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Price was $12.99 - $1,000.00. This blaster looks familiar, like i seen it before. Wait, yeah, i have. The nerf rebelle spylight. 6 shot revolver, easy-access reloading front end. Yup, spylight, but it has the tail-end and is still built in the image of it's predecessor, the strongarm. That is not the only thing it took from from it's predecessor, though, it also has the strongarm's smooth operation and well-made internals, and of course, the power. My prochrono digital chronograph measured the speed of the darts fired by this stock disruptor (what is in a name? ) blaster at an average of 72 feet per second (fps) using nerf elite darts (it is capable of shooting any standard nerf elite darts; blue, green, white, orange, purple/grey, and decorated rebelle darts). It is in a way slightly odd looking if you are too used to that big, hulking, whopper of a front-end of the maverick and strongarm, but at least it does not have the strange look and sloppy feel of the spylight during use (it had a cheap feeling and rattled when shaken). Loading the blaster is easy like the spylight or zombiestrike hammershot since it is a front-loader type revolver with an open-end front. The disruptor also has the acclaimed slam-fire ability nerf typically puts in many of it's springer blasters (hold the trigger and repeatedly pull back the priming slide to fire darts in rapid succession). For attachment lovers, there is a tactical rail on the top. But since most people will be holstering it as a side-arm, i assume that is not too important. The catch works very well so far, just like the strongarm's did. This is very good because the spylight's cheap-feeling internals and major flaw was the sloppiness of the blaster, as the catch did not work if you did not lift up on the priming slide. The strongarm had no such issues with it's smooth operation, and i am hoping that the disruptor continues that trend. The ergonomics of the pistol grip is okay to me, no complaints other than the sling mount being a hole in the handle as opposed to the typical bar that sticks out from back of the handle's bottom. For those who are used to the traditional sling-mount being located on the back of the priming slide, expect to get used to not having that feature any more. Instead, find that it migrated to a location which is under the blaster (for whatever reason the nerf design team had for putting it there). The hook-like tip on the bottom of of the pistol grip has a tooth that is designed to fit into the grooves of a priming slide of another blaster (like another disruptor) to help a dual-wielding user prime both pistols without having to put one of them down during combat (reloading is another concern, but 2 disruptors are still easier to manage than dual-wielding 2 strongarms). In conclusion, the disruptor has all of the strengths of nerf's premier 6-dart revolvers and none of their weaknesses. It is a terrific successor to the strongarm and imho the best standard nerf pistol for those who like slam-fire (the hammershot is still a nerfer sidearm favorite due to it's holster-ability and one-hand priming operation). As it's price comes down, expect it to become the next poster-child of the nerf war universe.

-A. Guest

N-strike Elite Fire And Strike Fast The Nerf N-strike Elite Disruptor Blaster! This Quick-draw Blaster Has A Rotating Drum That Holds Up To 6 Elite Darts. Choose Your Target And Fire 1 Dart At A -Nerf N-strike Elite Disruptor

  1. Feature: Quick-draw Blaster.
  2. Feature: Slam-fire Action.

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6 shooter, and you can rapidfire if you hold the trigger. Lots of fun for an inexpensive intro into nerf stuff Best n-strike elite | Hasbro-Toys And Games Review as-of ( Jun 2020 ) Feature Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor 6-dart rotating drum. Quick-draw blaster. Slam-fire action. Fires darts up to 90 feet (27 meters). Includes blaster, 6 elite darts, and instructions .

Nerf n-strike elite disruptor Review (b9837)

I really like this gun. My favorite used to be the maverick, and this is like an updated version. I like not having to pop out the cylinder to load it. I don't nerf very seriously, so i don't have a main or a long gun, this is my primary. Having 6 shots and more power is why i chose this over the hammershot, although the hammershot would probably be better as a sidearm. -H. Anonymous

Nerf B9837 N Strike Elite Disruptor

  1. Class: Toy
  2. Brand: Nerf
  3. EAN: 0630509487677
  4. Product Dimensions:
    Height:8.74 inches
    Length:2.87 inches
    Weight:1.00 pounds
    Width:12.52 inches
  5. Manufacturer: Hasbro
  6. Recommended Max-Age: 1188
  7. Suggested Min-Age: 96
  8. Model: B9837
  9. MPN: B9837
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: B9837
  12. Type: Toy
  13. Category: TOYS AND GAMES
  14. UPC: 630509487677
  15. Warranty: No Warranty

n-strike elite Toy, Fire and strike fast with the nerf n-strike elite disruptor blaster! this quick-draw blaster has a rotating drum that holds up to 6 elite darts. choose your target and fire 1 dart at a time, or unleash all 6 darts in rapid succession with slam-fire action. to prime the blaster, pull the slide back and release. check the indicator; if it s orange, the blaster is primed and ready to fire. the the nerf n-strike elite disrupter fires darts up to 90 feet (27 meters). includes 6 elite darts. nerf and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro. Nerf N-strike Elite Disruptor (B9837-Nerf).

Nerf B9837 N Strike Elite Disruptor Toy

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Fires well as long as you look at your projectiles before you load, it's quick for what he plays, as long as he's happy, so am i.

Nerf N-strike Elite Disruptor
Click to see NoticeNerf N-strike Elite Disruptor (b9837)"I think this is the best nerf gun. It is fairly easy to pump and doesn't jam. I've had several nerf guns. Too often they jam or don't work. Or i have to pump the gun because the kids can't do it. They have so much fun with these guns."

Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series 30-Dart Refill

My son has a nerf n-strike elite rapidstrike cs-18 blaster. It is a nerf machine gun that he uses during nerf-wars with other kids in our enclave. He came home one day with half the original darts. He thought that he no longer can play with his blaster. We struck a deal where he can earn this box of refills if he did enough chores. What a lesson in diligence. . The quality of the darts is just like the originals. The price is much better than in local stores.

N-strike warriors lose when they run out of ammo, so load up on firepower with this refill pack of 30 n-strike elite darts! these darts work with any n-strike elite blaster and most original n-strike blasters (sold separately). The pack includes 20 elite darts and 10 elite deco darts. Ammo up with the 30-dart refill pack! nerf and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series 30-Dart RefillOfficial-Nerf-N-Strike-30-Dart-Refill

Official Nerf N-strike Elite Series 30-dart Refill (A0351) FAQ.

