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Price was $49.99. I love cozy coupes but we wished they made on in realistic colors and next thing you know we discovered this car! it's so cute. The color is perfect and the little moon roof is adorable. It doesn't feel quite as sturdy as the typical cozy coupe though, probably because of the sunroof and all but it's still very sturdy. The fold down/up handle for pushing feels really thin if you're doing tight maneuvering with it but it doesnt seem so cheap that it would break. My only real complaint is that the "locking" doors dont really lock. My 11 month old daughter is able to push on them enough to pop them open. I was really hoping they locked so that your child couldnt open the door and fall out. She hasn't fallen but she liked to open and shut the doors when she rolled around. I like the bottom that you can put in for younger kids and take out for older kids. Overall we really enjoy it and now that my daughter is 13 months she loves pushing it herself, climbing in and playing with the wheel and being pushed around of course!

-B. Nellie

Little Tikes Coupe Sport Ride (Little Tikes) Catch A Ride In Our Cozy Coupe Sport! This Fun Styling Car A “moon” Roof Will Make Kids Want To Take This Riding Toy For A Spin. Parents Will Love The Convenient Parent Push Handle Toys And Games

  1. Plus: Removable Floor; Handle On Back & Sides For Parent-controlled Rides.
  2. Plus: Designed With A High Seat Back And Storage In The Rear.

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We were a little leery of this particular cozy coupe after reading some reviews, specifically regarding problems with assembly and peoples complaints about components being flimsy or cheaply made. We quickly found that these fears were unfounded. . My wife was able to put together the car in about 15 minutes with simple tools in the garage without issue. The roof was a little annoying, though other than that everything went smoothly. . The car is well made when used as intended. The pushing handle isn't something you can really lay in to or sit on, it's simply not designed for that. But if your son or daughter is inside it, you can easily push them around without fear that the handle is going to break. A few reviews on here stated that it was so cheaply made that it seemed to just 'break' with normal use. Either they're not pulling out the stops that lock it in place appropriately, they're putting all their grown up weight on the handle (it's not designed for that), or their child is over the weight limit the car is designed for. . The rubber on the wheels is absolutely excellent. Makes for very smooth running on concrete and seems to wear well over time. There's also a faux power button and beeping horn that keeps our son engaged while we're pushing him around in addition to the steering wheel. . I really like that it has a removable cover for where the feet go so that the car can grow as your child does and they're eventually able to push themselves along, though while they're not, you can push them along without worrying about their little toes and feet getting caught anywhere that would hurt them. . Extremely satisfied with the purchase. As long as you use it as it was designed to be used, i feel like most others would agree. Best Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sport Ride-On as-of ( Sep 2021 ) | Little Tikes-Toys And Games Review Plus Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sport Ride-On Easy assembly, no tools. Removable floor; handle on back & sides for parent-controlled rides. Designed with a high seat back and storage in the rear. Includes special features like an ignition switch and a working horn. Cozy rolls on rugged, durable, quiet ride tires; front wheels spin 360 degrees .

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sport Ride-On Review (631573M)

I like this car. It was not easy to put together though. And if you put much weight on the yellow handle, like maneuvering it on uneven sidewalk, it can pop out causing it to flip down. Also, for the price, i feel like it should have a better horn and maybe a more realistic key slot/ignition area. My son love to mimic that action but looks confused by the weird clicky "on" button in this car. And he cannot get the "horn" to beep. So he gets frustrated with it because we have to do it for him. And it's not a strength issue cause he's abnormally strong for his age. It's just hard to push to get it to make a sound. -P. Lynette

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sport Ride-on

  1. Rank: Toy
  2. Brand: Little Tikes
  3. Color: Generic
  4. EAN: 5054242260512
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:39.00 inches
    Length:33.00 inches
    Weight:18.30 pounds
    Width:19.50 inches
  6. ItemPart/Serial Number: 631573M
  7. LegalDisclaimer: • No Tools Required!! • Two Working Doors • Removable Floor • When The Floor Is In, Little Ones' Feet Are Protected • Take The Floor Out Allows Kids To Use Foot-to-floor Power • Handle On Back For Parent-controlled Push Rides • Working Horn • Designed With A High Seat Back • Molded In Cup Holder And Storage In The Rear • Caster Front Wheels Spin 360 Degrees • Weight Limit Up To 50 Lbs. • Assembly Required
  8. Manufacturer: Little Tikes
  9. Recommended Max-Age: 60
  10. Suggested Min-Age: 17
  11. Model: 631573M
  12. MPN: 631573M
  13. Quantity: 1
  14. Part/Serial Number: 631573M
  15. Group-Order: Toy
  16. Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  17. Product-Name: Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sport Ride-On
  18. UPC: 783329248338
  19. Warranty: 90 Day Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

Toy(783329248338:Toys And Games), Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sport Ride-on (5054242260512:Little Tikes), catch a ride in our cozy coupe sport! this fun styling car with a "moon" roof will make kids want to take this riding toy for a spin. parents will love the convenient parent push handle and the easy assembly with no tools required! product features: no tools required! two working doors removable floor when the floor is in, little ones feet are protected take the floor out allows kids to use foot-to-floor power handle on back for parent-controlled push rides working horn designed with a high seat back molded in cup holder and storage in the rear caster front wheels spin 360 degrees weight limit up to 50 lbs. assembly hints: before assembling pillars, coat with approx. 2-3 drops of liquid soap to area shown. doors should be installed before the pillars.

