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    Bang : Dice Game (Da Vi)

    Bang : Dice Game (Da Vi) 2170

    On Sale Bang : Dice Game (Da Vi), Bang : dice game (flat river group) unmask and defeat your enemies, keep up the indians and challenge your fate to bring your team to the victory! fast and exciting game play - based on the bang! game system. a very toys and games
    • Included: 5 Bang! Dice, 30 Game Cards, Arrow Tokens, Bullet Tokens, Rules In English And Italian.
    • Bought this game for my wife and her coworkers (group of 8) to play on a board game night. No one was an experienced board gamer, but they were able to understand the rules and their characters. They apparently had fun that night and this game was their most favorite. I played it with a group of fou... go to https://wujus.com/da-vinci-dvg-9105-bang-21700dh8d0hc/#da-vinci-dvg-9105-bang
    • Included: For 3-8 Players.
    Most Wishlist Bang : Dice Game (Toys And Games) Dvg 9105