I purchased these extra set of bullets for my son's nerf gun and i am pleased with my purchase. They feel flimsy and soft in texture, but this is good for our family since the bullets will not injure or hurt anyone. . They are small, which could make them easy to lose, so you'll need a good way to store and organize them or they'll be all over the floor. -Notice from L. Anonymous, Southampton

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This is such a good deal. I was buying these darts at the local big box store but they cost twice as much! i bougth my kids this pack and they all looked and worked great. Only downside is they went through 30 of these in about a month! next time i am going to buy them 100.

Official-nerf-n-strike-elite-series-30-dart-refill-(a0351) set picture

- G. McCarthyI have four cats, a couple of whom like to think that if i see them on a forbidden surface or getting into something they know they shouldn't, they can run before i get there and they are in the clear. Rather than chasing them around the apartment, i picked up a nerf n-strike pistol at a flea market. It came with suction darts which i swapped out for these. The tips on them are pretty soft. I've shot myself point blank in the foot and there is no stinging or mark. They fly pretty straight and i've gotten pretty good at nailing my 19 pound monster when i catch him on the dinner table from the other end of the apartment. My cats have gotten to the point that the plastic creak the gun makes when i pick it up is enough to send them scattering. It's a great way to deal with misbehaving animals without actually hurting them and the large pack means you can lose a couple and it doesn't really matter. I even have one cat that likes to chase the darts. After he punches enough holes in one with his teeth it stops working very well but with a large pack you can just go grab another.

This past christmas with the in-laws we all had a bit of fun. My wife's brother and his wife could not be with everyone else so we go them toy dart guns and some for us from the $5 store in michigan (i forget what the chain is called). I tested out mine and was not happy. So i cheated and bought a nerf gun and these darts. They fly very well: accurate at 10-20' or more, fast, and give someone a nice thump to let them know i got them :p. . One warning: i know it is tempting to aim for the face. But these guys hurt. If you are moving around a lot or aiming for the face get some basic eye protection (even just sun glasses). They can hurt. My wife took a dart to the eye and it was sore for a day or so.

W. Teresa, Brent

Brand :    nerf
Color :    multi-colored
Size :    Standard
Weight :    0..29 pounds
Model :    A0351
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Nerf or nothin'!
  • Refill pack includes 30 official nerf elite darts
  • Darts are compatible with nerf elite blasters and most original n-strike blasters (sold separately)
  • Official nerf darts - tested and approved for performance and quality
Price :    $11.99
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Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike

This is a great kids, or adults toy to hang on to when you might encounter a group of nerf carrying kids. The pull is a little tough for younger children to operate, but 6-7+ seems to have no problem. The light on it is a red lens flashlight, and is difficult to see in sunlight, especially as the batteries run out. It's definitely easier to see in the dark, but it's still a cool addition, and the crosshair pattern in the middle is fun. . The gun shoots a pretty far distance as well, for something this small. Keep track of the darts, or purchase extras if outside, so you don't run out after losing a couple, because it happens quickly. Also, watch out for rain and water. The light inside will fog up and work poorly if exposed to wet weather.

N-strike elite blasters are the ultimate in blaster performance. Featuring upgraded distance and the revolutionary elite dart, this is the final word in today's blaster technology. With the power of an n-strike elite blaster in your hands, you can fire further than ever before - up to 75 feet! each n-strike elite blaster is engineered with amped-up velocity. That means your n-strike elite darts maintain accuracy and flight stability, even at extended distances. Choose your blaster and join the elite! nerf and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf N-Strike Elite FirestrikeNerf-53378-N-Strike-Elite-Firestrike

Nerf N-strike Elite Firestrike (53378) FAQ.

This is an excellent little nerf blaster that fills it's role as a single shot sidearm perfectly. It is compact, easy to load, and packs a huge punch for something so small. I would say it is even more powerful than many of the larger nerf guns, like the raider cs-35. The integrated laser light is a neat touch, as is the triggering switch, located just below the firing trigger. The light projects a circle-dot reticule, rather than just a small dot, which works well in dim lighting. Goodluck, seeing it in a lit room or outside though. . The only problem i have with the firestrike is that it is too small. Of course, i am an adult with rather large hands, so you would think that is to be expected, but many of the other nerf guns are actually scaled to an adult, with grips as comfortable as the ones made by magpul. The smaller grip on this blaster means that your little finger will be hanging off the grip. It is still entirely usable though. . It's worth noting that, while i can't confirm this, the laser light is more likely just a red light that is focused well, as opposed to an actual laser like the ones you can find on airsoft guns. -Notice from L. Judith, Louisiana

Click to Show nerf n-strike elite firestrike (53378) Details

I am sooo glad i got two of these for my kiddos for christmas! the laughter hasn't stopped i did buy extra of the ammo because let's face it they are easy to lose! forgot to get batteries (didn't realise there was a laser sight). My 3 year old loves this (i did some research on nerf guns best suited for toddlers and this rated pretty high) it has a pull cock and an easy trigger. (the only time he has struggled to cock it is when he was tired). My 8 year old enjoys it just as much! i won't lie theres been some tears shed as we struggle to not shoot each there (it does sting a little especially if you're close to each other. ) my recommendation- helium balloons for targets. A total win for christmas!

Nerf-n-strike-elite-firestrike-(53378) set picture

- N. SheilaAnother christmas gift that was a hit. This nerf gun came in a box that was nicely unmarked, bonus in our house, so nobody knew what it was. The gun works wonderfully and i purchased some extra bullets too. Now the entire family came have a "nerf war" and for very little cost. These are wonderful for gifts for girls and boys (or mom, as your going to have to defend yourself! )

Very good constructed product. I have a variety of older nerf guns from 5-10 years ago and none of those compare to the quality of these newer ones. This blaster is fairly quiet and accurate. The laser is a nice touch and can add to the fun if you are in a room that is not too bright so you can see the light. The darts do shoot very fast and can hurt at close range. I would recommend wearing some eye protection to be safe especially if children are playing. Overall i would recommend this blaster to anyone who is look for a small, yet powerful blaster to have fun with. I even bought two so i would always have someone to dual with!

