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Price was $3.98. We bought these a few months ago for my 15 month old son because he looooves the bath, and had really started to like things that poured water. He's had a lot of fun with these, and they have made a good addition to the tub. He has also played with them outside of the tub as stacking toys, but for the majority of the time they are kept with his bath stuff. The reason i docked a star is because only a couple of these really have different holes to watch the water pour out. Most of them have holes that are too large, so the water just falls right out. I wish that the holes were more diversely made to allow my son to really enjoy watching the water come out. But overall, these are still a great toy and will make a good addition to your bath toys as well.

-F. Marguerite

Munchkin caterpillar spillers stacking cups (munchkin) munchkin caterpillar spillers stacking cups baby sale

  • Details: Cups Are Labeled 1 To 7 To Help Learn Numbers.
  • Details: Cups Nest For Compact Storage.

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I like these cups a lot, they're just different than normal bath tub toys, i like the different "cut outs" in each cup. I only have a couple criticisms/ideas to make it better. One would be that the water flows too quickly through the majority of the cups to see the water come out neatly! i think it'd be an easy enough fix by just making some of the holes smaller. The other thing is that they seem kind of difficult to snap together, and it doesn't really move much when they are linked- it's more like a stiff/straight line of cups. My kids can't link them on their own- maybe a little hoop and hook would be easier for little kids' fingers (since this toy is geared toward them), and that way it could "slither" through the water like a caterpillar with the cups moving up and down freely while connected. I like that they won't get moldy because they don't hold water. Overall a great toy, just my additional recommendations! :d The Best Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups as-of ( Jul 2021 ) | Munchkin-Baby Sale Review Details Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups 7 colorful bath cups are fun to link, stack, pour, and strain water. Cups are labeled 1 to 7 to help learn numbers. Cups nest for compact storage .

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups Review (TYMU11080)

This is super cute stacking toy, my kids like watching the different ways the water strains out of each cup. -L. Nicole

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups

Baby Product
Assorted Colors
Product Dimensions
Height:3.40 inches
Length:7.00 inches
Weight:0.15 pounds
Width:3.00 inches
ItemPart/Serial Number
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Total Items
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Baby Product
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Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups

Baby Sale(885456493008:Baby Sale), Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups (0885831189519:Munchkin), Munchkin caterpillar spillers stacking cups.

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups Baby Sale

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking CupsMunchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I should say that baby loves it. It can stack vertically or click together as shown. Her favorite pieces are the large one with eyes and the small "tail".

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups (Baby Sale) 11080
Click to see NoticeMunchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups (TYMU11080)"Fun for stacking, dragging, water play and sand play. I just wish they didn't all have holes. It would have been nice to have one for pouring. The holes are so big in most of them that the water just runs through before even lifting it up."

Munchkin Bath Toy, School of Fish

This is toy is brightly colored and attractive to babies and toddlers. It can be played with in or out of the tub. The three fish all fit nicely into the school boat and my grandson loves putting them and taking them out. They have three different colors which creates a good opportunity to teach the colors as well as starting to count. . In the tub, you can use the boat to rinse hair if you choose. All of the fish float easily and can be used to squirt water once the child figures it out.

3 little fish are off to school in their floating yellow school bus - and your little one is at the head of the class. Dive right into school-inspired fun with munchkin's school of fish, a bath toy set for those who love squirting, scooping and pouring water. The three fish students float, squirt water, and are sized just right for little hands to grasp and squeeze. Meanwhile, the floating school bus boat doubles as a shampoo rinse, too. Your little one will love driving the bus boat to school with his studious squirter friends. He'll be making such a splash, he won't even notice you rinsing the shampoo from his hair.

Munchkin Bath Toy, School of FishMunchkin-Bath-Toy-School-Fish

See Munchkin Bath Toy, School Of Fish (44876) FAQ.

