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Price was $5.99 - $22.71. Smaller than expected

-F. Marguerite

N-strike Bowstrike Strike The Competition Bowstrike Blaster! Pull The Handle Back To Deploy The Bow Arms And Flip The Sight Up. The Nerf N-strike Bowstrike Blaster Has A Compact Size For Stealth Blasting -Nerf N-strike Bowstrike Blaster

  1. Benefit: Fires 1 Dart At A Time.
  2. Benefit: Comes With 3 Darts.

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My nephew absolutely loves this nerf gun. It shoots far and is pretty accurate for a nerf gun. It's just another great product from nerf. Best n-strike bowstrike | Hasbro Import-Toys And Games Review as-of ( Jul 2021 ) Benefit Nerf N-Strike BowStrike Blaster Bow arms open and sight flips up. Fires 1 dart at a time. Comes with 3 darts. Includes blaster and 3 darts. .

Nerf n-strike bowstrike blaster Review (b4614af1)

What a blast my kids all had on christmas with these! -I. McCarthy

Nerf B4614af1 N Strike Bowstrike Blaster

  1. Class: Toy
  2. Brand: Nerf
  3. EAN: 0630509461868
  4. Product Dimensions:
    Height:14.33 inches
    Length:3.33 inches
    Width:6.33 inches
  5. Manufacturer: Hasbro - Import
  6. Recommended Max-Age: 1188
  7. Suggested Min-Age: 96
  8. Model: B4614AF1
  9. MPN: B4614AF1
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: B4614AF1
  12. Type: Toy
  13. Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  14. UPC: 630509461868
  15. Warranty: No Warranty

n-strike bowstrike Toy, Strike the competition with bowstrike blaster! pull the handle back to deploy the bow arms and flip the sight up. the nerf n-strike bowstrike blaster has a compact size for stealth blasting and comes with 3 darts. nerf and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro. Nerf N-strike Bowstrike Blaster (B4614AF1-Nerf).

Nerf B4614af1 N Strike Bowstrike Blaster Toy

n-strike bowstrikeNerf N-Strike BowStrike Blaster (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

My daughter bought this with her own money, and love having nerf fights with her siblings. This little nerf gun is great.

Nerf N-strike Bowstrike Blaster
Click to see NoticeNerf N-strike Bowstrike Blaster (b4614af1)"Great nerf gun the bow casters on the side and the plastic sight on top pop out as showen in the picture when cocked. Fun little gun"

Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Lightning Bow

Just what i expected works great for nerf wars for my 4 and 7 year old. They both operate them (we have 2) without help. Extra darts are a necessity when purchasing this item. The product has held up with use 3 to 4 times a week for the past month.

Unleash mega power with a lightning strike of mega whistler darts! this dart-firing bow from nerf features powerful bow action. Load a mega whistler dart into the front of the bow, pull the string back, and release the string to send the dart screaming through air up to 85 feet (26 meters). Store as many as 4 mega darts on the blaster to reload rapidly during battle. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Lightning BowNerf-N-Strike-Elite-Mega-Lightning

Nerf N-strike Elite Mega Lightning Bow (A6276) FAQ.

This is our favorite nerf shooter. Its not a gun but we love how very realistic it feels when using it - the dart shoots as we let go of the string. We also liked how the mega dart whistles enroute to its target. My son is very good at aiming and hits his targets often. However, i cannot hit anything when using it. The aimer must be defective to an adult's eye - yes, i blame the aimer :) anyway, it is a kid's toy so its a 5-star rating from him. -Notice from N. Mahood, Yukon Territory

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Awesome kids now. Bigger than expected but really cool. Something that is good for kids and grown-ups. My husband and i have had as much fun with it as our sons. Pulls easy enough for 3 yr old to use. Big darts, so easy to find.

Nerf-n-strike-elite-mega-lightning-bow-(a6276) set picture

- Z. JuliaThe kids have just about every nerf gun anything you can buy, they especially like this one.

