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    Gfu Tactical Protective 11 Darts Included (GFU vest kit)

    Gfu Tactical Protective 11 Darts Included (GFU vest kit) 1382

    See Reviews Gfu Tactical Protective 11 Darts Included (GFU vest kit), Gfu tactical vest jacket kit 16pcs blue darts + protective goggles glasses + 5-darts 11-darts quick reload clip + face tube mask + small pendant gun included (gfu) the gfu tactical vest kit made of nylon, so very thin but good quality will let you stay heavily armed even while you are on the move, you'll be ready for any battle situation. tactical toys and games
    • Spotlight: Gfu Tactical Vest Lets You Carry Along Lots Of Extra Firepower And Ammo.
    • Spotlight: Adjustable Waistline Style Vest, The Size Is 54*47cm(21. 25*18. 5inch) Fitting For Age 8+.
    • Bought this for my sons birthday because it was on his christmas list. It was the perfect size for an 8 year old boy. With room to grow of course. Lots of places to put your extra magazines, and the mask it came with he wears everywhere. Very impressed with this! well made, my dogs were even scratch... go to https://wujus.com/gfu-tactical-protective-11-darts-included-13821epx65ew/#gfu-tactical-protective-11-darts-included
    Bestseller Gfu Tactical Protective 11 Darts Included (Toys And Games) Gfu Vest Kit