R. Cortney, Rheinland-Pfalz

Brand :    nerf
Color :    White , Blue , Orange
Size :    2.05 x 9.33 x 7.76 Inches
Weight :    9..8 pounds
  • Precision light beam works on targets up to 15 feet away
  • Up to a 75-foot range
  • Use the tactical rails to customize with any tactical rail accessory (each sold separately)
  • Firestrike blaster, 3 elite darts and instructions
  • 3 elite darts work with any n-strike elite blaster (each sold separately)
Price :    $11.99 (was $14.99)
Model :    53378
Quantity :    1
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Little Valentine 200-Dart Refill Pack Nerf N-strike Elite

Ok guys if your looking for great bullets for your nerf guns, theses are the ones! they are incredible! . . Pros:. - tips are much harder! i over this this makes it a lot more fun! . - a lot for a little! you get a great deal with these nice bullets! . - these bullets work with every blaster i've got! nerf hailfire, strongarm, firestrike, barricade, cs-6 recon, and stryfe! . Two of those guns are old n series nerf , and they still work! they also work amazing for the new elite nerf series! . - not only do they work, but they don't jam! i have had target practice multiple time and i took these in for an intense nerf war, and not one bullet jammed! yeessss! . - great packaging! they come in this very nice package! it's in the pictures above advertising the product. This is super nice! . . Cons:. - so far only two of the tips have fallen off but i have 200 so i am okay. I have used about 40 darts so far and those are the only two that have fallen off. Overall these are an amazing dart! i highly recommend them!

About us: at little valentine, we have always firmly believe that kids are the parents' little valentine, so we can make your kids' toys that much easier to enjoy - and we do this with passion. Say goodbye to first world toys like expensive price and poor quality. Say hello to an more interesting and more colorful life. Founded by a group of spirited university student, little valentine is a multinational team of techies. But don't let that fool you - we're customers too. We like to approach every detail from a user's perspective to improve our technology, raise the bar, and make life more interesting. That means starting with affordable, high-quality gear and ending with 100% user satisfaction - period. Our worry-free guarantee ensures you get quick, no-hassle service when you need it. Such top-down excellence hasn't gone unnoticed. It is a great honor and warm support once you have chosen us. We expect recognition and suggestions from every customer. For which, please give us a chance and some time which allows us to develop and bring kids happiness and touch. Besides, please trust us that we have the ability to achieve it. So simplify your kids colorful life - leave the details to us

Little Valentine 200-Dart Refill Pack Nerf N-strike EliteLittle-Valentine-200-Dart-Refill-N-strike

Little Valentine 200-dart Refill Pack Nerf N-strike Elite (LVT002) FAQ.

Objectively, these are better than the original nerf darts. They fly truer and are seriously inexpensive! my only concern (and it wouldn't be a concern if i didn't have youngish kids who forget they're not supposed to shoot at faces) is that these tips are a lot harder than the originals. Again, this is fine but i would have liked to have seen that in the product description (and would have earned the product a full 5 stars). But if you're an adult or have kids who aren't idiots and can remember not to shoot at faces, these are an incredible deal! -Notice from X. Juliana, Kansas

Click to Show little valentine 200-dart refill pack nerf n-strike elite (lvt002) Details

Great gift for a little boy who loves nerf guns. These bullets fit into any nerf gun and work great. The only thing that i am not sure about is how hard they hit once launched. They have a bit of a sting on it if it hits the skin. But my nephew was so happy to receive so many bullets he couldn't wait to use them.

Little-valentine-200-dart-refill-pack-nerf-n-strike-elite-(lvt002) set picture

- I. KellyWhen i first got these, i mixed them with the original nerf elite darts. After playing for several days, there was a noticeable distinction. When i was shot by the original nerf elite darts, the impact was softer. The little valentine darts are fired more smoothly and hit harder than the original elite darts. A disadvantage of the little valentine darts, however, is they tend to break before the original darts. However, this is a very small issue as there are 200 darts, and after playing for about 2 weeks, only 6 or 7 darts had been bent or broken. Considering the price is about half of the original nerf darts, this offer is a steal.

These dart's are pretty nice, other than the rather annoying 'little valentine" logo on the side, there pretty good. After putting these through multiple test's, my overall thought is 4/5. These came in a great box, which made me feel like they were higher quality for the price. The feel of the dart's are pretty standard, nothing special there. The tip's are your regular china produced hard tip's, great for better accuracy and dart life, i tried to dismantle 5 of them (purposely) and i was kinda shocked how one dart did not have any adhesive, but other than that, the rest were considerably tough. The foam is rather weak, for such a thick dart head and nice package, i would think they would go the extra step. The dart's are pretty resistant to short term contact with water, and even when all wet, they still keep the general foam density, unlike most brands. . Pro's:. . -affordable and nice package with a random sticker pack. . -hard tips mean they can handle impact (good for modified blaster's). . -dart's dont jam as often as real nerf dart's and fire out of every most blaster types (i tested rampage, roughcut, rapidstrike, modulus, and reflex). . -come's in a very neat box, compared to other's which don't even come in a box, never mind evening mentioning the company name. . Cons:. . -lack of foam density means these dart's are easy to squish and if left outside can kinda fall apart. . -annoying logo on the side of the dart's. . -there can be a little bit of friction when putting them in magazines (long term nerf players will feel it)

Q. Cassella, West Virginia

Brand :    little valentine
Color :    Navy Blue
Size :    Small
Weight :    0.62 pounds
  • Standard packaging includes 200 little valentine darts
  • Darts work with any n-strike elite blaster (sold separately)
  • Tip: the tip is a bit harder than nerf to ensure shoot farther, so please choose it for 10+ age kids
  • Refill pack includes 200 little valentine darts(7. 2*1. 3cm)
  • Also work with most original n-strike blasters (sold separately)
Price :    $9.99
Model :    LVT002
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

So the price point of this nerf gun is the exact same as the maverick, so the question should be why would you not buy it? myself and some co-workers picked up the maverick about a month ago. The strongarm seems to have improved on every aspect of it. . 1. Full pop out spinning barrel. (way cool). 2. Slam fire. 3. No more jamming. 4. Cool looking paint job (not sure if the paint job is better, but on my maverick the paint started peeling around the grip). 5. Distance/power. 6. New elite darts. . The only thing i dislike about this gun is the handle is a little smaller then the maverick so it does not feel as comfortable in the hand. Also there is this weird ridge they decided to put on the edge of the grip, it makes it so it doesn't balance as well when you set it down. Word of caution, this gun coupled with the elite darts can sting, depending on where your hit and how close the person was to you. I'm a bit surprised, nerf went through a lot of trouble with the older models to make them heard to mod, yet with this they pretty much made all the changes for you which make them a bit more dangerous in close quarters.

