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Price was $35.99. M&d does it again! the kids can stand on them and they don't cave in because of the way the block is assembled. By the way, i will say that the blocks come unassembled. I expected this, because i couldn't imagine what size box would arrive if they were all put together! but i thought i'd throw that in there since i've seen some complaints in the reviews about it. Also, i gave it 4- instead of 5-stars only because it really would have been nice to have a few more big red blocks and less tiny yellow blocks that seem to get trapped under my couch. Yes, it does specify the amount of block types in the description.

-T. Nancy

Jumbo Extra-thick Cardboard Building Blocks – 40 Blocks In 3 Young Construction Workers And Architects Will Spend Hours These Lightweight Yet Durable Cardboard Building Blocks. This 40-piece Set Features Three Sizes Of “bricks” For Constructive -Melissa & Doug Jumbo Extra-thick Cardboard Building Blocks – 40 Blocks In 3 Sizes

  1. Featured: Made Of Premium, Extra-thick Cardboard – Red Blocks Hold Up To 150 Pounds!.
  2. Featured: Bright, Colorful Graphics On Every Block. Product Dimensions- 12. 5 X 7 X 19 Inches.

Modest Melissa Doug Extra Thick Cardboard Building (Toys And Games) 2784

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These blocks are fun and lightweight. Be ready to do a lot of folding! i like cardboard blocks because the kids can build really big towers quickly and without having to worry about blocks falling on them. We love our wooden blocks but have a "no tower taller than your head rule" with those after one too many accidents! however, the melissa and doug cardboard blocks are a bit smaller and not as sturdy as the red brick printed ones we had when our kids were young. Although i like these, i did wish i had searched a bit longer to find the sturdier ones. Best jumbo extrathick cardboard building | Melissa Doug-Toys And Games Review as-of ( May 2019 ) Featured Melissa & Doug Jumbo Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 40 Blocks in 3 Sizes Includes 40 blocks in 3 different sizes to inspire creative building and play. Made of premium, extra-thick cardboard - red blocks hold up to 150 pounds!. Bright, colorful graphics on every block. product dimensions- 12. 5 x 7 x 19 inches. Includes step-by-step instructions for easy fold-together assembly. Lightweight and easy for children to lift .

Melissa & doug jumbo extra-thick cardboard building blocks - 40 blocks in 3 sizes Review (2784)

My grandson loves these blocks. They're wonderful and sturdy for building, but somehow my 25lb. Grandson has managed to bend a few of the blocks by jumping on them. He's also figured out how to disassemble them, so i've put a piece of packing tape on the seam where they could be taken apart and that's stopping him for now! -P. Juliana

Melissa Doug Extra Thick Cardboard Building

Melissa & Doug
Melissa & Doug
Product Dimensions
Height:12.50 inches
Length:7.00 inches
Weight:2.20 pounds
Width:19.00 inches
ItemPart/Serial Number
Melissa & Doug
Recommended Max-Age
Suggested Min-Age
Part/Serial Number
One Size

jumbo extra-thick cardboard building blocks - 40 blocks in 3 Toy, Young construction workers and architects will spend hours with these lightweight yet durable cardboard building blocks. this 40-piece set features three sizes of "bricks" for constructive imaginative play. made of premium, extra-thick cardboard for strength, they are easy to assemble and feature a wipe-clean surface. the red blocks hold up to 150 lbs! Melissa Doug Extra Thick Cardboard Building (2784-Melissa Doug).

Melissa Doug Extra Thick Cardboard Building Toy

jumbo extrathick cardboard building Melissa & Doug Jumbo Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 40 Blocks in 3 Sizes (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

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Okay, these are a blast. They give you just enough to get yourself into trouble with. Put these together while your little heathens are sleepin, enjoy the origami party with a glass of wine then build your self a throne out of your new toys! these are load barring, fun for all ages, colorful blocks! buy these now!

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Extra-thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 40 Blocks In 3 Sizes
Click to see NoticeMelissa Doug Extra Thick Cardboard Building (2784)"I gave my 2. 5 yr old son a set of blocks for christmas and he loves them! just be warned these blocks are very sturdy and can be walked on, which means assembly took me about an hour. I think they are a great purchase and i plan to get a second set so we could build houses (there aren't enough for that in this set). My son loves to build and then knock it all down. I'm glad when he falls onto these blocks they don't get smashed."

Melissa & Doug Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 24 Blocks in 3 Sizes

Very young builders will love these sturdy, cardboard building blocks because they are lightweight yet durable! this 24-piece set features three sizes of "bricks" for constructive imaginative play. Made of premium, extra-thick cardboard for strength, they are easy to assemble and feature a wipe-clean surface. The red blocks hold up to 150 lbs!

Melissa & Doug Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 24 Blocks in 3 SizesMelissa-Doug-Extra-Thick-Cardboard-Building

Price :    $21.24
  • Premium, extra-thick cardboard is easy to assemble and easy to wipe clean
  • Bright primary colors with brickwork patterning
  • Adult assembly required.
  • 24 lightweight yet durable blocks in three sizes are perfect for little builders with big plans
  • Super strong - the red blocks hold up to 150 lbs!
Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    Red
Size :    Jumbo
Weight :    5.50 pounds
Model :    2783
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Melissa & Doug Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 24 Blocks in 3 Sizes available as-of ( May 2019 )

Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Alphabet Nesting Stacking Blocks

My children love them

Brightly colored animals and familiar objects illustrate the letters of the alphabet on these cardboard blocks. Nested, the ten vibrant blocks fit into the included carrying case. Stacked, they form a tower nearly three feet high!

Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Alphabet Nesting Stacking BlocksMelissa-Doug-10-Piece-Alphabet-Stacking

Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-piece Alphabet Nesting Stacking Blocks (2782) FAQ.

Love this item! i was looking for this everywhere for my 2 year old and could not find it at the local stores! very happy with it and it was a christmas gift which he loved! def worth getting for any toddler! -Notice from I. Benton, Washington

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We bought these as a present for our younger daughter a while back. She is now two and still loves the cubes. Our almost five year old also loves playing with the cubes with her sister. I was nervous when purchasing because of them being cardboard, but they have held up quite well to the kids falling on them or kicking them. They have torn a little, but it wasn't anything a little tape could not fix. And it did not surprise me with how rough my kids are. I think they hold up great for being cardboard. And we still have a full functionig set after i thunk a year and a half of rough play from my kids. I would recommend this product to others.

