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Price was $14.99. Such high quality. This is not like any other coloring book. It is on thick white paper and really nice pics and easy to color dark lines. It is incredibly big at 11x14 and my son loves them. These would be perfect for painting, markers or colors and are just really nice high quality coloring books. I really can not say enough about melissa and doug items, they are simply high quality.

-L. Sherry

Jumbo 50-page Kids’ Coloring Pads Set – Animals, Vehicles, Each Of The Three Coloring Pads Has 50 Outline Pictures Featuring Favorite Animals, The Fastest, Coolest Cars And Trucks, And More Favorite Themes On 11″ X 14″ Premium White Bond Paper, -Melissa & Doug Jumbo 50-page Kids’ Coloring Pads Set – Animals, Vehicles, More

  1. Characteristic: 50 Premium White Bond Pages With Black Outlined Pictures To Color.
  2. Characteristic: Animals, Vehicles, And Multi-theme Pads.

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The animal pictures are active and interesting, have thick outlines and large but not too large areas to color in, and it's the perfect size for preschoolers learning to color inside the lines. My 4. 5 yr old daughter comes home from preschool and will very intently color a page from this coloring book for half and hour or more while i cook dinner. What more could a parent ask for? Best jumbo kids coloring pads set animals | Melissa And Doug-Toys And Games Review as-of ( Jul 2021 ) Characteristic Melissa & Doug Jumbo 50-Page Kids' Coloring Pads Set - Animals, Vehicles, and More Three jumbo, themed coloring pads. 50 premium white bond pages with black outlined pictures to color. Animals, vehicles, and multi-theme pads. Pages tear out cleanly to share or display .

Melissa & doug jumbo 50-page kids' coloring pads set - animals, vehicles, and more Review (93276)

These pictures have enough details for those who like to color details, but not too many that smaller children cannot also enjoy them. I absolutely adore all of the melissa and doug coloring books and this one is perfect for those who love animals! there are 50 different animals to color and i really like the larger pages, making them great even for finger paints! the fact that the pictures are all on one side also makes them perfect! -O. June

Melissa Doug Jumbo 50 Page Coloring

  • Order: Toy
  • Brand: Melissa & Doug
  • EAN: 0000772932769
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:14.20 inches
    Length:11.20 inches
    Width:1.20 inches
  • Manufacturer: Melissa And Doug
  • Recommended Max-Age: 84
  • Suggested Min-Age: 36
  • Model: 93276
  • MPN: 93276
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 93276
  • Sub-Type: Toy
  • Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  • UPC: 000772932769
  • Warranty: No Warranty

jumbo 50-page kids' coloring pads set - animals, vehicles, Toy, Each of the three coloring pads has 50 outline pictures featuring favorite animals, the fastest, coolest cars and trucks, and more favorite themes on 11" x 14" premium white bond paper, bound into an oversize drawing pad. children will love coloring in each page with crayons, markers, paints or pencils. the pages tear out cleanly to allow more than one child to color simultaneously and make proud display easy. Melissa Doug Jumbo 50 Page Coloring (93276-Melissa Doug).

Melissa Doug Jumbo 50 Page Coloring Toy

jumbo kids coloring pads set animals Melissa & Doug Jumbo 50-Page Kids' Coloring Pads Set - Animals, Vehicles, and More (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Excellent on all counts. Delightful, inviting pictures without a great amount of detail. Bold lines. Good paper which is blank on the reverse, inviting creativity. This book promises great fun, and these pictures will surely be completed and treasured.

Melissa & Doug Jumbo 50-page Kids' Coloring Pads Set - Animals, Vehicles, More
Click to see NoticeMelissa Doug Jumbo 50 Page Coloring (93276)"Beautiful and big illustrations of animals, both a boy or girl will love this coloring book. My 5 year old niece and three year old nephew enjoy coloring this book. Great buy!"

