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Price was $58.10. I bought this because it looked fun to muck around with and i definitely am having fun with it. The batteries give it that added weight which makes it feel quite solid, nicely the barrel area too. It is fairly accurate for an automatic nerf gun compared to most. There's always a stray bullet or 2 which go off sometimes, but for the most part its quite accurate and packs more of a punch than previous battery operated nerf guns. I also tried attaching a barrel extension to test its effects. Unlike other models, it actually does make it more accurate, with little compromise on power and distance. . I did go through the negative reviews for this one and the complaints are mostly related to jamming. The gun does jam here and there, perhaps once per clip on average, which is why i gave it 4 stars and not 5. However, unlike other nerf guns, the jam doesn't damage the darts and is very easy and quick to clear. What happens in the jam is, the lever doesn't push the dart far enough into the flywheel mechanism, causing the dart to get caught between the clip and the flywheels. There's nothing tedious like removing the clip and prying the jammed dart out. All you have to do is open the jam door, and slide the dart back into the clip and you're back up again. The jam door is fairly large too so your fingers can get in real easy. Not much of a hassle in my opinion. I've had no issues other than that. This is definitely a fun little thing to have.

-X. Colleen

Nerf N Strike Rapidstrike Blaster Colors (Nerf) The Nerf N-strike Elite Rapidstrike Cs-18 Blaster Delivers Elite Distance In A Streamlined, Lightweight Design That’s Made For Maximum Mission Mobility. This Nerf N-strike Elite Motorized Toys And Games

  1. Addition: Made Using Safe Materials.
  2. Addition: Tested For Quality And Durability.

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I purchased this for my daughter who has been having quite a few nerf wars with her buddies. I think this one holds 18 darts at a time. It shoots well- was perfect for a party where she took on the school's 5th grade teachers! all her friends have different guns, but this one seems to be one of the best. Very happy with this product. Best Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster (Colors may vary) as-of ( Oct 2021 ) | Hasbro-Toys And Games Review Addition Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster (Colors may vary) High quality toys for children all ages. Made using safe materials. Tested for quality and durability. The rapidstrike cs-18 blaster holds 18 elite darts. Acceleration trigger powers up the motor for rapid firing. Fires elite darts up to 75 feet. Clip holds 12 darts and is see-through for instant firepower checks. Elite darts work with any n-strike elite blaster and most original n-strike blasters (sold separately). Colors may vary .

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster Colors may vary Review (A3901)

Couple of things to talk about:. . 1) this is the elite version of the nerf stampede; so it is fully automatic. Compared to the nerf stampede, it is much, much lighter as it only requires 4 c batteries rather than 6 d batteries. Weight distribution is slightly towards the front as that's where the battery tray is located. . 2) this blaster uses a flywheel mechanism rather than a plunger system, so your darts will not get too damaged after repeated usage. It definitely is the elite version of the stampede. No frayed darts after much usage. . 3) like all flywheel blasters, you can mod it by increasing the voltage. This will increase the rate of fire (rof) and increase range a bit. Beware that there are thermo-resistors, so the blaster will shut down if the flywheels are revving for long periods; especially if you increase the voltage to anything higher than 8 volts. . 4) the 18 dart clear clip; while it's nice to see how many darts you have left, it's also very visible to you opponents. This wasn't an issue with the older, solid orange clips of the same size. If you want to know how much darts you have left, it's better to spray paint or cover the sides and front of the clip, that way only the rear portion is visible to you. Also, the clear clip is a bit loose when inserted into the blaster compared to the older clips. I don't know if mine is a defective one or not, but when i wiggle the blaster side-to-side, the clip wiggles around loosely. The older clips and drum magazines don't shake compared to the clear one. . 5) love the aesthetics of the blaster itself and it's tactical rails. Makes it seem more "realistic" and you can attach any accessories that uses the n-strike rail attachment system. The adjustable stock was surprisingly comfortable and sturdy. I just wish there were more than 2 settings - fully collapsed or fully extended. . Only con about it is that the handle is a bit small. I'm not that big of a guy, 5' 6' only, so my hands aren't huge like some people; but the back part of the handle digs into my hand a bit, especially the sling mount on the handle. . Overall, the best flywheel blaster hasbro has put out so far. -M. Melissa

Nerf N-strike Elite Rapidstrike Cs-18 Blaster Colors May Vary

  1. Rank: Toy
  2. Brand: Nerf
  3. EAN: 0794628131078
  4. Product Dimensions:
    Height:12.01 inches
    Length:3.50 inches
    Weight:5..5 pounds
    Width:24.02 inches
  5. ItemPart/Serial Number: 7070000
  6. LegalDisclaimer: Not Sent To Russia
  7. Manufacturer: Hasbro
  8. Recommended Max-Age: 1188
  9. Suggested Min-Age: 96
  10. Model: A3901
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  13. Part/Serial Number: A3901
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  17. Product-Name: Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster (Colors May Vary)
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Toy(885135865157:Toys And Games), Nerf N-strike Elite Rapidstrike Cs-18 Blaster Colors May Vary (0794628131078:Nerf), the nerf n-strike elite rapidstrike cs-18 blaster delivers elite distance in a streamlined, lightweight design that's made for maximum mission mobility. this nerf n-strike elite motorized blaster comes with 18 elite darts in a see-through clip. with just one pull of the trigger, you can deliver an all-out blitz of motorized, rapid firepower. hold the acceleration trigger to power up the motor, then pull the launch trigger to let the darts fly fast and far. view larger take full advantage of the elite firing distance as you blast the darts up to 75 feet. view larger features motorized rapid-fire blasting that is unleashed with just a pull of the trigger, sending the elite darts flying at a rate of up to 3. 2 darts per second. view larger motorized rapid-fire blasting view larger elite features. view larger ready, aim, blast! view larger features: blaster fires darts up to 75 feetsee-through clip for instant dart checkblaster is compatible with nerf mission app tactical rail mount (not included)ages 8 and uprequires 4 c size alkaline batteries (not included)includes rapidstrike cs-18 blaster, 18-dart see-through clip, 18 elite darts, and instructions.

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I got tired of getting tagged up by the local kids, so i came home with this and taught them a lesson - with one in each hand - muahahaha! i am the envy of the block right now. Hahaha! . One comment - often the first one (dart) jams with a completely full clip. Maybe the spring will relax over time with use. Otherwise - its great!

Nerf N-strike Elite Rapidstrike Cs-18 Blaster Colors May Vary (Toys And Games) A3901
Click to see NoticeNerf N-strike Elite Rapidstrike Cs-18 Blaster Colors May Vary (A3901)"It's like a gun, except you get in much less trouble when you fire it at children! in all seriousness, it's fairly well built, fires pretty fast, but it will jam easily if your darts are a little too squished."

Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

 completely awesome! it is a bit heavy for an 8 year old and the jam cleaning door is hard to open. Please watch the video.

Take aim with the hyperfire blaster and challenge opponents with ultimate speed! it's the fastest motorized nerf dart blaster, unleashing 5 darts per second to rain down a deluge of darts onto targets! with its 25-dart drum, this nerf n-strike elite blaster brings impressive firepower to the battle. It fires darts up 90 feet (27 meters). Press the acceleration button, pull the trigger, and let the rapid-fire action begin! comes with 25 elite darts. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire BlasterNerf-N-Strike-Elite-HyperFire-Blaster

See Nerf N-strike Elite Hyperfire Blaster (B5573) FAQ.

