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Littlebits Steam Student Set 4 Students (Littlebits) Easy To Teach. Fun To Use. The Littlebits Steam Student Set Is The Easiest Way To Integrate Powerful Stem/steam Learning Into The Classroom. Designed Educators, The Toolbox Engages Toys And Games

  1. Spotlight: Supports Learners In Grades 3-8 With 19 Bits And 38 Accessories, A 72-page Student Invention Guide With 8 Challenges And 10 Companion Lessons, Plus A 100+ Page Online Teacher’s Guide And Invention Logs.
  2. Spotlight: Sets You Up For 16+ Hours Of Step-by-step Stem/steam Teaching, And Links To Ngss & Common Core.

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It is nice, i love it! Best LittleBits STEAM Student Set, Up to 4-students as-of ( Jun 2021 ) | Littlebits-Toys And Games Review Spotlight LittleBits STEAM Student Set, Up to 4-students The steam student set engages students in stem/steam learning through creating fun inventions. teaching is easy with electronic building blocks that encourage exploration, experimentation and creativity. Supports learners in grades 3-8 with 19 bits and 38 accessories, a 72-page student invention guide with 8 challenges and 10 companion lessons, plus a 100+ page online teacher's guide and invention logs. Sets you up for 16+ hours of step-by-step stem/steam teaching, and links to ngss & common core. Integrates art & design into traditional stem learning. Works for classroom/makerspace instruction or self-directed learning .

LittleBits STEAM Student Set, Up to 4-students Review (680-0008)

Littlebits Steam Student Set, Up To 4-students

Product Dimensions
Height:3.00 inches
Length:12.20 inches
Weight:1.98 pounds
Width:7.50 inches
Recommended Max-Age
Suggested Min-Age
Part/Serial Number
LittleBits STEAM Student Set, Up To 4-students
90 Day Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

Hobby(810876021128:Toys And Games), Littlebits Steam Student Set, Up To 4-students (0810876021128:Littlebits), Easy to teach. fun to use. the littlebits steam student set is the easiest way to integrate powerful stem/steam learning into the classroom. designed with educators, the toolbox engages students in learning through creating inventions while linking to ngss/common core standards..

