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Price was $24.97. My little tike loves this lawn mower. Since summer began and his poppa started mowing the lawn he has been infatuated with lawn mowers. We purchased this to dissuade the constant "wan mower , i see? " and it worked he hears the lawn mowers outside and grabs his and "cuts" the carpet for us. We enjoy watching and laughing as he gets to be a big boy. . While this product is for walker training all the way up to full mobile children it does have two downfalls. One: the back stop so they don't fall when holding on to it is a little pronounced and can be a stumbling block for more mobile children. And does get hung up and drags on unlevel ground. (solution make it removable). Two: wear shoes when your tots have this out. Yes the edges are not padded or soft rubber so it does not feel good when they mow over your feet otr bang into your shins. Not a huge issue just another chance for training on how not to be a brat.

-L. Harrison

Little tikes gas ‘n go mower (mga entertainment) this toy lawn mower lets children mimic the activity they see every day in the world around them. the sounds and hands-on features of this kid s lawn mower encourage pretend play and toys and games

  • Items: Sounds Are Mechanical, So No Batteries Are Needed.
  • Items: Pull Cord To Hear Engine Sounds.

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So cute! my nephew loves the pull start and gas tank! i ordered this after his bubble mower died and the company changed their model. He never cared about the bubbles and always pretended to pull it started like papa so this was perfect! it was super easy to assemble-just 5 pieces and it was together in 3 minutes or less! this is nice quality that will hold up to his daily use. The only downside is that it pushes very quietly just a light pop noise from the balls inside it. My nephew was used to the noise of the bubble motor so it took him a bit to get used to this quieter model lol. The Best Little Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower as-of ( Oct 2021 ) | Mga Entertainment-Toys And Games Review Items Little Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower Kids push toy mower with popping beads. Sounds are mechanical, so no batteries are needed. Pull cord to hear engine sounds. Clicking key and moveable throttle. Removable gas can .

Little Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower Review (633614m)

 my son always chases me around the yard when i mow the lawn. I saw this product and knew we had to get it. The moment we got it his face lit up. The first negative part, it took forever to open the package as it had many tight zip ties. Once they were removed we started the fun! he pushed it around the house for hours straight. Pulling the cord every so often to make sure it ran correctly! a great feature is on the rear of the mower has a larger plastic piece that helps sturdy the mower so it does not tip. The middle of the lawn mower has small balls that bounce up and down as its being pushed around. When it was time to actually cut the grass i brought it outside with me. He was unable to push it around the lawn! the wheels are smaller and the mower is to close to the ground. He had a very hard time pushing it. Besides that i would have rated it a 5 star review. I hope this helps1 -G. Guest

Little Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower

  • Rank: Toy
  • Brand: Little Tikes
  • Color: Multi-Color
  • EAN: 0885131027092
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:20.50 inches
    Length:21.00 inches
    Weight:3.20 pounds
    Width:11.25 inches
  • ItemPart/Serial Number: 633614m
  • Manufacturer: MGA Entertainment
  • Recommended Max-Age: 60
  • Suggested Min-Age: 18
  • Model: 633614MX2
  • MPN: 633614m
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 633614m
  • Group-Order: Toy
  • Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  • ReleaseDate: 2013-11-18
  • Product-Name: Little Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower
  • UPC: 746550343029
  • Warranty: 90 Day Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

Toy(746550343029:Toys And Games), Little Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower (0885131027092:Little Tikes), This toy lawn mower lets children mimic the activity they see every day in the world around them. the sounds and hands-on features of this kid s lawn mower encourage pretend play and get kids moving and mowing! it looks like the real thing! features: - sounds are mechanical, so no batteries are needed - push the toy mower and the beads pop - pull cord to hear engine sounds - clicking key and moveable throttle - removable gas can - kids can open the tethered gas cap and pretend to fill up the lawn mower - 18+ months.

Little Tikes Gas Go Mower Toy

Little Tikes Gas Go MowerLittle Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Bought this for our nephew for his first birthday. He is just starting to walk, so he loves pushing this little mower around the house and with his dad in the backyard. This is a great gift for a little one who is still trying to learn to walk, but i also expect he will be running behind it for the next several years. Also, as a parent, i appreciate that it entertains without making tons of noise like some push-toys do.

Little Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower (Toys And Games) 633614mx2
Click to see NoticeLittle Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower (633614m)"Grandson very happy with all the gadgets on lawn mower but the wheels are so small it can't be pushed on the grass. So it is an inside toy which defeats the purpose of buying it. Don't know why these toys are made then can't be used on the lawn which is what little boys want!"

Prextex Kids 3PC Garden Tool Set Includes 3 Garden Tools Adorable Bugs Tool Handles

Prextex kids garden tool set includes everything a little gardener needs and the perfect place to keep it all! our practical garden tool set includes 3 gardening tools: an 8. 2" rake, 8. 2" shovel, and 8. 2" trowel. Handles are made of hardwood and tools have enameled metal implements. Made for real work! perfect for digging in the dirt next to mom and dad. It's colorful, fun and practical. Just perfect for your budding gardener!

Prextex Kids 3PC Garden Tool Set Includes 3 Garden Tools Adorable Bugs Tool HandlesPrextex-Garden-Tools-Adorable-Handles

  • Prextex kids 3pc garden tool set is a fun way to introduce children to gardening!
  • Perfect for digging in the dirt next to mom and dad.
  • Colorful, fun, and practical!
  • Includes 8. 2" rake, 8. 2" shovel , and 8. 2" trowel -handles are made of hardwood and tools have enameled metal implements. made for real work!
  • Perfect for your budding gardener.
Brand :    prextex
Size :    8 Inches
Weight :    0.44 pounds
Model :    GT-5652
Quantity :    3
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Lawn & Patio :    Best Outdoor Living (prextex product review) for Prextex Kids 3PC Garden Tool Set Includes 3 Garden Tools Adorable Bugs Tool Handles available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Little Tikes Cozy Pumper

Awesome toy. Adorable and very well made. My 4 year old always loves to stop her power wheels jeep for gas and this took that experience for her over the top. I cannot tell you how surprised and thrilled she was to open " my very own real gas pumper? " on her birthday. I will load a picture of her thrilled face another time. All of the kids were amazed with this thing and i know 2 of them are going to be getting their own because they were so amazed by it and their parents thought the price and quality was great as well. So happy i bought this.

