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Price was $1,658.29. I needed a shed in my back yard and wanted it to be low-maintenance, and to block a street sighting (a specific request to my household), so i wanted it to be at least 15 ft wide and 8 feet tall. This shed is a perfect match, on paper. . After doing all research, i was sure this is what i wanted, and started looking for deals. Online store at the time was offering it $1650, which was a bit too much, so i waited. Finally one day it dropped to $1470, then i bought it. The delivery was excellent. I live in ma, the delivery company send a truck and laid down all four packages exactly where i wanted them to, saving me a tons of time/energy. . I agreed with other reviewers, it is not a one day job for sure. I hired 2 handymen, plus myself, and it was like 1st day, foundation, (the place i want to place it was not leveled), 2nd day, assembly, 3rd day (actually a half day), also assembly. So if your base is flat, i would guess it's going to cost you somewhere between one day and two. . The shed looks very good, however i did have a water leaking near the joints of front door roof frame, but not too bad. After the rain stopped, i caulked them, now it's completely dry inside since then. Talking about the leaks, i am not sure if we missed anything, but again now the problem was solved by caulking. The door lock is useless, but i wouldn't trust the door lock anyways. Those two things are the reason why i gave it 4 stars. . A lot of reviewers had complained the instruction is awful. Online store is doing a great job. Just to be prepared, i downloaded the instructions myself, and printed it out. Here is the link . But amazingly online store had a copy of the detailed instruction included in the box, very nice! . . It is very sturdy, holding up my yard tractor without any problems. We also had a couple of strong winds, stays still. It's spacious, that the tractor is only taking a little less then 1/3 of total space. My garage is now free from gardening stocks, which is the biggest plus. . I only have it setup about one month, so let's see how far it goes from here, i will update. . Update 04/2014. After a brutal winter, the shed survived the new england weather. We had wind gusts up to 30mph, more than a foot of snow/ice, freezing rain, cold temp minus 10f, the shed showed no problem of handling them. No leaking any where at all, staying still. Also i didn't see any insects inside the shed. Thus i am changing my rating to 5 stars. . Update 04/2015. The past winter in new england was a monstah. Record snow falls, 2 blizzards, coldest temperature, etc. The worst winter in history has been put in the book. The shed however, demonstrates its well built nature, by having not developed any problems throughout two years. By far i am very happy about it. Will try to come back next year and give it another update. :). . Update 04/2016. Well this past winter in new england was milder, so it was just another piece of cake to the shed. No problem at all, and no complaints from me. Now we have entered the fourth year together and i am confident that we can easily go for a decade. We will see how it performs this year. :). . See how it looks now (apr 2016) in the third picture. Vs when it was set up in 2013 in first two pics.

-Q. Shayna

Lifetime 6446 outdoor storage shed shutters, windows, skylights, 8 15 feet (lifetime products) lifetime’s 15-foot wide garden buildings are not only built for superior strength and durability, they also have an attractive appearance and design to accent the beauty of your backyard. outdoor living

  • Spotlight: Features- 6 Small Skylights, 2 Shatterproof Polycarbonate Windows, 2 Screened Vents, 2 Decorative Shutters, 2 Peg Strips, 2 90″ X 9″ Shelves, 4 Corner Shelves.
  • Spotlight: Low Maintenance; Constructed Of Dual Wall Uv Protected High Density Polyethylene With Steel Wall Supports.

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Ended up buying this from home depot instead of online store as my order was lost (not online stores fault or sellers fault plus i got all my money back so no harm done). This came in 3 very large boxes on a pallet. If you are good at putting things together than this isn't hard it is just time consuming took us about 1. 5 days to put everything together. The hardest part was understanding the directions but they have videos that you can view for each section of the directions if you are confused. The videos are for each section and are easily accessible via a qr code you can scan on your phone. . There are a lot of screws to this thing, i mean a lot (200 in just the roof) but when its all said and done this thing looks great and is huge. Recommend you use a drill on a low setting to do the screws and do not try it manually. . We are very happy with the purchase and i would recommend buying this and if you cannot assemble it yourself home depot can for about $500 which might be worth it to save your marriage if you are not good at reading directions! luckily after a few years of putting ikea together we have gotten pretty good with directions and taking our time to make sure we do it right. The Best Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed with Shutters, Windows, and Skylights, 8 by 15 Feet as-of ( Oct 2021 ) | Lifetime Products-Outdoor Living Review Spotlight Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed with Shutters, Windows, and Skylights, 8 by 15 Feet Interior dimensions- 90" w x 174" d x 70-94" h. Features- 6 small skylights, 2 shatterproof polycarbonate windows, 2 screened vents, 2 decorative shutters, 2 peg strips, 2 90" x 9" shelves, 4 corner shelves.. Low maintenance; constructed of dual wall uv protected high density polyethylene with steel wall supports. Heavy-duty steel trusses provide additional roof strength; backed by a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty. Attractive appearance and design; high pitched roof allows for quick drainage of rain and snow .

Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed with Shutters, Windows, and Skylights, 8 by 15 Feet Review (LFT15x8)

This arrived while i was in the hospital. My husband put it together for me. I wanted it for a gardening shed and my wonderful husband has already added useful things to it. Today he added a light switch on the inside of the door. He installed a few electrical outlets for me in there also. I have a fan, a plastic shelving system, a larger peg board, a sink/tub and 2 2 bulb drop lights. I also have a table and a wicker loveseat in there. There is still room to move around quite easily. I also have all my gardening tools, including the pick axe and shovels, in the corner thing i also bought. It is very nice. -N. Peggy

Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed Shutters, Windows, Skylights, 8 15 Feet

  • Rank: Lawn & Patio
  • Brand: Lifetime
  • Color: Putty/Brown
  • EAN: 0081483001098
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:47.78 inches
    Length:96.00 inches
    Weight:0.0 pounds
    Width:32.00 inches
  • Manufacturer: Lifetime Products
  • Model: 6446
  • MPN: LFT15x8
  • Total Items: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: LFT15x8
  • Group-Order: Lawn & Patio
  • Category: OUTDOOR LIVING
  • Size: 15 X 8 Ft.
  • Product-Name: Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed With Shutters, Windows, And Skylights, 8 By 15 Feet
  • UPC: 081483001098
  • Warranty: 10-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Lawn & Patio(081483001098:Outdoor Living), Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed Shutters, Windows, Skylights, 8 15 Feet (0081483001098:Lifetime), Lifetime's 15-foot wide garden buildings are not only built for superior strength and durability, they also have an attractive appearance and design to accent the beauty of your backyard. the convenient, centralized location of the doors allows for easy access to your storage without having to climb over things to reach items stored in the back. the innovative design and durable construction creates the perfect solution for your storage needs..

Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Shutters Skylights Lawn & Patio

Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Shutters SkylightsLifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed with Shutters, Windows, and Skylights, 8 by 15 Feet (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

We built a wooden platform for it saturday. It took a whole sunday to put together. You have to separate the parts and read the directions carefully and stay organized just with anything you have to assemble really though. Make sure you screw the base to your platform so it doesn't move once done. But once put together it is completely worth it. Very durable and handy. The shelves work as supports but also for more space to use.

Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed Shutters, Windows, Skylights, 8 15 Feet (Outdoor Living) 6446
Click to see NoticeLifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed Shutters, Windows, Skylights, 8 15 Feet (LFT15x8)"Absolutely love it! :) if the directions were better i would have given it 5 stars. The shed itself is definitely 5 stars though! . I wanted to post some helpful hints that aren't included in the directions, but should be. . 1. First, the directions were likely written by a man who knew exactly what was supposed to be done and didn't feel it necessary to explain it to anyone else. Don't feel too badly if you don't get the instructions. It's not you! also they are about 80 some pages held together by a single staple, which doesn't help, so if you have the time, a three ring binder would be a vast improvement. . 2. Sub floor. I used the directions in the manual. I did the wooden subfloor. You do have to put the boards every foot. I tried to take a shortcut and do every two feet, but it didn't work. Every foot or you will have an extremely weak subfloor. Get it as level as possible. It will never be perfectly level since it's not concrete, but you can get pretty close. . 3. The "interlocking" floor boards. Two person job, only because with the 15x8 shed the floor panels are really long. If you can't get a few to interlock completely don't panic. It will work itself out. The best thing to do is move on and stay calm. . 4. The wall. This can be done with one person, if you are like me and prefer to work on your own. If you do better in a group than you may want another person. Here's how it works. Stick the wall in the tab and shove it as far as you can to the left. Then grab your hammer or mallet and using the wooden block that comes in the hardware box, place the wood block along the side of your wall panel toward the bottom of the panel. Pound the living daylights out of it until it won't slide any farther to the left. It's easy, but the directions don't tell you to do that. Before i figured this out i had assembled and taken apart the walls 4 times. It was not fun and admittedly it had me in tears. Hammer and wood block and lots of pounding worked magic and my walls lined up and there was no need to reassemble them! lastly, the corner pieces are hard to put in. There was one i could not get to click in completely, but just as with the floor boards, move on and don't stress. It will work itself out. . 5. Trusses. This was relaxing! i got to sit down and move very little. This was one part where the instructions seemed pretty good. Just be sure you are using the right pieces. There will be two trusses with no notches, two with one notch and one that will be a little different and is meant to support the gable. . 6. Truss installation. These just slide into place. No screws, which i found odd. If you can't get them to fit into the notch use your hammer to pound them into place. I would suggest tying the notched ones into place with some string so they don't fall. You'll see what i mean once you get to that part. Don't install the middle truss until you need it, which won't be until you are ready to install the gable. . 7. Door assembly. Watch the youtube instructional video. The directions don't tell you much here. I still don't know if i did it right. They look even to me, but i can get them to close completely at the top. I'm thinking that it is an alignment issue somewhere. I'll post an update if i figure out what is wrong. Like with the roof trusses with notches, i used some string to hold them in place until i was ready to put the gable on. They won't stand by themselves without the gable, but you need them up to install the gable. It's not the greatest design i think, but it apparently works for other people. . 8. Roof panels. There is nothing difficult to understand here, but two people are necessary. You need someone to push on the outside to line the holes up so you can put the screws into place. If you're doing all that and they are still not lining up, look at your truss. If the edge is sticking out, pound it in until it's even with the outside of the wall and try again. The holes should line up now. . 9. Top roof panels. These are smaller and they just screw into place. We had problems with the middle one, but my husband was able to line it up so now it's okay. . 10. Skylights. By the time you get to the skylights your neck is so sore from looking up and your arms are tired from constantly pushing on things, but don't give up you're almost done! these also just screw into place. Since we had trouble with the middle top roof panel we also had trouble getting the middle skylight to snap into place. What i did was use a longer screw than the one they gave me. About an inch and a quarter. The extra length made it easier to get it into the hole and then it lined up without a problem. . 11. Shutters. Don't drill holes in your shed. Why they don't have pre drilled holes already is anyone's guess. I tried this with one, but just being off by a teeny tiny bit made it not work at all. So instead i went and got some outdoor glue and i'm going to see if that will work. You can also just leave them off. . Other notes. The parts labeling makes no sense. They label the bags that the hardware is in and then the parts have mythical made up names that don't correlate with what is inside the bag. Just look at the picture and do the best you can. Once you get to the roof they don't really tell you what screws to use, but it is the same as the ones you used on the walls. . It is leakproof! just had a huge rainstorm and i stood inside of it and no leaking! even with the alignment issues we had with the roof. . Very please and very happy. :). . 4. The wall"

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Hallomall 6 led solar sensor light: 1. Comparing with other solar sensor lights, this light is more ultra bright, intelligent, high efficient, energy saving, environmentally friendly. 2. Waterproof/ heatproof : durable. Unlike other cheaper brands, this light could work throughout the hassle winter or burning hot summer. And could be used on front doors, sheds, garage, nearly anywhere you need light! 3. Auto on/off:pir motion detector and light sensor built in, auto detects dusk and switches itself on if motion is detected within 3 meters activated zone and 120 degrees angle, so picks you up from over 20 feet away. 4. Energy saving:solar powered, it will be more energy saving and environmentally friendly than others. It could get fully charged under the direct south sunlight and auto turn on/ off at night, conversing a battery life. Faq assistance 1. Why does the light keep on all the night? answer: since the motion sensor is quite sensitive in the cold days, please avoid install the lights in the vent place. 2. The light couldn't work well or never turn on again? answer: it maybe the power of the built-in battery ran out so that the light can't reset by itself in the low voltage. Please use the pin to press the switch to reset it again. 3. When ordering from online store fulfillent, the light gets defective, how could i get a replacement without returning the light? answer: please contact the seller directly or choose the " products details" inquiry to contact us. We offer months repair and one month exchange for any hallomal brand products.

Hallomall Outdoor Solar Wall Lights, Motion Sensor Detector, No Battery Required, No Dim Light Mode, 3 PackHallomall-Outdoor-Detector-Battery-Required

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Rubbermaid 30-Tool Corner Tool Rack FG5A4700MICHR

Rubbermaid 30-tool corner tool rack (fg5a4700michr). Corner storage maximizes available space. Longer handle tool storage organizes 30 tools. Plastic construction is sturdy but lightweight and easy to move even when loaded. Easy to assemble without tools. The large, solid base provides stability, so it won't tip over even with large tools stored in it. Integrated holes in the top let you anchor the storage tower to the wall. Overall dimensions: 32 inches by 18 inches by 20 inches. For nearly 80 years, rubbermaid has represented innovative, high-quality products that help simplify life. Recognized as a brand of the century for its impact on the american way of life.