Melissa-&-doug-deluxe-10-piece-alphabet-nesting-stacking-blocks-(2782) set picture

- X. OlgaI bought these for my niece's second birthday, and she absolutely loves them! they come all nested together and are easy to pull apart. They're a ton of fun (for her and me too) to stack and knock over. She practices her numbers and letters while we're playing. It's so adorable to watch!

Daughter loved this!

B. Gladys, Bradford

Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    White
Size :    Regular
Weight :    1.50 pounds
Model :    2782
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Alphabet Nesting Stacking Blocks available as-of ( May 2019 )
Price :    $4.99 (was $11.99)
  • Set of 10 cardboard nesting blocks
  • Ages 2 years and up
  • Each block differs in size and features letters and familiar pictures
  • Blocks nest inside each other for easy and compact storage
  • Sturdy cardboard construction

Melissa & Doug Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 24 Blocks in 3 Sizes

Very young builders will love these sturdy, cardboard building blocks because they are lightweight yet durable! this 24-piece set features three sizes of "bricks" for constructive imaginative play. Made of premium, extra-thick cardboard for strength, they are easy to assemble and feature a wipe-clean surface. The red blocks hold up to 150 lbs!

Melissa & Doug Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 24 Blocks in 3 SizesMelissa-Doug-Extra-Thick-Cardboard-Building

Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    Red
Size :    Jumbo
Weight :    5.50 pounds
Model :    2783
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Melissa & Doug Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 24 Blocks in 3 Sizes available as-of ( May 2019 )
Price :    $21.24
  • Premium, extra-thick cardboard is easy to assemble and easy to wipe clean
  • Adult assembly required.
  • Bright primary colors with brickwork patterning
  • 24 lightweight yet durable blocks in three sizes are perfect for little builders with big plans
  • Super strong - the red blocks hold up to 150 lbs!

Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks With Wooden Storage Tray 60 pcs

I have known for years that i wanted to get a nice set of blocks for my children. With my background as a play therapist, i know how awesome blocks are for encouraging imaginary play as well as creativity and thinking outside the box. So, i was determined to find a good set for christmas this year. I shopped around on several websites looking for the most bang for my buck. This was by far the best set i found with the best price. . The variety of the blocks themselves is very nice. There are many different shapes and sizes for creative building. The blocks are a very sturdy hard wood, but are also very well sanded and smooth so there is no chance of splinters. They have a nice solid feel to them that i wanted. My daughter enjoys playing with them. My son is also completely obsessed with these blocks, and he is not even 1 yet! he loves to knock down towers and has even tried his hand at stacking the blocks. Great for honing those fine motor skills. My son has even gnawed on the blocks and the wood is so hard he hasn't even left a single tooth mark with his sharp little teeth. And they are so smooth i at least know he won't get a splinter in his mouth before i can get it away from him. . The storage box is a blessing. All the blocks fit in the box quite easily, and while the box is heavy when loaded with all the blocks, the carry handles make it easy to move from one place to another. My husband and i joked that these blocks are so sturdy and great that our grandchildren will be able to play with them someday. I plan to get a set for my therapy practice, and might even get an additional one for the house when my son gets older so both of them can have hours of creative play.

Sixty natural-finish, smooth-sanded hardwood blocks are packaged in a handsome wooden crate for easy storage. Ideal for building, balancing, and hands-on early-math learning. Great value!

Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks With Wooden Storage Tray 60 pcsMelissa-Doug-Standard-Solid-Wood-BuildingMelissa & doug

Melissa Doug Standard Solid Wood Building (503) FAQ.

There is one reviewer here who didn't like these blocks. (i'm guessing that reviewer has other, more expensive, unit blocks. ) please allow me to address the points raised by that reviewer. . "the weight": some children can lift 15 pounds (like my 3-year-old), and some can't. Know your child, and supervise the little ones when moving the full box of blocks. Common sense, really. Not a problem. Usually, my kids leave the box on the floor and just push it across the carpet. . We have had one box split near the bottom at one end. A little wood glue and an overnight clamping session, and it was good to go. The dovetail joints are plenty strong for the job, even if there might be weak points in the wood. For the first while, my kids' favorite piece was the box (it was a boat, a bed, a car, etc. ), so i'm not surprised that it had a problem. . "the smell": yes, these blocks to have a slight odor to them when the package is first opened. It's the finish they use, and it's not strong at all. I would guess it's some type of natural oil. (tung, linseed, or something similar. ) i'm highly sensitive to chemicals and other odors (headaches and allergic reactions), and this didn't bother me at all. It dissipated quickly, and is completely unnoticeable after a short while. I especially like the finish m&d use on these blocks because it's not readily apparent, and yet it has kept the wood smooth. Even blocks that sneaked (under their own power, i'm sure ; o) into the bathtub have dried very well. The grain of the wood raised slightly, but smoothed back down nicely with play, and never splintered at all. The feel of these blocks is great, too. Smooth and pleasant to touch, but with enough texture to make them easy to manipulate for small hands. . "not true standard unit blocks": um, yes, they are. The larger triangles are the size of two of the smaller triangles, two of which equal half of the standard unit block (1-1/2" x 2" x 5"). The hypotenuse of the large triangle is also the same length as the standard unit block (5"). The large triangles use variations of the same "unit" all the other blocks do. Just because haba or other companies don't have a block that size doesn't mean it can't be done. Each and every block in this set shares the same width, as well as one other dimension (whether that second dimension is exactly the same as the first, or is a multiple of it). . And those little quarter circles are some of my kids' favorites. They're also great for helping to teach fractions, as are the half circles. Put 'em on their rounded edges on top of a little block, and you've got a nifty sailboat, to boot. Or on top of a pillar, and you've got a minaret spire. They're great. . "not hardwood": rubberwood is a hardwood. Not all hardwoods are as heavy as cherry or oak. Can you imagine how heavy this box would be if the blocks were made from a heavier hardwood? ay! no thanks. It's heavy enough as it is. . I love it that the rubberwood is tough as well as light. Along with the very tight, straight grain and smooth feel, my kids have abused these blocks for nearly four years now, and they're still looking great. (we now own two sets. ). . To sum up: we love love love these blocks. If you have more than one child (or one very imaginative and creative child), you would do well to purchase two sets. (and you're still paying less for two sets than you would be buying 60 unit blocks from other companies. ). . Cheap? no way. . An excellent value? definitely! -Notice from M. Guest, Iowa