The little tikes cozy pumper is a fun toy gas pump is a perfect match for your little tikes cozy coupe, cozy truck, cozy cab, princess coupe and many others! kids will love pretending to stop and fill up. Weatherproof buttons and sounds stimulate interaction. Use it next to your playhouse to create a pretend town. This pretend gas pump can be used indoors or out. Features: - the perfect complement to any little tikes ride on toy - designed with 3 weatherproof electronic fuel buttons that make 6 fun sounds when kids stop to "fill up" - pretend gas pump hose (color may vary) with pretend nozzle - requires 2 "aa" alkaline batteries (not included) - credit card is not included

Little Tikes Cozy PumperLittle-Tikes-619991M-Cozy-Pumper

See Little Tikes Cozy Pumper (0705008) FAQ.

I got this for my 1 year old son to use with his crazy coupe truck. It is the perfect size for him and its so cute. It has 3 buttons that make different sounds, the nozzle fits perfectly into his truck and he loves playing with it. It was also built to handle a childs roughness but very inexpensive to buy! would make a great gift for that special toddler in your life! -Notice from U. Carol, Medway

Click to Show little tikes cozy pumper (0705008) Details

My son absolutely adores this, he kept on saying how his cars ran out of gas and he needs to get more gas. He plays a lot with this and it's been a year and in the sun and the color remained vibrant.

Little-tikes-cozy-pumper-(0705008) set picture

- N. NellieGood little toy. I was surprised by the fact that it is really litle, i guess i should have read the description better because it looks so much bigger than it really is. I expected it to be comparable to the size of the cozy coupe, but its way smaller. Its very lightweight so my kids can move it around, but i am thinking of filling the bottom with sand so that it stays put, so they can use it easier! with that said, my kids absolutely love this toy. It shipped fast and arrived in good condition!

My son loves his cozy coupe! he cherishes it so much that it has to stay inside, my almost-two-year-old doesn't want to get it dirty. He was always opening and closing the gas cap, so we thought we would spoil him even more and get him the cozy pumper. It is so much fun for him. It is so fun to watch his interaction as well. He loves the buttons that make noise. He loves that he can put the gas pump in the tank. We even gave him an old card of some sort, so he likes to slide it through the credit slot. . The drawbacks are small, but they are significant enough to mention. The toy itself is light plastic. It falls over, he can lift it in the air. Our remedy: behind the buttons is a void. We used that to our advantage and created a hole large enough to get a funnel through. We got a 50 lb bag (you don't have to use the whole bag) and filled the bottom of the pumper so that it is a little more weighted. Once it was full we covered the hole with a piece of tape. The panel that holds the buttons was a little wabbley. My husband fixed this problem with a few shims under the panel. . Bottom-line: we a few modifications this can be the perfect toy. Don't expect it to be exactly what you thought it would be. Now we fixed it up a little it is a great addition

O. Clara, Camden

Brand :    little tikes
Color :    Red
Size :    13.5 long x 8.5 wide x 17.5 high
Weight :    3.09 pounds
Model :    619991M
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Little Tikes Cozy Pumper available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
  • Comes with hose
  • Made in usa
  • For use with any large foot-to-floor ride-on
  • Comes with credit card swipe(credit card not included)
  • Three weather-proof electronic fuel buttons make six fun sounds

Toy Vacuum- Dyson Ball Vacuum With Real Suction Sounds

Before purchasing this i read a lot of reviews that seemed to have expectations that match a grown-up dyson. I have a $350 cordless dyson at home. For $350 i get 8 minutes of charge on full power. This toy is well worth $30. We have balls of dog hair constantly floating around and this has sucked up a lot of it as well as little crumbs. I would think it dangerous to have a toy vacuum with the suction power of a real one. My 16 month old loves to help me clean. We've only had it for a few days, so she hasn't learned how to turn it on and off by herself yet, but i imagine she won't take long. I have not had a problem with it standing up on its own, but it's easy to knock over. It is kind of difficult to pull out the little chamber to clean it, but i'm glad she can't do it herself, because she'd probably just dump it on the floor. If you have a little helper this is a great buy.

This cute dyson vacuum is a direct replica of the life size dyson ball vacuum to help your little helper tidy in style! little ones adore role play and pretending that they are doing jobs around the house just like the grown-ups. This dyson ball upright vacuum cleaner has been specially designed to be true to life, right down to the last detail. The replica design features real working suction, realistic sounds, bright colours, twist and turn action just like the real thing! there is also a removable dustbin at the back to empty the debris.  the simulated cyclone action has moving colourful balls in a clear cylinder. Your little helper will really feel part of your world while developing essential life skills

Toy Vacuum- Dyson Ball Vacuum With Real Suction SoundsVacuum-Dyson-Vacuum-Suction-Sounds

See Toy Vacuum- Dyson Ball Vacuum Real Suction Sounds (Casdon) FAQ.