Little Tikes Coupe Sport Ride Toy

Little Tikes Coupe Sport RideLittle Tikes Cozy Coupe Sport Ride-On (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This car was purchased for my son's first birthday. With the floorboard you can insert, he can sit in it and i can easily push him around the block. The handle extends upward and is the perfect height for me (i am 5'8"). My husband is 6'1" and can also comfortable push it around for short distances, but said it is a little low for him. Still, a big improvement over the other cozy coupe models that don't have a handle that extends upward from the car! . The reason i have not rated this as 5 stars is assembly was not smooth; the car went together easily, but the roof was a challenge, as other reviewers have also reported. My husband had to make one of the holes in the car bigger to make the parts fit together. He followed the instructions and even used dish soap as a lubricant as suggested without success. So, the car could use some improvement, but i would definitely buy it again even with these issues.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sport Ride-on (Toys And Games) 631573m
Click to see NoticeLittle Tikes Cozy Coupe Sport Ride-on (631573M)"Husband put this together in under an hour and it seemed pretty straight forward. We've had this for about 7-8 months now (since our baby girl was almost 1. She is 19 months now). She loved it from the moment she got it and still uses it everyday to this day. It sits in the garage and it's a daily battle to get her into my real car because she wants to go to "her car" every time. I absolutely love the fact you can push this like a stroller with the handle bar that pops up. There is a safety latch on both doors which help prevent her from falling out when you push her around like a stroller. The wheels i say are pretty durable as it has lasted multiple laps around our neighborhood at walking pace and running pace (my hubby likes to push the car while he is on his electric skateboard. And she loves the wind in her face! ) overall great purchase and definitely worth the price tag for how much she's played with it. Every toddler on the block tries to get in her car too (which of course my toddler doesn't like at all but i thought it was cool for her toy to be so cool :d)"

Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe - 30th Anniversary

Great item and arrived quickly. Was easy to assemble. The color combo on this coupe is amazing! we had not seen it in this color until we found it online, and it was a welcomed escape from the traditional red/yellow coupes that have been around for 30 years. I remember growing up with one of these, and now my daughters can too. This coupe had a solid floor that can be put inside for use with smaller children/infants. Once they are old enough to sit up and self-propel the car, the floor can be removed. Super convenient and gave use many more months of use with our smaller daughter than anticipated.

The little tikes princess cozy coupe 30th anniversary edition ride on toy is an american classic with little-girl flair! toddlers love this riding toy car's design and easy maneuverability. Perfect indoors or out. Encourages active play, imagination and the development of large motor skills. Little girls will beam behind the wheel of this smiling new redesign! this cozy features colors and styling to please every little princess. A removable floor and handle on the back for parent-controlled push rides a high back seat driver's side door that opens and closes with optional inside lock gender girl length 29. 5 width 16. 5 assembly light assembly age 1. 5-5 years color pink & blue height 33. 5

Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe - 30th AnniversaryLittle-Tikes-Princess-Cozy-Coupe

See Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe - 30th Anniversary (614798e5) FAQ.

I bought this for my niece's 1st birthday. It comes with a removable floor board for those younger kids who are not yet old enough to "drive" it themselves. This means that they are not dragging their feet the whole time you push the car around using the handle carved into the back of the cars roof. It is super cute with the big eyes on the front and a little horn for them to honk. There is space in the back to store their favorite juice cup and snack to eat on the go. The only reason i gave it four stars was because my sister said it was very difficult to put together. -Notice from G. Heidi, Illinois

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My granddaughter loves her cozy coup. I was so excited when my daughter got this for her daughter - as i have many fond memories of both of my children playing with their cozy coup's when they were toddlers. The design hasn't changed a lot in the over 25 years since my kids had these - i guess if something isn't broke, don't fix it. One nice feature about the newer models is they are taller and i am able to push my 18 month old granddaughter in her "car" without it breaking my back. I am only 5'5" and i think anyone much taller then me would have to bend though. . I put the coup together and used the on-line video instruction and it made the job very easy. I did it by myself and had no issues. I am a visual person so this was much better than the instruction manual. Following the video step-by-step will assure you don't put anything together bassackwards . You do not want to try and take this baby apart believe me. After i put it together we took it for a few spins in the house on the hardwood floors and one of the front wheels did not operate properly - it was kind of "frozen" and wouldn't swivel like it should. I called little tikes and their rep was very friendly and helpful. Once we took it outside on the concrete it worked perfectly. Couldn't get the necessary traction inside (probably not an ideal inside toy anyway but with grandparents, we have a whole different set of rules than we did for our own kids lol! ) . . Get one of these for your kids or grandkids - they will love it - and so will you.

Little-tikes-princess-cozy-coupe---30th-anniversary-(614798e5) set picture

- V. CarolPutting this thing together was no simple task. The instructions were straight forward, but it didn't come with half the screws it required. . Once i had put it together, one of the front tires seems to turn and get stuck, making it a little difficult to push or for my daughter to scoot herself along. Another problem seems to be with the door. It's very hard to close, we've noticed. Even i have to give it a little push, but my daughter just absolutely cannot get it. . I'm not sure if these are problems i created when putting it together, or if it is the product itself, however. I followed the directions very carefully, and did everything as stated. I've even rechecked everything, to make sure i didn't mix any parts up. Everything is how the manual states it should be. So, i'm just not sure. . All in all, it is a cute product, and my daughter really does enjoy playing with it!

This is a classic with a cute twist. I gave this car to a 2 1/2 year old at christmas with an eye toward using it all year round. Unfortunately, with her snowsuit and her winter boots, it's difficult for her to enter, exit and move along. There just isn't enough space within the little vehicle. We will continue to enjoy playing with it in the house until spring. For younger children, this is a great way to get around in winter with the floorboard in place and the convenience of the handle on the roof. The door latches for greater security. I was a union carpenter for 30 years and have many more tools than the directions require. It took me 1 3/4 hours to assemble the car using some additional tools and a bit of muscle and it was worth every minute to see her open the big box i made and discover the car inside.

