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    Code Monkey Island (Toys And Games)

    Code Monkey Island (Toys And Games) 4716

    wujus.com Code Monkey Island (Toys And Games), Code monkey welcome to code monkey island, the board game designed to teach players of all ages computer science logic! as the wise leader of your own tribe of monkeys, it's up to you to guide -code monkey island
    • I bought this through the company website this summer. We play it often and love it. This is a game that teaches programming concepts to kids (without them knowing). The first time our daughter played with an adult. She is 6. 5 and the game is for 8+. I think after we play it together awhile she wil... go to https://wujus.com/code-monkey-island-47160lth8y5g/#code-monkey-island
    • Properties: Includes A 32-page Booklet That Teaches Basic Programming Syntax.
    • Properties: Used In Schools And Universities Around The World.
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