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    Gouduoduo2018 Propeller Protector Bumpers Accessories (Landing Gear)

    Gouduoduo2018 Propeller Protector Bumpers Accessories (Landing Gear) 375

    Add to Basket Gouduoduo2018 Propeller Protector Bumpers Accessories (Landing Gear), Gouduoduo2018 prop propeller guards protector cover bumpers / landing gear dji mavic pro accessories black landing gear (gouduoduo2018) you may need lens hood sunshade for dji mavic pro : dustproof charging port protector cover for dji mavic pro : https://www. online store. com/dp/b01n6zfx2b hobbies
    • These are leg extenders, not propeller guards. They are easy to snap on, fit snuggly, and are easy to take off for storage in the dji soft bag or a hard case. They raise the mavic about 1 1/4 inches off the ground, which is plenty when landing in grass or dusty areas. A must have accessory for mavic... go to https://wujus.com/gouduoduo2018-propeller-protector-bumpers-accessories-3751msr52pk/#gouduoduo2018-propeller-protector-bumpers-accessories
    • Addition: Note That The Height Of The Tripod Has Left And Right Points, The Tripod Marked "l" (left) Mounted On The Left Front Of The Tripod; Similarly, Marked "r"(right) Mounted On The Right Front Of The Tripod.
    • Addition: Package Included:1set Black Landing Gear(as The Second Photo Shows, The Drone And Other Parts Are Not Included).
    OnSale Gouduoduo2018 Propeller Protector Bumpers Accessories (Hobbies)