Click to Show melissa doug standard solid wood building (503) Details

I was a little hesitant to buy these at first because of the cost, but then, over the holidays, the cost dropped enough that i decided to purchase these for my not quite two year old daughter. I'm glad i did. These are great blocks! each block is smooth and rounded, and has a nice sturdy and weighty feel. Being unit blocks, they are great to work with, and should provide many learning opportunities over the years. (the blocks are each a fraction of another block, so some are half, or a quarter of the base block, two triangles make one block, etc. ) my daughter really enjoys building with them and i've seen her grow in dexterity in short order as we try to build the "biggest block tower in the world! ". . Overall, the quality is really high. Solid wood, well finished, with no stain or paint. Just plain wood. No real odor, other than what reminds me of cut wood from my wood shop days. As a result, i can see these simple toys lasting for pretty much forever. Highly recommend. It's good to have some creativity and toys with no batteries.

Melissa-doug-standard-solid-wood-building-(503) set picture

- Y. AllenEvery time i start building something i cannot finish my structure because my kids take the blocks away. Ha! . . These blocks can be lots of fun. However, i find the kids will sometimes ignore the blocks for weeks and weeks. Then i suggest building a town, a shelf, a castle, a tower, a ramp for little cars and then the kids will start playing with them. This is great to develop imagination. You can even make a pretend train! . . These are unit blocks, so they will fit together very well in many different configurations and store away neatly in the box they come in. I find it fun to put them away actually. It's like a puzzle. . Problems:. These blocks are heavy when stored in their box. If you have trouble moving heavy items, maybe these can be problematic to put away on a high shelf. When kids get upset and throw them, they can cause some damage because these are real wood blocks. Structures are sturdier when built on top of a table or hard floors. Be prepared for a loud crash when the younger kid comes and pushes the blocks and they tumble to the floor. Ouch if they hit your toes! carpet can be used but it is not as stable.

We use these blocks in a play therapy setting. These blocks are solid and durable enough to withstand even the tallest of tumbling towers! they come perfectly packed inside a sturdy wood storage box. There are enough blocks to even split them to be used in two different spaces! when i saw the blocks packed inside the storage box like a perfectly placed puzzle, i was concerned about how well they would fit once they were hap-hazardly piled back into the box, because, let's be honest, that's how they are going back in. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily they all fit without being mounded over the edges of the box.

D. Audrey, Ealing

Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    Multi/None
Size :    Regular
Weight :    19.88 pounds
Model :    503
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Ages 3 years and up
  • Exceptional quality and value
  • Packaged in a handsome, wooden tray for easy storage
  • Ideal for introducing early math concepts, including shapes, parts-to-whole, and sorting
  • 60 natural finished, smooth-sanded hardwood blocks to inspire hands-on, imaginative play
Price :    $55.49
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks With Wooden Storage Tray 60 pcs available as-of ( May 2019 )

Mondo Bloxx 40 Pack Brick Block Set 12x6x3

The mondo bloxx set includes 40 of the biggest blocks and none of the small filler ones you see from other sets. They will provide hours of safe and educational play. Stack them up and knock them down! create designs faster and larger using these usa made bloxx. 40 12x6x3 blocks are included in this set. Adult assembly and supervision required.

Mondo Bloxx 40 Pack Brick Block Set 12x6x3Mondo-Bloxx-Brick-Block-12x6x3

Brand :    mondo bloxx
Weight :    0.25 pounds
Model :    MB40BRICK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (mondo bloxx product review) for Mondo Bloxx 40 Pack Brick Block Set 12x6x3 available as-of ( May 2019 )
Price :    $48.95 (was $54.95)
  • Largest set available on of 12" x 6" x 3 " blocks
  • 40 huge pieces, made in the usa
  • Hours of safe and educational play
  • Adult assembly required
  • Produced from strong safe recycled materials

Aeromax My 1st Career Gear complete set of quality career oriented role play - 1CGA

Award winning career oriented, quality role play for young kids. Intended to raise the self esteem of those who engage in role play. Quality construction and durable design are the perfect addition to a classroom, pre-schools, and daycares alike. This 6 piece assortment of tops has all the things printed on the shirts needed to complete the job. Featuring a clear chest pocket so a name can be added by a parent for a custom/personalized look. Aeromax qualty products make great gifts for girls and boys. This item has been tested to meet usa safety standards for children's products. Note: *hats and props not included. Six (6) shirts included 1 of each style as explained above*

Aeromax My 1st Career Gear complete set of quality career oriented role play - 1CGAAeromax-Career-complete-quality-oriented

Price :    $54.93 (was $57.49)
  • Inlcudes: 6 total role play tops featuring different careers. (1 of each career is included: doctor blue, doctor pink, chef, firefighter, police, and road crew. )
  • One size fits most girls and boys ages 3-6
  • Personalize it with the clear front chest pocket design. you can add your child's name to a piece of paper and insert it into the pocket to make it your own!
  • Easy front opening with simple hook and loop closures, makes it easy for kids to put on by themselves.
  • Beautiful details and realistic look for kids enhanced pleasure
Brand :    aeromax
Color :    Multicoloured
Size :    One Size
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    1CGA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Aeromax My 1st Career Gear complete set of quality career oriented role play - 1CGA available as-of ( May 2019 )

Learning Resources Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set

These are good quality toys that kids can use for lots of imaginative play above and beyond the color-matching game advertised. Farmers market, grocery store, cooking in the play kitchen, throwing play parties, these fruits and veggies get used for everything. The buckets and produce seem to be very high quality and well able to hold up to the usual abuse. The only thing keeping this from being a 5 star product for me (and this may not matter to you, i don't know) is that i couldn't find anywhere on the packaging or in the product description what kinds of plastic these toys are made out of. My little one still teethes on her toys, and i try to be selective about the chemicals in the plastics and paints she has access to. Other than that, i love these and will definitely buy more learning resources stuff for my kids to play with at home.

Develop color recognition and sorting skills with bushels of realistic, relationally sized fruits and vegetables in this set. Perfect for dramatic play and food nutrition lessons, too. 30-piece set!