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Melissa & Doug Triangular Crayons - 24-Pack in Flip-Top Case, Non-Roll

These crayons are great! first off, the colors are vibrant and there is a good variety of colors. My daughters (2 and 4 years old) have no problems coloring with these. We have had these crayons for six months and not one has broken. We have also not lost one! i think this is mainly because it is easy for my daughters to see when they are missing one and they then search until it is found. I also like that the container is a little difficult to open. This means that my two-year old can't get the crayons while unsupervised, but my four-year old help herself when coloring. Another benefit of the flat container is that it displays all the colors - no guessing what color you are grabbing out of a box or dumping them out all over the place just to see them. I will definitely buy more when these need to be replaced!

These ingenious, triangular shaped crayons won't roll away. Made of plastic, not wax, for additional durability, this set of 24-rainbow color crayons stay on the table-just where your little artist put them! they pack into their own sturdy, plastic flip-top case for easy clean up. The unique shape will help kids develop the preferred grip for later writing skills.

Melissa & Doug Triangular Crayons - 24-Pack in Flip-Top Case, Non-RollMelissa-Doug-Triangular-Crayons-Flip-Top

Melissa & Doug Triangular Crayons - 24-pack In Flip-top Case, Non-roll (Melissa Doug) FAQ.

I got these for my daughter and she love them! i considered getting the jumbo m&d crayons but ultimately purchased these instead because they were the better buy. They are sturdy and the triangular shape helps guide her to hold them the right way. In fact, i never had to show her how to hold them, she just naturally took to holding them the proper way due to their shape. And when she picked up a pen, she naturally held it the proper way too! another benefit to the triangular shape is that they don't roll off the table! . . These are super sturdy and she has not been able to break any of them. The only one that has been broken so far is one that i accidentally stepped on! they are washable, and i have been able to easily wipe them off of surfaces that she marked when i couldn't stop her fast enough :). . All in all, i've been very happy with this purchase and i'm glad we got these instead of crayolas. -Notice from H. Sarah, Bromley

Click to Show melissa & doug triangular crayons - 24-pack in flip-top case, non-roll (melissa doug) Details

These are the best toddler crayons. I got these and the fatter ones for my 2 year old. In addition to them not rolling off the table because of their shape, they also have a nifty case that my daughter loves putting the crayons in and dumping out over and again.

Melissa-&-doug-triangular-crayons---24-pack-in-flip-top-case,-non-roll-(melissa-doug) set picture

- J. MedinaI have been pretty impressed with melissa and doug products so far, and these crayons are no exception. . Pros:. * unique shape. The unique triangular shape of these crayons makes a good grip by tiny hands that much easier. As an added bonus, it also keeps them from rolling away. . * no wrapper. Crayon wrappers always end up in the way eventually. These do away with them entirely which also means less waste. . * they come in a plastic case instead of a cardboard box. The case is much nicer, but to be honest, don't expect it to survive the rough hands of excited children. . * no animal fat! a lot of people either don't realize or don't care that most crayons have actual animal fat in them. Melissa and doug crayons do not have animal fat/stearic acid and are suitable for vegans. . Cons:. * color isn't quite as nice as top brands, but is comparable to generics. . * a little awkward to sharpen. . * will break in a firm grip. Other crayons do too, but these are promoted as being break resistant. . * no individual wrapper telling your child the name of the color. Wrappers can be annoying so this is a good and a bad thing. . All said, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. This is a product that i feel good buying for my children.

These are great - no more rolling crayons escaping from little hands! they also did away the paper wrapper, so no more peeling that back when the crayon gets worn. Also, can access all colors easily from the box, so no need to dump out the entire thing to find the color they want.

U. Olga, Missouri

Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    red
Size :    Child
Weight :    0.75 pounds
  • Durable non-roll crayons
  • Made completely of break-resistant plastic-not wax!
  • Handy flip-top case with handle
  • Triangular shape promotes writing-readiness skills
  • 24 vibrant colors
Price :    $3.99 (was $5.99)
Model :    4136
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Melissa & Doug Triangular Crayons - 24-Pack in Flip-Top Case, Non-Roll available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

Crayola Washable Crayons, Large, 8 Colors - 2 Packs

The crayons are just right for toddlers just starting out with coloring and they're washable which keeps my mind at ease knowing i can wash it out or off of things. The best item for a child, because you know they're not going to stay coloring on the paper alone.

