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Price was $159.99. I own this modular and the pet shop modular, and i built a small modular of my own (about half the size of this parisian restaurant, or equal in size to one of the buildings in the pet shop modular). . This is my favorite though by far. I know that the designers of this modular also made some of the originals that now sell for $800 or more. If you only buy one modular, buy this one. The piece count for the money is spectacular, especially considering the quality of pieces that you're getting. The palace cinema is very similar in value if you only look at numbers, but this set is far more beautiful and intricate. The insides of it are far superior to any other modular that i have seen, and the outsides are unique even among its modular siblings. Lego is making all of the newer modulars smaller in both size and piece count, and this is perhaps the last great modular, so buy it before they retire it. The 2015 and 2016 modulars are nowhere close to this one from 2014. This is one of the best sets lego has ever made.

-O. Franklin

Lego Creator Expert Parisian Restaurant (Lego) It’s Very Busy In The Parisian Restaurant. As A Scooter Zips By, Inside The Waiter Rushes Between The Tables As The Nervous Young Man Gets Ready To Propose The Ring! It’s Just As Toys And Games

  1. Feature: Kitchen Features Blue And White Tiled Floor, Lots Of Kitchen Units And A Variety Of Utensils; Also Includes A Rat And 2 Clams.
  2. Feature: Top Floor Features An Opening Roof Revealing An Artist’s Studio With Heater, Easel, Paintbrush, Palette And Artwork.

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The box was in perfect condition-i had read some reviews about damaged lego boxes. This is a gift so it won't be built for a little while. It has even more detail than expected and am looking forward to the end result. Best LEGO Creator Expert 10243 Parisian Restaurant as-of ( Oct 2021 ) | Lego-Toys And Games Review Feature LEGO Creator Expert 10243 Parisian Restaurant Includes 5 minifigures: chef, waiter, girl and a romantic couple; second-floor apartment features a pull-down bed, kitchenette and fireplace. Kitchen features blue and white tiled floor, lots of kitchen units and a variety of utensils; also includes a rat and 2 clams. Top floor features an opening roof revealing an artist's studio with heater, easel, paintbrush, palette and artwork. Collect and build an entire town with the lego modular buildings collection: 10224 town hall and 10232 palace cinema!. Measures over 11" (30cm) high, 9" (25cm) long and 9" (25cm) wide .

LEGO Creator Expert 10243 Parisian Restaurant Review (10243)

So much fun! they give you extra little pieces and such; just the misc. Pieces. I absolutely love the realistic construction of it and it's been a blast putting together. It comes with about 8 bags of legos, all numbered. The numbering is so that you know how to build it. The set comes with three, three booklet instructions to build it. The first one is like 60 pages. This set will take an adult about 5 hours to build. It would take a kids probably weeks. There is a lot of repetition in building, you build parts multiple times and this can become tedious. I absolutely love lego, and have for many years. . This is a great gift set. A great collectors' set and a set that is fun to build and to play with. I look forward to building more expert sets. -W. Sally

Lego Creator Expert 10243 Parisian Restaurant

Product Dimensions
Height:4.06 inches
Length:22.91 inches
Weight:5.75 pounds
Width:14.88 inches
ItemPart/Serial Number
Must Be At Least 18 & Over To Purchase
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LEGO Creator Expert 10243 Parisian Restaurant
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Toy(673419210294:Toys And Games), Lego Creator Expert 10243 Parisian Restaurant (6900743189120:Lego), It's very busy in the parisian restaurant. as a scooter zips by, inside the waiter rushes between the tables as the nervous young man gets ready to propose with the ring! it's just as hectic behind the scenes, with the chef busily preparing the food. this beautifully detailed building is the setting for so many stories and is a great addition to the modular building series. the parisian restaurant has a fully-stocked, blue and white tiled kitchen with tableware as well as a cozy apartment with pull-down bed, kitchenette and fireplace. on the top floor is the artist's room with a studio that includes a cast iron heater, easel, paintbrush and two works of art by the aspiring artist. outside, stairs lead down to the roof terrace lined with hanging lanterns and flowers where the diners eat alfresco-style. this amazing parisian restaurant model even includes a facade with croissants, clams and feather details that recapture the feel of paris. includes 5 minifigures: chef, waiter, girl and a romantic couple..