Learning Resources Farmer's Market Color Sorting SetLearning-Resources-Farmers-Market-Sorting

Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set (Learning Resources) FAQ.

First, let me say that i've always hated the fake plastic food that one usually sees that's meant for playtime. Even as a little kid (like 5), i was always disappointed in the fake food and would sneak real food into my playtime. My little girl is not as picky as i was (so far), but, hey, i've gotta live with the toys, too, and my impulse with normal fake play food is to toss it in the trash, especially if it's been squashed by someone's foot. . This is a whole other class of fake food and it seems nearly indestructible compared to other fake foods (aside from the solid wood ones which are just painful to step on/kick). Yes, some of it is undersized so that it will fit in the buckets (like the pumpkin and banana are small even for real miniature ones) and some of it is not particularly realistic (asparagus and carrots only kinda look like that), but it's far more realistic and detailed than most. The weight is significant, but still easy lifting for kids. The slight flexibility and feel of the plastic adds a lot to the realism as well. I had my doubts as to ordering so many pieces since it looks like they barely fit in the buckets, but they easily fit in the buckets (the pic has filler, i'm sure) and the variety means a lot of flexibility in playing games with the pieces. Also, this comes with two sets of stickers: one with the color and the color's name (i. E. "yellow" on a yellow background) and one that is just the color. So, you can start with just the color and put the word/color one over it once they've mastered that color (and ready to recognize words as meaningful). -Notice from U. Franklin, South Dakota

Click to Show farmer's market color sorting set (learning resources) Details

Excellent quality. Learning resources play food is generally quite amazing. The pieces are made with a visibly higher end rubber, with a good weight to it. Each basket comes with 5 fruits or veggies of that color. Lemon, lime, pumpkin, eggplant, plum, peach, opal and red apples (opal being an actual apple type, i basically mean its a yellow apple). To name a few. See photos though, the baskets aren't filled to the top like the photo. Five pieces sits quite low. Comes with color sorting stickers. You can choose just color stickers, or color stickers with the color names printed on them.

Farmer's-market-color-sorting-set-(learning-resources) set picture

- E. RuffLearning resources has done a nice job of combining a learning opportunity (colors, sorting, fruit/veggie identification) with a wonderful set of play food that will work great in your child's play kitchen. The set contains 5 plastic "farmer's market" bushel baskets with 25 pieces of play food (5 of each color). I mainly selected this item because i was looking to add additional fruits and veggies to our play food stash. The teaching opportunities with this set are just an added bonus for me. . There's a nice variety of play food which includes some you don't typically see in other play food sets (eggplant, cucumber, pumpkin, 3 different colors of pepper, yellow apple, peach, plum). Like all learning resources play food, the quality is amazing. As an early childhood teacher and a mama, i've seen my fair share of plastic play food and i did a lot of comparison shopping before i purchased the play food for our play kitchen. Unlike others, this food is well sized, very detailed and made of soft plastic (it has a little give if you press it). Take a look at my photos and you can see some side by side comparisons of "other" play food (left) vs. The learning resources food (right). You'll see from the picture that the learning resources food is much more realistic looking. To get a sense of size, i've also included a picture of the tomato and orange pepper on our play kitchen's counter (the ikea duktig). Another nice touch is that the sorting baskets have a color label on the outside and inside of the basket. It's a thoughtful detail and helps children who may be looking down into the basket when they're sorting. . While i'm using this in my home, given that the food is so realistic looking and durable and there are lots of learning opportunities with the set, it would make a great addition to a childcare/school setting as well. . * i purchased this product at full price for use in our home. If you found this review helpful, please click the "yes" button. Thank you! *

This review is for the learning resources farmers market color sorting set. . I bought this color sorting set for my 3 year old son. He currently is enrolled in the early childhood special education program. I'm constantly looking for activities that will grab his interest as well as assist him in the various areas he struggles in. This does that. . Included in this purchase is a set of 5 plastic baskets which are labeled with a different color on each one. It also comes with 25 pieces of fruit and vegetables- a total of 5 fruits and vegetables for each color. . The baskets are a hard plastic and have withstood many a fling across the room. They have never cracked and look as new and vibrant as the day i bought them. The same can be said for the fruit. They are firm and have the feeling of a rubber and plastic combination. My son has chewed on them and tried to squish them and they're in perfect condition. They are not slippery and have a nice thickness to them (without being too big)which makes it easy to grasp. They all have a vibrant color to them and have maintained their vibrancy even after heavy usage. . These are extremely durable and are very versatile. We use this for both imaginative and structured play. They are used in our toy kitchen and on pretend shopping trips. We use them for color identification, sorting, fruit and vegetable identification and counting. My son will sit in front of the baskets and sort, and sometimes he'll stand a small distance away and toss the fruit into the baskets. We'll place the food pieces around the living room and have him run to grab them according to food name or color. . I'm very pleased with the quality of the baskets and fruit. I have no doubt that it will last for many years. As soon as my son no longer uses it, i will be donating it to our early childhood program so other kids can benefit from it.

H. Cindy, Northern Territory

Brand :    learning resources
Color :    Multi
Size :    4 L x 5 W in
Weight :    2.65 pounds
Model :    LER3060
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Learning Resources Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set available as-of ( May 2019 )
Price :    $29.49
  • Winner of 2 awards
  • Ideal for ages 3+
  • Includes 25 foods in 5 different colors, 5 baskets, activity guide, and stickers for labeling
  • Expand vocabulary by naming familiar favorites and learning new foods
  • Develop color recognition and sorting skills with bushels of realistic produce

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, Classic

Love these blocks. They hold up great, the colors are vibrant, they fit together well, and they clean up easily. They survived my teething toddler too. The bag they come in is much better quality than the one that they had out several years ago. It is very durable and makes for great storage for the blocks. It also has a large opening that makes it easy for kids to deposit the blocks in. . These also make a great, cost effective gift. They are a great value - not very expensive, safe for little ones, and they aren't quickly outgrown. In a world where people seem to gravitate toward shoving electronic toys down kids throats at an early age, this toy is a winner. As a mother i have to say a toy like this makes me very happy. My son can play with it and it isn't tremendously loud, no emergency battery runs, and he enjoys cleaning them up.