L. Smith, Nevada

Brand :    little tikes
Color :    Pink
Weight :    8.82 pounds
Model :    614798
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Includes a high seat back and storage in the rear
  • Driver's door opens and closes
  • Easy-to-grip steering wheel has a fun working horn- beep, beep
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe - 30th Anniversary available as-of ( Sep 2021 )

Little Tikes Cozy Truck

A bit of a pain in the butt to put together, especially quietly on christmas eve while easily awoken children are in the next room. Also it's only been 3 days and the decals are peeling/curling up at the edges even though it has been gently played with inside the house. The door doesn't quite sit in position correctly no matter what we try and it would be nice if the tail gate could be prevented from opening like the door can. However, my 1 year old daughter loves loves loves this. She immediately grabbed her (toy) keys and her baby doll and climbed in. She loves pushing this around the living room and loves just chilling in her truck and that is what really matters. The truck is sturdy, super cute and we are overal very pleased.

A kids truck with the durability of little tikes and the fun of our cozy coupe. This truck-styled riding toy is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. The foot-to-floor format is easy to start and stop. Use it indoors or out. Kids will love the working door and tailgate of this ride on toy. Product features: flatbed with a drop-down tailgate when the floor is in, little ones feet are protected when parent guides removable floor board (colors may vary) rugged "off-road" wheels gas cap opens and closes steering wheel with a working horn distinctive truck styling with a realistic front grill driver's door opens and closes weight limit up to 50 lbs demo batteries included for steering wheel, replace with 2 "lr44" button cell batteries (not included) assembly required 18 months 5 years

Little Tikes Cozy TruckLittle-Tikes-620744-Cozy-Truck

See Little Tikes Cozy Truck (620744) FAQ.

I was so excited when i found this truck for our son. Our daughter had a traditional cozy coupe 8 years ago, but this one is adorable. I am so glad they did something new. The colors are exactly as shown. I assembled the truck alone and did not have any major issues with it. If you are even slightly handy with tools you should have no problems. There are pieces that do not line up perfectly and have to be forced. There were also pieces that we had to drill new holes for because they were not pre-drilled or did not line up enough to force. It did take about an hour or so alone but i enjoy putting things together so that did not bother me. It was also worth it because the truck is awesome. If you follow the instructions, you should not have problems. They are very specific. I did not have issues with the wheels not touching the ground or any other things that other reviewers had noted. We used our inside for a bit and now it is for outside. I will say it does need to stay out of the sun mostly. We forgot ours in the yard for a few days and some of the stickers started peeling, but no big deal to us. I love the floor piece, too. Our son is not tall enough yet to push it with his feet so we have to floor piece in and he loves riding in it. It is really easy to push and control. Our 8 year old even pushes him around in the grass pretty easily. I would recommend this truck to anyone with small kids. Boys and girls! -Notice from V. Crawford, Niedersachsen

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I have been purchasing these little tike cozy cars/trucks since 1982 - the first one for my son when he turned 2 and the newest one - a truck for my 7th grandson. It has been a tradition to get the grand kids one of these when they turn 2. Having put these together many times, i already knew to take my time, read carefully each step. Takes a bit of pressure to put some of the pieces together. On this truck (the first truck i have bought for the g-kids) the only thing not working was the horn. I did follow all instructions regarding pulling the tab out after removing the cover, but the horn would not work. Since my g-son's birthday was the next day, went ahead and used the broken horn on the truck. Called little tikes this morning and they are sending a new horn, should be here in a couple days. Very friendly, nice cs and extremely helpful. These cars/trucks last for years and i was very happy to continue the tradition with this g-son. Very well made, can be an indoor or outdoor ride and love all the extra's on this truck - tailgate & bed, cupholders, and gas cap. My g-son is crazy about the truck!

Little-tikes-cozy-truck-(620744) set picture

- N. ZeldaRead all the reviews about the door, it does not latch well and if you're putting a little one inside, you will need to be sure it's securely closed. I wrote to little tikes and sent them a photo of the gap, have not heard back yet. Still, i give it 4 stars because it's cute as can be, pushes easily, steering is a dream, and assembly was time consuming but not too difficult. Recommended age is 1 1/5 years but our 8 month old grand-daughter loves riding in it.

I bought this for my nephew's 1st birthday and he absolutely loved it. He refuses to get out. I must warn you on a few things before buying this product. You will need a drill with a philips head. The instruction say it's optional but it makes it a whole lot easier to build. You'll also need a hammer. Secondly, check all the parts before assembling it. I got a repeated part and was missing one in its place. It was a superficial piece that was more for aesthetics than function so i'm not that mad. Lastly, the box was delivered in the sorriest shape you can imagine. It looked really beaten up, dirty and the best part is that it was opened. Not from being reburbished but from poor handling. So the toy came dirty and scratched up. The door for the car doesn't fit properly so it won't line up just right and will easily fall out if your kid hangs from it or is too rough when you handles things. The bottom piece that prevents the child's feet from hanging is so awesome. Really easier to put on and take off. Over all it took us 30minutes to put together with a drill. Instructions are easy to read and have lots of pictures. The product says that the wheels make it easier to move on rough terrain. I don't recommend it. It's a bit difficult to push on grass and runs nice on hard dirt or street pavement. The wheels tremble for for some reason when i'm pushing him on mine. Only when it's not on smooth surface and only one wheel. The top has a handle to hold onto to push them and a slot that fits a large phone nicely. Cup holders, tailgate. Cute features. Perfext gift. I had one as a kid and loved it and now my nephew has one and lives in it.