Rubbermaid 30-Tool Corner Tool Rack FG5A4700MICHRRubbermaid-30-Tool-Corner-Tool-FG5A4700MICHROrganize up to 30 tools in any corner for more floor space, happier garages, and saner storage sheds with this corner tool rack from rubbermaid. A large base offers plenty of stability for heavier shovels, rakes, and brooms. With no tools required for basic assembly, the rack also hooks easily to walls with any "s" hook (not included). This garden tool rack organizer is great for storing rakes, brooms, axes, sledge hammers, trowels, pruners, and more, the unit measures 32 by 18 by 20 inches (height by width by depth). Constructed of durable plastic resin, the rack will not rust, dent, rot or peel for years of reliable corner storage.

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Lifetime 6424 30 Inch Shed Extension Kit Window, Fits 8 Feet Wide Sheds

Lifetime 30" shed extension kit for 8' wide sheds easily adds 2. 5 feet to your sheds overall size. Constructed with same steel-reinforced dent-resistant double-wall polyethylene panels, and secure-fastened assembly ensures stability and durability. Made in the usa. Low maintenance features include uv-protection to help prevent fading and cracking, weather resistant seams help keep interior dry, stain resistant finish is easy to clean and never needs painting. Your yard is a jungle - its time to tame it with this year-round storage unit. 10 year limited warranty through lifetime products.

Lifetime 6424 30 Inch Shed Extension Kit Window, Fits 8 Feet Wide ShedsLifetime-6424-Extension-Window-Sheds

Brand :    lifetime
Color :    Putty/Brown
Size :    8 x 2.5 ft.
Weight :    145.00 pounds
Model :    6424
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 6-10 business days
  • Includes: wall panels, floor panel, roof panels, one window and high grade hardware
  • Easily extends your shed by 30"
  • Attractive appearance and design; backed by a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Steel reinforced dual wall high density polyethylene construction for superior strength and durability
  • Only compatible with lifetime 8 foot sheds that do not have a full-length ridge skylight
Lawn & Patio :    Best Outdoor Living (lifetime product review) for Lifetime 6424 30 Inch Shed Extension Kit Window, Fits 8 Feet Wide Sheds available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Gama Sonic Light My Shed III Solar LED Shed Light Fixture GS-16LD

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  • Provides light for 2-4 hours on a single charge
  • Solar-charged light with 48 leds provides optimal brightness in sheds, workshops, garages, and other small structures
  • Two brightness settings : use just 24 leds for longer light duration or all 48 leds for full brightness
  • Built-in night light makes finding on/off switch easy in the dark
  • No electrical wiring necessary-just hang the solar panel, connect the light, and let the sun do the work
Brand :    gama sonic
Color :    white
Weight :    0.7 pounds
Model :    GS-16LD
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower, Garage Storage, Holds 40 Tools, Black FG5E2800MICHR

Keep all of your tools organized in one place with the rubbermaid deluxe tool tower rack. This tool storage organizer has enough space to store up to 40 tools, including long-handled garden tools, brooms, shovels and more. Front clips allow head-down storage and ensures stability. For easy transport, four castors help move tools to where you need them. No tools needed for assembly.

Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower, Garage Storage, Holds 40 Tools, Black FG5E2800MICHRRubbermaid-Deluxe-Garage-Storage-FG5E2800MICHRStore and organize over 36 tools for easy access and more floor space with this garden tool rack organizer from rubbermaid. The tool tower stores rakes, brooms, snow shovels, and gas-powered weed eaters for easy access and more floor space in the garage or shed. Front clips allow head-down storage of spades and brooms to simplify access and so that the rack doesn't get top heavy. The clips also enable easy slide-in storage from the side, rather than having to come in from above and sliding the handle into the slot. Four castors mean easy transport of all those tools from one place to another-a feature that makes it easy to relocate all those tools in one easy move, rather than 36 moves. Two of the casters lock to keep the unit in place. The base of the tower has a grid pattern to keep tools from sliding off. -brian d. Olson