Build and stack for limitless fun with the award-winning big building bag by mega bloks. These bright primary-colored blocks encourage hands-on exploration as children imagine and create. Building blocks are big and easy for little fingers to assemble. When playtime is over, zip the blocks up in an environmental-friendly bag and stash them in the toy box until the next adventure. Ideal for ages one and up!

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, ClassicMega-Bloks-80-Piece-Building-Classic

Mega Bloks 80-piece Big Building Bag, Classic (DCH63) FAQ.

Omg! i love these blocks! my grand babies love them too. The colors are beautiful, the size is just right. Also the blocks stack easy plus easy to pull apart. I have a 7 month old grand baby and the blocks are safe for him also to play with. I give these blocks 5 stars! -Notice from Q. Lisa, Southampton

Click to Show mega bloks 80-piece big building bag, classic (dch63) Details

I haven't found a child yet that didn't love mega blocks! my kids played with them and i bought these for my grandgirls. There are no sharp edges. They are extremely easy to clean. The kids get to exercise their imaginations and build whatever they want. The bag they come in is so well built. I still have a couple bags left from the old days (10-15 years ago) when my kids played with them. I use them as christmas storage bags. Lol. You can't beat the price. The quality is amazing. This is a no brainer gift.

Mega-bloks-80-piece-big-building-bag,-classic-(dch63) set picture

- E. MelissaWhen children 1-4 years old visit with their parents, i like for them to have something to occupy their time. These blocks do the trick. My how the children (and adults) love to play with them. As a teacher, i find the educational value to be excellent. I would recommend them because they help children to recognize the primary colors, building different objects, spacial planning and counting to name a few uses. These are excellent manipulatives that help children with hand & eye coordination as they are playing. I would highly recommend these blocks.

These blocks were everything we need them to be. Our two year old loves to build them up on the "car" that comes inside. And push it around the house. The colors are nice and vibrant. These are large enough for his little fingers to hold onto. We are having a blast during family time! . We may buy another set just so he's not fighting over them with my husband!

I. Eva, Iowa

Brand :    mega bloks
Color :    Blue
Size :    n.a.
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    DCH63
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (mega bloks product review) for Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, Classic available as-of ( May 2019 )
Price :    $14.92
  • Great gift for mega bloks fans! packaging may vary
  • 80 building blocks for hours of play
  • Portable, pvc-free bag zips to store all pieces
  • Compatible with all mega bloks sets for endless building possibilities
  • Encourages hands-on exploration as children imagine and create

Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box Clap Clang Tap - 10-Piece Musical Instrument Set

Love, love, love this. Music is something every child should have the chance to make, and the variety of instruments in this band in a box lets toddlers have so much fun. My grandson was playing the triangle and single jingle bells and what a wonderful memory was made as he explored his budding talent! for those who think "oh no, another noise maker" and "send it to grandma", the instruments really do no make super loud tones. There are many other kids toys with audio that are far more obnoxious! this was great money spent.

Band in a box musical instrument set includes a tambourine, cymbals, maracas, clacker, tone blocks, and a triangle. It's everything preschoolers need to form a kids' marching band, launch a solo career, or just enjoy exploring music and sounds! band in a box includes 10 pieces, plus a sturdy wooden storage crate.

Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box Clap Clang Tap - 10-Piece Musical Instrument SetMelissa-Doug-Band-Box-Clang

Melissa Doug Band Box Clang (488) FAQ.

Bought thus for my 3yo. He loved it immediately and started handing instruments to everybody at pur christmas party and then we all sang and played our instruments for him so he could learn what they did. Then he traded them all for us and we would sing and play some more. He loved it. What i love about this set is they instruments are so well made. Made of real metal and wood and very durable. The triangle has a lovely sound. It is an honest to goodness real triangle instrument, so i know we will have this set of instruments in our family for years to come! -Notice from M. Florence, Illinois

Click to Show melissa doug band box clang (488) Details

Great set for toddlers! we've had this for about 2 months now and each instrument is still in great condition and still makes pretty musical sounds. My toddler plays with it almost everyday. They are the perfect size for little hands-it is easy for my little one to hold and play on her own. My only complaint is the wooden crate it comes in has little pieces of wood that stick out and have pierced my skin a couple of times so be careful. Other than that, the actual instruments are made of great sturdy quality, (they don't feel cheap) and they are great fun and easy to use/play. Measurements: tambourine-6' diameter, maracas, clacker, & tone block-8" length, cymbals-3. 25" diameter, triangle stick-6"length, triangle 6"x5. 5"

Melissa-doug-band-box-clang-(488) set picture

- C. McCarthyWe love melissa and doug toys! our 10 month old has so much fun with this set of instruments, although the cymbals and triangle are only with supervision. We also have the melissa and doug piano, harmonica, and xylophone. No tv in this house! we are all about the music!

So we've had this for a couple of years now, purchased them to work on a whole host of things with my awesome little son, who has some more specialized needs, and in the time we've been using them, he has not managed to destroy a single thing from this set. A single thing, including the much panned tambourine, and not for lack of trying (ours has a plastic top). Because believe me, i love this beautiful little boy, but one of his super powers is breaking things. My favorite ornamental end table? picked it up and chucked it. Three times was all it took to render it a pile of kindling that had to be loaded into the trash bin as i mentally played taps in my head, and that was two years ago he did that. He's got item destruction down to an art form at this point. So this has survived two whole years of him pounding, chewing, and whacking with these things. And my 10 year old also finds them amusing and runs around the house with them, so they've been getting it from both ends. So for the sheer fact that they have survived the tornado that is my little man, this is a 5 star toy.