Lego Creator Expert Parisian Restaurant Toy

Lego Creator Expert Parisian RestaurantLEGO Creator Expert 10243 Parisian Restaurant (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

What can i say lego is the king and these big kits are the best. I purchased all 4 of the new larges kits for my granddaughter for her birthday and made her a new lego table. These kits take a lot of time and focus, (warning the bags are not labeled and sorted by section) you have to figure it out on your own. A normal lego kit comes with split up into lettered bags a, b, c so on. That the assembly books refer to when putting the kit together. These big experts kits do not. You need lots of room to spread out and sort parts, my granddaughter is 8 and she used paper plate to sort all the parts first. They take a full 10 inch by 10 inch lego square when assembled. Once a kit goes out of production the price shoots up 2x, 3x sometimes 10 times as much. If your thinking about buying one get it now, hang on to it. If you don't use, you wont have any problem selling it later if you don't use it. I am at the point now, when a new big kit comes out i buy it for a future gift rather than wait for the price to get out of sight. You really can't beat lego expert kits for teaching a child or young person focus.

Lego Creator Expert 10243 Parisian Restaurant (Toys And Games) 6061194
Click to see NoticeLego Creator Expert 10243 Parisian Restaurant (Toys And Games)"Hands down the most detailed set i've ever bought. Picked it up for my girlfriend, and every time we look at the completed set we are amazed at the pieces. I think the whole set comes out to just over 5. 5 cents per piece as well, making this one of the best deals to buy!"

LEGO Creator Expert 10247 Ferris Wheel Building Kit

Experience the wonderful lego creator ferris wheel! build the iconic ferris wheel, featuring 12 colorful suspended gondolas with opening doors, ice cream stall, kiosk, 10 minifigures and more. Build the majestic ferris wheel, the star of the fairground! this delightful lego creator expert model has an iconic elegance that evokes feelings of nostalgia, romance and adventure. The carnival has come to town and the ice cream vendor is busy serving a long queue of excited customers as they await their first ride on the magical ferris wheel that towers above the fairground. Slowly turn the crank and watch as the ferris wheel gracefully lowers the colorful gondolas into position for boarding. Raise the boarding platform with a simple pull of the lever, open the gondola door and help the passengers aboard! have fun building this elegant model with an authentic charm and magic that will capture your imagination. You can also motorize the ferris wheel with the lego power functions 8883 medium motor and 88000 aaa battery box (not included). Includes 10 minifigures: a ride operator, ice cream vendor, 4 children and 4 adults. Features a ferris wheel ticket kiosk, ice cream stall, a bench and assorted flower and tree elements. Ferris wheel features decorative elements, ramps, boarding platform and 12 colorful gondolas with opening doors.

LEGO Creator Expert 10247 Ferris Wheel Building KitLEGO-Creator-Expert-Ferris-Building

Brand :    lego
Weight :    6.00 pounds
Model :    6102375
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Accessory elements include a pretzel, balloon, 2 ice cream cones and an ice cream scoop
  • Ferris wheel measures over 23" (60cm) high, 21" (55cm) wide and 14" (38cm) deep
  • Includes an amazing 2464 lego elements; climb aboard the ferris wheel
  • Turn the crank and watch the ferris wheel turn
  • Motorize the ferris wheel with the lego power functions 8883 medium motor and 88000 aaa battery box (not included)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Creator Expert 10247 Ferris Wheel Building Kit available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

LEGO Creator Expert Brick Bank Building Kit 2380 Piece

Step through the arched entrance of the sculptural facade onto the elegantly tiled floor of the grand foyer, where daylight floods through the large, oxidized copper skylight, illuminating the ornate chandelier high in the atrium. Make a deposit with the friendly teller and place the money in the bank's secure vault. Then take the stairs to the second floor, where you can discuss your finances over a delicious espresso in the plush surroundings of the bank manager's office, while next door to the bank, customers are busy depositing their laundry at the cozy, self-service laundromat.