My son got this as a reward for his reading scores. To be honest, i thought that it was just going to go to the waste land of forgotten toys after a few days. Nope, my son loves it. We have actually considered getting another one to add to our collection and have nerf wars. It is easy to operate and a really neat find.

M. Carolyn, Sheffield

Price :    $13.99
  • Built-in targeting sight
  • Fires mega darts up to 85 feet (26 meters)
  • Store darts on the 2 dart holders
  • Powerful bow action
  • Includes blaster, dart holders (2), 4 mega darts, and instructions.
Brand :    nerf
Color :    multi-colored
Size :    2.01 x 24.02 x 10.98 Inches
Weight :    1.27 pounds
Model :    A6276
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Lightning Bow available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster

Amazing power and durability. Perfect for office nerf wars and small enough to keep in a desk drawer. Been using it for a couple months now and it has only lost a small amount of the original power. The springs remain stiff longer than many of the larger guns that have been used by others in the office.

Put some serious blasting power in your pocket with the triad ex-3 blaster! don't let this 3-dart blaster's micro size fool you it's small but mighty, with a range of up to 90 feet. Its smart technology tells it which barrel is loaded so you can fire it with confidence. And its small size lets you conceal the blaster in the palm of your hand or a pocket, then draw fast for the element of surprise! pull down the cocking handle to ready your shot, then fire when it's time to take down your target! nerf and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 BlasterNerf-N-Strike-Elite-Triad-Blaster

Nerf N-strike Elite Triad Ex-3 Blaster (Toys And Games) FAQ.

Never met a kid who didn't get hours of entertainment from these nerf guns. A safe way to exert energy inside or outside. Thanks! -Notice from Z. Sherry, South Gloucestershire

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Carrying a nerf gun is a meana of survival in my house with 4 boys. These little guys are easy to hold for even the 5 year old!

Nerf-n-strike-elite-triad-ex-3-blaster-(toys-and-games) set picture

- B. CarrieFamily enjoyed this gun. Bought for grandchildren and dad's. Should of opened this gift last. They loved it and it worked well.

I bought this for the kids and my husband took it. He said, "load once for three shots and it fits in my pocket. Perfect" since the kids tend to gang up on him for nerf wars, i may get him one of these for christmas. This gun also works will with nerf dart tag darts, whistle darts and regular elite darts.

U. Jackson, Sachsen

Brand :    nerf
Color :    Blue
Size :    Standard
Weight :    0.45 pounds
Model :    A1690
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster available as-of ( Jul 2021 )
Price :    $7.71 (was $7.99)
  • Cocking handle readies your shot. includes blaster and 3 elite darts. colors may vary
  • Blaster knows which barrel is loaded. fires darts up to 90 feet
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • High quality toys for children all age. made using safe materialss
  • Micro triad ex-3 blaster has mega power

Nerf N-Strike GlowShot Blaster

Illuminate the battle with the light-up glowshot blaster! press and hold the button on the grip to make the blaster glow. Then, fire away: load 1 dart into the barrel, pull the handle back, and pull the trigger to send a dart flying through the air. The nerf n-strike glowshot blaster has a compact size for stealth blasting and comes with 3 darts. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf N-Strike GlowShot BlasterNerf-B4615-N-Strike-GlowShot-Blaster

Brand :    nerf
Weight :    0.24 pounds
  • Blaster lights up
  • Fires 1 dart at a time
  • Comes with 3 darts
Price :    $5.99
Model :    B4615
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Nerf N-Strike GlowShot Blaster available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

Nerf Modulus IonFire Blaster

This gun is big and epic/legeondary but it lodes slowly

Boys can build their own blaster for each mission or battle with the nerf modulus ionfire blaster from hasbro! customize the blaster with the barrel extension and dart storage. Slide the dart holders onto the blaster's tactical rails to keep darts within reach for quick reloading. Heading into battle? customize with the barrel extension. On a covert mission? remove the extension to create a stealth-sized blaster. The nerf modulus ionfire blaster fires one dart at a time and comes with 4 darts. Expand the customizing options with nerf modulus upgrade kits (each sold separately); with the full nerf modulus system, over 1000 different combinations are possible! nerf and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf Modulus IonFire BlasterNerf-B4618-Modulus-IonFire-Blaster

Nerf Modulus Ionfire Blaster (B4618) FAQ.