X. Rowe, Windsor and Maidenhead

Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    True Red
Weight :    3.20 pounds
Model :    488
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box Clap Clang Tap - 10-Piece Musical Instrument Set available as-of ( May 2019 )
Price :    $19.95 (was $19.97)
  • Includes wooden crate for storage. product dimensions: 3 x 11. 3 x 14. 9 inches
  • Colors and packaging may vary
  • Various instruments provide a wide range of sounds
  • Expose your mini-musician to different tones, volume, and rhythm
  • 10-piece musical instrument set to get kids moving, grooving, and feeling the beat

LYNDA SUTTON Superhero Costume Kids, Kids Cape mask 1 Cape+1 Mask Double Sided Blue+Orange Color 27.5 L

(1)item details: kid size: capes are approximately length 27. 5" x width 27. 5" suitable for 3-10 years old children adult size:capes are approximately approx length 43. 3" x width 27. 5" mask: approximately length 6. 4"x width 2. 9" (2)materials: capes are made of 100% polyester double-sided satin, finest quality fabrics and is designed for comfort and functionality, masks are made of high quality felt, elastic strap masks are safe and easy to put on and off by children (3)we will provide the following contents: 10 capes+10 masks(27. 5"): 10 differents color capes set as picture show 1 cape+1 mask(27. 5"/43. 3"): one double sided cape with match mask (4) occasion: we offer you the perfect gift for any occasion: boys costumes and girls costumes for superhero birthday party, pretend play, dress up, christmas, halloween, easter, independence day, role play, superhero toys, party supplies and gifts. (5)do it yourself: you can use colorful fluorescent pen to paint your favorite carton pattern and words on the capes. Use your and your kids imagination, create what you want. (6)care instructions: hand wash capes in cold water and lay flat to dry. Capes can be ironed or steamed on very low heat in order to remove wrinkles.

LYNDA SUTTON Superhero Costume Kids, Kids Cape mask 1 Cape+1 Mask Double Sided Blue+Orange Color 27.5 LLYNDA-SUTTON-Superhero-Costume-Double

Brand :    lynda sutton
Color :    Blue+orange
Size :    27.5"L×27.5"W
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Apparel :    Best Childrens Costume (Apparel product review) for LYNDA SUTTON Superhero Costume Kids, Kids Cape mask 1 Cape+1 Mask Double Sided Blue+Orange Color 27.5 L available as-of ( May 2019 )
Price :    $9.98 (was $11.98)
  • Best choice for kids masquerade, birthday party, christmas, halloween, parents-child campaign dress-up and so on. good choice for superhero party and return gift.
  • 1 cape +1 mask, reversible sided blue+orange color, 10 different colors for your choice.
  • Kids size: 27. 5"l x 27. 5"w suitable for for ages 3-10 years; adult size: 43. 3"l x 27. 5"w; mask: approximately 6 3/4" wide and 2 8/9" tall; universal mask suitable for all children and most adults.
  • Durable double sided satin made of 100% polyester and comfortable felt mask.
  • Velcro neck, easy to put on and put off.

Tot Tutors TC715 Primary Collection Kids Wood Table & 4 Chair Set, Natural/Primary

The tot tutors kids wood table and 4 chairs set is the perfect size for children to eat, read books, color, do arts and crafts, play board games, and just have fun. The table and chair set is ideal for your toddler's bedroom, playroom, or the living room. This piece of furniture is easy to assemble and the sturdy table and chairs are great for boys and girls ages 3 years and up. Construction on this engineered wood table and chair set offers solid support and long-lasting durability. The height of this furniture is just right for toddlers and preschool-aged children. Giving your little one a table and chair set at their size gives them a sense of control and helps them learn independence. This kids table and chairs set comes in multiple color options to complement the existing furniture in your home as well as the toy storage organizer products in tot tutors' line of kids furniture. Color options include primary collection: natural table with primary chairs (red, green, blue, yellow); summit collection: white table and chairs; pastel collection: white table with pastel chairs (pink, light green, baby blue, light yellow); friends collection: white table with pink and purple chairs (pink, purple, dark pink, white); espresso collection: espresso table and chairs. Product sizing table: 26 w x 22 d x 19 h chairs: 10 w x 10 d x 22 h seat height: 10 h tot tutors offers a full line of children's furniture, organizational basics, and storage solutions. We have multiple room collections that fit the style of any home. Our children's table and chairs, toy storage organizers, toy boxes, bookcases, beds, and upholstered chairs blend with all of your home's furniture. Whether it's the living room, playroom, or your child's bedroom, tot tutors has just the right product to help your family grow.

Tot Tutors TC715 Primary Collection Kids Wood Table & 4 Chair Set, Natural/PrimaryTot-Tutors-TC715-Primary-Collection

Brand :    tot tutors
Color :    Primary
Weight :    28.66 pounds
Model :    TC715
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Includes 26" x 22" rectangular table (19"h) and 4 chairs. table dimensions: 19. 000 inches h x 22. 000 inches w chair dimensions: 13. 000 pounds h x 22. 000 inches w x 10. 000 inches d
  • Great for eating, reading books, coloring, arts and crafts, playing board games, and more
  • Comes in multiple color options - primary: natural table with primary chairs (red, green, blue, yellow),  summit: white table and chairs,  pastel: white table with pastel chairs (pink, light green, baby blue, light yellow),   friends: white table with pink and purple chairs (pink, purple, dark pink, white),  espresso: espresso table and chairs
  • Sturdy engineered wood construction is easy to assemble and clean
  • Perfect gift for boys and girls ages 3 years and up
Price :    $75.26 (was $80.12)
Furniture :    Best Home Furniture And Decor (Furniture product review) for Tot Tutors TC715 Primary Collection Kids Wood Table & 4 Chair Set, Natural/Primary available as-of ( May 2019 )

melissa & doug jumbo extra-thick cardboard building blocks - 40 blocks in 3 sizes Price : 29.51, was : 31.99 as 2018-08-10
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Melissa Doug Extra Thick Cardboard Building (2784) Reviewed by on

Top melissa doug extra thick cardboard building (2784) Content

The F.A.Q. for melissa & doug jumbo extra-thick cardboard building blocks - 40 blocks in 3 sizes

I'm an adult who bought these bricks for her 2-year-old nephew, but i'll admit to occasionally fantasizing about buying 50 sets and making huge forts in my apartment. My kindergarten class had a similar set of bricks and i remember always being frustrated that they didn't have enough. I could finally resolve that childhood trauma! . . The blocks themselves took about 15 minutes to assemble with 3 adults working on it. My nephew absolutely loved them. He's the kind of kid who loves to stack things, line them up, and generally organize everything. He also loved playing godzilla and knocking down the forts we adults would build. My sister (his mother, an early childhood teacher) also pointed out that they're great for his motor skills. As the towers would get taller and taller, he'd have to use a steady hand to keep everything from falling over. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it all fell over. It's a fun way to learn. . The only real complaint is that the package has a ton of little bricks and very few of the big ones. To make anything really cool, you need a few packages, and that can take up quite a bit of space if you live in a small home. . If you want more big blocks (or just more affordable blocks), another alternative is to search online store for "white shipping boxes". White ones offer a blank drawing surface so your kids can decorate the "bricks" themselves. Just get some clear packing tape and seal the boxes (or get corrugated mailers that stay in a box shape on their own).

