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    Diggin Popout Ring Toss (194)

    Diggin Popout Ring Toss (194) 1486

    Bestsellers Diggin Popout Ring Toss (194), Diggin popout ring toss (diggin) ring toss is a classic and challenging family game. the soft and safe popout ring toss pops open for big fun! you can take it and play anywhere, outdoors or indoors. play alone or toys and games
    • Special: The Target Pops Up For Ring Toss Fun Indoors Or Outdoors.
    • Special: Play Alone Or With Family And Friends.
    • The rings weren't heavy becuase the material is made out of foam. Light weight. The day i used them it was very windy so it was really hard to get them around the stick. It's a cute game. Just make sure it isn't windy when you use it. Lol https://wujus.com/diggin-194-popout-ring-toss-148604rcnwvg/#diggin-194-popout-ring-toss
    Affordable Diggin Popout Ring Toss (Toys And Games) 194
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    Diggin Active Dodge Tag (00160)

    Diggin Active Dodge Tag (00160) 576

    On Sale Diggin Active Dodge Tag (00160), Diggin 00160 Active Dodge Tag (Diggin) Dodge Tag Is The Ultimate 2-player Dodgeball Game! Each Player Wears An Air Mesh Vest And Picks 3 Balls. Players Throw The Soft, Safe Balls And Try To Stick Them To Their Opponent Toys And Games
    1. Included: Fun, Safe And Non-violent.
    2. Included: Helps Kids Learn Hand-eye Coordination, Timing And Encourages Active Play.
    3. I purchased a couple of these sets for a group of 3 little boys that have everything. I wanted to give them something that didn't take batteries or was electronic and go them outside. This worked well. I will say that the balls are a little too light - of course you don't want them so heavy they cou... go to https://wujus.com/diggin-00160-active-dodge-tag-57601w7yxyo/#diggin-00160-active-dodge-tag
    Price Fall Diggin Active Dodge Tag (Toys And Games) 00160