Christmas gifts and the kids loved them! nerf guns are fun, easy to use for all ages and nerf wars are great ways for family's to have fun! -Notice from B. Guest, City of Bristol

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Got this for one of my nephews. Overall was very happy with his present. Would recommend the blue ammo instead of the white

Nerf-modulus-ionfire-blaster-(b4618) set picture

- F. AdrienneIt's a great blaster. Fun attachments. Plenty of rails to add your own stuff.

The packaging was not like those you find in the store. It was in a plain, functional cardboard box. But who cares really. The birthday boy tore into it and the nerf gun worked perfectly well.

Q. Aldana, Washington

Brand :    nerf
Weight :    0.80 pounds
Model :    B4618
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Nerf Modulus IonFire Blaster available as-of ( Jul 2021 )
Price :    $7.37 (was $9.79)
  • Blaster comes with 4 darts and fires 1 dart at a time
  • Includes blaster, barrel extension, removable dart holders (2), 4 darts, and instructions.
  • Customize the blaster for each mission or battle
  • Accessories include barrel extension and 2 dart holders

Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike Blaster

My kids own an arsenal of nerf guns. This is one that lasts through the wars they have without getting jammed. It's nice that they can shoot both the elite darts and the mega darts if they choose.

The nerf n-strike dual-strike blaster fires both elite darts and mega darts to blast the competition with double the impact! plan the best battle strategy, then move the switch to select the dart size that delivers a tactical advantage. To fire 1 dart, pull the handle back and pull the trigger. The mega whistler darts scream through the air! the dual-strike blaster from nerf comes with 3 elite darts and 3 mega whistler darts. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike BlasterNerf-N-Strike-Elite-DualStrike-Blaster

Nerf N-strike Elite Dualstrike Blaster (B4619F07) FAQ.

This is one of my sons favorite nerf guns which is saying a lot considering he has so many to choose from. It works great with both standard nerf & mega nerf darts. -Notice from P. Barbara, Camden

Click to Show nerf n-strike elite dualstrike blaster (b4619f07) Details

This is a very nice nerf gun for the price. My only complaint is it is a little hard to pull the lever back to be able to shoot it. But then again my kids are 2 and 4 so if your kids are a little older they may not have this issue.

Nerf-n-strike-elite-dualstrike-blaster-(b4619f07) set picture

- Q. MeyerPretty cool, shoots 2 different types of darts. You can select with dart type to shoot via the switch on the side of the gun. Also, the gun will automatically select each dart type until all darts are expended.

I really enjoy this one. It's nice to have 6 shots in one small nerf gun. I have two kids (age 6 and 4) who have this same one and they also love it. My 4 year old tried using the ex3 triad and he couldn't pull the trigger because it is a rocker design. He can do this one which is a pull back trigger design and easier for his small fingers.

O. Cindy, Minnesota

Brand :    nerf
Weight :    1.22 pounds
  • Comes with 3 elite darts and 3 mega whistler darts
  • Switch between elite and mega darts by moving the switch
  • Fires 1 dart at a time
  • Includes blaster, 3 elite darts, 3 mega whistler darts, and instructions.
  • Mega whistler darts scream through the air
Price :    $15.88
Model :    B4619F07
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike Blaster available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

Nerf Rebelle Lumanate Blaster

The lumanate blaster fires darts with glowing tips to light up missions! get together with friends and bring along this nerf rebelle blaster to illuminate the fun. The lumanate blaster comes with 3 nerf rebelle foam darts that feature glow-in-the-dark tips. Load 3 darts into the blaster's barrel, and press the button to quickly activate the light, which charges the dart tips to make them glow. Then unleash 1 dart at a time to send streaks of glowing light through the air, adding an exciting glow to the game! nerf and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf Rebelle Lumanate BlasterNerf-Rebelle-B4037-Lumanate-Blaster