We been eyeing this gun on youtubes videos. And when i say "we" i mean the hubs. Kids play nerf free for all in the house and this is what the hubs wants. Fast, and it hurts at close range shots. Lol. -Notice from Q. Weber, Hartlepool

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A walmart exclusive first released at $50 (consider checking if it is still in stock on their website), competitor to the nerf rapidstrike, which most nerfers will undoubtedly compare this to. Nerf/hasbro's famed rapidstrike would comparably be the closest fully-automatic cs (clip system blaster) to the hyperfire with the exception of the rhinofire. Being a cs blaster, the hyperfire is compatible to other nerf magazine or drum-fed blasters, like the 25 dart drum that comes with this blaster. This drum upon inspection is actually different-looking and seems to work better than the older 25 dart drums that came with other elite nerf blasters. The hyperfire has cool design cues reminiscent of some fantasy video games and real life firearms. Most kids should find this easy to hold because the thumb hole handle grip is on the small side, but adults with larger hands may find this awkward and uncomfortable. The acceleration trigger is conveniently placed in fairly close proximity behind the magazine release trigger, a plus or a con, depending how the user manages the blaster (he or she may accidentally eject his or her magazine or drum). The blaster is sort of heavy but somewhat balanced due to the 4 d batteries (not included) being located in the back of the blaster within the shoulder stock, which has a nice cheek-rest. Looking at the only tactical rail on the blaster, it is apparent that the attachment point is small and almost guarantees that you will need to take off whatever attachment you put on in order to fix a jam because it is so close to the jam door. If it is of any concern, there are several sling mounts on this blaster. The hyperfire is compatible with any standard-sized elite nerf darts (blue, green, white, orange, and decorated rebelle darts). The hyperfire boasts the highest dart-per-second (dps) rating of 5. That means for every second at peak rev, you shot 5 darts. That also means that you have pretty much emptied the entire 25-dart drum by the time it takes the average person to finish reading to the end of this sentence. I have tested this blaster, and yes, it fits drac's (a prominent nerf blaster guru) description of it being a "dart-hose. " but how does it a hive this? my examination of the dart-feeding mechanism yields that there is a conveyor belt under the jam door. Well technically, it is in the jam access door. This suggests that as the belt turns, short tabs on the belt snag the darts and push them towards the flywheels. Upon contact with the spinning flywheels the dart is propelled, which bobololo (another nerf blaster guru) has indicated that the hyperfire makes use of canted (angled) flywheels, which uses slightly off-angled flywheels to put a spin on the darts. This spin is perfect for the stock setup, but for modders who want to use higher-voltage/amperage batteries, it may be a challenge. There are several reasons why modding this blaster will not be easy, but i will keep it simple with 3 of the more prominent reasons: 1. ) the conveyor belt design feeding mechanism is ineffective at a higher speed rpm (rotations per minute) than what it was designed to operate at and may also need extensions on it's tiny arms or "nubs" that only scrape the top of the base of the darts. Also, it will eventually need to be replaced (it is made of mortal rubber after all, and time will inevitably cause it to become brittle and break) and the availability of replacement parts will be doubtful unless there is an aftermarket company willing to make them. 2. ) the canted flywheel spin the dart and the elite nerf dart design tends to spin out of control at higher rpm, interrupting the stability of flight, resulting in inaccurate and shorter distances. 3. ) the internals have surprisingly little to no space to do anything in the more important areas (like around the acceleration/ rev trigger) despite being a bulky blaster with lots of space in unimportant places (like the lower front grip). Finally, like coop (yet another nerf blaster guru), i have a prochrono digital chronograph which i use to measure the speed of the darts fired from the hyperfire, traveling at an average of 72 feet per second (fps) at peak of rev, stock. The fps of each dart at maximum dps would naturally be weaker, that is, in the mid-60 fps range if you hold down the triggers and let the foam fly. Now, with 3 imrs or lipo or li-ion batteries, and 4 aa to d adapters and a dummy spacer slot, i found that the average fps jumped to 96 fps and what could have been 8 dps (not officially sure but for that second it was a blur and there were 8 darts on the ground) at peak rev without any other modifications. All 3 of the aforementioned nerf gurus have warned of potential jamming issues with the use of old or misshapen darts because of the short nubs on the conveyor-belt feeding mechanism missing the scrawny or thinner dart as a natural result of being stepped on or overused. From my personal experience, i did not have to open the jam door to clear a jam while using several different aftermarket darts of varying conditions, but the hyperfire did stumble a few times during the chronograph testing (i had to bump it a bit with my hand for it to work after nothing was coming out). As an update, i removed the two thermistors (thermal resistors; for you beginner modders, they look like micro yellow m&m's on the circuit board and are considered electronic locks that seize up at a certain temperature, and they also restrict current). While i did not find much more improvement than before the thermistor removal, i did notice that it jammed less frequently. In conclusion, i think the hyperfire lives up to it's hype, and is a great candidate for walmart's best exclusive blaster to date. Time and durability will be the ultimate judge of this though, and i will continue to update this review if i encounter any problems that i feel may change my generous 5-star rating. If you are wondering why my 25-dart drum's face is white, it is because i painted it to look different and not because it is a different model.

Nerf-n-strike-elite-hyperfire-blaster-(b5573) set picture

- H. HeidiI bought this gun to nerf battle with my son. He has one that is a couple of years old but still automatic fire. This one shoots significantly faster and is actually rather accurate. The drum takes a bit to load so it might help to have another period the weight of the gun is significant it does not feel like a cheap piece of junk. We have played hard with it already and thrown it around and it is still working just fine. It works with the standard nerf darts and it does accept all of the other clips that we have for that size.

What a fun blaster to add to my collection! i tell myself i collect them so i can have fun when the nieces and nephews come over, but we all know it's for me (i'm 31. Lol). I look forward to modding this blaster with some li-po cells and a rewire to reduce the motor lag. Don't get me wrong, it's still a pretty fast nerf blaster, but there's some significant torque slowing in the motors after the first few shots.

C. Candy, Southampton

Brand :    nerf
Color :    Multicolor
Weight :    8.00 pounds
Model :    B5573
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Comes with 25 elite darts
  • 25-dart drum
  • Fires up to 5 darts per second with fresh batteries
  • Fires darts up to 90 feet (27 meters)
  • Includes blaster, 25-dart drum, 25 darts, and instructions.
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series 75-Dart Refill

Think about it:. . You buy soap on online store? subscription. Deodorant? subscription. Water filters? subscription. . It should be no different for nerf darts. Just as with cosmetics items, these are depleted with use, need to be replenished regularly, and are essential for a visit to your in-laws. . In closing, please make these available as a subscription purchase.

N-strike warriors lose when they run out of ammo, and there's no better way to load up on firepower than this refill pack of 75 n-strike elite darts! these darts work with any n-strike elite blaster and most original n-strike blasters (sold separately), so whatever your blaster of choice, ammo up with the refill pack!

Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series 75-Dart RefillOfficial-Nerf-N-Strike-75-Dart-Refill

See Official Nerf N-strike Elite Series 75-dart Refill (A0313F01) FAQ.