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Actual size of each block

(1) Question: We don't have much space in our apartment, but my husband really wants to get these for our daughter. how/where do you store all of these blocks?

(2) Question: How big is the package? i need to transport them to south africa.

(3) Question: Does anyone else have trouble with them being slippery? it's hard to stack more than 3 blocks together, which makes it hard to build big towers .

(4) Question: How sturdy are these? i want to use them for a construction party and have them repeatedly knocked over with a large rubber bouncy ball by toddlers.

(5) Question: Wondering if these will fit in the draw string toy storage bags for sell in online store?

(6) Question: How can these be cleaned? disinfectant spray only?

(7) Question: Has anyone had trouble with the color dye from the blocks rubbing off on your hands?

(note) Question: where/how to get Melissa Doug (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Melissa Doug's products


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If you google block playing you will find a ton of articles about how important playing with blocks is to a child's development. So, we wanted to have blocks in the children's room at the library. We love these cardboard blocks because children can play with them without making noise, and won't get hurt if one is thrown-kids do have library tantrums sometimes. There are 8 large red bricks, 8 medium size blue bricks, and 24 small yellow bricks. The children do play with all of the sizes. We actually have two sets for group play. I might prefer more of the larger bricks, but the variety is definitely good-wouldn't want all large bricks. They come flat. An adult has to fold them, which is not at all difficult; i didn't even read the instructions. One reviewer said his children crushed them in just a few hours. I can only think that their bricks were not put together correctly. Our library kids stand on them all the time, and they are still in perfect shape. One thing i don't like about them is that melissa & doug put their name and phone number on every block. That's just cheesy to me. If you keep them stacked up neatly, they don't take up much space-and the kids are pretty good about keeping them neat because stacking them up against the wall is kind of fun. They even seem to feel compelled to sort them by color. Also bought these for my niece and nephew, and they work out well at home, too. Hint: online store puts these on sale on cyber monday some years.

Building Sets & Blocks 1102443233, Games & Arcade 110721743, Toys & Games 110682743Top Melissa Doug Extra Thick Cardboard Building (2784) FAQ Content

Best melissa doug extra thick cardboard building (2784) in review

The blocks are exactly what i was hoping for: large, light-weight so the kids don't kill one another toppling towers bigger than themselves, and absolutely fun in their utter simplicity. . The blocks were easy to assemble. Two of us did it in about 15 minutes. Once you get the hang of it, it's kind of fun, especially with the kids eagerly awaiting the next block. . My kids love to build everything from 5-foot towers to tables and chairs for their dolls. They mix and match with their regular blocks for added texture and sounds effects upon destruction. . If i had to list drawbacks, the biggest is that while the blocks are well enough reinforced to handle a bit of weight (the kid standing on the red block in the photo, for example), the sharp edges of the other blocks put some serious dings into the cardboard when the blocks topple onto one another. I could see these dings leading to destruction of the blocks over time. Our blocks began to get dinged up within the first five minutes of use, and it's not like the girls were unusually rough with them. . Too, consider storage. An assembled set of 40 can consume an entire toy box (luckily we happened to have a spare). . Lastly, i wish there were more jumbo blocks (the red and blue), and less of the yellow. . Overall, none of this detracts from the well-executed purpose of the set. I believe it will last just as long as the kids need it to, and if it doesn't, at this price we'll just throw the beat up ones in the recycle bin and buy another set.

I. Ophelia, Nordrhein-Westfalen

You might like to see Extra-thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 24 Blocks In 3 Very Young Builders Will Love These Sturdy, Cardboard Building Blocks Because They Are Lightweight Yet Durable! This 24-piece Set Features Three Sizes Of "bricks" For Constructive -Melissa & Doug Extra-thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 24 Blocks In 3 Sizes
  1. Special: Bright Primary Colors With Brickwork Patterning.
  2. Special: Premium, Extra-thick Cardboard Is Easy To Assemble And Easy To Wipe Clean.
Low-End Melissa & Doug Extra-thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 24 Blocks In 3 Sizes (Toys And Games) 2783 Melissa & Doug Extra-thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 24 Blocks In 3 Sizes

O. Colleen, Haute-Normandie says

These are pretty fun and easy to build with for my youngest child. She is three and doesn't weigh much but has managed to cause some serious bends and dents in the blue and red blocks, some of the yellow are just destroyed at this point. The finish on the paper for these is fairly sturdy as far as being able to wipe them with a barely damp cloth. Assembly was a breeze once you figure out where to hold and where to pull and pinch in. They stay together once you close it up. I do plan to buy another box because they are quite fun for the kids, but at the end of the day sometimes cardboard, even folded into an origami architectural power house, is just cardboard.

Z. Wanda, Wisconsin

My children are 3yr girl & 6yr old boy and these blocks entertain them for very long stretches. I thought my oldest might not have much interest but he loves them! it took a second to figure out how to fold them properly but once you do you'll be on a roll to get it done. I highly recommend them!

V. Patricia, Niedersachsen says

I have 3 kids, ages 11 yrs, 7yrs, and 2years old. These melissa and doug blocks are something i have always wanted for my kids, but never bought. (until now! ) i first saw them years ago when i started teaching preschool. The preschoolers always loved these blocks! they were one of the first toys chosen every day. Well, i finally purchased a set for my own children. I'm so glad i did. I really only expected my 2 year old to play with these, but all three of my kids actually play with these. These blocks are surprisingly durable for being made from cardboard. They are flat for shipping, and need to be assembled. I put them together by myself during naptime one day. It was simple. No tools, or adhesive needed. They fold up securely creating 3 sizes of blocks in 3 colors. The yellow block measures 6x3x3. The blue block measures 6x6x3. The red block measures 12x6x3. These blocks do require some space for storing. We have been keeping these on the bottom two shelves of a book shelf. However, stacking in a corner of a room would work just as well. I'm so glad i finally bought a set of these. All three of my kids are enjoying these jumbo blocks by melissa and doug.