I got this vaccum for my two year old son. He lives to help around the house and always tries to help me vacuum so i thought it was such a fun idea to get him his own! this dyson play vacuum is just like a real vacuum! it has two buttons. One that makes the beads go around the inside so it looks like there is stuff going around that was picked up. Then it has a button to actually make it suck stuff up off the carpet. Which i think is just the coolest since sliced bread. It has a little compartment on the bottom to empty out anything that is picked up just like a real vacuum. It sound like a real vacuum and if it was just a little bigger i would be able to use it for everyday clean up. It is cordless so he can bring it anywhere & help mommy anytime he wants. I would totally recommend getting this for any child boy or girl. Disclosure: i bought this vacuum at full price. As always all opinions are 100% my own. -Notice from K. Joanne, Sheffield

Click to Show toy vacuum- dyson ball vacuum real suction sounds (casdon) Details

I read the reviews after i ordered this (silly me) but i was worried it would be a waste since alot of people said it broke easy. My two year old is a bit rough with his toys. He opened it for christmas, so he has only had it about two weeks or so. He plays with it often and we have had no problems yet. He absolutely loves it. It picks up a few dog hairs here and there, but its a toy so i didn't actually expect it to clean a whole lot like others thought. Battery life seems good too. :)

Toy-vacuum--dyson-ball-vacuum-real-suction-sounds-(casdon) set picture

- F. MorganAt my house, with my 4 year old son, vacuuming is a contact sport. I run the adult vacuum (dyson of course! ) and he uses this toy. We go back and forth, back and forth. And the game is for me to clean the carpets, and he tries to ram me with his toy. (and for those who want to play at home, we turn the music up real loud and jam out while we do this! ) the only rules in the game is that we get the carpet cleaned and we laugh. A lot! . . My son loves this toy vacuum. He feels like a big boy when he plays with it. The only issue we've had is when he rams my vacuum with his vacuum dead on, full force. Well, the head of the toy breaks off. And that makes him sad. . But i think it is reasonable considering how we are playing with the toy. I've bought 2 of them, and both of them broke in the same fashion. I can't penalize the durability of the toy. 4 stars.

My wife has the real dyson ball vacuum, it's amazing how well it works, my grandson was so intrigued every time she vacuumed, we had to find something to occupy him when she did. Imagine our surprise to find the working replica! it has two switches, one operates little colored beads that float around clear chamber, the second switch turns on a real suction that pulls light, little bits into a separate cartridge, that an adult needs to release, so it feels safe for him to play with it when we step out of room. No, its note something one would use to actually clean their home, but its very well made, and he gets a kick out of copying her, he thinks he is contributing and we think it teaches good basic habits in regular cleaning regardless of gender. Product was shipped amazingly fast and well packaged, we only had to add c batteries and it was ready to go! thank you, clever idea!

B. Carolyn, Quebec

  • Removable debris holder at the back
  • Features a simulated cyclone action with colourful spinning balls
  • 'twists and turns' just like the real thing!
  • Real suction from the foot of the vacuum
  • Direct replica of the latest "ball" model dyson
Brand :    casdon
Color :    Grey/Yellow
Weight :    1.76 pounds
Model :    641
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Toy Vacuum- Dyson Ball Vacuum With Real Suction Sounds available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Little Tikes First Slide, Red/Blue

We purchased this slide from target for our sons first birthday. He and his 97th percentile 5 year old brother love this slide. We live in michigan and it has been great to keep them active inside while it is freezing outside. Our 1 year old figured it out immediately and although he tried giving me several heart attacks while he figured out how to get his feet under him and slide down, he figured it out after about a day and a half and i don't feel like i have to be right next to him while he plays on it. It is rather tall, my one year old is in the 95th percentile for height and it is taller than him. There have been several complaints about the hand rails falling off. I thought the same thing when i put it together, however my husband walked over and gave them a good pound with his palm and we havnt had any problems with them coming off. They are just a little hard to get in properly. Over all this is a great slide both of my boys really enjoy.

Nothing says fun like a little tikes first slide! this little tikes kids slide is just the right size for your little one. It folds and unfolds in seconds, which makes it easy to store. This plastic slide promotes fitness, balance and coordination. Features: - no tools required for assembly! - handrails snap into place - steps remove without tools for compact storage and moving - kids can use the slide inside or outside - must be placed on soft play surface - assembly required! - ages 18 months to 6 years - weight limit: 60 lbs from the manufacturer this little tikes kids slide is just the right size for your little one. It folds and unfolds in seconds. Promotes fitness, balance and coordination.

Little Tikes First Slide, Red/BlueLittle-Tikes-First-Slide-Blue

See Little Tikes First Slide, Red/blue (624605M) FAQ.

My 2yo daughter loves this slide! wakes up and wants to play on it all day til bed time. She's 35" and 28lbs and perfect for her. If she wears long pants like her jammie's and some socks she slides down fast without socks her feet slow her down. It does move a bit when she tries to go up the stairs though, not a big deal yet. It was a great purchase overall. She's so happy! -Notice from B. Aldana, West Virginia

Click to Show little tikes first slide, red/blue (624605m) Details

I like this slide. I read the reviews before buying and learned that it was flimsier than the older version and the handles came apart easily. I was aware of these problems before ordering but i have to say i am quite happy with this slide. My toddler is 24 lbs and i don't have to hold it when he climbs up. I noticed that the bottom of the slide can be lifted off the ground by couple inches if he holds it by the handles and tries to rock it, but not while he is climbing up. . Also, i don't have a problem with the handles. Actually, i did have problem figuring out while assembling them, and was doing it in a wrong way (putting them in the opposite way to how they are supposed to go in) but then my husband figured it out easily (see pictures) and it is not possible to take them out now. Overall, very satisfied with it.

Little-tikes-first-slide,-red/blue-(624605m) set picture

- Y. KathleneIf i could give this more stars. I would. We purchased this for our 12 month old for christmas. Highlight of his day! while he doesn't understand the steps. He enjoys climbing up the red slide and sliding down on his belly! this is a pretty sturdy slide as long as you make sure it's on a flat surface. The arms tend to pop up once in a while, so be sure to make check the few interlocking points before allowing a little one to use. As my son cannot use it alone yet, an adult is always with him. I would recommend adult supervision until your child can climb and fall like a pro!

