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Price was $146.95. My 8 year old put it together in less than an hour it was great, the teaching room was my daughters favorite room to put together.

-H. Melissa

Friends Heartlake High Have An Exciting Day At Heartlake High Stephanie And Matthew. Ride Stephanie’s Pretty Blue Bike To School! First, Store Her Bag And Her Laptop In The Locker, Then Head To Science -Lego Friends Heartlake High 41005

  1. Attributes: Open The Doors, Windows And Lockers; The Art Classroom Features An Easel, Painting Bottles, Cabinet With Drawers, Table With Flowers And 2 Seats.
  2. Attributes: The Science Classroom Features 2 Benches, A Cabinet With A Microscope, Chemistry Bottle, Books, Blackboard, An Astronomy Telescope, Teacher’s Desk.

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My daughter loves lego friends and she was happy to add this set to her collection! she loves that there are so many different ways to build it! Best friends heartlake high | Lego-Toys And Games Review as-of ( Apr 2021 ) Attributes LEGO Friends Heartlake High 41005 Features basketball hoop, entrance with lockers, deli, art classroom, science classroom, bathroom, a picnic table and accessories. Open the doors, windows and lockers; the art classroom features an easel, painting bottles, cabinet with drawers, table with flowers and 2 seats. The science classroom features 2 benches, a cabinet with a microscope, chemistry bottle, books, blackboard, an astronomy telescope, teacher's desk. Lego friends pieces are fully compatible with all lego system bricks; collect all of the lego friends sets for a whole world of lego friends fun. Lego mini-dolls are lego figures made for the world of lego friends that can be customized and combined .

Lego friends heartlake high 41005 Review (41005)

What can i say about lego, it's great. It was for my 10 year old granddaughter and she loved it when she opened it on christmas day. -C. Hannah

Lego Friends Heartlake High 41005

  1. Class: Toy
  2. Brand: LEGO
  3. Color: Natural
  4. EAN: 5889332811127
  5. Genre: Strategy
  6. Product Dimensions:
    Height:2.40 inches
    Length:18.90 inches
    Weight:2.10 pounds
    Width:11.10 inches
  7. ItemPart/Serial Number: 41005
  9. Manufacturer: LEGO
  10. Recommended Max-Age: 144
  11. Suggested Min-Age: 72
  12. Model: 6024533
  13. MPN: 41005
  14. Quantity: 1
  15. Part/Serial Number: 41005
  16. Type: Toy
  17. Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  18. ReleaseDate: 2013-08-01
  19. Size: One Size
  20. UPC: 673419189514
  21. Warranty: No Warranty

friends heartlake high Toy, Have an exciting day at heartlake high with stephanie and matthew. ride stephanie's pretty blue bike to school! first, store her bag and her laptop in the locker, then head to science class and study plant cells under the microscope, experiment with chemical reactions using the beakers or look through the astronomy telescope. be the star of biology class when ms. stevens calls you to the chalkboard to identify the different parts of the owl's body! help matthew to point out the capital cities on the world map in geography class! then stephanie and matthew wash their hands before lunch. take some sandwiches and juice from the cafeteria and eat in the sun on the picnic table. bring on the creative fun after lunch with art class and an easel, and then have music class with the guitar. after school, play basketball with matthew or go for a bike ride! includes stephanie, matthew and ms. stevens mini-doll figures. 487 pcs. ages 6 yrs. +. Lego Friends Heartlake High 41005 (6024533-Lego).

Lego Friends Heartlake High 41005 Toy

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Another totally cute addition to the legos friends collection. This is an adorable set, and challenging with multiple bags for young girls to build. This set, along with olivia's house, the stable and many of the other "businesses" makes a great village for kids to use thier imagination. This set comes with a boy character, like olivia's house, which is nice so palytime can be expanded beyond just the girls. Thank you, lego, for introducing a girls-oriented playset and for promoting creativty and imaginative play with girls.

Lego Friends Heartlake High 41005
Click to see NoticeLego Friends Heartlake High 41005 (Toys And Games)"My 10 year old granddaughter loves the new lego friends series. Even with all of the pieces to assemble, she doesn't get bored or frustrated with the project."

LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel 41101 Popular Kids Toy

Purchased this for my 6 year old granddaughter. Lego has done an amazing job! so impressed with the packaging, instructions, photos, pieces. This was a project we did "together" but basically she just wanted me there to keep her company while she built all the components. . Totally worth the price!

