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    50 Counting Bears 5 Cups (Eureka)

    50 Counting Bears 5 Cups (Eureka) 3771

    Discover it 50 Counting Bears 5 Cups (Eureka), 50 counting bears 5 eureka manipulative are great for teaching early childhood learning and a great tool in helping students recognize connections in each educational topic. each set includes 50 plastic -50 counting bears 5 cups
    • I have a love/hate relationship with this product. The reason for the 'hate' might not affect some people though. Firstly, i love the simplicity. You get 5 plastic cups and 50 plastic bears. There are 10 bears in 5 different colors with a color coordinating cup. Within 15 mins of showing this to my ... go to https://wujus.com/50-counting-bears-5-cups-3771006pkzbi/#50-counting-bears-5-cups
    • Value: Variety Of Assortments, Individual Piece Sizes Vary By Item.
    • Value: Fun And Educational.
    OnSale 50 Counting Bears 5 Cups (Office Products) 864040