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Price was $16.90. Christmas present for 5 year old. Definite hit. Adults will find the constant beeping highly annoying after a while. Still the kids really enjoyed finding "treasure" around the house and out in the yard. Highly recommend!

-A. Pearson

Treasure truck metal a rugged, large-scale truck equipped a real working metal detector, the matchbox treasure truck raises the bar on exploration by taking the hunt below ground. activate the truck by -matchbox treasure truck metal detector

  • Included: Push The Antenna Down To Emit A Detection Signal And Start The Hunt!.
  • Included: When Metal Is Detected, The Detection Signal Changes.

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I bought three of these for christmas and all three loved them. They actually found metal, nails that was in the lawn that we didn't realize was there. The ages were 4, 6 and 10. My sister thought they were so much fun she bought some for her and her grandkids. One of them found their fathers wedding band, he had lost. Well worth the money and hours and hours of fun. The Best treasure truck metal as-of ( Jun 2021 ) | Matchbox-Toys And Games Review Included Matchbox Treasure Truck Metal Detector Rugged, large-scale truck with a real working metal detector. Push the antenna down to emit a detection signal and start the hunt!. When metal is detected, the detection signal changes. Use the sifter scoop to separate soil or sand so only the treasure remains. For indoor or outdoor play with a durable design and real rolling wheels .

Matchbox Treasure Truck Metal Detector Review (djh50)

My five year old is obsessed with the idea of finding treasures. He's wild about this toy. And it works! good quality, easy to clean, and fun sounds. I can't wait until it warms up so he can explore with this truck at the beach. -P. Watson

Matchbox Treasure Truck Metal Detector

  • Order: Toy
  • Brand: Matchbox
  • Color: Multicolor
  • EAN: 0793631468485
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:10.00 inches
    Length:16.50 inches
    Weight:1.65 pounds
    Width:7.50 inches
  • ItemPart/Serial Number: DJH50
  • LegalDisclaimer: Must Be At Least 18 Years Old And Over To Purchase.
  • Manufacturer: Matchbox
  • Recommended Max-Age: 120
  • Suggested Min-Age: 36
  • Model: DJH50
  • MPN: DJH50
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: DJH50
  • Sub-Type: Toy
  • Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  • Size: 16.50 X 7.50 X 10.00 Inches
  • UPC: 783318509631
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

treasure truck metal Toy, A rugged, large-scale truck equipped with a real working metal detector, the matchbox treasure truck raises the bar on exploration by taking the hunt below ground. activate the truck by pushing the antenna down, which will emit a detection signal and once the truck is roving along a surface, the hunt is on! as the treasure truck detects metal, the detection signal will change, and the treasure is ready to be dug up! grab the scoop and dig deep until the metal is found, using the sifter scoop to separate soil or sand so that only the treasure remains. when the hunt is over, simply raise the antenna to turn off until the next mission begins. suitable for indoor and outdoor play with a durable design and equipped with real rolling wheels, the treasure truck will detect, dig and discover adventure! each sold separately, subject to availability. colors and decorations may vary. Matchbox Treasure Truck Metal Detector (DJH50-Matchbox).

Matchbox Treasure Truck Metal Detector Toy

treasure truck metalMatchbox Treasure Truck Metal Detector (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

We got this as a gag gift for a friend who is starting to get interested in metal detecting. It seems to work great. I had to make my husband stop playing with it so i could wrap it. It's bigger than i expected. I'm sure any kid would love it.

Matchbox Treasure Truck Metal Detector
Click to see NoticeMatchbox Treasure Truck Metal Detector (djh50)"My son loved this treasure tracker for his birthday. It is pretty neat how it works, be warned it does pick up tack strips under carpet! we've used it to find change in his sandbox! get a kick out of taking the back white bucket off to use as the digger of his treasure!"

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Forced opening line interrupter switch, requires machine restart in case of power failure or circuit interruption. Adjustable spindle tension return spring. Built-in laser pointer. Sturdy design with cast-iron head, base, and table. High-quality bearings for smooth, vibration-free operation. Simple hand lever controlled mechanical variable speed from 500 to 3000 rpm. Digital spindle speed display. 1/3 hp industrial-quality, 120 v motor. Equipped with easy to adjust dual depth stop for complete control of both down stroke depth and upstroke travel. 5/8 chuck with key & convenient onboard chuck key holder. Easy to use see-through flip-up chuck guard included. Crank-operated rack and pinion table height adjustment.

