chose). Plus, you can pick 5 additonal nursery songs to go with the 5 voilet already offers. Although my granddaughter doesn't have a real comon name (alena)the leapfrog website provided me with 2 different pronunciations. Violet even has a song that spells her name, my granddaughter gets a kick out of it and has begun to try and clap and spell her name with violet. Violet is easy for her to use with her little hands and she can get find her favorite songs really easy. Violet was really simple to program and use. Most important alena loves to carry her around and listen to violet sing. If i had to nitpick something about this toy i would've preferred violet sound more like a little girl and not like my pal scout.

C. Nancy, North Dakota

My little girl (now 18 months) loves this lil guy. She has to have it in bed and it comes out with her when she gets up. She loves pushing the buttons and making her little violet collar light up and listening to the music and talking, pushes it a lot when laying her down and leaving her. Think it soothes her when i leave. But the flickering collar lights and music is real nice. I love how many songs you can put on it and that it says your kids name. Very personalized. Just make sure you have a computer with a usb port. You have to download a program on your computer but it takes you through the process very easily.

Q. Anonymous, Sachsen-Anhalt says

So cute! was very easy to personalize by hooking up to our computer and it says our daughters name, hadley, very easily. We thought perhaps her name wouldn't be available as it isn't super common but it was! it's a christmas gift for our soon to be 6 month old i am sure she will love it.

M. Emily, Yukon Territory

This is an awesome toy! i didn't even realize when i purchased it that it's programmable to say your child's name and incorporates their favorite food, color and animal, making it a truly interactive toy with a personal touch. I love that it plays both fun and soothing music for playtime or naptime, and nap music can be set to play for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Another fantastic feature is the volume. There are just two settings, but the louder setting is great for play and the lower volume is absolutely perfect and soft for lulling your little one to sleep. Violet's little necklace lights up when she's talking or playing music, but thoughtfully turns off during naptime so as not to stimulate little minds to play. This is just a really fun, well thought out toy. My 6-month-old is able to squeeze violet's little paws on her own, so the buttons are not difficult to trigger. The toy is really plush and soft, i love her colors, she has a sweet, childlike voice and overall is just a great interactive toy. Highly recommend!

J. Pamela, Colorado says

My husband and i bought little violet for our one year old daughter for her birthday. She has had it for two months now and she loves this thing! she always takes it wherever she goes, she knows how to press the buttons, and she gets so excited when it says her name and sings songs. There are four buttons, one on each paw. There's a button for activity, which says things like "i'm feeling kind of sad, (child's name). Can you give me a hug? " or "can you guess what i am, (child's name)? " then it makes a sound of an animal. There's a daytime music button, which plays more active music. There are a lot of fun ones that i have never heard before. There's a nighttime music button, which begins by saying "*yawn* minutes of bedtime music. Goodnight (child's name)" then plays a series of soft music for 5, 10, or 15 minutes. You can change the length of time by pressing this button several times. Each time you press it, violet will tell you how long the music will play. Lastly, there's a power button. You can press this to turn violet on or off. When it's turned on, violet will say "hello (child's name)". If you leave violet on for an extended amount of time, she will bark quickly several times and then turn off. Some things i really like about this toy:. - the toy will alert you when the batteries are dying. - the programming is very easy. You go to the website, answer the questions, plug in the cable to your phone, and you're ready to go! easy peasy. - violet incorporates your child's name and interests in everything it does. Even the daytime music uses their name and interests. . My husband and i agree that this toy is one of the best toys we have. She gets bored with her other toys or she gets burned out after a while. Not with violet. This dog is like her companion and she seems to be just as attached to it as she is to us. If you want a toy for your infant/toddler son or daughter, grand baby, niece/nephew, cousin, sibling, a friend's child, etc. , you won't regret this purchase. We don't regret buying this thing one bit. It's a great toy and i really recommend it!

Q. Evelyn, New York

My 9 month old daughter saw this in a local store and just had to have it! her face lit up and she smiled so big when violet began talking to her! . . The flashing collar and cheerful sayings/songs demand attention from babies! . . The personalization is a really neat feature! there are tons of varieties of songs and fill in the blank songs to choose from. . You have the ability to choose favorite foods, colors, animals, and names to be added into songs/phrases! . . My little girl typically hugs violet whenever she sings/talks to her for the first time of the day! . . I would recommend this toy to any young child. My baby girl enjoys this $20 toy much more than any of the other more expensive toys she received! hopefully her and violet will be friends for a long time to come!

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