P. Rochelle, Torbay

Brand :    little tikes
Color :    Blue
Weight :    25.00 pounds
Model :    620744
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Includes rugged "off road" wheels
  • Opening and closing driver's door, fun graphics and dash, tail and headlight decals.
  • Distinctive truck styling with a realistic front grill
  • Durable ride-on truck with a drop-down tailgate and a removable floorboard for growing toddlers
  • An opoening gas cap, a steering wheel with a working horn
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Little Tikes Cozy Pumper

This pump is nice and it has buttons that makes sounds for fueling. Feels really cheap though and can be a bit dangerous if you don't find a way to secure it to the floor for toddler's. The pumper is so light a toddler could pick it up and toss it around the room and probably break something or hurt your furry friends. Still good though if you wanna complete the set.

The little tikes cozy pumper is a fun toy gas pump is a perfect match for your little tikes cozy coupe, cozy truck, cozy cab, princess coupe and many others! kids will love pretending to stop and fill up. Weatherproof buttons and sounds stimulate interaction. Use it next to your playhouse to create a pretend town. This pretend gas pump can be used indoors or out. Features: - the perfect complement to any little tikes ride on toy - designed with 3 weatherproof electronic fuel buttons that make 6 fun sounds when kids stop to "fill up" - pretend gas pump hose (color may vary) with pretend nozzle - requires 2 "aa" alkaline batteries (not included) - credit card is not included

Little Tikes Cozy PumperLittle-Tikes-619991M-Cozy-Pumper

See Little Tikes Cozy Pumper (0705008) FAQ.

Awesome toy. Adorable and very well made. My 4 year old always loves to stop her power wheels jeep for gas and this took that experience for her over the top. I cannot tell you how surprised and thrilled she was to open " my very own real gas pumper? " on her birthday. I will load a picture of her thrilled face another time. All of the kids were amazed with this thing and i know 2 of them are going to be getting their own because they were so amazed by it and their parents thought the price and quality was great as well. So happy i bought this. -Notice from B. Lawrence, Victoria

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Good little toy. I was surprised by the fact that it is really litle, i guess i should have read the description better because it looks so much bigger than it really is. I expected it to be comparable to the size of the cozy coupe, but its way smaller. Its very lightweight so my kids can move it around, but i am thinking of filling the bottom with sand so that it stays put, so they can use it easier! with that said, my kids absolutely love this toy. It shipped fast and arrived in good condition!

Little-tikes-cozy-pumper-(0705008) set picture

- U. CarolI got this for my 1 year old son to use with his crazy coupe truck. It is the perfect size for him and its so cute. It has 3 buttons that make different sounds, the nozzle fits perfectly into his truck and he loves playing with it. It was also built to handle a childs roughness but very inexpensive to buy! would make a great gift for that special toddler in your life!

My son absolutely adores this, he kept on saying how his cars ran out of gas and he needs to get more gas. He plays a lot with this and it's been a year and in the sun and the color remained vibrant.

G. Shayna, Wandsworth

Brand :    little tikes
Color :    Red
Size :    13.5 long x 8.5 wide x 17.5 high
Weight :    3.09 pounds
  • Made in usa
  • For use with any large foot-to-floor ride-on
  • Comes with credit card swipe(credit card not included)
  • Comes with hose
  • Three weather-proof electronic fuel buttons make six fun sounds
Model :    619991M
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Little Tikes Cozy Pumper available as-of ( Sep 2021 )

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car

Durable product

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary CarLittle-Tikes-Cozy-Coupe-Anniversary

Brand :    little tikes
Color :    red
Model :    612060
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (little tikes product review) for Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car available as-of ( Sep 2021 )
  • For generations - 30 years - children have been taking adventure and imagination on the road with one of the original ride on toys-the cozy coupe
  • Cozy rolls on rugged, durable tires, front wheels spin 360 degrees; made in usa
  • Designed with a high seat back and storage in the rear
  • Includes special features like an "ignition switch" and an open-and-close gas cap
  • New features include removable floor and handle on back for parent controlled push rides

Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe Ride-On

Durable product

Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe Ride-OnLittle-Tikes-Princess-Coupe-Ride-

Brand :    little tikes
Color :    hot pink
Weight :    18..5 pounds
Model :    630750M
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Cozy rolls on rugged, durable tires, front wheels spin 360 degree
  • Includes special features like an "ignition switch" and an open-and-close gas cap
  • Designed with a high seat back and storage in the rear
  • Removable floor and handle on back for parent-controlled push rides
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe Ride-On available as-of ( Sep 2021 )

Fisher-Price Little People Sit 'n Stand Skyway

With the little people sit 'n stand skyway playset, kids are in the driver's seat of 2-in-1 zip & zoom fun! they can start out zipping their wheelies vehicles over the roads and down the ramps of the horizontal town, stopping to fill up at the gas pump at the bottom. Then take it up. Up. Up. To a vertical mountain skyway that stands over 3 ft. Tall. Now toddlers can place their wheelies vehicles at the top and watch as the cars zip & zoom their way around & around (& around) the spiral ramps all the way to the bottom! kids steer their own adventures as this skyway playset changes from a sit-at roadway to a stand-up mountain skyway (and back again! ) with the help of mom or dad.