Awesome! came a day early! box was so light weight i was sure they had just sent me and empty box very sturdy, don't see it tipping over with such a wide base at the stairs and end of slide. The steps have a little bit of no slip grip, not a lot but she is in socks and she isn't having any slipping issues. Slide and steps and small bag of instructions with the two handles all slid out easy enough. Of course the baby was trying to climb the slide end as i'm trying to snap the steps in, that was super fun. So i got the steps snapped in which didn't take much effort but of course i pushed on it like 7 more time just to be sure and the handles went in fairly easy but i am the dumb mom who doesn't read instructions on a four piece baby slide and i had to turn the handles around and switch sides like 4 times but i did it! aaaaand. Done! endless fun for baby and now i can finish the dang laundry without her "helping" me. I did notice that socks are a must as any skin to slide action will stop her dead in her tracks. No one likes rubber butt going down a slide so i recommend pants and socks, shoes will not be good on this slide. Only thing that i can think of is that it was a little more steep than i thought it would be but as always this first time mom worried that her 1 1/2 year old wouldn't be able to handle a higher angle than expected- and as always i am proved wrong. Maddie is a beginner slider and has only been on one other baby slide on her own without help for about one hour, the rest of her sliding experience has been with me and dada when we go to the big slide at the park, she is a master already and it's only been a couple hours. She is just fine with the higher angle and it's such a quick ride anyways- this mommy has no worries as of yet. But i'm assuming she will soon learn to stand at the top of the step at which point i will have a heart attack and curse myself for buying the slide bahahaha. Also i noticed that it is a thinner plastic then the other slide i looked at, it is flimsier but i don't see it being a problem as my daughter is not a "rough" toddler as i know some can be- i watch some kids play and they like to push things over and throw things, not in a bad way just that they like to use their muscles and be more hands on where as little maddie is a "soft" happy baby that likes to color and play in the garden and slide! if you have a "rough" or "tough" baby that will be pushing this over and jumping off the sides then i would suggest one with a playhouse base. They cost a little more but you will not have to worry about any tipping then. Great product! loads of fun for a little mind that is easily amused . Yay slide! yay babies! hope this helps!

W. Widmer, New Jersey

Brand :    little tikes
Color :    Blue
Size :    5 ft or less
Weight :    9.00 pounds
Model :    624605M
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Kids can use the slide inside or outside
  • Perfect beginner's slide, sized especially for younger kids (3-feet long)
  • Folds down without tools for compact storage and moving
  • Handrails snap into place
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Little Tikes First Slide, Red/Blue available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Mower With Storage Compartment

Cheerful tootle turtle loves doing his yard work! this cleverly designed plastic lawnmower has lots of ways to interest little ones: a storage compartment under the shell, a plastic fuel can to "pour, " clicking dials and a pull-cord that makes a motor sound!

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Mower With Storage CompartmentMelissa-Doug-Tootle-Storage-Compartment

Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    yellow/green
Size :    Small
Weight :    0.3 pounds
Model :    6267
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Mower With Storage Compartment available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
  • Sturdy plastic mower to encourage outdoor play and role-play activity
  • Cheerful tootle turtle character adds plenty of personality and cheer!
  • Sturdy plastic construction
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor play
  • Features storage compartment, clicking dials, plastic fuel can and pull-cord.

Kidzlane Toy Vacuum - Working Toy Vacuum Cleaner With Real Suction Sounds

We have a 2 year old granddaughter who is all about 'keeping things clean and tidy"! she loves her vacuum because it has real suction. Her mom & dad love her vacuum because it is not powerful enough to pick up anything that ought not get picked up! however, if something gets vacuumed that shouldn't, the 'canister' that holds the vacuumed particles comes right out and they can find it easily, as long as our sweet grandbaby doesn't empty it herself first! she is quite the little cleaner and apparently they haven't had this 'little' dog hair in their home since she was born! it is great for small amounts of dog hair, and that is one of her favorite 'dirties' to vacuum up!

Realistic play with bendable hoses and a lifelike nozzle that actually provides suction, our toy vacuum that really works can help your child pretend that he is really helping you to clean. Your child can also learn valuable lessons about cleaning each time he or she empties the canister of our toy vacuum. You kids will keep themselves busy for hours, helping you clean. With the real suction action your child will actually be able to vacuum small items like dust balls and pieces of paper or confetti.

Kidzlane Toy Vacuum - Working Toy Vacuum Cleaner With Real Suction SoundsKidzlane-Toy-Vacuum-Working-Cleaner

See Kidzlane Toy Vacuum - Working Toy Vacuum Cleaner Real Suction Sounds (Toys And Games) FAQ.

I bought this for my one year old son who is obsessed with the vacuum. He just loves this toy. He will carry it around the house "cleaning" the floors. Best part of this vacuum is that it makes noise and already came with batteries! i would highly recommend for anyone whose kid loves the vacuum. -Notice from T. Anonymous, Devon

Click to Show kidzlane toy vacuum - working toy vacuum cleaner real suction sounds (toys and games) Details

This company is amazing! my grandson loved this toy! he took it apart and put it together many times. He loved shaking the little styrofoam balls out of the casing and picking them up again. Everyone that came to the house got the demonstration act of his vacuum. The second day the on-off switch was not working. We thought it was batteries and went for some. Unfortunately it was not a battery issue. I wrote kidzlane and let them know what had happened. They immediately responded and sent a new on out to my grandson. I think this is his favorite toy! kidzlane has become my favorite toy company! they stand behind their product! it was a pleasure to see that there are still wonderful companies like this! i recommend the product and them to all! thank you for your service and product. Lourdes bravo, miami, fl

Kidzlane-toy-vacuum---working-toy-vacuum-cleaner-real-suction-sounds-(toys-and-games) set picture

- J. MatherlyI used his to make my sons costume for halloween. He wants to be luigi from luigis mansion and thus, needed a poltergust 5000. This was the perfect size and weight.