Grandparents strategy 1; start early. When it comes to spoiling your grandkids, its never too early to start. As soon as they can breath, preferably sooner, start spoiling them. Yeah yeah i said it, earlier than they can breath. Oh ye of little faith. Don't think i haven't tried "spoiling them in the womb". You may be good but im like a scientist at this. If i can get my grandkids to say grandpa as the second word they learn to speak, ive done well. All your efforts will pay off big in a couple of years. Those poor parents still think thats a long time, pfffff. Blink of an eye. Experience over youth takes this gold metal. If you keep at it from newborn to toddler to 3 yr old, by the time they are 5 they will be pestering mom and dad to see grandpa! boooya! fist bump, hammered it. So sing to them in the tummy and buy em lots of yummies. Its all about spending time with your grandkids. The ends justifies the means. Oh yeah. This whole line of toys rocks. -Notice from S. Yvette, Darlington

Click to Show munchkin bath toy, school of fish (44876) Details

Oh yes. Three fish in the tub. Great toy for my 5 year old grandson. I was hesitant about purchasing any toy that bath water can get in until i read you can clean them with vinegar. I have made him very happy with this gift.

Munchkin-bath-toy,-school-of-fish-(44876) set picture

- C. LewisI love this! my mom bought as a gift for my baby and it's perfect for bath time. I use it to scoop out water for wetting and rinsing his hair but baby also enjoys playing and chewing on the boat during his baths lol. He lovesss the little squeaky chew animals also that come with. Over all we love! picture posted for size reference

Cute and fun bath time toy. I didn't realize they had holes in the mouths to shoot out water. Was trying to avoid that due to previous toys getting mildew build up inside of them. That's my only concern , so will have to keep a close eye out for that.

R. Glenda, Virginia

Brand :    munchkin
Color :    School Of Fish
Size :    5"
Weight :    0.30 pounds
Model :    44876
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Munchkin Bath Toy, School of Fish available as-of ( Jul 2021 )
  • Includes 3 squirting fish students dressed and ready for school
  • Helps encourage imaginative play
  • Ages 12+ months
  • Yellow school bus fits all three students and floats
  • Boat has a molded spout feature, perfect for rinsing soap or shampoo off your little one

Munchkin 36 Bath Letters Numbers, Pastel

Little ones love to learn and bathe - so why not extend teaching to the tub for double the fun. This set of 36 floating letters and numbers comes in six fun colors, clings to bathroom walls when wet, and provides endless opportunity for bath time learning. You can help your child identify the alphabet, learn to count, spell simple words or group by color. An added bonus. The foam is soft, durable and non-toxic. So splish-splash, when they're taking a bath, throw in a little education, too.

Munchkin 36 Bath Letters Numbers, PastelMunchkin-Bath-Letters-Numbers-Pastel

Brand :    munchkin
Color :    Pastel
Size :    36 Count
  • Alphabet bath toys include 26 floating letters (a-z) and 10 floating numbers (0-9)
  • Educational letters and numbers stick to tub walls when wet
  • Made of soft, durable, non-toxic foam
  • 3 plus years
Model :    11509
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Munchkin 36 Bath Letters Numbers, Pastel available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

3 Bees & Me Bath Toys Boys Girls - Magnet Boats Toddlers Older Kids - Fun Educational 4 Boat Set

Fun & safe bath toys for boys and girls - babies, toddlers and older kidsmade with environmentally friendly materials, this fun toy playset comes with four boats that float. The order of colors may vary but each boat has a magnet that hooks to the next boat in line. Safe for kids 18 months and up these are top toys for boys and girls and make a great gift! these popular bath toys for toddlers offer a fun, educational way to learn about colors and shapes, and they help enhance motor skill development and encourage imagination and creativity. Perfect size for little handstheir small, round designs are easy to grip and free of sharp edges, which make them fun to play with for kids of all ages - from babies to toddlers to pre school to kindergarten and older children who like to play in the bath tub. And because they're made with such durability, kids can enjoy these best seller girls and boys toys for years to come. Play time is all the timewhether they drive 'em, fly 'em or dunk 'em, these girl and boy toys are ready for action! kids can take them from the water to dry land and back again without skipping a beat. These versatile toys can go just about everywhere your kids' imaginations can take them. And because they're waterproof, you don't have to worry about breakage or deterioration when wet. Treat your child to an exciting new collection of bath toys and get 4 toys for the price of one! order this high-quality, versatile 4-pack of preschool toys for boys and girls today. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. They make great birthday gifts and christmas stocking stuffers too!

