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    Smack It Card Game Kids (Arizona Gameco)

    Smack It Card Game Kids (Arizona Gameco) 4999

    See Reviews Smack It Card Game Kids (Arizona Gameco), Smack it card game get ready for a fun and exciting new twist on the classic card games slap jack and war. smack it! (tm) card game for kids is fast-paced, rowdy fun! players quickly flip their cards -smack it card game kids
    • Characteristic: Smack It! Is Easy To Learn And Outrageously Fun To Play. This Is A Family Game Which Can Be Played By 2 To 7 Players, For Kids Age 6 +. Smack It! Is A Fast Card Game With An Average Play Time Between 7 And 14 Minutes.
    • Characteristic: Great Fun: Your Kids Will Love Playing Smack It! And It Will Quickly Become One Of Their Favorite Card Games. The Game Is Fast-moving And, If You Blink Your Eyes, You Might Just Miss Some Of The Action! It Makes A Great Addition To Family Game Night Because It's Easy For Younger Children To Play And Have Fun With Adults.
    • I bought this for my grandson who was turning seven. He loves playing it with his friends, family, and with me! it's simple enough we could jump right into the game without spending time reading instructions, and then we added the "challenges" after a few rounds. Lots of fun for everyone! https://wujus.com/arizona-gameco-smack-card-game-49990nb574ly/#arizona-gameco-smack-card-game
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