Fisher-Price Little People Sit 'n Stand SkywayFisher-Price-Little-People-Stand-Skyway

  • Ships in frustration-free packaging
  • Stands over 3 ft. tall
  • Includes 2 little people wheelies cars
  • Little people figures are kid-sized - perfect for kid-sized hands
  • The zip-zoomin' fun "grows! " converts from sit-at-roadway to stand-up tower (and back again! )
Brand :    fisher-price
Weight :    6.00 pounds
Model :    FDT64
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (fisher-price product review) for Fisher-Price Little People Sit 'n Stand Skyway available as-of ( Sep 2021 )

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set - 3 Ball

This basketball hoop is the best! i have it inside for my two year old that loves to play hoops! it's is big enough for us to play with him but small enough to pretty much for anywhere. The bottom fills with either sand or water so it doesn't tip and you don't have to worry about it leaking. The net is easily attachable and detachable for easy washing. The actual hoop and body itself is made of a very thick, very strong plastic. Definitely not breaking or bending or getting wear and tear easily. This really is the perfect gift for any toddler. It even comes with the basketball. It can be blown back up just like a normal basketball. I'm very happy with the quality of the whole set. I got it for my son's 2nd bday. He plays with it everyday. Best part. No screws or and tools required. It all snaps together. So simple. I would highly recommend it! for this price you really can't beat it. It's a steal and it will last forever. I am so glad i bought it! i'm sure you and your little one will be too!

The little tikes easy score basketball set, designed for children 18 months to 5 years old, introduces kids of all abilities to the game of basketball and competitive play. The height can be adjusted to six settings between 2 and 4 feet to accommodate even the littlest hoop star. The oversize rim and kid-size basketball ensure easy scoring and help kids develop hand-eye coordination while providing the right challenge level. Before play, add sand to the base for stability.

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set - 3 BallLittle-Tikes-Easy-Score-Basketball

See Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set - 3 Ball (642340) FAQ.

My almost 2 year old loves this basketball hoop! it's perfect for getting out his energy and it's sturdy design stands up to rough play. The online store version comes with three balls instead of one and has no extraneous packaging which i appreciate. I recommend this product to any parent of toddlers and young kids! -Notice from R. Gilmore, Virginia

Click to Show little tikes easy score basketball set - 3 ball (642340) Details

This product is scary good. What do i mean by that? let me explain. . With a 4 year old girl and an 18 month old little boy we thought this might be a fun product to try. I opened the box, set it up in a couple minutes and watched the kids start playing, and playing, and playing, and playing. . My wife and i were stunned. Both children spent hours shooting baskets. Even my little one was shooting and consistently making bank shots from 2 feet out with the hoop height set just above his head. Fortunately we had a couple other similarly sized balls around the house which prevented arguments over whose turn it was. . Both kids were so caught up in the fun and were doing so well that it wasn't long before the video camera and regular camera were clicking away. My little boy went to sleep that night with his arm curled around the basketball (similar to how he might hold a teddy) because he screamed when we tried to take it away. The first words out of his mouth the next morning was "shoot, shoot" as he stood up in his crib holding the ball. My wife commented that i've created a couple basketball monsters. . We've never had that type of reaction to a new toy and in some ways it was a bit daunting. I'm not sure if our children's reactions are typical, but at least in this house, this product is a huge hit.

Little-tikes-easy-score-basketball-set---3-ball-(642340) set picture

- I. JudithA great little basketball set, especially the option including three basketballs. As a christmas gift for my 20 month old grandson, this selection was a real hit! his two older brothers (ages 9 and 4) were happy to play, too and everyone had their own basketball. This was a real incentive for the little one, as he has much more fun when the others are involved. The stand, base and net are very sturdy and assembly was simple. It's so nice when a toy seems to be one which will be enjoyed over time and i think this one will be. Even 'dad' couldn't resist trying to make a few baskets!

Not sure who liked this toy the most. 20 month old, 2 year old or their dad and mom or grandfather! there were plenty of "games" and contests between the adults and (not sure this is a good thing) the little boys soon learned to "celebrate" their baskets with fist pumps and shouts of "yeah"! . The balls are soft enough that they don't hurt when an errant throw hits grandma! and they are a nice sturdy material where they won't fall apart anytime soon! we had a problem with the net coming off of the holder (this has never happened to the identical set my other grandchild owns). This was an easy fix by stringing a thin piece of wire (pipecleaner) through the loops and glueing it to the inside of the rim to hold the strings in place.

P. Sandra, Utah

  • Includes an oversized rim and 3 junior size basketballs
  • Age 1 1/2 to 5 years
  • Basketball hoop adjusts to six heights from 2 to 4 feet
  • Base can be weighted with sand (not included) for stability
  • Develops social, motor skills and coordination
Brand :    little tikes
Color :    Blue
Weight :    7.00 pounds
Model :    642340
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (little tikes product review) for Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set - 3 Ball available as-of ( Sep 2021 )

Little Tikes Spray Rescue Fire Truck

Durable product

Little Tikes Spray Rescue Fire TruckLittle-Tikes-Spray-Rescue-Truck

Brand :    little tikes
Weight :    14.11 pounds
  • Foot-to-floor ride-on has a friendly smiling face that children adore
  • Easy assembly; made in usa
  • Water tank is easily removed for easy filling
  • Pressurized water tank and hose assembly really squirts water
  • Full sized fire truck comes in a small package
Model :    616129
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Little Tikes Spray Rescue Fire Truck available as-of ( Sep 2021 )

Little Tikes First Slide, Red/Blue

I like this slide. I read the reviews before buying and learned that it was flimsier than the older version and the handles came apart easily. I was aware of these problems before ordering but i have to say i am quite happy with this slide. My toddler is 24 lbs and i don't have to hold it when he climbs up. I noticed that the bottom of the slide can be lifted off the ground by couple inches if he holds it by the handles and tries to rock it, but not while he is climbing up. . Also, i don't have a problem with the handles. Actually, i did have problem figuring out while assembling them, and was doing it in a wrong way (putting them in the opposite way to how they are supposed to go in) but then my husband figured it out easily (see pictures) and it is not possible to take them out now. Overall, very satisfied with it.