Littlebits Steam Student Set 4 Students Hobby

Littlebits Steam Student Set 4 StudentsLittleBits STEAM Student Set, Up to 4-students (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Littlebits Steam Student Set, Up To 4-students (Toys And Games) 680 0008
Click to see NoticeLittlebits Steam Student Set, Up To 4-students (680-0008)"Tl; dr: this is a very nice electronics kit that will give your kids introduction into led lighting, motors and the internet of things. It is attractive, fairly well designed and a great teaching device. But it is expensive and you might be able to find other products that achieve the same things at a much lower price point. . This is our third littlebits set. We also have purchased the cloud starter set and the korg synthesizer set. I loved the synth set, but my son was unimpressed. I got the cloud set with the idea of setting up switches in minecraft and having them affect the real world, or vice versa. That is truly amazingly cool. If you aren't familiar with minecraft, just imagine this. Minecraft is a world where you have a little guy (steve) who goes around and cuts down trees, digs for coal and iron and diamonds and such, and builds houses and things with the wood he chops up and the iron and metals he mines. Throw in some zombies, potions and other zany imaginations and then connect to millions of other players (if you choose) and you have minecraft. . Now, along comes your child and he builds a house in minecraft. With the littlebits cloud starter pack, he could put a pressure plate at his front door of his home that he built in minecraft, and while he is away from the game, another player ventures past his home. This person decides to enter your son's home. Perhaps a friend, perhaps a burglar? either way, it is an event you might want to be made aware of, much like if it were to happen in the real world - right? well, with the littlebits cloud set, when the player steps on the pressure plate at his front door in the game, a light - or buzzer - in the real world could be activated and your child could be alerted to check on the game and see who is visiting his virtual home. . Or, turn things around. Let's say you want to alert someone in the game when something happens in the "real world. " perhaps you want to know when your older brother comes up the stairs because he is going to kick you off his computer and you want to have time to save your game. With the littlebits cloud set, you could have a sensor and as your brother comes up the stairs, a light comes on in the game alerting you that something is happening in the real world. . It is pretty fantastic stuff, especially if you take it to the logical extreme and add virtual reality goggles to the experience. At that point, you might be so deep inside the game that you would not notice your brother's entrance into the room, but the littlebits cloud kit could alert you in the game that something is happening in the real world that needs your attention. We are talking multiverse reality here. . So what does the cloud kit have to do with this one? everything. This kit is the introduction to littlebits that attempts to reach out to kids via the stem/steam label and that makes educators and parents like it all the more. For those who aren't familiar with stem/steam, it stands for science, technology, engineering and math (add "arts" and you get steam) and it is the new wave sweeping schools as parents try to arm their children with tools to cope with the fourth industrial revolution that is underway. . Like most of the other littlebits kits, this is about 80% sizzle and 20% steak. Which is not as bad as it sounds. The steak is really good steak, but the sizzle sure adds to the price. What you are left with is a well marketed electronics/erector set that is very pricey. The end result is a pretty decent instruction book that gives you much of the same instruction as you would get from one of the many "85/1 or 300/1 or 500/1 electronics sets. ". . The intruction book is a bit more basic to start out with and a little less specific, but there are plenty of real world examples. I particularly like the invertor. The kit includes a light sensor and the way it is shipped, it works the opposite as you would like in a real world situation. That is to say, it turns on the circuit when it sense light. If you want a night light, for example, you would want it to turn on the circuit when the light goes away. By putting the invertor in line with the power source, you then invert the setting of the light sensor and create a night light. You can do this with a switch on the light sensor, but by using the invertor, you quickly see what the invertor can do and why you would want to take a signal and deliver full power when the circuit senses zero and no power when a circuit senses input. . With the supplied wheels, and lego-like attachments, it is fairly easy to build some basic electric cars, pendulums and other devices - cranes, motors, fans and more. . But there sure is a catch, it is awfully expensive for what you are getting. These are pretty standard parts for a basic electronics kit in many cases, and could easily be purchased as a kit for a third of the price. You are paying a lot for the pretty packaging and the idiot proof magnetic connectors that make it so novel and attractive. And that is a decision you will have to make. If you think that the plain electronics kit would sit and collect dust then this may well be worth the extra expense if it will get used and your child - or student - will learn the principles that you want them to learn. That is up to you to decide. I also worry about the durability of the kit. It seems like it is relatively flimsy for kids and i had a buzzer that did not work out of the box. It took me some fiddling and prying about it before it decided to work properly. (once i had it working, i wished that i didn't - lol. It is noisy and annoying! ). . I also think for $300 it should have much better packaging and storage. The box requires you to put the various littlebits devices into a plastic tray with no labeling and the wheels and gears and other plastic pieces go under the storage bin in the box. It is all crammed in very tight and not organized and it does not protect the relatively fragile pieces well at all. For $300 it should be much better than it is. . But i digress. Should you buy this kit? if you think your child would do well with one of the higher end electronics kits out there for half the price, then by all means save the money. But if you think the clever packaging and easier than average design of this kit would get your kids interested in steam, then it is money well spent. . In closing, i would like to ask a favor of you. If you find this review helpful, please click the helpful box. If not, please leave a comment telling me how i could improve my review and what made the review "not helpful" for you. I try to share my experience as specifically as possible and i also try to provide photographs that will help other shoppers decide if a product is for them or not. In this review, i put together one of the example experiments and tweaked it to show something that i learned about led's from my experience with lasers - namely that red lasers only take about 2 volts to power while green and blue lasers (led's in this case) take much higher voltage to activate them. This is an oversimplification of the situation, but you can see in the photos that it does take more voltage to get to the blue portion of the led while the red part of the rgb led lights up very early at only 2. 1 volts or even sooner. I appreciate any guidance in telling me why a review is unhelpful as i try to spend the extra time posting pictures to make my reviews more helpful. Thank you. Tsteele93"

Ozobot 2.0 Bit, Educational Toy Robot that Teaches STEM Coding, Dual Pack White & Black

Measuring slightly over an inch in diameter and height, ozobot is one of the world's most compact smart robots of its kind. Ozobot uses twin micro-motors and a friction drivetrain design to deliver a remarkably quiet and precise movement. The sensor array on the bottom of the robot allows it to scan its environment. Ozobot bit can see colors, follow lines and detect intersections. And it does it as flawlessly on shapes you draw with regular markers on a piece of paper as it does on the digital screen of your tablet. As ozobot bit navigates its environment, plays games and reads codes, the leds on its main board always provide colorful feedback. Ozobot loves to keep you engaged by communicating back to you using messages with cryptic blinks. Ozobot bit's built-in lipo battery is quickly rechargeable via a micro-usb port and delivers over an hour of continuous action on a single charge.