Enjoy an amazing stay at heartlake city's grand hotel! heartlake grand hotel over 3 modular stories has an elevator, lobby, 2 bedrooms, rooftop pool, taxi, 5 lego friends mini-dolls and much more. Have the vacation of a lifetime at the grand hotel in heartlake city! as the cab pulls up in front of the hotel, help andrea, stephanie and olivia hand their luggage to nate the bellboy who is waiting for them with a trolley. Head through the revolving door and enter the glamorous hotel lobby under the amazing chandelier to start exploring. Collect the keys from andrea's aunt, susan, at the check-in counter and pet the hotel cat. Take the elevator up to the second floor to find the rooms. Which will you choose, the double or the single? check out the view from the balcony and freshen up in the shower before heading to the rooftop pool. Take a dip or relax in the sun lounger with a freshly made drink from the smoothie bar. Later on enjoy cake and coffee at the hotel cafe or get an ice cream served on the terrace by the fountain outside. In the evening give andrea the chance to shine as she sings on the stage of the cozy hotel bar accompanied by her friends on the jazz piano and saxophone. Take the lift to the top floor where nate is spinning some tunes from the dj booth, accompanied by his friendly dog. What will tomorrow hold? at this incredible hotel there's enough to keep them busy for the whole vacation! includes 5 mini-doll figures: andrea, olivia, stephanie, susan and nate, plus a dog and a cat. The three-story hotel features a lobby, reception area, cafe, jazz bar, master bedroom, single bedroom, rooftop pool area, functioning elevator, outside dining area, fountain and a black cab. The hotel lobby features a revolving door, chandelier, reception desk with computer element, cafe and a jazz lounge with stage, grand piano, saxophone and microphone elements. The master bedroom features a double bed, vanity desk and a sliding door to the balcony. A truly amazing and popular kids toy!

LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel 41101 Popular Kids ToyLEGO-Friends-Heartlake-Grand-Popular

Lego Friends 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel Building Kit (6099668) FAQ.

Got this for my 5 year old daughter - definately complex for her little fingers but i myself grew up with lego and was more than happy to spend a week in 1-2 hour increments to build it! the box photos make it look a whole lot bigger than it really is but some parts of it are genius like the elevator and the rotating door. We broke it apart a few days ago and now we're building it again! . Tip: if you have a home which is frequented by many other children watch out for where you store this because the small parts tend to look very appetizing to younger infants! -Notice from S. Guest, Nevada

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I very pleased with the efficiency of the arrival of this set, although it was much on backorder. Came a week before expected. It's listed for 16 year orders and up, but my 9 year old grandson, due to the clear instructions and and diagrams , is having a ball assembling this beautiful, detailed hotel. It's going slowly, but steadily. Sure keeps him positively occupied.

Lego-friends-41101-heartlake-grand-hotel-building-kit-(6099668) set picture

- Q. ParkerWe bought this set for our 12 year old daughter as a birthday gift and she loves it! i as well admire all the details given to this set which makes it our top lego set from the friends line! . . This hotel comes with 5 mini figures, andrea, susan, nate, olivia and stephanie also including two pets of one poodle with a pink collar and a gray cat. This set includes pieces seperated from the hotel such as the very detailed piano that open with a stage and microphone! which allows more accessibility of fun to this hotel! and while the lego friends are outside there is certainly a lot to do as well like settling their luggages on the luggage carrier and having a quick snack before entering. They can also admire the glistening fountain and have a seat while drinking smoothies! but at of all these things my daughter is obsessed with the taxi car which allows her to drive her mini figures to the hotel! the taxi is colored black and purple and on the back it allows the mini figures to store in 1 of their luggages in the trunk of the car. . Going to the front of the hotel you'll see a sliding door which the mini figures can fit in and slide into the first floor. The first floor starts with the check in area with susan and above her is a set of two keys that allow the girls to enter their rooms for the night and in front of susan is a little computer tablet that allows her to check in the guests of the hotel. Next on the first floor is the cafe that can easily be taken off in one piece. The cafe table includes croissants, cheese, cookies, drinks and a coffee machine. . Now in order for the mini figures to go to the second floor they must take the elevator! me and my daughter love the elevator and we think it was a great big and hard to make detail for this lego set. The elevator was quite hard to make and i don't know how my daughter did it but she made the elevator! taking a bigger look at the instructions she told me that it made it easier to follow and build! in the second floor you finally have the rooms where the mini figures can sleep for the night. The first room has a big bed that can fit 2 mini figures. To the beds side you have a little vanity with 2 bottles of perfume, one lipstick, a brush and a little welcome note for the girls. In the second room that connects to the first room there is a bath room with a shower and a toilet and on its side lays a sticker on the glass window that shows a purple bath robe. Next to the bathroom is the next bed, the bed can only fit 1 mini figure and to its side is a flat screen tv which the mini figures can enjoy watching some of their favorite shows. . On the third floor is the roof top which contains a pink table with a fruit mixer a smoothie and 1 bottle of ketchup and 1 bottle of mustard. Next to the table is a pool with a sticker in the middle of two dolphins. Next to the pool is a chair of pink and green that lays next to an umbrella for shade. On the top of the elevator you can see a record player with a disk that really moves and a big speaker on the side of the elevator which allows the girls to listen to the music from the pool! . . Overall i think this playset deserves 5 stars for its quality and many pieces that allows my daughter to have more access to more play and imagination. I love all the details and i will be certainly buying from the lego friends line once again! it was worth the 103$ to make me and my daughters imagination grow wild! thanks lego!