LEGO Creator Expert Brick Bank Building Kit 2380 PieceLEGO-Creator-Expert-Brick-Building

Brand :    lego
  • Bank features an atrium foyer with a patterned floor, chandelier, oxidized-copper colored skylight, transaction counter with hidden alarm buttons and security glass, and a bank vault with safe deposit boxes and a large round door
  • This latest addition to the lego modular building series is packed with unsurpassed detail and hidden surprises
  • Brick bank measures over 10" (26cm) high, 10" (25cm) wide and 10" (25cm) deep and includes 5 minifigures: a bank manager, secretary, teller, and a mom and child
  • Accessory elements include a mug, document, camera, candy, blank white paper, chrome-golden coins, 1 chrome- golden bar and banknotes
  • The secretary's office features a wall clock, desk, typewriter, cabinet with opening drawers, fireplace and espresso machine, bank manager's office features a large desk, banker's lamp, approval stamp, leather-look chair, printed portrait and cabinet
Model :    6135654
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Creator Expert Brick Bank Building Kit 2380 Piece available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Parisian Restaurant Lighting Kit LEGO 10243 Lego set included Brick Loot

Exclusive light kit for lego parisian restaurant set 10243. This hand made light kit will make your lego building literally come to life. Should you decide to use them for some other purpose these light up kits are compatible with lego and other major brand bricks and base plates. Powered by usb. Lego set not included.

Parisian Restaurant Lighting Kit LEGO 10243 Lego set included Brick LootParisian-Restaurant-Lighting-Brick-Loot

Brand :    brick loot
Model :    BL-LUB-10243
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (brick loot product review) for Parisian Restaurant Lighting Kit LEGO 10243 Lego set included Brick Loot available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
  • This hand made light kit will make your lego building literally come to life.
  • Lego set is not included!
  • Fun and will totally tranform your model :)
  • Led lighting kit for lego 10243 parisian restaurant lighting kit

LEGO 10218 Creator Pet Shop

I loved this set. I gave it to my two sons and it was great because they were each able to build their own side. Axel built the pet shop and audrick built the townhouse. They got to enjoy building it without fighting with each other over whose turn it was. (they are 7 and 9). It took them both 2 days to build although they never wanted to stop. I had to force them to go to bed. For myself, i loved the architectural creativity and look forward to purchasing more. My boys added it to their 'lego city' and like to show it off to their friends.

Continuing the lego modular buildings series, this highly detailed, 3-story pet shop building and townhouse with full internal and external detailing is the perfect addition to your lego town. Greet customers with a menagerie of pets and let them treat them with a selection of toys and supplies. The pet shop building features a hinged staircase for easy access, upper apartment with kitchenette and upper loft overlooking the open plan interior below. To the side, the tastefully appointed townhouse features a detailed ground floor with accessories and spiral staircase leading to the upper floor. The attic space features storage boxes and french doors leading out to an elegant front balcony, while the rooftop garden, complete with fresh vegetables, brightens up the rear of the building.

LEGO 10218 Creator Pet ShopLEGO-10218-Creator-Pet-Shop

See Lego 10218 Creator Pet Shop (Toys And Games) FAQ.

So glad i got this. Was on the fence. But lego keeps surpassing expectations. I wouldn't wait as this set will likely be retiring soon. I purchased this on online store when it was still $149. 95 and so glad i did. The set still is available at msrp on legostore. Com. I was going to get the parisian but something told me to go with this set. What a fun build with two very distinct buildings that add color to my palace cinema. This is my second modular and will continue to get more as they come out. The pet shop building is the shining star in this set as more detail is involved there. The brownstone is nice, but since it is really empty, due to remodeling/painting, the building is more aesthetically pleasing than having any real play value. I might look for some unique micro builds to fill the brownstone. I hope we see more modular designs in the future that offer dual buildings like this. I can place both buildings on one side of the cinema or put one on either depending on display preference. I'm late to the lego modular game but am hooked. -Notice from V. Annette, Centre