Brand :    nerf rebelle
Model :    B4037
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Fires 1 glowing dart at a time
  • Comes with 3 darts
  • Blaster charges dart tips
  • Fires darts up to 85 feet (26 meters)
  • Glowing dart tips
Price :    $9.79
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf rebelle product review) for Nerf Rebelle Lumanate Blaster available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

*warning* shooting darts at your brother's angry mother in law will only further her rage*. . Overall a good quality nerf gun, sights are accurate enough to hit annoying mother in laws on their small butts, durable enough to take a full force throw by perpetually pissed women, quick enough to still get the last 5 shots down range before then. . I recommend buying some extra ammo clourf 100 pcs 7. 2cm foam darts for nerf n-strike elite series (blue) and a heavy duty stun gun vipertek vts-989 - 230, 000, 000 heavy duty stun gun - rechargeable with led flashlight to go along with this gun, parties won't be the same with so many angry women trampling around.

Speed and mobility are yours with the quick-draw fast firing of the strongarm blaster! it has the same long-range power as other n-strike elite blasters (sold separately), firing the 6 elite darts up to 90 feet. Hold the trigger down and pump the slam fire handle repeatedly to rapid-fire all 6 of your darts at your target! loading is easy and quick with the flip-open rotating barrel, and you can attach most n-strike accessories (sold separately) to the blaster's tactical rail for even more battle advantage. Add the strongarm blaster to your arsenal and unleash a storm of darts at your target! nerf and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm BlasterNerf-N-Strike-Elite-Strongarm-Blaster

Nerf N-strike Elite Strongarm Blaster (36033F01) FAQ.

I ordered 2 of these. One of them came with a slightly disappointing paint job but that's quite minor. For $10 this is a must have. It is a huge upgrade from the maverick which was already so popular. . Why? :. . - the barrel is smaller because of the new plunger/restrictor mechanism. - the barrel extends further upon reload, exposing more dart chambers. - priming mechanism feels fluid but yet light and not clunky. Great for the slam fire feature. - barrel now rotates after firing and not while firing, unlike the maverick. This means better accuracy because the dart is aligned prior to firing. - it has greatly increased accuracy and power. You can feel a bigger punch when firing this model, and the other elite models for that matter (eg. Retaliator, rampage). - lastly, like the maverick, this gun is compatible with most darts! not only does it fire the elite and regular streamline darts, it also fires the dart tags and even the old whistle darts with the larger heads. I've tried and tested this on both my strongarms. They fire with the same degree of power and accuracy. . Aesthetics wise, it looks a little sleeker than the maverick in my opinion and the colors are nice. If for some reason you do have a complaint. If it came faulty , had a manufacturing defect, or even if it started to malfunction after a short while, it's most likely just a matter of quality control and you got unlucky on that piece. Just contact online store and get a replacement. Online store has always been more than helpful with any issues i've had in the past. This model is really just worth having. . It's great for the kids because its small, packs just as much of a punch as some of the bigger models and it's cheap and easy to replace if the kids break it. . Also one more last thing, i read a bad review about someone who experienced a problem with the darts being depressed at the bottom and did not fire properly after. The darts would just fall out the barrel. This happens when you leave the darts in the gun for a prolonged time without use. If you're going to store the gun for a long period of time, remove the darts and store them separately in the box. Make this a habit for all nerf guns and your darts will last you longer. -Notice from E. Marguerite, Montana

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Many of the world don't know this, but i am a member of a secret organization the rays of dawn, that is currently fighting a war against our immoral rivals, the stars of the night. We have been engaging in a war for many centuries and have been in a standstill. I recently found out that the love of my life is a star and now, we are mortal enemies and i have to destroy her at all cause. These are the weapons we use because they have the capabilities to use our special ammo, that is made with the power of the sun itself. So far, i have killed 15 stars with this gun, that i have named the multi barrel of righteous truth, justice, and america, in many convert missions. My next target is my former love and i'm planning to aim straight between the eyes. I have been practicing my aim and my reload special to the point, no one can see my hands and i can shoot behind my back and still hit my target. This might be my last entry, because my love is as good as i am, possibly better. Any other ray agent, chose this gun and continue the battle until victory is ours. Let the sun in!