Speed and mobility are yours with the quick-draw fast firing of the strongarm blaster! it has the same long-range power as other n-strike elite blasters (sold separately), firing the 6 elite darts up to 90 feet. Hold the trigger down and pump the slam fire handle repeatedly to rapid-fire all 6 of your darts at your target! loading is easy and quick with the flip-open rotating barrel, and you can attach most n-strike accessories (sold separately) to the blaster's tactical rail for even more battle advantage. Add the strongarm blaster to your arsenal and unleash a storm of darts at your target! nerf and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm BlasterNerf-N-Strike-Elite-Strongarm-Blaster

Nerf N-strike Elite Strongarm Blaster (36033F01) FAQ.

I ordered 2 of these. One of them came with a slightly disappointing paint job but that's quite minor. For $10 this is a must have. It is a huge upgrade from the maverick which was already so popular. . Why? :. . - the barrel is smaller because of the new plunger/restrictor mechanism. - the barrel extends further upon reload, exposing more dart chambers. - priming mechanism feels fluid but yet light and not clunky. Great for the slam fire feature. - barrel now rotates after firing and not while firing, unlike the maverick. This means better accuracy because the dart is aligned prior to firing. - it has greatly increased accuracy and power. You can feel a bigger punch when firing this model, and the other elite models for that matter (eg. Retaliator, rampage). - lastly, like the maverick, this gun is compatible with most darts! not only does it fire the elite and regular streamline darts, it also fires the dart tags and even the old whistle darts with the larger heads. I've tried and tested this on both my strongarms. They fire with the same degree of power and accuracy. . Aesthetics wise, it looks a little sleeker than the maverick in my opinion and the colors are nice. If for some reason you do have a complaint. If it came faulty , had a manufacturing defect, or even if it started to malfunction after a short while, it's most likely just a matter of quality control and you got unlucky on that piece. Just contact online store and get a replacement. Online store has always been more than helpful with any issues i've had in the past. This model is really just worth having. . It's great for the kids because its small, packs just as much of a punch as some of the bigger models and it's cheap and easy to replace if the kids break it. . Also one more last thing, i read a bad review about someone who experienced a problem with the darts being depressed at the bottom and did not fire properly after. The darts would just fall out the barrel. This happens when you leave the darts in the gun for a prolonged time without use. If you're going to store the gun for a long period of time, remove the darts and store them separately in the box. Make this a habit for all nerf guns and your darts will last you longer. -Notice from E. Marguerite, Montana

Click to Show nerf n-strike elite strongarm blaster (36033f01) Details

Love this! i got a his and hers set. When we start getting pissy with each other - they come out and the pissiness evaporates and we are having a blast.

Nerf-n-strike-elite-strongarm-blaster-(36033f01) set picture

- S. RuffIt was a calm wednesday afternoon when i introduced this to the office. There was a smell of danger in the air as i loaded the darts into the cylinder. With a little "dirty harry" flick of the wrist, the cylinder locked into place and i was ready for war. Cubical be damned, i was going to annihilate everyone. As i crept down the hall and then got into a low crawl as i passed the break room, i saw my first target. That little pencil necked twerp from it. That bastard still hadn't fixed my printer. It's been two months since i put the order in! and now here we are, i will have my revenge. I took a knee and crouched behind the corner. I waited patiently like a lion in the bushes for the time to strike. He reached for the last pack of cashews, i took a steady aim and bam! . Pretty good accuracy. Shot my co-worker in the ear from 20 feet away. He complained a little but i had more ammo and a rotating cylinder so he couldn't say to much before i loosed the next dart of death. This blaster works so well that even the boss seems to walk at a faster pace when passing my desk. Nobody can touch me!

I originally bought a pair for my nephew as a christmas gift, but then decided me and my lady needed a pair as well. These are awesome. Especially for the price. Rapid fire feature works well, and with suction cup darts i can hit the bulls-eye target i drew on my mirror (dry erase markers! ) from 20-30 feet and they consistently stick and are pretty accurate. It easily shoots across two rooms of my house and i can hit targets about 40 feet or so away with good velocity (the suction darts don't stick that far though). Also fun for battling it out or supersize attacking your significant other. When i bought these they were only $9 or so. Super cheap for a lot of fun.

N. Parker, Schleswig-Holstein

Brand :    nerf
  • Rotating barrel flips open for easy loading
  • Elite darts work with any elite blaster and most n-strike blasters (sold separately)
  • Slam fire slide lets you rapid-fire all 6 included elite darts
  • Strongarm blaster holds 6 elite darts and fires darts up to 90 feet
  • Blaster colors may vary
Price :    $12.99
Model :    36033F01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Nerf Doomlands 2169 Negotiator Blaster

In a post-apocalyptic future, the earth is left a barren, lawless wasteland. Out of the ashes, a lone hero emerges to bring justice to a doomed land. This is the world of doomlands! negotiate some justice with the negotiator blaster! fire 8 darts in a row with hammer-action blasting. Transparent area on the blaster reveal the inner firing mechanism inside! comes with 8 elite darts. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro

Nerf Doomlands 2169 Negotiator BlasterNerf-Doomlands-2169-Negotiator-Blaster

Brand :    nerf
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    B8572
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Includes blaster, 8 darts, and instructions
  • Fires 8 darts in a row
  • Hammer action
  • Transparent area reveals inner firing mechanism
Price :    $19.99
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Nerf Doomlands 2169 Negotiator Blaster available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Nerf Modulus BarrelStrike

The nerf modulus barrelstrike blaster converts from a blaster to a barrel attachment. Use it on its own to blast into battle, or flip up the back and attach it to a nerf modulus blaster (sold separately) as a barrel extension for longer-range blasting. It converts easily so battlers can customize and adapt quickly as the battle or mission changes. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf Modulus BarrelStrikeNerf-C0389-Modulus-BarrelStrike

Brand :    nerf
Weight :    1.00 pounds
  • 4-shot blaster fires 1 dart at a time
  • Attaches to nerf modulus blasters (each sold separately)
  • Converts from blaster to barrel attachment
  • Includes blaster, 4 darts, and instructions
Price :    $14.99 (was $25.22)
Model :    C0389
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster

It is actually really powerful. Even though it only had three nerf pellets and our friends had more than triple, this little guy shot further with more force & precision. It worked perfectly for our friends nerf gun battle at her party but might be a little forceful for younger kids or to use inside smaller places.

Put some serious blasting power in your pocket with the triad ex-3 blaster! don't let this 3-dart blaster's micro size fool you it's small but mighty, with a range of up to 90 feet. Its smart technology tells it which barrel is loaded so you can fire it with confidence. And its small size lets you conceal the blaster in the palm of your hand or a pocket, then draw fast for the element of surprise! pull down the cocking handle to ready your shot, then fire when it's time to take down your target! nerf and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 BlasterNerf-N-Strike-Elite-Triad-Blaster

Nerf N-strike Elite Triad Ex-3 Blaster (Toys And Games) FAQ.