Needed this to make the poltergust 5000 from luigi's mansion for a halloween costume. Worked great!

Z. Juliana, Washington

Brand :    kidzlane
Weight :    2.85 pounds
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Batteries included - our toy vacuum cleaner for toddlers comes with the batteries included. even with batteries, this vacuum toy is still light enough for your children to play with. it's so easy for kids to carry this toy vacuum that they'll follow you around for hours while you clean.
  • Real vacuum action - the safe, light suction of our toy vacuum cleaner for toddlers really works! your child will be able to pick up light pieces of dust and debris, such has dog or cat fur and small pieces of paper. included poly beads offer something for your child to vacuum if your carpets are clean.
  • Very realistic - featuring a light suction action that's realistic enough for kids to pretend that they're really helping you clean, yet gentle enough for their safety. combine the suction with the lifelike whirling noise and cyclone action in the canister of our kids toy vacuum, and your child will have no doubt the he or she is mommy or daddy's "little helper"
  • Great gift - our toy vacuum that really works makes a great gift for all occasions, christmas, holidays, birthdays, and more. a toy vacuum cleaner is an excellent way to educate kids on the benefits of cleaning.
  • Satisfaction guarantee - our products come with a satisfaction guarantee. we want you and your child to be completely happy with our products. if you're not completely satisfied, let us know what we can do to make it right.
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (kidzlane product review) for Kidzlane Toy Vacuum - Working Toy Vacuum Cleaner With Real Suction Sounds available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set - 3 Ball

Not sure who liked this toy the most. 20 month old, 2 year old or their dad and mom or grandfather! there were plenty of "games" and contests between the adults and (not sure this is a good thing) the little boys soon learned to "celebrate" their baskets with fist pumps and shouts of "yeah"! . The balls are soft enough that they don't hurt when an errant throw hits grandma! and they are a nice sturdy material where they won't fall apart anytime soon! we had a problem with the net coming off of the holder (this has never happened to the identical set my other grandchild owns). This was an easy fix by stringing a thin piece of wire (pipecleaner) through the loops and glueing it to the inside of the rim to hold the strings in place.

The little tikes easy score basketball set, designed for children 18 months to 5 years old, introduces kids of all abilities to the game of basketball and competitive play. The height can be adjusted to six settings between 2 and 4 feet to accommodate even the littlest hoop star. The oversize rim and kid-size basketball ensure easy scoring and help kids develop hand-eye coordination while providing the right challenge level. Before play, add sand to the base for stability.

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set - 3 BallLittle-Tikes-Easy-Score-Basketball

See Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set - 3 Ball (642340) FAQ.

Have just had this couple weeks, but my kids love it! we keep it inside and haven't had to put sand in it even with my husband and i shooting the ball from across the only thing is that the net does come undone once in a while on one of the hooks. But it's easy to reattach. Balls are great and seem durable. My 2 and 4 year olds love this. Online store was the only place that had this product include 3 balls, everywhere else like walmart and toys r us only included 1 ball with it. -Notice from Q. Theresa, Brent

Click to Show little tikes easy score basketball set - 3 ball (642340) Details

My nearly 3 yr old just received it for xmas and loves it, even our 12 year old son is getting in on the action! luckily, we have other small balls around! . . While they love it, for the last 2 days i've been frustrated having to constantly put the hoop back up! . . I came on here to ask about it and just read another review where the parent called little tykes and they were advised to lay it down on the floor with hoop up and literally "step" on the inside of the hoop until it clicks. Which i just did and it definitely clicked in place and i was like thank you! . . The only thing i would say to make this better is that little tykes need to add that "step" in their instructions! . . Great product, great price, kids love it!

Little-tikes-easy-score-basketball-set---3-ball-(642340) set picture

- T. FabianWell made (for being plastic), sturdy even without sand in the base (although it will need the sand when my grandson gets older). Two-year old likes this, although it doesn't keep him busy for hours. I expect it will, though. The selling point on this is the ability to adjust the height, making it a real bargain. How many toys that keep a child active can you use over four years? this develops hand and eye coordination and provides lots of movement as children chase the balls. Highly recommended, especially since i find myself (an old grandma) enjoying sitting in a chair and tossing a few hoops, too! . . Update 1/29/17: a flaw in the design of this is the basket is easily loosened, even by itself. We awoke one night, grabbed the shotgun, and stealthily tiptoes down the steps to discover that the thump we heard in the den was the basket falling off the stand! while it was a relief, then, it is not fun when my grandson throws a ball that hits the rim a few times, then kerplunk goes the basket. There is no need for the basket to be this loose as it has no part in the adjustability of the toy for the child as he or she grows. This needs to be redesigned. Grandpa is going to fix this problem with a permanent solution, but obviously the set will never be able to be packed in a box after that.

This basketball hoop is the best! i have it inside for my two year old that loves to play hoops! it's is big enough for us to play with him but small enough to pretty much for anywhere. The bottom fills with either sand or water so it doesn't tip and you don't have to worry about it leaking. The net is easily attachable and detachable for easy washing. The actual hoop and body itself is made of a very thick, very strong plastic. Definitely not breaking or bending or getting wear and tear easily. This really is the perfect gift for any toddler. It even comes with the basketball. It can be blown back up just like a normal basketball. I'm very happy with the quality of the whole set. I got it for my son's 2nd bday. He plays with it everyday. Best part. No screws or and tools required. It all snaps together. So simple. I would highly recommend it! for this price you really can't beat it. It's a steal and it will last forever. I am so glad i bought it! i'm sure you and your little one will be too!