Great value! i saw a review or two stating that these are not real n-strike elite nerf darts because they came in a couple of bags inside a box instead of the packaging you would find at the store. This is untrue. These are the real n-strike elite darts that you receive with the purchase of any new blaster. The box they come in has hasbro printing and upc codes on it. The darts come in 3 professionally sealed bags of 25pcs per bag. The reason the packaging doesnt have colored nerf printing and colored photos of the product or kids playing with the product on the box is because there is no reason to advertise on the box as it is not available for purchase on store shelves. . My son was super excited to pop these suckers in his blasters as soon as i brought the package inside. I have to admit i was excited myself. No more counting darts and trying to track them every single time you fire. Now he has plenty to spare which is great since our dog loves to chase them down and bring them back sometimes crushed or with teeth marks which usually ruins them. . The darts worked perfectly as expected without any defects and i am very happy with the purchase. . I would recommend this product to anyone with a nerf blaster that shoots elite darts. -Notice from L. Rhonda, Victoria

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These were a much better quality than some off brands (below is my review of some others i bought). They were a little pricier for a bit less, so if you are looking for cheap, than buy some others. I will pay a little extra in the future for the nerf darts. . Review of other darts:. . "darts did not glow, and they did not fit all of our nerf guns. We had a nerf war birthday party and out of the hundred, approx 10 out of the 100 lost their tips at some point in the battle. We also had over 100 official nerf darts, and not one lost their tip. . I will say, i'm not sure if it was the firmness of the foam, or maybe the girth, but some of the guns wouldn't fire the bullets at all (they would get stuck). While some, they actually seemed to fire better; further and harder (if that is a good thing for you). . Overall it was not a bad value since we were needing so many darts, but they are definitely not nerf quality when it comes to durability. They served the purpose we needed though, cheap and fun. "

Official-nerf-n-strike-elite-series-75-dart-refill-(a0313f01) set picture

- V. BullockAs the nerf rebelle series grows ever more popular with girls in our neighborhood, the need for a steady supply of darts has become obvious. Purchasing the "official" rebelle darts is, of course, an option - but an expensive one at that. That's where the blue/orange n-strike darts come in. They are totally perfect for everyday nerf battles in the backyards that link all of the neighborhood kids, and the price is right even if some are lost over a fence in those epic conflicts. I recommend saving your money and buying these larger sets of n-strike darts for arming your youths with squishy, nerf-tastic ammunition.

So you're having your usual office nerf fight, and suddenly it occurs to you - there's no ammo! the wounded are scrounging in the aisles for loose darts to stuff into their jolts and mavericks. That one guy three cubes down is hoarding while his team gets driven back. Your buddy across the room is being mercilessly pelted because he has no foam projectiles left. The cute girl from hr is looking at you disdainfully, no doubt because of your empty gun. Something has to change. . That's where this bad boy comes in. You yank it out of your filing cabinet, rip it open, and let out a primal roar as the beautiful, crisp elite darts explode into the air. Your adversaries tremble as you rise up, fully loaded, and stare them down with the menacing confidence only a full weapon can provide. . After the carnage is over and you find yourself atop a pile of your vanquished foes with a beautiful woman on one arm and a promotion in the other, you'll realize the value of your purchase. This is the secret to success in the modern tech office. Use your power wisely.

E. Donna, Baden-Wuerttemberg

  • Nerf or nothin'!
  • Refill pack includes 75 official nerf elite darts
  • Official nerf darts - tested and approved for performance and quality
  • Darts are compatible with nerf elite blasters and most original n-strike blasters (sold separately)
Brand :    nerf
Size :    Standard
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    A0313F01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series 75-Dart Refill available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series 100-Dart Refill

Two year old loves them. I myself think they are definitely quality darts. I can also attest to the little buggers traveling distance being of exceptional length. That thing flew from the living room all the way to the kitchen, pegged me in the cheek and landed in my dish water. For goodness sake they can fly!

N-strike warriors lose when they run out of ammo, so load up on firepower with this refill pack of 100 n-strike elite darts! they work with any n-strike elite blaster and most original n-strike blasters (sold separately). Ammo up with the 100-dart refill pack! nerf and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series 100-Dart RefillOfficial-Nerf-N-Strike-100-Dart-Refill

See Official Nerf N-strike Elite Series 100-dart Refill (B1565F01) FAQ.

These were legitimate nerf darts/bullets. I say this because it appears that after reading multiple reviews on some of the other darts, there are some imposters out there that are not as sturdy regarding the foam part and the tips are hard rubber. These turned out to be actual nerf darts, just like the ones we received with gun purchases. -Notice from A. Pearson, Southend-on-Sea

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Kids dont need to stop to pick up darts only to waste time looking for a couple missing ones. Buy them this big old arsenal and gets games back on track quicker and buy extra clips for their guns as well. Im 24 and i play darts with my neices and nephew and we know how to make things happen we have blasts of fun with these things

Official-nerf-n-strike-elite-series-100-dart-refill-(b1565f01) set picture

- L. WatsonSo here's the deal, i work in a group home and we use nerf "launchers" as a fun activity with the kids to ease the stress of the house at times. I bought these because our darts are always getting lost and we go through a lot of them. These fit all of our standard launchers and hold up fine and the price is way better than buying them in a store.

Lots of people have been shot with this darts. Only one injury has been sustained in their use when the grand mother attempted to take cover and hit her head off a metal chair.

W. Cassella, Hampshire

Brand :    nerf
Weight :    0.35 pounds
  • Darts are compatible with nerf elite blasters and most original n-strike blasters (sold separately)
  • Nerf or nothin'!
  • Official nerf darts - tested and approved for performance and quality
  • Refill pack includes 100 official nerf elite darts
Model :    B1565F01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series 100-Dart Refill available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Speed and mobility are yours with the quick-draw fast firing of the strongarm blaster! it has the same long-range power as other n-strike elite blasters (sold separately), firing the 6 elite darts up to 90 feet. Hold the trigger down and pump the slam fire handle repeatedly to rapid-fire all 6 of your darts at your target! loading is easy and quick with the flip-open rotating barrel, and you can attach most n-strike accessories (sold separately) to the blaster's tactical rail for even more battle advantage. Add the strongarm blaster to your arsenal and unleash a storm of darts at your target! nerf and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm BlasterNerf-N-Strike-Elite-Strongarm-Blaster

  • Slam fire slide lets you rapid-fire all 6 included elite darts
  • Elite darts work with any elite blaster and most n-strike blasters (sold separately)
  • Strongarm blaster holds 6 elite darts and fires darts up to 90 feet
  • Rotating barrel flips open for easy loading
  • Blaster colors may vary
Brand :    nerf
Model :    36033F01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Raytheon Toys Soft Darts Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Blasters, 300-Pieces

These darts are way way way better than your average normal elite darts! stiffer foam so there is less jamming. These work well in almost every nerf blaster! now i will go over the pros and cons. . Pros:. Shoots better. Flies farther. Hits harder. Better price than normal elite darts. Rarely jams. Cons:. Hurts a little more. Sometimes if you use a flyweel blaster you need to pull the trigger way harder because of the stiff foam. Caution: always wear eyegear when using these darts. All in all, these darts rock. 10/10 would recommend.