My 10 year old granddaughter received this for christmas and loved it. We like all heartland lego sets. They go together well. No pieces missing and enables children to use fine motor skills as well as visual and of course creativity. The set is teaching her patience, perseverance and accomplishment for not giving up. Definitely recommend. She is on the spectrum and it has been a fun toy and excellent learning experience.

E. Mary, Pennsylvania

Brand :    lego
Weight :    4.41 pounds
Model :    6099668
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Model measures over 11" high, 12" wide and 6"deep; black cab measures over 2" high, 4" long and 1" wide
  • 1552 pieces - for boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 12 years old
  • Lego friends building toys are compatible with all lego construction sets for creative building
  • Includes five mini-doll figures: andrea, olivia, stephanie, susan and nate, plus dog and cat figures
  • Build the three-story heartlake grand hotel, featuring an elevator to carry guests to upper floors, rooftop pool, outdoor café, lobby, jazz bar, guest rooms and more
Price :    $189.00 (was $218.95)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel 41101 Popular Kids Toy available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

LEGO Friends Heartlake Hospital 41318 Building Kit 871 Piece

The lego friends heart lake hospital has 3 floors of medical rooms and equipment to help care for patients. There's a nursery with crib and weighing scales, an x-ray suite with scanner and lightbox, and an examination room with a bed and microscope for checking samples. The downstairs waiting room has a reception desk and vending machine as well as an emergency entrance for those arriving by ambulance or helicopter. Includes 3 mini-doll figures plus a newborn baby figure.

LEGO Friends Heartlake Hospital 41318 Building Kit 871 PieceLEGO-Friends-Heartlake-Hospital-Building

Brand :    lego
Color :    Multi-colored
Model :    6174694
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Build the lego friends heartlake hospital, featuring a waiting room with sliding doors and a reception desk, an emergency entrance, an x-ray suite, and more!
  • Hospital is over 10" high, 11" wide, and 2" deep. ambulance is over 2" high, 4" long, and 1" wide
  • Also includes a buildable ambulance and helicopter, nursery with rocking crib and bathroom, examination room with bed, helipad, anatomy skeleton, and lots of accessories
  • Lego friends building toys are compatible with all lego construction sets for creative building
  • Includes olivia, henry, and dr. patel mini-doll figures, plus a newborn baby ola figure
Price :    $91.25 (was $99.95)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Friends Heartlake Hospital 41318 Building Kit 871 Piece available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

LEGO Friends Friendship House 41340 Building Kit 722 Piece

The lego friends friendship house is the ultimate base for special moments between the friends of heart lake city whether starting adventures or enjoying some downtime. This popular kids' toy features a kitchen, living room with craft table, bedroom with double-sided tv screen, terrace with speakers, barbecue, hot tub, juice bar and a lookout tower on the roof. Outside, there's a swing, a bike with a trailer full of tools and lots of cool features in this converted fire station building including a working pulley, alarm, pole, slide and a garage with opening door. Includes 3 mini-dolls plus 3 animal figures.

LEGO Friends Friendship House 41340 Building Kit 722 PieceLEGO-Friends-Friendship-House-Building

Price :    $55.99
  • Includes olivia, emma and andrea mini-doll figures, plus dash the dog, rumble the hamster and cinnamon the bunny figures
  • Accessory elements include 2 walkie-talkies, tools, guitar, popcorn, pizza, teapot, washing-up liquid bottle, craft box, scissors, artwork tiles, 5 fabric blankets, mp3 player, and cocktail glasses
  • Features 4-story converted fire station with a garage, kitchen, living area, bedroom, roof terrace, performance terrace, side balcony barbecue, working pulley system, spinning fireman's pole and slide
  • Friendship house measures over 11" (30cm) high, 9" (24cm) wide and 4" (12cm) deep, friendship tree measures over 3" (10cm) high, 7" (19cm) wide and 1" (3cm) deep
  • Park 41330 olivia's mission vehicle in the garage, ready for even speedier rescue missions
Brand :    lego
Model :    6213461
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Friends Friendship House 41340 Building Kit 722 Piece available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall Building Set 41058

Head to heartlake shopping mall for a girls' day out! stephanie and emma are driving there in their new convertible for a fun day of fashion. Check out the sports shop and try on a dress in the bridal boutique. Then head to the food court for a slice of pizza before a well-earned relax in the spa with sophie. Take some pictures in the photo booth before strutting down the catwalk in the charity fashion show while the dj spins the decks, all to raise awareness for jungle animal rescue. Phew - what a day! includes 4 mini-doll figures: stephanie, emma, sophie and julian, plus emma's dog, lady. Bridal shop includes a mannequin, ring, diamond, tiara and a flower bouquet. Food court features an italian pizza stand with pizza and wood oven, fast food outlet with sandwich, fries, water bottle, grill and sauce bottle and a cashier with a bill and coin. Sports shop features a mannequin, 2 basketballs, bike, skateboard, snowboard, weights, cap, backpack, tennis racquet, swim fins and a checkout counter. Spa accessories include hair product and brushes, lipstick, nail polish bar and manicure stand, pedicure chair and basin. Also includes 2 palm trees, flowerpots, mall map and leaflet, dining area with fountain and glass panel, heartlake city mall sign, revolving catwalk, dj mixing table, 2 loudspeakers and 3 jungle animal rescue boards.

LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall Building Set 41058LEGO-Friends-Heartlake-Shopping-Building

Brand :    lego
Weight :    4.15 pounds
Model :    6061787
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
  • Dining area measures 3" high, 4" wide and 2" deep runway measures 4" wide, 2" deep and under 1" high
  • Includes 4 mini-doll figures: stephanie, emma, sophie and julian (dj), plus emma's dog, lady also features a convertible car with an opening trunk
  • Mixing desk measures 1" high, 1" wide and under 1" deep accessories stand measures 1" high, 1" wide and under 1" deep
  • Car measures 1" high, 3" long and 1" wide shops measure 3" high, 5" wide and 1" deep lobby measures 3" high, 4" wide and 3" deep
  • Features a shopping mall with a revolving door to the mall lobby, bridal shop, sports shop, food court, spa, photo booth with camera and flash
Price :    $229.99 (was $232.90)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall Building Set 41058 available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Tree House 41122

My daughter (10 years old) put this together last night in one sitting. We agreed it's the best lego friends set she's done yet! it's adorable, and fun. She started to play with it after she assembled it. Really a great set.

Join the climbing challenge at the lego friends adventure camp tree house, with a climbing wall over a large waterfall, turning bridge obstacle, slide, tire swing and a vine. Features a house with kitchen and sleeping area under the roof to relax after an exciting day. Includes stephanie, emma and joy mini-dolls, plus an eagle and a fox.

LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Tree House 41122LEGO-Friends-Adventure-House-41122

Lego Friends Adventure Camp Tree House 41122 (6135867) FAQ.

6 year old daughter loved putting this together and playing with it. Complicated set but fun and easy with a little supervision for the younger builders. Price fluctuates a lot. I got this when it was on sale before christmas. -Notice from A. Erin, Staffordshire

Click to Show lego friends adventure camp tree house 41122 (6135867) Details

I bought it for my granddaughter's 8th year birthday. She loves legos. In fact, most of her presents were people giving her some lego set; however, she really wanted the one i ordered and she didn't take too long to complete it. I'm thinking of getting her a more challenging set. Do you have anything in mind. Please let me know.

Lego-friends-adventure-camp-tree-house-41122-(6135867) set picture

- V. IsabelReally cute set. Was a little challenging for my seven-year-old daughter during certain steps, especially when she was building the tree. She needed a little bit of my help, but other than that, it's a beautiful set.

This lego set is very colorful and pretty; my granddaughter loves it and keeps it on her chest. It was a little difficult to get all the pieces where they belonged but my son and wife figured it out from the diagrams. I liked it because it has an outdoor theme for girls. I would recommend the set to anyone who has daughters (granddaughters) who like the outdoors.

M. Irene, Ealing

Price :    $104.53 (was $123.99)
  • Combine with 41120 adventure camp archery and 41121 adventure camp rafting for more adventure camp fun
  • House accessory elements include a book, saucepan, cup, chicken leg, marmalade and a lamp while the outdoor accessory elements include a helmet, trophy, flags, fishing rod and a camera
  • Balance on the turning bridge and jump on the tire swing to reach the treetop platform or put on your helmet and use the grips on the climbing wall to make it to the trophy
  • Adventure camp tree house measures over 10" (26cm) high, 11" (29cm) wide and 4" (12cm) deep
  • Features a camp tree house on 3 levels of living space with opening windows, a kitchen with opening cupboard, sofa and stairs to an opening roof space for sleeping,
Brand :    lego
Color :    Multi
Model :    6135867
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Tree House 41122 available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

LEGO Friends Livi's Pop Star House 41135

Spend the day with andrea and livi at the lego friends pop star house with ultra-modern design over 2 stories and luxurious outdoor pool area. The open-plan kitchen and living area has a glass fireplace. Livi's bedroom has a glamorous en suite, balcony, and real fabric skirts in the wardrobe for customizable outfits. Includes livi and andrea mini-dolls plus cookie the dog.