Assorted color crayons clean up completely, so let your children play without worry. They wash from most clothing and wipe off most nonporous surfaces with warm water and a sponge.

Crayola Washable Crayons, Large, 8 Colors - 2 PacksCrayola-Washable-Crayons-Large-Colors

Crayola Washable Crayons, Large, 8 Colors - 2 Packs (52-3280-NEW) FAQ.

When they say ultra washable, they mean it! came off super easily from the walls when my 2 toddler boys decided their color books weren't satisfactory for their art. -Notice from A. Rochelle, North Lincolnshire

Click to Show crayola washable crayons, large, 8 colors - 2 packs (52-3280-new) Details

Exactly as described and easy to wash off. A must for parents of toddlers. Only downfall is that unlike the jumbo crayons, these will break easily. Wish they made the jumbo crayons easy to wash as well.

Crayola-washable-crayons,-large,-8-colors---2-packs-(52-3280-new) set picture

- R. RuffGreat first crayons for my 1. 5 year old. He can hold these bigger crayons better then the smaller (regular) size. Glad i bought them

Perfect for little hands. Lasts longer and is more durable than other brands. I tried other brands to try and save a buck or two and have been disappointed every time. These crayons have lasted like longer than any others i've purchased so far.

P. Brendon, Liverpool

Brand :    crayola
Color :    2 Packs
Weight :    0.19 pounds
  • 2 packs of 8 large washable non-toxic crayons
  • Smoother, easier laydown.
  • World's most washable!
  • Let your children play without worry
  • Wipe off most nonporous surfaces with warm water and a sponge
Price :    $4.12 (was $5.59)
Model :    52-3280-NEW
Quantity :    16
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Crayola Washable Crayons, Large, 8 Colors - 2 Packs available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

Melissa & Doug Jumbo 50-Page Kids' Coloring Pad - Horses, Hearts, Flowers, More

Loved these large pictures. Perfect for my 3 and almost 5 year old. There are a good mix of pictures with just larger vs finer shapes and details for those kids who don't quite have the fine motor skills to color between the lines of smaller objects. There are also a good number of different subjects (animals, plants, foods, princesses, castles), i may say it is geared more towards girl subjects, but there are definitely some that a younger boy would enjoy coloring if he was sharing the book. A good buy, and a great price for some good quality coloring pages. Small warning: if coloring heavily with marker, the color will leak through to the next page.

Fifty beautiful pictures leave lots of room for pink! oversized 11" x 14" premium white bond paper feature outline drawings of flowers, princesses, horses and more. Each sheet in this large extra-large coloring book for kids is printed on one side only, so the colorful masterpieces won't smudge. The pages tear out cleanly to allow more than one child to color simultaneously and for proud display!

Melissa & Doug Jumbo 50-Page Kids' Coloring Pad - Horses, Hearts, Flowers, MoreMelissa-Doug-Jumbo-50-Page-Coloring

Melissa Doug Jumbo 50 Page Coloring (4225) FAQ.

Very good quality paper and lets kids paint every detail -Notice from I. Smith, Wigan

Click to Show melissa doug jumbo 50 page coloring (4225) Details

This is a very nice coloring pad, and was much less expensive than what i found at walmart! my daughter loves it. It's a big pad too, which i find nice for toddlers who tend to have trouble keeping the crayon on the page. Each sheet only has a drawing on one side, making it easy to color in the book without needing to tear out pages. The pictures are adorable as well, and we can both color at once!

Melissa-doug-jumbo-50-page-coloring-(4225) set picture

- Y. KimberlyI first bought this jumbo coloring pad a while back and saw that the children, especially the girls, really liked coloring the pictures in this pad. I like that the pages tear out easily. They pages are big, with pictures that are easy for kids to color, but with enough details to keep the slightly older children interested. The coloring pad was such a success in my daycare, that i decided to give all the girls in my daycare now (who were young and didn't get to color the pictures from the original pad when i had it) their own coloring pad for christmas. I bought 6 of them and the girls have been telling me how much they are enjoying coloring the pictures, some with help of their older sisters who were the ones who colored the original pictures! . . The paper is good quality and white. The pictures are printed nicely too.