Demolish your competition with the most accurate, safe & innovative nerf foam toy bullets now available on online store! are you tired of running out of ammo at the most crucial moment? do you constantly have to buy replacements for your low-quality, flimsy nerf foam darts? are you looking for an amazing mega-pack of foam toy bullets that will help you enjoy endless hours of shooting fun? presenting the raytheon toys premium nerf n-strike elite foam toy bullets mega-pack! this exclusive nerf pistol refill set contains 300 elite, safe and soft, blue and orange foam blasters, which will guarantee that you never run out of ammo again! why settle for low-quality, made in china, foam darts that break easily and ruin all the fun, when you can have the most durable and heavy-duty nerf shotgun bullets? universal compatibility & unmatched accuracy! rest assured that our awesome nerf foam bullets are compatible with almost every nerf gun you might have, due to their ideal dimensions (7. 2 x 1. 3cm)! in addition, there innovative foam darts are utilizing the advanced raytheon techtm technology that ensures maximum precision and sniper-like accuracy, by adding extra weight to the plastic tip! the perfect gift idea for children & adults! nerf guns are extremely popular both amongst children and adults, due to the unparalleled combat simulation experience and their safe design! your children or friends will surely appreciate this extreme mega-pack of foam toy darts, since they can blast and shoot without having to worry about empty magazines! your satisfaction is our 1 priority! we confidently back our exclusive 300-piece nerf dart set with an iron-clad, full refund guarantee! don't hesitate! indulge yourself! dominate the battlefield now! not compatible with the modulus esc 10.

Raytheon Toys Soft Darts Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Blasters, 300-PiecesRaytheon-Toys-N-Strike-Blasters-300-Pieces

See Raytheon Toys Soft Darts Nerf N-strike Elite Series Blasters, 300-pieces (Darts_001) FAQ.

These darts are amazing. We were unsure if these darts would work as well as the nerf brand, but christmas morning was the test. Our family had an all-out nerf war and these darts actually held up better than the nerf darts. The nerf ones began to bend and break after about 20 minutes and these raytheon darts didn't have any problems at all. The orange tips held up perfectly as well. We have 5 different nerf guns/blasters and these raytheon darts fit in every single one. Also, the price of these darts is far cheaper than the nerf versions (and hold up better). We are extremely happy with this purchase and will be buying more (when needed). -Notice from K. Janice, Minnesota

Click to Show raytheon toys soft darts nerf n-strike elite series blasters, 300-pieces (darts_001) Details