I bought this for my boyfriend and i for our two year anniversary. I thought it would be a funny gift, and it is! let me tell you, this nerf gun shoots far & it hurts (not too bad, but you don't want to get shot close-range or in the face). Would recommend :). . Update:. 12/17/13. I can't believe these are now more than double the price i paid for it. Talk about a rip off! -Notice from M. Miller, Sachsen-Anhalt

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Family enjoyed this gun. Bought for grandchildren and dad's. Should of opened this gift last. They loved it and it worked well.

Nerf-n-strike-elite-triad-ex-3-blaster-(toys-and-games) set picture

- A. ZeldaI really like this gun. It shoots more accurately than most of the other guns. Although it only holds three darts, it is easy to load quickly.

Santa sent one for every family member! we love the family "fights". Do recommend getting the extra bullets tho'. This version is great to load on the run. Can sting if too close to exposed skin. For the sensitive in the family- we have them put on 2 sweatshirts when we war (to soften the sting).

I. Gladys, East Riding of Yorkshire

Brand :    nerf
Color :    Blue
Size :    Standard
Weight :    0.35 pounds
  • Blaster knows which barrel is loaded. fires darts up to 90 feet
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • Micro triad ex-3 blaster has mega power
  • High quality toys for children all age. made using safe materialss
  • Cocking handle readies your shot. includes blaster and 3 elite darts. colors may vary
Price :    $9.99
Model :    A1690
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (Toy product review) for Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

Raytheon Toys Soft Darts Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Blasters, 300-Pieces

