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    Keenstone Battery Charger Cheerson Quadcopters (1011005)

    Keenstone Battery Charger Cheerson Quadcopters (1011005) 546

    See Reviews Keenstone Battery Charger Cheerson Quadcopters (1011005), Keenstone 3.7v 720mah 20c battery 6-port quick charger syma x5, x5c, x5sc, x5sw cheerson cx-30w quadcopters pack of 6 (keenstone) keenstone 6-port intelligent charger for 3. 7v lithium rc batteries advance individual charging method - charges each cell individually overcharge protection short-circuit protection toys and games
    • Plus: Keenstone 6-port Intelligent Charger Can Charge Up To 6 Packs (3. 7v Batteries) At The Same Time.
    • Based on other reviews, i purchased these for the syma x5c which is notorious for its low battery life. The batteries work fine and appear to be the exact same as the stock battery that came with the syma. When the light goes out on the charger, its corresponding battery is charged. Quality is what ... go to https://wujus.com/keenstone-battery-charger-cheerson-quadcopters-5461736nlb8/#keenstone-battery-charger-cheerson-quadcopters
    • Plus: Specification: 3. 7v 720mah Lipo Battery, Guarantee More Flight Time, High Drain Lithium-polymer Rechargeable Battery.
    Discounted Keenstone Battery Charger Cheerson Quadcopters (Toys And Games)