F. Claudia, Aquitaine

I bought this for my grandson's third birthday along with other gifts. I specified that it was for all three grandchildren. My birthday grandson played with it off and on even though he had other new toys to distract him. The two older ones, 8 and 6, were having a ball. They were so excited to get these as they had seen them at pre-school. They built forts, house for the kitten, etc. . They really weren't that hard to put together, just a bit time-consuming. I put them together before giving them and put them into a 32 gallon storage tub. A good idea unless you have lots of room. If they continue to play with them and keep them picked up i told then i would get them another set. . And i agree it would be nice to have at least two more of both the red and blue bricks and less of the yellow. My guess is the storage issue was the consideration on the sizes.

F. Miller, North Yorkshire says

Very similar to mondo, but a slicker finish. These blocks will last for years. Kids can throw them, knock them down, stand and jump on them. They are pretty indestructible. I've been giving these to my kids, their kids, and lots of other folks' kids for about 30 years. Can't beat 'em. Great for developing math skills directly and indirectly. You do have to figure out where you're going to store them, and be ready to have them all over the floor. If you can't stand the mess kids make, don't get these (and perhaps reconsider having children).

I. Olga, Arizona

These brought back some childhood memories, some of which i prefer to keep buried:. . Build a super mario bros. Castle, only to have my brother destroy it and laugh. . Design and build my very own house, only to have my brother destroy it and laugh. . Build a staircase for my action figures, only to have my brother destroy it and laugh. . "insert anything i ever built", only to have my brother destroy it and laugh. . However, my 5 year old son loves to use wood and boxes to build a "house", so we thought this would be an excellent gift for him. And we were right, he used them first to build a wall to stop his siblings from leaving the living room. I decided not to invite my brother to this party, given past experiences. . The boxes are excellent quality. The kids stood on them with no creasing or collapsing. . Folding the boxes looked a whole lot more confusing than it actually was. It took about 4 minutes for the first one, then once the concept sunk in, it took 20 second each. . We are disappointed that the set included so many of the small, yellow rectangle boxes. They are quite small and do not offer a lot of function by themselves but all together they are useful. We wish the set had more of the larger red boxes. Those are the kind that my broth. Nevermind.

Z. Rebecca, Alberta says

These are great. Easy for 1 or 2 parents to team up and construct quickly, they stay contsructed even when stood on by my toddler. There are 40 blocks (as the package says), we thought that would not be enough and almost ordered two sets, but let me tell you, you can build quite a few things with 40 blocks, and they take up a lot of room. . Being an engineer myself, i appreciate the proportions of each size block match the other blocks, i. E. 1 red block is as wide as 2 blue, and 4 yellows. This makes building quick and fun structures much better, and more stable as the blocks leave minimal gaps. My son loves to build with these on his own, but loves when i build a super tall tower ( 7 feet-ish) before letting him run through it seeing it all crash down. There's actually quite a bit of learning that a kiddo can get from some simple blocks. . I'd get these again in a heartbeat.

D. Newell, Brighton and Hove

These cardboard blocks are built well. I have high expectations of melissa and doug toys and i wasn t 100% satisfied with these blocks. A couple of them bent while putting them together. We ve owned them for about a year and they have been abused by many of my friends children. They have stood up nicely. They are made of cardboard though so they are not indestructible. I have had to tape up a few over the past year; no big deal.

A. Erin, Slough says

We got this set for our son's christmas present. He was 2. 5 at the time. I didn't check the shipping dimensions carefully enough - the blocks all came flat, and had to be assembled. That took some time - they are designed really well so that after folded, they are very sturdy with lots of cross support. Of course, this means putting them together is a non-trivial task. . There are three colors of varying sizes and quantities - red ones are the largest, then square blue ones (2 blues 1 red), and small yellow ones (2 yellows 1 blue and 4 yellow 1 red). . It's great to give our son these giant blocks - he's been letting his imagination run wild, building trains, ships, castles, etc. It's interesting - 40 does not seem like a lot when your son has built half a "train" and has run out of blocks :)

B. Whiteman, St. Helens

Very sturdy blocks, my daughter likes to build a bridge with them. And with 24 blocks perfectly seperate in 12 block packages i was able to build one set while storing the other for when she does destroy them. Though that may be a while coming with their quality.

E. Anonymous, West Virginia says

If i ever meet melissa & doug, i'm going to sit them down and give them this box and for an hour i will watch them assemble the hell they have created. How this seemingly innocent and constructive toy, stole an hour of my life on that fateful christmas morning, i do not know. . It all started on the 25th of december, my son, 2 at the time was drawn to the biggest box, tearing into the paper like maniac he was overjoyed to see the melissa & doug logo. He asked me to build a castle, to which i gleefully obliged. So i grabbed a glass of adult egg nog and opened the box. It was at that moment, a moment that remains with me to this day, where i saw a horrific fate, 40 unassembled blocks with perforated and deliberate patterns on each. A new design for each color, a new horror to be learned, for each size. . Now i know what you're thinking, "bro, big deal, 40 blocks, no problem, i can do that while doing my dead lifts! ". . Wrong! . . From the dark union of rubik's cube and japanese origami, the jumbo blocks were born. I can only imagine what nightmares were manifested in melissa and doug's creation of these life stealing blocks. Like neil armstrong taking that fateful step, panicking, i gazed into the dark abyss i knew was before me. My son staring at me, a single tear travels down my cheek. I embark on my destiny. . An hour would go by. A pack of dunhills and a fifth of egg nog later, i completed my journey. No thanks to melissa & doug. My son overjoyed with his new "toy", unaware of the pieces of soul which was captured with each blocks assembly. He stacked the blocks playfully, violently smashing them to the floor. I watch, helpless, evil from each block stares at me mocking me to this day.

G. Perez, East Riding of Yorkshire

These blocks are great! they seem very sturdy, as they are withstanding constant use by my toddler. I wish that the package came with more large red blocks and fewer small yellow blocks. This would make building 'castles' a bit easier for children. That is the only reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5. I am sure i will be buying another box of these blocks to make a more complete set since they are such a hit in my house. Putting all the blocks together does take a little while but it is fairly simple to follow directions. . Please note that when my box arrived in the mail, it was damaged. Almost appeared that the box had been tampered with as it would not shut anymore which worried my husband but the contents of all the blocks were still in their original plastic wrapping.

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