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Best of Game Development Group Brands February 2019

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    Stare Junior Board Game - 2nd Edition (11105)

    Stare Junior Board Game – 2nd Edition (11105) 5695

    See Reviews Stare Junior Board Game - 2nd Edition (11105), Stare Junior Board Game - 2nd In Stare! Junior - The Board Game - Kids Can Test And Train Their Visual Memory Skills And Have A Blast Doing It! Players Have 30 Seconds To Stare At An Image On A Card. Images Are -Stare Junior Board Game - 2nd Edition
    1. I got this game for my son and as a therapist i soon discovered that ithis is also a great tool to help children with adhd work on concentration, attention to detail, and short term memory. I am buying a second copy for the office as i am getting tired of carrying it back and forth. https://wujus.com/stare-junior-board-game-2nd-56950004w60h/#stare-junior-board-game-2nd
    2. Attribute: A Fun Game For Kids That Develops Memory, Concentration And Imagination.
    3. Attribute: A Winner Of The National Parenting Center Seal And The Teacher's Choice Award For The Family.
    Half Price Stare Junior Board Game - 2nd Edition (Toys And Games) 11105