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    Sandpaper Numerals (Didax)

    Sandpaper Numerals (Didax) 5624

    Read Review Sandpaper Numerals (Didax), Sandpaper sandpaper numerals offer an important tactile experience for the young child, or those special needs in learning correct numeral formation. the 2 1/2" numerals have directional arrows -sandpaper numerals
    • As a special education teacher i have used the heavy duty montessori sand paper number cards but these light weight tactile cards are perfect for my younger students. This is an effective sensory stimulating method of reinforcing number identification and number shape. The numbers are not wide but a... go to https://wujus.com/didax-210828-sandpaper-numerals-562402dg50fy/#didax-210828-sandpaper-numerals
    • Value: Sandpaper Numerals Offer An Important Tactile Experience For The Young Child, Or Those With Special Needs In Learning Correct Numeral Formation.
    • Value: Set Includes 10 Cards, 0-9. Each Durable Card Measures 4 5/16x 2 3/4.
    Inexpensive Sandpaper Numerals (Home) 210828