Click to Show lego 10218 creator pet shop (toys and games) Details

My son loved legos when he was a child. Santa would give him a large set every christmas and he would spend the vacation happily building and playing with it. At that point it was mostly different castles. Now he has a 7 year old daughter and they both love legos. They have a wonderful time building and playing together. I gave her (them) this set for christmas. It's aimed at children much older than 7, but it was perfect for the two of them. She got several smaller sets, too, some that she could do by herself. I loved watching her concentrate so hard and have so much fun, just like her dad did at her age. I love this new city buildings theme. My son sent me a picture when they were nearly done and wrote: "almost finished. It's amazing. Thank you! she loves it. "

Lego-10218-creator-pet-shop-(toys-and-games) set picture

- M. AnonymousThis is the third modular building in my collection. My wife and i build them much like you might spend time doing a puzzle. It's quiet, we spend time together, and we talk. Often, we talk about all of the clever techniques and adorable furnishings and detail that go into these buildings. . This is a great set in general, but especially for a combined build like that. Both buildings in this set add up to a very nice block. I really love the blue color of the pet shop's walls. There is a lot of red, orange, and brown in the modular buildings still available for purchase which isn't bad, but it's nice to see some variety here. . There are some familiar tricks and techniques in this set if you've built any of the other modulars, but as always, there are clever new things showing up as well. The attention to detail is amazing, and once again there are no complaints of substance for me on this set. . Well, except maybe that i can't also get a mini-modular version from lego on this yet. But that's not going to change my mind or yours on buying this. . For a family project, this would take a while, but at the same time it's a satisfying build once complete. I would love to see another set that takes a similar idea to this two-building set and expands the modular street a bit further. But for now, this is entirely worth the price.

Check out the youtube video reviews of the 'pet shop' and you will see most agree this is the best creator build. Since we purchased this one and the expert winter village cottage based on youtube video reviews, i can only say they were both every bit as satisfying as we had expected. Bonus: the sets will probably go out of production in a few years and become valuable to collectors (think double). What other toys can you enjoy and then sell for considerably more than you paid, allowing you to move on to the next generation? nice!

L. Wanda, Derbyshire

  • Measures 10" (25. 5cm) wide and 10. 5" (26. 5cm) high; combine with other modular buildings, like 10197 fire brigade and 10211 grand emporium
  • Kitchenette features stone fireplace, stove, sink, coffee maker and small table, chair and upper loft features skylight, bed and lamp
  • Set includes 4 mini-figures with accessories: pet shop owner, girl on bicycle, painter with paint roller and woman
  • Townhouse features ground floor with mailbox and mail, hat rack, couch, telephone, toilet and access to basement crawl space
  • Pet shop includes dog, cat, 2 parrots and fish tank with goldfish, 3 dog bones, ball, frog toy, birdhouse, bucket and brush
Brand :    lego
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    4657577
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO 10218 Creator Pet Shop available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

LEGO Creator Grand Emporium 10211 Discontinued manufacturer

Features include: tbd

LEGO Creator Grand Emporium 10211 Discontinued manufacturerLEGO-Creator-Emporium-Discontinued-manufacturer

  • Part of the lego modular buildings collection
  • Measures 15-inches high and 10-incheswide
  • Set includes 7 minifigures
  • Features many authentic details of the grand emporium
Brand :    lego
Model :    4657559
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Creator Grand Emporium 10211 Discontinued manufacturer available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

LED Four in One Down Lights 1x4 USB Powered Brick WHITE LED , LEGO, KREO, MEGA Compatible.

Led "four in one" down lights 1x4 usb powered (white led) fantastic item to light up your lego sets. These attach to the ceiling of any build and plug into any usb battery or charger. The bricks are compatible with lego and other major brand bricks. This is the four in one model with 4 of the 1x4 led light attached to one usb. The lego set pictured is not included but shows what you can do with this very cool item.