3 Bees & Me Bath Toys Boys Girls - Magnet Boats Toddlers Older Kids - Fun Educational 4 Boat SetBees-Me-Bath-Toys-Girls

Brand :    3 bees and me
Color :    multicolored
Model :    5011
Quantity :    4
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for 3 Bees & Me Bath Toys Boys Girls - Magnet Boats Toddlers Older Kids - Fun Educational 4 Boat Set available as-of ( Jul 2021 )
  • Safe for kids & the environment - certified bpa free, lead free, phthalate free and built to last!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - order today. 100% risk free. 60 day return. we stand behind our bathtub toys!
  • Best value - why pay extra for separate toddler bath toys when you can get this most popular 4 boats in 1 playset today?
  • Educational - fun way to learn about colors and numbers; enhances motor skills and imagination
  • Makes a great gift - for every preschool boy or girl; bathtime toys kids will play with and love you for!

Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy, Pink

At first i could not figure out how this winds up as there were no instructions. I was so disappointed until i discovered the arms do start to click if you wind them backwards. I felt stupid for not noticing but i was expecting a knob or something like many wind up toys have. My 16mo ild is mildly interested in it and is too young to wind up herself. When you lift it out of the water and drain the excess, put it back under and all the bubbles come rising to the surface like a real little scuba diver. Nice effect. It would be nice if the little feet also moved.

Ready, set swim. If your little one loves splashing' and splashing' she's going to love this cute swimming penguin. Simply wind-up the penguin's arms and watch him go. The penguin really swims through water making this bath toy a swimming success.

Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy, PinkMunchkin-Wind-Swimming-Penguin-Bath

See Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy, Pink (15844) FAQ.

This little guy is so adorable! it actually swims across the tub, a lot faster than i anticipated. My son loves this toy. He gets excited watching it move on its own in the water. It helps keep him occupied which makes bath time easier and more fun. My only complaint is the paint on the belly and feet is beginning to chip off and he's only used it twice. If it gets any worse i'll message online store and i'm sure they'll resolve the issue in a timely manner, as they usually do. It's an awesome toy. Cheap, fun and cute! -Notice from K. Claudia, Kent

Click to Show munchkin wind up swimming penguin bath toy, pink (15844) Details

This little swimming penguin toy is adorable. It floats well and when you wind up the wings, the spin and propel it through the water. The propelling doesn't last very long and it doesn't go very far or fast, but its a fun little toy to add to your kid's bath time routine. My 2yr old daughter quickly lost interest and isn't coordinated enough to wind it up or patient enough to wait and see how far it will go. My son, 6yrs, plays with it now and then though.

Munchkin-wind-up-swimming-penguin-bath-toy,-pink-(15844) set picture

- U. DeniseI love this thing! i bought this on a whim as an add on to an order. It's too cute! also made very well. My toddler has slammed this sweet penguin around, and it hasn't shown any damage. She laughs every time it swims towards her in the tub, but i think i laugh more. :). Note: after bath, be sure to tilt and let it drain for a few seconds so that water doesn't pool inside.

My baby loves this toy in the bath. But i found out that she was scratching the yellow paint of the leg of the penguin with her one tooth and it scared me where the paint is went! i bet she swallowed it! it is little amount so i think it will be ok but in future, i will keep watch jung she is scratching it again ! but seems like inevitable situation playing with it! is this yellow paint safe? hope so!

I. Walsh, Pennsylvania

Brand :    munchkin
Color :    Pink
Weight :    0.7 pounds
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Ages 9+ months
  • Lightweight and easy for little hands to operate
  • Wind-up arms and release to make penguin swim
  • Penguin really swims through water
Model :    15844
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy, Pink available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

Munchkin Bath Toy, Little Boat Train, 6 Count

My son is 11 months old and was 10 months old when i first got these for him. He is just starting to get the idea of playing in the bath and he loves these little boats. They float well and are easy for him to pick up. We also use them in his little inflatable pool now that it is is summer time.

Choo-choo-choo, here comes the little boat train. All aboard this set of six boats that link together to make a train of tub time fun. Whether your little one loves to play with vehicles (trains, boats, or both), loves to link and build, or just loves to zoom things through water, these bath toys are sure to be a hit. The boats float, scoop and strain water, and are designed with goofy faces guaranteed to make your little one smile. Each pack comes with six brightly colored boats numbered 1-2-3, making them great for teaching colors, order, number recognition and counting. Linking, scooping and pouring help develop fine motor skills, too. Your little captain/conductor is in for a fleet treat.

Munchkin Bath Toy, Little Boat Train, 6 CountMunchkin-Bath-Little-Train-Count

See Munchkin Bath Toy, Little Boat Train, 6 Count (15843) FAQ.

