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    Keenstone Battery Charger Cheerson Quadcopters (1011005)

    Keenstone Battery Charger Cheerson Quadcopters (1011005) 546

    Discover it Keenstone Battery Charger Cheerson Quadcopters (1011005), Keenstone 3.7v 720mah 20c battery 6-port quick charger syma x5, x5c, x5sc, x5sw cheerson cx-30w quadcopters pack of 6 (keenstone) keenstone 6-port intelligent charger for 3. 7v lithium rc batteries advance individual charging method - charges each cell individually overcharge protection short-circuit protection toys and games
    • Plus: Keenstone 6-port Intelligent Charger Can Charge Up To 6 Packs (3. 7v Batteries) At The Same Time.
    • Plus: Specification: 3. 7v 720mah Lipo Battery, Guarantee More Flight Time, High Drain Lithium-polymer Rechargeable Battery.
    • First off these batteries will fit in the syma x5c-1 battery bay with no modifications, they may be a little more snug but they fit just fine. After a few months of flying they are still going strong, improving flight times by 2-3 minutes even with the camera attached. The added weight from the lage... go to https://wujus.com/keenstone-battery-charger-cheerson-quadcopters-5461736nlb8/#keenstone-battery-charger-cheerson-quadcopters
    Discounted Keenstone Battery Charger Cheerson Quadcopters (Toys And Games)