Y. Brenda, Bradford

Brand :    little tikes
Color :    Blue
Weight :    7.00 pounds
  • Base can be weighted with sand (not included) for stability
  • Age 1 1/2 to 5 years
  • Basketball hoop adjusts to six heights from 2 to 4 feet
  • Develops social, motor skills and coordination
  • Includes an oversized rim and 3 junior size basketballs
Model :    642340
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (little tikes product review) for Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set - 3 Ball available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Little Tikes Roll 'n Pop Vac

It's never too early to develop good habits, and with the little tikes roll and pop vacuum cleaner, your child might even have a little fun along the way. This kid-sized play vacuum rolls easily across the carpet or tile while colorful popping balls make it sound like they're really getting some work done. The design also includes a removable hand-vac that's perfect for getting into those hard-to-reach imaginary places. Dimensions: 14. 86l x 9. 74w x 19. 14h in. Plastic vacuum cleaner. Recommended for children 18 months and up. Detachable hand vacuum. Popping beads simulate picking dirt up. Hand vac comes with popping beads action. No batteries required.

Little Tikes Roll 'n Pop VacLittle-Tikes-Roll-Pop-Vac

  • Popping beads simulate dirt pick-up
  • 2-in-1 stand-up push vacuum and detachable hand vac
  • No batteries required
  • Hand vac will have popping beads action
Brand :    little tikes
Color :    Multi Color
Weight :    16.70 pounds
Model :    621598M
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (little tikes product review) for Little Tikes Roll 'n Pop Vac available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Little Tikes Cozy Truck

My twins (about to turn 2) love these cars! they literally kept them busy for an entire day yesterday. Not only do they love driving the car and honking the battery-operated horn, but they love the trunk and cup holders! . . Note: assembly will be painful if you don't have an electric drill/screwdriver thing. . I also advise that when you assemble the car, leave off the eyes altogether (not just the stickers but the entire plastic piece). It gives your kids a lot more visibility when driving. They eyes, while cute, are up pretty high and obscure your kid's sight line (if your kid is a 2yo). Taller kids might not have that problem. . Took off one star bc the front wheels rotate 360 degrees which is nice but they sometimes get stuck not-parallel to the other front wheel and you have to manually rotate it back to a position that allows the car to drive.

A kids truck with the durability of little tikes and the fun of our cozy coupe. This truck-styled riding toy is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. The foot-to-floor format is easy to start and stop. Use it indoors or out. Kids will love the working door and tailgate of this ride on toy. Product features: flatbed with a drop-down tailgate when the floor is in, little ones feet are protected when parent guides removable floor board (colors may vary) rugged "off-road" wheels gas cap opens and closes steering wheel with a working horn distinctive truck styling with a realistic front grill driver's door opens and closes weight limit up to 50 lbs demo batteries included for steering wheel, replace with 2 "lr44" button cell batteries (not included) assembly required 18 months 5 years

Little Tikes Cozy TruckLittle-Tikes-620744-Cozy-Truck

See Little Tikes Cozy Truck (620744) FAQ.

This is a very sturdy, well made truck, . It came with clear assembly directions, all necessary parts included, and was an easy and quick assembly. One nice feature is the floor of the truck; it can be snapped in, or lifted out, . . Like every little tikes toy i have ever bought (& with 7 kids & 2 grandkids, i've bought a lot! ) this is a great, sturdy and well-built little truck. It came with clear, easy-to-follow assembly directions and all necessary parts, and was a fast & easy assembly. One nice feature is the floor; it snaps in so that smaller toddlers can be pushed, or easily comes out so that toddlers can put their feet on the floor and scoot around in the truck on their own power. My 14-month grandson immediately loved it; one hand on the wheel and one arm resting out the window! he uses it with the floor out. Though the steering wheel does not control the direction of movement, a toddler can easily steer the truck in the direction he wants to move just by using his feet. It moves and turns with ease. The truck is built for many years of use, from the original child and from many others. Great product & great company! you will love it! -Notice from J. Alice, New South Wales

Click to Show little tikes cozy truck (620744) Details

I was so excited when i found this truck for our son. Our daughter had a traditional cozy coupe 8 years ago, but this one is adorable. I am so glad they did something new. The colors are exactly as shown. I assembled the truck alone and did not have any major issues with it. If you are even slightly handy with tools you should have no problems. There are pieces that do not line up perfectly and have to be forced. There were also pieces that we had to drill new holes for because they were not pre-drilled or did not line up enough to force. It did take about an hour or so alone but i enjoy putting things together so that did not bother me. It was also worth it because the truck is awesome. If you follow the instructions, you should not have problems. They are very specific. I did not have issues with the wheels not touching the ground or any other things that other reviewers had noted. We used our inside for a bit and now it is for outside. I will say it does need to stay out of the sun mostly. We forgot ours in the yard for a few days and some of the stickers started peeling, but no big deal to us. I love the floor piece, too. Our son is not tall enough yet to push it with his feet so we have to floor piece in and he loves riding in it. It is really easy to push and control. Our 8 year old even pushes him around in the grass pretty easily. I would recommend this truck to anyone with small kids. Boys and girls!

Little-tikes-cozy-truck-(620744) set picture

- E. AlmaA bit of a pain in the butt to put together, especially quietly on christmas eve while easily awoken children are in the next room. Also it's only been 3 days and the decals are peeling/curling up at the edges even though it has been gently played with inside the house. The door doesn't quite sit in position correctly no matter what we try and it would be nice if the tail gate could be prevented from opening like the door can. However, my 1 year old daughter loves loves loves this. She immediately grabbed her (toy) keys and her baby doll and climbed in. She loves pushing this around the living room and loves just chilling in her truck and that is what really matters. The truck is sturdy, super cute and we are overal very pleased.