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Hot Wheels Mega Hauler

Bought this as a deal of the day thing. Couldn't be happier for what i paid for it. My son loves it. . It could be designed a little better tho as the cars will slide around and only cars without spoilers or a higher suspension will fit. So put your trucks and high end hot wheels up on the top racks kids.

 a big hauler for bigger adventures! new cars are arriving to hot wheels city in the new hot wheels mega hauler. This massive hauler can be loaded with more than 50 cars in its six expandable levels-and that's just the beginning! connect the mega hauler to hot wheels orange track and roll your cars into play! each sold separately.

Hot Wheels Mega HaulerHot-Wheels-CKC09-Mega-Hauler

Hot Wheels Mega Hauler (CKC09) FAQ.

My two year old grand son really likes this! it is not very heavy material, but it seems to be holding up well. It is easy enough to maneuver and stack cars. Even for a little one that just turned two. -Notice from T. Nees, Bremen

Click to Show hot wheels mega hauler (ckc09) Details

My little great-grand-son will love this. He picked it out himself on line. He said ; "santa can bring this one to me". And for sure he will getit. It is just right for his little hands to handle. Thanks so very much for the timely manner in which it got here and it the holiday, christmas, season. I also thank you for the great care in packaged which was very secure. Thanks. Thelma

Hot-wheels-mega-hauler-(ckc09) set picture

- D. LauraMy great-nephew (age 4) was having a melt down when i coincidently gave him a little gift of this truck and a few hot wheels. Whatever bee was in his bonnet was gone for the rest of the day and evening. It was his auntie's wedding and there were a few little ones there for a while and they were all entertained by the this truck and the hot wheels.

My 4 year old son has put this thing to the test over the past 4 months since he received it for christmas '15. I bought the 9 car gift pack to go with it. It's still not broken which is saying a lot since i have a 4 year old and 7 year old boy who destroy a lot of toys because they like to smash them into things.  hot wheels 9-car gift pack (styles may vary)

X. Kellie, Hackney

Brand :    hot wheels
Size :    n.a.
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Price :    $14.00
  • Built to transport cargo in sleek style
  • Connect the mega hauler to hot wheels orange tracks
  • Layer upon layer, load your favorite cars, lift and go!
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matchbox treasure truck metal detector Price : 12.99, was : 16.9 as 2017-04-07
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Matchbox Treasure Truck Metal Detector (djh50) Reviewed by on

Top matchbox treasure truck metal detector (djh50) Content

The F.A.Q. for matchbox treasure truck metal detector

7yo likes this. A bit to sensitive to use indoors even with carpeting. Works great outdoors.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Come on now. how well does this toy actually work? and only in sand?

(1) Question: How deep does it detect objects?

(2) Question: Can the sound be adjusted? many reviews say "no" but one said the sound is adjustable. is there a newer model with adjustable sound?

(3) Question: What size batteries

(4) Question: How many and what size batteries?

(5) Question: Are my 6 and 8 yr old nephews too old for this? they get bored fast

(6) Question: Is anything else besides the metal detector truck included? metal objects?

(7) Question: Has anyone actually used this in sand? my concern would be sand getting in the wheels and motor and ending up with a toy that doesn't work.

(note) Question: where/how to get Matchbox (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Matchbox's products


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My 4 year old nephew loved this! he spent hours on christmas day hiding things and "finding" them. Perfect for children with a sandbox you can hide coins in. It worked a little too well, we had to turn down the sensitivity a bit in the house because it kept picking up the pipes in the basement.

Bestsellers, Toys And GamesTop Matchbox Treasure Truck Metal Detector (djh50) FAQ Content

Best matchbox treasure truck metal detector (djh50) in review

My 4/5 yr old loves this toy. The only issue is the noise it makes is extremely annoying because it's continuous. It seems to identify metals objects accurately though. Can't wait to take it to the beach this year.

W. Stacey, Auvergne

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Z. Alice, Sunderland says

My nephew is in love with all things cars and trucks, so this is going to be right up his alley! it's noisy and obnoxious, but that's what kids love. I tested it out with a few of my own metal objects, and the detector seems to be fairly strong. Found it a lot cheaper here than in the stores! sorry to my brother and sister in law that will have to put up with this thing!