Nerf-n-strike-elite-strongarm-blaster-(36033f01) set picture

- Q. LewisAccuracy: just as good as the original modulus! it is very accurate! now with wind or 3rd party darts might change it but from my test they are almost always straight on the target only a two went out of the way about a foot which is not bad for a nerf gun. It does not go as far as say the roughcut but it is still a great pistol. Note that when using slam fire the accuracy is not as good. . Appearance: very bad a* looking pistol. Might be a bit too big for a holster but i do not own one so i am unsure. The paint however looks like the gun was used rather than new. Not a huge issue but still demotes the product a little. . Feel: trigger and grip feels great however the slide does have a few ridges that poke your hand especially when using slam fire. But that is an easy fix with some 150 sand paper. . Fire rate: it has a great fire rate with slam fire. And using single shot is still great. Reloading is much easier because this unique cylinder comes all the way out for quicker reloads and the fact that the cylinder moves after the piston fires the dart makes it never jam and always be perfectly alined. Assuming you use name brand darts. . Over all i rate this a 4 star because the paint was not very clean (kids would not notice), and the slider was not as comfortable as it could have been. I give this item a b+ especially for a pistol it is very nice. The zombiestrike hammershot is just as good and unique!

Love this! i got a his and hers set. When we start getting pissy with each other - they come out and the pissiness evaporates and we are having a blast.

H. Teresa, Salford

Brand :    nerf
Model :    36033F01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster available as-of ( Jul 2021 )
Price :    $12.99
  • Blaster colors may vary
  • Strongarm blaster holds 6 elite darts and fires darts up to 90 feet
  • Elite darts work with any elite blaster and most n-strike blasters (sold separately)
  • Rotating barrel flips open for easy loading
  • Slam fire slide lets you rapid-fire all 6 included elite darts

Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster

Perfect for having on your desk for that random time you fee like shooting someone :) doesnt take up alot of room but shoots pretty far :)

Don't be fooled by this blaster's compact design - the jolt blaster is sized for super-stealth blasting and features elite dart-firing performance. Load 1 dart into the barrel, pull down the cocking handle to ready the blaster, and pull the trigger to fire! reload and fire again! with its micro size, the jolt is a great blaster to take almost anywhere and be ready to battle at a moment s notice! nerf and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt BlasterNerf-N-Strike-Elite-Jolt-Blaster

Nerf N-strike Elite Jolt Blaster (B8802) FAQ.

Awesome power for such small size. Make sure to buy extra bullets. -Notice from N. Dorothy, North Somerset

Click to Show nerf n-strike elite jolt blaster (b8802) Details

This thing is really fun. We bought some suction cup darts with it to make them stick to the wall and window. My 3 year old and 5 year old can operate them by themselves. Lots of fun and shoots pretty far. I would buy it again.

Nerf-n-strike-elite-jolt-blaster-(b8802) set picture

- Y. AlexiaI was expecting a little bigger gun with bigger darts. But i didn't read the description that well. Overall good little nerf gun. I like it because it doesn't jam and shoots pretty far.

It's the perfect sneak up and assassinate gun. I love this puppy. Took out the nieces and nephews like a champ over christmas. Worth the cheap price just to hide in my pocket and waste them. Hahahaha

C. Eleanor, New Mexico

Brand :    nerf
Model :    B8802
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster available as-of ( Jul 2021 )
Price :    $5.46 (was $5.49)
  • Single-shot blaster
  • Compact size
  • Comes with 2 elite darts
  • Includes blaster and 2 elite darts
  • Super stealth power

Nerf N-Strike Mega BigShock Blaster

My 3 y/o loves this! easy to use, and the blaster is large enough for him to get true enjoyment out seeing the impact of hitting his targets! word to the wise, these are def best shot at targets, not living targets. The blasters tend to hit with a little more impact than standard nerf guns. The fact that it can only load one blaster at a time, gives me an extra second to fire away!