Word of warning: this review is more a compliment of "data" and observations i have collected over the last five months. I am a avid nerfer "for lack of a less cheesy term" and have shot these darts through every conceivable action (type) of nerf "blaster"; including but not limited to a modified longstrike, the slingfire, the hyperfire, the stryfe (my personal favorite, and universally considered the best and most practical nerf blaster ever made), the hammershot, the strongarm, the silentstrike (a nerf blowgun) even the air warriors destiny (the only off brand nerf blaster i have ever purchased, and if you've ever fired one, you'd see why), and over a dozen others that aren't worth mentioning. In short, i was skeptical about buying these darts, but given the price, i tried them out figuring even if they fall apart after the third shot, it would still be worth it. I was amazed at the quality of the darts and their performance. In this review, i go over how the dart is designed and the quality of materials used, i explain how it relates to the performance, and i go over the price per dart. Through out the review, i am always comparing the dart to the nerf elite dart, which is standard with all nerf brand dart blaster, and is more or less the current standard for darts. Coincidently, they suck, nearly any design is superior to the elite dart. I literally tear these darts apart throughout my review to show the darts inside out. My opinion is completely based on what i have learned and experienced with both darts, being based almost entirely on data. . Pictures: i apologize for the confusing order, the pictures uploaded wrong. First picture, i compare the raytheon toys dart head (orange) to an elite dart head (black) from the doomlands line. Raytheon has patented their head design which i talk about later. The second and third pictures show the difference in foam density. The white foam is from a nerf elite dart from the modulus line, and the blue foam is from a raytheon toys dart. Denser foam helps the dart keep its shape longer, makes it less susceptible to jamming, and creates a better air seal. The fourth and fifth pictures are showing the difference in dart length. This has minimal effect on performance, but is worth noting as it is one of the way to tell the darts apart when the elite dart is blue (more on that in the end). The final two pictures show the two part head stage of the two darts (raytheon and elite). It was difficult to split the actual head from the plug (for lack of better term) on the elite dart, but on the raytheon toys dart they separate relatively easily, even when the entire head is still connected to the foam. The plug alone on the raytheon toys dart is more aerodynamic than the head on it, resulting in really good accuracy; most notably through a blowgun. Although it improves performance to the dart, don't do it if your planning on firing the darts through flywheels, as the dart is too short for the wheels to grab. But when shot through spring powered nerf blasters, have at it. . (note: the body is the oldest part in my review. Most of it was written in september 2016 when i first bought the darts. I am leaving it almost entirely intact (even though parts of it are slightly off) because it shows how little my opinion of the darts has changed over five months of continuous use. (continuous meaning 4-8 hours of nerf battles a week, with our formable arsenal). ). . There are three things that makes a nerf dart perform good, cost aside (i'll get back to that later); dart tip, foam, and adhesive to connect the two. The nerf elite darts set the par for the three. The foam on the nerf elite darts is solid at first but wears down over time. The glue on nerf elite darts is very solid and consistent. The head on nerf elite darts, however, is inherently flawed. There is a hole on the side that are supposed to act as air release holes when the dart makes contact providing cushioning so someone doesn't blow out an eye. However, this hole causes the dart to swerve off in a random direction after about twenty feet (due to air resistance). So its not the blaster thats inaccurate, its the dart. Now, nerf elite darts are currently retailing for twenty u. S. Dollars for only 75 darts (price varying on when and where you get them). Thats over 26 cents per dart (which sounds reasonable till you think of it in terms of quarters, and what your getting). Which we all know, you have a 25% chance of loosing after the first "nerf gun fight. " now for raytheon toys, that roughly same twenty dollars will get you 300 darts, (a 400% increase of darts, for the same amount of money). Now, first with the dart tip on the raytheon darts. They are made of a very hard rubber, on the verge of plastic. However, it still has the dumb air release hole! so the accuracy is still comparable to that of nerf elite darts. However, the dart tip, and the whole dart in general, is heaver than nerf darts. So the grouping of nerf elite at twenty feet is about the same as the raytheon dart at 40 feet. Simple inertia, if you don't understand it, just google it or talk to any seventh grader in science. The heavier dart tip, however will not affect the range. Although you will notice a slight decrease in muzzle velocity, the same amount of energy is being put into the dart (some more physics), so it will travel about the same range (if muzzle velocity or how hard the nerf blaster shoots is the issue, then just google "how to mod the nerf. (insert name of blaster here). " and crank it up (the blaster). Velocity can be easily fixed, how accuracy relies on the dart entirely, and theres not much you can do). Some may like the heavier tip, others may not. I'm personally neutral. So in conclusion, the tip is heavy, still with a dumb hole, and hard (only a concern with little kids). Its not entire rubber, or entirely plastic, it's somewhere in between, so they hurt slightly more, but most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Due to the hardness of the rubber, it should be able to last longer than nerf elite darts. (note: the dart head is the last part you have to worry about wearing out. ). . Next, the glue. It is awesome. I was expecting inconsistent glue due to cheap manufacturing. But this glue is great. It has a great seal and shoots through springers (spring powered nerf guns) like a dream. The glue is so good that it overcompensates for the weight and when shot through a springer has a higher muzzle velocity than nerf elite darts. Since the glue has such a good seal, it probably will hold together for a very long time. The glue, i would say three times better than expected. (revision: i don't think there is any glue, the tip has this part that sticks out the back, that has these grooves. My theory is, these grooves act as o-rings ish, and seal the air. The tip is held in by melted foam, and friction. This, is what i'm assuming is the "raytheon tech, " that they have recently started advertising and claimed to have patented. So probably no or very little glue, so even better. I am leaving up the original paragraph because that was my first impression, and it shows you how fantastic this design is. It took me firing these darts a good three months nonstop, to where i finally jammed two in a slingfire (which was the blaster not the darts) and they were shredded, for me to figure this out. You can see this in the pictures. This groove system is also where most of the weight of the dart is. ). Finally the foam. It is stiffer than nerf elite dart foam. Haven't had a jam yet. Seals good, and seems like it'll hold up a while. It is also part of the excellent seal. Stiff foam is also a major part of good flywheel performance. (revision: check out the pictures of the darts see the density of the foam, the raytheon toys is slightly denser (more foam, less air) than the elite darts, and it seems that raytheon does a better job melting the inner diameter foam of the dart of the foam than the nerf does on the elite darts. This seals the air better. It is also worth noting that the foam alone is almost entirely holding the dart head, which means it is strong enough to withstand considerable pressure, and still work great. ). . And for cost. Now, i bought 300 raytheon darts for about 16 u. S. Dollars. (revision: at this date my prices of the raytheon toys darts are slightly off, although they have fluctuated in price, they seem steady now around 19. 99 dollars. Thats about 6. 66 cents per dart. ) that boils down to 5. 34 cents per dart. About just over fifth the 26. 67 cents per nerf dart. (75 elite darts for 20 dollars). Although, i have seen the price vary on these darts from 15-50 u. S. Dollars per 300 raytheon darts, whenever its under thirty dollars per 300, they're totally worth it. . Now, for side notes, final thoughts, and gripes. First, the gripes. They are the same color as 90% of the other nerf elite darts out there. And they look so similar in design that you can't tell the difference until they're in your hand (or you have sorted through them enough to tell the difference in the shade of the head). That is a dumb idea. Most people don't care, but if you do, you will almost certainly get nerf elite darts mixed up with your raytheon darts and vice versa. Different foam color options would be awesome and are one of the few places where raytheon falls short to its competitors. The darts are longer than elite darts, but they still go into nerf magazines fine and fire through any blaster fine. (note: occasionally the raytheon toys dart's head will get jammed up in a magazine while your loading it, mostly with the 18 dart strait mags, and curved or banana style magazines. This isn't a big deal and usually the problem fixes itself, and if it doesn't just tap it a few times. But this only happens only one out of thirty reloads, so you barely even notice it, and i haven't had it cause a jam, when firing). The added length may slightly increaser performance giving more surface area for the flywheels to grab on to, and it will seal on the back of springer chambers slightly better. So no issues. The other biggest problem is the dumb tips, which i explained earlier. Despite these slight flaws i would rate these raytheon darts four stars and still use them even if they were the same price as elite darts, but their so much cheaper, so they're entitled to a solid five star rating (nerf elite darts are three given they're the par; if they weren't i'd give them two). I would recommend them to anyone (modder or five year old) who owns a nerf blaster. Another small but probably highly appreciated touch to moms, is the darts come in individually wrapped sets of ten. So you don't have to give your kid 300 nerf darts at once, but you can give them about four packages, enough for a normal nerf war. And keep the rest hidden away, unopened till the kids lose the darts you gave them earlier. If you've read up to here, thanks, and please rate helpful. . Update: i am amazed with how well the darts held up over time. This shows they were built with high quality glue and foam. After a twenty person three hour war, and over a dozen fights around the house (we nerf seriously and often) they look like new. I have yet to experience a jam with them regardless of the gun (we shot them out of every type of nerf gun conceivable, including a blowgun which i'm sure breaks 100 fps) and they almost never jam. I had purchased some nerf elite darts around the same time as these and after two fights, well everyone knows how notorious elite dart foam is. So, recap, they stood the test of time beyond my expectation (again). Also, i got a comment about another, probably better, theory about the dart head design. He claims that the inaccuracy caused by the tip is caused by air displacement. If you want to read more on this just check out the comment section and i'm sure you'll find it. But, none the less these nerf darts are far more accurate than nerf elite darts, and are continuing to amaze me past my first impression. If you've read this far, you are truly awesome. I don't think i would of, thanks. P. S. In order to provide the best information in my review as possible, i want to be interactive with fellow customers. Please leave a comment on anything concerning my review you want; especially criticism. Please let me know if there is anything unclear, or that i need to further clarify. And i'd really appreciate it if you rated this helpful. Thank you. P. P. S. I am consider a video version of this review, if you like the idea leave a comment.

Demolish your competition with the most accurate, safe & innovative nerf foam toy bullets now available on online store! are you tired of running out of ammo at the most crucial moment? do you constantly have to buy replacements for your low-quality, flimsy nerf foam darts? are you looking for an amazing mega-pack of foam toy bullets that will help you enjoy endless hours of shooting fun? presenting the raytheon toys premium nerf n-strike elite foam toy bullets mega-pack! this exclusive nerf pistol refill set contains 300 elite, safe and soft, blue and orange foam blasters, which will guarantee that you never run out of ammo again! why settle for low-quality, made in china, foam darts that break easily and ruin all the fun, when you can have the most durable and heavy-duty nerf shotgun bullets? universal compatibility & unmatched accuracy! rest assured that our awesome nerf foam bullets are compatible with almost every nerf gun you might have, due to their ideal dimensions (7. 2 x 1. 3cm)! in addition, there innovative foam darts are utilizing the advanced raytheon techtm technology that ensures maximum precision and sniper-like accuracy, by adding extra weight to the plastic tip! the perfect gift idea for children & adults! nerf guns are extremely popular both amongst children and adults, due to the unparalleled combat simulation experience and their safe design! your children or friends will surely appreciate this extreme mega-pack of foam toy darts, since they can blast and shoot without having to worry about empty magazines! your satisfaction is our 1 priority! we confidently back our exclusive 300-piece nerf dart set with an iron-clad, full refund guarantee! don't hesitate! indulge yourself! dominate the battlefield now! not compatible with the modulus esc 10.