Bought these little boats for baby in the tub. I love that they hook onto each other and form a train, even if baby hasn't caught onto that yet. She seems to have fun splashing them in the water and since we're in the chew-on-everything stage, she acts like they taste good, too. These are a simple, fun toy for baby's bath and i can see them lasting a while and still keeping their appeal. -Notice from B. Brenda, Hammersmith and Fulham

Click to Show munchkin bath toy, little boat train, 6 count (15843) Details

I received these today and am very happy with them. They went promptly onto the water table for my toddler and he enjoyed moving them around in the water. They are a good size for his little hands - not too big, and not too small to be a choking hazard. I did receive all 6 unlike the other current reviewer. I purchased them directly from online store - not another seller. They came as two sets, each linked with plastic, together in a plastic bag. One set is pink, purple and teal and the other is red, yellow and blue. Good quality plastic that should stand up to whatever my toddler can dish out!

Munchkin-bath-toy,-little-boat-train,-6-count-(15843) set picture

- C. AldanaMy quest for easy to clean, mold free bath toys continues. These are decent toys, they do collect water but are pretty easy to clean with a toothbrush or just put in the dishwasher. My daughter enjoys them.

I ordered these for the little ones in my family. I didn't realize the were part of a strict set. They can hook together and make a line, but what is even better learning for your baby is the top has a number on it (ranging 1-3). There are two of each number, so you could try matching numbers our putting them in order. They floated well too.

V. Sandra, Aquitaine

  • No paint means no need to worry about chipping
  • Lightweight and easy for baby to grasp
  • Boats have funny faces and are numbered 1-2-3 for counting, ordering and number identification games
  • Boats can scoop up water and strain when turned upside down
  • Six boats float and link together to create a "little boat train"
Brand :    munchkin
Color :    Little Boat Train
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    15843
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Munchkin Bath Toy, Little Boat Train, 6 Count available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

Toyganizer Bath Toy Organizer + 2 Bonus Strong Hooked Suction Cups, Purple

Do you need to organize your bathroom? tackle your disorganized bathroom today with our simple solution that works. The bath toyganizer's large size (18in x 14in) fits all of your bath toys. The net stays close to your wall out of your way when not in use. Perfect for bathrooms with limited space. Great for keeping shared bathrooms organized. High quality no-rip mesh keeps mold away. Seven colors to choose from (see the colors above). Free bonus: two heavy duty suction cups give you the freedom to easily take the bag off the wall at any time, or to hang bathroom accessories. Note: the bath toyganizer's suction cups are very strong and high quality. Still, suction cups are not made to stick on a porous surface. If you ever encounter any issues with suction, contact us. The best part of all: customer service that goes above and beyond. We offer a 100% money back / satisfaction guarantee. If you ever experience any issues with the bag or the suction cups, contact us and we will quickly do everything possible to satisfy your concerns. The outstanding feedback of our customer service is constantly growing. Great for the entire family: during bath time, little ones enjoy being able to see and point to the toys that they want. They also have fun putting toys away when bath time is over. The bath toyganizer is also a great choice for grandparents looking for an easy way to store their grandchild's bath toys. Click add to cart today to get this wonderful solution for your current or future bathroom clutter. It makes for a great family or baby shower gift.

Toyganizer Bath Toy Organizer + 2 Bonus Strong Hooked Suction Cups, PurpleToyganizer-Organizer-Strong-Hooked-Suction

Brand :    toyganizer
Color :    Light Purple
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    TO804
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (toyganizer product review) for Toyganizer Bath Toy Organizer + 2 Bonus Strong Hooked Suction Cups, Purple available as-of ( Jul 2021 )
  • Superior quality: our product features high quality mesh, fast drying polyester edging, and powerful large suction cups. the bag is large enough (18in x14in) to hold all of your baby's toys. the sturdy bag also stays close to your tile and out of your way when not in use.
  • Mold free toys: wet toys aren't fun, and they lead to nasty mold. the bath toyganizer keeps your little one's toys beautifully clean and mold free. mesh netting allows for water to completely drain from the bag, and prevents mold by allowing air to quickly dry your little one's toys.
  • 100% money back guarantee: our world class customer service wants you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. absolutely no risk. give our product a try in your bathroom by ordering today. or order for a friend or family member.
  • Bonus suction: two extra strong hooked suction cups are included if additional suction is needed for your tile. otherwise they can be used to hang other bathroom accessories.
  • The best bath organizer: keep your bathroom organized and clean with a simple method that works. putting toys away in the bath toyganizer is easy and keeps your bathroom neat.

