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    Cooltoys Custom Take Motorcycle Playset (43234 1714)

    Cooltoys Custom Take Motorcycle Playset (43234 1714) 5277

    Add to Cart Cooltoys Custom Take Motorcycle Playset (43234 1714), Custom take-a-part playset electric play drill modification let you child be a "real mechanic"! the cooltoys custom take-a-part motorcycle playset is great for improving fine motor skills. children learn to use tools to build, customize and -cooltoys custom take-a-part motorcycle playset motorcycle electric play drill modification pieces
    • Special: Flashing Lights And Sound Effects - Motorcycle Vehicle Flashes Red Light And Has Lifelike Motorcycle Sound When Pressing The Button.
    • Received quickly with prime shipping. Product was as expected and is great! my 4 year old son absolutely loves this! he couldn't wait to get it open christmas morning and really enjoys playing with it for hours! https://wujus.com/cooltoys-custom-take-motorcycle-playset-52771m3spg5e/#cooltoys-custom-take-motorcycle-playset
    • Special: Build And Rebuild - Includes A Very Safe Low Voltage Drill, Specially Made For Kids, Makes The Whole Playing Feel Real And Exciting With This "real Drill", It Has An Astm Safety Certificate For Child's Safety, So You Could Feel Secure About Letting Your Child Play With It. Easy To Use For Your Little Kids. Teach Your Child About The Joys Of Building With This Diy Easy To Assemble Motorcycle Toy Building Set.
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    Cooltoys Custom Take Part Sports (ck3072)

    Cooltoys Custom Take Part Sports (ck3072) 3657

    Read Review Cooltoys Custom Take Part Sports (ck3072), Custom take-a-part set - includes electric drill car parts lights sounds 30 introducing cool toys a premiere toy brand for fun loving kids and parents who want to encourage children's imagination! we pride ourselves on educational toys that also foster creativity! -cooltoys custom take-a-part sports car set - includes electric drill car parts lights sounds 30 pieces
    • Included: With Over 10 Modification Pieces Kids And Pretend Drill Kids Can Choose How To Modify Then Build The Custom Sports Car Of Their Dreams!.
    • Check to make sure 'included' batteries are in pkg. Ours did not come with batteries, but all other parts were there. Very cute overall. Great colors 7 good size for a child! purchased for a 5yr old. Drill works (with batteries). Delivered in a timely fashion. https://wujus.com/cooltoys-custom-take-part-sports-36571m6zlv76/#cooltoys-custom-take-part-sports
    • Included: Choose Which Pieces You Want To Use And Transform The Car Into Your Very Own, Custom Sports Car! Complete With Lights And Sounds For Even More Fun!.
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