Very nice product. girls love it!

H. Glenda, New Mexico

Price :    $4.24
  • Oversized 11" x 14" sheets leave lots of room for creative fun!
  • 50 high-quality pages of premium white bond paper
  • Ages 3+
  • Pages tear out easily
  • Great for inspiring creative expression and exploring color
Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    Pink
Size :    Dimensions: 0.25" x 11" x 14" Packaged
Weight :    1.28 pounds
Model :    4225
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Melissa & Doug Jumbo 50-Page Kids' Coloring Pad - Horses, Hearts, Flowers, More available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection Art Tools 152 Colors, Durable Storage Case, Long-Lasting Colors

I love the variety! i have 151colours. I got 2 white, but that's fine as i use the white for blending. There is glittery colour, metallic colours, neons as well as a great range of other colours. I love been creative with this set.

With 152 dazzling colors, the crayola ultimate crayon collection has all the shades kids need to make vibrant, full-color artwork. This collection comes with a bright yellow caddy and a sharpener to keep crayons organized and ready for creating. Featuring rich colors and quality performance, this ultimate set will inspire colorful works of art and offer hours of creation. Make vibrant art with 152 bright colors. View larger 152 vibrant colors bring artwork to life give your young artist the supplies they need to bring their artwork to life. This ultimate collection of crayons offers every shade your child needs for coloring, drawing, illustrating, and crafts. The kit includes a sharpener to keep the crayons in top form and ready for use. Desktop caddy with lid for storage and display the crayons come in a durable, bright yellow plastic caddy, offering a convenient way to display and store crayons. Ideal for desktops, the caddy includes a built-in lid to keep crayons covered when not in use. Replenish with any crayola crayon sleeve refill the caddy with additional packages of crayons. Simply remove the inner sleeves from the 64-count box and other large-count crayon boxes. Then place them into an open compartment in your caddy. About crayola: art and imagination crayola art supplies and activities help children express, create, and connect through colorful play. What's in the box? 152 crayola crayons, desktop caddy with lid, and sharpener. At a glance: 152 rich, dazzling crayola crayon colorskeep crayons organized in durable caddy with lidoffers convenient desktop storageincludes crayon sharpenerrefillable with any crayon sleeve

Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection Art Tools 152 Colors, Durable Storage Case, Long-Lasting ColorsCrayola-Ultimate-Collection-Durable-Long-Lasting

Crayola Ultimate Collection Durable Long Lasting (52 0030 0 000) FAQ.

I bought these to use at my kids tables for my wedding and was very impressed with the assortment of colors and with the plastic case they came in. While i'm separating the actual crayons into three buckets (one per table), the plastic container has already been claimed and put into use by my 6 year old for his own crayons. He thinks it's great to be able to carry his crayons around that way, however i can't see anyone with larger hands using it once the crayons wear down. I think it would be nicer if the carrying case were clear so be able to see the colors better. It also comes with a crayon sharpener which i didn't expect (i bought by quantity so i didn't actually scroll down to see pictures), so it was a nice bonus. -Notice from C. Wilson, Michigan

Click to Show crayola ultimate collection durable long lasting (52 0030 0 000) Details

Sometimes we take this into a restaurant that gives all kids 2 crayons with their kid's menu. My daughter feels so lucky that her dad got her so many different colors. The names of the different variations of color are interesting too. One version of black is "deep space"; a yellow is dandelion; we had a great time checking out the names and discussing how the color names fit and why. It seemed like a pretty involved conversation to a 6-year-old. She also likes that she's able to color characters in a variety of different colors. I got a lecture on how cinderella would be more of a "peach" and snow white, more pinkish. Who knew?