Ozobot 2.0 Bit, Educational Toy Robot that Teaches STEM Coding, Dual Pack White & BlackOzobot-Educational-Robot-Teaches-Coding

  • Includes a 90-day warranty
  • Create your own challenges, games and mazes for ozobot
  • One of the world's smallest programmable robots measuring in at just over 1 inch
  • Program your ozobot bit to dance, race, and more! perfect for boys & girls from beginner to advanced
  • Play in-app games or download activities from the ozobot website
Brand :    ozobot
Color :    black, white
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    OZO-020102-0102
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (ozobot product review) for Ozobot 2.0 Bit, Educational Toy Robot that Teaches STEM Coding, Dual Pack White & Black available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

Makey Makey - An Invention Kit Everyone

My son received this for his 7th birthday and loved it! its easy to use. The instructions gave simple directions he could do himself. It even came with 3 ideas to get him started. The makey makey website also has lots of fun ideas for him to try. Would highly recommend!

What is makey makey? turn the whole world into a keyboard. It's a simple invention kit for beginners or experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between. How does it work? alligator clip two objects to the makey makey. For example, you and a banana (or an ice cube, or a kitty cat). When you touch the banana, the computer just thinks a keyboard key is being pressed, so you can type a letter, jump in a video game, take a picture, or play some music. Who is makey makey for? kids, artists, educators, engineers, inventors, makers. Really it is for everyone.   what materials work with makey makey? ketchup, pencil graphite, finger paint, fruits, plants, coins, your grandma, silverware, anything that is wet, pets, aluminum, rain, and hundreds more. Really any material that can conduct at least a tiny bit of electricity. What can i create? make a banana piano, play mario on  a play dough game pad, take a selfie of your cat every time she drinks water. How? first, load up a computer program or any webpage. Let's say you load up a piano. Then, instead of using the computer keyboard buttons to play the piano, you can hook the makey makey to something fun, like bananas, and the bananas become your piano keys. Hundreds more of examples can be found at makeymakey. Com

Makey Makey - An Invention Kit EveryoneMakey-Invention-Kit-Everyone

See Makey Makey - Invention Kit Everyone (TTMM-170017-US) FAQ.

This was my first makey makey invention kit and since this purchase i have ordered 5 more for my 2-6 science lab. Students love the makey makey. We have turned pie tins and gummy worms in to game controllers for pacman, tetris, and super mario brothers. My favorite student created projects include a tiny drum set made with gaterade tops covered with tin foil and attached to a shoe box with tooth picks. This was a tiny drum set attached to a music program on the makey makey web site. We watched a ted talk and other youtube videos to introduce the makey makey. A fun and creative kit. It is not a toy kids will use daily but it will keep them busy for awhile and then they will come back to it monthly. Great for a classroom. -Notice from O. Veronica, Cambridgeshire

Click to Show makey makey - invention kit everyone (ttmm-170017-us) Details

There are so many possibilities with this kit. I use it to teach electrical conductivity in mye 5th grade science class. I just touch the surface of all the cool things this product can do. We primarily use the keyboard app and test objects for conductivity. We end with making a human chain to show how a break in the circuit stops the flow of electricity. I have also used the tetris app because they have to stay connected with their hands and only have one hand for the controller. Great exercise in circuits and cooperation. These two activities are only the tip of the iceberg of the activities that can be done.

Makey-makey---invention-kit-everyone-(ttmm-170017-us) set picture

- Y. AdrienneThe makey makey is a great way to introduce someone to the world of electronics. The possibilities with this thing are endless. From music to games and much more the makey makey provides an interactive medium that makes learning about stem and electronics fun at all ages. It is easy to set up, there are a bunch of guides out there on different applications, and skills you will learn while using this could allow you to further your skills to more challenging projects.