LEGO Friends Livi's Pop Star House 41135LEGO-Friends-Livis-House-41135

Price :    $187.00 (was $199.00)
  • Features a modular 2-story house with swivel function for easy play inside, garden area features steps up to the house, a swimming pool, sun loungers, dog bed and a moveable surveillance camera
  • Lower floor features a sliding door to a modern kitchen with an opening fridge, sink, opening cupboard and counter with 2 stools, and a lounge area with sofa, lamp, television and a modern fireplace
  • Lifestyle accessory elements include a magazine, platinum reward disc, guitar, parasol, rubber ring, roller skates and a tv/surveillance screen
  • Pop star house measures over 5" (15cm) high, 5" (14cm) wide and 9" (25cm) deep when closed, and over 5" (15cm) high, 9" (25cm) wide and 5" (13cm) deep when opened out
  • Upper floor features a bedroom with a double bed, opening wardrobe, vanity, tv/surveillance screen and an en suite bathroom with a walk-in shower, sink and a toilet plus opening door to a balcony
Brand :    lego
Color :    Multi
Model :    6136494
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Friends Livi's Pop Star House 41135 available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

LEGO Friends Olivia's House 3315 Discontinued manufacturer

I missed out last year and could only find the advent calendars from people that stocked up to gouge the rest of us that poorly planned, so i ensured i jumped on one as soon as i found it this year. My six year old loves opening up each new day's door and individually wrapped baggie to see what's next. She was a bit disappointed in the beginning and had to bring some legos over from our collection because with just the one piece it's not too fun to play with, but as the days go by, the fun keeps growing. The extra pieces included in most days are a hit as it allows my six year old to share extras from her friends set with my four year old and his city set (extra pieces there too, so sharing is going both ways). She has had no issues looking at the picture and just understanding how the pieces go together to build the day's item (some more complicated than others). Overall it's been pretty amazing to see her take a pile of pieces, build what the picture showed, integrate the scene and play as well as share. My kids do love legos, so that part doesn't hurt at all. Jump on these sets early each year. I hope the friends set changes enough year to year to keep this going- this year it seems to be focused on a scene inside a house and building a table/chairs/counter/etc could be boring next year if they keep the same theme.

Visit olivia's house with all of the lego friends! olivia, her parents and her pet cat live in a big, bright house with lots of rooms for hanging out and having fun. Help olivia to grill up a barbeque for the girls! mow the lawn with the lawnmower. Take olivia's diary out of the drawer or go swing in the yard! then, host a sleepover or have a party! olivia's house is built in sections for easy rearranging. Decorate, customize and rebuild it! includes olivia, mom and dad mini-doll figures.

LEGO Friends Olivia's House 3315 Discontinued manufacturerLEGO-Friends-Olivias-Discontinued-manufacturerHost a party or just chill out at olivia's house, a buildable lego house complete with furnishings and lego friends. This colorful home will engage children 6 to 12 years of age with its realistic appliances, furniture, and accessories. Spend time with olivia and her family in one of the many rooms or engage in one of the outdoor activities, this house has many play options. Plenty of accessories along with your child's imagination ensure there is always something to do at olivia's house. Olivia's house ages: 6 to 12 years pieces: 695 lego elements at a glance: build house section by section with colorful lego bricks movable pieces let kids decorate, rearrange, or rebuild with ease mini-dolls and pet cat, kitty, are compatible with other lego sets various rooms allow for plenty of play options realistic accessories add to the fun view larger view larger view larger the fun begins with the build the olivia's house lego friends set is built in sections, so kids can mark their progress room by room. Have a blast putting together the accessories for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom, and decorate using the included flower pack. With all the movable pieces, it's fun and easy to remodel, redecorate, or entirely rebuild the house. Collect and combine other lego friends sets to create an entire fun-filled lego town. Charming lego friends between the accessories, furniture, and lego friends, it's a full house at olivia's. This set comes with mini-dolls for olivia, her mom anna, her dad peter, and their adorable cat kitty. Place the figures anywhere around the home or on other lego sets-the lego friends pieces are compatible with all lego bricks. Have peter mow the lawn, or have anna bake a treat. Or, gather everyone into one area for some quality time-it's all up to you. Lego mini-dolls are made especially for the world of lego friends and have plenty of hair and fashion combinations to choose from. Many rooms for a variety of activities olivia's house features several rooms, so you can play with her and the rest of the family as they go along their daily routines. Curl up with a book, take a nap, or play with accessories in olivia's bedroom. Check out the realistic shower, toilet, and tub in the bathroom. Create a gourmet meal in the kitchen, or settle down on the couch and watch your favorite show in the living room. The home also features an outdoor garden and rooftop patio so the fun can move outdoors too. Realistic accessories add to the fun olivia's house is full of fun accessories. The kitchen has everything from appliances and pots and pans to utensils and yummy ingredients. Among olivia's favorite possessions are a hairbrush and an oversized diary. The yard and garden are full of surprises, such as a lawnmower, barbecue, flowers, ladybugs, and butterflies. What's in the box olivia's house lego friends set (695 pieces total) and instructions.   olivia's house olivia's tree house butterfly beauty shop city park cafe heartlake vet  

Lego Friends Olivia's House 3315 Discontinued Manufacturer (Toys And Games) FAQ.