P. Brendon, Peterborough

I bought 2 of these treasure trucks for my 2 sons for christmas. They are so cool! they actually work to find metal objects that are hidden! they can't wait to take these to the beach and find some treasure! i definitely recommend these for little kids who love trucks, digging and adventure!

S. Gloria, Bromley says

The grandkids had a great time searching for hidden coins. Found some change lost in my yard along with long lost nails from when we got our roof done. Kids will love playing with this, adults will like that the kids may actually find enough lost change to pay for batteries.

M. Cecilia, New York

Bought for my grandson, don't forget to include batteries. He is now 9 years old and he still loves to "prospect" in grandma's backyard. It makes a loud enough sound and you will have to go out and hide the treasure, but it will find it. Gets the kids outside and i love that.

C. Adrienne, Wakefield says

4 year old was obsessed before christmas, and when he got it, it was the best thing santa could have ever brought. He plays with it daily and it does seem to find meta occasionally, but that's just been in the house. It will be interesting to try it in the sandbox with the sifter to see how it does, when the weather is nicer.

J. Hannah, Louisiana

My son turned 4 on his birthday, and he just had to have this matchbox treasure tracker metal detector! overall, this is a fun toy! he loves to drive it around the house. My main two concerns with the toy are this: first of all, you cannot turn it off, so it just keeps beeping until it automatically shuts off. Second, even though there is a knob to adjust the sensitivity of the metal detector, i think that it is picking up the nails under our carpet, because it keeps beeping over nothing. I do like that you are able to push the yellow metal detector ring up and just drive it as a truck. My son is really excited to play with it outside once it warms up a bit. The white sand sifter part can be removed and once you find your treasure (for example, in a sandbox) you can scoop it up with the sand collector and sift the sand through it so that your treasure can be revealed. This is a good purchase for a young boy or girl who loves to dig and explore. It also seems very sturdy, as my toddler has been driving it around and bumping it into things and we have had no problems.

O. Widmer, Maine says

My youngest son got this for christmas. Its a awesome little toy. The shovel part is kinda flimsy, but i gave him a garden spade to use instead. Keeps him busy hunting for treasure. Seems to work, even though he hasn't found any treasure. I don't think he is digging deep enough to find it, but it keeps him busy and hes still happy with it.

A. Betty, Newham

My 5 year old son, and my husband, both love this toy. Yes, it has a persistent, annoying beeping noise, but we were able to muffle it a bit, by placing a piece of duct tape over the speaker. I think if we use at the beach, our son will likely play away from other beach goers, as the constant noise could be annoying to others. But even with that said, i still highly recommend this toy. Keep in mind, it's a working metal detector - and like all metal detectors - it makes noise. But it works great, and my sons loves it! as other reviewer have stated, it is very powerful and identifies the nails beneath our carpet. We buried coins in our flower garden and our son had a blast trying to find them.

V. Meghan, New Mexico says

My little guy (3. 5 years old) loves this tractor and the noises that it makes while really seeking out treasures. It detects most anything in its path (doesn't necessarily have to be metal) and changes the tone and frequency of its beeps depending on proximity. The plastic is a little on the cheap and cheesy side (hence the 4 stars instead of 5).

H. Morgan, Bradford

Let's start off with this is a awesome little toy. My son ran around using the detector and having a blast. It works too. My thing is what makes my kids happy. The beeping though i can hear in my sleep. He loves it so much though it makes it worth it. Just be warned.

K. Lawrence, Virginia says

My 5 year old is obsessed with this and started searching for nails under our flooring and found the subfloor nails on a rainy day. It's a just little toy to entertain treasure hunters and more interactive than a standard metal detector.

F. Imelda, Stoke-on-Trent

I bought this treasure tracker for my 6yr olds birthday. He had been asking for one since christmas and was very surprised. It was easy to get out of the packaging so he was playing with it within minutes of opening. I was skeptical that it would actually function as a metal detector in much of any useful manner; it did! to test it out i buried some coins at various depts in our yard and he was able to find them all with the treasure tracker. Now he plans to take it with him on vacation and see what he can find! . I enjoy the fact that he hasn't grown tired of this already and that it has him out exploring. He has found several old nails and a really cool metal sign buried already in just 4 days! this is great for many age groups as they all are interested in finding "buried treasures! "

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