Word of warning: this review is more a compliment of "data" and observations i have collected over the last five months. I am a avid nerfer "for lack of a less cheesy term" and have shot these darts through every conceivable action (type) of nerf "blaster"; including but not limited to a modified longstrike, the slingfire, the hyperfire, the stryfe (my personal favorite, and universally considered the best and most practical nerf blaster ever made), the hammershot, the strongarm, the silentstrike (a nerf blowgun) even the air warriors destiny (the only off brand nerf blaster i have ever purchased, and if you've ever fired one, you'd see why), and over a dozen others that aren't worth mentioning. In short, i was skeptical about buying these darts, but given the price, i tried them out figuring even if they fall apart after the third shot, it would still be worth it. I was amazed at the quality of the darts and their performance. In this review, i go over how the dart is designed and the quality of materials used, i explain how it relates to the performance, and i go over the price per dart. Through out the review, i am always comparing the dart to the nerf elite dart, which is standard with all nerf brand dart blaster, and is more or less the current standard for darts. Coincidently, they suck, nearly any design is superior to the elite dart. I literally tear these darts apart throughout my review to show the darts inside out. My opinion is completely based on what i have learned and experienced with both darts, being based almost entirely on data. . Pictures: i apologize for the confusing order, the pictures uploaded wrong. First picture, i compare the raytheon toys dart head (orange) to an elite dart head (black) from the doomlands line. Raytheon has patented their head design which i talk about later. The second and third pictures show the difference in foam density. The white foam is from a nerf elite dart from the modulus line, and the blue foam is from a raytheon toys dart. Denser foam helps the dart keep its shape longer, makes it less susceptible to jamming, and creates a better air seal. The fourth and fifth pictures are showing the difference in dart length. This has minimal effect on performance, but is worth noting as it is one of the way to tell the darts apart when the elite dart is blue (more on that in the end). The final two pictures show the two part head stage of the two darts (raytheon and elite). It was difficult to split the actual head from the plug (for lack of better term) on the elite dart, but on the raytheon toys dart they separate relatively easily, even when the entire head is still connected to the foam. The plug alone on the raytheon toys dart is more aerodynamic than the head on it, resulting in really good accuracy; most notably through a blowgun. Although it improves performance to the dart, don't do it if your planning on firing the darts through flywheels, as the dart is too short for the wheels to grab. But when shot through spring powered nerf blasters, have at it. . (note: the body is the oldest part in my review. Most of it was written in september 2016 when i first bought the darts. I am leaving it almost entirely intact (even though parts of it are slightly off) because it shows how little my opinion of the darts has changed over five months of continuous use. (continuous meaning 4-8 hours of nerf battles a week, with our formable arsenal). ). . There are three things that makes a nerf dart perform good, cost aside (i'll get back to that later); dart tip, foam, and adhesive to connect the two. The nerf elite darts set the par for the three. The foam on the nerf elite darts is solid at first but wears down over time. The glue on nerf elite darts is very solid and consistent. The head on nerf elite darts, however, is inherently flawed. There is a hole on the side that are supposed to act as air release holes when the dart makes contact providing cushioning so someone doesn't blow out an eye. However, this hole causes the dart to swerve off in a random direction after about twenty feet (due to air resistance). So its not the blaster thats inaccurate, its the dart. Now, nerf elite darts are currently retailing for twenty u. S. Dollars for only 75 darts (price varying on when and where you get them). Thats over 26 cents per dart (which sounds reasonable till you think of it in terms of quarters, and what your getting). Which we all know, you have a 25% chance of loosing after the first "nerf gun fight. " now for raytheon toys, that roughly same twenty dollars will get you 300 darts, (a 400% increase of darts, for the same amount of money). Now, first with the dart tip on the raytheon darts. They are made of a very hard rubber, on the verge of plastic. However, it still has the dumb air release hole! so the accuracy is still comparable to that of nerf elite darts. However, the dart tip, and the whole dart in general, is heaver than nerf darts. So the grouping of nerf elite at twenty feet is about the same as the raytheon dart at 40 feet. Simple inertia, if you don't understand it, just google it or talk to any seventh grader in science. The heavier dart tip, however will not affect the range. Although you will notice a slight decrease in muzzle velocity, the same amount of energy is being put into the dart (some more physics), so it will travel about the same range (if muzzle velocity or how hard the nerf blaster shoots is the issue, then just google "how to mod the nerf. (insert name of blaster here). " and crank it up (the blaster). Velocity can be easily fixed, how accuracy relies on the dart entirely, and theres not much you can do). Some may like the heavier tip, others may not. I'm personally neutral. So in conclusion, the tip is heavy, still with a dumb hole, and hard (only a concern with little kids). Its not entire rubber, or entirely plastic, it's somewhere in between, so they hurt slightly more, but most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Due to the hardness of the rubber, it should be able to last longer than nerf elite darts. (note: the dart head is the last part you have to worry about wearing out. ). . Next, the glue. It is awesome. I was expecting inconsistent glue due to cheap manufacturing. But this glue is great. It has a great seal and shoots through springers (spring powered nerf guns) like a dream. The glue is so good that it overcompensates for the weight and when shot through a springer has a higher muzzle velocity than nerf elite darts. Since the glue has such a good seal, it probably will hold together for a very long time. The glue, i would say three times better than expected. (revision: i don't think there is any glue, the tip has this part that sticks out the back, that has these grooves. My theory is, these grooves act as o-rings ish, and seal the air. The tip is held in by melted foam, and friction. This, is what i'm assuming is the "raytheon tech, " that they have recently started advertising and claimed to have patented. So probably no or very little glue, so even better. I am leaving up the original paragraph because that was my first impression, and it shows you how fantastic this design is. It took me firing these darts a good three months nonstop, to where i finally jammed two in a slingfire (which was the blaster not the darts) and they were shredded, for me to figure this out. You can see this in the pictures. This groove system is also where most of the weight of the dart is. ). Finally the foam. It is stiffer than nerf elite dart foam. Haven't had a jam yet. Seals good, and seems like it'll hold up a while. It is also part of the excellent seal. Stiff foam is also a major part of good flywheel performance. (revision: check out the pictures of the darts see the density of the foam, the raytheon toys is slightly denser (more foam, less air) than the elite darts, and it seems that raytheon does a better job melting the inner diameter foam of the dart of the foam than the nerf does on the elite darts. This seals the air better. It is also worth noting that the foam alone is almost entirely holding the dart head, which means it is strong enough to withstand considerable pressure, and still work great. ). . And for cost. Now, i bought 300 raytheon darts for about 16 u. S. Dollars. (revision: at this date my prices of the raytheon toys darts are slightly off, although they have fluctuated in price, they seem steady now around 19. 99 dollars. Thats about 6. 66 cents per dart. ) that boils down to 5. 34 cents per dart. About just over fifth the 26. 67 cents per nerf dart. (75 elite darts for 20 dollars). Although, i have seen the price vary on these darts from 15-50 u. S. Dollars per 300 raytheon darts, whenever its under thirty dollars per 300, they're totally worth it. . Now, for side notes, final thoughts, and gripes. First, the gripes. They are the same color as 90% of the other nerf elite darts out there. And they look so similar in design that you can't tell the difference until they're in your hand (or you have sorted through them enough to tell the difference in the shade of the head). That is a dumb idea. Most people don't care, but if you do, you will almost certainly get nerf elite darts mixed up with your raytheon darts and vice versa. Different foam color options would be awesome and are one of the few places where raytheon falls short to its competitors. The darts are longer than elite darts, but they still go into nerf magazines fine and fire through any blaster fine. (note: occasionally the raytheon toys dart's head will get jammed up in a magazine while your loading it, mostly with the 18 dart strait mags, and curved or banana style magazines. This isn't a big deal and usually the problem fixes itself, and if it doesn't just tap it a few times. But this only happens only one out of thirty reloads, so you barely even notice it, and i haven't had it cause a jam, when firing). The added length may slightly increaser performance giving more surface area for the flywheels to grab on to, and it will seal on the back of springer chambers slightly better. So no issues. The other biggest problem is the dumb tips, which i explained earlier. Despite these slight flaws i would rate these raytheon darts four stars and still use them even if they were the same price as elite darts, but their so much cheaper, so they're entitled to a solid five star rating (nerf elite darts are three given they're the par; if they weren't i'd give them two). I would recommend them to anyone (modder or five year old) who owns a nerf blaster. Another small but probably highly appreciated touch to moms, is the darts come in individually wrapped sets of ten. So you don't have to give your kid 300 nerf darts at once, but you can give them about four packages, enough for a normal nerf war. And keep the rest hidden away, unopened till the kids lose the darts you gave them earlier. If you've read up to here, thanks, and please rate helpful. . Update: i am amazed with how well the darts held up over time. This shows they were built with high quality glue and foam. After a twenty person three hour war, and over a dozen fights around the house (we nerf seriously and often) they look like new. I have yet to experience a jam with them regardless of the gun (we shot them out of every type of nerf gun conceivable, including a blowgun which i'm sure breaks 100 fps) and they almost never jam. I had purchased some nerf elite darts around the same time as these and after two fights, well everyone knows how notorious elite dart foam is. So, recap, they stood the test of time beyond my expectation (again). Also, i got a comment about another, probably better, theory about the dart head design. He claims that the inaccuracy caused by the tip is caused by air displacement. If you want to read more on this just check out the comment section and i'm sure you'll find it. But, none the less these nerf darts are far more accurate than nerf elite darts, and are continuing to amaze me past my first impression. If you've read this far, you are truly awesome. I don't think i would of, thanks. P. S. In order to provide the best information in my review as possible, i want to be interactive with fellow customers. Please leave a comment on anything concerning my review you want; especially criticism. Please let me know if there is anything unclear, or that i need to further clarify. And i'd really appreciate it if you rated this helpful. Thank you. P. P. S. I am consider a video version of this review, if you like the idea leave a comment.

Raytheon-toys-soft-darts-nerf-n-strike-elite-series-blasters,-300-pieces-(darts_001) set picture

- H. JoanneI am extremely pleased with these darts. They are better than the originals. The tip is slightly longer, but as long as you push them all the way into the gun they seem to jam less and fly better than the nerf brand darts. Also love the sound they make as they fly through the air. Very durable, they made it through a 30 kid nerf gun war outdoor birthday party and several nerf battles at home afterwards and still look brand new. I would buy these again without hesitation.

We opened 3 packages out of 30 so far. The first dart that was shot hit the target and the orange tip came off. The following 29 darts were just fine. I put a dab of glue & it was fixed. I wasn't concerned about the quality of them. I believe they are selling good quality nerf darts at an incredible price point. Honestly, i think they are better than the oe darts you can buy. Yes. My first dart fell apart. Still, i'm a realist. I won't let 1 dart foil the rating knowing that they are awesome darts. Buy the raytheon toys nerf darts with full confidence!

D. Denise, Tennessee

  • Shoot with unparalleled precision & accuracy! - we have implemented the advanced, patented raytheon techtm technology to our elite foam bullets, adding more weight to the orange tip, thus providing you with extreme accuracy and maximum precision!
  • Smashing nerf fun or your money back! - we, believe that you and your children, deserve the most durable, accurate and fun nerf shotgun foam bullets! that's why we proudly back our premium product with a hassle-free 100% money back guarantee! enjoy the best simulated combat experience 100% risk-free!
  • Enjoy safe & fun battles with your family! - the raytheon toys tested and approved nerf foam bullets are ideal for endless hours of battles due to their safe and innovative design! feel the adrenaline rush while battling with your friends or children and enjoy the slam fire action!
  • Never run out of ammo again! - now you can finally dominate the battlefield with the raytheon toys premium nerf gun foam toy bullets! this incredible mega-pack that contains 300 high-quality foam bullets will make sure that you never run out of ammunition again!
  • Universal design for every nerf gun! - our amazing toy pistol foam darts have the ideal dimensions (7. 2 x 1. 3cm) and are compatible with the nerf n-strike elite rampage/retaliator series blasters and almost all of nerf guns available! rest assured that your nerf pistol will never jam and will always have a full magazine!
Brand :    raytheon toys
Weight :    0.75 pounds
Model :    Darts_001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (raytheon toys product review) for Raytheon Toys Soft Darts Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Blasters, 300-Pieces available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Tactical Vest

If you have a nerf lover in your house you need this vest! . This vest has a spot for everything. It has zippers and pouches and loops. The vest will fit a variety of sizes. My son is 7 and it is big on him but that's ok because it gives him room to grow. My son weights this vest down with ammo and clips and runs, fiips. And jumps to his hearts content and this vest can take it. It is easy to load and unload the loops made on the vest for darts. The zippers zip and unzip smoothly and the clips stay in place. The vest is adjustable and folds well, it hardly takes up any space at all. I purchased this item at regular price and was not offered anything for my review.