Excellent tool for a project i was working on. I made a piano puzzle using a real upright piano and the makey-makey with alligator clips. Quick assembly and excellent performance. Just make sure you understand which button you are attaching to or you might accidentally code the mouse as a keypad press. This was great!

R. Kathlene, North East Lincolnshire

Brand :    makey makey
Weight :    0..01 pounds
Model :    MMCE
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • No software to install. works with mac and windows.
  • Turn everyday objects like bananas into touchpads!
  • Connect the world around you to your computer! setup takes just seconds.
  • 1000s of possibilities! draw your own game controller! dance like never before!
  • Just plug, clip, and play! no programing knowledge needed.
Hobby :    Best Hobbies (makey makey product review) for Makey Makey - An Invention Kit Everyone available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

LittleBits Electronics Synth Kit

The littlebits synth kit is an incredibly powerful, easy to use modular synthesizer that helps you unleash your inner rockstar. The synth kit, developed in partnership with korgx, a pioneer of electronic musical equipment, enables amateur and professional musicians to easily explore the iconic synthesizer instrument. This allows you to make exciting new sounds and build your own infinitely customizable and expandable analog modular instrument - all with little to no engineering or musical knowledge. The synth kit includes an assortment of 12 electronic bits that instantly snap together with magnets to create circuits like those used in korg's famous analog synthesizers. Kit includes 12 bits like the speaker, oscillator and keyboard to help you create sweet beats includes booklet of 10 projects and with hundreds more online connects to speakers, computers, headphones, and any instrument with an output jack for an amplifier can be used to make your own instruments, like a synth-guitar fits into the littlebits platform for infinite combos of audio, visual and sensory experiences

LittleBits Electronics Synth KitlittleBits-650-0124-Electronics-Synth-Kit

Brand :    littlebits
Weight :    0..2 pounds
Model :    650-0124
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Boost :    Best Hobbies (littlebits product review) for LittleBits Electronics Synth Kit available as-of ( Jun 2021 )
  • Create amazing sounds right out of the box while learning the basics of analog synthesis
  • Combine the little bits synth kit with other little bits modules to make expressive interfaces, or creations that span light, motion and sound!
  • Modular analog synthesizer made up of 12 bitstm modules that snap together with magnets to create circuits in seconds
  • Project booklet with step-by-step instructions for creating a wide array of sound circuits and projects
  • Box transforms into a ready-to-use performance station that can connect to recording or live sound equipment

Cubelets TWELVE robot blocks

Cubelets are a fast and easy way to inspire kids to become better thinkers. Cubelets are robot blocks that combine to build thousands of thought-provoking robots. They're proven to engage different types of learners, fostering confidence, imagination, and a love of learning that will help prepare children for an increasingly complex world. Cubelets are easy to play with and explore. No wires, no wrong way to build; snap the blocks together and discover what robot behaviors emerge. Building robots has never been easier or more rewarding! the cubelets twelve pack is the best way to introduce children of all ages to robotics, coding, and design thinking. They're an amazing gift that just might inspire a lifetime of inquiry and discovery. Cubelets are an expandable system of robot blocks and the 12 provides an optimal mix of sense, think and act blocks for novice and experienced builders to create thousands of robots. Ready to take your robots to the next level? download the cubelets mobile app to reprogram or control your robots when you pair with the included bluetooth cubelet. Add some personality to your creations with the included brick adapters by connecting cubelets with lego. The cubelets twelve pack includes 12 robot blocks and two brick adapters. Cubelets are perfect for builders young and old and are designed for curious creators ages 4 and up.

Cubelets TWELVE robot blocksModular-Robotics-cb-kt-cubelets12-Cubelets-TWELVE

Brand :    modular robotics
Model :    cb-kt-cubelets12
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Hobby :    Best Toys And Games (modular robotics product review) for Cubelets TWELVE robot blocks available as-of ( Jun 2021 )
  • Two brick adapters allow for connected play with your favorite brick-based construction kits
  • Unlimited access to lesson plans and activities on mod robotics
  • Cubelets are a fast and easy way to inspire kids to become better thinkers
  • Battery cubelet provides hours and hours of continuous play. micro-usb charging cable included.
  • Includes two each of the drive and distance cubelets and one each of rotate, flashlight, brightness, blocker, inverse, passive, bluetooth, and battery cubelets

LittleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit

One kit. Hundreds of gifts. Winner of 59+ awards & gift guides, the gizmos & gadgets kit, 1st edition unleashes the creativity in your kid. Spark imagination with motors, lights, servos - even the tools to create a remote-control car! it comes with everything you need to create fun inventions right out of the box.

LittleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets KitlittleBits-Electronics-Gizmos-Gadgets-Kit

  • Create interactive inventions with our new and improved mounting boards! the new mounting boards make it easy to keep your circuit intact and move it around with ease.
  • Spark imagination while building science, technology, art and math skills
  • Develop skills for careers that haven't been invented yet
  • The gizmos & gadgets kit comes with 15 electronic building blocks, detailed instructions for 12 projects, and all the accessories and tools you need to unleash the inventor within
  • Create, play, remix, then share your creations with the world
Brand :    littlebits
Model :    680-0007
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Boost :    Best Toys And Games (littlebits product review) for LittleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

Sphero SPRK+ STEAM Educational Robot

Fun toy, great opportunity to learn coding. The app has a place for parents to "assign" tasks, so kids can learn new coding commands. Company has thought through this product.

Designed to inspire curiosity, creativity and invention through connected play and coding, sprk+ is far more than just a robot. Powered by the lightning lab app, you can easily learn programming, complete hands-on activities and share your creations with the community. Learning is evolving. Get on the ball.

Sphero SPRK+ STEAM Educational RobotSphero-SPRK-STEAM-Educational-Robot

See Sphero Sprk+ Steam Educational Robot (K001ROW) FAQ.

Sent this to my nieces for christmas, within the hour they were controlling it on their phone. Their mom says that they're playing with programming it to do more complex things now. Apparently there's even an online community of kids who have these, and they're comparing notes. -Notice from N. Cindy, Prince Edward Island

Click to Show sphero sprk+ steam educational robot (k001row) Details

Got it for my dog to play with, but he just finds it annoying. Amazing how it moves around and easy to connect to phone.

Sphero-sprk+-steam-educational-robot-(k001row) set picture

- T. ClaudiaThe kids have been driving it all over the house and the oldest is loving the programming feature (and is trying to incorporate it into his odyssey of the mind project).

A great machine for making coding and robots fun! the app continues to improve functionality and add features that make it a better tool for teachers as well, like the ability to toggle between block code and the text based language. Once you've completed certain. Exercises, you can unlock the ability to write in the text language as well.

P. Patton, Coventry

Brand :    sphero
Color :    Multi
Weight :    0.90 pounds
Model :    K001ROW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Wireless :    Best Wireless Accessory (Wireless product review) for Sphero SPRK+ STEAM Educational Robot available as-of ( Jun 2021 )
  • Simple for beginners yet sophisticated enough for seasoned programmers, lightning lab app empowers anyone to program their robot
  • Induction charger allowing up to 60 mins use of raw motor control up to 4mph
  • Programmable sensors and led lights
  • Free ios and android compatible apps
  • App controlled robotic ball with a scratch resistant and waterproof polycarbonate shell

Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition

One kit. Hundreds of gifts. Winner of 13+ awards & gift guides, the gizmos & gadgets kit, 2nd edition is the ultimate app-enabled invention toolbox. It transforms passive screen time into a passion for hands-on inventing, problem solving, and creativity. Create app-enabled games, pranks, and crazy contraptions.

Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd EditionGizmos-amp-Gadgets-Kit-2nd

  • Kids can reuse bits in unlimited ways to create new, imaginative inventions
  • Turn screen time into hands-on learning as your kids create inventions and control them from their smart device
  • Includes accessories, instructions and materials for 16 inventions right out of the box
  • Compatible with most ios and android devices. smart phone or tablet not included
  • Build science, engineering, art and math skills as kids problem-solve and invent
Brand :    littlebits
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    680-0007-0000B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Boost :    Best Toys And Games (littlebits product review) for Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

LittleBits Electronics Arduino Coding Kit

This kit contains 8 of our favorite prototyping modules. It's everything you need to get started with electronics and programming.