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys, Purple

I received this product on 08/27/15, and gave it as a gift to my friend s 20 month old daughter a couple of days later. You should have seen the smile on the child s face. If her mother had not had an issue with her daughter s picture being published on the internet i would have shared with you that beautiful smile. The little girl fell in love with nuby the octopus! her mother had a hard time ending bathtime that night. I noticed she was attracted to the vibrant colors and the motion of the octopus in the water. But because of the small size of nuby, and the closeness of his arms, the little girl had a hard time putting the rings over nuby s arms, she was never successful without our help, and that left her frustrated. She is a bit independent and wants to do things by herself, but she was just not coordinated enough to be able to complete this task by herself. That was the only negative issue i had with this toy. Everything else was great, and this little girl loved nuby so much she tried to dry him off to take him to bed with her that night. I think her mother is going to try to find a nuby stand in for night times. This is a good bathtime toy. It is well made and will last to send down the line of children. I found no safety issues. The colors are vibrant and attractive, and i love the way it floats in the tub!

Nuby's bpa free octopus floating bath toy is a fun and interactive toy to make bath time more enjoyable. The cute and engaging toy comes with one floating octopus and three rings to toss on the octopus tentacles. It helps to develop hand-eye coordination and stimulate your baby s senses. This toy provides endless fun in the bath or pool!

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys, PurpleNuby-Octopus-Hoopla-Bathtime-Purple

See Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys, Purple (6144) FAQ.

I purchased this octopus for my soon to be 1 year old. I love that it requires the children use their hand/eye coordination. This is so important in their development. This octopus has so much to offer. It has several different vibrant colors and different shapes. The material is very sturdy so it is okay for your little one to chew one the rings. You do not have to worry about them choking on the pieces. It floats very well. At first we let our little one use it outside of the tub so she could get the hang of putting the rings on and off. Once she is able to do that we will move it to tub because it will be more challenging for her. I'm not sure if she will be able to toss it the rings because she currently is not at the right age, but i do know that it will be a toy she can play with for many years. . I would definitely recommend this product! great product! great price! -Notice from U. Olga, South Dakota

Click to Show nuby octopus hoopla bathtime fun toys, purple (6144) Details

Cute bath toy. It doesn't squirt or take in water which is a plus for me because sometimes the squirters get moldy and you have to toss them out. The toy isn't as big as i thought it would be buts it's actually a perfect size for a baby/toddler. I purchased this for my niece and i think she'll enjoy it. Bath toys are a necessity with babies and kids and usually the simple ones are the most fun. I read a review that said the rings couldn't be "tossed on" so it defeated the purpose. I don't think babies and kids are actually going to be "tossing" since most wouldn't be able to do that, but they'd have fun fitting the loops over the octopus limbs. There are only 6 legs. Which i think is a little unfortunate that it's not more accurate for the purpose of "counting the octopus legs" with your kids and educating them. Overall a decent toy.

Nuby-octopus-hoopla-bathtime-fun-toys,-purple-(6144) set picture

- X. NeesMy 19 month old daughter really loves this octopus so it takes a bath with her every night :) the only reason that i gave it 4 and not 5 stars is because it was smaller than i anticipated, and (in my opinion) should come with more than 3 rings. I took a picture of it next to a can of coke to help show the size. It is a really cute toy though so i am still glad that i purchased it.

My 1 yr old loves this toy! good size. See pic. Put a toilet paper roll next to it to show size

Z. Williams, Massachusetts

Brand :    nuby
Color :    Purple
Size :    5"
Weight :    0..41 pounds
Model :    6144
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys, Purple available as-of ( Jul 2021 )
  • Floats in water to make bath-time or pool time more fun
  • 18 months + / bpa free
  • Helps develop baby's hand-eye coordination
  • Includes 1 octopus and 3 rings to toss around the tentacles
  • Fun colors and shapes stimulate baby's senses

Munchkin Float Play Bubbles Bath Toy, 4 Count

Does your little one love things that rattle, bobble, spin and shine? then fun is sure to pop with munchkin's float and play bath bubbles. Each floating bubble has a unique center toy that rattles, bobbles, shines and spins. They are sized for little hands to hold and help teach hand-eye coordination as babies learn to reach, grasp and shake the bubbles. Colorful rings move freely around the bubbles giving lots of textures and movement for your little one to explore. With these float and play bubbles, bath time fun is about to bubble up.