LED Four in One Down Lights 1x4 USB Powered Brick WHITE LED , LEGO, KREO, MEGA Compatible.Lights-Powered-Brick-WHITE-Compatible

Brand :    brick loot
Color :    White
  • Fantastic item to light up your lego sets.
  • These attach to the ceiling of any build and plug into any usb battery or charger.
  • The lego set pictured is not included but shows what you can do with this very cool item.
  • The bricks are compatible with lego and other major brand bricks.
  • Led "four in one" down lights 1x4 usb powered (white led)
Model :    BL-4in1-Downlight
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Auto Part (brick loot product review) for LED Four in One Down Lights 1x4 USB Powered Brick WHITE LED , LEGO, KREO, MEGA Compatible. available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

LEGO Creator Expert Detective's Office

Fantastic set! worth every single penny. The detail is absolutely amazing. The three stories lift off in sections if your child wants to play with them. Every room is literally bursting with incredible detail to really get the imagination going. And building it was a bit like unfolding a story because there are some clues here and there that hint toward some sort of caper! we have a 9yr old and he had a great time putting it together with his grandmother. It was a great bonding experience and also supplied a great sense of achievement once completed.

Discover a world of mystery and adventure with the lego creator expert detective's office! step through the open archway and into the barbershop, where seated customers are pampered in the reflection of a large wall mirror, while next door, competitors play pool and darts beneath the comforting whir of a rotating ceiling fan. Venture to the first floor and you'll find the detective's office, his desk strewn with clues, a safe containing valuable evidence and a concealed wall compartment. Then visit the adjacent bathroom, featuring a classic pull-chain toilet, before taking the stairway to the well-equipped kitchen, from where you can access the roof terrace, complete with large water tower. This latest addition to the lego modular building series is packed with unsurpassed detail and hidden surprises. Easy-to-remove roof and ceilings provide access to the delightful interior, while the exterior of the building features a decorative roofline and a beautifully designed facade. Can you solve the smuggling mystery? includes 6 minifigures with assorted accessories: detective ace brickman, al the barber, dart player, pool player, police woman and a mysterious lady in red.

LEGO Creator Expert Detective's OfficeLEGO-Creator-Expert-Detectives-Office

See Lego Creator Expert Detective's Office (6100002) FAQ.

I bought this for my 9 year old grandson. He loves lego and can build most of the large sets i have bought him in a short period of time. He and i talked and decided we would look for a set that would be challenging for him but not to the point of frustrating him so we bought the detective office. My daughter set up a table for him and he works for periods of time on his project and just loves it. It is just what we were looking for - very challenging but able to do it. When he finishes this, we will again look for something at this level. -Notice from F. Anonymous, Sachsen-Anhalt

Click to Show lego creator expert detective's office (6100002) Details

For my husband and me, this edges out even the lego creator expert 10243 parisian restaurant set in cleverness because of the cool details, like the pool sign, billiards table, secret hiding place behind art, ceiling fan, fire escape/balcony, pass through walkway, and newspaper vending machine. The architectural details are so beautiful. Great pieces, nice characters, fun build.

Lego-creator-expert-detective's-office-(6100002) set picture

- W. EleanorWe had a great time building this and we are currently working on the rest of the block. This was great as the bags were numbered. On our last expert build, london bridge, the bags were not numbered which required a lot more sorting. Great details in this project. We are thinking of adding some led lighting inside.

I worked with my 8-year on this, deliberately slowing down the pace so that we could take 3 to 4 days to complete it. At this price, you don't just want to "gobble it down" in one sitting. . Is it worth the price? yes. The detail is wonderful. Even after being completely finished, you can remove the different floors and look in each room, rearrange characters, open and close doors (and windows and desk drawers and cupboards and the safes), swivel the desk chair or barber chair, rearrange the pool cues, etc. Additional to that, it helped my child start to understand the value of impulse control - he paid for the product himself by earning the money over a three month period and avoiding spending it on other cheaper alternatives. . The box says 16 years of age or older. What about younger users? i suggest a partnered build - mistakes are unforgiving in the sense, that so much builds on top of other things. For example of what can happen, my child used the wrong color brick early on and didn't discover the mistake until an hour later. He eventually located that brick and had to decide whether to use an alternative brick or to try to access the brick he needed and replace it with the correct one. We did this last strategy and it took us about 20 to 30 minutes to correct the structural damage that resulted. But it was worth it! he learned the value of patience and really paying attention to detail - which is yet another lesson in impulse-control.