Load up big-time for any n-strike elite mission with the tactical vest kit! the kit's tactical vest, included ammo and quick reload clips let you stay heavily armed even while you're on the move. The vest's dart storage loops hold up to 12 darts, and you can fit 2 quick reload clips in the clip storage area. There's a pocket for blaster storage so you can carry some backup firepower, and another pocket for whatever else you need to complete the mission! with all the ammo and firepower you can fit in your tactical vest and your blaster in your hand, you'll be ready for any battle situation!

Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Tactical VestOfficial-Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-Tactical

See Official Nerf N-strike Elite Series Tactical Vest (A0250F01) FAQ.

So got this an some nerf guns for nephew who turned 7. He is a very skinny boy but this vest still worked he didn't care if it was big for him he loved it. He liked it so much he would wake up an put it on an wear it most the day. And the extra clips are great. Fyi i bought him that big nerf hyperstrike elite has a round clip but these extra clips work with it too seriously he loved it. -Notice from B. Franklin, Derbyshire

Click to Show official nerf n-strike elite series tactical vest (a0250f01) Details

Only had this vest about a week but my 6 year old has worn it nonstop, inside & outside. It seems like a good quality nerf product & decently durable for a toy vest. He loves all the room for extra ammo & it comes with 2 small clips(which i did not realize! ) it also has room for 2-3 more clips plus a pocket & hooks for walkie talkies and things! the best part is the adjustable waist&chest straps for a perfect fit! i can see this vest being worn at many nerf battles for years to come!

Official-nerf-n-strike-elite-series-tactical-vest-(a0250f01) set picture

- R. RussellIts quite large for little guys- my 6 year old swims in it, so i've had to make some adjustments to make it work for him, but as he gets older/bigger i'm sure it will fit better. It is exactly what he wanted and does have several pockets and places to store darts- and since this is the only type of vest like this for kids, it's a good find overall.

I purchase this on behalf of my mom, so she'd have a "cool gift" for my son's birthday. He loves it! he's a pretty big 12 year old, and this fits him well. He tried it on immediately and has used it every day since. I thought it was kind of pricey. I found it for about $15 less elsewhere, but they were out of stock. She didn't mind paying the extra $ and for the joy it has brought him, i think it was well worth it, as well.

U. Linda, Saarland

Brand :    nerf
Color :    Multi-Color
Size :    1.29
Weight :    1.15 pounds
Model :    A0250F01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
  • Darts are compatible with nerf elite blasters and most original n-strike blasters (sold separately)
  • Tactical vest kit lets you carry along lots of extra firepower
  • Official nerf darts - tested and approved for performance and quality
  • Set includes vest, 2 six-dart quick reload clips and 12 official nerf elite darts
  • Vest features storage pockets for an extra blaster and for extra quick reload clips
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Tactical Vest available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster

It s time to take your n-strike battling to the next level with the rampage blaster! with a 25-dart drum magazine, the rampage blaster gives you an incredible rapid-fire blitz, firing revolutionary elite darts at a range of 75 feet. Release a storm of darts at your target by sliding the slam fire handle repeatedly while you hold down the trigger! the drum magazine works with other clip system blasters (sold separately), and the elite darts work with any elite blaster and most original n-strike blasters (sold separately). For the final word in today s blaster technology, you need the elite customization and interchangeable parts of the rampage blaster!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage BlasterNerf-N-Strike-Elite-Rampage-Blaster

Brand :    nerf
Weight :    2.87 pounds
Model :    98697F01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Includes rampage body, drum connector, 25-dart drum magazine, 25 elite darts and instructions
  • Tactical rail is compatible with most n-strike accessories (sold separately)
  • Use the slam fire handle to fire a storm of darts at your target
  • Rampage blaster fires elite darts 75 feet
  • Elite darts work with all n-strike elite blasters and most original n-strike blasters
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

CLOURF 100 Pcs 7.2cm Foam Darts Nerf N-strike Elite Series Blue

N-strike warriors: n-strike warriors lose when they run out of ammo and there's no better way to load up on firepower than this refill pack of 100 n-strike elite darts! works with : nerf n-strike elite rampage/retaliator series blasters nerf a0707 a0709 a0710 a0711 a3844 a0712 a0713 a0715 nerf a0714 cs-35 nerf h34069 a4492, and most of nerf series how long can received: shipped within u. S. And fulfilled by online store. Gift-wrap available. Buyers can receive products within 3 days. Manufacturer recommended age: recommended age at 8 years and up and for use under adult supervision. About our service: if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact "cloudcloud" and we're bound to respond within 24 hours.

CLOURF 100 Pcs 7.2cm Foam Darts Nerf N-strike Elite Series BlueCLOURF-7-2cm-Darts-N-strike-Elite

Brand :    clourf
Color :    Blue
Weight :    0.35 pounds
  • Quantity: 100pcs included
  • Works with nerf n-strike elite rampage/retaliator series blasters nerf a0707 a0709 a0710 a0711 a3844 a0712 a0713 a0715 nerf a0714 cs-35 nerf h34069 a4492, and most of nerf series
  • For ages 8 and above
  • Material: plastic + foams
  • Foams size: 7. 2*1. 3cm
Model :    3160252
Quantity :    100
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (clourf product review) for CLOURF 100 Pcs 7.2cm Foam Darts Nerf N-strike Elite Series Blue available as-of ( Oct 2021 )

Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series 18-Dart Quick Reload Clip

Absolutely no problem so far - even when filling to the top (and maybe more . ). . Used it with my *nerf n-strike modulus ecs-10 blaster* (which is great too . ) and never had any jam or other problems. . 100% recommendation (btw: i paid full price - hence no paid review)

N-strike warriors lose when they run out of darts, so load up on firepower with this 18-dart quick reload clip! the clip works with any n-strike elite blaster (sold separately). Load the clip with the included 18 n-strike elite darts so you're locked and loaded for the next mission! nerf and all related characters are trademarks of hasbro.

Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series 18-Dart Quick Reload ClipOfficial-Nerf-N-Strike-18-Dart-Reload

See Official Nerf N-strike Elite Series 18-dart Quick Reload Clip (Toys And Games) FAQ.