  • Front clips for quick side access
  • Easy to assemble with no tools needed
  • 4 casters (2 locking) for easy mobility
  • Grid pattern on base keeps tools from sliding off
  • Tool rack stores and organizes over 40 tools
Brand :    rubbermaid
Color :    Multicolor
Size :    DESIGN 1
Weight :    0.12 pounds
Model :    FG5E2800MICHR
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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This shed is amazing! delivery was on time and it came in 4 huge boxes so have available space ready. Before the shed was delivered i had an 8' x 15' concrete pad poured a week prior to delivery. I highly recommend a concrete pad for this shed because of its weight (751lbs) and to be absolutely sure it's level. If your base structure is not level it will be an absolute nightmare assembling it. Proper leveling is 100% important! . . You will also need to purchase the recommended lag screws and washers mentioned in the instruction booklet for anchoring. . You will definitely need a hammer drill if you're anchoring into concrete. . This all seems intimidating but fear not! after the shed was delivered we opened the four boxes and all the parts/pieces were very well labeled and organized. You will definitely need an extra person to help with assembly (recommend 3 but it can be done with 2). Choose a nice day (weather) for assemble and begin in the a. M. . The instructions were very easy to follow although the pictures were not as accurate as i hoped they would be. It will appear to be flimsy but when the assembly was completed and the anchoring was finished this shed doesn't budge and it's solid! . . This shed has tons of room and i highly recommend purchasing it. Good luck!

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Hi, how is this item delivered - curbside, brought up to your house, into garage, etc. ? thank you.

(1) Question: Are these sheds up to florida hurricane code?

(2) Question: Can one add on the 30" extension sets with this model shed?

(3) Question: What color is the shed

(4) Question: My shed leaks. i believe it is coming in around the doors. is there anything i can do to make it rain-proof?

(5) Question: I have 4" of gravel in the yard after compacting and leveling i plan on adding several bags of and dry cement and compacting again will it work ?

(6) Question: Would this work as an emergency shelter due to a natural disaster? i want to keep all our supplies in it and hoping it can double for sleeping.

(7) Question: Can you order it installed

(8) Question: The description lists that the windows are operational. do they swing out or slide up? thinking about a small ac unit to control moisture.

(9) Question: What are the inside measurements

(note) Question: where/how to get Lifetime (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Lifetime's products


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My husband and my neighbor, both very capable men, spent the better part of a week putting this shed together. Sometimes the directions were clear and sometimes not. I read a review about a man taking 7 hours to put this shed together. Does he wear a cape and change in telephone booths? i find that completely impossible, and i was there every step of the way. Now that the shed is completed and is lovely to look at, we are giving it a 4; however, building it took some blood, sweat and tears.

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This is me screaming from the rooftops "i love my lifetime shed! " my husband and i assembled it and i love it so much. It's sturdy and beautiful. I'm using it for all my arts and crafts. I have the walls lined with ikea pantry shelves and the shelves filled with clear plastic storage boxes and i smile every time i walk into the shed! i have a table and two chairs in the front corner under the window and my radio. I'm one happy camper!

A. Benton, Corse

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S. Perez, Rhode Island says

This is me screaming from the rooftops "i love my lifetime shed! " my husband and i assembled it and i love it so much. It's sturdy and beautiful. I'm using it for all my arts and crafts. I have the walls lined with ikea pantry shelves and the shelves filled with clear plastic storage boxes and i smile every time i walk into the shed! i have a table and two chairs in the front corner under the window and my radio. I'm one happy camper!