Raytheon Toys Soft Darts Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Blasters, 300-PiecesRaytheon-Toys-N-Strike-Blasters-300-Pieces

Raytheon Toys Soft Darts Nerf N-strike Elite Series Blasters, 300-pieces (Darts_001) FAQ.

I bought this pack for the kids nerf wars. This last xmas, our kids received several different nerf guns, some half automatics and half of the pump action type. These closely resemble the standard nerf darts that come with the nerf guns. The major difference is that the head on these are a bit heavier and slightly longer. In theory this lets them fire with more stability. In practice i find that these just slightly better than the standard nerf darts, i find any dart in the gun fires with reasonable accuracy, for the pump actions and slightly worse for the automatics. I find that these malfunction at about the same rate as the standard nerf darts, about 1/100 with a pump and 1/50 with a auto. Would buy again. -Notice from Z. Paige, Sunderland

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These darts are way way way better than your average normal elite darts! stiffer foam so there is less jamming. These work well in almost every nerf blaster! now i will go over the pros and cons. . Pros:. Shoots better. Flies farther. Hits harder. Better price than normal elite darts. Rarely jams. Cons:. Hurts a little more. Sometimes if you use a flyweel blaster you need to pull the trigger way harder because of the stiff foam. Caution: always wear eyegear when using these darts. All in all, these darts rock. 10/10 would recommend.

Raytheon-toys-soft-darts-nerf-n-strike-elite-series-blasters,-300-pieces-(darts_001) set picture

- A. JoannaSo, while i consider us avid lovers of some serious nerf gun action in this home of six, i am by no means an expert on all things nerf. Therefore i would first like to thank the previous reviewers who let me know to take a chance in these! they are absolutely awesome! the first things i noticed about the darts upon receiving them is the quality and quantity for price are unbelievable! the raytheon bullets are hands down better quality than nerf. The foam is more dense, and less pliable than nerf, meaning they are less likely to get squished or mangled. They retain their shape better, and recover their original shape easier. The rubber end cap is ever so slightly longer than nerf's (which we like! ) and also a touch stronger or harder. We also prefer this. The shape and density of the end cap provides for better speed and harder impact. We absolutely wholeheartedly endorse those aspects, lol! my just turned eight year old was adamant that his zombie apocalypse guns only have the zombie darts in them. Despite mommy explaining the tactical and logistical disadvantages to this thought process, he was determined that be the case. The other two brothers, myself, daddy, and even his two year old sister were more than happy to capitalize on this idea and whoop up on him while frantically searching out only the green zombie bullets. We all very quickly discovered these were superior, left fabulous fun marks, irritated and pissed off everyone much quicker, and flew farther faster. Fast forward five days of owning these and infinite wars later, and he refuses to even acknowledge the existence of the zombie darts now! the boys sort through and preload their guns with "the darker orange, harder tipped ones. " before each fight, and prefer to never use the nerf bullets again. We will be stocking up on additional sets of these for sure! grateful for quality products, made affordable by great companies! we also have yet to have a tip one off or be pulled off by anyone (insert toddler and dogs names here. )

We opened 3 packages out of 30 so far. The first dart that was shot hit the target and the orange tip came off. The following 29 darts were just fine. I put a dab of glue & it was fixed. I wasn't concerned about the quality of them. I believe they are selling good quality nerf darts at an incredible price point. Honestly, i think they are better than the oe darts you can buy. Yes. My first dart fell apart. Still, i'm a realist. I won't let 1 dart foil the rating knowing that they are awesome darts. Buy the raytheon toys nerf darts with full confidence!

D. Denise, Tennessee

Brand :    raytheon toys
Weight :    0.75 pounds
  • Shoot with unparalleled precision & accuracy! - we have implemented the advanced, patented raytheon techtm technology to our elite foam bullets, adding more weight to the orange tip, thus providing you with extreme accuracy and maximum precision!
  • Enjoy safe & fun battles with your family! - the raytheon toys tested and approved nerf foam bullets are ideal for endless hours of battles due to their safe and innovative design! feel the adrenaline rush while battling with your friends or children and enjoy the slam fire action!
  • Never run out of ammo again! - now you can finally dominate the battlefield with the raytheon toys premium nerf gun foam toy bullets! this incredible mega-pack that contains 300 high-quality foam bullets will make sure that you never run out of ammunition again!
  • Smashing nerf fun or your money back! - we, believe that you and your children, deserve the most durable, accurate and fun nerf shotgun foam bullets! that's why we proudly back our premium product with a hassle-free 100% money back guarantee! enjoy the best simulated combat experience 100% risk-free!
  • Universal design for every nerf gun! - our amazing toy pistol foam darts have the ideal dimensions (7. 2 x 1. 3cm) and are compatible with the nerf n-strike elite rampage/retaliator series blasters and almost all of nerf guns available! rest assured that your nerf pistol will never jam and will always have a full magazine!
Price :    $17.99
Model :    Darts_001
Quantity :    1
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Nerf Modulus StockShot

The nerf modulus stockshot blaster converts from a blaster to a stock attachment. Use it on its own to blast into battle, or attach it to a nerf modulus blaster (sold separately) as an adjustable stock for extra stability. It converts easily so battlers can customize and adapt quickly as the battle or mission changes. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf Modulus StockShotNerf-C0389-Modulus-StockShot

Brand :    nerf
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    C0389
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Nerf Modulus StockShot available as-of ( Jun 2020 )
Price :    $14.99
  • 4-shot blaster fires 1 dart at a time
  • Attaches to nerf modulus blasters (each sold separately)
  • Converts from blaster to stock attachment
  • Includes blaster, 4 darts, and instructions

Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

I have this gun and the nerf elite strongarm. There are a number of other weapons throughout our office, so i've seen a bunch of these toys up close. . The nerf zombie strike hammershot blaster is a more elegant weapon than the others. It is very accurate (as far as nerf guns go), but has a bit shorter range than some of the others. The best part is the hammer, which allows you to fire the weapon with one hand. Aside from the possibility of dual wielding two of these, cocking the gun is very silent, and it is possible to "un-cock" the gun slowly if you change your mind about firing a shot. It also has an open chamber, which allows for faster reloading. . This is by far my favorite weapon. Although i might still use the strongarm for target contests.