First off, i was just expecting the clip only. This is not the case! this is identical to the 18 clip you would by in the store! (it includes 18 darts which is nice). . When i say "good, but not the best. ", this is normal. This totally meets the expectations and does as asked for. It holds 18 darts which is (duh) a grate thing for fast firing blasters such as the stryfe (which i own). . But:. Although it works very well, it *is* a nerf product, so i was expecting a small amount of i'm-not-working days for as long as it lasted. As seen all throughout the comments, the spring to hold up the darts gets stuck every 4-5 times (which is easy to fix, all you need to do is lightly smack the clip on a wall or table). Also, when you are reloading, after about 9-10 darts are put in, the spring fells like it won't let any more in. You just have to power through and it's not a big deal. . Over all, i am giving it 4 stars because even though i love it, it's not perfect. -Notice from D. Nellie, East Riding of Yorkshire

Click to Show official nerf n-strike elite series 18-dart quick reload clip (toys and games) Details

The fact that this is on sale for only a few dollars more than the standard stryfe should be reason enough to buy it. If you do not already know about the nerf n-strike elite stryfe, it is a semi-automatic blaster that uses two wheels near the front of the blaster (on the inside, of course. ) to fling darts out. This gives many options to the user as they now have another hand free to do whatever they wish. Dual wield another stryfe? sure. Have another clip at the ready? why not. With this kit you also get an 18 round magazine, perfect for the stryfe as you will find yourself quickly going through darts. Included as well is a barrel extension (which hurts range, though has two attachment points for accessories, as well as a flip up iron sight. ), foregrip, and stock, which is capable of holding a total of 10 extra darts, five on each side. The foregrip is especially helpful with this configuration as without it, there is no clear place to put your other hand. My only complaint is that the range is significantly hurt when rapidly firing the blaster. Because the flywheels need time to rev up before the initial shot and after each consecutive shot, range is poor during this time. Besides that, i am extremely happy with this product and the price deduction well makes up for any cons. Edit: the price was about $20 at the time of review. Sadly, this is no longer the case, and thus i cannot recommend this bundle for the current price. If you are able to find it for much cheaper elsewhere by all means go for it, but at the current price it is not worth it.

Official-nerf-n-strike-elite-series-18-dart-quick-reload-clip-(toys-and-games) set picture

- H. RoweThis is my favorite upgrade for my modulus recon mk2 and my stryfe. Buy two of these. Tape them together; inverted to each-other. So, when one of them is in your blaster, the other one is taped to the side of it, but upside-down. Then, you can fire 18 rounds. Drop the mag, flip it over, and cram it back in for 18 more rounds. This is what guys in the military do, too. This is especially critical for the stryfe due to its high rate of fire. But i love the quick-change mag by taping them together.

This clip is great and it comes with 18 darts. I bought this for my son, but i have to admit that it's pretty awesome and i might be having more fun with it than he is. . Update . I'm taking away one star because the spring mechanism has developed a tendency to "stick" . It's happened about three times. It's usually because a dart somewhere toward the bottom of the clip is at a slight angle and the spring lacks the strength to push it up. If you pull the clip out and give it a gentle "whack" to jostle the stuck dart, it resolves the problem.

X. Adrienne, Sachsen-Anhalt

  • Darts are compatible with nerf elite blasters and most original n-strike blasters (sold separately)
  • Official nerf darts - tested and approved for performance and quality
  • Includes reload clip and official n-strike elite 18 darts
  • Quick reload clip holds 18 official n-strike elite darts
  • Clip is compatible with any n-strike elite blaster (sold separately)
Brand :    nerf
Color :    multi-colored
Size :    0.56
Weight :    0.57 pounds
Model :    A0356
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

Get a whole arsenal in one blaster with the motorized modulus ecs-10 blaster! this incredibly flexible blaster has a targeting scope, drop grip and dual-rail barrel, and its many removable parts let you customize your blaster in more than 30 combinations. Load up the blaster s 10-dart banana clip with the included darts and hit the battlefield in whatever configuration will make you the victor! nerf and all related terms are trademarks of hasbro.

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 BlasterNerf-N-Strike-Modulus-ECS-10-Blaster

Brand :    nerf
Weight :    2.47 pounds
Model :    B1538
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (nerf product review) for Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster available as-of ( Oct 2021 )
  • Flexible blaster has more than 30 combinations
  • Features targeting scope, drop grip and dual-rail barrel
  • Blaster can launch the included darts at targets up to 90 feet away
  • Build your own blaster with the motorized nerf modulus ecs-10 blaster
  • Blaster's banana clip holds up to 10 darts

Nerf N-strike Elite Rapidstrike Cs-18 Blaster Colors May Vary (A3901) Price : 67.04, was : 0 as 2017-02-14
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Nerf N-strike Elite Rapidstrike Cs-18 Blaster Colors May Vary (A3901) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for Nerf N-strike Elite Rapidstrike Cs-18 Blaster Colors May Vary (A3901)

This gun is awesome! i would like to say i bought it for my kids, but that would be a lie. I bought it use with the neighborhood nerf wars. I would recommend having additional magazines. I noticed several reviews with jamming issues, i personally haven't had any issues and i've used this a lot since i bought it. It's a ton of fun for nerf drive-by's just make sure you have fresh batteries in it.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: You know the drill lol my son want's to know how long it is. he keep's giving me money so i can buy the guns cause he said he want's to make a team

(1) Question: How many many batteries does it take?

(2) Question: How much would shipping cost to new zealand?

(3) Question: How long does it take to ship?

(4) Question: Dose it work with 6 dart clips?

(note) Question: where/how to get Nerf (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Nerf's products


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I bought this for my son after he had saved up enough money to buy it. He absolutely loves it. He said he likes the retractable stock, it has full auto, has a nice mag function (how it comes in and out), has a built in scope, and has a nice grip. Unlike a few other nerf guns we have purchased lately that seem to jam constantly, this gun only jams a little and only when its on semi-automatic. Overall he likes it much more than his other nerf guns.

