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    Airdog - Autonomous Action Sports Drone (AD10)

    Airdog – Autonomous Action Sports Drone (AD10) 370

    On Sale Airdog - Autonomous Action Sports Drone (AD10), Airdog - autonomous action sports drone (bluemar promotions) it's not about flying, it's about getting the shot out taking anything away from what you love most - the action itself. airdog is a self-flying action sports drone. motion prediction camera other accessories
    • Additional: Airdog Autonomously Follows You Without A Bulky Remote Control, So You Can Focus On The Action!.
    • Additional: Control Airdog & Make Inflight Adjustments With Airleash - The Wearable, Waterproof Control & Tracking Device.
    • Fantastic drone! as an experienced video drone pilot the airdog does a great job autonomously! there is a learning curve to understand how airdog will work in different situations with different settings. Always test in a wide open area before putting into action. Looks like new features and fine tu... go to https://wujus.com/airdog-autonomous-action-sports-drone-370182n945i/#airdog-autonomous-action-sports-drone
    Bestseller Airdog - Autonomous Action Sports Drone (Camera Other Accessories) Ad10