M. Lindsey, Knowsley

I am reviewing as i go along. Like others stated - this is in three very large and very, very heavy boxes. The delivery service was wonderful. They stacked the boxes as one should - box three on the bottom, two in the middle, and one on top. The problem is - lifetime places the instructions in box two. Makes sense? the previous day i built a wood foundation that consisted of 16 - 16x4x16 concrete bases, under 16 concrete hands-blocks, with 2x4x16 treated wood frame on the long end, and 2x4x4 between each section from within the frame, and finally covered with treated tongue-in-groove 23/32 plywood sheets. Everything level and secured - which i thought would be a nightmare, but we got it straight the first time. . We have taken the pieces out of each box while going over the poorly illustrated manual. We decided to place the floor down in order to get an idea of the size and how to center the door to the proper location. This is where the major problem started. The illustration shows a multitude of ways that the floor laid out based on hinge holes and door sweeps. An option that is given is to place the door on the short ends, whereas the center of each short end has openings to allow the closing portion of the door to slide into when you close it. However, when we went to do it as illustrated and place the door centered on the long side, there is no way to get that closing point to match up like it is on the end piece - which will have one side of the door 1/8th inch higher that the door on the left. . Aside from that - no matter how the floor panels are attached, there is an opening on with the top or bottom of the floor panel in the shape of a "v" - essentially the floor panels are not flush. . I have e-mailed lifetime and will call this morning. . So based on giving this an immediate review to be edited at a later date, with better, or worse results, i have to so far give this shed one star - my concern is that i may have made a mistake with this purchase - and at this cost - it may be a mistake i'll regret financially for a long time. . Update - same day as review. . Lifetime acknowledged my email immediately. They sent me a picture of how the floor should be assembled. It still didn't work - i took a video and explained, in the video, what was going on. Again, they responded immediately and offered me two options - 1) return it to the store where i purchased it from, which is here on online store, wouldn't be that easy; 2) they will send me a replacement "part". I took the latter, but also inquired which part are the talking about, or is it "parts", and an eta for it to get to me. . If this doesn't work, i'll have them return it, and i'll just build a shed on that foundation. Stay tuned. . Followup - cs at lifetime stated that they are sending replacement floor "panels" now - that they "should" ship in 3-5 business days and reach me 5-10 business days following that. I have up until 1/31 to qualify for free return shipping. If this isn't rectified by then - it goes back. . January 14, 2016 - lifetime acted immediately on our issues. They sent out a completely new floor to us and understood our hoa issue since we had the base completed and the shed just laying there. So - i put the new floor together, videotaped it and emailed it to lifetime - their supervisors reviewed how i put it together and confirmed that i had it correct. Once up - they are looking at five-stars. After all - a product is just as 'good as its' customer service - and so far lifetime had great customer support! . . January 16, 2016 - assembly started today. There is no way one person can do this job. My father-in law and myself worked on it for about 5 hours. It's basically all together - we just have the center roof and doors to go. The instructions take big time interpretation - so two heads working on this is also a real good thing. I'll add photos as we go along. . Feb 7, 2016. We have had really bad rain here in south fl the last two weeks, that included heavy winds. Without the roof completed we were concerned that the walls would have blown down, or bend out of shape. Nothing, i mean nothing happened to it. We were able to complete the shed yesterday, worried that the buckling in the wall after we stopped a couple of weeks ago would be an issue - wasn't. A little ingenuity and we worked with the problem and got the roof closed up and the window in with little issues. I actually was able to lean most of my 200 pounds on the top of the roof as my father in law worked from the inside. Three things left to do - the doors are not even, the right door is higher than the left. Lifetime recommends to use the shims they give you on the opposite door. We will try that today. I also will build a ramp to get up to the shed and i purchased metal cable ties to go over the shed and to anchor into the ground using concrete, additional ties on the corners to the foundation. For a little overkill i may fortify the inside with a 2x4 frame, since i'm making this a workshop, i really want this sturdy. Lifetime has stated that they will reciprocate to us in order to offset the issues. Once that happens i'll have no choice but to upgrade this review to five stars. . But i must stress. Anyone that states they can put this together themself, is full of *% +. I'm a guy that never asks for help with anything. If i didn't ask for help with this, it would still be in the box. . Final comment! 3/3/2016. The shed is up, it is waterproof, and has already sustained multiple florida windy days! lifetime was more than fair, and was receptive to our concerns and acted immediately! i have to say that based on the quality and the customer service i have to give this five stars based on the experience we had with lifetime!

F. Cassella, Isle of Wight says

It's a four star because of the poor instructions. I'm 84 i did it all myself in 10 hours not including reading and watching videos. The instructions have part numbers for every item but the part numbers are nowhere to be found on the individual pieces my advise, view every video, read and reread the instructions and then follow the pictures. When your done you will have a very nice storage building.

P. Colleen, South Dakota

Ok, so let me start out by saying that we searched all over the internet and local hardware stores (lowes & homedepot) and this was the best price on online store, due to the free shipping and no tax. . We ordered it and waited for delivery, which was a pretty reasonable time, since it is direct from the manufacturer. Took about 7 days to get here from the order date. When it arrived it was on a rollback truck and one guy unloaded it. It comes in 4 boxes (instructions are in box 1 of 4). The boxes took up about 1/4 of my one car garage. So make room somewhere. . 1) decide which type of sub-floor you are going to do: concrete, wood, gravel. We did wood (4 x 6 joists every 12 " ), on cinder blocks, with a plywood base. Really strong! . . 2) lay out all the peices in all the boxes, organize them in to piles of like peices together. Then just follow the instruction book, it is very well explained. We varied a little (didn't assemble the roof frames till we actually needed them)but pretty much stuck to the plain. It is broken down into sections, so you can go little by little if needed. I loved how it told you all the parts, screws, and tools you would need to do the next section. Assembly took two people (my husband & i) about 3 hours. But we work really well together, so don't get upset if it takes you longer lol :). . 3) two weeks after assembly and it is holding up very well. We have it all organized inside, using the shelves that come with it (plus a workbench my husband made)and wired (he's an electrician) with outlets and ceiling lights. We had a strong storm the other day, and not a drop got inside. . Well, that's about all i can say, except it really is the best shed i ever owned ! . . *update*. . It has been a year since we bought and put together this shed. It has held up remarkably well. I am surprised at how dry it has remained inside. My husband keeps all his power tools in it and never have any of them been damaged. We are located in southern louisiana, so it's hot & moist. The exterior has not faded (which is amazing, considering the sun) or molded (which is even more amazing, considering the humidity down here). We have had several storms with high winds (enough to knock over our magnolia tree), but the shed had not moved an inch off the foundation. I think that has to do with how well we screwed it down to the solid wood platform we opted for. . To sum up, a year later, and it is still the best shed i have ever owned ! :)