Your battles are about to get mega bigger at a mission-ready size! the bigshock blaster has the same high performance as other n-strike elite blasters, but it features mega-sized power in the palm of your hand! you ll dominate the biggest nerf battle yet single-handedly with the one-handed power of the bigshock blaster. You can store a dart in reserve in its storage compartment, and it comes with 2 mega whistler darts that scream as they fly! hit the battlefield with mega power with the bigshock blaster! nerf and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf N-Strike Mega BigShock BlasterNerf-N-Strike-Mega-BigShock-Blaster

Nerf N-strike Mega Bigshock Blaster (A9314) FAQ.

The mega line's "jolt-esque" (i. E. Small backup blaster) blaster isn't anything unexpected. Shoots about 50 feet, and is small enough to fit in a large pocket. Being a backup blaster, it shouldn't be your primary. If you want a lower-priced primary, i would recommend the strongarm (nerf n-strike elite: strongarm blaster (colors may vary) ), or if you desire a mega blaster, the cycloneshock (nerf n-strike elite mega cycloneshock blaster ). . This is, despite the picture, a grey-trigger version. If you want a more powerful orange-trigger version, they don't seem to exist. At all. . Also, takes "mega" darts. Link to a ten dart pack: nerf n-strike elite mega dart refill pack ( 10 darts ). . Overall, good backup blaster. -Notice from W. Linda, Doncaster

Click to Show nerf n-strike mega bigshock blaster (a9314) Details

This is a great blaster. This blaster not only pack's a solid hit, but also can carry a backup dart. I personally love this blaster because you can hear the dart scream through the air, unlike the magnus or centurion where you can only here the dart for 1 second due to the blaster noise. It's extremely easy to cock and make's a great sidearm, and it's also just fun to hear the mega dart's scream. . Pros:. . -extremely affordable. . -it's easy for kid's to use and is also a fun blaster to mod/paint. . -you can very easily hear the dart's scream through the air. . -makes a great sidearm. . Cons:. . -mega darts are very light and big, meaning not only will wind screw up a shot, but the dart's can be squished or damaged easily. . -in a nerf war, mega darts aren't as common, so reloading may be a problem. . -slightly to big to put in a pocket. . -. . -

Nerf-n-strike-mega-bigshock-blaster-(a9314) set picture

- V. WeberI have a nerf collector in my house and at this price it was hard to pass up to a collector when you don't have it already. It's was the perfect find at an amazing price! he absolutely loves his mega bigshock. This gun has a ton of speed the bullet is quick once the trigger is pulled. We have told our little gun collector to never shoot anybody from the shoulders up and you always must make sure the person you are playing with is aware they are playing because it's never fun getting hit by a bullet unexpectedly. Big fun gun at a mega steal of a price!

Yay, now i can shoot my son with even bigger nerf bullets! traid, meet your match! this gun is just a little bigger than the triad and takes the big bullets that fly faster and hit harder. Larger bullet better chance of hitting the running 10 year old, muahahahahaaaa!

P. Elanor, California

Brand :    nerf
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    A9314
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Made using safe materials
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • High quality toys for children all ages
  • Bigshock blaster fires mega darts
  • Blaster fits in the palm of your hand
Price :    $7.99 (was $10.99)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Nerf N-Strike Mega BigShock Blaster available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

Nerf Doomlands 2169 Persuader Blaster

Yes it was a big hit!

In a post-apocalyptic future, the earth is left a barren, lawless wasteland. Out of the ashes, a lone hero emerges to bring justice to a doomed land. This is the world of doomlands 2169! grab the persuader blaster to fight for justice. This hammer-action blaster fires 4 darts in a row. A transparent area on the blaster reveals the inner firing mechanism! load 4 darts into the blaster, then keeping pulling back the hammer to fire one dart at a time. Comes with 4 darts. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf Doomlands 2169 Persuader BlasterNerf-Doomlands-2169-Persuader-Blaster

Nerf Doomlands 2169 Persuader Blaster (B4949) FAQ.

