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    Rotational Carabiners Clambing Hammock Auskit (AKRD0109)

    Rotational Carabiners Clambing Hammock Auskit (AKRD0109) 1071

    Add to Cart Rotational Carabiners Clambing Hammock Auskit (AKRD0109), Rotational device, safest swing swivel 30kn 2 carabiners web tree swing, rope clambing hammock, swing setting, aerial dance auskit (auskit) this straight gate carabiner set is perfect suspension for the harsh demands of rock climbing and mountaineering, are popular for hanging swings, chairs, hammocks, aerial silks, swings toys and games
    • Value: Industrial-grade Swivel Designed: Aluminum Magnesium Alloy, Strong And Durable. 30kn (1000 Lbs. ) Breaking Strength Tested, 2, 000lbs. Recommended Working Load Limit.
    • Value: Popular For All Kinds Of Rigging And Hanging:use With Hanging Swings, Chairs, Hammocks, Aerial Silks, Or Anywhere You Need Dependable, Smooth Rotation Without Twisting Chains Or Ropes.
    •  great quality product. Exactly what i needed for a large family outdoor swing. . The carabiners started rusting within a few days. The swivel is awesome, but the carabiners are questionable. Using everything for a swing between two trees. I liked the carabiners because i can change out the swing t... go to https://wujus.com/rotational-carabiners-clambing-hammock-auskit-10711hwsqigm/#rotational-carabiners-clambing-hammock-auskit
    Inexpensive Rotational Carabiners Clambing Hammock Auskit (Toys And Games)