Crayola-ultimate-collection-durable-long-lasting-(52-0030-0-000) set picture

- S. LauraMy daughter is amost 2 years old and totally loving these crayons. He has already pointed out the metallic crayons and is amazed at having so many options. I like the caddy that they come in and the fact that this reduces the number of crayons left around the house as they have a place to go (crayon boxes get torn and worn out). I do see this issue, as someone else mentioned, that as the crayons are worn down you won't be able to see them as well (the caddy is not see through). You can still look down from the top though, to find the color you desire, so not as much of a problem for us. My son is inspired to try new colors, and that means he is drawing more and thinking of images he wants to make, which makes us very happy.

The grand kids are getting older and they can handle colors that are not "washable" crayons, so i thought i would give these a try. Also, they are starting to experiment with different colors and are asking for them. For example, at first only the older boy wanted to use olive green but now the younger girl wants those less common colors too. I bought two sets of these so they will each have their own box. I would have rather bought the crayola crayon tower, but for some reason, it's priced at over $100 now. That brings up another point. I thought the price was reasonable for 152 crayola brand crayons with a holder. . I removed the crayon sharpener and filled that section with their jumbo crayolas because the kids still like to use those for larger areas. At their ages (4 and 6) i didn't want them to have access to the sharpener. They will bring the crayons to me when they need sharpening. I assume when they are old enough to sharpen their own, they won't be needing the jumbo crayons anymore. . The only con i could see is that as the crayons get shorter, you won't be able to see what color they are. My solution is this: i assume there will be more than one crayon that gets short about the same time. I will get a couple of pieces of wooden dowels and cut them to size and place them in the bottom of one of the cardboard crayon boxes to raise up the colors in that box. Eventually, some of the colors will need to be replaced anyway, so i'll cross that bridge when i come to it, but i know i can buy the 64 crayola crayon box at dollar general for only $3. 00 and that should be inexpensive enough to use for replacements and keep the kids in crayons for a long time.

W. Jarvis, Reading

Brand :    crayola
Color :    Assorted
Size :    Standard
Weight :    2.50 pounds
Model :    52-0030
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection Art Tools 152 Colors, Durable Storage Case, Long-Lasting Colors available as-of ( Jul 2021 )
Price :    $9.99 (was $13.19)
  • 152 different colors including glitter and metallic colors
  • Perfect art tool for arts, crafts and creative fun
  • Kids' art tools are double wrapped for extra strength.
  • 152 classic crayons in a durable storage case

Crayola Large Washable Crayons 16 Pack - 2 Packs

Crayola 16ct large washable crayons is an easy to use sturdy crayon for younger children with no messes.

Crayola Large Washable Crayons 16 Pack - 2 PacksCrayola-Large-Washable-Crayons-Pack

Brand :    crayola
Color :    2 Packs
Size :    2 Pack
Weight :    0.19 pounds
  • 2 packs of 16 crayons
  • 16ct large washable crayons
  • Non-toxic crayons
  • Washability you can trust!
  • Smoother, easier laydown. bright colors
Price :    $11.11
Model :    52-3281-2
Quantity :    32
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Office Sale :    Best Office Sales (crayola product review) for Crayola Large Washable Crayons 16 Pack - 2 Packs available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

Melissa & Doug Sticker Collection Coloring Pads Set: Princesses, Fairies, Animals, More

This pink-and-purple bundle includes 100 coloring pages and over 500 stickers! bound into three oversize pads that are perfect for home or travel, each page is packed with pretty possibilities. Kids can color in the 11x14 pictures using crayons, markers, pencils, or paints to fill pretty pictures of fairies, princesses, butterflies, rainbows, and more. The stickers can add beautiful accents to the pages . . . Or stick just about anywhere! each page tears out cleanly for easy sharing or display, and the coloring pages are printed on top-quality white bond paper to prevent bleed-through and tearing. Children will return to this pretty art-activity collection time and time again!