O. Zelda, Tennessee

Brand :    lego
Weight :    5.80 pounds
  • Detective's office measures over 10" (27cm) high, 9" (25cm) wide and 9" (25cm) deep
  • Features a pool hall, barbershop, detective's office, bathroom, kitchen, water tower and a cat
  • Pool hall features a hinged, rotatable ceiling fan, pool table, printed dartboard, pool cues, pool balls and a drinking glass
  • Barbershop features never-before-seen scissors, reflective mirror element, 2 wall lamps, barber's chair, hinged cabinet, 2 mannequin heads and broom
  • Detective's office features desk, assorted clues, brick-built lamp, filing cabinet, fan, safe, painting, newspaper, menu, wanted poster and wall lamp
Model :    6100002
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Creator Expert Detective's Office available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

LEGO Creator 10232 Palace Cinema

Build a grand premiere at the palace cinema! it's premiere night at the palace cinema! illuminate the night sky with the spotlights as the child star arrives in a fancy black limousine! gather the crowd on the star-studded sidewalk, then head into the detailed lobby with a concession stand and ticket area! take the grand staircase into the theater with a large screen, movie projector and reclining chairs for 6 minifigures. Introducing the latest addition to the lego modular buildings series, the highly detailed, 2-story palace cinema corner building. This collectible model features a sidewalk of the stars, brick-built entrance doors, posters, sign frontage, a tower with spires and rooftop decorations. Includes 6 minifigures: child actress, chauffeur, female guest, male guest, photographer and cinema worker.

LEGO Creator 10232 Palace CinemaLEGO-Creator-10232-Palace-Cinema

Brand :    lego
Weight :    6.20 pounds
  • Palace cinema measures 15" high, 10" wide and 10" deep; limousine measures 1. 6" (4cm) high, 5. 9" (15cm) long, and 1. 9" (5cm) wide
  • Seat a 6-minifigure audience in the reclining seats; play on the star-studded sidewalk, in the detailed lobby or in the big-screen theater
  • Features brick-built entrance doors, sign frontage, concession stand, ticket area, big screen, projector and reclining seats for 6 minifigures
  • Collect and build an entire town with the lego modular buildings collection: 10224 town hall, 10218 pet shop and 10211 grand emporium
  • Vehicles include classic-style limousine; hard-to-find elements include a red baseplate and dark tan, dark red and gold pieces
Model :    6024474
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Creator 10232 Palace Cinema available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

LEGO Creator Corner Deli 31050

Open up for business at the wonderful corner deli, featuring a colorful, detailed facade, red and white striped awning, 2 opening serving hatches and a movable shop sign. The detailed interior includes a cash register and stairs that lead to a second-floor apartment with a chair, lamp, balcony and access to a roof terrace with tv antenna and a buildable bird. This 3-in-1 lego creator model can be rebuilt to create a small townhouse or high-street flower shop.

LEGO Creator Corner Deli 31050LEGO-Creator-Corner-Deli-31050

  • Corner deli measures over 7" (20cm) high, 6" (17cm) wide and 5" (14cm) deep
  • Flower shop measures over 3" (8cm) high, 3" (8cm) wide and 4" (12cm) deep
  • Small townhouse measures over 5" (15cm) high, 3" (8cm) wide and 2" (6cm) deep
  • Accessory elements include a stool and 2 buildable sandwiches, prepare the sandwiches, open the hatch and serve the hungry customers
Brand :    lego
Color :    Red
Size :    One Size
Model :    6135622
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Creator Corner Deli 31050 available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Lego Creator Expert 10243 Parisian Restaurant (Toys And Games) Price : 159.99, was : 0 as 2017-02-14
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Fabulously well made with outstanding detail! this was so much fun to build and it turned out even better than expected. Details are over the top fabulous from the checkerboard flooring to the flowers to the menu (printed on the brick, not just a sticker menu), to the murphy bed on the 2nd floor. When complete, all three floor come apart easily and reassemble just as easily. This completed project sits in our living room and every visitor has commented on how great it is. The detail is truly french and the design on the outside of the building is very unique - bricks, fireplace and feather & croissant details at the top of the building. The back top floor opens up to have access to the artist's studio, complete with easel and paintbrush and canvases. It comes with a bicycle, trash cans filled with cheese bits and trash, and even a city rat! the drawers in the kitchen open and pots and pans fit inside. Even the fridge door opens. Dishes are stacked up in the kitchen with rolling pin, knives and glasses. Cafe tables on the outside of the building along with the canopy at the glass front door make this feel as if your could actually walk inside, sit down, and order a meal. Plus, it's a very cool homage to paris. Truly a well designed lego piece. One of the best ever!