We bought two of these, the cozy truck and princess cozy truck. I m grateful for the heads up from all the previous reviewers regarding the headache of assembling this cozy truck together because reading them prompted me to search for a visual instruction for assembly on you tube, and i happened upon this fantastic gem, called "little tikes princess cozy truck" by fun playtime reviews which helped tremendously, saving us time and frustration (my partner assembled each cozy truck within 30 minutes). It's not a complete instructional video (no floorboard put in) and we still had to refer to the instruction manual (to know which screw to drill in, to know where to put a washer in when putting in the wheels, to distinguish between left vs. Right front axle, etc. ). Regardless, it was immensely useful. . In addition, because reviewers alerted us that the decals would peel off, we crazy glued the stickers. . So, thank you everyone for the heads up. It made our assembly far more enjoyable! we are very happy with the cozy trucks.

I. Sally, New York

Brand :    little tikes
Color :    Blue
Weight :    25.00 pounds
Model :    620744
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • An opoening gas cap, a steering wheel with a working horn
  • Durable ride-on truck with a drop-down tailgate and a removable floorboard for growing toddlers
  • Distinctive truck styling with a realistic front grill
  • Includes rugged "off road" wheels
  • Opening and closing driver's door, fun graphics and dash, tail and headlight decals.
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (little tikes product review) for Little Tikes Cozy Truck available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Little Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower (633614m) Price : 18.09, was : 18.99 as 2017-02-14
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Little Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower (633614m) Reviewed by on

Top little tikes gas 'n go mower (633614m) Content

The F.A.Q. for Little Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower (633614m)

I bought two of these- one for a friend and one for my boyfriend's son. They are so cute! little tikes makes good-quality toys, so i'm not too worried about that.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: How long is the handle? i would like to have a toy mower for my 3 1/2 year old grandson. will he outgrow it too fast?

(1) Question: Does this toy come assembled?

(2) Question: Once the handle snaps in, can we snap it out for re-shipping? (we are celebrating the child's birthday far away from home and need to ship. )

(3) Question: Where was it made?

(4) Question: Does the handle stay up on it's own to be used by an early walker?

(5) Question: Does the pull cord have a long realistic cord or just a short platic one

(6) Question: How tall is this mower, my grandson will be four, but is the height of a 5 year old.

(7) Question: Where is this made?

(8) Question: If i got this for a 3 year old, would he out grow it quickly? i know the manuf suggests ages 18 mo-5 yrs. just wondered some reviewer's opinions.

(note) Question: where/how to get Little Tikes (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Little Tikes's products


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My son's new favorite toy! he is 2 and a half years old. He absolutely loves watching his daddy mow the lawn, and is fascinated by the lawn mower. I knew we needed to get him one of his own! he was absolutely thrilled to receive it. I told him his lawn mower was going to come in the mail, and everyday until it arrived, he asked me if it was coming in the mail that day, and watched for the mail carrier. The first day it was here, he played with it for hours and then insisted on putting it on the floor next to his bed while he slept that night. The quality of the toy is great. I love that it comes with the little gas can, my son loves to pretend he's putting gas into his mower. Another great feature is the cord that can be pulled to "start" the mower. He thinks it's just like daddy's!

Gardening Tools 110253661, Sports & Outdoor Play 110024661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Little Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower (633614m) FAQ Content

Best little tikes gas 'n go mower (633614m) in review

My little tike loves this lawn mower. Since summer began and his poppa started mowing the lawn he has been infatuated with lawn mowers. We purchased this to dissuade the constant "wan mower , i see? " and it worked he hears the lawn mowers outside and grabs his and "cuts" the carpet for us. We enjoy watching and laughing as he gets to be a big boy. . While this product is for walker training all the way up to full mobile children it does have two downfalls. One: the back stop so they don't fall when holding on to it is a little pronounced and can be a stumbling block for more mobile children. And does get hung up and drags on unlevel ground. (solution make it removable). Two: wear shoes when your tots have this out. Yes the edges are not padded or soft rubber so it does not feel good when they mow over your feet otr bang into your shins. Not a huge issue just another chance for training on how not to be a brat.

D. Valencia, Westminster

You might like to see Melissa & doug pizza party wooden play food set 54 toppings (melissa doug) young pizza chefs will shout "mamma mia! " when they see the 54 toppings that come this wooden pizza set. then they'll get busy topping, cutting and serving up six custom slices for toys and games
  • Value: Self-stick Tabs Hold Pieces Together, Then "slice" Apart.
  • Value: Includes Pizza Cutter And Spatula.
Economical Melissa & Doug Pizza Party Wooden Play Food Set 54 Toppings (Toys And Games) 167 Melissa & Doug Pizza Party Wooden Play Food Set 54 Toppings (Melissa
Or you might like to consider Lego Resistance X Wing Fighter 75125 (Lego) The First Order Is Attacking And It's Time To Call In The Resistance X-wing Fighter Micro Fighter. Sit The Resistance X-wing Pilot In The Cockpit, Fold The Wings And Blast Off For Toys And Games
  1. Bonus: Includes A Blaster Pistol.
  2. Bonus: Includes A Resistance X-wing Pilot Minifigure With An X-wing Pilot Helmet.
Discounted Lego Star Wars Resistance X-wing Fighter 75125 (Toys And Games) 6135656 Lego Star Wars Resistance X-wing Fighter 75125

R. Nancy, Thurrock says

My son is 10 months old and starting to walk and this has been a great toy for him to practice with. He loves to pull the mower starter cord.