Melissa & Doug Sticker Collection Coloring Pads Set: Princesses, Fairies, Animals, MoreMelissa-Doug-Sticker-Collection-Coloring

Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    multi/none
Weight :    1.10 pounds
Model :    2512
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Melissa & Doug Sticker Collection Coloring Pads Set: Princesses, Fairies, Animals, More available as-of ( Jul 2021 )
Price :    $3.40 (was $12.74)
  • Each pad: 11" x 14"; ages 3+
  • Jumbo princess & fairy coloring pad features 50 pages of high-quality bond paper, printed with 50 unique designs.
  • Jumbo multi-theme coloring pad features 50 pages of high-quality bond paper with charming scenes to color in.
  • Pink sticker collection is filled with over 700 stickers in 10 themes, including fashion, horse show, ballet, pets and more.
  • This pink-and-purple assortment features three oversized activity pads that girls adore:

Melissa & Doug Princess & Fairy Jumbo Coloring Pad

Very cool princess coloring pages

Your young artist will enter a world of magical beauty on the pages of this fantastic coloring pad. Fifty pages of premium bond paper are full of fairies and princesses awaiting a colorful touch. The pages tear out cleanly for display or sharing!

Melissa & Doug Princess & Fairy Jumbo Coloring PadMelissa-Doug-Princess-Fairy-Coloring

Melissa & Doug Princess & Fairy Jumbo Coloring Pad (4263) FAQ.

I really love this coloring books. The pages are big and easy for both my 7 and 3 year old to color! they tear out easy so they can give them to me as presents or put them up on the way in the play room! great present, my kids get one every birthday! they are perfect for the price and just great entertain for the kids ! i highly recommend this coloring book to everyone, kids and adults! -Notice from E. Mahood, Havering

Click to Show melissa & doug princess & fairy jumbo coloring pad (4263) Details

Both of my daughters (3 and 6) love these pictures. The paper is of good quality - white and sturdy, not gray and flimsy. The images are varied and fun to color. My older daughter sometimes flips the paper over and holds it up to a window and then traces a duplicate on the back side. Practice tracing is good for fine motor development, and she can color each side differently. . The size is basically great, with one caveat. The oversize sheets give the kids plenty to work on for each picture, but when they both fall in love with the same image, i cant make a copy. But if that's the worst thing i can say about this product, it must be a good coloring book.

Melissa-&-doug-princess-&-fairy-jumbo-coloring-pad-(4263) set picture

- M. JoanneAs a mom of three, i've come across many a coloring book. There is no comparison to the awesome melissa and doug coloring pads. The white paper is high quality. You actually want to touch it. The adorable images are not complicated so it makes it easier for little ones (preschoolers) to color them. It also lays flat when opened so you don't have to mess with one side flopping over while you're coloring as you do with most traditional coloring books. Great birthday gift when paired with the m&d crayons!

This is an awesome coloring book. Very high quality paper. It also includes a sheet with thumbnails of all the pictures to choose from, and the pictures are perfect for a "girlie" girl- oodles of princesses, fairies, and ballerinas. Did i mention the high quality paper that is thick not chintzy, also it is a bright white, nothing like that beige, thin, bleeding through, and ripping paper you'd find in most coloring books. My daughter loves it!

G. Bethany, Alaska

Brand :    melissa & doug
Color :    Fairy Jumbo Coloring Pad
Size :    3 years-and UP
Weight :    1.45 pounds
  • Encourages creative expression, exploration of color and fine motor skills.
  • Terrific value
  • 50 pages of premium white bond paper
  • Oversized 11" x 14" sheets leave lots of room for creative fun!
  • Pages tear out easily.
Price :    $1.99 (was $4.24)
Model :    4263
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Melissa & Doug Princess & Fairy Jumbo Coloring Pad available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

melissa & doug jumbo 50-page kids' coloring pads set - animals, vehicles, and more Price : 14.99, was : 0 as 2017-05-04
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The F.A.Q. for melissa & doug jumbo 50-page kids' coloring pads set - animals, vehicles, and more

Positives. Fantastic value when purchased as the bundle! . Boys set is good for boys or girls or even adults. Includes 3 (yes three) very big (hugh) coloring pads. Jumbo size (11 x 14 inches). Each pad/book has 50 pages to color which are great, thick sheets that do not bleed through. Nice variety as each one features a different theme. Will provide many hours of fun with real life things rather than super heroes and princesses. Great gift. Great for crayons, paints, markers and pencils. 1. The animal pad has all sorts of animals - dog, parrot, hippos, fish, snake, camel owls, tiger, frogs, zebra - lots of different animals. Fun to look through to pick out which one to color or pick to see. Great way to learn about animals and what they look like - some stripes, some spots, etc. 2. The vehicle pad has all sorts of vehicles - land, air and water - even cool looking sports cars. 3. The multi-themed - features sports, construction, dinosaurs, animals and vehicles. Negatives. None. Hint. Buy a spare bundle to have an extra as a gift or keep for self use. . Highly recommend. *if this review helped you please hit the "helpful" button. It helps us help others*

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(0) Question: Is there a page with an owl on it?