This was a truly amazing set. My daughter was turning six, and i was amazed at how excited she was over this and how well she followed the directions to put it together. She's not normally known for her patience but we built this a room a day (there are 4 main rooms) and she stayed engaged and active through the entire building process. For months, she played with it exactly as we built it, but eventually, friends came over and it got broken. She still has the skeleton of most of the rooms, but she really loves playing with all of the accessories (the books, the food, the tv, the grill, the lawn mower, etc). They get used for play with pirates, barbie dolls, princess dolls, and other legos. The set has so many great little pieces! her grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, and brothers all helped a little with the original building process and we all had fun and were impressed! -Notice from S. Linda, East Riding of Yorkshire

Click to Show lego friends olivia's house 3315 discontinued manufacturer (toys and games) Details

Was not as difficult as it looked. . Many very small pieces. . Too many flowers that 'clash' with each other as they are every different type of flower build type possible. But since there are so many you can eliminate some and still have plenty throughout. . The rooms are a bit smaller than i thought they'd be but those who are used to lego modular/structure builds i think they're the same scale as usual. . It was weird that the only male figure has a printed/unremovable beard but the two female figures can be any age. . It is on the smaller side for real dollhouse play, but is still fun anyway because of all the moving parts and storage components. The swingset really swings, and the dolls can grasp the rope so they don't slide right off like most of the furniture. . The walls are made up of mostly panels rather than a bunch of smaller bricks, i guess to make the large decals fit and probably also to make it a simpler build. . The bathroom mirror decal is actually reflective. . The butterflies, ladybugs and rosebuds are all about the same size and shape and are identical bright red so they can sometimes seem to be just red blobs scattered about, so i didn't really care for them. Individually they're all fine but when looking at all three in one scene it doesn't look right for some reason. I decided to keep the roses and am thinking of painting the butterflies to look a bit more realistic, and adding black dots to the ladybugs with my sharpie. . Overall a great set, easy build and lots of playtime.

Lego-friends-olivia's-house-3315-discontinued-manufacturer-(toys-and-games) set picture

- Q. NogueraThis set is absolutely fantastic. My 8-year-old daughter spent about four hours over several days building all of the "rooms", and loves to play with the set often now that it is put together. She loves that the rooms can be moved so that the house has a different look. The quality is fantastic. I never worry about the quality of lego toys. The colors are vivid, and there are so many adorable, complex details (such as tiny drawers that open and close, the grill that opens, the lawn mower that can be pushed, and the swiveling chairs, in addition to many others). This is my daughter's favorite lego friends set, and mine as well! and i don't see any reason why a boy wouldn't enjoy this, too. For any child who loves lego sets, this is a great addition to any collection. So much fun!

We bought this for our daughter's fourth birthday and it was an instant and lasting hit. First we spent a few days building it step-by-step from the instructions. She did all the building herself, but at this age she definitely needed a parent sitting with her and helping her figure out each step. She learned to read numbers and developed her spacial reasoning skills in the process. She was extremely proud of the finished product, and so were we. It's beautiful, with lots of decorative touches and props to play with. Since then she's spent many, many hours playing with it, and mixes in things she builds with her regular lego blocks. We've built cars, helicopters, boats, swimming pools, etc to add to the house, and she loves playing with the people and props.

I. Jessica, Nevada

Brand :    lego
Weight :    1.50 pounds
Model :    4653125
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Friends Olivia's House 3315 Discontinued manufacturer available as-of ( Apr 2021 )
Price :    $130.00 (was $160.82)
  • Furniture includes shower, toilet, sink, bed, vanity, couch, sofa chair, coffee table, tv, refrigerator with opening door, cabinets, oven, sink, kitchen table and chairs, oliviaes house is built in sections to easily rearrange for custom creation
  • Accessories include diary, hairbrush, blender, salt and pepper shakers, frying pan, spatula, muffin tins, mixer, utensils, baking tray, bowl, sausage, chicken drumstick, carrots, apple, bunch of cherries, milk carton and flower accessory pack
  • Lego friends pieces are fully compatible with all lego system bricks
  • Includes cat kitty and mini-doll figures: olivia, mom (anna) and dad (peter) and features kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, barbecue, rooftop patio and outdoor table
  • Collect all of the lego friends sets for whole world of lego friends fun

LEGO Friends 41095 Emma's House

Fun to build (for an adult), with several clever architecture/design elements not seen in previous sets. Always good to get some adult minifigures, especially a male, for the friends ecosystem. Wish it were more playable for the kiddos, for whom these sets are meant, but this factor will vary from family to family.

Build and customize your dream family home with a modern edge! lego friends emma's house shows off all the creative skills of emma's family. Prepare a tasty meal in their state-of-the-art kitchen, using vegetables grown in their own garden and fresh ingredients from the opening fridge. Then sit the family down in the living room to watch a movie together on the flat-screen tv. Emma loves having her friends over to hang out in her bedroom, which she designed herself, and admire the view from her balcony. Help her practice with her make-up in front of the big vanity mirror after a nice long bubble bath in the bathroom. Do some painting in the beautiful zen garden, which has a birdhouse for her pet bird, or host a barbecue with friends on the relaxing roof terrace. Combine with 41090 olivia's garden pool for even more fun in the garden. Includes 3 mini-doll figures: emma, mom charlotte and dad luis, plus her pet bird.