Nothing says fun like a little tikes first slide! this little tikes kids slide is just the right size for your little one. It folds and unfolds in seconds, which makes it easy to store. This plastic slide promotes fitness, balance and coordination. Features: - no tools required for assembly! - handrails snap into place - steps remove without tools for compact storage and moving - kids can use the slide inside or outside - must be placed on soft play surface - assembly required! - ages 18 months to 6 years - weight limit: 60 lbs from the manufacturer this little tikes kids slide is just the right size for your little one. It folds and unfolds in seconds. Promotes fitness, balance and coordination.

Little Tikes First Slide, Red/BlueLittle-Tikes-First-Slide-Blue

See Little Tikes First Slide, Red/blue (624605M) FAQ.

I rarely write reviews, but this slide has been so much fun over the past year that when i saw it while christmas shopping this year, it made me smile and i decided to write a review. I purchased this slide last year as a christmas present for my grandsons who were 18 months, and 2 1/2yrs. We put a big mat at the bottom and they enjoyed it inside the house. However, this summer we took it outside and placed the bottom inside a plastic swimming pool, they loved it. We have an in-ground pool at our home, but there is no shade and the kids cannot swim, so i put this slide and a plastic pool on an indoor/outdoor rug close to big pool, then put a canopy over it and the little kids spent hours and hours playing in it this summer. I buy so many products from online store and tons of things for my grandsons, but this is by far the one item they have really enjoyed. Now that its gotten colder, i brought the slide and pool into the garage and filled the pool with balls, so they can enjoy it this winter too. -Notice from L. Russell, Louisiana

Click to Show little tikes first slide, red/blue (624605m) Details

If i could give this more stars. I would. We purchased this for our 12 month old for christmas. Highlight of his day! while he doesn't understand the steps. He enjoys climbing up the red slide and sliding down on his belly! this is a pretty sturdy slide as long as you make sure it's on a flat surface. The arms tend to pop up once in a while, so be sure to make check the few interlocking points before allowing a little one to use. As my son cannot use it alone yet, an adult is always with him. I would recommend adult supervision until your child can climb and fall like a pro!

Little-tikes-first-slide,-red/blue-(624605m) set picture

- I. AliceAt first i was a little worried because some of the reviews state that the sides/arms come off easily. I was even more disappointed when i received it and mine was doing the exact same thing, arms coming completely off when the baby was trying to use it. But! i had it on wrong, as i suspect most parents did at first, and once i pressed down super hard and it clicked in (okay, i actually had my husband do this part), there was no slipping out again! i hope this helps with anyone having this issue. It really did seem like it was clicked in and together the first time, but it goes down even further and really is sturdy after that. . Anyway, no complaints! my 34 lb two year old loves it and it's easily taken indoors and outdoors.

We purchased this slide from target for our sons first birthday. He and his 97th percentile 5 year old brother love this slide. We live in michigan and it has been great to keep them active inside while it is freezing outside. Our 1 year old figured it out immediately and although he tried giving me several heart attacks while he figured out how to get his feet under him and slide down, he figured it out after about a day and a half and i don't feel like i have to be right next to him while he plays on it. It is rather tall, my one year old is in the 95th percentile for height and it is taller than him. There have been several complaints about the hand rails falling off. I thought the same thing when i put it together, however my husband walked over and gave them a good pound with his palm and we havnt had any problems with them coming off. They are just a little hard to get in properly. Over all this is a great slide both of my boys really enjoy.

J. Hannah, Mississippi

  • Perfect beginner's slide, sized especially for younger kids (3-feet long)
  • Handrails snap into place
  • Kids can use the slide inside or outside
  • Folds down without tools for compact storage and moving
Brand :    little tikes
Color :    Blue
Size :    5 ft or less
Weight :    9.00 pounds
Model :    624605M
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Little Tikes First Slide, Red/Blue available as-of ( Sep 2021 )

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Tikes Patrol, Ride-On

Durable product

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Tikes Patrol, Ride-OnLittle-Tikes-Coupe-Patrol-Ride-

Brand :    little tikes
Color :    White
Weight :    4.85 pounds
Model :    615795
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (little tikes product review) for Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Tikes Patrol, Ride-On available as-of ( Sep 2021 )
  • Ignition switch and an open-and-close gas cap
  • Cozy rolls on rugged, durable tires, front wheels spin 360º
  • Designed with a high seat back and storage in the rear
  • New features include removable floor and a handle on back for parent-controlled push rides

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sport Ride-on (631573M) Price : 47.6, was : 60.45 as 2017-02-14
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sport Ride-on (631573M) Reviewed by on

Top little tikes cozy coupe sport ride-on (631573m) Content

The F.A.Q. for Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sport Ride-on (631573M)

After carefully reading all of the reviews, i choose to buy this, despite the many reviews talking about the extreme difficulty of putting it together. As a toy, almost all reviewers said their child loved it. I didn't expect it to go together simply, but the instructions were good and with a little bit of patient wiggling of the plastic moulded parts, they did go together. It is meant to fit snuggly so it will be sturdy over time. The doors aren't a perfect fit, but overall this is a wonderful toy that you can't get from any other manufacturer. If you are nervous about purchasing it, i would say, do it, but don't expect a 30 minute assembly, or a perfect fit on the doors and you will be very happy.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Does anyone know if 2 toddlers could fit in this at the same time?