(1) Question: What age ?

(2) Question: Would this be too simple for a bunch of 5-6 year olds? and what animals does it include?

(3) Question: Is there a picture of a lion ?

(4) Question: What is the small parts choking hazard that is mentioned?

(5) Question: Do the pages tear off easily or will they stay put? in other words, is the binding strong?

(6) Question: Is the paper heavy enough to use markers?

(7) Question: Can the pages be used for water painting?

(8) Question: What age is this appropriate for?

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Wow, this is my go to coloring book for all of my younger grandchildren, it has created a wow coloring experience at my house for years, this is the coloring book, that every grandmother, and parent should have to inspire both boys and girls, age 2 to 7. I have attached two pictures of a page that was on the back of this coloring book, it shows all pictures included in this book. . This is how it works at my house:. . 1. First my grandchildren are drawn to this coloring book by its unique size of 11 x14 inches, one picture per page, backs are blank. . 2. Next it's time to choose a picture: this usually takes awhile, every picture in this book is outstanding, delightful, and endearing. They are outlined in thick dark black lines that cover the whole page. (no pages are left uncolored at my house). . 3. Excitement builds as i easily remove the page from the book and lay it on the table in front of them. . 4. Then it's time for them to choose the coloring medium, (the heavy weight, bright white paper, with just one picture per page is perfect for a large number of, age appropriate or inspirational, coloring mediums including crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils, water paints, or markers. . 5. As they start coloring i often hear (sometimes for hours) grandma, grandma come see my picture, and they are always so proud of their creation , running to the door to show mom and dad when they are picked up. Sometimes they take the pictures home other times they hang them on my refrigerator. . 6. Always at the next visit they check the refrigerator for their last picture and immediately head for the arts and crafts table to complete another masterpiece and most often they reach for this melissa and doug jumbo animal coloring pad.

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Best melissa doug jumbo 50 page coloring (93276) in review

Our little boy loves to color after dinner with us on this pad. Before, he hasn't been interested, but there is something about the pad/drawings that make him want to color together. Whatever it is, he is now building skills of staying in the lines, mixing colors as well as choosing color combinations that are pleasing to him. Good quality paper, large pad, lots of options. Easy for two people to work on at same time.

Y. Aldana, Nebraska

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M. Jacqueline, Blackburn with Darwen says

Perfect for a little princess that took care of my guineapigs while we vacationed for new years! really jumbo w/ nice big pictures of lovely animals! bought the crayons to go with! :)

I. Campbell, Berlin

Great item for my 3 yr. Old granddaughter. She loves it and we color together when i babysit with her.

J. Connie, Kingston upon Thames says

Things i like:. . 1. The coloring book is nice and big. It is a fun activity to do with kids. You can use crayons, colored pencils, stamps, markers, and paint with it. The pages tear out easily which is great if you want to paint on it on an easel. 2. While the paper isn't card stock, it is sturdy enough to withstand a toddler coloring really, really hard without the page ripping. 3. The lines that draw out the objects on the page (like a bird or flowers) are bold and thick. 4. Finally, there is a variety of objects and animals to color which makes it great for both boys and girls. 5. If you want to make the most out of this coloring book - color with crayons or colored pencils on one side of the page and then flip it over and you have a blank canvas. Feel free to get creative and paint, draw, throw stickers and stamps on it, etc. When you're done, throw it in your kids' scrapbook. . The only thing i would add to this would be stickers. So many coloring books offer stickers at the front or back these days that i was hoping there would be. Regardless, the coloring book offers everything a coloring book should so i don't see why it would receive anything lower than 4 stars.