LEGO Friends 41095 Emma's HouseLEGO-Friends-41095-Emmas-House

Lego Friends 41095 Emma's House (6099651) FAQ.

Had 1 one happy grandaughter at christmas! we tried to get it local, but the box had been opened, so back to reliable online store once again. Legos really spark the creativity in young kids, and is so much better than playing video games, and watching you tube. -Notice from G. Pete, Rheinland-Pfalz

Click to Show lego friends 41095 emma's house (6099651) Details

My daughter is a huge lego fan. She loves the detail of this house as it has appliances that open and chairs that recline. There is an art easel with paints for the lego figurine. This is a plus, because my daughter loves art. I am very impressed with the amount of detail of this lego set. We put it together as a family and it was so much fun. Love this set and would recommend to girls ages 7 and up.

Lego-friends-41095-emma's-house-(6099651) set picture

- F. ElidaI purchased this for my granddaughter's 8th birthday. She was thrilled. She has several lego friends sets and really enjoys building and playing with them. I like them because they foster coordination skills and imaginative play. (can you tell i taught primary grades for 30 years? )

I really enjoyed constructing emma's house, a lot of détails and accessories. I love the color of the house to. I am making a village of the houses lego offers, i am 66 years old and found lego is a great passtime, didn't have that when i was younger.

N. Harrison, Trafford

Brand :    lego
Weight :    3.04 pounds
  • Features a modular house with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, attic room, roof terrace, balcony, garden and a bicycle
  • Kitchen features an opening fridge, opening dishwasher, sink, drawer, hob, table with 3 chairs and a lamp
  • Emma's house measures over 8" high, 9" wide and 7" deep; bicycle measures over 1" (3cm) high, 1" (5cm) long and under 1" (1cm) wide
  • Combine with 41090 olivia's garden pool for the ultimate garden party!
  • Includes 3 mini-doll figures: emma, mom charlotte and dad luis, plus her pet bird
Price :    $122.99 (was $127.90)
Model :    6099651
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Friends 41095 Emma's House available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

LEGO Friends 41037 Stephanie's Beach House, 369 Pcs

My 6 year old daughter wants her own legos so badly. When i found this great beach house on sale i was happy to get this for her birthday. This is a great product with lots of pieces. I am so excited to give it to her and can't wait to see what she will make with all these pieces. The accents look so cute she is going to love them!

Open the door to stephanie's beach house! stephanie and kate have come here for the weekend. Take kate up to the terrace while stephanie heads out on the windsurfer. Later, it's time to watch some tv, listen to the latest hits on the radio and prepare dinner in the kitchen. Convert the sofa into a bed and get ready for a cozy night in - and lots more adventures tomorrow! includes stephanie and kate mini-doll figures.

LEGO Friends 41037 Stephanie's Beach House, 369 PcsLEGO-Friends-41037-Stephanies-Beach

Lego Friends 41037 Stephanie's Beach House, 369 Pcs (Toys And Games) FAQ.

My daughters (ages 8 and 13) have a field day with the lego friends products. They particularly loved this beach house. It has so many adorable moving parts. They took a full two hours to lovingly and happily put it together. It looked absolutely beautiful and high quality once it was complete. No parts were missing. No parts broke in the process. They play with it or admire it every single day. I don't mind spending money on the lego friends toy products. Highly recommended. -Notice from S. Anonymous, Tameside

Click to Show lego friends 41037 stephanie's beach house, 369 pcs (toys and games) Details

This was about $43 at my local kmart. When i saw that it was on sale and only $29 on online store i immediately purchased it for my 6 year old who has recently gotten into the wonderful educational world of lego. I'm happy my daughter has gotten into legos because it is great for her thinking skills. Educational and fun, if you ask me!

Lego-friends-41037-stephanie's-beach-house,-369-pcs-(toys-and-games) set picture

- M. ElidaA very cute set, assembled (with help) by my 5 year old daughter. Very cute set, great as a starter set or as an addition. Also loved by my 8 year old. Very versatile set for the price, as it can be used as a dollhouse and also includes outside play. My girls love the surfboard with and without the sail. Very happy with this product.

This was a really fun birthday gift for my 6 year old granddaughter. We had fun putting it together. She was able to do it herself with help, all it took was someone sitting with her and pointing at the instructions with pacience. It was a nice size and really cute. It's a great addition to the set she already had. Would definitely buy it again and will be buying other sets to complete her play.