Munchkin Float Play Bubbles Bath Toy, 4 CountMunchkin-Float-Play-Bubbles-Count

  • 4 plus months
  • Bubbles float in water
  • Includes two fun characters and two whirly toys that spin and rattle
  • Each bubble helps stimulate baby's sense of sight, hearing and touch
  • Textured rings move freely around the bubbles
Brand :    munchkin
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    44670
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Munchkin Float Play Bubbles Bath Toy, 4 Count available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

Munchkin Ocean Squirts Bath Toy, 8 pack

This set of eight colorful ocean squirts is guaranteed to keep bath boredom at bay! with the ocean buddies, your little one can create stories of deep water fun while learning animal names like penguin, seahorse, starfish, and more. Each brightly-colored bath toy floats, squirts water, and is sized just right for little hands to grasp and squeeze. The clear canister provides easy storage and makes it a great baby or toddler gift, too! introduce all eight toys at once for an exciting ocean adventure, or surprise your little diver with a new bath friend each day. Either way, bathtime is sure to go swimmingly!

Munchkin Ocean Squirts Bath Toy, 8 packMunchkin-Ocean-Squirts-Bath-pack

Brand :    munchkin
Color :    Sea Buddies
Size :    Pack of 1
Weight :    0.62 pounds
  • Squirters come in a clear canister for easy storage and gifting
  • Includes 8 water-squirting, floating ocean friends
  • Encourages learning and imaginative play
  • 9+ months
  • Easy for little hands to grasp
Model :    18004
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Baby Sale :    Best Baby Sale (Baby Sale product review) for Munchkin Ocean Squirts Bath Toy, 8 pack available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups (TYMU11080) Price : 3.93, was : 4.79 as 2017-02-14
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups (TYMU11080) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups (TYMU11080)

Cute durable toys that don't hold water (so no mold! ) my son loves them

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Plastic

(1) Question: Are these dishwasher safe?

(2) Question: What is material composition? are they bpa, pvc and phthalate free? thanks!

(note) Question: where/how to get Munchkin (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Munchkin's products


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These are cool cups for my kid to play with. I like that they have holes in the bottom. You can put them in a water table or bath and fill them up and watch the water drain. The only "misleading" thing about these cups, they don't quite "caterpillar" together well. The connectors from cup to cup just don't seem to fit together with a very strong pinch, and even then it's not a great fit. They fall apart easily. It's really not a feature that i wanted or needed, but since it's the name of the cups it's worth mentioning in the review.

Early Development Toys 110072661, Learning & Education 110962661, Sorting & Stacking 110472661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups (TYMU11080) FAQ Content

Best munchkin caterpillar spillers stacking cups (tymu11080) in review

My boys love these! i bought them for my 7 month old son, but my four year old son loves them just as much! they are fun to stack and they are numbered so you can count them and learn to stack too. The only problem is the water doesn't come out of some of them like you would think. It doesn't bother my 7 month old though, he just likes the chew them, haha!

Y. Nicole, Maryland

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  1. Feature: Wind-up Arms And Release To Make Penguin Swim.
  2. Feature: Lightweight And Easy For Little Hands To Operate.
Cut-Price Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy, Pink (Baby Sale) 15844 Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy, Pink
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  1. Extra: 2 Colorful Laces Included.
  2. Extra: Comes In Wooden Storage Case.
Modest Melissa & Doug Primary Lacing Beads - Educational Toy 8 Wooden Beads 2 Laces (Toys And Games) 544 Melissa & Doug Primary Lacing Beads - Educational Toy 8 Wooden Beads 2 Laces (Melissa

K. Wimbish, Languedoc-Roussillon says

Cute cups for the bath. Pros- nothing to collect water and grow mold. Cons- they will not drain fully if put away stacked. Cups must be stacked upside down to dry.

M. Maria, Wyoming

Great toy in the tub! the cups stack inside each other, but they also can make a tower together if you turn them upside down. They have a lip on the surface that sort of links them in place. Our 1 year old loves to stack and unstack them over and over. The only thing i wish that they didn't have was so many holes in the bottom. The face cup holds water fine and drains it out slowly so you can see the shape the water makes, but the other cups can't hold any water at all. I wish that was different. Our child loves to play with running water, but if the cups drain too fast they aren't really fun for that.

