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    Grapple Suction Baby Toy Holder 6-12 Months Green (Baby Product)

    Grapple Suction Baby Toy Holder 6-12 Months Green (Baby Product) 5505

    Get Discount Grapple Suction Baby Toy Holder 6-12 Months Green (Baby Product), Suction baby toy holder 6-12 months stop chasing toys! grapple suctions to most smooth surfaces allowing your baby to enjoy their toys out dropping them out of reach. they can throw their toys all they want, they are -grapple suction baby toy holder 6-12 months green
    • Extra: Strong Suction - Our Suction Cup Toy Holder Holds Fast To Most Smooth Surfaces. For The Best Suction, Make Sure The Suction Cup Is Clean And Moisten The Suction Cup With A Baby Wipe Or A Few Drops Of Water Before Suctioning It To The Table. Use During Meals To Entertain Your Infant In The High Chair Or Even At Bath Time; They Will Love This Suction Toy For Baby Trays.
    • You really need to stick this on a smooth, non-porous surfaces for it to stay in place. We have an ikea high chair that it sticks on well to. Any crumbs or food debris will impact the suction hold. So the cleaner the surface, the better. It's a great product. I even took this during the plane ride a... go to https://wujus.com/grapple-suction-holder-months-green-55050x4m4u7u/#grapple-suction-holder-months-green
    • Extra: Holds Three Toys Within Easy Reach - Our Suction Toy Holder For High Chair And Other Surfaces Comes With Three Silicone Tethers For Easy On/off Toy Attachment. Open Up The Soft Silicone Grapple And Simply Secure Their Three Favorite Baby Toys To The Food Grade Silicone Tether, Or Close And Use As A Toy Itself. The Tethers Are Long Enough To Allow The Toys To Reach His/her Mouth.
    Top Rated Grapple Suction Baby Toy Holder 6-12 Months Green (Baby Product) 36