E. Finch, British Columbia

My son loves this mower. He pushes it on walks around the neighborhood. We have a well mowed sidewalk. He loves to refill the gas tank and pull the cord to start the mower. . The poppers are loud, but that adds to the authenticity and makes it easy to keep track of my active toddler. Only complaints are minor: the gas cap doesn't stay shut which my son finds frustrating and it is difficult for him to replace the gas can to its holder as it is a tight fit. . Overall i am very pleased with this and so glad i didn't get a bubble mower and have to deal with messy bubble solution everyday. Yes, my son uses this almost everyday for at least a quick push around the driveway.

Z. Medina, Utah says

Had bought at toys r us for $24. 50! then saw it on online store for $12. 50! that's crazy! so i returned the original one- as for the mower itself it's awesome! it has a little gas can that fits nicely on the back and my just turned 3 yr old and 18 month old boys both love pulling the "cord" to start it up. The older one does it over and over real fast and it sounds like your revving an engine! too funny! it pops little balls as you push it around too. We have the bubbles mower as well (have had it since he could probably walk, but it didn't work well (if i remember correctly you'd have to run kind of fast pushing the mower to get the bubbles to come out so i never even bothered buying more bubbles for it) but don't get me wrong it was still a mower to push around the yard with daddy when he was using the big boy mower so it's all good! i'd say this is the perfect gift for a beginner walker all the way to preschool aged kids. Hope this helped:)

L. Angelica, Halton

This was a huge hit with a 2 year old who asks every day if he can "lawn mow". He stops to add gas and start the lawn mower. He enjoys the popping sound of the balls. However, the lawn mower toy is difficult to push on st. Augustine grass and he much prefers to push it on the sidewalk. Bought this on online store when the price was $14. 99.

S. Hurst, Rutland says

This has been a fun toy for my grandson and made for some big excitement when we gave it to him. He pushes it all over the house and on the sidewalk or patio, stopping now and then to check the wheels and fiddle with the gadgets, like he has seen his dad do. Very cute! he doesn't play with it every day, but it is one of those items he has gotten a lot of fun out of and he goes back to it repeatedly. It has also helped him with his walking. . As a side note: there is a little plastic item shaped like a gas can, on the back. The one on our mower isn't as detailed as the one in the photo seems to be. However, my grandson immediately picked it up and tried to drink from it. It doesn't open and there is no risk to it, but we decided it wasn't a good idea for him to view a gas can as a toy or something to drink from, so we removed it. He can pretend it's an electric mower. :-)

Y. Erin, Warrington

My son adores this mower! the top yellow section "pops" as he drives it, there are knobs and a key to turn up by the handle, there's a pull string for the starter that makes a whirring noise and there's a spot to put gas in too. He loves this thing and i'm so glad that i bought it. . The only small issue is that the wheels are starting to peel a little bit. I'm not sure if that is a product-wide issue or a defect on ours, but it makes me a little nervous since i also have a baby who puts everything in her mouth. Don't really want her eating pieces of rubber! . . However, all in all, a fabulous toy! much better than any other toy mower that we've seen out there. Love toys that spark imaginative play!

I. Lawrence, Durham says

We purchased this mower for my 22 month old son, who loves to watch us mow the lawn. I was worried that he would still prefer our real lawnmower in lieu of this toy (as most kids frequently do), but we were delighted to see otherwise. The mower arrived in the frustration free packaging (great for the environment as well) and was a simple install (all you have to do is click in the handlebars). My son then promptly proceeded to push the mower around for the rest of the day. Great features include the little gas tank (looks just like the real ones! ), a open and close cap for the gas tank, a little pull for a lawnmower start up sound and keys and knobs that turn and click. It also has the popper in the middle that makes the pop sounds when you push it. . Overall, this is a wonderful kid version of the lawnmower. Little tikes did a great job with this one. It's well priced and such an awesome toy for the little lawnmower loving kid!

E. Jessica, Wakefield

Our 2. 5 yo loves this! it doesn't drive well over grass, and is very noisy indoors on hardwood. There is a piece on the back of the mower that will scratch up your hardwoods and laminate if your child doesn't play carefully with the mower. Despite all this it's his favorite toy, and a really good deal.

P. Cunningham, Victoria says

We gave this to our son for his 2-year old birthday. He was super excited, played with it almost continuously for the first couple days and has continued to enjoy it. Was deciding between this and a fisher price mower that was about $10 cheaper. I'm glad i spent the extra couple bucks as it has has nice detail and cool features that make it seem more like a real mower, such as the pull cord that makes a whirring noise and the gas can. The only downside is that, as others have pointed out in their reviews, it will get stuck on grass because the wheels aren't big enough. If you have a very smooth flat lawn with low cut grass this might not be an issue. It's frustrating for my son when he does try to use it on the grass, but he's just as happy to push it on the sidewalk around the neighborhood as well as inside on the hardwood. As someone else noted because it doesn't really go on the grass we didn't feel like we could make it an "outside only" toy. If you're gonna let your kid(s) use it inside, know that while it's not obnoxiously loud (which i appreciate when it comes to toys with similar ball popping features), it's certainly not quiet. Nevertheless a really cool toy for $25.

X. Meghan, Florida

Very cute. Bought 2 for gifts for a 1 year old and a 1. 5 year old. The one year old can use it wonderfully already, and his parents just adore it. The 1. 5 year old has walking issues and needs toys to encourage movement, which is why i bought this. I didn't expect the 1 year old to use it so much better, though, especially since the age on it is 18 months+, but it works very well for him. Great value for the price.

U. Hadley, Maine says

Awesome is what i can say about the quality of this kids toy. My grandson just turned 2 and he absolutely loves it. Shipping was quick.

M. Ruff, Ealing

My kids are in love with these mowers but as a parent, i wish i would have known how ridiculously loud they are. My kids love to push them through the house and they are nearly deafening. I'd recommend for sure, but for outside play only!

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Top little tikes gas go mower Review Content

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