B. Moore, Idaho

This coloring book is fantastic! the pictures are beautiful, and perfect for my two year old. The lines are not too close together, (making it difficult for children new to trying to stay in the lines) but not too far apart, either, making some coloring book pictures look too "kiddie". My two year old and my 12 year old both really enjoyed this coloring book. I am bookmarking all "melissa and doug" products for future purchases. Definitely worth the low price!

P. Beale, Nevada says

I have the hardest time finding gender neutral coloring books for my daughter. I do not want her to think the only thing she can be is a princess. This book is perfect for any child which is an animal lover! i have also bought this same jumbo pad in other editions. Best that is out there!

B. Lawrence, Slough

I never thought i would write a review for a coloring book, but this is a great one! my three year old twins love that they get to color such detailed pictures of all sorts of animals. There are a lot of pictures of an adult animal with its baby, which my children particularly love. They are large sheets of paper, which is great for my kids who color all over the place. They stay in the book well, but also tear out extremely easily when you want to pull them out. . There is a slight trade-off here, though. I think every page is a different kind of animal, so you get a lot of variety, but not multiple pictures of the same kind of animal. I know my daughter would love to color 10 different pictures of puppies, and she didn't get that with this book, but i think she really enjoyed the variety nonetheless.

V. Ross, Michigan says

I bought this for my 18 month old daughter to color with. I love that the pictures are big and it's all animals so it's gender neutral. I refused to buy the fairy princess pink one. Even though this one was a few bucks more, it was worth it to me to avoid the whole unicorn and ballerina pink thing. My daughter loves animals right now and this is perfect.

D. Elanor, Minnesota

My five year old daughter is in love with all things animals. She specifically wanted a coloring book that was only animals. The description of this item wasn't great so we weren't sure exactly what we were getting. After receiving this product we agreed this was way better than what we has thought. It is very big and the pictures and types of animals are awesome! this was well worth the money.

E. Guest, Saarland says

My daughter loves this! it's large enough she can practice coloring in the lines, and detailed enough she can point out details like eyes and noses and she really enjoys coloring in it. The paper is thick and smooth, and colors quite well with markers or crayons. The pictures are cute and realistic, and my daughter really enjoys pointing out all the animals she knows.

H. Helen, Newham

My son has had no interest in this, but he's a little weird and that's ok! *i* love it. The pictures are great. Very large. Pictures go all the way to all the edges, and the animals are super cute. As a legit artist, i think the composition of the images are pretty great, especially for a coloring book. . Great bang for your buck! . . It's very solid. The pages are thick. Lines are thick. Binding is superb. This would totally be framable if your kid, you know, actually uses it. . Buy this. Buy this now!

V. Wells, Poitou-Charentes says

These are great pads, and good value for money the illustrations are bright and clear, and with each being on one sheet of a3 paper there is plenty for your little one to colour. . The pad has a great range of pictures that there is sure to be something in there for your budding artist. . The paper is good quality which means pens and crayons can be used without issue it also has the added bonus that you can use both sides which is especially useful if you are using these out and about. Each picture also has a space so the artists name can be written in which is a wonderful touch. . You can easily remove only one page without removing the others which is really usefully for us as our son is only young and would draw on all the pages in one go. . Another excellent melissa and doug product

D. Zelda, Maine

These super cute jumbo coloring books are great gifts, and are great for boys and girls or really any child who likes to color. There are 3 jumbo coloring books; animals, trucks, and multi theme. The multi theme and the trucks really are perfect for boys and the animals are great for boys and girls. Each book has 50 jumbo coloring pages in it. The books have coloring pages from super simple-to very detailed for all people who like to color. The only thing i would suggest with this set is to add crayons. I wouldn t recommend marks on these books as mine did tend to leak through the pages, when i used them. Crayons and color pencils work perfectly with these. Another great aspect that these books is the coloring pages have pre-cut lines making the pages easily torn out, but also they hold in place very well for the pages you are not ready to come out just yet. The pages themselves have not ripped while i have been removing pages, which is very impressive.

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