Like its older brother the hammershot, but this one has a few slight drawbacks. It's harder to prime, the darts sometimes fly out prematurely, and it's a little large for small hands. -Notice from V. Annette, Newcastle upon Tyne

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My son wanted a doomlands gun for christmas and i wanted to get something compact. I really wanted a muti-dart gun but this was close enough. He has a few big ones that fire multiple darts but not small ones. He's a nerf collector and gets a new gun or two every christmas and birthday, but sheesh i wish nerf wasn't so expensive. It seems like every new collection gets more expensive. It's getting hard to keep up!

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- S. GuestWorks great in battle.

Loved it

G. Emma, Massachusetts

Brand :    nerf
Weight :    1.01 pounds
Model :    B4949
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Hammer-action blasting
  • Fires 4 darts, one at a time
  • Transparent area reveals inner firing mechanism
  • Includes blaster, 4 darts, and instructions.
  • Comes with 4 darts
Price :    $9.99
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Nerf Doomlands 2169 Persuader Blaster available as-of ( Jul 2021 )

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Great for the price. Perfect addition to my siblings easter card. Kept them entertained for hours on easter day long enough to get dinner made and the house cleaned up.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Does the white thing in the middle of the black shield on the top of the crossbow clear plastic or is there nothing there?

(1) Question: What type of darts are compatible? nerf elite?

(2) Question: Does it come package i want to give this as a gift but if it's not in packaging i don't want to get it

(note) Question: where/how to get Nerf (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Nerf's products

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Best nerf n-strike bowstrike blaster (b4614af1) in review

Who doesn't like nerf guns! ? but be warned! . These things are very powerful! close range would do serious damage to eyes or other body parts! i'm not an over protective mom and i let my kids be kids but after our first family christmas nerf gun war i've had to set some rules with these things! . 1. No shooting in the house. 2. No close range shooting. 3. No pointing at someone face. 4. Eye protection!

Z. Miller, Prince Edward Island

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N. Theresa, Bournemouth says

This was a christmas gift for a friend. It works perfectly and the range is better than expected for a such a small gun!

T. Guest, Oregon

My son picked this gun out from online store, so i ordered it for him. We weren t entirely sure what to expect because we had never seen a style like this one before in stores. When it arrived, we were very impressed. When the gun is loaded and cocked, the sight and the wings come out automatically. When the gun is fired, they snap back into place. It s a really neat looking gun and unique. We have had no trouble with it jamming, and it has held up great after many hours of play. Several friends have asked where we found a gun like this one, since you can t find it in stores. He is very happy with it, and loves to show it off.

Q. Jarvis, Sefton says

Flip out parts are fun, even if not necessary. Nice add to collection

A. Mays, Basse-Normandie

Exactly what i ordered. Thanks! my son loves this! great beginner nerf.

B. Neva, Rochdale says

Getting lots of use. As described and arrived on time.

W. Sarah, Hampshire

Arrived on time. items exactly as described.

E. Delgado, Doncaster says

Birthday present for my nephew. Absolutely loves it. Shoots hard and far as well. Great product.

N. Theola, Nordrhein-Westfalen

I got this for a little guy - 3 yrs old - so i knew he would have trouble cocking the gun. When youre buying for a kiddo that young, chances are he will need help with some aspect of operating whichever nerf fun you get. So. That was not an issue for me. And, he didn't really care! he thought it was very cool - it does have a fun, unique look to it that made it fun for him regardless! this was a good buy!

E. Sandra, Hertfordshire says

A fun, reliable little blaster that has quickly become one of my all time favorites.

Y. Morgan, Suffolk

Pretty much jolt level ranges, but maybe 3-5 feet less. I love the bowarm gimmick and bought this blaster just because of that. Decent for its price.

R. Anonymous, West Virginia says

Great item

J. Anonymous, North Yorkshire

My son loves this, and all nerf guns in general. My only complaint is that, like all nerf guns, they can be a bit hard for a 3, 4, or 5 year old to cock back on their own.

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