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(0) Question: Is it really small

(1) Question: What is the package weight for this lego creator expert 10243 parisian restaurant

(2) Question: Hello. what is the orange piece pictured on the right, please?

(3) Question: How many hours total will something like this take to build? . it seems once its built, the "fun" is lost and rebuilding becomes boring? .

(4) Question: Can you shipping to south korea?

(5) Question: What kinds of food items are there?

(note) Question: where/how to get Lego (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Lego's products


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Wonderful set! extremely detailed. Intricate pieces. Wonderful gift! very trusted brand. Definitely recommend! i would appreciate it very much if you mark this review as helpful-thanks! :-)

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Best lego creator expert 10243 parisian restaurant (toys and games) in review

I am in my late 20s and started getting into lego's again when i saw my boyfriend working on his lego star wars falcon. It brought back really pleasant memories from my childhood when i would build intricate homes from my lego's. I did a little research and read lots of reviews and finally settled on this set to be my "back to lego experience". I have to say it was a great choice. The box is filled with prenumbered bags with the instructions laid out so you first work on bag 1 and then bag 2 and so on. Makes it much easier than the lego's from the 90s that did not have labeled baggies. The set is super intricate and very detailed. Each part of the restaurant is very detailed, with the kitchen having ovens, dishes, pots, pans, glasses, desserts, food and etc. This set has become my stress reliever as it requires you to focus fully on what you're doing. I completely recommend it. You will not regret it! :)

I. Julie, South Dakota

You might like to see Lego Creator Expert Detectives Office (Lego) Discover A World Of Mystery And Adventure The Lego Creator Expert Detective's Office! Step Through The Open Archway And Into The Barbershop, Where Seated Customers Are Pampered In Toys And Games
  1. Spotlight: Detective's Office Features Desk, Assorted Clues, Brick-built Lamp, Filing Cabinet, Fan, Safe, Painting, Newspaper, Menu, Wanted Poster And Wall Lamp.
  2. Spotlight: Pool Hall Features A Hinged, Rotatable Ceiling Fan, Pool Table, Printed Dartboard, Pool Cues, Pool Balls And A Drinking Glass.
Purchase Lego Creator Expert Detective's Office (Toys And Games) 6100002 Lego Creator Expert Detective's Office
Or you might like to consider Lego city trains high-speed passenger train 60051 building toy (lego) travel around the city in no time the motorized lego city high-speed passenger train! operate the 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control to power around the curved tracks at top toys and games
  • Properties: Way Station Features Small Platform With 2 Seats, Map Of Train Services, Warning Sign, Lights And A Crossing Also Includes A Bicycle.
  • Properties: High-speed Passenger Train In Total Measures Over 4" High, 30" Long And 1" Wide Front And Rear Cars Each Measure Over 4" High, 10" Long And 1" Wide.
Low-End Lego City Trains High-speed Passenger Train 60051 Building Toy (Toys And Games) 6059265 Lego City Trains High-speed Passenger Train 60051 Building Toy

G. Franklin, Newcastle upon Tyne says

This is my first module series. It's so beautiful toy & perfect product. :-). Everything is awesome!

Y. Guest, York

Bought for 9 yr old - took him 2 days to put together. Nice set with many fun details. He enjoyed the build. If your child enjoys working for hours at a time on lego and can follow the build instructions well, they can build this set. Will likely need to do in stages over couple days.