P. Cindy, Bolton says

Got these for our grandson's first birthday. He loves to play in the tub! sometimes we leave a trickle of water running so he can play in it and the tail with the spinner in it works really well under running water you can also partially submerge it and get it to work. The one with a hole in the center is fun to catch his attention through and stick your finger in to "bink" his nose. He thinks he needs to drink out of them so i'm really glad they have such huge holes to prevent much bath water from going down the hatch! the head is great for rinsing his hair out and his antennae are good handles. They also nest together and still air dry well. He isn't too impressed when we attach the cups together. He can't get them apart yet so that makes him mad. This toy will grow with him a while, there are numbers on the bottoms of the cups, they nest together as well as stack up into a tower, and the different designs in the cups make different shaped streams of water. I have noticed that we don't leave the water running as much since he's had these because the cups are very similar to the faucet and he can try to "catch" the water coming out of the cup instead of the faucet. Water saver. Great bath time toy. :)

E. Shirley, Birmingham

This is a well thought out toy. I bought them for my 10 month old but my 3 year old twins have also been playing with them in the tub. I'm not sure how i didn't purchase these cups sooner.

J. Finch, Stoke-on-Trent says

I love the versatility of these, and no mold! we use these in and out of the bath. My one year old loves getting two plastic things (one for each hand) and clacking them together. She loves cups/containers to put things in and pull them back out of. And she loves stacking things - this covers it all and it's great for bath time or sticking in the diaper bag to take up not too much space and keep her entertained on the go!

C. Brenda, Hawaii

Baby loves these. plays with them at length.

Y. Wells, Champagne-Ardenne says

Really cute toy and good quality. My son loves to play with the little cups.

O. Gina, Havering

I received these as a baby shower gift in 2010 and they were used by my daughters until 2014 when they decided they didn't like them anymore. We thought we were done with babies and then came our youngest in 2015. These were on sale and i couldn't resist buying them again. This little toy was exactly how i remembered it 5 years ago which i was fine with because i never really had any complaints. I actually had regretted getting rid of them because my oldest was diagnosed with autism and one of the most calming things for her was water play. . I decided to purchase these again so that all of my kiddos could play with it. Just like i remember, they are easy to clean and brought so much joy to my older two girls. Just like i had hoped my youngest absolutely adores them and this is all she plays with during her bath time. The only negative is the caterpillar is very difficult to actually link together. My six year old cannot even get the caterpillar to snap and then stay together so i know that may be a problem for many other consumers out there. However, it wasn't a big deal to me because my kids never liked it as a caterpillar. The only reason i even mention it is because the toy is advertised in its catepillar shape instead of just showing how you can stack them up, store all the pieces into one cup (they all fit well in the caterpillar face) or the water or sand play that these cups provide kids with a lot of hours of play. If someone based their purchase off of the caterpillar picture, they would be in for a huge disappointment. Again, we love our product and have bought it twice because of that! everyone just needs to be aware of what they are purchasing.

X. Arnett, Derbyshire says

These cute & colorful stacking cups are a fun accessory for the bath or pool for baby. They also help with getting them used to being rinsed off in the bath. I really like them and for the price, they can't be beat!

B. Taylor, Nebraska

My 22 month old and i have been playing with these spillers for a couple months. They are fun and colorful, but i was really hoping for cups that drained at different rates because of the various holes in them. My son loves playing with water, so i thought it would be fun for him to watch the water run out differently. These do have a variety of holes, but most of them seem to just drain really fast as if the holes are designed a little too big (it's like you're just pouring the water through). The head (1st cup), 2nd, and last cup are the only ones that have significant difference in draining that you can actually notice and enjoy. He does enjoy that on the few that do it and basically ignores the other cups. But they are colorful and it has been a big part of him learning his colors recently. They hook together, but don't stay together well. Some hooks are really tight and some loose. That's not why i got it, so i'm not that disappointed, but i'm not that impressed with how they hook or stay together. . Pros: bright colors, 3 cups drain slowly. Cons: 4 cups drain way too fast, hooks together clumsily and doesn't stay together. . Overall, i don't regret buying them, but would have preferred them to be a little different.

Q. Valencia, Bath and North East Somerset says

Bought as a shower gift! looks really cute and came exactly as described.

D. Marguerite, Redcar and Cleveland

Completely satisfied with product and purchase.

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