I. Ruff, Croydon

Brand :    lego
Weight :    1.38 pounds
  • Includes stephanie and kate mini-doll figures; also includes a windsurfer and stephanie's summer hat
  • Two-story building features a terrace with swiveling chairs, kitchen with a bar, jetty, outside stairs leading to the upper floor
  • Also features a bedroom with tv, radio, bunk/sofa bed, bathroom with toilet and shower with a palm leaf and a balcony with a telescope
  • Beach house measures over 7" high, 7" wide and 6" deep; windsurfer measures over 3" high, 3" long and under 1" wide
  • Head out on the windsurfer and catch some waves! chill out on the bed or sofa, watch tv or listen to the radio! look at the stars through the telescope
Price :    $79.86 (was $109.99)
Model :    6059305
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (lego product review) for LEGO Friends 41037 Stephanie's Beach House, 369 Pcs available as-of ( Apr 2021 )

lego friends heartlake high 41005 Price : 104.09, was : 134 as 2018-03-31
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Lego Friends Heartlake High 41005 (Toys And Games) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for lego friends heartlake high 41005

My (9 year old) granddaughter loves the lego town and these have been worth the money. I leave them set up on a table and she not only enjoys building them, she plays with them often after they are built.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Does this set require the use of stickers or the lego pieces have pictures already engraved?

(1) Question: Would this be good for a boy?

(2) Question: Do we have to collect other things for the toy or it has everything?

(3) Question: Hi there, is it possible to ship the lego friends heartlake high 41005 to moldova (code md-2044)? how much would it cost? thanks.

(4) Question: What are the dimensions when assembled?

(5) Question: Is there any chance you have any extras? i need 3 but your stock only says 2.

(6) Question: When would it be here if we ordered free day shipping on april 12, 2015

(7) Question: Is this box factory sealed?

(note) Question: where/how to get Lego (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Lego's products

Building Sets 110990661, Building Toys 110290661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Lego Friends Heartlake High 41005 (Toys And Games) FAQ Content

Best lego friends heartlake high 41005 (toys and games) in review

Great addition to the lego friends collection! perfect skill level for my 8 year old- it took her about 2 evenings to complete (working around 2 hours each night). Lots of cute little extras like the apple for the teacher, basketball and hoop, etc.

Y. Lisa, Franche-Comte

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U. Hakala, Connecticut says

Such a cool set! fun that you can arrange the school in different ways. Long or tall. Lots of details for each classroom. My daughter put it together and has kept it that way for a year. She loves playing with it and adding new features to the school she created herself.

U. Linda, Suffolk

My daughter absolutely loves the lego friends toys. I love all of the thought and detail that they put into each of the lego friends sets.

S. Wells, Kansas says

Bought this for my 10 year old granddaughter and she loves it! it is adorable when it is put together. I was surprised at all the details in each piece.

Q. Mathis, Haringey

My daughter has an entire lego village. She loves all the friends collection.

V. Sandra, North Carolina says

My daughter is a lego crazed child. I got her this and she loves it. There a million pieces! i had her put it together for herself when she only 7 and she did a great job putting all the decorative stickers on. Lego's can be expensive but these were fairly priced and they have more so there can be a village of these things. If your child likes legos and is old enough to deal with the small ones and littler game pieces then this a great thing to buy for a gift

R. Perez, Southampton

My daughter had fun putting this together. She was 10 or 11 at the time. The set is quite cute and detailed for being made with blocks. It is rather big after it's assembled, so make sure you clear a big spot to display it.

T. Elanor, Merton says

Product as expected

G. Williams, Lancashire

Purchased as a birthday gift for my granddaughter. This seemed to be a hot item because it was difficult to find in stock. Happy to have found it here on online store. Granddaughter was thrilled with it and still thanks me for it every time we speak. She loves it!

O. Betty, Sefton says

My twin grands love these legos! they were so excited to add the high school to their collection of other friends lego sets!

F. Allen, Slough

I gave this to my granddaughter for her 11th birthday and she loved it! she put it together with the "assistance" of her 8 year old sister and the two had a wonderful time playing with it. She really enjoys putting together the lego friends sets and has several others. This one is a little pricey for the number of pieces, but i wanted to reinforce the education theme. Besides the actual assembly, she enjoyed the art and science classrooms and the many details of school life. Real life to her. The set was packaged well and arrived in two days as promised as an online store prime member. Online store's service has been outstanding for all of my purchases.

E. Edith, Picardie says

My 10 year old daughter loves the new friends series of legos and my lego-nut 9 year old son enjoys playing together - using his "boy" legos with her "girl" legos! it's interesting to watch how differently the two play with their very similar toys. After all, engineering is not a gender-based career. Way to go, lego! and thank you online store for such a great selection. Everything arrived in time for a very merry christmas!

C. Glenda, Norfolk

This is a compromise to be able to be girlish but also train your brain putting together lego's. My daughters goes for anything lego friends and lego disney and lately even using her own head to create things. . I guess use this as an entrance to get your daughter excited for lego's and then switch her to normal lego's. This comes from a single father that hates playing with barby doll's but rather builts something with the beloved child.

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