X. Cunningham, Portsmouth says

I like the shed a lot. Took me and a friend 4/5 hours. Instructions were ok at least, didn't think they were as bad as some others wrote about, be very careful if you use drill, set your clutch low. You will strip out the plastic very easily if not careful. I only gave it a 4 star because being plastic you really can get the security of a well made wooden shed double door. I mean even locking it you can rip these doors with some effort, other than that i like it a lot

Z. Julia, North Carolina

I read many reviews on this product. I built the shed with a coworker in 4 1/2 hours. I believe that all the reviewers who complained about the instructions and assembly difficulties are most likely the type of people who should have paid someone handy to put it together. If you are a tradesman or are handy with tools and working with your hands you should have no problems. My only complaint is that many pieces such as the roof truss should be assembled at the factory and save an hour or two's worth of labor. It is a good quality shed and should last for many years. . Had they assembled the tedious roof structure pieces at the factory i would have given it five stars.

L. Carrie, Wyoming says

Easy to assemble, i highly suggest putting it on cement. They include more hardware than needed to assemble, so don't worry if you finish a part and have 2 or 3 washers left over or finish putting up the walls and roof and have 2 - 5 unopened bags of screws left. I spent a little while going over the instructions and everything i did to make sure i didn't miss anything. . If you are having a friend or two help you put this up, i highly suggest pre-assembling the trusses, gables, and door hardware before they get there; it reduces their standing around time. When installing the doors, i found it easier to install the hinge poles into the receivers in the floor (there is a screw that has to go through the receiver and into a hole on the pole and then slide the door onto the hinge pole. You really only need a third person when installing the front gable and mounting the doors which are done near the end and then only for about 5 minutes. . The only thing i am disappointed with are the wood shims provided to level the doors. You have to insert the shim under the floor of the shed and since the shed is mounted on a cement pad, that shim will constantly need to be replaced as it rots from the rain and exposure. I replaced it with a plastic paint-stirrer that i sanded down on my belt-sander. . I have mounted two microsolar - high lumen - 20 led - lithium battery - solar shed light / solar barn light inside and they do a pretty good job lighting up the shed.  microsolar - high lumen - 20 led - lithium battery - solar shed light / solar barn light

B. Sandra, Greenwich

We purchased this two weeks ago, it arrived during the 3-hour time period they designated (arrived on the earlier portion of the time-frame actually, which gave us time to unload things from the boxes and categorize the items). . We had prepped a solid and completely level surface prior to the shed's arrival out of cinder blocks and gravel. . We built the shed in a single day with 3 people. It took 8-9 hours from start to finish and we were very impressed with the instructions and versatility of the design. We actually placed one of the windows on the back side of the shed and it worked much better for our shed's location. We watched the 10-minute video on lifetime's website prior to starting to get a general idea of how the construction process works and it helped a lot. . The instructions begin with step 1 as the foundation (we skipped this step since we'd already done that). From there, steps 2-5 can be done at any time/location (you can do it on rainy day in a garage, for example), as it's merely doing prep work of attaching hinges, screwing together the framework for the roof, etc. Step 6 is placing the flooring on the foundation. Steps 7-13 go into raising the walls, doors, roofing, and accessories. The roofing was the trickiest and we're glad we had 3 people because it went pretty quickly. . The final structure looks great and appears very stable. We've had a strong storm and there were no leaks of any kind. We caulked the inside at the base of the floors, but otherwise there don't appear to be any gaps and it's a very solid building. Highly recommend it!