J. Emily, Bedfordshire says

It was a gift.

U. Pete, Solihull

We have a few of these lego sets that form a city block. My son and i really like to put these together. For us the bigger the set the better. To be more precise the more pieces the better. This set is right up there. The detail is unbelievable inside and out. It is worth getting.

X. Anonymous, Poole says

This one is one of the best lego creator expert sets. I have the detective's office, the pet shop, and the grand emporium as well, but this one is the best. I highly recommend all of the lego creator expert sets to everyone who has experience building legos, as they all have over 1000 pieces. I totally recommend this set!

Z. Bethany, Virginia

I love this set! this was not my favorite modular before i bought it, but i bought it because it seemed to be the only modular set on online store where the price was not inflated. When it arrived, it broke my expectation. This is a truly unique modular building, it is extremely high detailed inside and out, and was very fun to put together! it is also an amazimg value with over 2400 pieces for only $160.

Q. Jarvis, California says

This set might be an aesthetic favorite of the expert series, it's a building with so much personality in person that you can't help but want to imagine the seats filled with minifigs. From the restaurant to the apartment and studio, it's a great bit of fun to put together and slides in wonderfully with the detective's office & the brick bank to make for a wonderful street lineup. . Highly recommended if you've enjoyed any of the other expert series.

K. Nicole, Durham

The lego creator parisian restaurant was purchased for my son's 9th birthday. It was the must-have on his wishlist, and i have to say it's really cool. The price is a bit scary, but when you see the quality and magnitude of the build it's easy to see why it costs what it does. The pieces are in numbered bags, and the build is pretty straightforward while giving a challenging build that will take time. It's frustrating when you purchase a regular set that the kids build in an hour - this one took my builder a few days. It's a great stand-alone play set - we don't have any other connecting street buildings - but are looking forward to adding to the town. The parisian restaurant has three floors, and each floor comes off to allow for play in all three floors at the same time. The first floor is the restaurant, complete with kitchen, dining area, and sidewalk cafe. The second floor is an apartment complete with murphy bed, eating area, fireplace, kitchen, and outdoor patio. The third floor is an artist's loft complete with fireplace, skylights, and artists supplies. This set lives up to the expected quality from the lego company, as well as the detail in the design and build. Any lego fan would enjoy this set.

N. Cathy, North Carolina says

I really love this lego! actually making lego expert series takes lots of money. But it is worthy. And i'm sorry that it has different price between lego official homepage and online store. In case of parisian restaurent has a same price with official shop. I would like to buy another expert series as a pair price.

P. Susan, Oklahoma

We've not seen this structure ourselves. It was a gift for our 11-year-old granddaughter, who lives in another state and who has created in her basement two lego villages, one a summer one and one a winter one, just on her own, using her dad's legos from his own youth. When i emailed her a request to help us rate the parisian restaurant, asking if she was happy with it or had had any problems, here is what she replied: "are you kidding me! ? of course i love it, it's magnificent and wonderful! i love the lego set! "

T. Powell, Sunderland says

An elegant set with wonderful interior detail in the kitchen and dinning spaces for figures to visit. Love the outdoor cafe tables, second floor apartment, and artist grotto in the attic. Includes a couple getting engaged to be married. I learned many new building techniques. Well designed with structurally sound stacking components and a very appealing look in the architectural structure and color selections. I was very pleased with the results. It was a real splurge and i wish it didn't cost so much. But, it is an ultimate building set for an adult or advanced builder.

L. Patton, Reading

I remember assembling legos as a little kid. It was back in the 80s. I saw the lego creator pet shop few years ago, and had fun building it. Now that all packages are numbered, it's a lot easier to build. On one fine saturday, i opened the box and started building them. It was my version of vacation, so i had some beer too ; ) even with that and over 2000 pieces, it wasn't challenging at all. The details are impressive especially if you remember the legos back in 80s. The only "complain" is that it was not very challenging. It took me about 4 hours to build it (i wasn't trying to time myself nor build it asap) and had a lot of fun :d i am a big fan of creator set, and am thinking of getting a different piece!

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