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    Duncan Pulse Yo Yo (dupul)

    Duncan Pulse Yo Yo (dupul) 4200

    See Reviews Duncan Pulse Yo Yo (dupul), Pulse Yo When You're Looking For A Brand That Stands Out From The Rest Look No Further. With A Passion For Quality And Creativity You Can Rest Easy Knowing The Quality We Manufacture. -Duncan Pulse Yo Yo
    1. This is my first yo-yo that was not a cheap "chuck e cheese" style prize item. It is pretty easy to put this yo-yo to sleep even though it does not employ a clutch system. The lights are cool too but for mine, it is hard to get one side to stay lit compared to the other side. It comes with spare bat... go to https://wujus.com/duncan-dupul-pulse-yo-4200016jg39q/#duncan-dupul-pulse-yo
    2. Spotlight: Light Up Technology.
    3. Spotlight: Ball-bearing Axle For Long Spin Time.
    OnSale Duncan Pulse Yo Yo (Toys And Games) Dupul