O. Nellie, Bath and North East Somerset says

Whew what an ordeal and that was just finding the instruction manual about six panels down in box 2 of 3. I had a cement pad put in that was much larger than needed, by design, so once you figure out what to do it actually can be erected by just one person. Some thoughts; first why in god's name did they put the parts roster and the location of the parts by box at page 37 of the instructions? . When putting the trusses together make sure on the cross members the nuts go to the outside and the screw head to the inside. They don't tell you that the roof panels use this space as a channel. The illustration on the instructions is not good on this but as soon as you go to put your second roof panel up you'll see the mistake if you don't have the nuts on the outside. When laying the floor pay special attention to where the holes for the grommets that hold the door posts go. If you don't you'll be pulling the whole building apart to correct that error. If you don't have one buy yourself a very good rubber mallet and have an electric screwdriver with and extra battery. If you use a drill for your screwdriver be careful you don't over-tighten the screws into the plastic panels. When screwing into the plastic panels make sure you hit all of the target points on the adjoining panel or the screws won't go in. You may have to cajole the building a little to get them aligned. Finally finding the "hash marks" for the shutters is a real treat! they are inside the channels of the plastic inside the completed shed approximately where the instructions say. The problem was on the first two panels i attempted to find them they were virtually invisible, however on the other two panels you could actually see them easily so you could guess where the others were. All in all everything fit like a glove and i probably could do the next one (never going to happen) in 4 hours. This one took 12. Cute little shed and will work for what i'm using it for.

J. Wells, Oldham

So i took a long time reviewing everything about this shed and made sure it was worth the money and would accommodate my needs. Yes, the directions are long. But they are not hard to follow. A few pictures could be more clear but not hard to interpret. I opened all three boxes and sorted all materials first, then went through all steps. The hard parts were the walls they didn't seem to click into the grooves very well so we had to keep going back and trying to align them especially with the corner pieces. The door was hard to get level to close but with a few try's it did get flush so it could close. The roof "skylight" covers were very difficult since only one person could really do them so you had to hold them in place with needle nose plyiers and fasten them in all by yourself. The absolute worst thing to assemble were the shutters though . The directions say that their are grooves and places to put them but there aren't so be prepared because it was very frustrating putting them on. . Great size! when assembled it fit a riding lawnmower unattached pull behind wagon two push mowers and a two person go kart as well as many yard tools and still has quite a lot of room for more storage!

Z. June, Merton says

This shed is great. It came in three huge plastic-wrapped boxes on a pallet . No issues with the boxes or delivery. It was on-time from what was stated and the delivery guy even wheeled all the boxes to my backyard where the shed would be installed. Once opening the boxes and seeing all the parts (walls, roof, doors, windows, nuts, screws, etc) it was a bit overwhelming. The installation manual was also many pages. But once we walked through each page, it went rather well. It took myself, my wife and our teenage son just about 12 hours over 3 days to put it all together and that was taking our time. Many of the steps only requires one person. We installed it on an existing flat concrete surface so we didn't have to worry about building or preparing a pad which could take much more time. The instructions do show details for preparing a base if needed. . There were only a couple of issues we had during the installation. Some of the page images are hard to see exactly how to connect some of the parts, and not all the parts are well marked on the items themselves although there are pages in the instructions that do show drawings of the part to the part number but it could still be confusing. We did have to disassemble and reassemble a couple of items because of the confusion but that was minor. The most annoying part was installing the right-hand door. The hole in the floor to install the door hinge pole did not line up correctly and the instructions did not clearly detail how that door is supposed to line up. The instructions show a pre-defined hole, but it did not exist on the floor panels. But because its all plastic, i used a box cutter to make my own slot and was able to install the door. Not the best way but it got the job done. . I would highly recommend this item. It looks great, but in a smaller yard this shed can consume a lot of space. But it does give plenty of storage space inside. I included some photos. . One more note, the night we finished installing the shed we had a brief rain. I checked and found no leaks so it looks like its well designed for keeping contents dry.

C. Edna, Wakefield

I bought this along with two 30" extension kits, so i have a 8'x20' shed. Overall, i'm very happy with the shed. It looks good, has loads of room, and should be maintenance free. It's a bit of a pain to put together - not hard, just a lot of steps. I built it over the course of a week. Starting on sunday for about 5 hours, then after work during the week for an hour or two a day. If i were doing it again, i'd knock it out in a day no problem - now that i know how it all works. . One important thing that cost me an hour - one of the floor panel must be reversed where the door opening will be. It's hard to explain, but once you've got the floor down, take your doors and try to fit the two poles into the floor. You'll understand what i mean.

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