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    Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game (Briarpatch)

    Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game (Briarpatch) 5700

    Add to Basket Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game (Briarpatch), Travel scavenger hunt card travel scavenger hunt is the ultimate boredom beater and the perfect passenger for your next family road trip! to play, each player takes five cards and tries to locate various roadside -travel scavenger hunt card game
    • This game was pretty fun for our 12 hour car trip. We used it when we were running out of activities and my 4 year old girl was entertained for a good 30 minutes trying to find the things on her cards. The only weird thing is, when you are on a road trip driving through the middle of nowhere. You're... go to https://wujus.com/travel-scavenger-hunt-card-game-570001my20x8/#travel-scavenger-hunt-card-game
    • Reviews: Kids Love Whiling Away The Miles Searching For The Objects Found On The Cards.
    • Reviews: Can You Find A Red Car, A License Plate With The Letter 'z, ' Or A Stop Sign?.
    Top Rated Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game (Toys And Games) 1429