(1) Question: Will the child able to use own feet to move the car or has to be pushed by someone else ?

(2) Question: Can you turn with the steering wheel?

(3) Question: Has anyone else had problems with the doors not aligning correctly? the whole car is put together, but the doors don't align and lock.

(4) Question: Does it fit in the car trunk? i have a mini suv acura rdx.

(5) Question: Is this better than the classic red cozy coupe or the same

(6) Question: Can you take the moon roof off? my daughter is too small now for the regular one; hoping to get one where her head isn't touching the roof

(7) Question: Does this car have a auto mode too which runs on the battery apart from the manual push. trying to find if car has two ways(manual/auto ) to run.

(8) Question: Will this work on grass?

(9) Question: Does this car have a seat belt?

(note) Question: where/how to get Little Tikes (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Little Tikes's products


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We bought this item for our niece for christmas and she has fallen head over heals for it! we were at a family friends house for thanksgiving and they had a toy car there. She loved it but she doesn't push it herself yet (she'll be turning 2 in april) so it was kind of hard to navigate. Also, when we did push it her feet would get stick because she didn't really grasp the concept that she has to pick her feet up yet. So we did some research and found this one. It solved all of our problems and she loves getting pushed around in this car. She loads it up with her juice and dolls and then pretends she's cruising down the highway. It's so cute!

Ride-On Toys 110804661, Toys & Games 110397561, Tricycles, Scooters & Wagons 110499652Top Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sport Ride-on (631573M) FAQ Content

Best little tikes cozy coupe sport ride-on (631573m) in review

My grandson won't stay out of this car! he sits in it to play with other toys and then gives them a ride in his car. The handle at the back is the most ingenious part of the car. It gives us all the option of pushing him in the car when he is too tired to push himself. We can take him on walks to the park and push him back home when he's tired. The handle is at a perfect height (for me, at least). Second best? the cup holder! bad habits form early! he likes eating snacks and drinking milk while in his car, as well. I wish the car was a little bigger and also wish there were fewer pieces to put together, other than that? love this car!

L. Nancy, Languedoc-Roussillon

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  • Details: Opening And Closing Driver's Door.
Reasonable Little Tikes Princess Cozy Truck Ride-on (Toys And Games) 627514m Little Tikes Princess Cozy Truck Ride-on

N. Cortney, Texas says

I give it 4 stars only because i got it once, parts didn't fit well so i had to order a replacement. This time the parts fit well, although there is no way u can assemble this in 30 mins as they claim. It took atleast 2 hours to assemble. But once done my 17 month old son loves it. He wanted to sit in it while i was assembling it, i had hard time keeping him away from it. Anyways he loves it, we get compliments all the time from people around wherever we go. The model is cool and way better than any stroller, as he hates sitting in a stroller. So this works perfect and cheaper than a stroller.

C. Alba, Barking and Dagenham

Purchased june 7 for my 20 month old granddaughter. Arrived quickly. Assembly went great until roof rails (attaching to the car). Struggled, but able to finish with help. Awesome little car and love the push handle. My granddaughter visits at least one or two times a week - and rain or shine - she wants to go for a walk in her blue car. She gathers items she wants to take in the car on her walk - then pulls me by the hand to her car. Today was the saddest day! july 14 - blue car is about 6 weeks old. All four rubber centers on the tires, peeled off while we were walking. Not sure if it's because it's a hot day? if we've worn out the tires? if sidewalks are too "rough" of terrain? granddaughter is heartbroken! i wrote to little tikes to see if they will assist or let me know how to fix. Hoping to hear back quickly. She loves this car and we've got to get it back in road (walk) worthy shape!

I. Joanna, Hampshire says

Love this little cozy coupe. It's so refreshing to see a new bright design verses the old red one with eyes. This car has lots of little details that make it so cute. The handle bar is great and the removable flooring is awesome. Our 2. 5 year old pushes himself easily in the back yard but then we can put the floor piece in for a neighborhood walk, or we've even taken it to the zoo. One fault is the doors, they don't lock in place very well. We double checked our installation and we did everything correctly, our model seemed to have a slight defect. They still close but it takes so wiggling and pulling up and pushing down to get them perfect so that you can lock it. I could see how this would be a problem if you had a 1 year old sitting in it. They could easily lean against the door while being pushed and fall out.

N. Pearson, Dorset

Assembly is pretty difficult on this. I consider myself pretty handy, but getting this assembled is a bit of a chore. . The toughest part is getting the columns into the body of the car (yes i used dish soap like it recommended) and getting the roof into the columns. On the first one we received, one of the columns would not stay connected even though i know i got it all the way in, and then when trying to insert the roof the peg on the roof piece broke. I returned this one and got a replacement. . On the replacement product, a couple critical pieces were missing. However, little tikes customer service was easy to work with and they shipped the missing parts with very little hassle. I then was extra careful with the assembly the second time around, and was able to get it together without further incident. . The product itself is pretty good. The wheels have a quality rubber coating to make for smoother/quieter rolling, and the sturdy flip up handle is great for pushing your kid around.