When the zombies strike, you'll be prepped to double-tap them with the zombie strike hammershot blaster! quick-draw this 5-dart blaster and pull back the hammer to start firing zombie strike darts at your target. Reload fast, check for zombies and blast one-handed at them with the hammershot blaster! nerf and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot BlasterNerf-Zombie-Strike-Hammershot-Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster (HS-4097) FAQ.

I wanted to add my voice to the glowing reviews of this nerf gun. Though the hammer shot does not have the "muzzle velocity" of the strongarm, this is a more popular gun amongst my two nephews. The accuracy to about 8 feet is incredibly surprising. I had set up a few 2-3 inch targets, (toy figurines, dixie cups, lego figures) and from across the room small room (again, about 8-10 feet), this gun shoots straight and accurate. It is a little hard to single move back the hammer with one hand, but the fact that the revolving nerf chamber can be loaded without snapping it out (just face the gun upward and slide the darts in) makes it a formidable nerf war side arm. When you talk about the evolution of nerf multishot hand guns. The bar was set with the maverick. This was replaced by the strongarm. For longer ranges, and for nerf wars, i still prefer the strongarm, but the hammershot will do in a jiffy! . So far, this item has survived about 200 shots without damage, jams, or issues; so the mechanical aspects of the toy are holding up to wear and tear. This is a big deal because a nerf gun that breaks on the first night out, says a world of things that are negative and will have me sprinting to return the item! -Notice from E. Zelda, Stockport

Click to Show nerf zombie strike hammershot blaster (hs-4097) Details

Great product and good accuracy. The cylinder action is fantastic and has 5 shots that can be fired quickly. I like the large grip as this is more set up for adults i feel. I am the envy at work now. We do daily battles there.

Nerf-zombie-strike-hammershot-blaster-(hs-4097) set picture

- D. CortneyNever jams. The gun is really powerfull shoots 50-75 feet. This gun is good for target practicing. The problem is that my 3 year old had a hard time pressing and pushing the lever so it can shoot. The box said it was 8 plus. For me overall it was awesome easy for 10 year old to press the lever and fight rapid fire. The size is about 20 cm long and about 10 inches long. Just so you know the gun works on elite darts too even though its zombie strike darts

Very well designed, i'm always impressed by how solid the smaller nerf guns feel. It doesn't feel like it's hollow plastic at all, but feels like the entire thing is solid. The drum rotates well and is protected enough that even being banged around isn't going to knock it out of alignment and stop it from functioning. It has decent power among equivalent types of guns, and the drum depth is such that both the older bubble top darts and the newer zombie shot and n-strike elite darts work in it flawlessly. It allows rapid fire as well, where the hammer can be fanned while the trigger is held and each dart will be fired with the hammer snap instead. This works as both an interesting design element and a detriment however. The catch on the hammer isn't as solid as could be wanted, especially since the spring in the hammer is a little stronger than one would expect for a kids toy, so it's very easy to miss having the hammer catch and latch and end up half-firing a dart unexpectedly. The spring strength in the hammer is actually enough that some adult friends of mine have trouble pulling the hammer back with their thumb on the same hand they're holding the gun with, meaning this is likely a 2 hand use gun for children and some adults. The grip is big enough that it feels like a thick but shorter grip of a real gun and it may present some problems to young children because of it's size. . Of particular design comparison is the fact that the drum rotation mechanism is not tied to a dart firing like it is in many other guns of this type. This means that even if you have an empty slot in the drum, it will still rotate to the next drum position when fired. Despite the sturdy and great drum mechanisms built into this gun, it can thankfully still be rotated by hand in either direction without apparently ill effect to the internal mechanism.

C. Arnett, Georgia

Brand :    nerf
Color :    Orange
Size :    Standard
Weight :    1.21 pounds
Model :    A4325
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Made using safe materials
  • Hammershot blaster has hammer-action blasting
  • Holds 5 zombie strike darts
  • High quality toys for children all ages
  • Tested for quality and durability
Price :    $13.96
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster available as-of ( Jun 2020 )

nerf n-strike elite disruptor Price : 12.99, was : 0 as 2017-04-10
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Nerf N-strike Elite Disruptor (b9837) Reviewed by on

Top nerf n-strike elite disruptor (b9837) Content

The F.A.Q. for nerf n-strike elite disruptor

A nice sidearm blaster, it fixes one of the cylinder issues with the strongarm, you don't have to pop the cylinder out to load it. I like it enough that i gave up my strongarm and hammershot and now this is my favorite sidearm for elite darts

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Is it only 6 darts all cup darts or non cup darts

(1) Question: Is this nerf gun compatible with the suction cup darts?

(note) Question: where/how to get Nerf (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Nerf's products

Blasters & Foam Play 1100117232, Sports & Outdoor Play 110024661, Toys & Games 110397561Top Nerf N-strike Elite Disruptor (b9837) FAQ Content

Best nerf n-strike elite disruptor (b9837) in review

Great secondary-class blaster-much easier to reload than a strongarm, and the slam-fire is lethal when you find a tight grouping of enemies. I'm taking one star off for the slight (but persistent) feeling of fragility i get when handling one of these-i hate to bag on something for just feeling like it's going to break, when it's not yet done so, but the fact remains that even though it performs well for what it is, i can't help feeling like it should be a little more solidly built. Despite that, still a great gun, especially for close-quarters, like house parties, or places with tons of cover, where sneaking up to close range is an option.

U. Cortney, Slough

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  1. Extras: The Flash Action Figure Snaps Into The Wheel And Rolls. The Flash Looks Like He Is Running At Super Speed.
Shopping Fisher-price Imaginext Dc Super Friends, Flash Action Figure (Toys And Games) Dht70 Fisher-price Imaginext Dc Super Friends, Flash Action Figure

J. Elida, Wisconsin says

Love it. One of the best nerf pistols. Easy to load, dart speed it a bit average, but it can be pretty accurate with the accustrike darts.

R. Judith, California

Not much to say its a strongarm reshell but a good one performs well and looks pretty good its like a barrackade and maverick fused together without the gimmick of the cylinder popping out

I. Hadley, Ohio says

This thing is amazing! . For cubicle warfare, it doesn't get much better! . We have the strongarm, triad, hammer shot, and a few different rifles, i like this one better than all of those. The only one i like better is the rival series, but we don't have as much ammo for those so i stuck with classic nerf. Anyway, it's accurate, powerful, and the slam fire double tap feature is amazing! highly recommended and worth every penny!

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