LittleBits Electronics Arduino Coding KitlittleBits-Electronics-Arduino-Coding-Kit

Brand :    littlebits
Weight :    0..1 pounds
  • Build with 8 getting started sketches, including a diy etch-a-sketch, mouse control and hundreds more from arduino's community!
  • Includes everything you need to get started (battery + power included! ) right out of the box
  • Snap modules easily to 3 inputs and 3 outputs on the arduino module, as well as additional i/o for advanced hardware interaction
  • Communicate with software (processing, maxmsp, flash etc )
  • Works seamlessly with the rest of the littlebits library
Model :    680-0002
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Toy :    Best Hobbies (littlebits product review) for LittleBits Electronics Arduino Coding Kit available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

Squishy Circuits Deluxe Kit

The squishy circuits kits are the most convenient way to start with squishy circuits. Although many different components will work with squishy circuits, we have chosen components that are sure to work, and then we conveniently pack and ship them to your doorstep. We have already added wires and terminals as recommended by the squishy circuits program. The deluxe kit is our most complete squishy circuits kit. It comes with more items than the standard kit and comes with pre-made doughs so you can start circuit building right away! this kit also includes a deluxe battery holder which has a knob that allows your lights to blink and buzzers to beep at different speeds. Every deluxe includes 1 - deluxe battery holder (4aa batteries not included) 1 - piezoelectric buzzer 1 - mechanical buzzer 1 - motor with fan blades 1 - switch 40 - 10mm leds in red, green, white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, and color changing 5 - sculpting tools 1 - rolling pin 1 - . 9 pound container of insulating dough 3 - 1 pound containers of conductive dough in red, green, and blue 1 - recipe card and quick start guide for circuits building ideas, curriculum ideas, and how-to guides we suggest viewing our website, university of st. Thomas' squishy circuits page, and searching for squishy circuits online to view hundreds of user-submitted videos, pictures, and literature.

Squishy Circuits Deluxe KitSquishy-Circuits-Deluxe-Kit

  • Deluxe battery holder, piezoelectric buzzer, motor with fan, mechanical buzzer, and switch
  • 40 leds (5 each of red, green, white, yellow, blue, purple, orange, and color changing)
  • Squishy circuits uses conductive and insulating play dough to teach the basics of electrical circuits in a fun, hands-on way. let your creations come to life as you light them up with leds, make noises with buzzers, and spin with the motor.
  • Comes with: 3 pounds of pre-made conductive dough and . 9 pounds of insulating dough
Brand :    squishy circuits
Model :    655257983547
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (squishy circuits product review) for Squishy Circuits Deluxe Kit available as-of ( Jun 2021 )

Littlebits Steam Student Set, Up To 4-students (680-0008) Price : 245.96, was : 264.01 as 2017-02-14
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A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Can components be reused or is this a one time builder kit?

(1) Question: Have any teachers tried using this in their classrooms?

(2) Question: If i buy the package labeled "up to 4 students" will i be receiving 4 steam sets? or is it some type of combined set?

(note) Question: where/how to get Littlebits (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Littlebits's products

Electronics 1103708252, Learning & Education 110962661, Science 110492661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Littlebits Steam Student Set, Up To 4-students (680-0008) FAQ Content

Best littlebits steam student set, up to 4-students (680-0008) in review

Rapid delivery and good quality. My students and i love littlebit products.

T. Rochelle, Croydon

You might like to see Littlebits rule your room kit (littlebits) one kit. hundreds of gifts. winner of 15+ awards & gift guides, the rule your room kit empowers your kids to transform any boring old object into an awesome, interactive invention. toys and games
  • Advantages: Build Infinitely Customizable Inventions By Combining Littlebits With Anything Your Kids Own.
  • Advantages: Get Step-by-step Instructions For 8 Inventions, 1 Challenge, And Inspiration For Thousands More.
Lowest Price Littlebits Rule Your Room Kit (Toys And Games) 680 0009 0000a Littlebits Rule Your Room Kit
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  • Quality: Perfect For Letting You Use Your Remote Control Hands Free.
  • Quality: When You Received This Item Please Confirm The Products A Cleaning Cloths With "aboom"trademark And A Lanyard.
Low-End Adjustable Washable Controller Lanyard Phantom (Hobbies) Adjustable Washable Controller Lanyard Phantom

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