X. Elanor, Midi-Pyrenees says

Awesome little car for our 1 year old. It came in a box and needed put together. After reading other's reviews i was expecting the worst, but it wasn't hard to put together and the pieces were all there and lined up as they should. Doors were fine and the roof was a little tricky to get to stay but once clipped in has stayed in place. Having the extended handle to push our little one is great. The floor board is pretty good, but our little one got his foot stuck in the one corner when he slid down the seat. And there is no way to "clip" the floor board in. It just sets on 2 small tabs near the front of the car. I wish the floor board clipped into place and wish it had a buckle (at least around the waist). So for now we keep the doors locked and hope they don't slide open when he is leaning on the door while getting pushed around like a "fancy" race car stroller when taking walks. Haha. . My only complaint is the white cap that holds the wheels on. It comes with a little plastic tool to help you put the white caps on however 3 out of the 4 wheels had at least 1 clip break when pushing the wheel and cap together on the axle. I couldn't give it 5 stars due to the poor way the wheels have to be put together. I could see if it was only one that broke but the first 2 broke, 3rd didn't break and 4th one broke as well. This was put together inside and wasn't cold when assembled. We are going to contact little tikes and see if this is a common problem with this and if they will send some replacement white caps for the wheels so the wheels don't fall off. So far the wheels have stayed on but all the wheels don't have all the clips to hold them on.

D. Whiteman, British Columbia

We got this for our three year old. The car fits him well. I expect this will fit him for the next year, but after that might be a little small. I think a child weighing over 50 lbs would likely be too big for this car. My husband put together the car and it came together easily. The directions are clear and he only had to force a few items in place. One of the doors isn't perfectly aligned with the hole that holds it closed, but it works well enough for us. The big selling point for this car is the handle behind that lifts up for easy pushing of the car. I love that feature. It makes it easy to push my son around and manipulate the car. We're really happy we went with this model simply because of the handle on the back of the toy. I am with holding a star from my rating because the door that closes poorly, but otherwise it's been a good addition to our house.

C. Noguera, Aquitaine says

The best! this little car is so well made that i would not have been surprised if it was twice the price. Too often it feels like most of today's products are made of junk or that companies don't really care about their consumers. I was so impressed by the quality of this little car. It's not as simple to put together as the box tells you (and i am incredibly handy). But when all is said and done, the car is solid and feels exceptionally safe. It's adorable and the best part is my (almost) 11 month old loves it. It's the first thing he crawls to in the morning and sometimes he just wants to sit in while playing with something else. I love that the floor comes out and that the car will grow with our child. And again, because of the quality of materials, etc, i honestly feel like we will be using it for many years. It's a fantastic product that i highly recommend.

D. Benton, Quebec

After some manufacturer issue (save the box and when you get the replacement tape the 2 boxes together for the return, none of this comes apart) and a stellar prime return, we love it. Also, to be fair the treads that come on the wheels (maybe after some mileage the hard tires would wear out idk) are not tight enough and come off the ridge in the center of the tire. I find myself bending to push them back in place (they are dirty) and im thinking of removing them. At 15 mos the babe is in one side of the car and out the other, very busy business. I live in a condo and he's still to small to manage a bag of garbage, the mail, and a trip to the laundry room. The little prince pushes the car from behind, when he is done he gets in, i still get to finish my building errands, and it saves this grandmas back too.

L. Emma, Rheinland-Pfalz says

Bought this for my granddaughter for christmas. I knew it needed assembled but waited until a few days before christmas to put it together. I wish i'd started earlier. It took two people to put this car together. Several of the pieces didn't line up with the premolded holes and it took a lot of brute force to get pieces where they were supposed to go. One of the holes for the wheel bracket didn't go all the way through the plastic and i had to actually drill a new one to get the bracket where it needed to go. The roof was also a major fete to put on. The plastic pieces that run from the roof to the car also didn't line up with the premolded holes so there was again pure force needed to get them to snap into place. The package was also missing the steering wheel (the seller did send a replacement as soon as i asked though so no disappointment there). Other then the missing piece and the much harder then anticipated assembly, i'm pretty pleased with the product. It's a bit flimsier then the coupe that my son had when he was growing up but then all things seem to be made cheaper nowadays. My granddaughter loves it (even minus the steering wheel) and honestly that is all that matters to me.

B. Erickson, Missouri

After reading all the reviews on this product, i was a little apprehensive about getting this car. But took the plunge and ordered it anyway. The box reads something like"no tools required and takes 30 minutes to assemble. " this is all correct, and honestly it was not hard at all to assemble if you follow the recommendations (using the dish soap) and go step-by-step, my little guy loves it! only complaint is that the doors seem a little unstable and can't be pulled on too much or seem like they might snap out. Otherwise. Love this car!

M. Carmen, Limousin says

My 13 month old loves this little car. The assembly was a bit difficult even with following the directions. It says 30 mins or less but took us more than an hour. The directions are not entirely clear being that it was just pictures and arrows. It took us a while to realize we had to put one of the little parts under the tires in order to push the opposite tire in place. And even then i was too weak to snap it in place. But after the assembly, the car is great. My son is still too young to use his legs to push himself so it would have been nice to have a safety belt inside for when we are pushing him outside, but we are very happy with this product.

F. Sherry, Bexley

Even though it is tool less it is very difficult to assemble. I had to modify two parts. One peg on the arching rear right beam so it would insert and allow the other peg to install in it's hole. And the alignment peg on the right door so it would shut. Until i cut it down with a box cutter knife it would not shut. Others have had this problem. But once assembled it is far superior to the traditional cozy coupes. The tires have smooth rubber tread and will grip hardwood, linoleum and tile floors. The fold away handle makes it easy for an adult to push a child faster and with far more control and no bending over. The one con is the horn is so difficult to press it is hard for an adult to get it to honk, no way a small child could make noise pressing it. Also there were a lot of plastic shavings inside the main body but they can be shaken out.

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