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Among the very few fully automatic dart guns nerf has ever made, this one is simply the best. It is smaller, lighter, quieter, and shoots at a faster rate than either the stampede or the vulcan. . It has a well-made feel to it (as most of nerf's dart guns do), it feels comfortable, and there are no parts that creak as if they're going to fall off. It's also nowhere near as finicky about being used as the stryfe, which i think set the high bar for being annoying about having a zillion-and-one ways and so-called reasons for stopping you from firing it. . It is possible to do single-shot firing, as well as just holding the trigger to spray darts. The only caveat is that you have to disciplined enough to remember to continuously hold the lower trigger to keep the flywheel motors running - if you don't, then single-shot firing can easily result in jamming on a dart. . It is a shame that they're selling this with just an 18-dart clip - at least the stampede was shipped in an elaborate kit that included multiple clips and a bandolier belt to carry them. This gun deserves to be provided with a similar set of equipment. But, to be honest, this gun doesn't really come into its own unless you use the 35-dart drum magazine with it. I've tried this combination, and it really makes this the complete keep-your-enemy's-head-down kind of gun. . There are only three complaints that i would put against it. 1) the motors driving the flywheels really are noisier than they need to be - the motors in the stryfe are definitely quieter. 2) the ability to attach barrel extensions to the front of this gun is not well implemented - almost all of the barrel extensions wobble in place a bit when attached to the front. On the other hand, this gun is already sufficiently long that it's hard to see why you would want to make it much longer - maybe nerf has some other forthcoming barrel extension in mind? . 3) the battery compartment really should have been put towards the rear of this gun - with the battery compartment being built in up front, this gun is a bit nose-heavy, which makes one-handed operation a little unrealistic - if the battery compartment had been put towards the back, the weight of the four c-cells could have been supported by a fore-arm. . Only the first complaint is what i would call a significant one - the noisy flywheel motors take away any possibility of sneaking up on somebody with this with the motors running. It's the one advantage that the stampede and vulcan have over this gun - neither of those guns needed to make a sound at all until you were ready to pull the trigger. If you carry this dart gun with you, you'll need to have a simpler manually-operated spring-type dart gun for that initial sneak-attack shot - and then you can use this dart gun to spray darts when everyone already knows you're there. . I recommend this. . An update - 11/6/13. . I still recommend this dart gun. However, i also recommend setting aside its 18-dart clear plastic clip and picking up one of the 35-dart drum magazines to use with it, instead. Having had this dart gun for a while, i'm noticing that the spring in the 18-dart clear plastic clip seems to have become somewhat weaker, and the something about the plastic that the clip is made from somehow causes or enables a great deal of friction between the tips of the dart and the interior of the clip. As a result, the darts don't immediately move up the clip as they are fired, which appears to be leading to frequent jamming. . The 35-drum magazines seem to be made of a plastic that doesn't suffer from this weird friction issue - i don't know if it's actually a difference in the plastic material or maybe a slight difference in smoothness of the interior that causes differences in friction - but the darts do seem to stick more to the interior of the new clear 18-dart clip. Also, frankly, the 35-dart drum was always the better choice for a dart gun like this, anyway. It can go through darts so quickly with its rapid rate of fire that an 18-dart clip is used up too quickly.

W. Anonymous, Washington

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J. Gladys, Nevada says

An excellent addition to any nerf arsenal, the rapidstrike is an amazing primary weapon and can be customized with its many tac rails to fill many roles. . The shoulder stock allows it to be used by larger children and adults, the grip feels comfortable and the mag release is smooth and efficient, allowing you to reload quickly and with ease. . As for ranges, this blaster excels at close to mid-range combat, perfect for indoor or outdoor battles.

Y. Kathlene, Bexley

I bought two of these as well as the 100 round ammo box for my godsons for christmas this year and let me tell you that if you have a boy from ages 4-30 you will not be disappointed with this product. This was by far the best present they received(beat out several lego sets, an ipad mini, as well as xbox games). Christmas morning at my house turned into a war zone in the most fun way. The darts barely hurt when they hit you and the product fires fast. The construction is typical nerf(so a little flimsy but no more then expected) and dealing with jams is a problem easily overcome(my 4 year old godson figured out how to clear the jams). I did buy my godsons some cheap eye protection from the local hardware store just a precaution to preempt any parental concerns, but they really aren't necessary. Very cool product and well worth the money.

N. McCarthy, Ohio says

Kicks butt! spits out darts fast

U. Ophelia, Bournemouth

I bought this to have a flaship to my nerf collection. I like the overall feel and balance to the blaster and the colors are good too. What i don't care for is the spooling time for the motors, they take a few seconds to get going, and in a nerf fight, this is a long time. If you go up against someone with an air powered blaster, you might get hit before you have a chance to fire back. The motors are also loud, so forget about a sneak attack. I fixed the issue of the 4c batteries used by getting 4x aa to c converters, (found on online store) and run those instead of the suggested c's, and it works just fine. The blaster does also have a tendency to jam, but the inspection port is easily accessible to remove the fussy dart. . The good thing, is once this blaster gets going, it shoots really good. I woudl say the range is actually about 40-50 feet, maybe higher if you give it a good arch to your shot. Overall, a good blaster and recommended but don't pay more than $35 with shipping and no more than $39. 99 if you are getting the combo pack with the extra mags and darts.

X. Cecilia, Yukon Territory says


K. Shirley, Alsace

Cool gun, but does tend to jam a lot and chews through batteries! my son loves it, but be prepared to clean up and find darts everywhere, it shoots so fast that it's hard to keep up with them all. Sound advice: buy extra darts and an extra clip so you aren't reloading all those darts every 15 seconds.

V. Carolyn, Newfoundland and Labrador says

Great product, no complaints about this particular item. Highly recommended for anyone looking to purchase something like this. Would definitely purchase this again if i needed to. Haven't had a single problem thus far!

D. Stacey, Oklahoma

The rapidstrike makes for a nice addition to one's arsenal. Has a decent rate of fire (better than a stampede or vulcan), combined with elite ranges. Still not as fast as a modded stryfe, but i'm looking forward to upping the voltage to see what it can achieve! . The extending stock works very well, but the barrel extension attachment lets things down. It's a separate piece of plastic from the rest of the blaster and is not firmly attached. This results in barrel attachments being slightly loose (plus the longstrike barrel doesn't attach due to some extra plastic molding on the rapidstrike. The only other issue i found was that the section that the magazine fits into is slightly too big, meaning the magazine moves around a little. Not enough to have any noticeable effect when firing, but still a flaw. The multiple tactical rails are great, as are the attachment points and the carry handle. All in all, a great new blaster from hasbro, and wouldn't have taken much more to be almost perfect! i only wish they'd sell extra clear magazines to go with it!

N. Emily, Warrington says

First off, let me say. This blaster is amazing. I got this for 19. 99 from online store (steal! ) and i am amazed. This blaster is awesome looking, has amazing fire rate, and has the most comfortable hand hold i have ever felt on a nerf gun. It comes with a clear 18 round mag. The mag has rubber shoe like things at the bottom to keep it stable while standing. The stock is collapsible, but if any of you are familiar with the raider cs-35 stock, it has multiple positions. This does not. The stock is either in or out. A real plus is it has only 4 c batteries instead of the 6 d batteries it took to run the stampede. This blaster is flywheel, unlike the stampede (which was plunger) and it has a fast rate of fire! 3. 6 darts per second. It also accepts barrel attachments (a plus) except for the longstrike barrel. Hmm wonder why? it has 5 tactical rails. Another plus is the secondary trigger that revs the motor, so you never happen to leave it on and drain the batteries, unlike the stampede, which has a switch. This blaster is very light too. Only around 4 pounds. Overall, i would suggest, no, make someone choose this blaster if i could. I love it.

S. Cindy, Reading

I got this for 33 little did i know this was the second best nerf gun out at the time. It fires fast and far like a champ. It is great for supressive fire. The gun is not subtle and is better for open spaces and mowing down crowds of people than stealth and precision. The gun fires via motors spining and lanching the dart where previous versions where motors pumping air to shoot a dart. The gun fires elite bullets best due to the new mechanism and will not take the plunger style :(. Also the spot for teh clip fits the other style nerf clips. Keep that in mind and you will have a lot of fun!

U. Maria, Sandwell says

The kids just love it, they are elated they called their friends and told them about it and cannot wait to show off to their friends. Boy are they having a blast!

Q. Wanda, Florida

Ordered this one for my (6) year old. Was concerned that it might have been too big for him, but after seeing him use it, that is definitely not the case. Would order this again! *definitely need to get more batteries as well as bullets.

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