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    Foamnasium Wedge, Blue (1020)

    Foamnasium Wedge, Blue (1020) 1173

    Low Price Foamnasium Wedge, Blue (1020), Foamnasium 1020 Wedge Blue (Foamnasium) Encourage Your Kids To Play And Stay Active In A Safe Way The Foamnasium Wedge Soft Play. Kids Can Climb And Play On This Uniquely Shaped Foam Toy Out The Fear Of Getting Hurt On Toys And Games
    1. Reviews: Superior Durability.
    2. Reviews: Lead-free, Phthalate-free Vinyl.
    3. I bought this for a new element for my 2 year olds sensory diet. These can be very expensive but i think this is a good value for this price. It's better quality than i would have expected. Heavy covering with a fabric type bottom so it doesn't slide on carpet. There is a small handle which fits us ... go to https://wujus.com/foamnasium-1020-wedge-blue-1173067d0mca/#foamnasium-1020-wedge-blue
    Cheap Foamnasium Wedge, Blue (Toys And Games) 1020